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Discussion in 'ECW Region' started by Shocky, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Final results from Toronto, ON.

    Edge vs. Raven:57-55. In what is so far the most voted in poll this year, Edge comes back by 2 votes down the last day to win it in the end.

    Ricky Steamboat vs. Christian:62-21. Ricky Steamboat is beginning to ride the momentum from Wrestlemania far into this tournament, as he absolutely demolishes Christian.

    Round 4:
    this match will take place in the ECW Arena, Edge vs. Ricky Steamboat, with a to be determined Gimmick Match.
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    Edge's weaker keyfabe brother may have fallen to Ricky Steamboat, but the 9x World Champion will pick him apart. Edge is the better talent that Steamboat in a straight up match, and Edge is defiantly better in a gimmick match. He has been in them all, and will be drawing massive ECW heat after showing once again he is the ultimate opportunistic after taking out Raven!
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    I'm actually agreeing with TM here. This will be the classic good v. evil match, and it will be a great one. The arena will be red hot, the wrestlers will be on top of their game...But, alas...I have to vote for Edge. In this kind of match, with this kind of build-up, it's the perfect scenario for the ultimate heel win.

    I do feel this is going to work against him in the long-run, as the posters start to hate him more and more for beating guys like Raven and Steamboat...
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    EDGE MADE IT?! WHEN THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?! I was so ready for him to be done! Finished! Out! But he won! He beat Raven! Holy shit, man. Happiness.

    As for this match, Edge should be able to pull this out. In what looks to be a good match, Edge's speed, strength, and cunning with be able to overcome Steamboat. Rated R Superstar over The Dragon. Come on, people. Let's protect Edge from the overpopular reason why Edge won't win: "cuz all edge does iz cheatz he cant wrestle!".

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