Round 1, Day 4, Atlanta, GA

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Styles vs. Santo

  1. #4 AJ Styles

  2. #61 El Hijo Del Santo

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    Rhino is probably one of the better big men that has ever wrestled. His power and his agility are sickening for a man built like him. All you ever hear the announcers talk about is Boretista's "power game." That's about all he's got. And I don't even know if he's quite as powerful as Rhino, they may be on the same level, but Rhino's speed/quickness, ability to carry himself, and his world titles are enough to send Batista packing.
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    How can you seriously vote for Batista in this case as you have someone that when built and shown right can be on top of the Promotion as a legit threat. look at how Paul E. Built Rhino as a legit threat towards the end of ECW. To the point where he is a dominant force that WWE aquired for the ECW part of the Alliance, he could have gone in and been a good Upper Mid Carder straight away but we all know how the WWE operates in those situations thereby setting back the work that was put into Rhino before. Batista has had one decent year. The rest of his wrestling career has been completely and utterly crap.
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