The Rules of IC25's Gimmick Matches

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    For Whom the Bell Tolls Cage Match

    I have thought this up under several premises, but in this case, the ring bell is actually place atop the cage, on one of the corners, while the hammer with which to strike the bell is hooked on the opposite corner. Objective one - get the hammer by climbing the cage and grabbing it. Simple enough. The hard part is getting the hammer down, and climbing the opposite corner of the cage to ring the bell 3 times. This tolls the bell on your opponent and ends the match.

    Standard rules for the cage match apply, including the ability to leave the cage via the door. The only difference is that reaching the arena floor does not end the match. It is perfectly feasible for a guy to grab the hammer, climb out of the cage, and try to scale the outside of the cage to hit the bell. It is possible for a guy to take the hammer out via the door and try to scale the outside of the cage to reach the bell. Everything is cool.

    Irish Pub Brawl

    This match is a last man standing match that takes place in the setting of an Irish Bar - not actually AT the bar, but the ring area is made out to be an Irish Bar. Instead of an announcers tables, the Gaelic Announce Team (Polley and I) are doing commentary from an oak bar, which of course, the participants can throw each other through. Empty bottles of Jameson line the floor. Wooden chairs may be used as weapons - no steel in this match.

    The idea is simple - beat your opponent to being unable to answer the 10 count, then drink a pint of Guinness to the victory.
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    So it's a Belfast Brawl, really. But with somebody forcing down some Guinness at the end? To make it more ''Irish'' I'd have have it so the only way you can win is by biting off your opponents nose.
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    I don't like how we're doubling up on matches. Two Last Man Standing matches and two strap matches - is it all really necessary? Can't we all just get along?

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