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    Dynamite's Kingdom Come Review (Ya Heard)

    Opening - Standard stuff, national anthem, opening hype and recap of all the matches. Well done as always, hard to fuck that up.

    Live Mas vs. Triple/Keaton - Entrances were very creative. The personality of all the characters shined through. The match itself was quite fun too. The use of a replay was nice as I haven't seen that done in a while, though I could be wrong. The winners were unfortunately never in doubt for me, but that's besides the point. Not sure where either of these four men go from here but Live Mas works in that you can plug either Tastic or Stormrage (separately or together) in just about anywhere and it works. I hope Keaton finds solid footing as I've wanted to him to go much farther ever since he broke away from being Cooper's protege. Triple X is a solid upper mid card hand as well who seems to be lost in the shuffle, hope that changes.

    Segments - I'm skipping any that don't involve promos from characters or recaps or anything that's just NPCs. Not much for me to say on them.

    Holmes/Consty/Mikey - Nice little reunion with some WWE like comedy, I dig it.

    Elite OpenWeight Fatal Fourway - Felt like it went by sort of quick but that doesn't take away from the match quality. I know multi-man matches can be a bit tough to stretch out. Callie is Alexa Bliss in more ways than one, and I feel she may be the sleeper champion in the company, it'll be interesting to see who can take the belt off of her. All the other's involved seem like they have may to go to the end of line, chase another title, or possibly find a feud because the Elite League felt draining.

    Blades/Taylor - Interesting to have the World title competitors face to face before they're match with no shenanigans. Bitches love shenanigans.

    Batti/Flex Recap - Stuff like this is always great. Lots of us really gloss over stuff on the shows we're not a part of or weren't there for stuff that happened years ago. This showed just how important history was in this feud.

    Batti vs Flex - Hard to rate a match I'm involved in fairly but I did enjoy it. Particularly the wheelchair stage spot was really cool. I thought the ending was quite abrupt. As soon as Flex was declared the winner things seemed kinda rushed. But it's whatever, I'm just sad to see Batti go, I was hoping to inflict more pain and sexism upon her.

    Garth Backstage - Is Garth still an alcoholic? I lost track of his gimmick after the conspiracy theory stuff.

    Titus Eurasian Accolades - Incredible reign, nice to recap the victims.

    Kagura vs Garth Black - Far and away the most technical and thrilling written match on show so far. For a sleeper match that I think fell under the radar for a lot of people this kicked ass. Garth is a former World champion and now easily claim to a potential shot at least something in the future, though it seems like this feud might not be done, and with everything being so crowded everywhere else that might be for the best.

    Mayhem Competitors Segment - Ace Stevens should have been bigger than he is.

    Mayhem Title Match - A fun chaotic mess is the perfect way to describe this match. Similar to the Elite match in my opinion of it. Congrats to Harald. The Mayhem title isn't defended in every match the champion is in anymore right? I think that should change, to at least all singles matches. Make the Mayhem Division great again damnit.

    Hall of Fame - By the numbers, ain't nothing wrong with that.

    Taylor/Miles - Announcing the World title won't main event was cool but it could have been revealed in the earlier Taylor/Blades segment. One or the other just felt unnecessary.

    World title Recap - The second of the three marque matches to receive a promo. Good stuff, sprinkle in that old show content like salt bae into open wounds.

    World Title Match - I really had no clue Jason Mamoa was Tyrone's rep and have completely lost track of who is Eve's. Unrelated but still important to state. Probably only the second match of the night where I was really captivated by what I was reading. It really felt like these two were in pure competition to beat the hell out of each other and beat the best. I'm never a fan of repeating the same World title match on the next B-show PPV but since this technically didn't main event I wouldn't mind seeing these two go at it again with a stipulation. Since one of them is eventually losing to me it's all good.

    July 4th Comedy - Poor Keaton.

    Eurasian Tale of the Tape - This was a really good way of really getting the gravitas of this match and just how big of a deal both these legends are. On some Undertaker shit this felt epic.

    Eurasian Title Match - Easily match of the night based off it's scope, feel, and basically everything surrounding this match. I didn't really feel the weight of this feud until this show but this went hard. Mixed in with the double post this match was phenomenal.

    Overall Thoughts - With the graphics and worked that was put in this was a great show, but I'd say only three matches really felt like they were KC levels of quality. I'm obviously not putting down anyone's work and not every match has or needs to be super long I'm just pointing out where it felt like more work was put in. It's hard to fuck this up though, everyone on creative are very capable writers with experience so I would expect nothing less. I think this has hopefully motivated us all to do our best to continue allowing shows like this to be made so the fed can prosper, because things can really get even better if we collectively keep going.
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    Meltdown 152

    I like the new graphics that Killjoy made. They make the show look a little more unique and a bit more personal. I am saddened, on a personal note, that you aren't using the decade graphic that was made. It celebrated 10 years of hard work but that's more a personal thing than anything else.

    The opening to Meltdown was really good. I think it's a great idea to summarise what happened on the last set of shows at the start of a show. Raw and SD do that all the time to remind people of what they should know and it really helped after such a long time since the last show. Well done to whoever thought of that. In terms of the meat of the segment, I think Ty could have been given more time to talk about his accomplishment. It seems a little quick to me but I know you guys had a lot to get through.

    Really disappointed that El Hijo was done in this way. I'd really like to know the story behind that because that's not how I imagined it going at all. The handler seemed very keen to be involved and it seems odd to me that they would no show the first match. Still, a good win for Stetson Hayes. I got a laugh from him arriving on a horse too.

    Again, I think more could be made of Batti going away but if that's what Spidey wanted, then so be it. The Titus line got a laugh out of me again.

    I'm glad that you realise that Kagura lost to Black and the roles should have been reversed with regards to the title contender match. It all plays in to Black's wheelhouse, so I'm not upset about it. It looks as though it'll be Black versus Titus at the next PPV - that ought to be a good match if built correctly. I didn't see a great deal of reasoning in that segment other than "I want Titus" really. I'm hoping that gets meatier as we go forward.

    The gauntlet match was a cool idea to write off Blazing Tiger and the rest of Remix's characters in one go. A lot of it was quite funny and I have to give you credit for remembering some of the characters that I couldn't. Remix burned his bridge once and for all and deserved this. That said, you guys have crossed a line if you used his real name at the end. If you have, you should remove that. It's not on. If you haven't, ignore that last part. I sense a shift in behaviour with Titus too. It's only natural after his lengthy reign that the fans should appreciate it. Watch this space, I guess.

    Decent segment from the Live Mas team. Intriguing shift of character from Tastic from the opening to the middle of the show though. Maybe he's acting one way for the crowd and another with Mikey. He was almost heelish in the opening and a face in the middle. Odd but I'll allow it until I see more.

    I'll try and keep the feedback on my match brief because there's a tendency for bias when talking about your own characters. I really enjoyed Broon towelling off Studd - that's exactly the type of thing Broon would do. He's got no time for pretentiousness or nonsense. That was a good idea. The match itself was really good, so all credit to Jeff for writing it. I like when you think about characters and make the match revolve around their personalities. This was a great example of it. The soda spots and the beard stuff, really good.

    Decent segment from Callie that explains her absence and does some good heel work with her character.

    Flex being a shifty, manipulative bastard? Aye, sign me up for that.

    I thought the next match between Vega and Blades was a little bit short for my liking. Vega is a bit name with a lot of pedigree and this could have been much more of a slog between two great superstars. The match itself was decent though, I don't have any complaints other than the length. Good win for Blades in front of his home crowd. I think Vega could have been protected a bit more though.

    The next segment was literally a waste of a post. Nothing happens.

    I enjoyed that Taylor was on commentary for the main event. I also enjoyed the initial interaction with the other commentators. She should be in the match given her loss to Blades, so I'm glad you guys didn't ignore that. The match itself is really good and is probably the best match in the show. There's a few spots in there that really help the match along, notably the Matt Tastic injury. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out between Tastic and Mikey. Having Flex win is then right decision and having Taylor do the dirty work on Blades is a good call too. If that's the main event for the upcoming PPV, colour me interested. A lot of history between all three of the competitors to work with.

    Overall, decent show. The matches were hit and miss but mostly hit. The same goes for the segments too. Really good show this round, guys. Keep it up.
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    I wrote my first show review ever last cycle for Kingdom Come and I thought I'd make it 2 PPV reviews in a row with R-Awakening.

    Show Open
    I remember the show open for Kingdom Come doing a very good setting the atmosphere for the event. There was an effort to make sure the location of the event influenced the show introduction. I didn't feel that as much for R-Awakening, but given the fact that KC was in Spain and this event was held in Tampa, Florida... I give creative a complete pass. Nobody can make Tampa seem interesting.

    Now, I know I have a reputation for not being around or active on the boards much... so at the risk of perpetuating that rep, I must say I was floored by the announcement made by Cat Connor at the start of the program about it being Tyrone's final match. It also seemed like it was almost a throw away statement.

    Jabari Kasim vs Grindhouse - No DQ
    I must begin by admitting that the Jabari Kasim character makes me feel a little uncomfortable at times... like when he's brought out to the ring in chains. It reminds me of the way Harlem Heat debuted back in the 90s... lead to the ring in chains by Col. Parker. It doesn't really age well, and Kasim in the chains is a little rough for me personally. Grindhouse, on the other hand, is a very intriguing character. Ramparte serves as a wonderful mouthpiece. Seeing the way Spidey write Ramparte in his present RPs makes me wish I was around for his run.

    As for the match, hell of a way to start off the show. Immediately the tone was set for both men. It was a unique match for both where neither has found themselves in the ring with someone that is equal in size to them. Perhaps the only other character in the fed that compares in size would be Harald Var Krigare. There was confusion and adaptation that was necessary from both these big men in the beginning of the match, and it was a clever way of approaching the bout by Echelon. The match read much like fight a fight scene in a novel with the amount of writer insight infused throughout. Great way to start off the PPV. Congrats to Spidey, a strong showing by Yaz and great match writing by Ech.

    Callie Clark Interview w/Stacey Madison
    Sometimes it's hard to fully grasp what a character is about in WZCW. Perhaps nobody is more guilty of this than myself, with Vega. However, Callie Clark may be the antitheses of that. I believe a large reason for Matrix's success with Callie is how easy he makes it for us to realize what makes her character tick. Callie has a clear cut personality that always shines through. This segment is a perfect example. Short and simple, and classic Callie Clark.

    Xander vs Kagura
    I wrote this match so I won't go into it in detail much. I just wanted to point out this is my second time in a row getting to write a Kagura match and it has been a pleasure both times. Kagura is a small character that relies more on technique than strength, and I find it fun to write for having a similar traits in my own character. I've never written a BK match and am glad to have finally gotten the chance. I've always been a huge fan of Triple X's, and a major reason I'm bummed about the rep being gone is not being able the give BK rep basically every round. All I was told before writing the match was who went over, and have it be by cheating. I always appreciate the amount of creative freedom the guys give me when writing a match, and I had an absolute blast writing this one. I hope Ech & BK enjoyed it... I have an immense amount of respect for both of those guys. Two of my favorite writers in the fed.

    Vega Interview w/Leon Kensworth
    I thought sprinkling real life truths within Vega's promo was a touch of genius. Whoever wrote this segment did a great job encapsulating how not only my character should be feeling at the moment, but truly how I'm personally feeling myself. Stellar job by whoever wrote this. Sorry, but the credits didn't specify who wrote which segment. Either way, thank you for what may have been Vega's best promo in WZCW.

    Harald Var Krigare vs PC Stevie Broon - Mayhem Championship
    I'm a big fan of Harald Var Krigare. It was a lot of fun getting to write his match last round versus Kagura. Likewise, it looks like this match was a lot of fun for Jeff to write. Harald dominating the early portions makes sense, and it's easy to imagine Stevie bumping all over the place for HVK. Obviously, the highlight of the match is when Stevie Broon crawls under the ring and emerges on the other side in full police riot gear... and a Lightnings jersey to boot. I genuinely laughed out loud. Kudos to Jeff for the spot, as well as to Dave for coming up with a character that allows for that much comedic flexibility. I know Dave had a difficult time this round getting the RP he wanted up, and wishes he could have done something better... but regardless, kayfabe, this is a huge win for Harald Var Krigare and does a lot establishing the Mayhem Championship a bit before the changes coming up on the horizon. I think the riot gear spot and the amount of fight Stevie had until the very end will serve the character well in defeat nonetheless. Nice execution by Jeff, and congrats to Fallout.

    Flex Mussel/Eve Taylor Interview w/Leon Kensworth
    This was a decent segment to heighten the animosity between Eve and Flex going into the Main Event. Flex's character is one of, if not, the most entertaining to read on shows and in RPs. King Mussel segments on shows and PPVs usually lead to a good read. Eve Taylor's boob line about Wasabi Toyota was uh... alright I guess.

    Matt Tastic vs Vega
    It's unfortunate that AB didn't have the opportunity to RP against me this round. After the confusion early on this cycle, and after the couple of come to Jesus conversations I had with some of the guys in creative, I became genuinely excited for this match. I was prepared to have the match end on some type of count out or DQ, and in all honesty I would have been completely fine with it. I victory over AB like this isn't the same for obvious reasons, and I hope to one day face him again to give him a proper opportunity. Regardless, I thank creative for the night my character had. Between the interview earlier on in the night and the somewhat quick and decisive victory over Matt Tastic, there is obvious momentum building. Thank you, Ech, for giving Vega the strong showing. AB, I hope our paths cross once again.

    Mikey Stormrage/Matt Tastic Segment
    I thought it was a little weird having this segment directly follow Tastic's match. There was mentionof Matt breaking his nose towards the end of the match, and it seemed a little jarring to me to see him in the very next segment, especially a light hearted segment involving Mikey's philosophy on hot dogs... but hey... that's basically the perfect example of what this duo is like.

    Alice Adams vs Keith Cole vs Annie Halloway
    This was a sleeper match of the event I was looking forward to... mostly impart to the fact that I went out of my way to try and acclimate myself with these three characters after my ignorant display on Discord. I was a little underwhelmed by the match itself. Just about the time I started getting into the match, it ended. The final sentence of the match was a bit clunky and took some re-reading to understand, which unfortunately lead to a slightly more lackluster finish for me personally. This is no knock against Milenko. I thought he did an incredible job writing Batti vs Flex @ Kingdom Come. Either way, I thought this entire cycle was a strong showing for all three of these characters, with this match in particular being vital to not only Annie Halloway but Alive Adams as well. Sawa did a kick ass job this round. Kudos. And props to Wildcat for being able to transition from a monster male to cerebral female and come out with this much success. Congrats on the strong cycle and big win.

    Titus Avison & Garth Black Segment
    Just both guys arriving to the arena... but Titus arrives a lot earlier than Garth. Nothing much, but showing these guys enter the arena is a nice and easy way to build up for a big match.

    Tony Mancini vs "Remarkable" Mark Keaton
    Tony is one of the characters I'm rather familiar with due to our interactions in the cycle leading up to KC, and I have seen a steady improvement from him throughout that time. Mark Keaton won me over with his entrance at Kingdom Come as I was a little unsure about him before that. Since then, it feels like Jeff has found a renewed focus. I'm not sure, but it's felt like a solid cycle for him leading up to this match. The quick victory solidified the cycle. An unfortunate bit of a step back this cycle it seems for Milenko. I'm not really sure where he stands with the fed right now between leaving creative and the weird way Mancini tapped to a sleeper and then walked right out of the arena. I do, however, look forward to see what heights Jeff will take the "Remarkable" one post R-Awakening. Fair showing by Spidey writing up the match, but like the last one, it's brevity may have left some wanting more... but I get it. Not every match on the card can be a long epic.

    Becky Serra Gold Rush Announcement w/Stetson Hayes
    First of all, kudos to whoever wrote this segment. I had to google the word "jingoism." Thank you for expanding my vocabulary. I haven't read all of Spidey's RPs as Stetson, but I've definitely read a couple. I remember reading the first one and feeling amazed at how familiar it seemed Spidey felt writing the character. With that being said, this segment with him interrupting Becky Serra may be the most effective moment of the cycle in terms of defining the character's persona. Coming out to upstage the Gold Rush and EurAsian Title announcements got over huge with me, especially his bit with the flag over the belt. Regarding the title... it's amazing how a vacant title can hold so much prestige, but it truly feels like a prestigious prize at the moment, and we have Lee and Dave to thank for that. With that being said... I was a bit confused whether there was going to be 1 tournament or 2... but I believe I got more clarity with the WZCW.com post later on. Either way, this is the most excited I've probably ever been about a GM announcement, and Stetson ruined it. Awesome job.

    Titus Avison vs Garth Black
    When I returned to WZCW, 2 things surprised the hell out of me. 1 was Titus' ridiculously impressive reign as EurAsian Champion, and 2 was that Titus was a heel. As I read his RPs I saw how effective he was as a heel, and how it must have helped him through his reign. Titus was a perfect heel, but the match he had vs Constantine at KC was legitimately beautiful, and I love this story arc of that match somehow dragging the honor back out of Titus. It seems to have influenced him to change his ways throughout the cycle, and this match seemed like an emphatic stamp on this notion... from the very start with Garth connecting with a low blow before the bell and once again later on in the match. chuckled at the line "Titus collapses. Once again with pain in the crotch." That tickled me, not sure why. This set up the finish beautifully, with Titus not falling for the low blow a third time, countering, and going into the final flurry for the win. Big win for Lee to get Titus back to his winning ways. I was very curious to see the outcome of this match. Although I found Lee's video RP quite entertaining, I wasn't sure how creative would vote for it. It's nice to see the creativity awarded. Great job by both Lee and Tasty this round... truly great. Killer match writing, KJ.

    Elite Openweight Championship Video Segment
    I think it was a clever idea to have a hype video revolving around the Elite Openweight Championship. The World Title always gets a spotlight, and the EurAsian Championship just had it's own stand alone segment... sometimes as great as Callie is, the Elite Title may go overlooked sometimes. Making the Elite Openweight Title Match the Co-Main coupled with this hype video did a lot in establishing it's credibility. The quick history lesson of the belt was great, especially for people like me who have gaps in their tenures here, or for new arrivals to the fed. I definitely remember when it was called the Elite X Championship. I've always kinds wished it was just the Elite Championship... because, isn't every title an openweight title? But, whatever. It's still a championship I desire, and I feel like most of the fed should as well after tonight.

    Callie Clark vs Mikey Stormrage - Cage Match - Elite Openweight Championship
    Mikey "running" to the ring, lol. Math equation to start off the match also made me chuckle. The Child's Play foreshadowing in the Callie Clark interview earlier on in the night pays off with her Chuckie cosplay. A bunch of little entertaining bits before the match even starts. Nice job, Lee. The match was thoroughly entertaining. A bunch of fun spots. Mikey knocking Callie off the cage, catching her and nailing the Game Over was sweet. When Mikey decided to not go for the pin, submission, or door... and started climbing, I thought for sure he was losing the match. I thought it was setting up a perfectly heelish victory for Callie... she gets to walk out the door barely making it before Mikey climbs over to placate the fans. But I did not see the finish coming. Mikey's crazy ass just fucking moonsaults off the cage through the Spanish Announce table, sacrificing his damn life for the victory, and championship. Awesome finish. Hold your head high, Matrix. You're awesome for the Elite Openweight Championship's legacy. Huge congratulations to Yaz on the amazing victory. And thank you to Lee for the dope match.

    Locker Room Segment
    Tyrone, Eve & Flex in their locker rooms. Big fight feel right here for sure.

    Tyrone Blades vs Eve Taylor vs King Mussel - World Championship
    Man, where to start with these three? Falkon is easily one of ,if not, the most talented pure writers in the history of this fed. I find his writing more artistic and beautiful than most others in the fed. That's not to say other RPs aren't as effective. Dynamite's RPs are just as effective, is not more so, but his style is completely different. His is a more blunt and comedic style that leaves me just as entertained. And Ty is perhaps the embodiment of what most people in this fed wanna try to be both as a writer and as a character in terms of legacy. The introductions with all three people in the ring add to the big match feel of this main event. An early kick out by Flex from the Click Clack is a great way of establishing his strength. Tyrone selling the leg still saves his finisher though. Nice stuff. I definitely thought for a moment there that Tyrone and Eve were gonna double team Flex for a while, but I was wrong. Flex's strength and near dominance early on was impressive.

    Often times in triple threats, a character may always seem lost or unaccounted for. I thought Yaz did an incredible job with ensuring we always had a clear visual of what was going on with all three characters at all times. It helped add to the suspense in the final sequence of the match. I thought the ending was great. Flex tosses in a chair, takes Eve out with the 2nd chair on the outside before tossing that one in too... sets them up, Tyrone nails the Click, Flex counter the Clack into the Mussel Bomb through the chairs... 1, 2, 3... new champion. Awesome. Just awesome, Yaz. Congratulations to Flex... you deserve it dude. Your RPs are consistently entertaining. Falk, continue doing what you do and I believe you'll end up on top sooner rather than later. And Ty... if it's true that you're leaving, it saddens me very much but I wish nothing but the best for you. I want to sincerely thank you for being a huge help this past cycle. You've helped guide me to a better place in this fed, and I truly thank you.

    Final Thoughts
    There was a couple of amazing matches on this card. I thought the final 3 matches were absolutely superb. If I had to choose, I may call the Cage Match or the Main Event the Match of the Night. I had a blast writing Kagura vs Xander... and the opener was awesome, too. I think R-Awakening did an incredible job picking up the pieces of Kingdom Come and setting WZCW on an extremely interesting path for the very near future. The Gold Rush Tournament, the EurAsian Tournament, and a 24/7 Rule to the Mayhem Championship along with new World and Elite Champions are going to give the fed a lot to work with and a lot to get motivated over. I want to thank everyone that put this card together. Shout out to KJ, Spidey, Lee, Yaz, Milenko, Ech, & Jeff. Amazing job as always. R-Awakening was a blast to read. Can't wait for the next cycle.
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    Jabari vs Grindhouse:

    I thought this was a good hoss fight between the two absolute behemoths of the roster. I liked that even though it was mayhem rules match there wasn't much of anything you'd expect in a mayhem match. These two guys don't need weapons, they are weapons. I don't really have much to complain about here, except for the way the commentary lines were put in, it felt odd to me that they came after a paragraph of action, instead of maybe breaking up the paragraphs and being put in as the things they were talking about were happening. But really it's a minor gripe and hardly something that ruins the flow of a match. I'm glad Grindhouse won because to me, he's the more interesting character.

    Callie Interview:

    Amazing, best thing on the entire show. Next.

    (But really this was a good little way to give Callie mic time and it captured her personality well.)

    Kagura vs Xander:

    A good match here and I loved the story of Kagura having to overcome every underhanded trick Xander could think of to try and win, only for Xander to end up finally getting the better of Kagura in the end with the ring bell hammer coming back into a play, as it should when he stuck it down his pants. My biggest gripe here is I felt this match might have been a little too long for the second match on the card, it didn't drag on by any means but could have benefited from being a little shorter.

    Vega Interview:

    Simple and fine here, set up what Vega wants next after he's done with Tastic, and really this doesn't feel like a feud that would need multiple cycles, so that's good that it's not.

    Mayhem Championship Match:

    This was a nice change of pace from the previous mayhem rules match having a lot of weapons, which makes me even more glad we didn't get much weapons in the opening match as it would have taken away from this match if so. Broon coming out with the riot gear on was funny, and Harald breaking the handcuffs in the end was a good little way to showcase how strong he is. I thought overall this match was pretty good and I don't think I have any gripes with it.

    Vega vs Tastic:

    Alright match, the ending was sudden but obviously that was the point. I liked seeing Vega pick up a win as I felt he was in need of one, and it gives him momentum heading into the Gold Rush Tournament. Tastic having a reason to lose his temper was nice too, rather than him just being angry to be angry. After the last two matches this one being a little short was a nice change of pace.

    Triple Threat Match:

    This match was pretty much everything it needed to be and the double 619 to end it was good. The writing of Kole seemed very in character for him which is always a good thing, and I wouldn't mind seeing Annie and Alice feud a little longer as it seems might have been set up here.

    Tony vs RMK:

    First off, RMK jumping the gun and attacking Tony before the match could officially start made sense. I was hoping that would happen and wasn't disappointed. The conversation with Keaton and the girl in the crowd was weird, maybe I missed something but it was just weird. I'm a little surprised how short this match was, and the fact it ended off a simple sleeper hold, but at the same time it's nice to see a regular move end a match sometimes and there's nothing wrong with that. Not much else to say about this match, it didn't do much for me.

    Good to see the Eurasian Championship back, and I'd say Stetson might just be the favorite to win it. I enjoyed the segment here too.

    Titus vs Garth Black:

    Pretty good match here and I'm not surprised to see Titus pick up the win. I'm wondering when Garth Black turned into Shinsuke Nakamura though with all the low blows? The story was a little similar here to the Kagura match with the heel cheating often to try and win, except this time the cheater didn't end up getting the win. I kind of thought Titus was going to win by cheating, but considering how much commentary talked about Titus not cheating and not taking the easy way out I'm glad that didn't happen.

    The hype video for the Elite Title was great, really helped the title feel more important and that's always good. Wouldn't mind seeing more things like this for the midcard titles to help them feel more important.

    Cage Match:

    I'll be honest I wasn't a fan of this match, outside of the ending and Mikey catching Callie with Game Over as she dived off the top of the cage. I would have liked to see more using the cage as a weapon, like grinding each other's face into it, or throwing them into it, things like that. More wrestling in general rather than just escape attempts and finisher attempts would have been good too. Again the finish was great, and a good way to show Mikey is reckless and doesn't care about risking his own health, and sets me up with Callie suffering a heartbreaking loss. Plus I don't think I've ever seen someone willingly throw themselves off the top of the cage to win, so that was good for something different. The commentary was pretty funny during this also.

    One small note: when did I change the name of the Calliesault?

    World Title Match:

    I loved the fast pace we got right out of the gate on this one, it set up what ended up being a really good match, easily my favorite of the night. I thought it really showcased how good all 3 really are, and I wasn't sure who was going to walk out with the win up until the very end. If this is the end of Ty for good, then thanks for all you did for the fed over the years and enjoy retirement. Congrats to Dynamite as well on the big win.

    Overall it was a good show, while I wasn't a fan of a couple matches I thought the rest more than made up for it. I thought the show could have benefited from a slightly different match order, but that's not a huge deal. I know this review is mostly positive, but unless something really sticks out to me I never really know what negative things to say. Good work guys.
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