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Discussion in 'The 3rd Annual Wrestlezone Tournament (2009)' started by IrishCanadian25, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, we here at Wrestlezone have a tremendous opportunity to have a sub-regional tournament final between the two greatest Superheavyweights in the history of professional wrestling. Indeed fantasy warfare at its finest. It's a match that only can exists in two places - our imaginations, and these forums.

    That match is Big Van Vader vs Andre the Giant.

    Both men were World Champions in the US. Both men were legends in Japan. Both men were tremendous tag team competitors. Both men fought bi-continental wars with guys named Hogan, Inoki, Canek.

    And folks, all that is standing in the way of this awesome match, are Lex Luger and Paul Wight.

    Lex Luger, a classic case of what drugs can do to enhance mild talent. A man who's workrate was questionable at best and who often rode on the coat-tails of the opponents who carried him in matches - men named Sting, Steiner, Flair, Yokozuna, Hogan, Hart, Henning. A man who, even as a babyface, needed a "steel plate in his elbow" to put down opponents and be relevant. The true definition of a one-trick pony, he rode a bodyslam to relevance the way Evan Bourne does with a shooting-star press.

    And Paul Wight, a talented but hopelessly overmatched rip-off of the very man he's going to face in the next round of the tournament. A man who has lost to Akebono and Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemanias, as opposed to Andre whose only Wrestlemania loss was to Hogan, and who routinely faced and drew the great Muhammed Ali.

    It's very simple, ladies and gentlemen. Vote Big Van Vader over Lex Luger, and Andre the Giant over The Big Show. It's the right thing to do.
  2. Shocky

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    Well, Andre was apart of the Colossal Connection, which lost at Wrestlemania 6. However, they did lose to the greatest tag team ever in Demolition:icon_wink: , so all is not lost.

    With Luger, I'm still open to a good argument for him, even though I do feel he is outmatched. However, if someone can solidly convince me, I might go for him.

    However, don't sleep on the Big Show. Yes he is the very definition of under performer, but Andre benefited from, how should I say it, being born 20 years too soon. Andre was essentially a one of a kind in the business, as quite simply, people didn't grow as big as Andre did back when he came up.

    Now, with hormones, and people just all and all eating better, the population has grown, physically. Average height around the world has moved up, and the supply of 7 footers has grown immensely. The Big Show is not the lone massive 7 foot jewel like Andre was. Andre benefited a ton from this, while Show has had to compete with men of comparable size like Kane, Undertaker, Khali, Big Daddy V, etc.

    Andre is good, but he benefited from his era.
  3. Uncle Sam

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    Can't say I was even going to vote in the Luger match. I'm still not, as a matter of fact. I don't get Lex Luger's relevance to wrestling at all. I know very little about him. If the vote isn't close, I'll probably still cast a vote. If it is close, I wouldn't dare.

    I'm very much open to voting for The Big Show against Andre. Very open indeed. I'd argue the match myself, but I just don't particularly like either. Show's OK, I guess. Should be world heavyweight champion, but whatever.

    If Vader and Andre face up, I'll be voting Vader. Probably. I dunno. I'll be a sheep in that one, looking for the best shepherd.
  4. Hyorinmaru

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    Vader would destroy Luger if given even the smallest chance. Luger was only good because on 'Roids and he was put in matches with people that could carry his sorry ass to a decent match
    When Show frst showed up in WCW he was billed as the son of Andre The Giant. IN this case Original is better.
  5. Jack-Hammer

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    Lex Luger is a perfect example of a wrestler making it big based on the look he has. 'Roids or not, Luger is arguably the best built man in the history of the business. That being said, the guy was legitimately very strong and did have some great matches if paired with someone that could carry much, if not all, of the match. Vader was just pure brute force and was at the very least equal to Luger's strength. I've seen old footage of Vader working out and I saw him clean and jerk 500 pounds before with relative ease. When you consider the world record for the c and j is 582, that's pretty impressive. For his size, Vader was also pretty fast and agile. Vader, being a rather athletic 450 pounder, I think could take Luger.

    As for Andre & the Big Show, I think it could be a fairly decent match. Some people are going to vote Andre for nostalgic reasons, some will vote for him simply because they hate Big Show and there'll be some that vote for him because they legitimately think he's the better man. When Big Show first started back in the mid 90s, he was a really impressive looking guy. He was a very solidly built 350-375 pound guy and was capable of even doing a moonsault off the top rope. Andre, in his prime, was probably around 375-425 lbs and he was also pretty athletic. He was fast and could throw a decent drop kick. I agree that Andre very much benefitted due to the era in which he worked. During the 60s and 70s, there probably wasn't a bigger draw in wrestling than Andre. He kept moving from territory to territory to keep from getting stale and drew big houses wherever he went. On the other hand, I can't really recall him taking on anybody in his prime that was roughly the same size as himself. Big Show has a pretty good track record against big guys as well. I'll have to chew on this one for a bit.
  6. Captain America

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    One thing that no one seems to be talking about is the extreme rules that the Andre/Big Show match will take place under. Under normal circumstances I'd almost certainly vote for Andre here, but given that Big Show will be more experienced in these types of matches I'm still open to debate. I'll listen to some of the arguments being presented before I cast my vote, but as of right now I'm leaning ever so slightly towards Andre the Giant.
  7. savagelegacy

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    This is to say Vader was one of the best big men in the game - I seem to recall being bored out of my mind when he would wrestle. I mean really he was a fat slob. Andre had charisma. When he was a heel you loved to hate him.

    I would much rather see the Show move on. When written right, Show is much more watchable than Vader ever was.

    Plus, Lugar is a real American, fights for the right to rack your ass...
  8. SavageTaker

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    I Voted Vader over Lex Luger, Because Vader is just Simply better than Luger. Vader was a freaking walking beast, who didn't need to use weapons to destroy his opponents. Now I ask you if he was a beast without weapons then what would you call him if he is allowed to use weapons? Simply put Vader could destroy Luger without weapons, and weapons just gives him even more reason to vote for him.

    Now as far as Big show and Andre, I kind of regret voting for Big Show. Scratch that and replace it with this, I Do Regret Voting for Big Show. I was watching some videos on Youtube from Andre and Show, and i compared them and i tried finding out how Show is better, but I couldn't find any reason on why I voted for Show after watching those videos. Now i feel kind of dirty for having voted for Big Show.

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