Miami Region, Sixth Round: (1) The Rock vs. (4) Lou Thesz

Discussion in 'Championship Region' started by klunderbunker, May 24, 2012.


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  1. Con T.

    Con T. Yaz ain't enough, I need Fluttershy

    Nov 30, 2010
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    I read it; it comes across as apologist tripe. I also find it hilarious that you attribute Rock's success to Stone Cold and the nWo, especially considering

    1. The Rock did his best business, and the best business the WWE has ever done, during a period Stone Cold was out with neck surgery.

    2. WCW was on it's dying legs when Rock did his best business; by the time Rock had done what he did, the nWo had become Jeff Jarrett, Ron and Don Harris, and Kevin Nash

    .... Ooh.

    Look, Rock did what he did because of how great of a draw he is; you can sit here and argue that he had the backing of the WWE, but then you'd have to answer why they haven't done business like that when he left.

    And, for that matter, he's still a draw; he and Cena just broke the record for Wrestlemania buys.

    I get it Thesz was a huge draw; The Rock's a bigger one. And your attempt to marginalize this makes you sound more like a fool than you know.

    And again, wrestling's all about drawing money. Your attempt to try to split the two... Well, you can see where I'm going here
  2. FitFinlay4Life

    FitFinlay4Life What's the craic?

    May 4, 2010
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    So why did he come back then? He's a rich man, it can't be the money. Maybe it's all the friends that he has there... :lmao:. Must be his love for the industry then... a love that saw two pre-taped appearances in 7 years (not including the induction of his dad and grandfather to the HoF and how could he turn that down?).

    Dwayne Johnson dropped 'The Rock' moniker to get more serious roles. When these attempts at being a serious thespian failed, he returned to what did bring the success (namely, playing The Rock). What better way to accentuate this than by returning to where that character was created?

    Erm... no. If I dislike Rock for ignoring the industry once he left, why would I love a man who walked out on it a number of times because he didn't like how he was being booked?

    Have you me confused with Sly? While I don't share the hatred many have for Cena, the SuperCena shtick does piss me off on occasion.

    As for it being the booking, that's something neither of us can know SD. However, I'd be amazed if Rock didn't have some pretty major creative control. You've pointed out yourself about Cena's comments, Trips has also had his share of digs at the Great One. Throw in that it was in his own backyard and is it a stretch to believe that he was always winning? It would really accentuate his Rockiness heading in GI Joe 2.

    Hmmm, have you and I butted heads at some stage, sir? You appear to have some deep seeded resentment going on.

    Hate to point this out to you, but Mr Meltzer's opinion is exactly that - an opinion, just like mine. Does John Cena and Triple H's opinions on the Rock hold more weight than Dave's? I have followed wrestling for well over 30 years and I have been a massive movie buff for almost as long, I know exactly how good the PR is to Rock now that he has returned to action movies. Plus, with their emphasis on the kids at present, this is bound to be a feather in his cap for the Disney style shows as well.

    I've already said that my issue with Rock wasn't his move into Hollywood, it was that he completely vanished from the world that got him there. A world were he was held in such high esteem that they named a programme after him. They have always had a fondness for celebrity endorsement and yet, Rock was conspicuous by his absence.

    'Old chap'? I'm from Norn Iron, not England, so 'fella' will suffice.

    Kayfabe, both guys can be argued to win here. Draw wise, Thesz pulled them in for decades without massive television or cinematic assistance - I think that could be called either way too.

    For the last time, I've no issue with him leaving for Hollywood, it's my right to not like him forgetting how he got there.

    Finally, if it's me taking things too personally, ask yourself this - who is firing out the personal insults?
  3. ThUgNiF1c3nT

    ThUgNiF1c3nT Dark Match Jobber

    Apr 17, 2012
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    This has to be on of the saddest things I've ever read from most of you people hating on a man because he left the business on top of his game having been named one of the greatest of all time while being on top for only 4years for a better job. You get mad because he didn't want to end up like SCSA, HBK, Undertaker, and HHH with nagging injuries that they will have to deal with the rest of the life. In 4 years he became on of the biggest draws behind Hogan and Austin. Thesz is a better wrestler and technician than the rock but that's it trick is more popular better on the mic and a better business man. The Rock has a tendency of beating the G.O.A.T.S. ie. Hogan, SCSA, Angle, Taker, HHH, Benoit and Foley.
  4. shattered dreams

    shattered dreams Hexagonal Hedonist

    Jan 25, 2010
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    Serious thespian? Give me a break. He wanted to be an action hero, one that is often comedic, sounds a lot like he was always trying to be the Rock character but he changed his name. He also had not failed at all, failure would indicate he did need the money. Failure would indicate he was not still getting or had already filmed good roles. He did what he needed to be a success. No one else from wrestling has succeeded in movies like he has. I have a hard time believing his approach had nothing to do with it. I think it is disgusting that people act like Rock doesn't like pro wrestling at all. I also find it amusing that people really think the WWE is so huge profile booster. What has it done for Austin's movie career? My god that thing really took off after his latest appearance :rolleyes: Just look at how big those stars were consistently lining up to host RAW every week :rolleyes: It really baffles me that people think Rock is in WWE to promote himself, not to promote the WWE to everyone else.

    That was me explaining why I personally had felt that way in the past and was not supposed to have any relevance to you fwiw.

    Cena was just a prominent example. I'd be amazed if Cena did not have creative control at this point as well. I don't really see why Rock should come back and put over someone that attacked him seemingly unprovoked in the media anyway. If the Rock had creative control why would he still put Cena over in so many other ways? Why is the pinfall all that matters? Even if in some absurd parallel universe he did say I will only come back so I can beat Cena, the powers that be still signed off on it. If you are correct and he needed the WWE more than they needed him then it should have been easy for them to get the booking they desired opposed to this hypothetical major creative control.
  5. aza1294

    aza1294 Occasional Pre-Show

    Apr 11, 2012
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    I don't see how people are still making a valid argument for Thesz. Sure he is the greatest technician of all time and a good draw in a dark time for wrestling, but that means nothing in kayfabe. In kayfabe Rock is the better superstar and unless this was a feud would win. Since this is tournament format Rock advances.
  6. FitFinlay4Life

    FitFinlay4Life What's the craic?

    May 4, 2010
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    Southland Tales was Rock's attempt to move into more serious roles - it flopped and flopped big. It was the much anticipated follow up to Donnie Darko and it encountered problem after problem before finally being released to tepid reviews and even worse box office.

    I believe I've already stated that he doesn't need the money.

    The A-Team, Real Steel, the Three Stooges - just three examples of Hollywood using RAW to promote their products. Are you telling me that the press releases for GI Joe 2 won't be using footage of WM to highlight what a bad ass Mr Johnson is?

    As for SCSA, he doesn't really have the look for Rock roles and the genre he is most suited for has been on the decline since the 80s... but he's still getting steady work 9 years after retiring in ring, so I'd say he hasn't done to badly from being a WWe wrestler.

    My apology, you've a habit of single paragraph replies - it gave the implication that you were still addressing my post.

    Who needs who is a mute argument, it is a mutual thing - WWe benefits from having a guy both revered by wrestling fans and a Hollywood star to boot. Rock benefits from re-establishing himself with the role that made him a Hollywood star and the PR that will entail.

    You say that he doesn't need to do this but I ask you this, what was the last film to open solely on his name and be a box office smash?

    GI Joe 2 (2013) - a sequel to a film he wasn't in AND it also features a certain Mr Bruce Willis.
    Journey 2 (2012) - again, a sequel to a film he wasn't in: budget $79m; domestic gross $102.
    F&F5 (2011) - another sequel, again his first appearance in series: budget $125m; domestic gross $205m.
    Faster (2010) - Budget $24m; domestic gross $23m.
    Tooth Fairy (2010) - Budget $48m; domestic $60m.
    Planet 51 (2009) - Budget $70m; domestic $42m.
    Race To Witch Mountain (2009) - Budget $65; domestic gross $67.
    The Game Plan (2007) - Budget $22; domestic gross $90.
    Gridiron Gang (2006) - Budget $30; domestic gross $38m.
    Southland Tales (2006) - Budget $17m; $275 thousand domestic... hmmm, serious REALLY didn't work out!
    Doom (2005) - Budget $60; domestic gross $28.
    Walking Tall (2004) - Budget $58; domestic gross $45.
    The Rundown (2003) - Budget $85; domestic gross $47.
    The Scorpion King (2002) - Budget $60; domestic gross $91.

    So the only film that has really sold in the US on his name value alone is the Game Plan. Asides from that, he is only regarded a safe per of hands when the original star(s) jump ship or if a action background supporting guy is needed (like The Other Guys or Get Smart).

    Simple fact: Dwayne Johnson's movie career immediately prior to WM27 wasn't overly rosey. Strangely, his Hollywood career looks one hell of a lot stronger since the collaboration.

    If you guys want to believe he came back for love of the industry, that's your prerogative. Don't feel you have any right to lambaste me for mine though, as far as I'm concerned circumstances, evidence and his luminaries have carried me to my opinion.

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