WCW Boston, Round 1, Match 7: #12 Kevin Nash vs. #53 Jay Lethal

Discussion in 'WCW Region' started by Shocky, Mar 21, 2009.


Diesel vs. Lethal

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  1. gd

    gd Plump, Juicy User

    Mar 20, 2009
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    Diesel would destroy Jay Lethal. I mean, come on, he's a very poor man's Randy Savage and the only reason he is still in TNA is because he's ripping off one of the alltime's greats gimmicks. Nash was nearly unstoppable in his prime, this should be a squash.
  2. DhA

    DhA Pre-Show Stalwart

    Sep 4, 2006
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    Nash is awesome, especially as Diesel/nWo Nash, and he's like double the size of Jay Lethal. No brainer.
  3. Rusty

    Rusty Is hanging up the boots

    Sep 6, 2007
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    Kevin Nash all the way.

    I wasn't even around for most of his prime, but even I have the knowledge to know that Jay Lethal stands no chance here. Hell in TNA at the present moment, Lethal would probably lose to Kevin Nash. But that's probably because TNA is so intent of pushing guys who are way past their prime.

    Nash was a multiple time World Heavyweight Champion and was a big name in the wrestling industry. He still is, in a way. Lethal is only an X Division superstar who hasn't even reached his potential yet. He could be a main event in TNA one day, but that's a big "if". Plus, this is WCW baby so Lethal basically has no other option but to be powerbomed to the mat!
  4. Cena's Little Helper

    Cena's Little Helper Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Jul 1, 2008
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    I love Lethal, and I have definitely not been a fan of Nash for the majority of his career. However, I can't ignore the fact (as Slyfox696 already pointed out) that Nash is one of the most significant wrestlers of the past 20 or so years. Furthermore, this is in WCW, a company where Nash, in the late 90s, was always one of the top 5 most important wrestlers in the company. So, I have to go with Nash on this (although I would vote for Lethal if this took place in TNA).
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