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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by mattmanRKO, Feb 6, 2012.


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  1. mattmanRKO

    May 18, 2010
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    With Ryback (Skip Sheffield) debut looking imminent with his recent appearances at live shows, I just wonder how you would debut this character in the WWE?
    Would you put him straight into a Main Event program or start in the mid card?
    Maybe having him Squash jobbers?
    Personally I would love him to be a heel and have him come out and completely destroy a face like Kofi Kingston, maybe even take him out before elimination chamber? However I wouldn't be surprised if they held his debut off until after Mania as debuting someone now is hard with Mania just months away
  2. George Steele's Barber

    George Steele's Barber Advertise Here $9.95/month

    Dec 7, 2010
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    Troll the world and send him out with a parody of Brodus' gimmick.

    Let them argue and ultimately feud over the name Funkasaurus and the backup dancers.

    I know this is a mock of the Sin Cara feud but I think it would help get Sheffield noticed and give us a strong feud that we've never seen before where it is uncertain which guy is going to come out on top (Unlike the Sin Cara feud, where we all knew Blue Original would win).
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  3. JasonSilverTX

    JasonSilverTX Dark Match Winner

    Feb 2, 2012
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    I would introduce him in a fashion somewhat like this..
    (if im correct his Ryback gimmick is a terminator spoof correct?)

    Have a few promos start up, the first one is a mock up of WWE in the future maybe. Have a few of the undercard wrestlers dressed up to look older, and be seen questioning how the WWE could of fallen so far and how they wished they could of saved it., Then in the second promo, start showing countdowns of some sort, everytime they reach the end of the countdown, glowing eyes appear on the screen, similiar to a terminator fashion with their red robotic eyes.

    Then finally, depending on if he is face or heel, you have him debut by either squashing a few midcarders single handedly, or debut him on the microphone talking about how he comes from a time in the WWE, where the choices they made today, led it down a dark path, and he is here to correct the mistake.

    I dunno, thats just something off the top of my head.
  4. shameronstar

    shameronstar Dark Match Jobber

    Oct 2, 2009
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    I was thinking of Ryback being a hybrid between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg since Ryback did the both the spear and F5 at recent houseshows and dark matches. Plus, I believe he knows how to do the Jackhammer as well.
  5. neildittmar

    neildittmar Getting Noticed By Management

    Jan 20, 2009
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    Here's how I'd go about it...

    I like the vignette concept for new/newly packaged guys to reintroduce them to the audience. Ryback, as it stands now, is a Terminator type gimmick so I'd initially go off of that. We see footage of him with Terminator like mannerisms, dismantling guys in quick fasion (I'm thinking cut-aways, highlighting specific moves, etc.) Futuristic music and laser sound effects dominate the soundtrack on these promos.

    Every vignette ends strangely though. The promo cuts away, the screen goes ominously dark, then we hear someone, voice-distorted and robotic saying a one-off like "he's a cyborg now... uh, ok?!?" and "huh... wasn't that movie popular like 20 years ago?" and "What in the world is he thinking?"

    This goes on for a few weeks until Ryback finally makes his debut against a squash jobber. His music hits... the same futuristic theme and laser noises we heard in the vignettes. He appears and is dressed in a WAY over the top cyborg gimmick. I mean, this looks like stuff you'd buy at the Halloween store for your kid... plastic and quite ridiculous. This is obviously a joke gimmick or one intended for the younger demographic. He starts making his way down the aisle using machine-like mannerisms. He stops short though, looks up at the Titantron, sees himself, and puts his head down. He just stands there. He won't get in the ring. He's motionless, as if he's contemplating his entire wrestling future and what going out like that will mean to his career.

    After a minute or two of no activity, we go to commercial. When the show returns, Ryback is still standing in the aisle facing the Titantron. Head down, won't go to the ring, still motionless. Cole continually questions what's going on and claims that Ryback is sabotaging his career. King makes a joke that perhaps Rybacks batteries have run out.

    After several minutes, John Laurinaitis comes out and starts speaking to Ryback. At first calmly, then more aggresively as Ryback continually fails to respond. We can't make out everything said, but the parts we do hear are "this is your future Skip", "we already talked about this", and "now get out to that ring or you're done."

    Ryback, begrudgingly, heads out to the ringside area with Terminator persona now completely intact, as if the last 5 minutes or so never happened. Before setting foot inside the ring, Ryback pauses again and then in one fell swoop we see Sheffields face change from his stoic Terminator persona to one of vile anger and disgust. In almost one motion he tears off the horrible cyborg gear and enters the ring, hitting all of the moves we've seen in the promos, but eyeballing Laurinaitis on the rampway after each one, with that same look of unbridled disgust.

    About a minute later we get the 1-2-3. Match is over, Ryback is the winner in a total squash. Much like the fans, Laurinaitis doesn't know what to make of all this. Then it all becomes clear when CM Punk joins Laurinaitis on the rampway, big smile on his face and applauding. Punk grabs a mic and gets the following points across:

    1. He's still the voice of the voiceless, speaking out anytime an injustice is being committed, especially from Laurinaitis.
    2. Reveals he is the one behind the robotic voice heard trashing each and every Ryback video at the end.
    3. Stating that him using a robotic voice to hide his identity was about as ridiculous as what Laurinaitis was going to do to this guy before he even got started again.
    4. Put over that despite Laurinaitis telling Ryback he was his only friend in the company, he's not."

    Ryback grins menacingly at Laurinaitus in full agreement, as if to say "you're next."

    So what did we accomplish here?
    1. Swerved/Shocked the audience, building off of the whole "Brodus/Funkasaurus" theme that blindsided everyone, but doing it in a reverse kind of way.
    2. Hooked up Sheffield to one of the stronger feuds in the company right now (Punk/Laurinaitis), while giving Ryback a side-story of his own.
    3. Re-solidified Punks status as the "voice of the voiceless" since Ryback couldn't/wouldn't speak out for himself being a younger guy.
    4. Further established Laurinaitis as a guy who has his own agenda and accomplishes what he thinks is good, versus what is ultimately good for the company and its Superstars.
    5. Most importantly, established Sheffield as a "breakout" type guy that we should care about. He does what he wants, when he wants, and will not be bossed around, even by the Executive Vice-President of Talent Relations and interim GM. Put over that he is not to be messed with and he can destroy you, ie; a monster.
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  6. Jonyboyuk2

    Jonyboyuk2 Getting Noticed By Management

    Feb 2, 2012
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    I'd have him go on a competitive losing streak. In other words, make him look strong in defeat a few times. Then get him to snap and turn heel and rejoin forces with the Miz. I'd give Miz his own faction, with Ryback as the senior member to everyone except miz, and hve them work together for 6 months where they run interference and then I'd have Ryback try swindle the Miz out of the title, and turn Miz face. He has been a heel too long by this Autumn.
  7. CotterHavok

    CotterHavok Dark Match Jobber

    Jul 12, 2010
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    Isn't he still wearing his Nexus arm band? I would bring back as a figure in the shadows who starts talking to former Nexus members. Have Slater, Young, Ryan and Hennig rejoin him and start a Nexus that dominates like it should have the first time.
  8. ITrippedTheShockmaster

    ITrippedTheShockmaster A Role Model and Paragon of Virtue

    Jul 16, 2009
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    My suggestion is:

    Sheffield/Ryback comes out in full Terminator-type gimmick with special effects and all that garbage. He gets in the ring, asks to cut the music and goes on a Dustin Rhodes/Runnels "7even" type worked shoot where he trashes the character completely (for the five people out there who've never seen that promo, look it up. Worked or not, it was great). He also trashes his "Cornbread Meathead" gimmick from NXT/Nexus days, calling it a decision from corporate and something he had to do to get a shot. He then says that he's "tired of being other people just to get a foot in the door here," and will just kick in the door and be himself - a mean, no-nonsense asskicker who's in the WWE to win championships and hurt people. He picks a low- to mid-card face talent to start a feud with (Kofi, Brodus Clay, etc.) and works an angle with that Superstar for a few months, then moves into a mid-card to world title picture.

    I know, I know... pretty generic, right?


    We could go in a completely different direction...

    Elaborate "Ryback is coming" promos air to advance his debut (probably after WM). He finally does premiere under this gimmick and, in his first match, suffers a (storyline) concussion or head injury of some kind. He's out for a couple of weeks, but then returns and goes full "I'm from the future," warning that he's from a future where bad things will happen if a certain Superstar is allowed to become WHC or WWE Champ (depending on which show he's on) by a certain day, but the problem is that he doesn't know for sure who that Superstar is. Everyone in the locker room sees him as his actual identity and, thinking he's got a screw loose from the injury, ignores him as he accuses various Superstars, to the point where he or someone gets angry and eventually starts a string of short mid-card programs. Every wrestler he works with is believed to be the mystery person, only to be revealed that they're not. During this time, Ryback/Sheffield also starts interrupting matches trying to convince people that his claims are true, only to be physically restrained and removed from the arena before he can say who the Superstar is. Clues start to emerge about which Superstar it may be, which creates a fervor in the locker room. After a couple of months or so, Ryback/Sheffield finally gets the chance to reveal the identity of the Superstar he's trying to stop, and we're all amazed that it turns out to be....

    Ok, Sorry. I haven't gotten that far into the story yet.

    The point is that I know the second possibility is complete BS, but that's because I think the Ryback character is complete BS in today's time. It may have worked 10 or 15 years ago, but not now. The characters are too stripped down and "real" nowadays to pull it off seriously.
  9. AndarielHalo

    AndarielHalo Disillusioned Smark

    May 28, 2009
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    This is pretty much EXACTLY what I was going to say. Not as a troll thing, but basically because this is the ONLY way he would generate any interest without overstepping the bounds of the company (ie, not shooting on people in the ring, etcetera)
  10. Big Nick Dudley

    Dec 1, 2009
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    He'd smash anyone and everyone on both rosters, both shows. Then again, I might be one of the biggest Sheffield marks on the planet. The real total package.

    He's massive, strong, quick, agile, explosive, and aggressive. He's above average in the ring, something most wouldn't say for a guy his size. I'm not sure what he can pull off on the mic, but I'm sure he can make something work.

    Fuck Mason Ryan, Big Zeke, and every other musclebound monster - this guys the real deal.
  11. Police Penis Sucking Goat Fucker

    Jan 29, 2012
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    they should do it just like termnitor where he'll just appear naked in the crocthed postion and get up and start raiseing hell and kicking everyones ass then he can go up to one of the divas and say Come with me if you want to live. I wonder if wwe will have him say I'll be Back
  12. Monkey_Mania

    Monkey_Mania I Am The One Who Knocks

    Apr 20, 2007
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    First of all, I would have him debut at the Elimination Chamber. Then during the Smackdown Chamber match, when all 6 competitors are in the ring is when the lights go out. We see some kind of futuristic video of Ryback, then "BOOM" pyro, followed by music, then followed by Ryback walking down to the ring like you know he's a fucking Cyborg or some shit. All six competitors are staring at Ryback, he is staring back at them. Then all of a sudden he would grab the chains that are surrounding the Chamber and completely rip them off the cage wall. Obviously the WWE would have to gimmick that.

    Then he enters the ring with all the wrestlers surrounding him. They attack him, but to not avail. He starts fighting back and destroys everybody. Leaving complete and utter devastation in the ring like he just wiped out the face of humanity.

    I realize this would fuck over the Smackdown Chamber match, but in my opinion it would give this guy some serious heat for ending a chamber match in a no contest. He looks unstoppable, everybody fears him, and he is an instant credible main eventer.
  13. The Eighties

    The Eighties Forward Thinking Nostalgist

    Dec 28, 2010
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    Ryback is very easy to book. The guy looks like a monster and he can deliver the impact and explosive squashery needed to get that type of monster gimmick over.

    Triple H likes oldschool vignettes and I agree with him, this is the perfect way to set up Ryback's debut, have him do a few where he walks around desolated and menacing looking places while talking about his mission to destroy the WWE roster and take the title, maybe even have him training with high tech looking equipment.

    Then you debut him with hopefully some well chosen menacing instrumental entrance music and a lights and smoke show, the whole pizzazz thing. Maybe he wears contacts so his eyes look red in the dimmed light, or maybe they aren't going as far into Terminator territory as that.

    In the end basically package him well, book him as a wrecking machine and he will get over.
  14. JWGunslinger

    JWGunslinger Warrior Forever

    Apr 7, 2011
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    I would love this.

    But realistically I think we'll see him come in with a strong monster heel push, send him on up the way they have been with Brodus but have him do so until winning the United States Championship since Swagger hasnt and wont do shit with it. Then have those two feud a while and give us some entertaining matches until Ryback wins it and then have him and Brodus get into a feud. I don't expect his debut to be anything extraordinary, right now I believe it's just a matter of when would be the best time to do it and right now aint it. On top of that I really don't expect Ryback to be more than an Ezekiel Jackson type of superstar who floats in the midcard and if ECW were still around I would have him win that at some point but since it isn't just have him be the guy who is a credible opponent when they match him against a bigger star but he never quite gets out of the midcard himself.
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  15. PowerHouse

    PowerHouse Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jan 14, 2011
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    Firstly the worst thing you could do with Ryback is put him in some rehash of the Nexus or make him a copy of the Funkasaurus!!!!! Ryback is a character all its own and should be treated as such. I agree with the one guy who said the Skip for a big muscular guy is probably the best of the new breed of musclebound monster in WWE. He is much better than Mason Ryan and way better than Zeke. He really could be used as like a hybrid lesnar/Goldberg character. Personally I think he is more exsplosive then either Lesnar or Goldberg. He has Rhino like explosion!!!! I think Skip has HUGE potential. Not just cause of his look but that packaged with his in ring ability and a gimmick he can pull off would propel him thru the WWE in record time. He has used the Ryback Gimmick befor all he needs is to get over with the crowd. I'm not a Skip mark but he has the best overall package to be the next big monster in WWE to actually go far and really turn some heads.
  16. Dagger Dias

    Dagger Dias Natural 20
    Staff Member Super Moderator

    Sep 22, 2008
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    Ryback's debut should be hyped with promotional videos. Remember Kizarny? He ended up only having one or two matches, but he had over a month of promotional videos to hype up his debut. The more of these videos I saw, the more interested I became in seeing what he would be like onscreen. That is what they need to do for Ryback. He's rumored to have a backstory of being from the future, so why not do futuristic styled promotional videos for the guy? WWE had the right idea with Kizarny, I hope they do a few weeks worth of promotional videos to help hype the debut.

    Without any hype being there, people won't care if he just randomly comes out to make his first appearance. The promotional videos can be a rather powerful tool in helping someone get over before they even show up on Raw/Smackdown. Having him just show up and attack jobbers is boring, it's been done a million different times already. We saw something different with Brodus Clay. I hope WWE continues that trend and dares to be different in how they introduce guys like Ryback. You only make a first impression once with a character, so get it done right.
  17. brochester8

    brochester8 Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 23, 2009
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    Wondering when/if he is set to debut. I was very excited about his return and doing the Ryback character seems interesting. HOwever, I know he's been doing dark matches for a while now. I wonder if there just waiting on Mania to be over to debut him..

    To me they could work him in to the Lord Tensai storyline with Albert. Both seem like interesting gimmicks kind of like the "Blood Runs Cold" storyline in WCW with Glacier, Mortis and Wrath. Maybe these two could be heels together as big monsters they could run a rampage on Raw and Smackdown.
  18. BaconBits

    BaconBits WZ Czar of Steaks

    Mar 3, 2008
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    Here's how I would do it...

    I'd air little vignettes that this cyborg is coming. Dark, ominous promos. Standard "This dude is coming' stuff. Maybe a month long deal.

    Then, during a big 6 man tag team main event on Raw, like Punk, Cena and Seamus vs. Jericho, Bryan and Ziggler or something, then arena goes completely dark. Menacing music hits.

    Pyro explodes everywhere... and...

    Everybpdy is expecting the cyborg but it's just a Goldberg or Lesnar type character who comes down to the ring and lays waste to everybody. Then he climbs out of the ring, looks back over his shoulder, shakes his head, and walks out as the show goes off the air.
  19. XXJJ

    XXJJ Championship Contender

    May 24, 2010
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    I'm a big fan of his.. He reminds me a little of Lesnar. IMO he is the most talented of all the monster types in the WWE.

    I would debut him right after Wrestlemania. Guys like Hunter, Rock and Taker will be gone. They need to do something to keep viewers.

    Start airing some vignettes. Then have him crush some midcarders that are over like Kofi, Ryder etc.

    Please keep him away from Cena! Someone that makes a debut/return to work with Cena just gets built up for Cena to crush. We have seen this plenty of times before. They lose all their momentum after Cena. I think Ryback can be a longterm guy for the WWE.
  20. Mr Ferguson

    Mr Ferguson Dark Match Jobber

    Mar 19, 2012
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    The Big Man little man relationship. Its really so simple. It's right as well because it comes from your's truly. Justin Gabriel is your little man. He is in the middle of a mini fued with epico and hunico. Gabriel asks Ryback for help (Ryback hasn't debuted yet - He has just been seen chilling with Gabriel). Ryback helps him and destroys both guys ala Bill Goldberg with the three minute warning. Recycled story-lines are gold. But yeah make him human, and give him a similar moveset to Goldberg. Actually make him Goldberg. Let him fued with an arrogant heel, who is over and a has a sense of superiority. The MIZ is perfect.

    Also love the Terminator theme someone wrote up top. I would laugh my ass off if one night on Raw the terminator music came on and Ryback was there posing Naked.

    Kind Regards, MR Ferguson
  21. Fansince1992

    Fansince1992 Getting Noticed By Management

    Mar 19, 2012
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    Ok after watching Ryback's debut on Smackdown this week, i thought to myself this guy reminds me of someone.
    I think you would agree with me that this guy is almost a double of Bill Goldberg. (The Build and the Bald head give it away)

    I know nothing of Ryback's background or his past, but i was pretty impressed with what i saw from him. I didn't like the attire he was wearing to much and i have no idea what his Mic work is like. I understand he only wrestled a no hoper weighing about 160lbs, so his core strength wasn't really tested. Could he Jackhammer The Big Show like Goldberg did?

    I understand WWE wouldn't want to use him to totally copy what Goldberg did in the ring, and maybe try to create summat new from a Potential new Monster!

    What do you think?

    From what people may know of this guy and his past could he become someone as big as Goldberg was?

    - Apoligies in advance if this has already been discussed in the Forums somewhere. If so disregard -
  22. ProWrestlingFan

    ProWrestlingFan Championship Contender

    Feb 9, 2012
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    Nah. Skip Sheffield (Ryback) is nothing like Bill Goldberg. Bill Goldberg became "The Man" in WCW in just under 1 year.

    Unlike WCW, WWE pushes aren't constant since 2007. Firstly they push a guy then after sometime he starts jobbing.

    Skip Sheffield is nothing special.
  23. daddyJ_t

    daddyJ_t Getting Noticed By Management

    Jan 7, 2010
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    u dont know his background? but your name says youve been a fan(im assuming of wrestling) since 1992? dude, where u been? this guy was only part of the hottest angle in years a year or so ago, ya know a little thing called the nexus. hopefully if hes lucky he wont be packaged like goldberg. no monster rep, they have henry, lesnar and clay for that. not to mention mason ryan
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  24. ProWrestlingFan84

    ProWrestlingFan84 Occasional Pre-Show

    Feb 20, 2012
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    Ryback was really nothing to write home about. In the week of people debuting or redebuting with the company, his was by far the biggest let down. After hearing so much about him and everything, getting his new look or whatever. Then he finally debuts and WWE got some special jobber who I've NEVER heard of. I usually regularly watch superstars and well NXT I watched this week, whoever jobbed to Ryback was someone special. Which surprised me since Brodus Clay had a new jobber from the Superstars realm. Ryback struck me as more of a Basham Bro but shorter and more built, guess he can be paired with...?? Honestly I do wonder what WWE has planned for him.
  25. remyx

    remyx TEAM ME

    Jul 22, 2011
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    I loved the commentators "He was on wee NXT and now he's back under a new name" Oh so he wasn't a part of the Nexus then and in the main event of summerslam one year competing against hall of famers edge & Bret Hart not to mention future hall of famers in Chris Jericho and John Cena! BAH!

    He was boring as hell, almost as what the hell than the wwe editing out all of the D-Bry chants and the cheers for alberto! things like that take away so much from the broadcast its unreal.

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