The Wrestlezone Tournament Drinking Game

Discussion in 'Campaign Headquarters' started by Con T., Feb 27, 2013.

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    I probably am. I know for sure he's a lock to fuck shit up; but remember, this is my odds on winning the whole thing. I think there's enough Vader support for him to get real far; I just don't know if there's enough for him to win.

    Of course, the big thing is, if Vader does enough damage to get to the final four, maybe he has enough to get further. I'll give him about 25/1 odds, about a little less as Sting, and only because Sting had more longevity, and Sting was, for a while, the top face in all of pro wrestling, from late 96-97.

    Some more odds;

    Mick Foley: 25/1

    Chris Jericho: 18/1

    Ultimate Warrior: 45/1

    Harley Race: 20/1

    Dusty Rhodes: 50/1

    Big Show: 50/1

    RVD: 27/1

    Kane: 35/1
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    Sting has made the finals before. I think Cena has a better chance of winning than Hogan. No way Thesz has that good of a chance to win it all. You should have people sign up and then tally drinks for post round celebrations.
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