WCW Boston, Round 1, Match 6: #28 Mr. Kennedy vs. #37 Mike Mizzanon

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Kennedy vs. The Miz

  1. Kennedy...Kennedy

  2. The Chick Magnet

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    After reading what everyone had to say and thinking about this match-up for a while, I'm not going to vote. Kennedy hasn't even had a prime yet (if he ever will have one is a good question) as he's just out way too much; seriously, he is one injury away from being the next Ahmed Johnson (we'll see what happens when he gets back; if he gets jobbed out to the next monster heel WWE introduces, then you know there's no hope for him).

    On the other hand, I can't stand The Miz. I know some people here love him, and that's cool. But, I don't think there's anything redeeming about him. I can tolerate him as a tag team worker, or maybe even as a singles competitor on ECW, but I just can't see how he could rise beyond what I have just mentioned. His in-ring work, in my opinion, is nothing to write home about, and his character is the type that is ridiculed in most sitcoms today (think about it; The Miz would be the laughingstock of either Dunder-Mifflin, 30 Rock, or Paddy's Pub). Maybe I would like The Miz's mike work if Revenge of the Nerds or even stupid comedies were still popular, but, I just can't warm up to him given comedy today.

    If Kennedy had not been injured when he was drafted back to Smackdown! this past year, I would have voted for him in a heartbeat. But, alas, he got injured and sidelined for the good part of a year.
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