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Discussion in 'ECW Region' started by Shocky, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Not watched the SNME DVD I take it.

    What Sam said. Andre was billed as being bigger. But I can find pictures or matches of Big Show looking considerably bigger in matches against Hogan than Andre did.

    Now either Andre isn't that Big or they're saying that Big Show & Hogan aren't as tall as they actually are. I find it hard to believe that they'd have a wrestler called Giant or Hulk and they actually state that they're smaller than they are.
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    So...Vader gets a bye to the next round...right? I mean, Shig Bow and Andre the Ugandan Giant finished in a tie, so that means they're BOTH eliminated...or they BOTH advance? Man 'o man that would be an epic match. About 1500 Lbs of humanity in one ring? Could be interesting.
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    Final results from Denver Co.

    Big Van Vader vs. Lex Luger: 54-24. Vader takes down the Total Package by 30 votes in round 3, as he continues to roll throughout this tournament.

    Andre the Giant vs. the Big Show: 36-36. So waht happenes when you put two guys that are billed at 500 pounds in the ring with each other, a draw. Since we are entering the gimmick rounds, neither man is eliminated.

    Round 4; From the ECW Arena, we will have a match featuring Three Men, in a to be determined Gimmick Match, Andre the Giant, vs. Big Van Vader, vs. the Big Show.

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