Phoenix Region, Vancouver Subregion: Second Round: (10) Owen Hart vs. (7) Kevin Nash

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Who Wins This Match

  1. Owen Hart

  2. Kevin Nash

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    Owen all the way here for me. As I've said many times before, I'm of the opinion that Owen was actually a better worker than his brother Bret, and a better all-around talent as well. Owen could do things in the ring Bret couldn't dream about, he just never really got to show it by the time he got to the WWF and they de-emphasized his high-flying wrestling, but to see what I'm talking about check out this match:

    He just carried Barry fucking Horowitz to an INCREDIBLE match-up unlike anything in wrestling at the time. This was even before he was the Blue Blazer, when he was briefly the Blue Angel.

    Nash, I like and I've always liked, thought he got a bit of a bad rap for being a shit booker in WCW when many times the ideas weren't his. Kayfabe wise you can easily make the argument that Diesel/Nash beats Owen, but because I choose to vote for the man I personally feel was the better talent, I have no choice but to vote for Owen. There are plenty of big men like Nash, but I've never seen someone so well-rounded and skilled in the ring as Owen Hart, who could switch from lucha to technical wrestling in a matter of seconds.

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