Miami Region, Fifth Round: (4) Lou Thesz vs. (11) CM Punk

Discussion in 'Championship Region' started by klunderbunker, May 17, 2012.


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  1. Larry

    Larry Getting Noticed By Management

    Oct 12, 2011
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    And this is what you get folks, when you DARE speak against any kind of popular opinion. Observe if you will the latest cheap shot and attempt to humiliate those who don't keep quiet and express a distaste with the gushing and overzealous claims of those on their knees for an over hyped relic.

    Oh of course he did, no one could compare to the great Lou Thesz. Nobody from that time was even remotely on par with him, and nobody else was a major draw. Lou Thesz single handedly carried the sport of professional wrestling for decades. And so what Rogers wasn't in it to make friends? Big deal, they weren't fans of him anyways so of what relevance is that to the fact that he was just as big a star in that time as Lou Thesz? Buddy Rogers wasn't possibly a bigger draw at any point in any area was he? He quite clearly was, and in the most important territory in the country which is likely why Thesz resented him, he got over where Thesz couldn't.

    Oh yes, a quote taken from a memoir meant to make him look good, that ends all debate apparently. It's been duly noted time and time again that Thesz never liked Buddy Rogers and even refused to drop the title to him because he didn't like him so much and was more popular when the NWA wanted him to do it.

    I'm not arguing whether or not CM Punk could beat Frank Gotch or Georg Hackenschmidt, my point was that for all the touting of Lou Thesz being this legit tough guy, they were two guys who really were legit tough guys and would have likely wiped the floor with Thesz. It is relevant because of the doting about Thesz as a legit guy. There were people who pre-dated him that were better and there are people who came after him who are better.

    Well it is true that he traveled around winning ABC titles that meant little to nothing. The only title that ever really mattered was the NWA title and he lost it many times and gained it back many times. Point being, he wasn't some monolithic world beater that just beat everybody, he lost to guys that are largely insignificant now. Punk has lost primarily to top level talent that will go down as greats in their own rights.

    That's great, was I talking to you directly??? So what are you all ********* about??? I especially love the "Stupid Idiot" line there, nobody wants to be a stupid idiot. I mean being an idiot is one thing, but being a STUPID idiot, WOAH! Now that's harsh.

    What was so stupid about what I said? Gelgarian has been the main supporter of this guy all through the tournament and made most of the arguments for him. In turn, those arguments have convinced people to vote for Lou Thesz. So, I don't get what you're in such a tizzy about?

    I know I know, nobody puts baby in a corner.

    Nope, I guess I just can't hold a candle to experts like yourself. Silly me. I've only been following wrestling and it's history for almost 30 years, I guess I just don't stack up to encyclopedias of knowledge like you.

    That's great, who asked you? That's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one.

    For someone trying to come and challenge my intelligence, you can't even get the story straight. I strongly supported Andre the Giant through a number of matches, see the sig? And when did I suggest YOU or anyone for that matter was a Punk hater? Quite being such a diva and get the sand out of your vag.

    Well there's been plenty of other people who didn't vote for Thesz so clearly I'm not the only one who disagrees with you and and the others who DID vote for Thesz. It has nothing to do with "People thinking differently than I do" It has everything to do with people completely exaggerating how great this guy was, and trying to use that over-exaggeration as an end all be all trump card no matter who he's against, what the odds are, or how unlikely it is that he would realistically win against all arguments. Folks have just been sold on this "idea" of Lou Thesz and happily swallowed the pill without asking about the side effects (if you can grasp that analogy).

    At least this guy is being honest, LOL!.
  2. Davi323

    Davi323 semi-retired from WZ

    Dec 29, 2007
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    Considering you wrote that as a direct reply to me, YEAH. You were talking to me directly.

    You mean besides everything?

    Gee...I wonder why I got the feeling that you were accusing me of being a sheep...Oh that's right, because you did.

    Oh, if only you understood the irony in this statement...

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