ECW: Irish Pub Brawl: Steve Austin vs. Booker T

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ECW Irish Pub Brawl - Steve Austin vs Booker T

  1. The Hollywood Blonde

  2. The Harlem Heater

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  1. Jack-Hammer

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    Then he needs to tell Nash to get his bitch in line. He couldn't get free, he'd have eventually passed out from the pain so Styles takes it regardless.

    When I say gimmick match, I mean an actual gimmick match rather than a desperate attempt on WCW's part to get viewers to possibly tune in to watch their shitty show. In old school ECW, most of those gimmick matches they came up with in WCW would be laughable.

    Harlem Heat won the titles not simply because of brawling. As I said, Booker T is actually a pretty decent in-ring competitor. Also, Booker doesn't have Stevie Ray at his back in this match. It's completely different to be a good tag team that can brawl and be a singles wrestler that can brawl. Take the Dudleyz for instance, nobody can deny their hardcore chops as a team but they both had miserable singles careers. Like the Dudleyz, HH could get it done in a brawl together but not really so much in singles competition.
  2. Y 2 Jake

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    Not really, that would be the late 90's.

    Thanks for bringing that up. Ever seen Austin throw a punch? Yeah, me too. He doesn't half take a big swing. I'll say he can't use the punches because, well, he just ain't got the room.

    He's from Texas, drinks a lot, he broke his neck. He might not be certified but...

    Booker strikes me like the sort of gentlemen who'd run a train on Steve Austin's white ass.

    Are we to believe that there are patrons in this pub? If so, Austin isn't turning. This is an Irish Pub, they're always full. Pint in hand, head down and don't do that American thing he does of being all loud and obnoxious.

    Big bald guy? Yeah, get in line Austin. You're one of 50, each bigger, harder and uglier than you are.

    Big black guy with dreads? The only guy who'd fuck with him is the big ginger guy in the corner. Possibly Sheamus O'Shaunessy.

    Killergram is mainstream, and I'm an underling.

    Fortunately, Booker has gone to the pub after a hard day on the set of his latest film. Teeth 2: Buttholes. He's a forgetful sort, he's taken the props home with him.
  3. Wolf at the Door

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    May 26, 2009
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    I voted for Austin, as I feel the match type suits neither particuarly well, as the beer drinking is just a formality, and Austin drinks lager anyway. Booker T was better than a lot of people give him credit for but Austin is one of the best ever and in a match where no specialist exists, the simply better guy wins in my view. Austin in his prime would have had a good fued with Booker, but he would have won in the end, plain and simple.

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