Phoenix Region, Vancouver Subregion: First Round: (15) DDP vs. (18) Sheamus

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  2. Sheamus

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  1. Janice

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    Feb 24, 2011
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    Diamond Dallas Page was literally the heart and soul of WCW for a very long time and Sheamus? He's won a King of the Ring tournament and? Won the WWE Championship twice. The kid isn't doing bad and is off to a start that many young guns never get the chance of having, and we all know why. But he hasn't had a chance to prove himself to be a leader like his opponent is or to show that he can be the great DDP in any of the categories listed in the first post.

    Mic Skills? From his upbringing in the company I have to admit that the Irishman has worked on what he says when he's got the mic in his hand and how he says it. The heavy Irish accent almost gets to the point of being a nuisance at times and I feel like he could really inject some more emotion into his words to avoid blandness but you can't really blame him on the first one. DDP's personality and his skills on the stick were what really first sold the guy. He was what you called "cool" and seriously, I still see that diamond cutter sign being used in the weirdest of places. As a face, he made you want to root for him, he made you want to cheer him on and even watching some of his old WCW matches, the crowd went absolutely nuts when he hit his Diamond Cutter. He was loved, adored, by the WCW crowd and he wins this one.

    In Ring Ability? DDP was never that stylish in the ring because he was usually getting the snot beat out of him. That's how he worked though, he would take as much pain as his opponent could dish out and somehow he'd get back up and find a away to land the Diamond Cutter. Sheamus was never meant to be flashy either, a big brawling Irishman like him isn't supposed to. He gets the job done however and there never seems to be a question about if he will, he'll have his opponent layed on the ring canvas before you can ask. The Diamond Cutter will always be remembered by any wrestling fan but it isn't enough, not with the vicious kick of the Irishman's and his other powerbomb type move.

    In Their Prime? Sheamus is still a very young lad, being ready for WWE action much younger than some so identifying his prime is difficult. I feel like it went from really when he first came to Raw and absolutely demolished poor Jamie Noble, right up to after he defeated Triple H in the street fight after Wrestlemania. Sheamus had his longest title run right there at 100 and something days and shocked just about everyone, showing him that he shouldn't be underestimated anymore. He is still on a steady path, especially with a KOTR win under his belt too but I felt his production has taken a bit of a decline. I would not be surprised if his Wrestlemania match with DB rejuvenates him but I'm not a fortune teller so we'll have to wait. DDP on the other hand? His prime was when he was currently in WCW, taking on the likes of nWo (which was unheard of at that time) and Randy Savage. And these were pretty perfect fueds too, DDP knew how to play the babyface. He won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in this time period, one of the only achievements he didn't have under his belt and once Nash beat him for it, you could mark that as the end of his prime years. DDP won more, beat more important people and frankly was much more re memorable in his time at the top of his game than Sheamus. However Sheamus is still in the business, and a lot younger!

    Matches Against The Same Type? Just about everyone Sheamus faces is smaller than him, so it is usually the same result. But the people who do keep their distance from the Irishman, and never stop laying the offense upon him, have a chance. However it only takes a moment where your head is turned to be clocked with his kick. DDP on the other hand? Very experienced with big men, especially men like Sheamus himself. He has beaten the Giant and Kevin Nash simply by taking everything they have and we have seen the temper of Sheamus flare more than a few times, if DDP can do what he does best, Sheamus is going to dig himself into his own hole!

    Verdict No matter how big or how powerful the Irishman is, DDP has been experienced in beating beings just like him. Sheamus needs some more time to tone just, everything. His mic work, his achievements and he needs to get some more wins over some more important people so that he can match up against icons like Diamond Dallas Page. In a few years? Maybe. Now? No way. The Celtic Warrior would beat the snot out of DDP until the life of the crowd was sucked out, he'd go for his powerbomb and he'd be Diamond Cut by that dirty little bugger for the three count.
  2. Tastycles

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    Sheamus acheived a hell of a lot in a short space of time, beating Triple H, Orton and Cena in quick succession, and a different order to what I just typed. However, none of those victories were really traditional, and all except Triple H have beaten him in return on more occasions. DDP is one of the few positive things I remember from my admittedly limited time watching WCW, and you have to respect a man who at the age he was when he started managed to make himself relevant at a time when wrestling was aiming itself at a youth audience. DDP is more important to wrestling right now, while Sheamus already appears on the decline, so for that reason I went with DDP.
  3. TheOneBigWill

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    These two are more evenly matched then some want to believe, and a lot of people aren't giving Sheamus his proper respect simply because he hasn't been in the business as long as DDP. But that's more due to the fact that this tournament hasn't given him the time to be, not because he won't be. Not to mention, with the exception to a random loss to Santino.. Sheamus truly hasn't lost to a bunch of under-carders. DDP was losing quite a bit to guys that aren't even worth remembering. (Dave Sullivan, for example)

    Sheamus has held his own against top names in the Company today, such as Randy Orton (similar finisher to DDP's) and Cena (similar drive/determination) and beaten them both. However, this match boils down to one thing for me.. unpredictability.

    Sheamus almost always has to "telegraph" his finishing moves. In other words, they can be easily countered. Not only does that hurt when facing anyone with quickness, but it hurts a lot worse when facing someone who's finisher can be connected upon from anywhere, almost, at any time. Sheamus could easily miss with a Brogue Kick only to turn into a Diamond Cutter. Perhaps he has DDP weakened enough to pick him up for a High Cross, only for DDP to slide down the back and swing Sheamus into another quick Diamond Cutter.

    Bottomline is DDP grabs my vote, not because he's better than Sheamus - but because he can be more unpredictable.

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