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    Since, you guys are now offering feedbacks. It's our job too to review the shows. So, here is my Meltdown 121 review.

    Vance Bateman opening the show was good. It always is as it ensures something big is to happen. The promo was well written. Although, I don't think the crowd will remain silent for the departure of any wrestler. I didn't like the idea of World Title being defended in a World Title match. A one-on-one match is always better. Theron was the obvious choice too. He defeated Slaughter and thus making himself the #1 contender. Overall, the opening segment was good.

    Rating: 7/10

    Noah Ryder vs. John Doe

    This was a really good back-and-forth match which solidified John Doe as a tough guy despite the fact he lost. Ryder has been booked very well too because, Showtime is one hell of a writer. It solidified Noah as an underdog too. Both men are looking pretty good heading into Lethal Lottery.

    Rating: ***1/2

    Scumm's promo was really cool. He looked like an arrogant jerk which is exactly how his character is. Becky Serra's involvement will be nice to watch/read.

    Max Steele vs. Armando Paradyse

    Here comes the controversial part. Pancake has left and thus, abandoning Max Steele. It really makes me sad that he left on such a bad note. This was a squash match as I expected this to be. Ryder's RP made this pretty clear. What's more frustrating is that you had something planned for him.

    I have always been a fan of face vs face storyline where both of the guys involved have a hell lot of respect for each other. So, this was good.

    That interview was good, not better. There was something, not sure what exactly, I didn't like. This was the similar to a promo Garth Black did a few weeks ago.

    elegANT vs. Chris KO

    As I said, I like face vs face matches. This was no different. This was good for what it was. A short match similar to elegANT's promo.

    Rating: **1/2

    Garth Black vs. Johnny Scumm

    Had Tastycles been more active, this feud could've been gold. I liked this mini feud. This match was really really awesome and the controversial ending added to the feud. Eager for the final match.

    Rating: ****

    Eve Taylor is such a b*tch. She always tries to curry favour wherever she is about to gain something. James Howard is a lone wolf. I'll cheer him. The main event was well built up in the short promo.

    Cerberus vs. James Howard and Live Mas

    Chaos ensued and this turned into a brawl. I wanted to see Live Mas double team James Howard. It was about to happen until Cerberus interfered. The main event was awesome despite being a no contest.

    Overall: The main event and Black vs. Scumm rocked. This show was good but, was written hastily which hurt the show.

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    Fixed. Wrote it by mistake. One more thing I'd like to add is that there is no need to post the shows hastily. You could have taken your time. The show was overall good. I would review Ascension 97 too if I get enough time to.
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    General Thoughts

    I know I'm not in the fed right now but by now, I'm pretty much all caught up with what's been going down. I probably won't comment too much on the content of the shows since they're fine but I'll probably comment more on how the shows are structured.

    First, I'd like to comment on all the characters in the fed. I gotta say, I'm loving it. I'm not sure who posted something about this but I think it was Kermit when he said he pretty much booked the shows according to the characters. He obviously paired up guys like Ryder vs. Doe and Alhazred vs. Xavier since they're so similar and I thought that was awesome. The characters in the fed right now have been awesome and it's good to see the fed grow again after the numbers dwindled down to a single roster page before.

    Now onto the shows. I know some characters have custom video for their entrances but I believe the majority of the roster don't have one, so have you guys (creative) ever thought of not posting videos for an entrance? Was just wondering about this. I personally don't EVER play the videos when reading the show. Maybe just put the title of the song in this format --> *INSERT TITLE OF SONG*

    Second, how about commercial breaks? Instead of posting xxxxxxxx then starting a new segment below it. It's very awkward every time I see "xxxxxxx" then a new segment begins. Like, what happened? Did the show take a break or something?

    Third, how about positing the show in one color with the description and description matches being in black or something to really go well with whatever color you guys choose. For example, Raw and Smackdown's primary colors are red and blue. Have the person speaking and dialogue be in red with the person speaking being bolded so that it's separated from the dialogue. Then have the description be in italics or something. I'll try and format a segment of the show into how I'd do it.


    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Stephenville, Texas, weighing in at 190lbs, The Warblade of Mystra, Theron Daggershield!

    Theron walks onto the stage to a series of heavy cheers. Red, yellow, blue, green, and purple lights flash throughout the arena as Theron takes off his sunglasses and gives them to a fan in the front row. He climbs into the ring and rolls his d20, before he strikes a pose to pop the fans again.

    Connor: So Theron will be looking to build some momentum heading into his World Title match at Lethal Lottery.

    Cohen: Don't count on it. I have never seen someone so undeserving as Theron. Abel will get it done tonight.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from Dead Horse, Alaska, weighing 267 pounds, Abel Hunnicutt!

    A spotlight shines down as Beethoven blasts out and Steven Holmes enters first, complete with cane. He signals at the entrance way where the music turns to The Immigrant Song. Then Hunnicutt emerges, a sneering smirk on his face. He marches to the ring, following Holmes before overtaking him to hold the ring ropes open for his master. He then enters by stepping over the top ropes and bows to the crowd as Holmes presents him.

    Connor: Few men are as evil as Steven Holmes, but we may have one here in Abel Hunnicutt.

    Cohen: Coming off a big debut win, Abel will continue to roll here tonight. Mark my words.

    Referee Elizabeth Prince is in charge of the action and goes over last minute instructions before she calls for the bell.


    Abel slowly makes his way to the center of the ring. Theron circles around him. Each time Abel tries to grab hold of Theron, the quicker Theron ducks out of the way. The Warblade fires off kicks to the back of the legs as he circles, trying to chop the big man down. He gets him down to a knee and goes for a tie up. He works to a side headlock, but Abel shows impressive strength by lifting Theron and slamming him with a back suplex out of the headlock. Theron is quickly back to his feet, and fires off a couple of rights and lefts, but they do little damage to Abel, who shrugs them off. Instead, Abel grabs Theron around the neck and tosses him into the nearest corner. He begins to unload with a series of hard fists and forearms, causing Theron to cover up and the ref to step in and utilize her five count. Abel jaws at the ref a little, prompting Steven Holmes to order him out of the ring. Abel Connects with a big uppercut, dropping Theron, before he climbs out of the ring and is lectured by Holmes.

    Cohen: That is right Steven, give him some pointers.

    Connor: He is in control thus far, so taking a break may be unwise.

    As Abel and Holmes talk shop on the outside, the ref is counting and Theron is stirring. He gets to his feet and looks around. He climbs the turnbuckle as his opponent has his back turned. He leaps and crashes down with a crossbody onto both Holmes and Hunnicutt!

    Connor: What a big risk move by Theron.

    Cohen: How dare he leap onto a defenseless man!

    The ref is at a count of seven as Theron uses all of his strength to haul Abel to his feet and roll him back into the ring. Once inside he leaps high into the air and drops an elbow onto Abel. He attempts a cover.
    And Abel simply throws Theron off of him. The impressive strength shocks Theron, who scrambles to hit feet. He fires off quick kicks to the midsection of Abel as he tries to stand. Once he is on his feet, Theron hits the ropes and connects with a flying chop. I staggers Abel, but he doesn't go down. The Warblade hits the ropes again, and a second flying chop still doesn't put the big man down. Theron comes off the ropes a third time, but a big boot puts him on the canvas. The crowd boos as Steven Holmes applauds from ringside and Abel raises his arms. He drags Theron to his feet and Irish whips him across the ring. Abel then hits the opposite ropes and charges and connects with running double axehandle. Theron collapses and Abel follows up with a pointed elbow drop. He then connects with a second, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth! Five consecutive elbow drops. Instead of a cover, Holmes orders him to drop another elbow, but this time from the second rope. Abel climbs to the second rope and launches for the elbow, but Theron rolls out of the way. Both men are down, but Theron is crawling toward the ropes and pulls himself to his feet. He runs and connects with a dropkick to Abel. The big man does his best to shrug it off, but Theron connects with a second dropkick putting the big man down. With Holmes going nuts on the outside and the crowd coming alive, Theron climbs to the top rope and calls for a moonsault.


    Connor: What is Constantine doing out here?

    Cohen: I'm sure he is just scouting his Lethal Lottery opponent.

    Constantine makes his way to the ring and climbs onto the apron. Theron turns his eyes to Constantine and kicks him off the apron. He then points to him and launches the moonsault, only to be caught upside down by Abel, who drops him on his head with the World's End! He hooks a leg.
    Three! Constantine smiles from ringside as Holmes climbs into the ring and raises the hand of his fighter.

    Winner: Abel Hunnicutt @ 8:21

    Connor: Constantine just cost Theron a victory!

    Cohen: You can't say that. Abel was in control most of the match, and Theron took his eyes off the prize. Some title contender he is.

    After the match, Constantine slowly makes his way into the ring. He begins to stomp away at the downed Theron. He pulls him to his feet and tries to hit a big right hand, but Theron blocks and fires off quick shots and Irish whips Constantine into the ropes. Off the rebound he looks for the Critical Hit, but Constantine slips out and rolls outside the ring. Theron tries to give chase but the lights in the arena go out. As they come back, Constantine is nowhere to be seen and the camera zooms in on a frustrated looking Theron as we go to commercial.


    So yeah, how about something like that?

    Also, there's something else that I've noticed that's been happening on the shows a lot more. When a wrestler has a segment, that usually means that their match is up next. But personally, I think this is the wrong move and I'll explain why. Again, it might be the "xxxxxx" stuff you guys do to space the shows out but it's just a little awkward to read when Logan bumped into Titus and Everest then xxxxxx. Moments later, he's out for his match. As a reader, it's kind of a weird transition when I read it. Why not have a segment then the match that proceeds it doesn't involve the people in the segment earlier? I just noticed that it's happened a bit more than usual so yeah, just wanted to point that out.

    Lastly, I really didn't want to point this one out but it's become painfully evident in the RPs I've read in each round. And yes, I do try my best to read each and every RP each round. But it seems that every RP I've read, it's an interview RP. Now, interview RPs aren't bad but when interview RPs are the norm and it seems to be the trick to win titles (again, not a shot at anyone), then I think it's become a little problem. Yes, interview RPs are pretty standard and can work well sometimes but that can't be your RP every single round. Every round, there's an interview RP from someone. I think the RPers in the fed are very talented, don't get me wrong. So it's pretty disappointing to see when interview RPs pop up. Like I said, everyone in the fed is talented in writing, so I'm sure there are other ideas out there that people can do in their RPs.

    But overall, I think the fed is in a really good place. Despite the criticisms I've said above, the fed is definitely booming. Even that time when the roster page was one, it was filled with quality writers. I really hope to be back in WZCW soon when time allows it. WZCW is a really fun place to be in. That's the point of WZCW really, to have fun. You guys keep rocking!
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    Constructive Criticism time.

    Normally I am not one to nitpick, but I had a problem with the way Theron was written this round. So to the writer of the opening segment this is primarily a note for you however I address the whole team so that this does not happen again. Please do not take this as me being upset, I am not.... but as stated in the thread from yesterday, if you guys do not know when something went wrong, you wouldn't know it needed improvement.

    This is not how Theron should be written. He believes he is his Dungeons & Dragons character. He never ever calls WZCW by its actual name. Theron is unaware that WZCW in its "real" form even exists. He calls it the World Gladiatorial Combat Federation or WGCF for short. Another problem is that Theron called Constantine and Dorian by their real names. Theron does not live in reality so unlike the rest of us he sees everyone as elves, dwarves, and other D&D races. Constantine and Dorian are gladiators named Kaiser and Deangelo Genocide respectively, in Theron's "reality".

    Here is an idea of how it should have looked.

    The above was how I would have written Theron in that segment. Perhaps also have Constantine react to Theron calling him Kaiser. I loved for instance when Cerberus mocked Theron for calling Flex "Frank Physique" during The Crusade angle. Theron has a D&D name for everyone, so anytime he has a promo with someone else it is a perfect opportunity for heels to make a rude remark and for faces to embrace the thought of being seen as a great warrior or a powerful wizard. Usually you guys write Theron quite well. This was a big step back to the days where Kermit and others felt there was a disconnect between my RP's and the shows. This time I saw said disconnect myself. I wouldn't expect creative to know about Wheloon or what other D&D regions are called, so at the end of the day Theron calling a city by its real name is not that big of a deal as you guys have bigger priorities in piecing together a show. Theron suddenly knowing the true identities of opponents and the fed, however, was a problem. The way you guys wrote him during The Crusade angle or the Chris KO feud was exactly how it should have been done, he spoke in those segments just as he does in the RP's and it stayed true to how he sees the world.

    On a related note.... I kept this next comment to myself as it was only a minor detail but it did also bother me that Theron cursed at the Roulette Round shows. Minor detail that I otherwise swept under the rug, but that was also something I would like to ask not happen again.

    The shows were good this round, so please do not take this as an attack. It's not. I only want the quality to keep going up as we have entered such an important time of the year for the fed. I felt the need to point this out so that you guys know when something did in fact go wrong. Theron never calls the fed or his opponents by their "real" names. If you guys ever need to know what Theron calls someone, just PM me. A couple of creative members have done that before and it resulted in excellent segments. I really need to compile a list of common Theron'isms someday and put it in a thread somewhere for the whole fed to enjoy and/or draw material from if needed.

    Keep up the great work guys. Your much deserved rep is coming later today for your continued good work on the shows you voluntarily create for us. Thank you for the world title opportunity and thank you for the large amounts of your spare time you dedicate to writing for us.
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    Meltdown and Ascension thoughts

    Full Disclaimer: I'm not going to bother really worrying and critiquing the transitions between matches, and the more technical aspects of the shows. There were errors, but frankly, I'm sure that had more to do with the personal issues, and nothing more. Usually, when you have real life situations impacting shows, transitions between matches tend to be the first thing that get dropped, because it's really hard to communicate with another, and you know you want to get the show out there for everyone to see. So, yes, there were a few technical issues, but nothing I think would be too problematic past this round. So, I'll just focus in on the goods and the bads, and just offer what was done well. There was more positive than negative, but I'll try to balance them out.

    Pro: Ty Burna is in the HOF

    This was an excellent choice, and I think we can all agree this was a unanimous choice, by all the members of the fed and by creative. It was treated as a big deal, and right off the bat, we know who's inducted, and why he was so pivotal to the fed. This should be treated as a big deal, and it was the right thing to do to get Ty to that HOF.

    Con: Missed chance at a Ty promo

    Ty is also coming back next week, along with ECD. This could have been the chance to give Ty some mic time, and maybe even build to the next match. Maybe have Fallout, or MoM, interrupt Ty Burna during his big Hall of Fame speech...Or, actually, Titus could work, too. Having Titus come out and ruin Ty's big return promo (especially since his match was next) is great heel heat, but it also reminds people that, yes, Ty is not only going in to the Hall of Fame, he's also actively competing next week. Next week is the return of Ty and ECD; that should be a big deal, too.

    Pro: There seemed to be a concerted effort to get newer guys promo time

    I can't say how much that really helps. With newer guys, it can be really hard to get screen time aside from your match, and you can get lost in the shuffle. I really appreciated that creative seemed to want to push new guys into promo time. And it wasn't just a blurb; Galucci got a good amount of time to get over his character, and give some ideas for the character.

    Con: No Theron coronation

    I was a little surprised to see Theron didn't get a coronation promo for his title win. Though they did replay the title win, both Meltdown and Ascension started with Vance (and Becky. I feel like there was a great chance for Theron to celebrate his win, and Titus to (again) interrupt Theron Daggershield, and get some more heel heat.

    That said, Zeus wound up looking really strong, and getting a lot of airtime, which I thank you for. I think he closed out both shows on top, which builds him up as this monstrosity now. But I think Theron could have used the opening promo of Meltdown to celebrate his victory.

    Pro: The return of count outs and DQ's!!!!!!

    Yes, not every match needs to end via DQ and count out, and we need clean victories. But here, we had count out victories and DQ victories that enhance characters, and further stories.

    Titus wins by dastardly pretending Theron did something illegal, and gets away with it. Great!

    Jonny Scumm plays the heel champion and gets counted out, to preserve getting beat. Great!

    These results not only let us know who won, they also preserve the characters who lost, while influencing the characters that won. And now, Titus can use that he beat both members of the Kingdom Come main event, and he becomes a heel who is right. The very best kind of heel; that heel who is an asshole, but is also right in what he says. Meanwhile, Theron, the new champion, probably shouldn't be getting cleanly beaten his first match as champion. This preserves the character.

    Pro: We have guest writers going above and beyond the call of duty.

    My favorite match of the week (which I'm normally biased to, and KJ does great stuff with Zeus matches), was actually Eve/Ramparte VS MoM. It had a great psychology to it, and it really did tease the blowup of Cerberus perfectly. NSL has already gone way and above in offering feedback for RP's, and I still owe him feedback. But that match, if you really look it over, had so much great psychology to it. This was the angle that also never forgot it was a match; so many times, you see matches that are really just angles.

    Abel and Garth was great, too, and the nice little touches (like Garth saying he said he would win) are great tie backs to the RP. Flex and Showtime was pretty good, though admittedly a bit short. But K Web V3 seemed to really get the psychology of the match down, and tease what we would see on Ascension, as well.

    I can't say enough for the effort that was put in by NSL, K Web V3, and JAM, who put in Herculean efforts to get this show out there for us.
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    Meltdown 124

    Good opening with Zeus and his underlings before Theron confronts them. However I notice something here that happens quite a bit on this show, throughout other segments and matches, see below:

    Copeland:But next, a new challenger enters the battle. Watch as Cassanova takes on...Well, we don't even know who. But we know it is next!

    Call it nitpicking, but it does look sloppy in comparison to this version below:

    Copeland: But next, a new challenger enters the battle. Watch as Cassanova takes on...Well, we don't even know who. But we know it is next!

    The amount of difference that one simple little space in between a ":" sign and the spoken dialogue is bigger than one would think. The second version is so much easier to read than the first. I know we all have lives outside the fed, so sometimes things like this may slip through unnoticed. It's not a big deal. Just something I noticed. Something I noticed a lot of on both shows.

    M's return wasn't much of a shock out-of-character since I had noticed he had been lurking, but it was well written and I'm glad he's back.

    Liked the Veejay segment. I can honestly say I'm stumped on what his in-character plan is after reading that, hmmm....

    I'm surprised Flex and Showtime didn't get the win as I thought they had the better RP's, but the competitive match and the challenge given by Showtime after the match made up for that. That's without mentioning what looks like a heel turn? Didn't see that one coming.

    Fallout's promo followed by the immediate Final Seance was a good handling the Fallout VS Ty match. The same can be said for the Elite Openweight match, handled well in its writing given that some were unable to RP.

    Banks segment was good, any time he shows up you know something huge is coming.

    Then there's the Theron segment. I'm not sure if Tiffany referring to Zeus as Davkas was accidental or not. She sees the world normally. Only reason she uses Theronism's in the RP's is because it's from Theron's point of view. I'll take Tiffany calling Zeus "Davkas" over Theron calling Dorian Slaughter by his real name any day though. It's fine, it was only one name and one time here. Theron himself was written great in this show. I also do really like that Tiffany/Kirilah is being brought onscreen more now. She's very supportive of Theron's career in my RP's so it's only logical that she'd come to the shows with him. So, thanks for adding her as a "real" NPC more than once.

    I legit LOL'ed at "Hey, wait a minute, Dr. Zeus rhymes?!".

    Liked the main event and the Zeus promo at the end too. All in all, a good Meltdown.

    Ascension 101

    What? He's doing both shows from this round? Yep. Sure am. Let's go.

    Eerie opening promo by Zeus and Doe here. Good stuff.

    Cooper's return, much like M's, I saw it coming out-of-character but am glad to see him back.

    Gino VS Mark was awesome. Loved the pizza chants, Gino trying to promise the fans pizza, and Becky getting boo'ed out of the building for saying there won't be pizza. All made this one of the best parts of the show. "We love pizza" needs to be Gino's crowd chant going forward.

    Seeing some more instances of no spaces between names and spoken dialogue again.... There are several in the Titus Avison and Noah segment, which was otherwise good. Could be a good feud.

    I liked the Serra segment where the security guys show up. This segment made the appearance of the masked man later on in the show a much bigger deal. Wonder who this could be? My guess would be Acutus or Dorian Slaughter.

    I was a little confused in the Mikey and Constantine picking team members segment. Where Mikey said Gino had victories over Abel, but then says he doesn't, I feel like there was a joke here that I somehow missed. Liked the segment though.

    Matt Tastic VS Titus Avison was probably the best match of the round. Having the Eurasian Champion main event it was the right call. The match itself was well written, and S.H.I.T. in the locker room made me laugh. I'm excited for his title shot.

    I would have liked to have seen at least one Theron appearance on Ascension. The World Champion and #1 contender should be on both shows, even if just a promo on the one they aren't having a match on.

    I really didn't have any major issues about Ascension either this round. Good matches. Good segments. Also not surprised by any of the results, as it seems there's always at least one match on every show where I thought the other guy had a better RP lol no surprises in that capacity on this edition of Ascension.... Solid show.

    Final Thoughts

    Biggest thing I have for you guys from these shows is putting spaces between names and spoken dialogue every time anyone speaks, I already harped on this, but I'd rather see a show take a little longer to get moved out so that little things like that can get caught. When the biggest problems are accidental use of a Theronism by Tiffany or a few instances of not putting a space in between names and spoken dialogue, then you have a pretty good set of shows. Anything that may have come off as negative was me trying to find things to improve, none of this was complaints, just me trying to find things that could have improved on polishing up the shows. You guys know this by now, I like organization/structure and am a stickler for good formatting. The shows set up some matches for Apocalypse, which is looking like the card will live up to the hype!

    Thumbs up to both shows from me.
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    MELTDOWN 124

    The fallout show of Kingdom Come started with the Reigning World Champion of WZCW and his followers, adorning the ring with Darkness. Woah, the entrance will give real chills to the readers. It was a great start for the show. I always enjoy the rhyme Dr.Zeus uses while conversing. It was a fun read. The way the creative wrote this part of the segment and the way it was coordinated was brilliant. Great piece of work Mateys!

    Oh, I forgot to mention about the confrontation of Theron Daggershield. Nicely done! The true Hero of WZCW shouldn’t be scared against the Darklord, and indeed he isn’t. I’m excited to see what sort of stipulation will be between Theron and Zeus at Apocalypse.

    CASSANOVA vs ???

    Contrary to the first segment, this one didn’t seem to be interesting. It sort of looked blant, I don’t know if that’s the return of M didn’t quite impressive or the match itself. It was good to see Veterans returning to WZCW, but the match looked much John Cena-ish, or I don’t know how to say it. The confrontation between Vee and Cassanova was tad underwhelming. The face getting knocked out by just one Right hand? I don’t think it’s a good idea. Mind you, I’m not complaining just because it was my character. I really am glad that I got a feud!

    After all, the New Year in WZCW brought a whole lot of new feuds. Props to the creatives!


    The first three segments looks more like hysteresis curve. This one brought back the impression the opening segment made. The match was really brilliant. Back and forth, and the Kagura’s evolution into a complete heel, this is the right stage. Abel Hunnicett needed this win, he’s a monster and he deserved this win. Excellent work by the writers.


    This was a great segment! Wow, I was contemplating where the three heads of the Cerberus would head aftermath Kingdom Come. And I’m getting the answers, and that’s so exciting. I don’t see Showtime as a heel. This feud seems more like Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels Career-on-the-line feud. I would like to see Showtime’s career would end in a grand way so he could focus more on Noah Ryder; after all he’s the King For A Day!


    Shame that Fallout was a no show. But kudos to the creatives for making this match quite exciting. Fallout didn’t lose easily neither did he look weak. Brilliant strategy by Ty Burna coming through the crowd, attacking his opponent and getting the win. His eyes glowing red, that’s a good touch to that segment. This feud looks more personal, as it needed to be.

    EVE TAYLOR vs S.H.I.T.

    Another no show, such a shame for the brilliant show. It’s alright though, as S.H.I.T made some rationale for his absence and loss in the Random RP thread. Perfect excuse for his loss. Good job mate. The Commentators too did a good job by putting over S.H.I.T for his match against Barbosa at Kingdom Come. And he deserved this title show, after winning at the Kingdom Come!

    This is the big difference between WZCW and WWE, the deserving stars getting the shot. After that big win at Kingdom Come for Garth Black, he deserved something. And I reckon he’s going to challenge Eve for the Elite Openweight title at Apocalypse.


    Fancy that! Every winners of the Kingdom Come getting what they deserve! Big announcement by the Owner of WZCW, Mikey Stormrage vs John Constantine, and more interesting is that they’ll have to get win for their team to get a World Title shot at Gold Rush.

    I never fancied the idea of Rubber match, in that context I appreciate the announcement that Apocalypse will be the end of Zeus-Theron Feud.


    It was indeed a final statement. Theron and Zeus staggering at each other and Mikey and Constantine didn’t lose their compass either. Good end to the show. Overall the show was really brilliant with lots of twists and turns. Looking forward for the Apocalypse.

    Props for all the creatives and writers.
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    Meltdown 125 Review

    Let's get to it. Reviewing as I read so some questions may be answered as time goes on. I may also focus on the more "technical" aspects I guess you could say considering my experience.


    Rather on the shorter side of things, though not necessarily bad. We're moving towards a conglomeration of feuds all amassing into one, and this only really worked up the main event for Meltdown. More info on the Tag Titles would be nice as well. Hope we get more clarity on the rest of the card.

    One thing I will say as well, as that more work and research needs to be done when writing for characters on shows. I know that it's difficult to pin down exactly the gimmick and talking style without the writer doing it themselves, but in the opening there's a lot of issues. Theron's mannerisms I believe were mostly fine, but Caidos and Ty were off by a wide margin. Caidos still speaks in 3rd person, and Ty would have used far more formal sweeping speak then calling Theron a nerd. On top of this a lot of what was said on the show was kind of covered in the RP's for Ty and Theron as well. Theron was to ask Ty and Caidos for support, and I think that didn't jive perfect with the RP that he wrote. Small things like that go a long way to making a segment cooperate with the RPs at hand. It limits the amount of disconnect between shows and RPs. Ty's going fire, brimstone, and OG Ty in his RPs and talking like a high school bully on the show. Theron's hoping for allies but dismisses the possible ones without even attempting to talk them out of their ways. Lot of potential lost here as it could have been a fired up argument.

    In any case it does highlight Theron's almost naive nature, and sets up for the main event match.

    Keaton/Cooper vs. Bearded GentleAnts

    Good tag match here. I don't see anything particularly off beat with it. Excellent job highlighting the lack of chemistry between Cooper and Keaton, as we all know Cooper's ego is super inflated (that's a good thing for the character FYI). Keaton and Cooper could be a fun addition to the Tag Team ranks as Cooper runs as the overbearing mentor and Keaton as the rookie. A win over the GentleAnts definitely helps. I know Thriller had the same problem with me with the deadline, hopefully they can rebound as they could be a cornerstone of the division as well.

    The Matt Tastic segment that follows, always good to see serious Tastic. I feel like at times he's gone a bit off the deep end for comedy sake, but when we get the serious side you know it's gonna be good. He's realized he's not the plucky veteran that's never gotten his due anymore and is now one of the top guys and he's got to embrace that and make it his own. Excellent character building segment.

    John Doe vs. S.H.I.T.

    Hard hitting physical match. Loved it. S.H.I.T. has always been a character I've personally seen as someone that needs to be wrote as a brutal killing machine, and this match didn't disappoint. Doe certainly grew leaps and bounds in this match alone with the writing. Not only did it show his violence, it also showed his intelligence, wearing the robot down before locking in the choke. A little too much Bayley/Jax influence but everything before that makes up for it in spades. Doe is on the rise.

    Interview with Mikey. Vee ADZ announced as another of his teammates. Good choice, he's been doing solid work as of late. Standard build for their match otherwise. I would like to see the captains start making concessions for those that they bring on to their team. Why would I want to fight for someone else to get a title shot? What if I'm the only survivor, yet the captain gets the opportunity? Motivations could be in play more than they have so far.

    Noah Ryder vs. Eve Taylor

    Fancy words to explain a simple stare down. I approve wholeheartedly. Eve showing a more energetic entrance is interesting as well. Match was solid. Clusterfuck ending naturally. I'm unclear who's heel and who's face in all this anymore. Garth is kind of an asshole, yet Eve's been a bitch for a long time. Noah's showing a more aggressive tone as well. Fuck it, they're all heels. Noah's got the KFAD, yet I could see it be a triple threat at Apocalypse the way it looks now. Good build for a mid card feud and some growth for Noah.

    Basic interview for Titus, acting self righteous as usual. Odd to see no interaction between Titus and S.H.I.T. tonight if we are indeed going that way. Still Ascension to go I suppose, but I feel the segments have been all fluff so far aside from Vee getting announced that he's joining Mikey's team. With a short cycle these are crucial to building a fast story for the newer feuds. So far we've been told S.H.I.T. wants the Eurasian title, and he's trashed Titus' locker room. And that's really been about it. Not much to the feud at this point and I have a fear Apocalypse could use that third week to gel things more.

    Constantine/Kagura vs. Mikey/Gino

    I see nothing wrong with the match itself. The match writing has been solid all show, Meltdown and Ascension don't need PPV quality matches unless it's a special match like a title match. So I'm kosher there. Was Kagura added to Constantine's Team? I'm not sure though it seems like a foregone conclusion. Commentary at the end reminded me of Attitude era Lawler and JR. I liked it.

    Garth Black is knocked out in the back, bleeding heavily. Mentions Eve Taylor. Some progression! What I've been looking for in a segment. But is it all what it seems?

    John Doe walks in, states S.H.I.T. has been taken care of. Zeus says Theron and Tastic are next. What, you don't love me like you used to Zeus? Too short to really mean much here, formatting was off for Zeus. Small details, but can always be tightened up some

    Theron Daggershield vs. Ty Burna

    Match looks longer than it really is. I get that this:




    Highlights a pin, but my goodness if it's one after another it extends the appearance but not the actual length. We're reading in the paragraph already, hit it with the 1.............2...........Ty kicks out! in paragraph and save some strain on my scroll wheel a bit. It also fucks with the flow of reading through the match. If you want to highlight a major moment of the match and a pin attempt, absofuckinglutely go for it. But if Ty hits Theron with a body slam and goes for the pin, there's no need to pull the reader out of a paragraph for the attempted pin count as it's not a major point of the match.

    Any way Ty wins as expected, due to lights going out, but not by his doing at this time. Zeus knocks both out and announces Theron/Zeus will be Hell in a Cell. That's my fucking match. Can't announce that shit while I'm in the ring and not include me. I kid of course and this will be the finale for this feud. Caidos and Tastic run in for the save, I smell a stable forming!

    Overall thoughts: Some sloppy editing and proofreading aside, the matches were solid for what they needed to be, but we had no new matches truly announced and only 3, maybe 4, things extended:

    -Theron/Zeus is in HIAC.

    -Black brutally assaulted possibly by Eve. Noah keeps fucking with the midcard champs.

    - Vee ADZ joins Mikey's group.

    So the stories stay static for the most part. I believe the initial schedule was to have a 2 round cycle for Apocalypse, but I see now it's been extended to a proper 3 round cycle. This alleviates a lot of concern I had while reading the show that we were on the go home Meltdown show and we had nothing really happen or come into form. So that definitely helps but this felt like more of a holding pattern show than anything. The matches were fine, which is the real meat of the show, but there wasn't much sizzle in my eyes. At this point a very good portion of the stories are taking place inside the RP's themselves lately, I think that needs to be met halfway with the shows. Constantine should have had a backstage segment being part of a major part of Apocalypse to help hype his match and got nothing.

    Utilize your segments. They are a very vital compliment to the matches themselves. Spice them up with in ring segments aside from the opening segments. This was a very current Raw like feel to this show where everything was so neatly locked away from everything else aside from Tastic joining the fray with Zeus. Feuds can intersect for a show or two and add depth to both once they part ways.

    An old example would be when Gordito was feuding with Tastic. Ty and Gordito interacted and gave an outside perspective to the feud from Gordito's side. It helped clarify Gordito's mind state and his personal issues with Tastic. Though Ty never truly got involved, it was his voice that brought a new layer to it that wasn't there before.

    So that would be the major takeaway from this review. Use your segments wisely. So much can be done with them to enhance feuds.

    Rating: C

    My inbox is always open if you guys need any advice or help of course :).
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  9. Da Prophet

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    I’m not going to review the entire show but instead I’m going to focus on the use of segments where a character is speaking. Meltdown this week wasn’t great for using the talent that was booked on the show. 4/14 people who had a match on Meltdown actually talked during the show. I have no clue what that number is so low but 5 other characters were given speaking roles from Ascension.

    Eve Taylor, a reigning champion, didn’t speak this week. Why should I care about her match? Garth Black spoke twice. Why is the champion not saying something? Four people on Meltdown who were originally booked had a moment where they spoke. Eve Taylor was not one of them. Eve Taylor didn’t speak the entire round. A reigning champion never said a single word all on both shows yet Matt Tastic gets to come over onto Meltdown and have a segment?

    Noah Ryder was booked on Meltdown but was not one of the four who spoke. King for a Day got nothing but the match and that’s it for you, have fun next week. Sure he got a small speaking role on the next show but why isn’t there time for Ryder to say something on the show he’s booked on?

    It’s my biggest issue with this thing. If you’re going to book these characters on Meltdown then have their segments on Meltdown. Why do you need to bring Titus, Garth Black, Zues, Tastic and to a lesser extent because he’s in a tag team with someone competing on this show, El Caidos? Five guys were dragged over from Ascension and put on this show while 10 people who were booked on this show got nothing. You’ve got the Elite Openweight Champion facing the King for a Day and neither has anything to say about it. I guess that match means nothing. Out of the 10 that didn’t speak on Meltdown, 3 of them would speak on Ascension. From the 5 that were moved over from Ascension, 3 out of 5 would speak again. Which makes me ask why those three were used on Meltdown when they already had a spot on Ascension for them?

    Personally I would rather see shorter matches and more time spent on promos for the guys on the show. I don’t see the point of bringing guys over from show to show when they’re already going to be a major factor like Tastic was this round. Was his appearance on Meltdown really needed? Probably not. I would have loved to see something from Keaton and Cooper backstage. They’re presented as dysfunctional on the show but show me something before the match itself. Why are they not getting along? I know Cooper has a big ego but show me something between the two of them which can drive home that point.

    I just think the segments need to be looked at and really thought about if someone needs to be on Meltdown if they’re going to be on Ascension with multiple segments dedicated to them. 12 characters didn’t speak this round. Should I care about any of them? Keeping in mind that a lot of the "1 segment" characters often got one line of dialogue which hardly progressed their character at all.

    Here's a look at how things played out this round.

    MD 125: Theron Daggershield vs Ty Burna
    MD 125: Eve Taylor vs Noah Ryder (Non-Title)
    MD 125: S.H.I.T. vs John Doe
    MD 125: Bearded GentleANTS vs Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton
    MD 125: Constantine & Kagura Daikonran vs Mikey Stormrage & Gino Galucci

    Theron Daggersheild, Ty Burna, El Caidos, Matt Tastic, Mikey Stromrage, Titus Avison, Garth Black, John Doe, Dr. Zues

    Booked on the show: 4/14
    Not booked on the show: 5
    Total: 9/19 characters spoke on Meltdown 125

    AS 102: Garth Black vs Flex Mussel
    AS 102: Abel Hunnicutt & Cassanova vs Vee A.D.Z. & M
    AS 102: Matt Tastic & Ramparte vs Men Of Mayhem
    AS 102: Dr. Zeus vs El Caidos
    AS 102: Titus Avison vs Veejay (Non-Title)

    Constantine, Mikey Stormrage, Garth Black, Flex Mussel, Showtime, Noah Ryder, Veejay, Matt Tastic, Ramparte, Logan, Gino Galucci, Dr. Zeus, Theron Daggershield

    Booked on the show: 7/14
    Not booked on the show: 6
    Total: 13/20 characters spoke on Ascension 102

    Characters with 1 talking segment: Ty, El Caidos, Titus, John Doe, Dr. Zues, Flex, Showtime, Ryder, Veejay, Logan, Gino
    Characters with 2 talking segments: Garth Black, Constantine, Ramparte
    Characters with 3 or more talking segments: Theron, Tastic, Mikey, Dr. Zues
    Characters with zero talking segments: 12
  10. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    Spoiler Alert

    *If you have not watched Apocalypse then don't read this review of Apocalypse in case it ruins your experience reading Apocalypse. Apocalypse. *

    Pre Show....

    Bearded Ants vs Men of Mayhem vs Cooper and Keaton.

    Hilarious. From the troubles keeping people away from the commentating table to the Air Guitar jam session...I just loled at the whole thing. Plus the right guys won. In yo face tag team division! Logan Macallister turning face at the end of the match was the cherry on top.

    Opening Pyro....five Pyros? Is that all WZCW could afford ? I was underwhelmed and threw my laptop in the garbage. I chanted BULLSHIT for about a half an hour before my roommate came down to the kitchen (3 AM) and asked me what the F-word I was doing. Lol, I'm kidding and got way too sidetracked with these opening pyros, sorry.

    Veejay vs Noah Ryder ....

    A very short opening match.

    Quick Dr.Zeus Promo....

    I dig Dr. Zeus (even more now knowing his history, thanks to the podcast).

    Tag Team Championship.

    John Doe vs Phantoms of Chaos.

    I was expecting a surprise tag team partner as RPs and promos leading up to this match seemed to be hinting at it...but it was a trick and Doe viciously attacked both wrestlers before the bell. John Doe is a beast of a character and for a moment I thought he was going to win the match by himself. But we have new champs. (KEEP THEM WARM FOR US BABYYY YEAH!!!)

    Garth Black vs Eve Taylor - Open weight Championship

    A well written match with a Cash in tease at the end that was a bit of a running tease a couple of times throughout the night.

    Titus Avison vs S.H.I.T. - Eurasian Championship.

    Titus vs S.H.I.T. was a good contest but the winner was kind of obvious before the match even started. I love both gimmicks. Titus the legend won with another cash in tease by Ryder.

    Team Kick Ass vs Team Constantine

    Decent match with a surprise entrance by a former member of the roster Blade ( speculating )

    The match was 578go y

    Showtime vs Flex

    Great match with super long ending with multiple surprises. The contest told a great story, not unlike Flair vs HBK retirement match at Mania. Full respect given to the retiring legend. I think during all the tearfilled hugs and goodbyes there was an opportunity for a heel moment....somebody could have popped through the curtain with a tissue in hand and mock the whole ending only to get superkicked off the ramp by Showtime.

    Dagger vs Dr.Zeus - WZCW Heavyweight Championship

    Again, I love both gimmicks and posters behind the characters as well. Part of me wanted to see a happy ending so this darkness could show some cracks... a great hell in a cell match. A great final bump and Dr.Zeus gets a great title defense against the company's top face.

    Excellent PPV and dare I say....better than Kingdom Come 7. Given the fact that I'm more familiar with the roster at this point in time.
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    I’m not going to go over the entire PPV because I want to spend my time addressing the problems I had with this show rather than padding the review with “it was good” multiple times. With that said it’s time to get into the show.

    1. The elimination of Vee A.D.Z.

    The biggest problem I had with the entire show was this elimination during the tag co-main event, which had a stupid finish that I’ll touch on later. Now you have M, Mikey Stormrage, Matt Tastic and Vee A.D.Z as one team and Constantine, Blade, Abel Hunnicutt and Kagura Daikonran as the other.

    I reviewed the shows from last round and criticised the usage of characters and how members of the roster aren’t given anything to work with from the shows. This is a fine example of a character getting nothing out of a match. Why is Vee gone first? This is a character that knocked out a returning Justin Cooper, a veteran and multiple time champion, and then scored the pinfall for his team in the co-main event of Ascension 102 this past week. On the podcast he’s been praised as one of the best RPers since Kingdom Come and you decide to job him out first in a match that has Matt Tastic pulling double duty? You couldn’t just let Vee pin Blade, you know, since he’s a returning character and would have ring rust and therefore have an excuse as a heel as to why he was the first person eliminated? That would also give Vee something to work with since he would have beaten two returning veterans in the space of three weeks. No, instead Vee is the first eliminated, not given anything to work with since he’s choked in the biggest match of his career and all that hard work he’s put in during this cycle is seemingly for nothing.

    The character was on such a roll and yet he gets nothing here. So that really annoyed me but then when Tastic came out and got a pinfall for his team and not just any pinfall but the pinfall that eliminated Abel, I was pissed. That’s bullshit. You have a chance to give Vee or M this big pin over a name like Abel, who once again after listening to the podcast, is being seen as a potential Lethal Lottery winner. He’s a strong character and a win over him would do so much good for a young character... so you give it to the former World Champion and biggest name in the match who was added to this thing because “LOLZ.” What does Tastic gain from the pin other than making up for his loss earlier in the night? Nothing! You could have given this to M or Vee, especially Vee and rewarded the guy for his hard work all round but you throw the damn thing to Tastic.

    You can’t keep filling the shows with the same guys. Tastic cannot be in every segment so you have to build up some other faces. You had a perfect chance to do that here and instead you went with the same old story. I said this last time, why should I care about Vee? This is what Vee did in the biggest match of his career:

    Small package
    Mawashi Geri

    Vee, who had been one of the best RPers the entire cycle had two moves! Two, go back and look at them. That’s horrible. Really bad. So basically NSL decided to squash Vee. That’s what happened. He had two moves from the point he tagged into the match. You could have made these three guys look like warriors since they were a man down but instead one was jobbed out with no real offense and an established character came into the match later on and scored the biggest pinfall of the match which is of no benefit to him.

    I’m waiting for the next set of shows to see how characters are used but I seriously doubt anything will change. Stormrage, Constantine and Tastic are probably still going to be all over the show while 12 other characters, including the Elite Openweight Champion who was suddenly given some time to talk on this show, are left with nothing. Please, prove me wrong as it would make the fed better.

    For anyone who thinks I'm overreacting to this let me go through Vee's outing on this PPV.

    Before the match Vee is mentioned 3 times. First time he's being beaten, second time he's tumbling around and the third time he's at best even with Kagura. Not once does Vee get the advantage.

    During the match.

    This section above all goes together and basically says you couldn't execute a basic move from your background. Abel laughed at Vee and then hit a move. You got nothing on Abel, he made you look like a geek. So far you look shit.

    Abel is now gone so you finally get something going but it's a counter not even a real move.

    The move you failed to do earlier is used against you now. You get punch in the throat and need the referee to give you a break. You still look shit.

    Second move you've done all night and it's the first time you've had the advantage and actually looked like a threat. It's also done by surprise! You couldn't even get the advantage fairly, you had to do it by surprise. That's the only time you look good this entire match and it was by surprise. What a PPV

    And that's it for you. A stomp to the head by a guy who hasn't competed for ages eliminated one of the "best RPers of the round" as they said on the podcast and you looked like a total joke the entire time.

    I would go further into Tastic eliminating Abel but I feel like I’ve covered my thoughts on that enough.

    2. The finish to Stormrage vs. Constantine

    I hated it.

    Firstly you have the fans cheer when Bateman says that we must have a winner. That makes total sense, they paid money to see a match and they expect to see a winner. Then when he finds out that both men are unable to continue he awards them both a title match at the next PPV.

    The crowd cheers yet again. Why? You’ve just told them that the co-main event of the evening is ending without a real finish and that major prize for the winner, well it’s just going to both of the team captains because neither of them can continue. I wouldn’t cheer. Nobody would cheer. Any fan of MMA or even wrestling will tell you that no contests are bullshit and don’t get the crowd to "roar to life." I don’t know what crowd you’re watching but it’s not any wrestling crowd I’ve ever seen.

    The finish itself made no sense. Both of these guys went through hard fought battles at Kingdom Come to earn this chance and now they can’t even get through a tag match when they spent a bunch of it on the outside of the ring? Weak. Why would Vance reward both guys for stuffing up his co-main event? Why not just put them in a rematch on Meltdown or better yet, make them compete at Gold Rush earlier in the night with the winner facing Zeus in the main event for the World Championship? Then if Stormrage wins and then falls to Zeus he has an excuse, setting up a rematch where he’s got a fair shot at the gold or if he wins it’s a great underdog story. Zeus could claim that he didn’t know who his opponent was and therefore he was at a disadvantage setting up a rematch if he lost the title. If Constantine were to win and lose in the title match he could say that he was at a disadvantage for having to compete twice, ya know since he’s a heel. If he won then he could say he’s the greatest to ever compete and he beat two guys in one night, have him cheat both times and that can setup your triple threat match at the following PPV if you really want it that bad. That would have made sense but rewarding two guys who couldn’t win a tag match is so ridiculous.

    3. The backstage segments between Constantine, Vee, M and Stormrage/Tastic.

    Do I have to cover this again?

    Constantine spoke to Vee and M who both got one sentence in while Constantine went on and on about how great he was. It was a fine segment but it’s the same thing I’ve seen since Kingdom Come. It’s nothing new. Stormrage coming in and being in both this and the next segment was fine but it’s nothing new. Same old stuff. Why not have Vee and M stand up for themselves instead of Stormrage taking the charge like he’s been doing every show? I get that it’s his team but do his team mates have to look like such geeks? You know why Dolph Ziggler got such a big response during that Survivor Series match? It’s because nobody thought it would come down to him vs. Rollins. Everybody thought it would be Cena at the end and after this and the next segment it was clear that Team Kick Ass was really Team Geeks. Nobody had a shot to win the match expect Stormrage. Ultimately left me wondering what the point of the tag match was since none of Stormrage’s team appeared like legit threats while Constantine’s looked much stronger.

    4. Eve Taylor

    This isn’t a negative. I really liked what Taylor said and how she was presented on the show. It should have been done on the last round of shows and if this is something we got more often then I’m pleased.

    That’s it for me.

    Didn’t want to end on a negative, especially for an enjoyable show like this one.

    I think I covered my major problem with the show. I look forward to seeing how things work out during the next round.
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  12. Lee

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    Pre Show:

    I loved this, Cooper/Keaton should be a fun team. This match is how matches should be, it allows the character of Keaton to shine through. He's someone we don't know much about so it allows someone to shine.

    Logan turning face is much needed.


    Short match but needed. Ryder no showed Veejay's RP wasn't too great to a short match gets the job done.
    The handshake worked as the whole point of the match was Veejay teaching Ryder about honour.


    Ty didn't really get too much offense in but all in all decent match and we have new champions. Writing handicap matches are always hard!


    Tears man. Tears. Great tribute to Showtime but we'll see him back, I'm sure of it.

    The match itself was great as well, Flex toying with Showtime like a cat playing with a mouse was not expected but refreshing.

    Seems that Ace David is finally out of hospital after 6 years!


    I liked the backstage segment. The match did what it needed to do, it advanced Eve and allowed Black to lose in the way he wanted.

    Constantine/Kick Ass segment

    I initially thought this was going to be similar to social outcasts and Flo Rida on Monday with Vee's burn to Constantine, alas nope. I'd like to see more from M and Vee in this section.


    Great match, really had me hooked throughout but please use this stable a bit less. They're involved in each others matches a bit too much. We've had a sgment and three matches with them (at least). I like the trinity but I don't want to bore of them very quickly.

    This is not a complaint, it was handled well but I've seen it too often with other stables where it takes over the show and if you're not in the storyline you're missed out. Keep it simple.

    Eve gets beaten up.

    These segments are overused, I was just joking with someone as to who I thought the random person found beaten up backstage would be.


    Used the wrong tron for Titus, tsk tsk.

    Really good match though, full brutal back and forth painting both competitors in a great light. I loved the bit before the match as well. You can almost feel Titus' reaction.

    The bit with Ryder was done well especially the collapse of relief. This is exactly what Titus would do.

    Another Zeus segment.

    Kickass v Constantine.

    Weird match for sure. Blade gave the game away by reading the rp thread, detctive Lee caught him though.

    Yeah weird match with some negatives and a lot of positives.
    Negative: I didn't like Tastic being in this match. I get you needed to replace Gino with the no show but you could have gone for Mancini or even Logan.
    The ending setting up a triple threat. Seems a pointless match then :p

    Really fun back and forth match though, well written. I enjoyed it.


    Wow! What a match.

    All in all I loved Apocalypse, a few minor niggles and what not.

    Advice for people in the fed.

    Send creative ideas for backstage segments. I did and mine was used.
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    Alright, I'm going to give a detailed review on the show now. Let's start with the Poster of Apocalypse. It really looks fantastic, and Dr.Zeus really looks intimidating in that. WWE probably should learn that Damien Sandow has the potential on the poster :rolleyes:

    Veejay vs Noah Ryder

    The show starts with Singles match between the King for a day winner and the B-Town badshah (Some Indian term and It does sound cool doesn't it?) It's shame that No-showed which made the match look less exciting, nonetheless it was a good writing that the match was back and forth which gives Veejay a much needed, albeit not much deserved win.

    Pros: Noah Ryder wasn't jobbed out and that's a huge prop. It would've made no sense to the KFAD winner and made him look like a joke.

    Cons: In my verdict, the show should've started with some fantastic match upfront. WWE always do that for PPVs. We had Last Man Standing match to start the RR and last year at WM we had the IC Title Ladder match. Fancy that, I wished for Titus vs S.H.I.T to start the show.

    Trinity Segment between Dr.Zeus and John Doe

    It was convincing to see John Doe doesn't fancy the Tag titles and consider it merely as something he hold on in his venture of demoralizing the Phantoms. It was a good segment. More good that it provided some space between the two matches.

    John Doe vs Phantoms

    This was such a good match to follow the segment. Even though John Doe lost his title, he looked immensely strong heading into his future. The singles division should be aware of what's coming into their way. Similarly, the Tag titles are in the safe hands now and I don't reckon it'll go off the Phantoms anytime soon. I want them to have a long run to keep the prestige on those titles as it was once held by the Cerberus and Live Mas!

    Pros: The match was excellent and making it look like a one-on-one bout was a brilliant tactic as well.

    Cons: No con

    Showtime Segment

    I reckon this segment was unnecessary. Before the match starts Showtime had a long intro which was uncomplainable which made this segment look unnecessary. Yes I know it was to fill up the gaps between the segments but meh.

    The Career is... Over

    Brilliant match. Even though Showtime did No-Showtime, the match was written so beautifully. Jack Cohen's tears when Showtime's career ended was something unexpected. It really should be the match of the year in my verdict.

    Props: I'm new to this fed and I never had known the legacy of Showtime. But the entire segment gave me goosebumps. The entire roster embracing the Career was something admirable. Titus strapped HIS belt to Showtime was shear show of respect. :worship:

    Cons: Again, No cons.

    Eve Taylor Backstage Segment

    Again, an unnecessary segment. And you know why... for the same obvious reasons I mentioned above. Not everyone needed to do a backstage segment before their matches, do they? Maybe it could've been written as a inring segment before the commencement of the match instead.

    Elite Openweight Championship

    The match was quite impressive, with a lot of technicality and tacticality afoot. Nothing here to complain about the whole match as Eve Taylor, the deserved winner retains her title (or Shensukan or whatever she named it)

    Pros: Good inring work and special props to whoever wrote this match. Kept it simple with much less speculation as all the other matches are with some sort of stipulation. This match needed to be simple and so was it. I loved Noah Ryder's tease as well.

    Backstage Segment

    The backstage segment between Constantine and Team Kickass members provide no credibility or whatsoever. I don't know why it appeared out of nowhere just to make US look pathetic (which we already were :suspic: ). Walking thesaurus, alright I wouldn't complain, former Kick-boxer? Vee isn't a former Kick-boxer or MMA Fighter. He was trained with MMA and Karate, but never been a boxer :shrug:

    Live Mas Segment

    This segment made much more sense as both the members are Live Mas are trying to sabotage their rivals, they really needed to talk with each other. We hadn't seen them together ever since the aftermath of Kingdom Come, so this really was a much needed segment. Finally, something.

    Matt Tastic vs Ramparte

    This was cool. No complaints about this either. Brilliant inring techniques and good psychology throughout the match.

    Pros: Like I said, the inring psychology was excellent between Ramparte and Matt Tastic. Beautifully written match and that POP-Up Gut Buster was unexpected.

    Cons: The lights went off three times, eh, not a great thing. I accept the fact that Dr.Zeus and John Doe and are guarding the back of Ramparte, but Zeus' face appearing on the screen before the closing moments of the match made it look like he was grabbing all the spot light.

    PS. If Ramparte won the match after spitting the coke on Matt Tastic's face I would've gone crazy.

    Titus vs S.H.I.T

    My favourite Wrestler of the fed won, yet again. Good match and sorry I haven't read much of that match to give a detailed review for it. But I'll give something of what I had read.

    Pros: The segment behind the screens between the Mandroid and Titus was cool. When you blokes add some sort of segments like this rather normal interviews or something, it looks good. I love how Harry's introduced Titus.

    Cons: No real cons here. Just wondering who would dethrone the King.

    The next set of reviews will be up soon. Coz I got tired to typing all these in one run. :icon_neutral:
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  14. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    Spoiler Warning - Don't read this if you have not read Meltdown 126 yet (obviously)

    Opening segment : Good to see the owner involved in the shows, I wasn't entirely sure who had J.B.L's entrance theme when I saw it. It's different to have a face authority figure (if he is one). It seems like he is. He gets the fans and everyone involved pumped for the Gold Rush.


    Flex winning and the first match of the night :

    Flex Mussel and Ramparte win tag team of the year and then his old tag partner comes out with the evil Dr.Zeus for their tag match. Could be a pre-cursor to future events....

    The match was good, I'm really liking that entrance theme from Beard now. The Beard (even though he's a former champion) seemed to shine brighter than ElegANT even though he failed to RP for the show. Good ending with Dr.Zeus hitting his submission hold to end the match after some dirty tactics by Ramparte.


    Eve vs VEEJAY - Eve is a vicious wrestler, now that her title has been swiped by somebody, she's crazy and wants it back. She kind of destroyed Veejay in the match, don't mess with Eve!


    John Doe vs Tony Mancini - After winning his award, he got to face off against the new WZCW wrestler Tony Mancini. I really enjoyed the match, Mancini played a cowardly, slimy heel to start out, getting the fans riled up by not reentering the ring. Good back and forth match and the Monster Doe prevails getting a needed win. Mancini shines in the match and looks strong against the monster. Cool moment....

    Mancini: Don't you know who the Hell I am!? I'm Tony Mancini!

    Copeland: I don't think that Doe cares, Kid. You're barking up the wrong tree.

    Cohen: No, you're wrong, Seabass. Now John Doe will be able to engrave his tombstone correctly, I guess.


    S.H.I.T vs Noah Ryder - If anything, both have cool entrance themes. S.H.I.T picks up the win hitting his set up and finisher on Noah Ryder who hasn't been able to win lately. S.H.I.T now advances and looks really dangerous in this goldrush tournament. Noah Ryder still has his KFAD case though.


    Main Event - Matt Tastic vs Hunnicut - Liked the main event, I was expecting a Tastic win, Hunnicut booting him and laying him out in a post match attack was nice. That should've continued and he kept attacking his lifeless body ruthlessly and disturbingly until security, refs and some wrestlers had to come out and seperate Hunnicut from Tastic.

    Good show chaps, I'm trying to rep you guys but it keeps telling me that I have to spread the rep around first. I thought I did spread it around already.
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    So last Meltdown we had 29% of the people booked on the show speak.

    In total it was 47% including those not booked on the show.

    Let's take a look at this week.

    42% of the people booked on the week spoke. That's an improvement in getting people involved who are booked on the show but we did have less people this week on Meltdown which helps inflate the percentage. In reality it was 1 more person getting mic time this week than last week.

    We also had less people overall on the show than last week but somehow had 3 less people speak this week. 19 people were on the show last week and this week we had 13 yet 9 people spoke the week before and this week we only had 6.

    I like that only one person came over from the other show and spoke. Much better than last time when five guys joined the show while ten people got nothing. This week it's 7 people who didn't get something outside of their match. Obviously The Beard is leaving so it makes sense that he didn't get anything. I would have liked to see something from Noah Ryder. He may get something on the upcoming show but he was booked on this show and has been in need of some microphone time as I've stated repeatedly. He's the KFAD and ignoring him is not good. I don't like the way he's been used since Kingdom Come and hopefully that changes soon. Again, this is being written before the second show. I'm judging what I see from Meltdown and each of these shows should be able to stand alone and tell a decent story without relying on the other to survive.

    The World Champion not speaking on the show was annoying. He's coming off a big win on PPV so he should have said something. I fear we're going to get a lot of Meltdown guys jumping over to the other show this week and I don't see the need for it. Zeus needed to speak here and waiting for the second show just seems pointless and will likely take away a spot from someone booked on the show who should have gotten a segment.

    I'm a big believer in that someone from each match should have a segment on the show. I don't care who it is but at least one of the characters involved should talk about the match on the show. Abel/Tastic was fun to see because it wasn't just about Gold Rush. They interacted earlier in the night and it made the show more interesting. It's boring for people just to fight because they're in a tournament. Most of the tournament matches don't matter anyway because the only thing people care about is the final. That's how tournaments are in real life and it's how they are in e-feds. It was a short segment but at least it was something other than "these guys were signed to fight and Gold Rush is a thing" which made it different. So many times it's just a random match but here we had something fun that hyped the main event later in the evening.

    I think the Doe/Mancini match suffered because neither guy had anything to say. Doe lost his titles at the PPV and I would have liked to hear from him. You've got a rookie making his debut which would have made for an interesting backstage interview. Something to make me care and show me that this match means something. In the end it was just a random match with no real consequences. This also causes me a great deal of fear that the next show is going to be heavy with Zeus and his guys doing the evil group thing throughout the entire show since none of them spoke on Meltdown. I really hope I'm wrong.

    Meltdown 126
    John Doe vs. Tony Mancini
    Eve Taylor vs. Veejay
    Matt Tastic vs. Abel Hunnicutt
    Dr. Zeus & Ramparte vs. Bearded Ants
    S.H.I.T. vs. Noah Ryder

    Flex Mussel, Eve Taylor, Abel Hunnicutt, Matt Tastic, S.H.I.T., elegANT

    Booked on the show: 5/12
    Not booked on the show: 1
    Total: 6/13 characters spoke on Meltdown 126
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    Ascension 103 - FEEDBACK



    Opening promo- Dr. Zeus, World Champion with his comrades Ramparte and John Doe in tow... talk about stuff in the ring. From what I've read in the past while, this isn't done enough IMO, in ring promo's get live fan reaction and are the better promo's in wrestling. Good opening as it reminds us that WZCW is surrounded by darkness.


    Backstage promo - With Logan, Titus, Stacey, Brittany - Good short promo with Titus ending it in heel fashion. Really liked the accent job done on both Brittany and Logan.


    Triple Threat Match, Titus vs Logan vs Diabolos - Very good match, judging by the RP's alone, I had Logan winning this one kind of easily, but alas, my opinion is just that, my opinion. I disagree with Logan taking the loss clean from ( IMO) the worst RP of the round Diabolo. It wasn't a bad RP mind you, just not as good as his opponents and that's kind of how I thought it worked.


    Quick backstage promo with Theron and Mikey -- Short and to the point. Nothing wrong there.


    Backstage promo with Cooper, Keaton and Garth Black -
    Another good short promo, Black getting no actual lines kind of made it seem more rushed, at least one spoken line would've ended it better for him.


    Flex Mussel vs Kagura Daikonran - Vastly let down with the match, the result and the oddness of what transpired. Flex, riding a wave of momentum from beating Showtime, loses in quick fashion to the Kagura creature, when I say creature, Kagura is written in that way, creeping around, cutting corners and cheating. It's kind of cool in a way. Then Flex is attacked by Titus, so there's a plus for Flex in the future I guess. He can go after Titus.


    Kagura promo - Seemed like it wasn't necessary, but after reading it twice, it was. :)


    Six Man Tag Team Match - Written by a guest writer Funkay because of emergency, this guy should be writing more matches! Really liked the match. Cooper sacrificing himself for the well being of his rookie Keaton was grand. Theron and Ty getting on the same page, Black attacking Theron on the ramp, Cohen flipping out when Ty clearly broke the rules, it was a fun match.


    VEE A.D.Z vs M - Was anticipating this match about as much as Keaton's six man tag team match. A good contest but with a fatal flaw IMO. With an ending as flashy and grand with a VEE A.D.Z coast to coast missle dropkick win, it could've been done better than in regular text at the end of two sentences. I'm not saying it wasn't a good match, it was, just a couple of things that could have made it better. The ending, and maybe an antic or two from M. Like him calling for a random firework mid-match to distract VEE A.D.Z but it doesn't pan out and gets laughter from the fans. The firework even get's its own GIF. :)

    The Main Event - Mikey Stormrage vs Constantine -

    Mikey Stormrage comes out, fans cheer him, he kisses a baby.... why did somebody take a baby to a wrestling event? :lmao:

    A very good match is on the way, we get some taunts.."You don't belong here!" We get senton splashes, Live Mas Slam and Constatine hanging on showing endurance and the will to win.

    Then we get the match ending twist, the lights go out, and back on causing Mikey to get distracted, then they go off again and Dr. Zeus has arrived to create havoc! He nails both men and taunts his way up the ramp with the title and illegal object in hand. Stormrage and Constantine match ends in a no contest.

    Great main event, the deepest darkest parts of my brain love the havoc, insane chaos part of wrestling, when things get out of control....Dr. Zeus just comes across as somebody I'd cheer if I was watching this on television.

    Good show chaps. :guitar: :guitar:
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    Ascension 103

    The Trinity Promo

    The show started off with the Trinity haunting the show to start with. Ramparte, the newest member of the Unholy Trinity started off by proclaiming their success at the Apocalypse. It was really good to see each member of the Trinity get a fair time with the mic to cut a decent promo. One thing that I didn’t fancy was, how the Haikus of Dr. Zeus were written. Haiku Hogan should’ve provided with the inputs about how that Promo should be. I fancy the idea of the RPers to write backstage and in-ring promos for themselves. I know it is not feasible in all situation, albeit being a creative Haiku could’ve provided with that. But it was a good opener as the dominant force of WZCW had a fair time to talk which they completely didn’t have at Meltdown. Oh, I don’t know who had written the promo for Dr. Zeus, if it is Haiku himself, please ignore my above comments.

    Tension between Logan McAllistar and Titus Avison

    Stacey Madison interviewed Logan and Brittany at the Locker room which was interrupted by Titus. It was a nice short promo albeit it has some major flaws which I will comment below. The question who Brittany is to Logan is justified more than well enough in this interview. DAMN Because that was the plan for my next RP! To show the WZCW who Sara is for Vee A.D.Z. and I too thought about having Stacey to interview. Shame on you creative now I have to change my plans for my next RP.

    Alright, let’s talk about the flaws in that segment. Logan has been establishing himself as a face, that’s alright. But this interview wasn’t needed, the fans already are cheering him. Moreover, Brittany was a well-known NPC. Said that, she even dropped her name at S.H.I.T. open challenge. She was the Manager of Men of Mayhem and quite everyone knew that she is Logan’s girlfriend. Stacey enquiring her position with Logan seemed asinine. Instead, we could’ve seen some backstage segment with Diabolos. A man returned to the WZCW and it was announced on the dotcom and he won his match as well. Keeping him mysterious is alright but he should’ve done something backstage.

    About the match, it was really well written. Nothing to complain. All the three had written solid RPs, so each of them looked strong in their own way. Diabolos winning the match was really surprising. Logan made a strong impact as well and Titus left the ring in his own interest, so he can’t be counted as a losing competitor. All Hail TITUS!! (Btw, I’m a huge fan of Titus, my character is not! Because if Lee knows how much I adore Titus, he might can use that against me, if we ever have a match)

    Backstage segment between Theron Daggershield and Mikey Stormrage

    This was necessary. Because Theron is a former World Champion and Mikey is the #1 Contender, if they both hadn’t any backstage segment throughout the whole show, their spot in the title scene is all fallacy. It was a nice short segment with the natural humor that Mikey possesses.

    Cooper and Keaton Backstage Segment

    Another nice and necessary segment. It’s really something to see Justin Cooper mentoring the rookie. Mark Keaton is a good fun loving character, so there should be someone rail guiding him and Cooper is doing a good job. This is brilliant character development. Garth Black was, as he used to, the rebellion who just wants his match.

    Phantom of Chaos & Theron vs Justin/Keaton & Black

    The match was really well written. There’s no better way to develop a character than in the match itself. Each of them showed their personal strength and Justin Cooper and Ty Burna’s interference was the fuel for the feud. I don’t understand what sort of character is Garth Black which makes him more fascinating.

    The most awesome part of the match is when Justin threw Keaton out of the ring to sacrifice himself against Ty Burna. That was a brilliant work in the development of the team’s perspective. The match ending was well written too. Now we will soon see how Garth might try to get his revenge on Theron. CM Punk Return and his feud with John Cena is imminent!

    Gold Rush Tournament
    Flex Mussel vs Kagura Daikonran

    This was something unexpected. Honestly speaking, this is one of the best Ascension shows I have read. It was fascinating to see each match written in a peculiar way and most of the Main Event level characters are on this show. I liked this match, right from the start to the end. Titus’ attack on Flex is reasonable, with Flex now out of the Tournament and out of the shows for quite a while, he desperately needs a feud. Titus can be the best choice when he returns.

    Gold Rush Tournament
    V vs M (Yeah why not)

    The match started off with some technicality which I really fancied. I’ll give my views on how my character was used in this match. Vee is a 5 foot 8, 185-pound bloke. So it’s always going to be tough to write his match against the bigger opponents. But this match was well written to the strength. M didn’t look weak either. He is crazy, so can’t complain him for using that Leg Drop off the second rope. Vee didn’t use his Mawashi Geri signature move, which I take as a good thing, because I don’t want that to be over exposed. Because at some point it might can create a legacy for him.

    The end was a little weird. The reason I PMed my alterations in the moveset is that, I wanted it to be something surprising and exciting. It was surprising but not exciting. It could’ve stretched up slightly. But I’m glad with my win! I fancy that!!

    Backstage Interview with Veejay

    Nothing to comment. Like I said before, this was yet another simple and meaningful interview.

    Main Event Mikey Stormrage vs Constantine

    The match was well written and I really enjoyed reading it. Mikey is goofy as he comes but in the meantime, he is one of the strongest competitors in the fed. I don’t need to explain about the legacy of Constantine. The end was dramatic but I don’t reckon if that was a much required finish. Because we still have two rounds of shows before the PPV. So Zeus didn’t need to attack them both. He could’ve appeared or sent some cryptic messages. Or at least he could’ve sent his followers. But what happened is what happened.

    Overall it is a good show, sorry for not repping the blokes who had worked hard for the show. It just keeps saying I need to spread reps!
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    As the shows are up, it is time for us to post the show reviews. I’m obliged to do that for both the shows, especially because the Creative team is short-handed so it might need a tad input from the members such as us. Big props to CyberPunk, amid his busy schedule (or is he a calmboy IDK) he decided to help you with the shows. Thanks to all the Creative making the shows exciting.

    Meltdown 127

    The show started off with Dr. Zeus and Ramparte of Trinity having a brief back and forth Promo against Live Mas. It was funny to hear the Team Rocket joke, that was classic. God (who doesn’t exist) I miss the old Team Rocket Promo!! Anyhow, let’s not sway away from the business. Classic way to start the show. Nothing special, nothing bad either. Simple and solid nevertheless.

    Interaction between Logan McAllistar and Noah Ryder

    WZCW roster is getting much intense at present and the creative really need to emphasis on each and everyone in the fed especially with the Gold Rush around the corner. With already most of the Quarterfinal Cards are set, they need to put more focus on the rest of the Members participating in the Gold Rush. I don’t reckon there will be feud between Logan and Noah anytime sooner, but this interaction was necessary. Noah Ryder is the KFAD; he really needs some spotlight.

    S.H.I.T. vs Ty Burna

    Sometimes, it makes me wonder does Ty Burna always wins? I’m not quite sure about it, but the end of the good match between S.H.I.T and Ty Burna looked that way. I was also baffled whether Ty is a face or heel. In the last set of shows, the referee didn’t even say a word when Ty involves without getting tagged in and this time, Ty picks up the win by yet another Referee controversy. I would rather say this is a Dusty finish. Is this Kayfabe? Storyline to turn Ty Burna into a heel? It’s completely baffling because El Caidos Dragon is a huge babyface in this context.

    Final verdict, the match was good albeit the end was weird and unpleasant.

    P.S. The Promo was a tad heelish as well.

    Bateman bringing back another Superstar?

    The question is who it will be? It was short that didn’t overexpose the thrill of introducing someone back. Let’s hope the WZCW.com won’t spoil this return. Because, before Justin Cooper could return as a surprise opponent for Vee A.D.Z. many of us already sorted out who it is going to be. Blade’s name was on the list as well and after two weeks he was one of the partners of Constantine. I’m really glad that, it wasn’t overexposed this time. Props on that fellas.

    It also makes me wonder, if that will be just Flex returning and not any of the formers stars?


    Classic Garth Black. I loved it. What I missed in that interview is, the intensity when Tasty writes it. I don’t complain this one though, it was a well written Pipebomb. Especially the “How about you ask an original question once in your life Leon?” That part was wickedly cool.

    Good one not just because it was Garth Black Promo but because again all the competitors are given more emphasis. Special thanks to Da Prophet, without his rants in the last two Show reviews this couldn’t have been better in this way.

    On the side note, I would want Garth Black to the do his segments rather than someone else in the creative write it for him. Only for Black, because if it’s going to be a Pipebomb, I don’t want it to be scripted, I want it from the original.

    Logan McAllsitar vs Veejay

    The match was awesome even though it has some errs here and there. Only two things, to say precisely is at the beginning of the Match, the Suplex-Party part of it. I reckon in the previous match of the show, S.H.I.T used the consecutive suplexes, fancy that, in Ascension that follows, Kagura used Multiple Saito Suplex if I am not wrong. If the signature move is going to be Suplex Party, I wouldn’t write other wrestlers to use the Consecutive suplexes. It spoils the excitement slightly. Other than that, the match was really well written.

    Second concern is that; it baffles me if Logan hasn’t turned face completely. He is a Face and everyone knows that. Brittany doesn’t need to convince him or the little Kid didn’t need to remind him about his son. I understand Logan wants his Son and Brittany to be involved in the storyline but well, this isn’t the right way to use them. Just like the Ty’s match, this match was well written but the end should’ve been better.

    By the way, Jack Cohen’s comment, “Agh, he’s gone soft. Such a shame. Wasted talent” that was wicked! It gave me chuckles. Good win for Veejay, nicely done mate.

    Is Vee A.D.Z. Insane?

    No, he is not.

    Perhaps he maybe.

    Certainly he is!

    Alright I know I have been confusing everyone with the voices that Vee hears, and those aren’t his hallucinations. He just talks to himself. Does that make him insane? Well… I don’t want to comment on that. But big props for the creative whoever has written it because, you included my storyline RP into the shows. Cheers!

    Err, but you see, I wanted that “Coast to Coast Missile Dropkick spot” and the “Resemblance of all Excellence” spot to be somewhat overwhelming. But it seemed like no one notices that. Do you reckon an intellectual guy would say his catch phrase, “I am the Resemblance of all Excellence” followed by “Who was that?” Come on mateys, you made Vee look utterly dreadful. Shame on you fellas -.-‘’

    M vs Vee A.D.Z. vs Noah Ryder

    When I start reading this match, I thought the match was particularly short. But I didn’t mind that because the emphasis on the show should be on two of the Gold Rush matches and the Mainevent. Not on this filler Triple Threat. Quite surprisingly, the match was well written. Nicely done, Killjoy. It was fast paced and action packed. M gets the win which I don’t know why because I had a hard time battling with his goofy RPs. Let’s not face each other again, shall we mate?

    Titus Aivison Promo

    The mighty Titus explained his action. He doesn’t need to. He’s an arse, why would he even explain his actions to the filthy regretful lifeform such as us? Nah just kidding. Good promo. Titus really needed to explain his actions. It was well written and props to whoever wrote it.

    Ramparte vs Diablos oh wait…

    So I don’t know who Barret Stratton is and I don’t even know if he is an America. And Hell I don’t know why how and why he can make America great again. But eh, he lost yay. Why the crowd hates Barret Stratton so much? Somebody explain, I mean seriously because I don’t know his history. The only comedian people hate I know is Armando Romero fka Eddie Paradyse.

    Amid all the mystery and magic, there is yet another now. Kagura! Come on lady, pardon some mercy on us. It is too many these days. Dr. Zeus talks with his devil intact, Ramparte with his stick, Vee with himself(ves) Ty Burna’s Dark magic, El Caido’s Phantom like storyline and now we have Kagura and her book? Weird gets weirder. But it was cool! I am fascinated to see how Ramparte will speak in his RP, will it be voice-over or will Batti utters the words of Rami-chan?


    The Mainevent features between two-third of the Trinity and Titus against Live Mas. The match was solid, nothing particularly special and again nothing bad in it either. Live Mas WINS!!

    Good show overall. Cheers to everyone who had given the inputs to the shows. Soon I will read Ascension and give the show feedback. Until then… ba-bye
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    I should be doing uni work but nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Let's procrastinate!
    Here's a broken down review of the Meltdown. I haven't read Ascension and I probably won't because I really should be doing uni work so you gotta wait for someone else before you can get an analysis on that.

    The Opening Confrontation

    You've got an old school rundown of the card which is always good. The Zeus promo was a touch weird though, in the sense that it was really standard. What I mean is that it was a Canada cheap heat rhyme away from literally being this:
    I liked Ramparte's bit though, and Mikey calling them out on being generic worked in this situation. The over the top level of corn in the following Live Mas promo was great, but at the end of it the whole scenario felt very Smackdown.
    The next segment with Noah Ryder and Logan was well done, but there's a really minor KB-esque gripe with the whole first post in that schedule-wise that last bit would've been on just before the SHIT match without the implied commercial break. I know that's over the top perfectionism, but eh, it'd help the flow a tiny bit.
    Also I'm colourblind, but not colourblind enough to not realise the choices of colour for Mikey, Killjoy, Logan and Ryder were all wayyyyyyyyyy too similar to be in the same block of text. When I initially read it I had to go over it again because I went too fast and thought Ramparte had joined in for some reason.

    The First Match

    The commentators mention the history between these two guys at the start, but it gets mentioned around two times throughout the match, once being a commentary line halfway through and the other being a throwaway. That probably wasn't the best match theme to go with here since it felt like everyone forgot about the "these guys have history" line as soon as Ty's music hit and went "oh shit add in a line in the match" when the end happened and they shook hands. The match was good though, I thoroughly enjoyed the signature maneuver thing that I'll mention more later, and I like Ty the veteran being influenced by his team mate. That's a pretty good story to use for a match if they ever implode or something.
    The Ty promo afterwards was pretty damn heelish. I'll add some stuff at the end of the post that goes into more detail, but damn man shaking your opponent's hand and then trash talking them is rough.

    -Nothing to say about the mystery segment.

    The Garth Black thing was a nice little mini version of his RP. That's pretty good, lets people know what he's like and what he talks about. Quality.

    "last year you made it all the way to the finals of Gold Rush, only to fall to Dorian Slaughter in the finals." those last three words are unnecessary. Found it funny how after Garth called Leon out on being dull and asking the same things, Stacey was dull and asked the same standard things. Veejay got to say some stuff before coming out though so you know I guess you could say it was a throwback style of promo.

    Veedge v Logie

    Lovely cheap pop from Veejay, was waiting for a Canada pop.
    Logan supercenas up off a 9 count, no selling a flying elbow before winning a slugout, pushing the ref, stomping the crap out of Veejay and bringing a chair into the ring. That's an odd sequence to read, especially when there's no ref reaction to the chair at all unless that push aside was just forceful enough for him to be out cold during the chair scenario and perfectly fine to count a two count moments later. Then, Logan is irish whipped into the corner, picked up and finished without any fighting back. The match was good up until that last section. The kid bit and the parts after the match were good too, but the end section is what most people read.

    So Vee's vain? I thought that was Eve Taylor and Justin Cooper's WZCW gimmick, and my forum gimmick! I'm too good looking for another vain guy, they'd look ugly in comparison!


    Hehehe I won.
    Good surprise, was expecting a Noah win here due to the 0-50-50 split in the predictions thread between him and me, especially after I flat out said his was my favourite RP of the round. I won't go into too much detail for it since it's an M match so everyone's already read the RPs and the match about a hundred times over, but I like the ending where I did what I said I'd do and took advantage of Noah to pull a sneaky after he'd dealt with the other guy. Nice incorporation of an RP. I thoroughly enjoyed Killjoy's writing of the commentators in this match and he'd know why.

    Titus is always good.

    Hehehehehe Stratton's Trump hat was good, but the funniest thing about the non-match was this: "Suddenly a sickening crack can be heard and Stratton's arm falls limp. The referee takes his time, but eventually gets in to break the hold and declare Ramparte the winner." That's brilliant.

    Okay now what the actual fuck was that Kagura and Ramparte thing? Next round is Candice Michelle gonna interrupt a match with a magic wand and turn my create-a-wrestler into a girl? Sweet Smackdown vs Raw 2007 reference aside, that was really weird. More on that at the end.

    Main Event

    CyberPunk wrote this match? Felt like a usual create team member so good work there. Since it was someone different and out of the loop writing it I'll give them the pass on having Ramparte show up not caring about having no voice anymore, but someone on creative should've taken notice of that since it's a really easy edit. You done did good though, nice save of face for Titus (though I know there were other things that could have happened, but they were out of your control) and you wrote a solid main event of a weekly show. If you stick around you're a shoe in for a creative spot if you can write other characters or interviewers well.

    So you guys did alright considering your circumstances, and it was only 2 days late! ;)

    Things I said I'd talk about at the end time!
    First, the good thing:
    Woohoo! I now know what some of the finishers and signature moves are without having to flip over to the character glossary every time a match heats up! I mentioned that to Killjoy during a PM argument and I'm glad to see it's been implemented in Yaz and KJ's writing. I understand if it feels over explanatory the first time, but it should click after a short while and be smooooooooooth and silky soon enough.

    The not so good thing:
    Is this show being written by Vince Russo? SHIT's a tweener, I know that, but Ty's also one, Noah's also one, Logan's struggling between good and evil, and Ramparte comes off as the sympathy guy from that magic power display. Don't go for the shades of gray thing on your main show, especially when you also have magical powers that can shake the walls of the building thrown in there. Wait, wasn't Kagura a heel against me at the PPV? Did she turn face, or is she just fucking with Zeus and friends? I'm sorry, but RP world and the supposed real world of the shows are separate and that whole thing just went too far into "what the hell am I reading?" instead of the "wow what just happened?" that I think you guys were going for.

    Was a good show.
  20. Harthan

    Harthan Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus

    Jun 28, 2008
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    Thought if you don't mind an opinion of an old writer on your shows I'd just give some feedback. Hopefully it's constructive and useful. Some it might just also be general musings on WZCW, not necessarily direct feedback. I also realize this show is a few weeks old now, but, well, I'm reading it anyway :). Also this will probably be a pretty stream of consciousness affair, so hopefully it's not too hard to follow.

    MD 127

    Crazy that Zeus is world champion. Seems like a lot of new blood in terms of champions lately, which is great to see.

    I think the opening segment was pretty well written in terms of getting characters across.

    The segment with Logan and Noah had a little trouble I think. Just some of the action descriptors are a little off. "Lowered his head in understanding" - not sure what that is, maybe nodding? I also think the narration is a little too in the heads of the characters, and not letting them talk enough. "Noah offers Logan a smile to prove it was all in jest as both men share a chuckle." could be Noah saying "Hey buddy, just a joke" or something. I think it works better with what you're trying to do when writing a show like this. But I liked the dialogue of these two, selling both of them as young lions of WZCW.

    I don't understand how Ty Burna and ECD can be tag team champions when they're the same person ;).

    This might just be personal preference, but I've always preferred for matches to emphasize the text when cool stuff happens. To me, it's really hard to condense the drama of pro wrestling into text, and something like ALL CAPS or bold font is a good way to communicate it. I don't know, I guess in my head the text is sort of a running commentator, and it makes sense in my head that he'd be yelling when something happened. This line: "The two hundred and forty pound Ty looks around before grabbing the top rope and launching himself onto S.H.I.T. with an impressive aerial move rarely seen from Ty." made me think of this, with Ty doing a plancha and nary an exclamation point to be seen for what should be bringing the crowd to their feet.

    I enjoyed the idea of a fan spilling his popcorn. Good way to make things a little realistic.

    SHIT busting out of the Final Seance by lifting Ty and slamming him into the turnbuckle shows really good understanding of the characters you're working with, SHIT being both super strong and a striker, not a grappler.

    I think I get the appeal of the post-match promo (for Ty to be covered in blood and just surviving a real fight) but I think I would prefer for this to have either been done pre match or backstage. It seems to make SHIT a bit too much of an afterthought this way, especially after a match where he got the majority of the offense and Ty pulled it out late.

    A mystery return? Whoever could it be?

    Minor quibble, but Copeland says "strong words" after Ty and then Garth's promos, back to back. Just a little jarring.

    I'm not super familiar with the character so maybe I'm in the wrong, but having a guy come out in a rival sports team jersey and then get a mega face reaction is a little weird. It's the kind of thing designed to get heel heat.

    I like the attention paid to the manager is the Veejay vs Logan match. That was something I often forgot to deal with when I wrote matches because I didn't think it was very interesting to write, but it's good attention to detail.

    I get what the idea was with the kid and Logan not resorting to dirty tactics, but, I don't know. I kind of laughed out loud once I realized what was happening, and I don't think that's what the objective here. I mean, maybe just Logan seeing a kid is fine, but the kid looks like his own son? And has a tear in his eye? That's a little too hokey for me to buy into. I expected it to be a plant from Veejay or something.

    The rest of the match was pretty solid. I'm down for matches that are built around guys nailing each other with big power moves, but it just seemed to me like the match needed a little more connective tissue (striking, grappling) to get to all those big moves.

    Vee A.D.Z. is a weird name.

    I was a huge M fan back in the day. Glad he's still here.

    "Standing Somersault Senton Leg Drop" desperately need a signature name, that's way too much of a mouthful.

    This match felt a little hard to keep up with. There wasn't anywhere to just take a breath and appreciate what was going on. It's hard to write triple threats, for sure. I think the match would have benefited from longer periods of just two guys in the ring. Guys were coming back in really rapidly and that contributes to the chaos of this match. I think the paragraphs were a little too long as well, given the amount of action packed into them. Just slowing it down some, spacing out people in the match, and letting it breathe would do a lot for this.

    Titus segment was very good in terms of progressing character; the only thing is that I was unclear on where we were. At first it seemed like it is in the ring, but I think it was meant to be backstage?

    There is no end to the irony of me coming back to review a show featuring Barrett Stratton.

    So, the read I got from this is that Ramparte is the heel - and I'm fine with him getting cheered over Stratton, since that's just good comedy - but it seemed like Kagura was suddenly the heel in the interaction, and the commentators both trashed the mysticism of the moment (sort of sloppy if that's the kind of story you're trying to build) and then sympathized with Ramparte. This could all be just me not being on the up on up, but it seems somewhat conflicting to me. I think it all would be cleared up by having the crowd react to the situation in some way.

    Back when I was writing matches "made a beeline for the ring" was always code for "Man, I am bored of writing entrances" :p

    There's a certain lack of polish to having Ramparte be part of jumping Mikey and Tastic just after being in a match and having his voice stolen. It makes more sense if Ramparte's stuff had been on Ascension, for example. With the distraction element in play, this could probably have been done just as easily if it were just Zeus.

    That said, the overall situation is a good way to build hype for the faces, so I like that.

    The main event was probably the best put together match in terms of telling a story, so I enjoyed that, even if it was fairly classic face team versus heel team, it just translated well. I really bought in Liv Mas as a team (it literally just hit me that that's a Taco Bell slogan) from this match. I like that it leaves open some story as well - easy to write the hypothetical ads for the next show - "Find out why Titus abandoned his partner!"

    Overall, I think for the most part I enjoyed the matches in terms of selling their basic stories and fitting together logically, and just being entertaining matches. I'm lowest on the triple threat - I just feel that one needed some more thought put into it in terms of readability and letting in breathe. I also got good insight into pretty much every character who had a segment, which of course is the goal of segments in the first place, so good stuff on that front.

    AS 104

    Late to the party of course, but wow Ascensions are in the 100's.

    I am immediately enamored with the concept of Abel Hunnicut and Steven Holmes. Great concept.

    The first match really clarifies Kagura to me, which is good. Still a weird lack of crowd reaction to her. Maybe that's on purpose - maybe they're puzzled? The match is good and the finish is pretty unique - ECD realizing he'll lose if Kagura gets back in and forcing a no contest is a neat idea. The post match here is cool - I love mysticism in wrestling, it's very LU - but once again, there's just no crowd reactions here. It helps to know what's going on with the crowd a lot to understand what we're reading.

    Next match is a fine squash, I see it was a no show, so. If I had to say something it's that Mancini's talk before hand was classic set up for a loss here - actually winning after what he's saying makes him look like a serious threat going forward, which may or may not be the intention.

    Always enjoyed Eve as a character. Good to find her a champion.

    This match is so far probably the best thing I've read all around. A really classically well put together match that sold every aspect of its story well, with all the subtleties of the ongoing feud wrapped up in it. I feel 100% on top of this story as a result of reading this match and that should always be the goal. Really good.

    Man, if this were real life wrestling, I'm pretty sure I would be all about Black over Daggershield.

    I liked the physicality of the match a lot, and the whole idea of Black going rogue and disrespecting everything around him is good stuff. Solid match.

    Really enjoyed the main event here. I got the sense there wasn't as much story behind this one, but it came across as a good, top level, physical tag team match. Everyone was presented well in their roles here. Good stuff.

    Overall another show with really good stuff except for one match, but this time, the squash just is what it is. I thought the Taylor/Doe match was the best of the round but all the real matches on this card came across really well.

    My overall conclusions from both shows is that WZCW writing is as strong as ever. Both shows were solidly put together and handled telling their stories, for the most part, pretty well. The weakest real match was definitely the triple threat, but I thoroughly enjoyed everything else and I really feel like after just one round I'm back on top of what's going on in WZCW. There's a few things scattered around I would tighten up in the future and I'd try to keep the match quality consistently high, but overall, this came across as a successful round to me.

    I just realized I wrote way more for MD than I did for AS. I should probably do this in two parts in the future!
  21. Harthan

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    Jun 28, 2008
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    Another stream of consciousy type review. Want to get this one out before AS so I can do them separately this time

    MD 128

    Constantine's promo is nice tour de force of major happenings in WZCW. I always did love the Elite X gauntlet concept. Nice promo to set up the show. I can almost believe he'll be awarded the title, but somehow I don't quite see it happening...;)

    That said, it is a little odd to go from this (as an in ring segment) directly to another match. I would probably have presented this as a backstage segment and not unveiled the title. Maybe have it ringside throughout the show as a constant reminder, and have Constantine cut this promo as he steps out of a limo to start the show, then go to the match. I just think Constantine leaving is kind of flat when the title belt is already right there and he could, in theory, just take it.

    Two recent gimmicks I always had a soft spot for in M vs Diabolos. I can only assume Diabolos no showed, sadly. Nothing much to a squash as ever. Abel Hunnicut! Still my favorite. Good segment.

    I really can't stress how strongly confused I am about Ty Burna being tag team champions with himself. Guys?

    Cohen knows what I'm talking about. "...legit contender to Ty's tag team title." Title? Singular? The conspiracy mounts.

    Something about this match had me feeling breathless. I got this feeling from the triple threat last week. Hard to visualize the action here. I think it's a matter of stretching out some of the action, really verbalizing explicitly what's happening from moment to moment.

    Finish was interesting here. I can only assume we're building to Cooper and Keaton vs Ty & Ty 2, so it makes sense to have some gamesmanship in a singles match on the way to the match itself.

    Stacy using the term "IWC" is weird. Just imagine a real announcer anywhere saying that. I dunno. Feels odd.

    Vee ADZ is still a weird name, but this promo got me into his gimmick a lot more. Hyper intelligent MMA fighter is a little bit stacked on the pros list, but the lack of allies/emotional connection discussed in his profile makes sense to balance it out. Seems like the kind of guy who should be booked into a feud versus a stable or something after the tournament.

    Armando Paradyse! Ah, the memories. Just the name alone brings a smile to my face.

    SHIT vs Kagura feels like a huge match. I've got a way better feeling for where Kagura is now so I'm looking forward to this. Her hocus pocus gimmick versus a literal robot is a fun clash.

    Oveloading SHIT's logic circuits is pretty funny. I can only assume this was also a no show (I didn't check). Clever though. Would have enjoyed the match, but it is clever, and well written too.

    "Mr. Alphabet Soup" is exactly how I'm going to refer to Vee ADZ from now on. Thanks, Matt.

    I like the intro to this match a lot. Makes sense for these guys not to go to a wristlock to start. This match, already, provides good contrast to what I was talking about earlier. This one I feel like I'm on top of as I read it, and it's very explicit about the motions of both guys.

    I dig the false finish a lot. Fits the booking very well. The follow up of a totally rattled Matt is very good too. Altogether I dug this match a lot. It told it's story well, it was very readable, entertaining spots. Good stuff.

    Hand shake was a nice touch. Really cements the "Good shot, rookie" story they told here.

    Doe vs Stormrage has a good start too, very physical right away. Doe just beating the tar out of Stormrage is cool. Stormrage spearing Doe through an announce table is super sick. Altogether this was well written and told a good story of a super physical match, so I enjoyed that. Two criticisms - it was almost too good for a TV match, which is weird, I know, but it felt like it was long and grueling and that winds up making Mikey look like a bigger deal than other guys on the show by comparison. I think it's better if the TV matches come across more consistently unless you really want to get a guy over, but Stormrage seems beyond that. Also, the finish was kind of weird. I suspect you guys wanted to protect Doe from a pinfall loss, but considering the match was pretty much over anyhow and he then got accidentally DQ'd...it's just kind of flat and I don't know what it accomplishes. Him losing control of himself on a five count or something makes more sense to me.

    But good match all around. PPV quality in terms of actual match content. Just the placement/booking I'm not so sure about.

    Mikey coming right back out after winning a match is odd. I think I had a criticism about something similar last time. I know it's hard to plan out, but from a macro level view, it's way more logical if Mikey wins earlier in the show, or is wrestling on AS, or something of that nature.

    The segment is good though, well written, sets up the PPV well. Hyped for the ladder match, that sounds cool.

    Overall, good show here. Lowest actual match is in my opinion Ty and Cooper, for me it was a struggle to visualize well. I think the best match, holistically, was Vee vs Tastic; Stormrage versus Doe was really good, but it felt like it belonged on PPV more than on TV. Which I would try to reserve for title matches on TV or occasions where a guy really needs to get over, myself. Some minor things I would like to see tightened up here and there too. But good show.
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  22. Harthan

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    AS 105

    I really like the AS .gif. Really nice looking.

    I feel very personally invested in Garth Black after last round - just from the promos on the show. I think his storyline of being around for so long but never at the top is compelling - like a Tommy Dreamer of ECW of sorts, or perhaps Christian in the WWE.

    Abel Hunnicut vs M, on paper, feels like it will be total annihilation, so I look forward to seeing what M brings in the ring.

    Two triple threats on one card feels slightly off beat. Maybe a tag match and a singles match would have been booking here. I've never been big on booking triple threats except to fill out the last three guys on a card, when it becomes a total necessity, or obviously when there's some booking that demands it.

    Man, sick MLS burn from Titus. Some people probably would have gone with the "LeMarcus Aldridge left you guys" burn, but I appreciate going deep. From what I hear they do like their soccer in Portland.

    I liked this whole opening segment. Great way to lead off a go home show - I feel on top of everything that's gonna happen at the PPV. Just well written too.

    Two matches in two nights is rough scheduling for Ty, but that's why he's the best, I suppose.

    More of a segment than a match, but I like the synergy between what happened here and what happened on MD - both Keaton and Cooper are both trying to bail on actually having matches until they have to, which is good heel work. Good segment all around, but I will say that the heels requesting the hardcore stipulation is a little nontraditional. Something like this segment going down into Ty demanding the Chairs step as vengeance gets the pop on the right guy, so to speak.

    I liked the Veejay vs Mancini match a lot. It felt like a well put together TV match. It had a lot of what I've been talking about in my reviews - good emphasis on important moments (I would have preferred even more) and it was explicitly written, and easy to follow what was happening at all times. I also liked the finish a lot - Mancini just collapsing from a devastating hold is a great way to sell the offense from earlier, instead of just forgetting about it. Good stuff.

    Liked the segment with Taylor and Doe. This feels like maybe the most intense feud going right now, so I'm really looking forward to something brutal at the PPV.

    A countout, in a triple threat? That's not in the rule book that I know.

    The suplex while Abel has Aristocracy Reigns in is a cool as heck spot. Double suplexes of all varieties will always get me.

    This was a good match. Abel looks like a superstar coming out of it, which I think is good. I think in my MD review I criticized Mikey looking too strong when he didn't really need to at this point in his career, but this is a good contrast of a guy like Abel who should be coming out of TV matches looking amazing. I think this match did a good job of using the triple threat rules to come up with fun spots (the double suplex, Theron hitting Abel with the moonsault while he was distracted by Logan). If this was traditional wrestling, at this point, I'd expect M to be going down in about two minutes to Abel at Gold Rush after this.

    I said before that Garth is one of the guys I'm most invested in the story of right now. I like that this match started by selling how even the guys were, and having the crowd warm up to them after their first exchange. I've said before I really like to hear where the crowd is during these kinds of things. I liked this match a lot - I felt the story here was them being so close to one another and Garth just edging it out on a mistake from Ramparte. Makes me want to see a rematch. Garth's crisis of morality is a nice touch too, but it does make me intrigued as to what he might do when the stakes are higher. I'd love to see that followed up on.

    Tony Mancini seems to be up to no good. Somewhat interesting. I would probably have written the [censored]s as BLEEP instead - just being mindful of how someone is going to voice this in their head.

    I'm gonna have to read up on Eve. I don't remember her quite so violent. Seems things have changed.

    The spot with Ryder choosing which person to go after is fun. It's a good way above all to demonstrate how invested the crowd is in Ryder to respond to that - it wouldn't work for every guy.

    I enjoyed this match, but the very end jarred me a little bit. By the end I was feeling like this was pretty much Noah's match to lose (which is good work, considering he's an uber-face in this situation) but Eve practically dominated him in the final stretch - his only offense in the last two paragraphs was a roll up. As I write this, I realize that sells me on the idea of Eve as someone who can sort of flip into second gear and finish things, but even then, it was a bit too dominant for me. I just wish Noah had gotten a little more offense, because to me, the very end came across as "Titus is gone, now Eve says 'fuck this' and annihilates Noah", which isn't a great look for the reigning KFAD.

    The very end of the show is good. A couple times I've criticized connected segments rolling together too quickly. This is a good example of having them paced well, and it worked better for it.

    All in all, good show. It's hard for me to pick a match out and say it was a favorite because I enjoyed so many. Pretty much every match here was varying degrees of good, with some stuff to criticize scattered about. Mostly good work and I hope the comments are useful going forward.
  23. Viola Moonlight

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    Conversation between Klamor & Everest was a standard pre-show opening. Garth Black probably come out a little too early. It's like as soon as Klamor said experience, Black jumped out yet looked like he just waltzed out. Shouldn't there be a small gap? Nitpicking, I suppose.

    Commentator colours and expert panel colours don't match or used duplicates. Try to pick different colours.

    Diabolos/Ryder vs. Theron/Manson - Not sure how I feel about Theron getting pyro. On one hand, it gives the pre-show a bit more pizazz. Conversely, it's the pre-show. This match was weird. The first half of the match was unnecessary. I know you needed to write Diabolos off, but you gave him way too much screen time. Ryder taking the fall was dumb when you had a no-show on the same team. I would've had Diabolos eat the Critical Hit, do the second half of the match and then somehow get Ryder to tag in Diabolos to eat the pin. After the match, have Ryder smack Diabolos with the briefcase.

    Nice way to debut the new doctor. Also, I love how you've utilised this time to interview all four competitors of the Gold Rush tournament.

    SHIT vs. Ramparte vs. Tony Mancini vs. Vee ADZ - I hate the use of italics for the entirety of the match. Where does the match begin and end? Also, very hard on the eyes. I don't know about you but when I see italics for that long, it forces me to read at triple the speed. I couldn't read this match properly because of this, so my feedback is limited. Again, why did SHIT not take the pin? A no-show should've taken the pin.

    Steamboat Ricky hanging up the title seemed out of place. Better on the pre-show than the main PPV.

    OVERALL: The pre-show did what it needed to do. The interviews were the best part. A few nitpicks in the expert panel segments. I didn't like who took the pin in both matches, both were dumb decisions. I felt the first match could've been written better and the second formatted better.
  24. Viola Moonlight

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    Wish I had the time to go over this with a fine-tooth comb but I'll do that next time the stars align (show posted when I have lots of free time up my sleeve).

    GOLD RUSH 2016

    Like the pre-show, standard opening to the PPV. I could nitpick the position of the people on the official Gold Rush poster, but everything looks good.

    (GRT) Veejay vs. Matt Tastic - Good to start with the semi-final matches. Loved you started with this match first. I like Cohen being a colour commentator, not a full-blown heel. More interesting that way. Third paragraph seems a bit too long. Don't be afraid to have multiple short paragraphs - instead of one big paragraph - in-between commentator talking. Pins should be a little more visible, too. Match writing solid, otherwise.

    (GRT) Kagura Joheki vs. Garth Black - To contradict what I said before, maybe a little too much visibility here. Slightly excessive use of bold text here. Again, don't be afraid to break up big paragraphs into smaller ones. Make it easier for the reader to follow. Cohen likes to say his commentator's names a lot, doesn't he? Not much fanfare after the match for Garth. Just slips out of there. From what I can see, match was solid.

    Cool to see Logan & Titus get interviews. Shame it's one sided, given the circumstances. I still don't understand Logan's character or gimmick. That's not feedback, just a general statement.

    (Tag Titles, Chairs) Phantoms of Chaos vs. Cooper & Keaton - Should make it visible when the match starts. Once more about the paragraphing pet peeve. Solid match. Liked the barbed wire chair idea. That's different. Cool spot to eliminate Keaton & Caidos. Different feel to the tag match. Like how Cooper kicked out of Ty's former finisher, not his current finisher, yet made a big deal out of it. Legitimacy for Cooper. However, I'm completely shocked at Cooper & Keaton winning. I've thought about it and I still can't see how creative voted this way.

    Abel Hunnicutt vs. M - This took way too long for Austin Reynolds to come out "for the save," let alone taking wayyyyyy too long for the entire segment. Should've been condensed. Also, Austin Reynolds coming out to support M, then beat him up? Extremely random. Like, Russo random. So far, worst segment of the night.

    Cool intensity from Eve.

    (Eurasian Title, Mayhem) Titus Avison vs. Flex Mussel - Good to see the original match happen. Like the explanation for Vee getting an opportunity at a later date. Considering the feud between these two, the comedy spots felt a little off. Not necessary for this match. Finally! This match is easily to read! Yay! Solid match, again. Lots of brutality in the last few matches, though. Personally, I would've had the ring announcer call the no-contest a lot later to add suspense and sell the moment.

    The interview segment did a lot more for me than the match prior. At least you addressed it somewhat and giving some intrigue. After M/Abel, I honestly didn't care.

    Logan McAllistor vs. ??? - Oh, Dorian Slaughter? I didn't guess that. Fitting he returns on the PPV he made himself a star. Nice little psychology battle at the start, although I never took Slaughter to be overly cocky. Good to see the carnage slow down for this match. Some proper wrestling. I glanced at Slaughter's RP and I'm a little shocked he didn't win. Big return only to lose. Good for Logan, though. Great for him. Someone had to lose.

    Trinity is over? Cool. Mikey & Matt segment? We've seen many of those but tonight makes sense.

    (Elite Title) Eve Taylor vs. John Doe - Good to see the champs come out last. Again, long paragraphs and italics everywhere made it difficult for me to read. I tried because this was my match but I couldn't read it. Another brutal match... but no stipulations that indicate it would be such. I know this was discussed stuff between NSL & I, but reading this PPV with the other matches, it gets highlighted. Anyway, the match does what it needs for me. I can easily work with this for my next RP, and that's all I ever care about.

    I like the interaction between Constantine & Black. The other guy in the World title and GRT matches talk, like Mikey & Matt did. The conversation was interesting.

    (GRT) Matt Tastic vs. Garth Black - Formatting error for Black. Glad to see these two in the finals. More long paragraphs. Hard to identify pinfalls again. More blood? Thoroughly confused by the ending and the winner of the match. This better lead to a storyline for Garth Black. If this was just an excuse to get Tastic the win, whilst keeping true to the Black character, then I'll be pissed (as a fan). I'll wait to see what happens here, though. Apart from the end, solid match. I keep saying solid match, don't I?

    (World Title, Ladder) Mikey Stormrage vs. Constantine - Is this the TLC PPV, now? Love how both competitors get the royal treatment for introductions. You can definitely tell this is the best match of the card, as the writer treated it as a special encounter. It is extremely length and will probably need a real focused sit-down to go through the entire thing. Honestly, I can't read it all. Not because it sucks but because I really need to get started on an assignment... and this might need a review on its own due to the length. However, Mikey winning was the right call.

    Howard coming back to congratulate Mikey, then attack him... I felt a little indifferent. This is a feud that's happened over the title already and we've got a new number one contender. However, the inner mark in me did enjoy the interaction. Still on the fence here.


    OVERALL: Solid enough PPV. Had good moments. Had terrible moments. Mostly solid, though. The Gold Rush tournament is a set-up for the Unscripted World title match. It makes sense to use the Gold Rush PPV as a set-up for the Unscripted PPV.

    The surprise returns shocked me. The shock wins surprised me. They all left me confused. Not good or bad, just in general. I'll wait to see what happens before I make proper judgements.

    I made a comment about my match: "it worked for me and I can utilise what happened for future RP's". Take this into account when writing matches. You can write a cool match and all, but what can the RPer take away from it to help them for the future? I believe this should be your focus. Also, big spots don't mean better matches. Good psychology and story beats spot-fests and lengthy matches. Take the NXT route, not the WWE route.

    Abel vs. M was easily the worst thing of the entire PPV. Sorry Dave. I know it had a purpose and a no-show, but it sucked. Your other work was solid. World title match was the best. Good work FunKay. Props to Yaz for three matches. Two is hard enough.
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  25. Prince Vee

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    Here I am, writing the review for the shows. I have both good and bad spots to discuss and I hope the creative team won't get offended much when I point out the bad spots. Anyhow that all will be just my verdict from one-side perspective.

    Opening Segment

    Honestly speaking, the opening segment bored me... momentarily.

    I wouldn't have made Everest to introduce himself as WZCW Hall of Famer but instead, would've made Johnny Klamor to honor Everest. Anyhow, the segment didn't get me hyped until Garth Black showed up. That alone made the segment look quite more than interesting than I anticipated. While reading through the segment I really was wondering why Garth Black's name wasn't mentioned, but later it turned out to be fruitful for the Conspiracy theorist to lavish Panel and The Authority.

    Overall it was a good segment. Thanks to Garth Black.

    Diabolos & Noah Ryder vs Theron Daggershield & Luke "The Man" Manson

    Decent match upfront. Nothing spectacular in this match but the match was decent enough as Diabolos was a no-show and Showtime wrote a pretty short RP. Props for the creatives to write the match without burying anyone.

    The part which I fancied in the Pre-show was how the entrance theme of the WZCW Superstars are acknowledged. Hadn't seen that a lot. I also liked how Luke Manson was used in that match. I should say this, I like the moveset of Luke Manson. Being a 38 year old guy, he can't go fancy flips or swift stuffs, and the creative wrote the match in that accord in a good way. Nicely done.

    Decent match to start the Pre-Show.

    Veejay joins the Pre-Show Panel

    It is nice to see the superstars did all the talking in the Pre-show which made the whole PPV more interesting as we had interesting match after match. Veejay justified his point. It is much needed to give exposure to the Gold Rush tournament finalists as the whole show is about them.

    Fatal Four-way Announcement

    I wasn't surprised to see the Fatal Four way match been pushed back to the Pre-show as there are lots of great matches up in the Main Card. But was really surprised by that announcement that the winner will have an Eurasian title shot Later that night!! I immediately got all hyped and checked my inbox whether the Creatives had sent any PM regarding that. Anyhow, that announcement really hyped. That was a good announcement from Vance Bateman, the whole segment was good.

    Fatal Four Way

    Props to Yaz for writing this match. It's hard to write a Multi-Man contest but you did a brilliant job. Apparently it seemed like a triple threat, but Gino involved and made it a Fatal four way. It's nice to see a NPC in the ring and doing backbody drops and big boot and all. I enjoyed the momentary partnership between Vee and Ramparte to take out Gino. Ramparte calling Vee to take out Gino and he responded to that by hitting Airborne End was a cool spot! I enjoyed the whole match and the result of it too. (YAY I WON!!!)

    I've both pros and cons to be discussed about that match though.


    I liked how Tony Mancini and Gino was used in that match. Tony's father had ordered Gino to never leave his son's side and the response to that is really good. And I don't know if it was intentionally written or not, but I liked Vee's one kick knockout spots!! First he used the Reverse Hook Kick but Mancini rolled out of the ring to avoid the pin and then he used that 540 Kick this time, Gino pulled the referee out. Regardless of how it was written, I liked that ONE KICK KNOCKOUT or I'll take it that way :rolleyes:


    Jack Cohen on commentary said this, when Vee made his entrance.

    Is it just me who misunderstood this or an err in this line? I reckon the creative have a bit of confusion between Veejay and Vee. Vee wasn't even in the Gold Rush last year, I mean, he didn't even debut.

    Anyhow the match was well written and I enjoyed every bit of it.

    P.S. I wanted Vee to Mawashi Geri the shit out of S.H.I.T. as soon as the bell rings which didn't happen :p Just was a fancy thought I had.

    Six Way Split screen... eh okay..

    Steamboat Ricky!!

    It was great to see a Hall of Famer to hoist the World Title Belt up and to let it be there throughout the whole Show! It made more sense as it will give the lust for the competitors in the finals!!

    Good show overall! Could've been great if Diabolos had shown up with a RP of any sorts. Fatal Four Way match was so intense and brilliantly written. The segment I enjoyed the most was Garth Black interrupting the Pre-Show panel.

    Nice Works fellas.
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