Phoenix Region, Vancouver Subregion: Second Round: (2) Andre the Giant vs. (15) DDP

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  1. Andre the Giant

  2. Diamond Dallas Page

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    Granted, I'm a DDP girl. I was for the Jersey Triad growing up. I'm a huge DDP mark. Plus, you look at him growing up, he overcame dyslexia and other issues, and plus, he didn't start out until quite a bit later in life than the majority of most of the wrestlers. He was a freaking manager of a nightclub and had to BEG to get a shot to do anything related to wrestling. Once he got that shot, it was all on from there. Plus, need I remind you, a great heel in Ready To Rumble? I know, not an Oscar worthy film, but pretty damn entertaining for its time.

    Of course it was Diamond Dolls, and then the WCW era. It was him, Sting, and Hogan and many of the originals that kept me watching that show until the show rode off into the sunset. I admit, his theme, the Nirvana based instrumental was pretty damn cool as well. I loved how he was "You love me, you hate me, either way, you'll never forget me." That is actually a motto about life when you look at it. I LOVED how his diamond cutter could really just come out of nowhere. Sure Andre is great, and I don't doubt that for one second, I'd be blaspheming the history my dad taught me in watching all those classics. I'm sorry, but I'm in the minority, and am going with DDP.
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