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    Commencement of PPV!!

    We had a whole pre-show to talk, the pre-show panel, six split screen and all, which made the commentary panel's work quite easier. It is short and that we went directly into the show which seems good.

    Gold Rush - Veejay vs Matt Tastic

    Good match in the context of Gold Rush. Both men fought, not tiring themselves off for the Finals. Matt working on the arm of Veejay was something that I hadn't seen off Matt in the past. But I guess Veejay could've worked on Matt's weakness too. Even though both the stars were battling it out, the matched seemed so predictable. Matt was winning all along but I liked the part how he pinned Veejay. Decent match to start the PPV.

    Titus Backstage Interview

    This one baffled me to the slightest. Vee was announced as Titus's opponent for the Eurasian championship earlier that night but his name wasn't even mentioned in the entire PPV. The whole emphasis was on Flex Mussel and Titus which made it predictable that Flex is going to return either way.

    I can see, Titus being a cocky heel can think of Vee as a disdain and not comment about him. But being an interviewer Leon should've asked the Eurasian champ about his opponent for that night, instead he went on and on with Flex. I would've written in a way that Leon asks about Vee but Titus just ignores the question and banters about how he put Flex out. This part could've been better.

    P.S. I was excited to see Vee being a potential opponent for Titus but this interview made it so predictable that Flex is going to appear later tonight.

    Gold Rush - Garth Black vs Kagura Joheki

    Excellent match! Just one word. The match was long, but very descriptive about the every part of it. I like it when the matches are descriptive. Much needed win for Garth Black. He was pushing for it and he got it in the end. I would've fancied the involvement of Ramparte, but Garth needed this clean win.

    Logan McAllsitar Backstage Interview

    Under any normal circumstance, I would've said this segment was unnecessary. But Logan is evolving to be a massive star and he's facing a mystery opponent in a PPV and he needed a backstage segment.

    Anyhow, I am not hyped all for that Suplex Party :disappointed: Sorry to disappoint but Suplex Party chant is quite overrated.

    Tag Team Championship

    Overall the match was good with some nice spots but... I have some huge concerns to discuss about it. But I should say, Keaton's leap of faith spot was really great and the chant "Please Don't Die" made much sense. What I liked the most was, how Cooper organizes Keaton to do the necessary and Keaton obliges to his Veteran partner.

    Alright, let's talk about the cons.

    First of all, I'm so surprised with the win. It seemed like a double turn and Ty Burna seemed to be turning heel. I don't know, but I have never seen or can imagine a barbed wire wrapped over steel chair. It doesn't make any sense. The match turned awkward once Ty took that bizarre chair.

    This part seemed so vulgar and violent. We had seen some huge spots or matches even hardcore than this but for me, this seemed to be violent. Do we need this much of violence from a face?

    Abel Hunnicutt vs M

    I don't have anything to complain about this segment as it all went after M agrees to the same. Abel needed to booked as a monster and this segment provided him the necessary.

    Being a rookie to WZCW, I don't know who Austin Reynolds is. The announcement team could've given a better hype for him. Anyhow, this segment was solid.

    Eurasian Championship match!

    Titus vs Flex Mussel. It had some fun spots and the whole match was written so well. I have quite a few questions to ask.

    Has Titus never used a weapon? Coz I really don't know. Would be glad if someone can clarify me :)

    Wow I never know Flex vs Vee is a dream match for some. I would like to know who are those "some" ;) Book that match!! :p

    It was a great spot when Titus yells at the crowd "Been there! Done that!" It really made me to burst into laughter. Excellent match in all sorts.

    Steve Holmes Backstage Segment!

    Excellent segment. Steve Holmes took all the mic time which made it more interesting. "Big things are happening for Abel and I, and the surprises are not finished yet"

    Brilliant work in keeping us all anticipated on what's coming.

    That's all fellas. I'll do the rest of the review later, after rereading the rest of the segments and matches.
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    MELTDOWN 129

    The show starts with the New WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Mikey Stormrage celebrating the championship with the Columbus fans, wearing the last thing people expected! “Snazzy suit and Sunglasses”. This is Mikey’s first World Championship triumph, and his speech was good. But it missed quite a few things. He should’ve mentioned his recently deceased Mum, for whom he won the championship to make her proud. Then came the Invincible Matt Tastic for his friend and they talk about their match at Unscripted and that was all okay. But one thing that bothered me is that, still the story revolves around Matt Tastic and not the World Champion himself. It would’ve been better if James Howard interrupted their celebration. But instead it was Garth Black. I do support Garth Black, but this story seems like again revolving around the Golden Boy of WZCW Matt Tastic. A little underwhelming that it was Mikey Stromrage’s moment. Neither Matt Tastic’s or Garth Black’s.


    Now that was intense! Especially after what Ty Burna aka Tyron Blades said at the interview, exclusively on WZCW.com! The heel turn was intense. Similar to that, the slow face turn of Justin Cooper was brilliantly written. Cooper isn’t going to be the one, who the fans will get behind almost immediately but he is gaining the fan support through his hardwork and Championship victory. Brilliant piece of work by the creative to book the match between Xander LeBelle and Justin Cooper. Because, if it were another established star who is getting ambushed by Ty prior to the match, he would’ve lost all the credibility that he gained. But LeBelle is on his debut, so he can afford to get his beating, moreover he will have his match at Ascension.

    In a nutshell, this booking for this match is really brilliant. More is the booking of Ty Burna vs Justin Cooper, especially with Mark Keaton unavailable as of present.


    These sort of segment shows, WZCW is not WWE. The superstars confront each other backstage legitimately ending their feud. It is really a good decision for John Doe to dump his mask. He lost it, it is not his possession anymore; he burnt it! Well written.


    Big match for Noah Ryder and the match was well written. They both had shown what they’re capable of in the ring and the domination between them both is written in a good way. In a sentence, John Doe was referred as “The Masked Man” which was absurd because we just witnessed John Doe burning his match, a while before the match. Those sort of things could’ve been avoided. I reckon, someone said in the discussion thread about Eve Taylor still getting in the ring wearing John Doe’s mask.

    I can understand that every pieces of the shows are being written by different creative members, sometimes the Guest Writers as well. Still when you accumulate it, these sort of errors should be avoided. These aren’t major mistakes but it can be if not noticed well before.

    Personally, I don’t like Noah Ryder tapping out to John Doe. This was a good match, Noah Ryder has been on a losing streak and tapping out at the far end of the match could hurt his character more. What should I say more, because the match was really well written and I enjoyed it.


    This! This should’ve opened the show or at least to interrupt the Live Mas. James Howard wishes to be a Grand Slam champion, of course, it would’ve been better if he confronted the champion directly whilst a Grand Slam champion was present at that juncture. Anyhow, now we know the intention of James Howard’s attack on Mikey Stormrage at Gold Rush.


    I liked this one. Tiffany talked without breaking the character of Theron Daggershield and they both emphasis that he is Theron and not Shawn Daggers! Well written.

    “I’m no quitter! The light of Mystra will shine on all corners before I’m done”

    “We’ll see about that, Shawn”

    This is the part I liked the most. I’m excited to see what can Theron bring out of it and what the creatives have in mind for Theron.


    I don’t know much about Austin Reynolds because I have seen or heard of him since I joined WCZW. But I liked the fact that he enters the ring with no music and intended just for the win. The match was well written except the fact that it was long. When I say long, if you will, the next match of the show which featured the World Champion was relatively short. That baffles me a bit because the World Champion should have more in-ring time than Austin Reynolds. Also I don’t understand why Steve Holmes or Abel Huniccutt even made an appearance.

    On the positive notes, I still welcome the idea of keeping Theron as a guy with “Never Give Up” attitude. There aren’t any major flaws in the match but it was tad too long.


    Honestly speaking I don’t like this match. I fancied the idea of Vee facing the World Champion, with me being the handler of Vee. But the match was not good. Many flaws I would say. I’m more concerned about my character which maybe a reason why I find many flaws. First, the match was short. Very short for a World Champion.

    “After a brief commercial interlude”

    Well, why there’s a commercial between the match? I don’t understand. To my knowledge I have never seen a match written with a commercial break. Next thing is, Vee’s moveset. He doesn’t have NECKBEAKER in his moveset. He is someone who has a MMA background and agile as it comes. The match should’ve been written considering that. I enjoyed how the matches of Vee were written in the past. Emphasizing on his One kick knockouts, technical ability and agility. But nothing was in this match.

    Mikey dominated most of the match, apparently throughout the match. I understand he is a World Champion but Vee should’ve fought back more. I was really gutted with the match, not the result of it. World Champion needs a win and I wouldn’t argue that I wrote a better RP than Yaz, I was willing to take the pin, but after such a match, I was really disappointed. This is a review, I’m not shooting on anyone, but giving my honest opinion about the match. Because similar thing happened at Ascension as well, where Matt Tastic’s match was very short against Logan. We’ll talk about that later though.


    Again, Eve Taylor legitimately ended her feud with John Doe prior to the match. But her entrance doesn’t help the cause.

    The match was good though. There’s no real complain about the match. But Constantine SUBMITS! I never fancied the idea of great stars submitting. Constantine dominated most of the match but ended up being submitted, that doesn’t hold the case well, does it?

    I’m more fascinated to see what will happen if/when Constantine joins hands with Abel Hunnicutt and Steve Holmes. Interesting way to end the show. Well done.

    This is me writing my honest opinions about each of the match and segment. But as human nature I get more judgmental while looking at my match. Because all the times before Vee was used in a perfect way, win or lose, I was happy with it. Not on this one.

    The creatives are shorthanded but still managed to give us a good show to read.
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    The show starts with EurAsian Champion Titus blabbering his greatness and all. That’s a good heel tactic and the promo was really cool. He talked about everyone wants a 15 minutes’ fame in the ring with him, absolutely heelish. This was a good start to the show, Titus considering everyone else except him as a disdain and not considering anyone as his threat. Nice way to start the show.


    Initially, I thought this match was relatively short. But at the end it was all alright. Luke Manson was booked in a decent way how he should be. He didn’t write a great RP to match with someone like Garth Black, so I don’t mind this match being short. Excellent writing by the creatives, making the commentators talk about why Black wants this match to end quickly.

    Cohen: That's the point! Why would he go out there and work when he was screwed out of a World title match?

    Cohen: And at the same time he's dealing with a very bitter and angry man. Garth clearly had no intention of having a wrestling match here tonight. Had this gone any longer it wouldn't shock me if he'd just rage quit.

    These two comments made by Jack Cohen justifies why this match ended quickly. After the match, Garth attacked Luke Manson, why not? After all, that’s how you should take out your frustration. Ah and again, Matt Tastic came to the aid. You see, I don’t have any problem in building up a feud between Matt Tastic and Garth Black, or even a potential Fatal Four way at Unscripted between Tastic, Stormrage, Howard and Black. But give the champion some credibility. He was mentioned in the *** end of the segment with this statement, ”Mikey Stormrage is in the ring helping out Luke Mason.” The focus should be on the Champion, if not, on the World Championship.


    This was a short and nice segment. They both seem to be going quite well with each other and this seems like another step for Ramparte in his face turn.


    I really enjoyed this match. It isn’t going to be an easy task writing a Tag Team match, but the writer did a good job in this one. I have no complaints regarding this match. I loved the end of it with Kagura still trying to summon something from her freakish book and Ramparte cutting her short. Another thing that I loved in this match is how Tony was booked. Great heel work in bad mouthing his opponent’s native place. All in all, this is a good match.


    Like I said on my review of Meltdown, I like the way how Justin Cooper’s face turn is being handled. Recalling his RP where he was interviewed about his win, is a nice touch. Also, Mark Keaton’s remarkable moment at Gold Rush shouldn’t be forgotten. He himself shouldn’t been forgotten. It was written well with the way he was addressing about Mark Keaton and showing some remorse for encouraging that leap. Nice segment.

    The cameraman knocks over a water bottle, and both men turn to check the source of the noise. The camera quickly snaps to black… Fishy….


    Another backstage segment involving Leon Kensworth. I don’t have problem even if Leon handles all the backstage segment. But just look above, the camera man was distracted and something fishy happened just a while ago. Yet, Leon is ready to shoot another interview? The interview was good though, Logan wanting not to lengthen the talking as he has a big match upfront.

    I can see what’s the problem here. Each segments were written by different creative members, and it is the editor’s task to frame them, sort them out and put them in the right order. Not just the matches but also the segments. It might not be a huge error but just still something that I need to point out.


    I said on the Meltdown review about how this match was booked and it was quite short. But I take it back now. I had forgotten that Logan posted his RP past the deadline, perhaps that would’ve made the creative to book this match short.

    Again, the focus is on Matt Tastic’s feud. It is necessary but why the World Champion isn’t getting as much of exposure as the #1 Contender? This is debatable.


    Nice and short segment. Flex spoke his heart out. He is ready to be a self-centered and dirty player to win the EurAsian Championship. He certainly is ready for this match after this segment.

    Flex: Thanks. I appreciate it. But luck won't help me here.

    Short and sweet.


    Decent match and I don’t have much to say about it, because the biggest match of the Ascension is up next!!


    First of all, Garth Black had been telling weeks that he is not in the flagship show of WZCW that is Meltdown. But look at this, a huge Championship match taking place at the Ascension and that too a Steel Cage match. The prestige of the Eurasian Championship is elevated to another level ever since Titus won it. In that context, I would say this is a huge match for the show.

    Huge props for Spidey for written such an incredible match! Right from the start of it, the match was incredible in all the aspects. Vee’s introduction is noteworthy, with him being the next one on the line. The reactions to the match was personified by Vee’s expressions at the Ramp.

    Flex lifting Titus with the Ankle lock locked in, these sort of things only happen in e-fed! But what can I say, he carries a huge set of weights under his hoody during his entrance. Considering that, this is not impossible. Anyhow, I fancied that part.

    Titus purposefully telling the referee to F*** OFF, wow how more heelish can one get. He might be the greatest Hall of Famer of WZCW but I would say, Titus is the greatest heel in the history of WZCW. Flex biting him and somehow managed to knock off Titus’ Oscars, well he said earlier that he will be dirty to win this match. I really enjoyed every bit of this match.

    Titus constantly tried to embarrass Flex Mussel but the fitness freak wasn’t giving up, it was brilliantly written. The end to the match was incredible as well with Flex attempting Titus’ own finisher off the top rope. This loss didn’t hurt Flex. He is destined for great things.

    Dorian Slaughter is returning full time? Woah this could be a great feud. I’m expecting more of an answer from Dorian on this attack.

    Overall this is a great show and I really enjoyed reading it, apart from few of the commentary lines. Such as…

    Cohen: Me neither, but this is textbook Titus. He's letting Flex tire himself out before he goes in for the kill. A rat is right, Connor, and Avison is the rat poison.

    Yeah, that happens. Anyhow, brilliant show mateys!

    PS. NSL, please don't rep with these huge images -.- Man, I thought you repped me with a huge dick pic for being a dick on the review.
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    First show review in forever. Apologies in advance. This will be a mostly random collection of thoughts above all else.

    Review of MD129
    • Touching tribute to Sally on both shows
    • Predictable intro, I don’t know if this is going to hit on a nerve but Live Mas in its current form seem uninteresting to me. This picks up when Garth Black comes in but I wonder if he could have been written in earlier he should have been. It ended in the right way but something about it just annoys me. You guys are nailing Black’s character but I don’t know if a four way could appear more obvious at this point.
    • Great work on rearranging the Cooper Lebelle match although Cohen’s line about looking forward to calling it on Ascension seems unlike him.
    • The Doe/Taylor segment achieves all it needs to. The Doe / Ryder match had nothing really interesting going on apart from weird italic formatting in the commentary. The transition to the next segment with no mention of a break is harsh and comes off pretty badly.
    • The Howard segment is fine, although it’s written as if we hadn’t already seen the opening with Live Mas. I would have loved to see something resembling this as an opening. Again, this telegraphs the four way.
    • I would also question why this and the Theron segment were not put in the same post as the Doe/Ryder match. It just comes off a little weirdly.
    • I really enjoyed my match, I was pleasantly surprised how dominant Austin was or at least how it felt to me while I was reading it. Everything about this nailed both characters involved. The long match has been pointed out but I think it was written well and gave both characters everything that they needed to use going forward.
    • The issue I have with the Vee/Stormrage match is similar to the previous relation to the Gold Rush attack and it’s after effects. I don’t mind that this was very predictable squash and it was brief which is what it needed to be. Given their interaction in the opening, Black didn’t get a mention until the very end. His assault was very effective which is exactly what it needed to be. The attempted Tastic rescue was only interesting because of the pyro incident which is clever but only something that I’ve just noticed.
    • I was surprised by how brief the main event was in the circumstances but the thing that really got me was what happened afterwards. The whole sequence of Holmes on the stage with Abel, just letting Taylor walk by and smiling at Constantine seems like was set to be followed. And it really riles me that with all their history that Austin joins them and smiles just as broadly.
    • It’s a perfectly adequate show but some of the choices just seem strange. Admittedly this is nothing that can’t be put down to being short-staffed but I think it’s lacking a bit of focus. The whole thing comes off as a bit soulless.

    Review of AS 107
    • I love everything to do with Titus and you nailed the character again. A perfect if brief summary of the character.
    • Manson didn’t stand a chance and rightly so. I thought the Live Mas appearance was unnecessary. The World Champ was an afterthought. This should have been a simple demonstration of Garth’s ability.
    • The tag match was fine if surprisingly long.
    • I think part of my issue with the ordering of things is that I don’t like the segments before matches.
    • While I didn’t get while the match between two faces was quite so short, the aftermath from Tastic helping Logan to the hashtag comment was nailed on.
    • The Cooper / Lebelle match was fine and showed the heart of the Cooper character.
    • The Cage match was great. Interesting use of the supporting cast too.
    • This felt marginally better than MD but I would still argue that it’s lacking a bit of spark. I put that a little down to the numbers on the roster at the moment. That really seems to be hurting things right now.
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    Meltdown 130

    • The opening segment was very good. Showed the inevitable dissension between the two very nicely.
    • The main event was damn good and the finish was a very unique one. Good way to protect Mikey as needed.
    • Commentary had loopholes in form of dumb statements.
    • The tag match and post match beatdown were good enough.
    • I am really liking Holmes' stable. Need to give it a good name soon.
    • Flex Vs. Kagura was nice too. Flex using two finishers at the end was awesome.
    • Logan has got tough competition in Howard.
    • Ramparte Vs. Dorian was good too.

    Pretty good.
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    MELTDOWN 130


    I thought about writing the review after Ascension is on board but because of the unfortunate delay, I’ll be posting the review now.

    The show started with WZCW heavyweight champion addressing the fans. Typical babyface fashion by putting over the crowd and getting applauses. I was surprised by seeing him Mikey talk positively about Garth Black, really was surprising. Solid promo by Mikey which was not-so-surprisingly interrupted by Matt Tastic. Initially Matt started by putting over his Liv Mas making himself stay away from the spot light. I should give props to the creative for giving Mikey the necessary spotlight.

    The segment proceeds with the little bit heat between the best friends. We have seen that in the past, but this time, they aren’t arguing because of the egoistical differences or the championship. But because of a third person. This is something new; initially, I thought there will be a four-way match between Mikey, Matt, Black and Howard. Now it seems different. Even though we had seen Mikey vs Matt in the recent past, this seems quite fresh. I’m looking forward for the Mayhem Match result.

    The most interesting thing of this segment is, Mikey not stepping up help his friend when he was ambushed by Black. Something what we have never seen of Mikey.


    Ah, I don’t want to sound like as a dick but I am not a big fan of Suplex Party. What makes WZCW unique is that we are unique and completely different from the promotions. So this Suplex Party thing is a little underwhelming.

    The veteran interviewer did the first interview of the show. We constantly have been seeing either Leon Kensworth or Stacey Maddinson in the backstage segments and Johnny is barely used. Moreover, Leon has been overused lately. So I like this segment nonetheless. Shame that K Web did a no-show, else we would’ve had a very interesting match between Austin Reynolds and Logan McAllistar.


    A minor mistake. I know Austin isn’t having any Entrance music since he returned, but he wasn’t introduced by Harrys. It should’ve been at least like, “Introducing first, already in the ring…” This mistake could’ve been ignored but the reason why I am pointing out this is, Logan was introduced as “And his opponent…”

    The attack by Steve Holmes and his alliance was inevitable. Logan’s no show made that happen quite obvious. The segment was long and I have no complaints regarding. Steve Holmes himself has involved in this ambush. He put his hands on Logan and Logan too fired back at Steve.

    This stable is more frightening, more frightening than the Cerberus. But the question is, who is going to stop them. With only a show away from the PPV Unscripted, it is still left unanswered who they’re going to face and who is going to stop. Good segment.


    Abel: You watch you’re tone there, boy! (Good sir, it’s your. Mistakes of these sorts can be avoided)

    This is what we need from Abel. I like this direction of keeping Austin Reynolds away from Mic. Steve Holmes is playing a mind-game with everyone by controlling a monster and Austin now.

    Holmes: And more will follow…

    Abel: Tonight…

    Abel is booked in the way exactly how he should be. We don’t know his motive; he doesn’t need to talk much. Honestly, he has been speaking in his RPs these day. That exposure is enough for Abel. He is the most devastating force in WZCW but we have yet to witness it. I look forward to see his path of destruction.


    I’m quite surprised by the result of this match. I was expecting a win for Kagura here, instead she got powerbombed thrice to end the match. I haven’t seen the moveset of Flex Mussel, but if that Triple Powerbomb is going to be his new finisher, I welcome it gladly. Apollo Crews fka Uha Nation had this as his Finisher back in the indies. This suits the powerhouse like Flex.

    This was really a nice back and forth match, but I expected Kagura to win. Another surprise is that Dynamite has written this match. I don’t know about the creative process but I hadn’t seen a creative write his own match. Not complaining but something that I had to point out.


    Really odd match we’ll have at Unscripted. It came out of the blue that Logan will face James Howard at Unscripted. There is no real logical explanation behind this match. With just a show away from the PPV, we only have two matches announced for Unscripted. Vee A.D.Z. vs Titus for Eurasian Championship and the other one is Logan vs James Howard.

    A lot of questions have to be asked regarding this match. Why James Howard attack Mikey Stormrage at Gold Rush, where he disappeared after that and what made Vance Bateman to book Logan against him? Another thing is, Brittany was to be seen nowhere with Logan. She didn’t accompany him to the ring as well. Not sure if it is because there is some reason behind that or just because of the No-show.

    Anyhow, at least a good talent as such Logan isn’t getting lost in the shuffle.


    I was never aware that Eve Taylor surpassed Constantine as the longest Elite X Champion. If this was mentioned only in this segment or already addressed. But this segment was very cool. I really enjoyed it! The brilliant work in this segment is that, momentarily it made me reckon Constantine is slowly turning face.


    This match seemed quite alright. I wasn’t surprised with this win. Double’D and Prophet had written a good RP but Dave and Funkay’s RP had beaten that. The only concern for me regarding this match is, Abel should’ve covered for the pin. When I say, Abel shouldn’t be overexposed, I mean only on the mic and as a character. But here, he was barely in the action.

    Theron is the John Cena of WZCW, he doesn’t use his buster sword when the referee is distracted ;) It is in his moveset that’s alright, but he doesn’t do that anymore. Just a minor error.

    I like the aftermath of that match though. Theron, Cooper and Constantine standing face to face against Abel, Holmes and Austin. Momentarily, I thought Constantine is turning face (yeah, I’m quite naïve to see the obvious) because of his backstage segment and the direction at which his RP headed. Really nice way to end this segment.


    Weird segment… I don’t know about his character. I don’t know what to comment on that. Sorry, chaps.


    I thought this would be a squash match or a dominant match where Dorian takes the complete control. But it was different. Ramparte had his own offense as well. The match is well written and I really enjoyed it. Flex’s intervene was expected and the end result was obvious too. It would’ve been better if Ramparte hasn’t lost his RP. Nevertheless, a good match.


    Another logical error… I thought Justin Cooper will be facing Ty Burna at Unscripted. Ty seems to be nowhere seen throughout the entire show. I know he has been suspended by WZCW management, but he wasn’t even mentioned. This segment looked like Kooper-Ceaton will be facing Holmes’ alliance at Unscripted. Maybe I was confused, but something noteworthy to be pointed out.


    Fun match. But has a lot of errs. Let’s talk about both the good things and bad things separately. Good thing is, the way match started. Mikey had so much of fun in the initial part of the match. Secondly, the way he lost that match. He lost after a liplock! That won’t hurt him much, also he could use that to proceed through with his next RP. But I don’t want to see Yaz’s next RP starting with, “I undressed and stepped into the shower. I thought about the liplock I had with Eve and started to…” Yaz please don’t do that!

    Now, about the bad things. As the match progresses, it became boring. Like Mikey using three-quarter of his moveset and so does Eve. It continued until the match ended. Honestly, signature move after signature move? Sorry, mate but I didn’t like that. This match doesn’t tell any story to the readers. Another thing is, “beaten by a girl” thingy. It has already been discussed a lot in the GD thread backstage.


    Positive(s) - Flow through the segments. It came off really well unlike the last set of shows. This is the advantage of one person writing every backstage segment and reviewing through it. Dave wrote majority of the show which made the flow quite easily.

    Negative(s) – The Eurasian Champion wasn’t even mentioned! Meltdown and Ascension is two separate brands. Even though Titus wasn’t in the show, he should’ve had a segment. I am not talking about everyone on the Ascension show, but just Titus because of him being the Champion. Another negative is, we don’t have much time to build the feuds for Unscripted. I’m looking forward to see how the creative handle that.

    Overall, despite the negative points, the show is really good. Props for Dave and Team to make this show early as possible even when left shorthanded. Good show, guys.
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    Ascension 107 (i)

    *. Garth Black's Opening Segment
    If I need to describe this segment in one word, it would be "Passionate". Commenatry was upto the point in this segment which is good. Giving Black some mic time in the opening segment was refreshing. The finish to this segment was exactly what it needed. Some good points by Black.

    *. Manson's Backstage Segment
    Xaitlyn ignoring Johnny was funny. But what I liked the most was Manson's opinion about the Xaitlyn. This segment really helped us to know about what Manson thinks and how he respects WZCW for giving him chance. Manson is one of my favorites now.

    *. The Triple Threat Match
    Don't know who wrote this match but Xaitlyn's entrance wasn't executed as wanted. Noah's forgetting the KFAD briefcase and then Bob reminding him of it was a good one. Commentary was good in this match. Xaitlyn's small size as compared to her opponents was well used. Short but nice. And deserved one got the win.

    To Be Continued later....
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    This review is going to a bit harsh but don’t mind it because I do know that the creative are shorthanded for this round which is the reason why the shows are not good. Anyhow, I’m going to give my verdict on every points just for the betterment. Don’t take this personally but as a review for every writers and creative team members.

    Sometimes I wonder if Garth Black’s conspiracies are true. Because he hasn’t featured in the flagship show Meltdown a lot of times. When Theron and Zeus were the Champions they constantly open the Meltdown shows. But it wasn’t case on Meltdown, it was Dorian Slaughter instead. In fact, both the shows took place in Indianapolis, Mikey’s hometown and him not even featuring on the Meltdown show brings in a debate of his credibility as a champion. Is this because of the overwhelming popularity of Garth Black or the creative’s treatment of Mikey still as a Mid-carder?

    Anyhow, the segment was solid, nothing too surprising or unpredictable but solid. It got more excited when Garth and Mikey shoved Tastic back and forth. They didn’t need to get their hands on each other because that’s the Main event! So this segment was quite solid.

    Luke Manson vs Vee A.D.Z.

    This match was relatively short for the opening match of the show. I can understand both of us (me and FWR) didn’t write any great RPs. Though it had some good spots and I especially enjoyed the ending of the match. Shining wizard + Moonsault slam + Airborne End combo. That was a nice spot. After that match Titus tried to get his hands on Vee only to misfire. It’s quite surprising for me to see the creatives book Vee not as an underdog in this feud with Titus. I don’t complain though because that suits my character. I’m enjoying this feud, it started off nicely, Titus considering Vee as a disdain then losing to him on a handicap match, now with his plans backfired.

    Vee is gaining a lot of momentum heading into this match and finally Titus has taken him seriously and made one of the three stipulations as Pure Rules match. It’ll be a shame if I disappoint everyone by losing at Unscripted. Vee needs this win (not I, but I love winning too and I’m going to work hard to write a RP that can outclass Lee).

    Coming to the stipulations, Pure Rules and MMA rules suit this feud. But I don’t understand why the stipulation Humiliation match is even considered. We don’t have any bad blood yet. Moreover, if either of us lose in that Humiliation match it’ll be huge step down for us because this feud is running through just one PPV. Still, I’m excited to see how long this feud can go.

    Eve Taylor – Face turn

    This is interesting. I like the way how Eve’s face turn is being handled. It comes off quite smoothly. The segment seemed to a bit repetitive to read though. She is the dominant champion in WZCW, that’s alright but I read that on .Com’s exclusive interview, then on Falk’s RP and now here in this segment. So that seemed a bit repetitive.

    She deserves the World Championship of course; no wonder she decides to surrender the championship. But brilliant tactics by Vis Imporium’s Chief, Steve Holmes. How embarrassing it’ll be for Eve to lose the title to Austin Reynolds. I’m super excited for this match. I want to see more of these sorts of inring segments. I don’t fancy the idea of tons of backstage interviews in one show. One or two segments like this needs to happen.

    Constantine – Backstage Segment

    We all know, Mark Keaton is going to return for Unscripted. So this match will be a good one. Justin Cooper’s last RP showed his class and his stature as a champion. It’s going to be a great clash between the RPers rather than the wrestlers themselves. Vis Imporium’s dominance is going to take over WZCW.

    Logan McAllistar & Noah Ryder vs Vis Imporium (Constantine & Abel)

    Confusing match, I should say. I had to re-read a few things to understand the spots. A lot of errs on the usage of the pronoun “he”. Sorry to say this, the match was very much disappointing. I don’t understand why Noah Ryder was crushed in this match. In fact, it was showtime who wrote 3 RPs. If I’m not wrong, he by himself has written those 3 RPs, from the style of writing. But Noah Ryder was beaten to a pulp in this match. He took the pinfall as well!

    K-Web, don’t get me wrong but “Suplex-Party” is the worst chant I’ve seen in WZCW. I’m huge hater of that. I had said that in the previous reviews as well and I’ll say that again. WZCW is peculiar which makes us better than the other e-feds. Suplex Party is a direct resemblance of Suplex City. Party? That’s the most ironic name I’ve heard for a move.

    The other thing bothers me is that, Logan has been dubbed as an Underdog quite a few times. Honestly speaking, it sounds more absurd than booking Roman Reigns as the underdog. Logan started his career as “Sadistic” Logan which is not before too long and it sounds irrational to dub him as an underdog.

    Logan Backstage Segment & Noah’s Segment with Theron

    Props for the writers for making the segments. Because, the segments used to be non-cohesive with the shows but now it seems more rational. They’re well timed and well placed. Regarding the backstage segments, I have no problems. There are all fine to me.

    Theron Daggershield vs Eve Taylor

    Two simple words to describe this match “BRILLIANT WRITING!”

    Special props to Yaz for writing this match. Not just because of the action or anything but for focusing on every minute details of the characters (but at the same time I wonder why Yaz doesn’t write my match the same way that I want to see :suspic: )

    Keeping Theron a face even when he grabbed Eve’s hair and his reactions after the match to picture how gutted he felt for that win. These sort of small details are well written in this match. Not many used to study the characters this well before writing the match.

    Excellent action as well. The match started with headlocks and arm bars, slowly, then it took the pace with some serious ass-kicking. I enjoyed this match very much and it didn’t even have any fancy moves. Some seriously good writing.

    Becky Serra’s Segment

    I know and we all know this was coming. Not a bad segment though but it was just as expected. No way jose Black’s going to lose this match and get suspended. I liked the spot where she put Ascension as a top show of WZCW.

    The unexpected part is Xander Lebelle and Xaitlyn teaming up to face a Mystery tag team. I'm fascinated about that nice. Odd pairing but the mystery opponent adds more flavour to this. Nice little segment.

    Another Matt-Mikey Segment

    Well, I’ve been in the fed for the past one year and I have seen the segment between Mikey and Matt more than I’ve seen Vee winning. Meh

    I haven’t read the Mainevent completely yet; I don’t want to review it without reading it completely. I’ll stop this right here and write it along with the Meltdown review, when the time permits.

    Final verdict: Average show
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    When the Pre-show was up early this week, it got a lot of hype but not its all watered down as it’s been 5 days since it’s been up and the PPV is yet to be on board. I know the creative’s been working hard on that but this time delay makes me wonder if the pre-show’s up way too early?

    Anyhow, let’s get to the review. The pre-show always hypes the matches in a short sweet way and being that written by only one person makes the flow very well. Although, there are some errs in it that I need to point out.

    Opening segment

    The segment started with Leon acknowledging the presence of WZCW Hall of Famer Everest and Becky Serra, the general manager of Ascension. First things first. I’ve been saying this quite a lot lately but I still don’t understand why this happens. Why the WZCW World Champion is not being recognized? Not been considered as the face of the company? There’s a big gamble in making the story to revolve around Garth Black and Live Mas. Because Live Mas isn’t bigger than the World Championship. Matt Tastic isn’t bigger than Mikey Stormrage anymore. The fact is, Mikey has beaten Matt after vacating the tag title and he is the Champion. But the story keeps revolving around Garth and how he’s been denied of his opportunities.

    It is understandable that Garth is the fulcrum here, but Mikey isn’t even given some credits for being the champion. Even the poster has the picture of him on top which makes it quite obvious that he’s going to win the championship. The good thing about the segment is, the reactions of Becky Serra when the name Garth Black was mentioned. Her dismal interest in him was the brilliant part of this segment. Even if the creative has big segments involving the all three Main eventers, I still feel Mikey has been left out.

    The segment continued with the discussion about all the title matches. It’s a nice thing because titles are always bigger than names. Even there were not many big discussions about all the title matches, I feel this was enough. Everest mentioned some key points and they quickly moved on to the first pre-show match. The writings were very well despite having some spelling mistakes. Dave should’ve proof read it before posted. Most notable thing is the usage of ‘i’ in place of ‘u’ in many words. For instance, stiffs instead of stuffs and bi for but and so on.

    Xander LeBelle & Xaitlyn vs ??? & ???

    Both Xander and Xaitlyn makes their entrances. I hope Kapu won’t get hurt by the entrance because again it’s not in the way he wanted it to be. Personally I don’t care how Xaitlyn’s entrance is, because the RPs are not creepy and Xaitlyn’s doing TV shows. I always like when the story in the RPs are brought into the shows. Commentators acknowledging Xaitlyn’s TV show appearance is a nice touch. I just hope the creative acknowledge the backstage interviews the WZCW superstars have in their RPs. Another thing I like with this writing is the commentary. Cohen always act like a dick. He is one-sided, heelish and all. But it all makes sense when Funkay and Dave write the matches. The commentators do an awesome job when these two write that.

    The opponents Haven and Carmen Bratchny are revealed with great hype. Certainly no one could’ve guessed this. To be honest, many doesn’t even know who these Carmen is. But Dave did a brilliant job in hyping the crowd every time when Carmen makes a move. The readers definitely would’ve hyped and everyone on the discussion thread were discussing only about Carmen. Brilliant piece of writing.

    The end of the match was predictable though. No way Xander is going to take the pinfall. He is always going to let his partner high and dry in one end. Nice win of Haven and Carmen.

    Second Segment

    Everest got himself goosebumps by the return of Carmen. So much of introduction for this guy but much needed as not many is familiar with him. Perhaps Becky could’ve addressed how she reached him out or about his past and stuffs. But it’s all fine, we can wait till the next set of shows to know that.

    Then they discuss about Luke Manson vs Tony Mancini and James Howard vs Logan McAllistar. The death of Tony’s parents could’ve acknowledged here. The segment is all good. Nothing much to say about this.

    Theon’s 1-Up Challenge poll results

    No wonder Noah won it with a landslide. It’s because of two things. One, Showtime has been putting over him so much in the RPs. Two, Cyberpunk and NSL wrote their RPs even in the previous round in such a way that either of them don’t want to face Theron. Anyhow, the one who wanted this match got it and it’s not so Unscripted.

    I have a big doubt here. NSL no-showed, didn’t he? If he had sent a RP (even if it’s not so great) through PM to the creative, then I’m absolutely okay with how this match was written. Else, this match looked quite long than it should be. John Doe got a lot of offense upfront and looked so dangerous. Everyone has their reasons to no-show, the rule is if someone no-show the match should be a squash, if not a squash the match should be short and one-sided. If NSL hasn’t written any RP, this match is questionable. Even if the debate turns out that the match featured in a PPV so the no-show wasn’t considered much, this is just a pre-show and we have tons of other things to overshadow this.

    Another thing that bothered me in this match is, the crowd kept cheering and showering claps when the John Doe was ambushed badly in the blood bath. No matter how much a crowd hates a person they’re not going to cheer when this is going to happen. Should’ve reconsidered this before writing.

    Final Segment

    The segment opens with the presenters discussing about the match between John Doe and Veejay. Then it continues with the discussion about Flex and Dorian. Nothing much to say about the segment. The pre-show concluded with Leon Kensworth announcing the polls are all closed officially, rightly said.

    Final Verdict: Good but Controversial writing in my perspective. Not sure how others take this Mikey and NSL thingy I’ve mentioned.
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    SHOW OPENING: Presentation and opening commentary was fine. Good choice for a PPV song as well.

    NITPIC : Every match should have a headliner in a PPV, a graphic showing X vs X and maybe even a picture of the belts under the headliner. I've seen this in older PPVs and really like it. Its the little things that come together to make the big things that much better.

    TITUS vs VEE : Vee A.D.Z comes to the ring, his family is in the crowd and he has the crowd behind him, Titus announcing that the secret stipulation is an empty arena match is kind of brilliant taken from both RPs and the importance of Vee having his family in the crowd....

    Flex vs Slaughter : . Very good opening match between the fitness master and the director of evil Dorian Slaughter. Slaughter jumps Flex with a sneak attack and beats him up for awhile before the bell even rings.....then we get the voting results at a perfect time. I liked that. Great match to start the PPV.

    Banks announcement : A welcome surprise making the mid card belts even more unique.

    Theron's open challenge
    gets a nice large gif headline to give the match a tidy, important opening.

    This one was kind of a quick read and didn't feel that important during the read. The use of

    1.....2.....3 followed by text is different and seems kind of weird. But it wasn't bad, could've saved the last 1.....2......3 with a spoiler tag to trick the reader a little bit. The ending with both wrestlers "Crossing swords" made me laugh and was kind of a goofy image.

    TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS : The match voting was close, the decision for a normal match as one of the options was a strange one. Vis Imperium and Cooper come out ....should've used Coopers music instead of the tag music... Vis Imperium surround Cooper eventually until the lights go out, and Mark Keaton appears in a spotlight in the ring playing an electric guitar, match on.. that was cool. Great match, cool ending.

    RAMPARTE VS KAGURA : Didn't like it. The writing was good, the idea I'm just not a fan of. It seemed like a normal one on one match would've served this feud better. There is also a tendacy in PPVs to have one or both wrestlers busted open, it shouldn't happen so much. Nicely written, but not for me.

    MANCINI VS MANSOIN. ANOTHER closely voted match and lumberjack won the voting.
    This was a fun match even if I have little to zero knowledge of the lumberjacks involved. Mancini paying off some lumberjacks was a nice touch. A major brawl breaks out in the ring and Manson wins with his special move. Fun even without the knowledge of these old characters....presumably a mixture of Frank and FWRs old characters?

    VEE vs TITUS : Honestly didn't like this match, not a fan of quiet matches where every groan or comment of the wrestler is heard. Seemed strange there was so much chatting during the contest. Incredibly lame joke for no reason during the fight about meteors. After what seems like a grueling submission loss, Vee cuts a quick promo with the ref on why he lost and stuff....even though he should be winded and not in the mood to talk. This match would've been served better with no talking and a roaring crowd.

    Logan vs Howard. : . A straight forward match with Logan capturing the victory. Well written contest and have no complaints here.

    EVE VS AUSTIN : A great ladder match for Eves title, lots of good moments and commentating. But the ending was nothing to be desired, I can't think of what could've been written right now but I kind of hated the ending. Such a long, long reign with the title deserves a little bit better ending to the match than that.

    WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP : Obviously the best is saved for last and this hell in the cell delivered. Garth pulling the female referee in the way of a chair shot was good. Tastic hitting his special move but no ref around, Stormrage gets destroyed by two mysterious intruders and is left for dead tied up on the ropes. More close calls, Stormrage recovers and Black ends it with a hardcore shot to win the belt. Awesome main event to close the show.

    Great read overall, a few spelling errors and lack of match headliner graphics. Big props to all involved and if I could rep all of you at the same time, I would.
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    Hello everyone! I got some free time and I decided to write the show review. The creative needs a huge round of applause for putting the show up in time. Anyhow this is going to be another critic by me and I apologize in prior to that if some of it comes off harsh.


    It may not be as good as Dr. Zeus’ title celebration but this was spot on. I still don’t see Garth Black as a heel and that’s the reason why the crowd cheers him too. Though is seemed like a typical classic heel promo, having the top face interrupting, I liked the Mikey’s rage here. He isn’t a goofy guy anymore. You can’t fool around with him and he had proved that inside that Hell in a Cell at Unscripted. He is so determined to get his championship back and I wouldn’t be surprised if he can pull off a win at Lethal Lottery. As much as I love Black being the champion, Mikey also needs an extended title run.

    The only thing that bothered me in this segment was, when Mikey mentioned about the Black and White person who ambushed him mid match at unscripted, Garth Black didn’t utter any word. Were those guys Garth Black’s goons? If so, why did they attack Ramparte on Ascension? It’s understandable to the extent that it must be kept as a secret. But I don’t know, personally I didn’t like it.


    Huge props to Yaz for writing such an entertaining match. Though it was short, it was very entertaining. When the announced 4 participants are faces, I thought this match is going to be boring. But it was fun.

    As a show of respect, each man comes to the center of the ring and exchanges handshakes, much to the chagrin of Jack Cohen at the announcer's table.

    This made me facepalm, to be honest. But it gave me giggles after reading this one below.

    Cohen: Boo! Come on and fight already!

    This I would vote as the match of the night. The pace, timing, humour and entertainment! All were in it. I enjoyed this match thoroughly.

    EVE TAYLOR – Backstage Segment

    Weird relationship angle between Eve Taylor and Mikey Stormrage makes it more weird. Lets see where this one will end. Coming to the point, Eve Taylor doesn’t seem to be in rage after losing her “Shensuken”. She lost her most precious possession and she doesn’t seem to be bothered much. I would’ve made this as an in-ring segment rather than backstage. I’ve been calling for more in-ring segments but it seems like there used to be only one in-ring segment for each show and the rest are put back as backstage segments. If some top star is being interviewed inside the ring or if he/she makes addresses the crowd directly it’ll be more entertaining and exciting than the normal backstage segments.

    ANDREW ADONIS & XANDER LEBELLE – Backstage Segment

    I fancy this idea of booking Xander as a class act who wouldn’t risk to win his matches. Looking back at his matches, they are all building his characters very well. I should commend the creative for writing his matches without breaking the character. Because his first match against Tony Mancini was written by NSL who did a fabulous job in defining his character very well. Ever since, all his matches and segments were written so perfectly regardless of which creative takes up the task. I’ll discuss more about his in the following segment.


    I wouldn’t say this is one of the best matches written for the show but it was very descriptive. I enjoyed reading this. It didn’t have too much action and the commentators talked a lot throughout the match but it all made sense. This is how you exactly you develop a character.

    Cohen’s comments were spot on throughout the match. The description of the match is so good that a Sleeper hold that Xander applied is described through an entire paragraph. It didn’t bore me off. The end was also very good; Adonis pulling his client out of the harm’s way and walking off the match. Good story telling and character building. Just keep continuing, I mean building his character through the next set of shows and it’ll be very interesting to see what he brings to the Lethal Lottery Match.

    VANCE BATEMAN – Backstage segment

    This segment seemed to be a bit too long. Escpecially because Dave broke the pot on his podcast that there will be two championship matches and two gimmick matches that will feature. And no chance, World Heavyweight championship will be defended in Ascension. That might be the reason why this segment looked a bit long, I reckon.


    Normally, I scrutinize my matches very carefully and that’s the reason why I rant about it way too much in my reviews. But this time, I’m not going to rant because Dagger is relatively new in writing matches. So I would like to give him some suggestions.

    First thing is, read the characters very well. For instance, in a match that featured Eve and Theron, Yaz did a great job in writing the match that suits the character. I mean, you addressed the grudge between Vee and Titus while writing the match but forgot to see their physique. The match started with Vee using a Fujiwa armbar and Abel gets out of it and hits a second rope double foot stomp. I mean, matches shouldn’t just involve all the moves in the arsenal and signatures. I understood that well while writing matches. Titus hits a hurricarana and then plants a reverse DDT. It was all spot fest but it didn’t even seem like spot fest either. Theree were no chemistry between either Vee and Eve or Abel and Titus. The match was very boring. I know you can do better than this. Read the characters more and write the match is an interesting way.


    I just have only one point to address here. Veejay pinned Garth Black for three counts but only to see his opponent’s hand under the bottom rope. Garth is a great character, not to say the least he is the Heavyweight champion. Being in the main event doesn’t mean there need to be this spot. In my perspective, this sort of reduced the credibility of the world champion.

    That’s it fellas. This is my review for Meltdown Madness. Overall it’s a good show. Fatal Fourway is the cherry on the top. Good show.
  12. Prince Vee

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    Ascension 109

    Opening Segment

    The opening segment involved Ascension’s General Manager Becky Serra and Vis Imperium. The segment itself was looked as if it was forced. But I understand, right now our top stars don’t have any legitimate feud going on which made you with no choice left to bring in the dominating stable Vis Imperium to open the segment. It makes us wonder why our top stars don’t have a legitimate feud yet. With Lethal Lottery approaching, it’s a bit of a gamble to say who’s our top guy right now. Anyhow, the show should start with a segment and we have Vis Imperium for that. It would be interesting to see who’ll open Ascension next week.

    Texas Bull Rope Match – Carmen Bratchny vs Phoenix

    Sorry to say this, but this match was tough to read. I’m not sure if it’s because of the confusion between the ropes in the ring or the one which is strapped between the wrestlers. Or is it because of too much metaphors used, this match was tough to read. The commentators do a lot of talking when Dave writes the matches and it always gives the match something special. They don’t make nonsensical comments when Dave uses them. That’s the part I like in this match as well. I never knew who Phoenix was or what sort of legend he is. Because he didn’t seem to win any championships so no way the new fed members are going to know his legacy. But Cohen’s comments made a decent job to tell us the legend he is. One more thing I didn’t like in this match is the description of finishers. I always prefer to mention the move that’s been used. Like “The Collateral Damage, the twisting spine buster”; it gives the reader more comfort to read. At least we know what the top stars move is. But Carmen Bratchny and Phoenix have just returned to the fed, so I didn’t want to go back to the roster section to read about the wrestler and figures out his finishing maneuver. The end of the match was a bit abrupt. Could’ve used a little more stretch to the end of the match.

    Three segments on a trot!

    This bothers me, really. It might sound repetitive, but I’ve been saying this in every show review that I give. Give more than one in-ring segment. I really want the creative to look into this. At least give me an answer why that idea has not been considered yet. Because this is like the fifth or sixth time I’ve been telling you blokes to add more in-ring segments. Phoenix’s segment could’ve joined with the match like one of the commentators coming up the ring to interview him. There are too many segments and too many posts. I don’t want to write a review without getting some answers for my critics. I’ll accept if you give me a reason.

    Then we have Xaitlyn’s and Tony Mancini’s segments. Either one of them could’ve scrapped off. It could’ve been used for something else.

    Tornado Tag Match – Constantine & Tyrone Blade vs James Howard & Ramparte

    This match was very much exciting, well written and fun to read. It was full of energy. I really loved this match so much. Excellent writing. The announcers were spot on during the ring entrances of the four superstars. Everyone were given equal importance and that’s the best part of the match. Everyone played to their strength and no one overshadowed the other. There were no spot fest and that’s also a positive because this isn’t a PPV match. But it had that quality except for spot fests, which made it very lovable. It’s good to see Ty Burna back with more darkness to his character. Will be interesting to see who he’ll go against first.

    Three more segments on a trot!

    Again why? This would’ve made more sense. Johnny Klamor waits to interview Ty Burna but when he rejects the questions, Klamor looked stunned. Then Logan walks out to the camera and give his short interview, uninvited. This could’ve accumulated both the segments into one. The perks of one creative member writing majority of the segments will make more sense than these sorts of miscue. The only segment that made much sense was Theron’s. Because his character is getting repackaged so he needs more exposure. Good work on that.

    Fatal Four-Way – Blackjack Theron vs Tony Mancini vs Xaitlyn Serpiente vs Logan McAllistar

    Spot fest, highly paced and lots of action. That’s what one can write a Fatal Four-way match with. So no complaints about that. I almost forgot Xaitlyn has a manager Brendan Stokes (Wade Barret as his rep image – that’s the best part of his character) because she never seems to use him in her RP. Gino had done a fantastic job in the ring and his character was very well written. But Milenko should’ve acknowledged that in his RP for this round. Shame on you, Milenko. You missed a great opportunity. Talking about the match, it was well written. Proof reading would’ve helped avoiding some errors in the sentences that occurred. All in all, it’s a good match.

    Two segments that made sense

    Vis Imperium’s backstage segment and Ramparte’s ambush are the two most important segments which were given at the end of the show. I would’ve recommended Dave to write Vis Imperium’s segments. Because the writer tried so much to sound more like Steve Holmes. It’s tough to replicate his and Constantine’s word. The only creative who knows how to sound exactly the same is Dave. It’s not a complaint just a suggestion.

    Now it gets more exciting to see who the hollow ones target next. It will be more interesting if to know why they attacked Ramparte. I complained about the hollow ones on Meltdown review, I take that back now and apologize. I loved this segment.

    Main Event – Austin Reynolds vs “Remarkable” Mark Keaton

    The match was fast paced and it felt like both the stars used at least used 10 or 11 out of their 15 provided moves. I used to dislike it when this happens but not in this match. Because it was sequenced very well and it really kept the match going. Action from the start of the match to the very end. Austin getting a clean win by submission makes him a very strong competitor. This was contradicting to the fact that Garth Black almost got pinned by Veejay on Meltdown. Meltdown’s main event was written by Prophet who’s very new to the creative. The end could’ve been discussed by the other creative heads. This win for Austin Reynolds makes him look very strong whereas Meltdown’s Main Event made Garth a little weak. It should be discussed well beforehand writing.

    The show was ended very well with a brief discussion going between Jack Cohen and Cat Conners. Overall the show was very good and all the matches were exciting. Except for the forced segments, this is one of the best Ascension shows. Good work, chaps. Props to the newest creative members as well.
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  14. Prince Vee

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    Ascension 110

    The show started in its normal way with the exciting crowd with rather a couple of lameass sign boards. “Once you go black, you never go back”, ‘Marry me Becky” and more importantly, “We are the Hollow Ones”. I was just kidding, I love these details, except black comment of course. The hollow ones should be hyped in one way or another. People shouldn’t forget them and even small details like these are making them so fascinating. I’m really excited to see their debut.

    For the second time in a row, Vis Imperium kicks off Ascension and it’s not a bad thing. With Black, Eve, Mikey and Titus all had their matches in Ascension, there’s no other choice than opening the show with Vis Imperium. I would also want to see the creatives take a gamble by opening the shows with hardcore matches. Action upfront! Just a suggestion though.

    I enjoyed the entire segment. I’m a fan of Dave and Funkay’s writing. They have a classical style of writing no one can match and I always felt different when someone other than Dave or Funkay wrote Constantine’s or Steve Holmes’ segments. With that being said, I loved this segment which was clearly written by Dave. The most exciting part is, Logan McAllistar confronting the entire stable. What was I saying! This is how you create a star and K Web deserves it. Despite having a mediocre post Apocalypse cycle he has been killing it lately. This gave a lot of credibility to Logan McAllistar as a character. This would’ve happened if he gave a backstage interview or something. I can sense this segment was demanded because of the main event, but still giving a bloke more air time is certainly a good thing to do. This segment made me believe Logan might win the championship the end of the night. Brilliant writing.

    Flex Mussel vs Xaitlyn Serpiente

    A very mediocre match, I should say. But I don’t mind it because of the segment that followed. I sort of figured either Flex Mussel or Matt Tastic are going to the one to first feud with the Hollow Ones. Flex looks on target today. He was gutted with his friend and former tag team partner Ramparte being ambushed. He wants to avenge them for that ambush.

    Cooper – Keaton Backstage segment

    Not a bad one. To be honest, Ascension’s 110 segments revolved around a story, to say precisely, around the stable Vis Imperium. Even though Cooper and Keaton had matches against Phoenix and Ty Burna respectively, their main focus is on Vis Imperium. Keaton has to be built in the way how he is built. Because he is a heel whereas Cooper is a face. That has to be explained correctly every time and creative’s have been doing a good job so far. Nice little segment.

    Noah Ryder & Matt Tastic vs Vis Imperium

    A lazy work to start with, Dynamite. Nah I’m not criticizing the match. It’s just the entrance of Vis Imperium, it felt like you just copied and pasted it from their roster page.

    Yup I went back to the roster page and took a gander at it, it was a copy and paste work. It felt so obvious by that “Whoever is tagging in the match” part.

    Anyhow let’s talk about the match and the buildup for a possible Matt Tastic feud. This was a classical back and forth match with lots of actions. I really enjoyed it. Nothing bad is to say about the matches as it went really well. Ryder and Matt picking up the win is quite surprising though.

    I’ve been wondering who Matt Tastic will feud next and it seems like that will be Noah Ryder. The buildup is slow but essential and I’m looking forward to the blast when the hell breaks loose.

    Vis Imperium – Mussel Backstage segment

    Good writing. Like I said, the story revolves around Vis Imperium. Steve Holmes’ words, “When Vis Imperium attacks, we leave no doubt that it was us”. This made me believe that there’s going to be some sort of involvement from them during the Main Event.

    This segment also focuses on Flex’s potential feud with Hollow Ones which is really good. Flex is the one who retired Showtime! Put on some of the spectacular matches with Titus and then he got lost in the shuffle. I didn’t buy his short-lived feud against Dorian Slaughter. Now he’s back and with a very interesting feud. I wouldn’t mind if he pairs up with Ramparte again. That will refuel the tag division. Cooper-Keaton, Vis Imperium, Cerberus and Hollow Ones. We’ll have four teams!

    Phoenix vs Cooper

    Good match in the context of writing one after so long years. Like I said before, I have no idea who Phoenix is but the commentators did the job what they were given. I couldn’t know Phoenix debuted in Meltdown 18. Still the match has to be read and refined before getting posted. Remember you told me once to read out my RP loud before getting it posted, that sort of refining had to be done. Other than that it’s a decent work, Lee.

    Logan McAllistar backstage segment

    A short one and nothing much to say about that.

    Mark Keaton vs Tyrone Blades

    Prophet has just been in the fed for a month maybe and this perhaps is his second match, I reckon but he is trying to bring something to the table every time. I admire his passion in writing. Ty was referred as The Legend in more than a couple of places. Surprising, because all I had seen in Prophet is gloating about being the G.O.A.T. for beating Ty. I give props for your respect, mate.

    I don’t know, because he is your partner, you wrote in a way that both the commentators were on praise for Keaton. Regardless of that, it came out good. Because Ty don’t’ need further ado, it’s the rookie Keaton who needs it. So I liked that part. But if you’re going to go praise on Keaton when he is paired up with another rookie, I would be completely against it. One thing I disliked is, Tyrone yelling, “Tap, boy”. He should be kept in the dark. Just like this, no segment, no words uttered, no remorse for his actions, nothing but wins. But I liked the Super kick and Click-Clock combination. Hype it all you want because Tyrone is darker now!

    Main Event

    The match was good. Austin is not your stereotypical heel and I didn’t fancy the idea of him winning the match after a low blow. It was clear from his RP that he isn’t doing this on his own interest. He could’ve even won by a roll-up and then followed by an ambush for Logan’s big mouth. Anyhow the show ended well and I would’ve liked to see Cooper Keaton get their hands on Vis Imperium.

    I feel like giving show review is important because this is how you get the show the way you liked. I want to the creatives to comment on this at least a little. I have planned to continue my 15 minute podcast every week. If you want something to discuss, ask me on that thread and I'll try my best to answer it.
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  15. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    A show review.


    We have the title of the show, various wrestlers with one liners about the history of the event, it's the biggest event of the season and it's getting the treatment as such with this opening. The theme song plays and the opening segment continues on....until the amazing Kingdom Come VIII poster. Excellent opening.


    The general manager of Ascention comes out and announces that the battle royal for the number one contender position for the Elite Openweight Title is now FOR that title! Good surprise and use of the double no-show IMO.

    Abel Hunnicut vs Auston Reynolds :

    What is this TALE OF THE TAPE? Very cool opening for the matches as we get a brief backstory between the challengers. Auston Reynolds entrance....there is none. Why? Even a regular entrance with at least music for Kingdom Come would be better than that. I don't get it. Continuing on...as expected, Reynold's wants a piece of Abel and starts the match quickly. Abel smothers him though with shoulder blocks and boots until we get....

    "This is my house!"

    ...yelled by Abel Hunnicut? It's kind of odd when you think of who yells that in WWE when she gets on a roll. lol. Abel continues the attack after a brief offensive flurry by Reynolds. Then Abel starts getting brutal and vicious on the outside of the ring, fans are begging him to stop and Abel pushes the ref aside while he's checking on the well being of Auston... loved this part.

    Both wrestlers continue on in this hardcore affair by showing stunning durability and it came down to a huge spot off of the top of the ladder by Auston for the win. Great ending to a great match.

    Quick interview with world champion Mikey Stormrage: I think this was a perfect little interlude between matches showing us who the champion is and the importance of the main event.

    Reminder segment of the Hall of Fame Class: Good enough short read, didn't damage any show pacing. Nothing much else to say about it. Well done.

    Third segment in a row: The Adam and Steve segment with Vox and Titus Avison. This is a funny segment that I think could have been used later in the show instead of here.

    Battle Royal : No offense to the match writer (I'm not sure who it is as I write this) but I disliked pretty much the entire match except the heel tactic ending by Xander. It must be difficult to try and envision what all the competitors are doing at once and try to cut off sections of the action to showcase a spot between two or more wrestlers. I didn't really like Vox's quick elimination to start the match. Then, as much as I disliked Vox's exit, Vee gets a worse treatment, lol. He loses a pushing contest with Xander for his second elimination of the match. Meh.

    Xander is left with a nightmare situation as he's left with the remaining powerful women in the match. He gets throttled with three special moves and is out of the match...but not eliminated. (kind of obvious where this was going IMO, a returning win)

    After Wren got eliminated, the importance of Kagura vs Batti should have been showcased more, Kagura was once in an intense feud with Ramparte and stole his voice for awhile. Batti should have gone into a rage with the fans behind her for Kagura's past harm on her boyfriend. This one on one should have lasted longer with close near eliminations until the Kagura won.

    Xander reentered (as expected) and eliminated Kagura with an assist by Adonis on the outside with the distraction. New Champion!

    I liked the ending but overall, I found the match lacked some meat and maybe the opportunity for some more clever spots here and there.

    Matt Tastic vs Flex Mussel :

    I like Flex Mussel. Just sayin, dig the character, dig the way he's written. Let's go to the fantastic entrances....

    Flex Mussel's entrance, first disguised as Matt Tastic's with a painting that he burns with a big flamethrower then his own Flex Letter's. Very cool idea.

    Now we have the best entrance I've seen since joining WZCW. It's the new Hall of Famer, the legendary Matt Tastic. Just look at that entrance! It's awesome. If this really is the send off for Tastic then that was a perfect final entrance for him.

    The match begins and Flex doesn't take long to showcase his power. During this great match, Flex will work on an injured arm of Matt Tastic. There's not much more to say but Three Flexicutions later and Flex Mussel has knocked off yet another legendary performer in consecutive KC's. It was a well written match, deserving of Matt Tastic and Flex. Well done.

    Now, HERE'S where the comedy bit with Vox and Titus would have lightened the pacing a little after that amazing contest. Then on to....

    Salvific Knights vs Vis Imperium The tag titles are on the line and we are reminded that this could be the biggest upset in KC history if the Knights can pull it off. The Knights come out on horseback! Cool idea.

    This was a fun match and service (deserving) was given to Mancini and Serpiente as they had solid RP's for the round. Auston interferes mid way and we get that moment where that could have been the deciding factor in a Knights win, but alas Vis Imperium win by pinning Mancini. Serpiente grabs a mic and announces she's done with WZCW and wants to thank the fans for....she gets interrupted by an attack by VI, I laughed at that. Jack yells that he loves Mark Keaton.

    Fun match.

    EVE vs CRIMSON : We get a tape of the tape....but no pictures! GASP! Not a big deal. Celeste (miles before my time) vs Eve (unstoppable force) in a dream match.

    In the middle of Eve's entrance, we get some amazing commentary from the three commentators going over the history of both wrestlers. Excellent writing and I loved that Jack Kohen started it, not sure why but it works really well.

    Then Celeste's entrance and more build up from commentary with history slices thrown in. Very good writing and really felt like an important match was about to take place. Whoever wrote this (unsure at this time who wrote the matches) really understand the importance of commentary presentation before a big match.

    Then the match itself. Just fantastic, I can't put in into words how you guys come up with this stuff. Very good match, not a thing I can say wrong with it. Excellent stuff.

    Vis Imperium segment with Labelle :

    Regular segment, with Labelle and Adonis coming into the VI locker room.

    Here's my deal with this segment: This could have been used (or scrapped) at Meltdown or just kept off of the show. Vis Imperium and Mark Keaton were used quite a bit when it was all said and done, looking at the big picture. I feel really spoiled about Keaton's use at KC but this segment could have been replaced to spotlight somebody else. VI Keaton used in the tag match, he's used here in the segment, then he's attacking Tyrone Blades with Constantine (for whatever reason) after the Tyrone vs Black match. Then Keaton's used again as he's sticking his nose in the main event of the night by trying to get a cheating type win for Cooper. See what I'm getting at here?

    If I had to replace this segment, I'd have Batti running into Theron Daggershield backstage getting ready for his big match with Titus. Then you could have a very amusing back and forth and there's your segment.

    Tyrone Blades vs Garth Black: Great match between two superpowers here in WZCW. As Dave has eluded to in his podcast, these were the best two RP's of the KC show and they got the treatment they deserved with this fantastic match. One slight pause with this match though....it really could have used spoiler tag three counts to fool the reader at bit more. The 1....2....3-NO ! Kind of ruins the moment when you start getting towards the mid-way point of the match instead of 1.....2......
    3!!! NO!! He kicked out!!
    See what I mean, leaves a little unknown in there. Just a small spoiler for it. Even though the spoilers at the end of the match were used to perfection. Maybe one or two for earlier pins too. Plus maybe a little interference from his pals would have helped Tyrone Blades a little? Do they not have his back or what?

    Anyway, excellent match otherwise with a
    attack on Tyrone Blades when he called out Banks after the match. Did Banks send out VI or did they act on their own? Who knows, maybe we'll find out on Meltdown! Anyway, another fantastic match, don't know how you guys come up with this stuff. What a show!

    Titus Avison vs Theron Daggershield : This is a match I was probably looking forward to the most, besides the main event. Titus Avison has shined that Eurasian title and brought it so high that you can argue that it has more importance to it now than the World Title. Who can topple this man?! With Blackjack be able to stop him?

    We get two great entrances from both wrestlers. Again, I can't crtique anything with this match. Really fun and full of fun spots, like the possible ruination of Titus babies. Titus smacking Blackjack's girlfriend with a chair and the Critical Hit off of the top of the ladder to name a few. The ending may have lacked a big wow-type ending but it worked for the story that was being told in the match.

    That damn Titus Avison wins again!

    Stormrage and Matt Tastic:
    I liked it, this was a moment that needed to happen and at this point in the show it's a good send off for Stormrage heading towards the main event of the night. I don't know the exact history between the two, outside of Live Mas and they fought each other when Live Mas ended and remained close friends for the longest time until the mid point of this season...but it was a feel good moment that needed to happen after Titus Avison pissed off the crowd.

    Mikey Stormrage vs Justin Cooper: Main Event:

    We get the build up, amazingly done. I mean AMAZINGLY done. What a story told before the main event has even started! Then we move on to Justin Cooper's BAD ASS entrance with his death machine. (though I don't feel his entrance music is a good wrestling type song or that it fits Cooper's character. That's just my view. )

    Then we get shitty Mikey Stormrage....joking. Stormrage walks to the ring and steps over the war machine, holding his title high, that was a nice touch.
    He calls Keaton a fuck boy and the crowd react by calling Keaton a fuck boy, I laughed.

    I mean what a main event, throughout the match, Keaton helps Cooper by putting his feet on the ropes, tripping up Stormrage ect, ect. A feel good moment where Keaton throws the title and Cooper refuses to cheat with it and fight Stormrage fair and square. Keaton interferes again but is GAME OVERed out of the match. Cooper hits Stormrage with his finisher and wins the title. Amazing match writing. I felt really bad for Stormrage after it was over as Cooper looked to shake hands with him but saw him dejected and walking away from the ring.

    Not sure why Matt Tastic didn't run out and help his old friend and former Live Mas compadre, I was fully expecting that to happen as I read the match. Ah well....

    In closing. Absolutely fantastic show. Congrats to all involved and I can't thank you enough for entertaining me with this creative masterpiece. :worship::worship::worship::worship:
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  16. Prince Vee

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    Like I said before, I felt like owing a show review to you chaps. The entire work was so very organized. All the three shows were very well organized and it’s quite obvious that how much work you had through for this. The coordination is something I need to applaud here. The entire show made me felt like written by one write. That’s how great the coordination between the creative members.

    I would like to appreciate the guest writers as well for their brilliant works. I’ll write detailed review below about the matches you wrote. Cyberpunk or Milenko whoever it’ll be the next creative member, you need to write the shows to the same rhythm how the others guys are doing. I hope you’ll succeed in your quest.

    Now coming to Meltdown 137 (though Jack Cohen announced it as Meltdown 133), the show was opened with Eurasian Champion Titus. It was a well written segment. The promo really would’ve attracted a lot of heat from the crowd even among the real audiences. Such was the class in it. Full credit to Lee for putting such an effort in writing such a classy segment. It was even better that what I’ve read in your RPs.

    It was surprising that Justin Cooper didn’t get the spotlight after winning the Heavyweight Championship in the grandest stage of them all. In fact, he didn’t even feature either in Meltdown or Ascension. What about Mikey Stormrage? Why wasn’t he even mentioned in the show? He was the one who needs to get a redemption after his loss. I’m not against Titus opening the Meltdown, the first show after Kingdom Come, but I miss the grand celebration. Last year, Dr. Zeus, along with his stable, marched down to the ring in a chariot (If I remember correctly) to make an amazing opening segment. This opening segment is no less brilliant than anything else but the spotlight should be on the guy who had won the Biggest Prize in the Main Event of the Biggest Event, shouldn’t it?

    Perhaps, you blokes wouldn’t have wanted to do customary opening segment on the first Meltdown after Kingdom Come. Anyhow, this is my verdict and what I would’ve loved.

    Logan McAllistar – Johnny Klamour Segment

    I really feel sorry for Logan McAllistar. I’ve been voicing to push new members and give them more Television time whenever I write a review. Everything came very fruitful for Logan. It was him who had sort of messed up everything. K Web consistently no-showed on every alternative shows heading into the Kingdom Come and had no momentum heading into this match. I reckon, he’s just making it hard for the Creative members to push him. Because he was a character many had invested on but it was so very unfortunate that he fell off the ladder. I just hope he would come back strongly after these loses.

    Wren vs Callie Clark

    I could see Dagger put a lot of effort in writing this match to compensate with the unfortunate way of writing the Battle Royal at Kingdom Come. I wouldn’t blame him though, because it’s always going to be tough to write a multi-man match. Especially, when it’s a battle royal. Considering Dagger was relatively new in writing matches (He’s a brilliant writer but he still is relatively new to write matches, I think), he put a lot of effort in writing this match.

    The match told the story. I always liked when the story from the roleplays are brought into the shows. Dagger was brilliant in a way that he had done that. Both during entrance, post-match celebration with her sister or when it was the commentators, the story was there.

    The match sort of ended abruptly. I don’t know if it’s just me who’s feeling this or many matches in both the shows doesn’t end up in a smooth way. Likewise, this match ended a bit abruptly. Dagger should’ve focussed more on the closing moments of the match because that’s where the readers will be so excited at. It is the part where more care has to be taken. Other than that it was a solid match to open the show.

    Vee – Cooper Interaction

    I was totally surprised by this segment and by the opportunity that I got against Prophet. Honestly, it wasn’t just once but a plenty of time I wanted to gloat about beating Justin Cooper in my RPs. So when I read this segment I really had to go back to my previous RPs if I had done that.

    It’s great that the creative members do remember the past, even about Vee A.D.Z. who has yet to break the glass ceiling. It really is a great opportunity for Vee. Like I said, I’m quite surprised. But I’m glad at the same time. I was very happy for facing Kagura last round because Ech is such a fine writer and I had to work really hard to write a RP against Kagura. This round I’m facing the World Champion and I won’t complain. I’ll take this as a credit to put more effort in my next RP.

    Vee A.D.Z. vs Kagura Joheki

    I’m rather quite confused with the way how this match ended. I didn’t think I would win after reading Ech’s RP. It had a classy story! But I didn’t think I’d end up in an embarrassing loss. I don’t know if it’s part of the story or just I didn’t write a good RP, I’ll just take the loss and try to be better in my next RP. The match hadn’t had much to talk about, to be honest. There was no offense or defence involved. The match just started… and ended.

    But the segment beforehand ended with Copeland advising Vee to focus on his forthcoming match and the ended with again Copeland acknowledging the same might’ve been the reason why he lost. What I want to say here is the coordination in writing. The segment was written by Prophet and the match was written by Lee but the idea behind both weren’t too distinct from each other. The whole show had this coordination, except for the few mishaps which I’d point out later.

    Logan McAllistar vs Vox

    I’m not surprised by Vox taking the win here. He’s an interesting character and he’s getting build up nicely by his entrance promo. If it was Milenko who had written that promo, then I would really give him huge props. The match had the story, as Logan would look at the direction of where Hayden and Brittany would be, before passing out. But it looks a little dramatic. Not dramatic as Flex cried while having Showtime locked in a Bear hug, last year at Kingdom Come but it was a bit dramatic. If you really want to be a good creative member, you need to think out of the box.

    I’d recommend you to go back and look at the matches NSL and Funkay had written in the past. Every match would tell a story. NSL was the one who made the whole Xander Lebelle Character more interesting than it really was. The way he uses the NPCs are just brilliant. And Funkay is a brilliant writer. He can write matches in a special way that very few can do. Take a look at the match written by Killjoy at Ascension, Batti vs Adonis. Adonis didn’t even have any moveset but still he wrote a very detailed match, quite cleverly, and made it look believable. If you want to be a good creative member, you need a lot of work to do, mate. The match was good anyhow.

    By the way, please use the proper punctuations when you write. It’s really hard to read at times. And you need to polish the way you write the Commentators as well.

    Tyrone Blades backstage segment

    It was a bit predictable when Blades searches for Mr. Banks and Bateman tries to explain he wasn’t here. It was a bit obvious that Mr. Banks is going to appear, later in the show. This segment looked a little unnecessary as we all knew Mr. Banks would appear on the show later anyhow.

    Tyrone Blades Vs Phoenix – Loser Leaves Town Match

    Woah but this was quite unexpected. Though, it was predictable that Phoenix is going to get fired, I didn’t think this is how the way it’d end. The match and the entire segment was written so brilliantly. The unpredictability of the predictable situation is what made this segment the best one of the show. I really enjoyed reading it. As far as I’ve known, Phoenix is a legendary character and he deserved such a good exile and it was delivered properly. Well done, Dave.

    Eve Taylor Backstage Segment

    It was a bit baffling about Eve Taylor’s future ever since she lost at Lethal Lottery but now it’s clear that she’s having her eyes on the Heavyweight Championship. I like the way how this is going. Flex had shown his intentions in challenging for the Heavyweight title and we got Eve Taylor here and there is Mikey Stormrage who’d be waiting for his rematch. It’ll be interesting to see a whole new set of people fighting for the Main Event spot. Though, they have been touted as the future Main Eventers, it still looks quite fresh.

    The show so far had gone great, despite missing many top stars. The way each segment and show written was very well and I had to say that.

    Eve Taylor vs Titus Avison

    Another well written match to end the show. Titus never had a big win in non-title matches, not a lot, as far as I’ve seen but when it comes to PPV, he is on another levek. Now he’ll be against Kagura Joheki and it’ll be interesting to see if Kagura can halt his elaborate run as the Eurasian Champion. When I came to WZCW, Kagura just had lost her Elite title (If I remember correctly) to ElagAnt. Since then, she hadn’t been on the title scene except for the King for a Day at Last Kingdom Come. It’s quite fascinating to see what might can happen in the next set of rounds.

    WZCW are sort of in a spot of bother in this round with 4 or 5 big names missing from the cards and 2 no-showed and still the entire show was very enjoyable to read. Like I said before, it was very organized and it was complete.

    I had almost finished reading Ascension as well but hadn’t read Aftershock. I’ll be giving review for those shows tomorrow, if the time permits.
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    Ascension 115

    Favorite Match: The main event featuring Mikey Stormrage, Flex Mussel and Garth Black. It was the best match of the night. The fast-paced action made it feel like a very important match. Like it had major implications for each competitor. Kudos for writing this very good match.

    Favorite Segment: The opening segment. Making Garth Black face Justin Cooper in a Last Man Standing match will prove who's better without any shenanigans as complained by Garth Black. I thought that it would be an I Quit match, since that will need the competitor to utter "I Quit" themselves. But now, Last Man Standing looks much better.

    Some Pros: Giving Vee A.D.Z a segment to talk was much needed considering that he was on his way to face the World Champion. So, that's a good idea. Giving a short segment to Xander was another as he's the exclusive Ascension champion. I would've liked him to speak but Adonis was enough. Commentary was quite good except some very very minor flaws.

    Some Cons: I have been seeing it for a while but why to make a babyface tap out or lose due to submission? I maybe wrong but I thought that babyface tapping out or losing due to submission was very rare and special. I didn't get Tony submitting as a face. Next, I think that the last two segments weren't the right way. I mean, first Garth Black attacks Cooper and takes the belt. And in next segment, he comes out again for his match. I would've liked something in between these two major segments as it made no sense to Black to go and then come back. That's all.
  18. ShinChan

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    Meltdown 138

    Favorite Match: The main event indeed. The EurAsian Championship match between Titus Avison and Logan McAllister. Very good match. A PPV level match for sure. The storytelling was good and the submission loss actually made sense after Titus' repeated attacks on the the leg throughout the match. There was some significant no-selling as well but it's just a nitpick.

    Favorite Segment: All segments were indeed very good. The opening was good enough to make crowd boo Titus even more. The beatdown of Mikey Stormrage was another good. But my favorite was Titus getting frustrated by Kagura at backstage. It indicated that Kagura could defeat Titus if she can frustrate him and make him lose his patience. The tease of someone in the room of Banks was good as well.

    Some Pros: Again the same with Ascension. Segments for the challenger and champion is always good. They should be the core for focus. Commentary was even better with zero flaws.

    Some Cons: I didn't get the lack of World Champion on this show. Isn't Meltdown the flagship show? Other than that, I would've preferred a pinfall loss for Wren. That's all.
  19. Skairipa Matrix

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    Figured after that Ascension I'd throw out a show review for you guys since you asked for it. I'm not sure if I'll have anything to say that would be helpful but we'll see.

    Opening Segment:
    I won't say much on this because I feel I'll be a little bias towards a segment with my own character but honestly this was really well done, made The Clarks out to be the bitches they are and made Batti feel like even more of an underdog and really was a good way to set up the title match in the main event. Also I didn't pick up on the Carrie reference until it was mentioned but that was good.

    Fatal 5 Way Turned Triple Threat:
    At first this confused me and then I realized there was 2 no shows in this match and the change to the match made perfect sense. I got a little chuckle at Bandit's antics as well. As for the match itself it was short and nothing worth remembering but it gave Studd a good showing at least. And a short match on a show with a few long matches isn't terrible.

    Eve Taylor Interview:
    This was a really strong segment for the Eve character, it showed how determined she is to win the tournament. The part where Eve said something about if her words don't matter then why's she even being interviewed was a good way to show Eve's frustration with Stacey.

    Mancini/Vos Segment:
    I'll be honest I just found this a little weird, Mancini hyping himself up in the mirror just felt a little odd but maybe it has something to do with me not knowing much of anything about the character. But either way this really didn't do anything for me, except for a chuckle at Vox collecting money. The name of the fund he was collecting for got a kick out of me.

    Wren vs Flex:
    Another fairly short match and pretty one sided. I know that Dagger is working on improving at writing matches and credit to him for owning up to it, but it would really be a good idea to have a little more back and forth action here. The one thing I will say is it's not as big of a deal to have this be slightly one sided considering Flex is a heel and he's the #1 contender to the World Title, as this made him look really strong going into his match with Cooper.

    Constantine Interview:
    A short little interview just establishing why Constantine is done being part of VI, nothing wrong with that. When he gets to fight them it's going to be a hell of a showdown.

    Eve vs Tastic:
    This was the 2nd best match on the show (nothing beats that main event) and it was hard fitting, fast paced and kept me entertained throughout. The stupid wanker line was funny, as was them fighting onto the fat fans. Eve has got a nice story going in this tournament and if she won it there's a great story to be told there. I'm rooting for her.

    Tastic Interview:
    Short, sweet, and to the point. Tastic getting his hands on Keaton at Gold Rush makes perfect sense.

    Mancini vs Constantine:
    Short match but decent enough. Wasn't Xaitlyn face before she left? I could very well be missing something but it felt odd to have her cheating here. Other than that there's not much to say here.

    Hall Of Fame Segment:
    God this was good. This was just such a good scumbag heel move by Cooper and the brawl at the end was some fun chaos. The only thing I didn't like about this was I was confused by all the crossed out text, was that supposed to be something being said as the mic was cut out? This also served as a good way to build up Flex vs Cooper more.

    Elite Title Match:
    It's already been said but this match was fantastic. The story with Callie working the leg and both of them throwing everything they had at each other was great. The false finishes were good as well, when I first read this I thought it was over when the Kawaii Kick was hit. A great end to a good show.

    One thing I would like to point out is almost every match on this card had a fast start to jump start the matches. That's fine sometimes if it fits the story and maybe it did for every match here but it doesn't work well if it happens all the time. Go for a slow pace sometimes to start with a lock up, or a heel playing mind games, just variety is a good thing.
  20. Rainbow Yaz

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    This PPV has always been a personal favorite of mine. I have a good record here, the stipulations are always great fun, and the show usually delivers. I thought I would share some thoughts, both good and bad.

    The opening was alright. It felt like a typical WZCW show opening and that works for me. Nothing too fancy, but it hit the right points.

    Given the eventual end of the show, I like the call to put the HIAC first. I believe only the second time in history that the World Title match opened a PPV, and both times it worked out.

    That said, the actual match was very overbooked. The complete destruction of the ring made no sense given they had to use it the rest of the show, but I will let that slip given the match may have been written before the decision to open with it. The crossbow though was just too much. I get suspension of disbelief and all, but that was way over the top. I also felt like the match focused one hundred percent on the violence and zero on the wrestling. I'm not really a fan of HIAC matches these days because far too often they have little actual wrestling and way too many contrived weapon spots, and I feel this happened here. Personal taste on that one though.

    Oh, and shame on everyone who voted for the money stipulation. It's boring, adds nothing to the character, and adds nothing to the match. I hope you all get coal for Christmas. That said, props to Dagger for making Cohen upset with the stipulation on commentary. The match itself was okay. Not a disaster, but by no means a classic. A decent enough early card match for a storyline that had little build.

    The four way showed Falk could still pull creative duty if needed. The commentary was fun, especially during introductions. The sneak attack was a nice touch for Milenko, and overall I enjoyed the decision to not reveal the stipulation results until the end. The highlight for me was that each wrestler stayed pretty true to their character and move set.

    The boiler room brawl had the right amount of violence. I know I complained about the violence in the HIAC, but that still took place inside a wrestling ring. This by its nature is all about weapons and unconventional spots. The spots with the hot steam and blow torch were used effectively. Outside of a yardtard garbage fed, you would never really see those spots used, but teasing them heightened the drama. The best part was how each character reacted to their environment. Logan, the powerhouse heel, was eager and sadistic while Eve fought a defensive fight and picked her spots. It told a good story.

    Moving onto the ladies. My favorite parts of the match were the little nods to the RPs in commentary. The first bit of the match was solid. It was basically a slug fest with the chain and had some spots you would expect to see in that match type. Then the firework spot came and took me out of it. It contrived and cartoonish. Yeah, I know it was Batti, but it still felt stupid. It was equally stupid when Batti, the face, attacked the WZCW official trying to put out the fire. It completely killed what started out as a good match.

    The fact that people actually voted for title on a pole matches makes me sad. I have to wonder, why was there a pin attempt by Vox? Did I miss something? I get WZCW has had a fair share of odd moments, but this one made me scratch my head. Studd constantly posing and flexing really added to the match for me. It isn't something you could do with just any character, but Lee made a good call here. Same with Vox's climb. The shouting to the crowd was a fun touch. The match was shorter than I would have liked, but two things stood out that make this match a plus for me. One was the good use of character mannerisms and two was that after a night of horrific over the top violence, this one was kept fairly low key. Can't leave the PPV with everyone in the hospital.

    I would have liked to see Lynx/X be a chairs match since it was a chair Lynx used to stop X's attempted assault on Constantine. The decision to start the match with a wild backstage brawl worked for me and I smiled at the turkey spot. I'm always a sucker for those types of spots when they can be properly worked in. This match was just way too short though. I suspected that Lynx would win, but he managed almost no offense. It made Triple X look vicious at times, but he essentially tapped out after about three total moves.

    I was happy to see the voting between the Pure Rules and Mayhem Rules so close, but why did anyone vote for Ironman? Come on guys, we already said they don't work in the fed. Anyway, I did like how commentary played up how the stipulation was unfair to Callie a bit. I would have liked to have seen her make a bigger deal of it though, maybe throw a tantrum. THe match itself was well written and the finish was different. Sometimes after a missed top rope or in this case top of the ladder move, you will see a pinfall attempt, but you don't often see them work. This was my match of the night, until the main event.

    The main event worked so well for multiple reasons, but mostly due to the story. VI used almost every underhanded tactic in the book to steal a win, but the tenacity of Tyrone and Titus was on full display. I liked how it was written to sell a brutal match without being overbooked, the only weapon spot being Tyrone taking out Roadie. Like I said earlier, with the end of this, it was the right call to end the show.

    The last two matches helped bring up the show to an acceptable level. There was some good and bad on the show, and until those last two matches it looked like it was going to be a messy night, but it ended on a very high note. Match of the night was the main event, with the Elite Title match and the boiler room brawl getting high marks as well. If you toned down the violence and destruction in the HIAC and keep the firework spot out of Batti/Kagura, the PPV would have been higher, but as it stands I'd rate it about a B if my name was Klunderbunker.
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    Told Lee I would get this up a couple days ago. Not as detailed as my Unscripted review, but I hope it helps.

    Meltdown 148

    Opening the show with the Mayhem Title is a nice call. Guys in the WHC scene or long term members often get this spot, so giving the lower card guys a shout is nice. The segment was much too short for an opening though. Becky speaks, we get all Mayhem guys in the ring to speak a single sentence, and then its over. We don't need twenty minute McMahon segments, but you need more substance than what was here.

    The triple threat had highs and lows for me. The commentary during the entrances was solid, it gave you a little insight into the character and their recent history. Cohen did call him Seabass a lot though. One issue I had was that in the entrances, the song playing was mentioned. Since we post the YT video of the theme, listing the name of the song is redundant. Also, I like when there is something to signal the start of the match. The standard *ding ding* is all you need. The content of the match was okay for an opening match. The move to move to move with no real story isn't really a good read, but in a triple threat curtain jerking match, it is passable. I'd suggest more action in each paragraph, each was 3-5 lines. Also, each pin attempt doesn't need to be written like -

    As soon as she hits the move she quickly goes for the pin


    Vee kicks out as soon as the ref counts two. Unless it is a dramatic moment, it flows much better if you write *move sequence* 1....2...kick out *move sequence*

    The Lynx/Tastic segment was fine, but why is Josh Browning getting so many mentions? He is a character NPC, not an official NPC. There is no need for character NPCs with so much mystery around them getting on shows.

    The next match, the Vox entrance was okay, and the Callie bit with the ripped sign was fine, but what even was that commentary? It was borderline racist on Cohen's part. Also Copeland is super professional, he shoudln't be laughing at jokes by Cohen. At least he admonished Cohen over the African child quip. Time to donate a loss to Vox and Callie! That might be the worst line I have ever heard.

    Action wise, thanks for the bell ringing to start. I also liked the little bit before the bell, with the teams having a quick chat. The story with Tastic and Lynx being at odds was good, it added to the match. Don't write like this though -

    Unless there has been a sweeping change since I left, the matches were written *moves, pin* 1....2....kick out *moves*

    That aside, I liked this match. The animosity between the four told a fine enough story.

    I liked the gist of the Triple X interview. It did a good job of painting Triple X as a dick, but, Ace should have been given more credit. He was a fine Mayhem Champ in his original run.

    Who the hell fed him that line?. One of the better Ace intros ever. The Triple X intro did that redundant thing I mentioned earlier. Content wise, the match was good, the finish was good. I just can't get over the way the pinfalls have been written each match so far. On a similar note, countouts. I prefer this-


    *Line of guy crawling*



    To me that flows better than what was done here.

    The Studd/Vox segment was fine, but I feel like at some point Vox is going to need to be given something big or stop being given segments. None of the segments he is in mean anything in the long run. They are fine segments that usually work with their character, but I'd rather segments mean something as opposed to throwing guys on TV just to give them TV time.

    The Mayhem match was weird. War Zone fucked off, but the finish came so suddenly. Something about Mancini stealing the win off of Studd's finish works, but I hope the LL match ramps it up.

    I will have Ascension soon.
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    Yaz Worldwide Presents: Ascension 125 Review
    Paid for by the Titus Avison Corporation with special consideration from the Re-elect John Constantine Campaign

    Right off the bat, the opening to AS was much better than MD. It was longer without being obscene and it had good content. One small issue
    That bold part is a bit confusing to me. Is Cohen saying anything can happen on LL night and that sentiment extends to this episode, or is he being redundant? Could have been worded better, but a small blip on a good opening.

    Moving onto Keaton/Consty. Keaton jumping before the bell and King Kong Roadie running interference were solid points. The match itself was fine as, end of the show aside, it gave the WHC a solid win over a decent midcard name in fairly short order.

    The Vega segment was fine. It did its job in showing Vega was back. If I had a dime for every guy who came back and talked about winning the big one, I'd have a shit load of dimes.

    The old theater reel bit.....well I was confused until I thought about it long enough, best part of being on creative for so long. If this is what I think it is, holy shit! I'm so excited you could cut glass with my nipples.

    I have mixed feelings on the Tyrone/Kagura segment. It is always a bit difficult to get non verbal or non English speaking characters into segments, especially one of this length with a respected talker like Tyrone. This one worked well enough because Tyrone can speak Japanese, but that won't always be the case for those interacting with Kagura.

    Tag match, again this issue.

    There is no need for that when the theme music is two inches above. Also, this bit of commentary isn't good.

    Cohen heels it up in the second line, fine, but the first bit he shows a rooting interest in two faces. That shouldn't happen often, if ever. The entrance description on team two were better.

    That bit was much better. It cut out the unneeded listing of the song name. The positive though was quickly erased by this.

    Yes, Cat favors the women, and yes, Kagura was going to cash in later, but she isn't John Cena returning at the 2008 Rumble. This is no disrespect to Ech, but Kagura is a career midcard act who had yet to win the big one, she would not be anywhere near this reaction level.

    Much like the MD tag, I enjoyed that Jeff included a little bit before the bell of both teams having a chat about strategy. Actual in ring action was fine, but again, I take issue with commentary.

    Both guys hit their finish, that isn't unheard of or even uncommon in a tag match. Then to suggest Wren may want to retire because of it, it is the worst kind of hyperbole.

    Truth be told, I wasn't feeling the Eve segment. Eve showing fire is fine, but the choker label has been bucked I feel. After her brutal verbal RKO on Logan in her Unscripted RP, I think she buried that trend. She dispelled the notion, but frankly it should not have been brought up in the first place, especially by Leon, who should be the most professional of backstage staff.

    Titass vs Neckbeard. Big props out the gate for this in Beard's entrance.

    I don't mind crowd chants if they are used sparingly, but this did a good job of not adding extra length by making the chant separate from the rest of the description. The Titus entrance was well done too, as Cohen getting super hype over Titus is always good. Connor's line was a bit meh, she should have just said 'Not my Champion" instead of mentioning Constantine. I think it fits the joke better.

    As for match content, the chants were written without being disruptive. Commentary could have been better, it was very generic, but it wasn't bad and it wasn't taking the characters down a path they shouldn't go. Much like with the Constantine match, Titus scoring a victory without much trouble is fine. Beard is a part timer so losses won't kill him, and Titus dispatching a former WHC in relatively short order gives him a boost. I also like that Titus didn't try to out muscle Beard and wrestled smart, My only issue was Beard got a rope break after a long ankle lock, hobbles to his feet, and his first move is a spinning back kick. Yes, Titus avoided it, but doing a fancy kick literally seconds after being put in a leg based submission doesn't make sense.

    The post match with TMZ was fun.

    I've covered the Flex segment elsewhere.

    Given the end of the show, Constantine had purpose being at the desk, so no complaints there. I would have preferred a color that wasn't blue since I see blue commentary and think Copeland, but it isn't the end of the world.

    I love this for two reasons. 1) Y'all know how I feel over the whole "first female to do x" praise. I don't feel it should matter if the character is male or female as both have been on equal footing for a long time here. There have just been less females. 2) Cat marks over girl power, and Cohen shut her down. It fits the profile of both. Good on ya.

    My personal preference is the *DING! DING!* to signal a match start, but writing the ref calling for the bell works. Just make sure something is there to signify the start.

    I like the false finish, as it showed Eve was at one point capable of putting Batti down, but it wasn't some BS with outside interference that saved Batti. She still had the presence of mind to get the foot up so she doesn't look like a complete loser.

    In ring wise, the size difference was played up well. Eve towered over Batti and used that to her advantage. I also enjoyed the nod to Eve's ankle issues. This match wasn't some flip fest bingo hall show, nor was it an epic KC main event. It did a fine job of giving two upcoming WHC contenders a couple of moments and played well to each respective character.

    That bit was certainly a different way of doing a count out. I wasn't sure how I felt at first about it, but it did flow well. Reading the entire match and considering the previous Eve segment, I think it worked. You did forget to put in 7 though. Overall I think the countout worked here. At times when we need a draw we try to come up with something cool and unique. Hole in the ring, crash through the barricade, wild brawl through the crowd. This did its job, with a fired up Eve getting too carried away with hurting Batti, losing track of time, and having her previously worked over ankle go out. The psychology leading up to that were 10/10 would bang again.

    I also liked this bit of Myles speech. The two GMs are technically try to outdo each other with their show, so having Chuck take a shot at Becky works here.

    The best part of the cash in, was the copyright info fake out. That has been a big hit for NXT and Gargano getting blitzed by Ciampa lately, so no issue borrowing something from real life and putting our stamp on it.

    This go round, Ascension beat Meltdown, thanks to better writing throughout.

    I hope that these last two bits can help answer any questions y'all had and help you moving forward.
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    As a general note for both shows, I love that we've got the graphics and five pyro introduction to kick-off the shows. Feels good, man. However, there double graphic feels a bit weird. I think just having the Ascension/Meltdown graphic is enough. Also, what happened to the theme songs to open the show? I miss that.

    Anyway, onto the reviews:

    Meltdown 148

    Not much else I can provide about the opening that Yaz hasn't already mentioned. It was great to get the Mayhem guys as the opener but it was way too short for an opening. If the intention was to have a short exchange for the Mayhem competitors then why not mix it up by starting off with a match and have a small segment in the middle of the show? Or even just a generic opening explaining the show before heading into the next post/match.

    The opening triple threat was good for an opening. A match was had. Wrestlers got their stuff in. Winner was decided. Vee got given a small nod at his return. Cool. It definitely did its job. Unfortunately, unless I'm one of the three competitors in this match, I don't see the point of this match. It felt like an exhibition match. I guess it is very difficult to do something because the Lethal Lottery is the next match for these wrestlers but just a little something to give this match substance would've made it perfect. Makes the reader invested in the match, the losers get something to work with and nothing is taken away from the winner. Also, in this situation, doing something like having Logan win dirty gives a reason for Vee/Yemrez to go after him in the Lottery. Mini-stories are fun! Let's start seeing some.

    The segment between Tastic/Lynx is an example of a mini-story I'd like to see. Some interaction between wrestlers who are lynxed (get it, linked, haha) by something but aren't currently feuding. And a nod to what someone said in their RP always makes that RPer excited. Gives off the impression you actually read their RP.

    Reading the segment and then reading the start of the match, I didn't think they were aligned as well as they could. The Lynx/Tastic segment was tame but the match ramped it up by Tastic growling at Lynx. I thought it could've started a little more friendlier (the match) or the segment could've been a bit more fiery. The ending also was a bit weird, giving Lynx a nice word after all that animosity. A bit too friendly. Apart from that, nothing else to critique about the match. Solid enough. There is some fluff between moves that gives the reader a sense of how the characters feel. I always like that. Move-to-move-to-move is generally bad.

    Triple X shows a little character and directing anger at specific characters he isn't feuding with but is affecting X's personal story. I like that. Creates a universe that feels alive.

    The commentary was pretty generic throughout the match. The commentary feels added just to break up the paragraphs of black text... although there is a line about Triple X and Ace Stevens fighting back almost 50 episodes ago. Fair enough. I'd probably throw that in the pre-match commentary somewhere to give the reader something to care about before the match begins. Throwing it in the middle feels like a late attempt to get people to invest. Invest them at the start with these facts. Again, another solid match but it was just a match Ace Stevens won. Sure, Triple X got a segment so he can build from that a bit but I'd rather see some mini-story happen in the match. Give X & Ace a reason to win the match other than them just being scheduled to face each other.

    The Studd/Vox segment was great.

    Champions coming out first in a title match annoys me. I'm one of those sticklers for tradition, I'm afraid. As for the segment that wrote off War Zone, that could've been handled better. Formatting-wise, I personally would segregate that from the actual match with ------------------ lines to make it look like a segment, or maybe even quote tags. Also, why was that the majority of the match? Just a short mention could've happened and then host a match between Mancini/Studd. Do a regular Mayhem match with a few spots, have it so Studd goes to win but War Zone makes his appearance! Studd handles him by wrecking his face but Mancini comes in for the steal. Easy. Mancini gets the title, Studd has a legit complaint, War Zone is out and you can re-visit those spots for the Lottery match and call back to them. Like, Studd hits Mancini with a specific chair shot sequence and nails him perfectly. For the LL match, Studd goes for it again but Mancini sees it coming and reverses it. Bam, story-telling. Easy.

    I know you guys didn't want to blow your load on this match in favour of writing a good Mayhem title match for the LL. However, nothing is stopping you guys from going simple, writing spots to set-up the match for the LL and ramping it up for the finale with a gruesome match. Saving the match feels like we'll be seeing the match for the first time rather than these two competitors having a legit gripe with the other and wanting to hurt the other.


    Ascension 125

    Actually, I do prefer the picture of the "WZCW: A decade of excellence" on top of the show gif rather than two gifs on top of one another. The two moving pictures are distracting. One still and one moving is nice.

    I felt as if Constantine spoke too much about Justin Cooper and not enough about the future ahead of him. I get that Cooper/Prophet has done a lot for WZCW but the time dedicating to thanking him was too much. The show must go on. Consty should've quickly addressed it, moved on and looked toward the next match. Not even one mention of Taylor or Batti... or heck, even Kagura, was a bit of a mistake. I understand Kagura but Taylor/Batti are literally scheduled for a match which Consty explained.

    The Keaton/Constantine match was good but I don't get why Constantine came back out. Why not have him stay in the ring and only have Keaton make his entrance? Better yet, why not have Keaton come out to interrupt Consty and begin the match? The pacing feels off when you do that. The match would've felt a bit more personal, too, if Keaton would've interrupted/attacked Consty. Plus, given their history, it would make sense for something like that to happen.

    I liked how you used the Vega segment to promote him and correct a situation. Not sure what to make of the video clip, though.

    The Ty/Kagura segment had some Lucha Underground feel with two characters speaking to each other in different languages. I love that. Removing language as a barrier is cool and allows both characters to retain their images.

    For the tag team match, I don't feel like I have much really to say that hasn't already been said by Yaz or just general comments throughout my review so far. Only thing I can say is that I'm a little sad Wren didn't get something before the match, considering Vega/Kagura/Tyrone all had speaking pieces. It would've allowed everyone to have a voice, y'know?

    Unlike Yaz, I was cool with the segment. Having Leon interview Eve is a bit weird considering the Stacey/Eve friendship but it helped in writing my RP for the Lethal Lottery, so for me personally, the segment did well. No complaints from me here.

    The Beard did not get a formal introduction from Selena Anderson (probably because she was drunk). The match was fine. Commentary, as Yaz said, could've used some zest to make the match a little spicy. Also, what about something to motivate Beard in this encounter? With Beard being a part-timer, it could've been cool to have a segment or speaking part saying he came back to Japan (cheap pop) only to challenge the reign of Titus and give him a run for his money. Since he is a part-timer, it wouldn't hurt Beard to lose if he built himself up as he can come back and be refreshed. Plus, running down Titus wouldn't hurt him either because A) he won and B) he's a legend who has held the title for so long.

    The Flex segment was great... but it was on the wrong show. This should've been on Meltdown. The only reason I say this is because of what happened later in the night overshadowing this announcement. Considering the way Meltdown ended with the Mayhem match, this Flex return could've closed the show and got people talking. If the end of Ascension did not happen the way it did, I'd still put this on Meltdown because figuring out the new number one contender would've been a big reveal to rival the segment.

    And for the final match, once again Yaz has covered many points that I would've said. Outside of that, everything was great here. I'd honestly be nitpicking. Maybe this match could've been a lot longer with Batti & Eve going a little further and not giving up at all. Possibly not ending with a count-out that has both Batti and Eve just roll into the ring like nothing happened. I felt there could've been more tension between Batti/Eve throughout the match and the post-match stuff. Build it up a little more with how much each competitor wants that World title shot. That little extra emotion would've made this perfect. However, this was the best piece out of both shows and I thoroughly enjoyed how it all went down.


    The shows did well enough to set up the Lottery. I'm surprised there wasn't a little more in the way of hyping up the Eurasian title match. It definitely lacked in that department to build it up.

    Also, referees. Sometimes there is one. Sometimes there isn't. I know style changes based on each writer but a little consistency with the referee situation is needed. Either use the generic "referee" term or start assigning referees for the matches.

    I hope all this was helpful.
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    I've never done one of these but I felt like Kingdom Come deserved one.

    To get things started, whoever wrote the intro did a great job of making the location of KC come through vibrantly with both the stage and performance description. This was followed by an equally as impressive written video package to kick off the show that immediately got me excited to continue reading. Great job setting the table by the writers.

    Next, I was immediately blown away by the graphic for the first match. It was absolutely beautiful. Having those amazing graphics serve as a header for each match truly added to the overall grandeur of the event. Outstanding job, Killjoy.

    Mark Keaton's Darth Vader entrance drew a couple of chuckles from me, but I don't know if I've ever appreciated an e-fed entrance as much as I did Liv Mas' entrance. I found it extremely poignant. Kudos to Yaz & AB for coming up with it. I was a little surprised to see this match open the card but after the great entrances and the excellent crafting of the match by Dave I saw exactly why it served as a great table setter.

    The segment with John Constantine and Steven Holmes got me in the feels a little bit, but once Stormrage was introduced I was a little confused because he just came off his hard fought match. Either way, I tried not to let it effect my enjoyment of the segment which I thought served a great purpose of injecting some history with a bit of humor.

    I must admit, pretty much throughout the night I expected the Mayhem Match to be next and kept finding myself a bit surprised to see how many matches preceded it. This isn't a critique at all, just an honest description of my thought process at the time. The Elite Title math served as a very solid showcase of all 4 participants of the match. As it was mentioned in the Discussion Thread, I too was a bit confused as to who exactly was pinned in the match. I believe Callie pinned Lynx after knocking Randy Studd off the apron on her way to the top turnbuckle, but a little more clarity would have served the finish much better. Either way, I don't think it takes away anything from Callie's victory. I thought all 4 characters could move on from this match in a positive manner, something I applaud KJ for achieving.

    As I re-read the event I now realize this quick Eve Taylor/Tyrone Blades segment was serving as a foreshadowing of the main event switch announcement. If I'm correct, I think it's a cool move for the Tyrone Blades character to seemingly have a hand in it happening. The Blades character would indeed understand the magnitude of Titus/Constantine.

    I wasn't here for most of Cerberus' run. In fact, I think I remember the Ramparte character debuting shortly before my sudden departure. Point being, I only hear about the great run, I never experienced it myself. The video package here did a great job making me more invested in Flex vs Batti. I truly had little to no idea of any of their history. Nice job whoever wrote that up. The two matches before this were a great 1-2 punch to start off the night but the video package and history lesson made Batti vs Mussel feel like the first big time match of the evening. I only really knew about Krypto... even feuded against the character years ago, but I was never invested in the character. In just this past cycle, I'm all in on King Mussel... and I was all in throughout this entire match. I didn't realize it was going to be Batti's final match, but it served as an almost beautiful way of bringing the character to an end... thanks in no small part to Milenko's writing of the match. This was a damn good match to end one of the better feuds going into Kingdom Come.

    The Garth Black interview was alright. Nothing major here. The Titus segment afterwards was a bit more effective for me. I remember getting genuinely excited to get up to that match.

    Garth Black is another character I am not very familiar with, so I was very surprised by how emotionally invested I became as I read this match. Jeff did such a great job making me care more and more about the winner as the match progressed. The pacing was top notch. I try to scroll slowly to not spoil myself so I genuinely bought Kagura's small package on Garth as the finish. I was hooked. Kagura's impending doom as Garth held her up to deliver a second Black Out was so palpable. I seriously enjoyed this match a lot more than I thought I would going into it. Jeff, I applaud you.

    A quick segment with the Mayhem participants followed. I did find it a little weird that someone who no-showed got the final line in a segment. I was curious what would happen with the Blazing Tiger and Ace Stevens character and can't say I wouldn't have preferred a triple threat match here between myself, HVK & Mancini... but I thought KJ did a very nice job writing both of their characters while walking a fine line between doing their characters proud and performing like they no-showed. Although the character's started the match behind the eight-ball, they weren't completely written off throughout the fight. I thought Harald Var Krigare was appropriately made to look very strong and formidable throughout the match. His presence in the match always felt as if it were overbearing to the other competitors, and rightfully so. I definitely laughed at Vega's usage of the crown. When I wrote the RP choosing the crown, I imagined him simply hitting people over the head with it early on or something. I rather enjoyed how the weapons were an integral part of each 3 RPing character's offense. Vega throwing his crown and catching it as it bounces back a couple of times throughout the match was something even I didn't foresee. At one point Connor compares him to Captain America throwing his shield. It's precisely the type of levity I enjoyed seeing in Mayhem matches back in my day. I thoroughly enjoyed this match, and even though I lost I was glad to see the HVK character come out looking strong in the end. I believe Fallout can truly carve out a place for him in the Mayhem division before moving up in the cards.

    The Hall of Fame segment served it's purpose. It was nice, but the actual Hall of Fame Ceremony posted the day or two prior to KC was definitely a touching piece of work. It's incredible to be a part of an e-fed that has been around so long and has had so many established characters that a Hall of Fame is actually appropriate to have. Congratulations once again to Yaz, Funkay & Dave.

    So did someone just basically google famous Spanish celebrities? Antonio Banderas in the open, Alejandro Sanz with the attendance announcement? lol. It made me chuckle.

    Then came perhaps my favorite segment simply because of how it set the table for the night's finale. Eve Taylor losing it over not being in the Main Event was appropriate for the character, and just effin' awesome decision making by creative.

    Suddenly, up next is one of the most awesome co-main events ever in Eve Taylor vs Tyrone Blades. Although not my favorite storyline leading into the event, I was invested in the story enough to eagerly look forward to this match. The video package was well done. I think writing a world title match between two characters the likes of Eve Taylor and Tyrone Blades could be a pretty daunting task... perhaps only 2nd to the following match... but I think Ech absolutely delivered here. I predicted an Eve Taylor victory but in no way thought I knew the outcome. There were a couple of times I thought I had gotten my prediction right but Tyrone winning was a welcome result regardless. I couldn't help but feel as I came to the ending and read the celebration that this served so much better as the co-main event and not the final moment of the night. Match order could not only make or break an event, it effects the effectiveness of a match in general... and this being the second to last match I felt like honestly helped both characters much more than had they gone on last. It didn't diminish Tyrone's moment at all in my opinion... he's Tyrone Blades, and nothing can diminish him. The World Title match being the co-main just added so much more to the entire event.

    And finally... the most anticipated match I have ever personally had the pleasure of reading since I've been a part of this fed. I cared about this match more than my own match. I was seriously hyped by the time I got to it... which is a huge homage to the crew. Had KC not been well paced and well written, I would have felt tired and anxious reading through all of that to get to the main event... but instead I was eager, excited, intrigued. The anticipation built properly all night with the segments and the match order switch.... just so well done to get us to this point.

    And then Falkon... delivers perhaps the greatest example of match writing I have ever read in my entire life. Absolutely immaculate, stellar, downright beautiful match writing. I have no idea how you were able to exceed the hype for this match, but you did and then some. The match itself was masterfully written... and the post match actions of both Titus and Constantine, just wow. I believe it is the greatest thing I have ever read in all my years of e-fedding. A perfect match, and it made reading Kingdom Come an absolute joy.

    Falkon, Dave, Ech, Jeff, KJ, Milenko, Lee and anyone else involved... a standing ovation to all of you. Shows like that make me feel privileged to participate in this fed. Take a bow, gentleman.

    Thank you for an amazing show.
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    I'll do this in two parts. First the things I think could have been done better, and then things that I think were done very well.

    Kingdom Come 9

    Things that could have been better:

    In the Elite Openweight match, this has been mentioned by others already, but it was very unclear as to who got pinned. I thought it was Studd at first, then upon re-reading it I thought it was Wren. Or was it Lynx? The reader should not have to get confused by things like that. In multi-person matches the person being pinned should be specifically mentioned. A similar situation occurs in the Mayhem match of it not being fully clear who got pinned.

    The segment before Batti VS Flex had too much old show content in my opinion. I found it a little tough to read through. Stuff like this would be better with more focus on PPV content. I know that specific moments were being highlighted so you can't always pull PPV content for that reason. Maybe interviews with the competitors would have been better. This segment really didn't do it for me.

    There were a couple of typos that I noticed. At one point in the Garth VS Kagura match Connor says "it nearly costed him the match". That should have been "cost" instead of "costed". The second one came towards the end of the show. In the segment where the announcers are talking about Titus VS Constantine before the match, Connor says "this is the championship that has alluded Constantine". This should have been "eluded" not "alluded".

    My biggest dislike with this show is one I had already mentioned to Dave. I'll say it now to everyone else. Whether it be Garth Black or Randy Studd, one of these two should not have been on the card. The Elite Openweight match could have had another competitor in Studd's place while Kagura still faces Garth. Or Studd could have still been in the Elite match while Garth doesn't compete which raises the question of what Kagura could have done. Regardless, this kinda rubbed me the wrong way. While I'm not angry (which I told Dave) it should not have happened. When Creative says "no second characters at Kingdom Come" and then someone gets to have a second character but others don't, it makes it look like people are not being treated equally. I've made it known how busy I was this cycle. However if this round had happened during a time where I had the time to do 2 RP's then I likely would have been a lot more upset about this. Just me being honest, guys. I know it was unintentional for it to have ended up the way it did with the matches. I've been back there with you guys so I know the team goes through so much with planning shows. I know how hard it could have been to prevent what happened. So, I've said my peace and will leave it at that. Let's move on. Rant over.

    Things I think were done very well:

    Loved the graphics for all of the matches. Those were fantastically done. Every single one of them.

    Having the tag team match go first was a good call. I figured either that or the Mayhem title match would have opened. The entrances for both teams were pretty cool. I wish I would have had the time to come up with one of my own, but time was against me. It's a miracle I even was able to RP with everything I had going on.

    The comment Connor made asking about Tiffany only to quickly be silenced by the other announcers made me laugh. She won't be back, not even as an NPC. I might answer Connor's question in an RP down the line without her actually appearing in it. I wrote her out for personal reasons. Long story short, writing Tiffany and Theron's story helped me come to terms with something that happened years ago. Anyway, the comment made me laugh.

    The decision to have Titus VS Constantine go last was a nice surprise. I often say that the World Championship should always close unless there is a dream match. It's safe to say that the main event qualifies as such with two Hall Of Famers going at it with the possibility of a reign lasting two full Seasons at this point. I felt bad for Eve Taylor when she spoke to the GM's. I really enjoyed the segment before Eve VS Blades. It did a great job of showing just how big of a deal this match is, despite it not closing the show. Eve had my favorite RP of the round so I really thought she had this, even though I had said in my predictions that it wouldn't surprise me if Ty won. He's referred to as one of the very best for a reason. Second best match other than the main event.

    What an ending. The main event was very deserving to go on last and it was a great conclusion. It took another legend to end the legendary reign. The show of respect between the two Hall Of Famers was a really good moment. Best part of the show! A fitting farewell for the end of Constantine's career in the shows but also Dave's time as Head Of Creative in real life.

    I know I ranted a bit in the criticism portion of this show review, but you guys did a great job with this show. Way to go, Creative team! Highly enjoyable as an overall read. Other than Kingcom Come 7 this might be my favorite Kingdom Come event so far.
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