Title Reign of the Year

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Title Reign of the Year

  1. Kofi Kingston: US

  2. Austin Aries: ROH World

  3. Randy Orton: WWE

  4. John Morrison: IC

  5. Christian: ECW

  6. CM Punk: WHC

  7. JeriShow: Unified Tag Team

  8. Jeff Hardy: WHC

  9. AJ Styles: TNA World

  10. Rey Mysterio: IC

  11. Kurt Angle: TNA World

  12. Chris Jerico: IC

  13. OTHER (Please specify)

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  1. Motor City Jeezy

    Motor City Jeezy A self-proclaimed Kenny Omega mark

    Oct 13, 2009
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    I went to vote for Kurt Angle's world title run, but last minute decided to go with Christian's current ECW title reign. I just can't think of any promotion I watch that has had a solid, fighting champion like Christian. No tricks, no garbage, no cheating... just Christian kicking ass.
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