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Discussion in 'WCW Region' started by Shocky, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Final results of the Boston Sub Region.

    John Cena vs. Bill Goldberg: 39-43: In what may are calling the match of the tournament thus far, the hometown boy, and the first of the top 16 seeds, falls in Boston to Goldberg. Goldberg, after being bounced in round 1 in year one, is now on the verge of moving far in this tournament.

    Chris Benoit vs. Kevin Nash:37-32: The Rabid Wolverine manages to take down the former multi-time world champion in Big Sexy. Over whelming size and power means nothign while locked in the Crossface.

    Round 4:

    The match moves onto the Georgia Dome, featuring Bill Goldberg against Chris Benoit in a to be determined gimmick match.
  2. NSL

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    Maybe so for Nash, but it will when Goldberg steps in the ring. Benoit is intense, and will put up a decent fight, no matter the gimmick match, but my money's on Goldberg. He can pull the Spear from out of nowhere, and then it's over with the JackHammer.
  3. Cena's Little Helper

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    I'm glad to see that Goldberg won. Kayfabe, I think he's even more of a daunting challenge than The Ultimate Warrior. Although he didn't leave as much of a legacy as Cena eventually will, Goldberg was a force to be reckoned with throughout 1998, and I'll never forget him beating Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship on Nitro.
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    I can't see a single match where Benoit wins here. I love the guy, but Goldberg simply wouldn't tap. There is nothing that Benoit can do to put this guy away.
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    I think it's some weird cage match, so Benoit doesn't have to pin or make him tap, which makes it very interesting. I think it is an IC made up gimmick, I might be wrong. If so, there is no way of telling who is better suited to it.
  6. DhA

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    Good thinking, guys. Goldberg is a beast, and there's few scenarios I can think of where Goldberg would lose. Benoit is exactly the kind of upper midcarder that would've stood out on Goldberg's streak. He would've lost to Goldberg, but been one of the guys to brag about as opposed to some of the jobbers that were part of the streak. No way he would go over Goldberg.

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