Los Angeles Region, Finals: (3) Hart Foundation vs. (5) Steiner Brothers

Discussion in 'Los Angeles Region' started by Rainbow Yaz, Oct 20, 2014.


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  1. MrMojoRisin

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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Yes... clearly.

    I don't know that you do understand what happens outside of Vince's 'empire' (seriously, it's kinda funny how you can refer to the WWF like that, and still not understand how anyone could think you have an anti-WWF bias).

    Yeah, and I also said that by the time the Steiners were considered best in the world, the tag team landscape had changed and there weren't nearly the number of quality teams that existed during the Hart's run. You ignored that part (kind of what I'm talking about when I say you like taking what I say out of context, and present a dishonest argument).

    Haha. So now the Steiners are conference champs, and the Harts are a team that can win a few games, but can't even make the playoffs?

    I love your 'good in one place is not as important as great everywhere' line though. It's still real to you, isn't it?

    I don't think you get the concept of an 'honest' debate.

    • to start off, you presented the Hart Foundation as a short term team that meant little in the grand scheme of things, who only had good matches when paired up with better teams. That was such bullshit that it needed to be addressed
    • you overhyped the US to World to IWGP run, providing zero context behind it... then got salty once I did explain the back story behind that
    • you conveniently refuse to acknowledge the real working differences between WWF wrestlers and WCW wrestlers, because this didn't help your argument. You claim that 'you don't know' how the Harts would have faired in Japan because it never happened? First... do you know a single thing about how the business works? The Steiners got pushed in Japan because they drew. WWF wrestlers drew HUGE in Japan whenever they got the rare chance to compete there. The Hart family already had a good working relationship NJPW (both Bret and Jim did several tours, Owen was made their Jr. Heavyweight champ, Bulldogs worked there extensively, ect). Had the Hart Foundation, a popular WWF tag team whom their fans wanted to see, been available... they would have had the same type of accolades... if not greater, than what the Steiners had. Anyone who doesn't believe that... is either kidding themselves, or just doesn't understand. I'm guessing you just don't understand

    No one's asking you to engage/respond to 'every little brick in my pink & black word fort'. But for fucks sake... when you do choose to engage/respond to something... get the fucking context right and don't twist it to suit your agenda. Because otherwise...

    that's being dishonest.

    Others are more than free to think whatever they want. But just like you were, I also had the right to make the argument that I wanted to make for this matchup (if not, then what's the fucking point?)

    You chose to point out what you wanted... I argued it. That's what we call a debate. Like I said, you just weren't capable of actually debating my points, so you chose to take what you could out of what I said out of context.

    And I'm calling you on it... only because it appears that a few people actually got fooled by you

    Felt good. Now I can move on.
  2. Bythedockofthebay

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    Jan 29, 2014
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    Actually, I've argued nightmare on ALOT of things and anti-wwf bias is one thing he's never had. Don't believe me, go back to his debates with me about Misawa and Jericho. The only difference is he's right here. The fact is this, the WWF has NEVER looked at the tag team division with the importance that WCW, and Japan did. NEVER. And the fact is that tag team wrestling has been better in both of those places overall than in WWF. There's little debate there. Misawa and Kobashi should've beat the Hart foundation, so should've demolition honestly. The WWF made their tag division look secondary, which hurts them against all the great imo. Teams like Tully and Arn, the MNE, and Brisco's will always be higher imo.
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  3. nightmare

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    May 26, 2010
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    Well here we go. You wanted it, you got it.

    Referring to what Vince McMahon built as an empire does not show an anti-WWF bias. A bias would be to dismiss everything that the company has done or blast them openly in favor of another promotion. Using the word empire does neither of those.

    The number of quality teams you speak of during the Hart's run in WWF? You mean the few that were employed there or in wrestling as a whole, because clearly a few people have already pointed out that your dismissive comment about competition was full of shit. Plus if The Steiners were not considered great until after the Hart Foundation's run, then are we to assume all those teams listed earlier just up and disappeared?

    No need to answer. We already provided a list of teams active & competing during that time span.

    It actually is a pretty accurate comparison.

    If you still fail to understand how a person\team is considered to have a better career by winning multiple titles in various places vs a lesser amount of titles in a smaller place- then you clearly have no fucking clue on the hierarchy of accolades in a legacy.

    I have had them numerous times with those more well informed and spoken than you. Maybe you just dont cut the mustard.

    When compared to this team, yes. Shorter time together, less important, not as many great matches.

    Overhyped is a word used to describe your chosen team. The fact is that there were teams available & if so inclined the various promotions could have chosen to give them the belts. Instead Rick\Scott ran with it because they were fucking good. If you actually knew what things mean, then I shouldnt have to explain the concept of why a team would be given a run like that.

    Here is what you just dont get. The wrestlers in question could have worked in Japan. At any given point Vince would have let his guys wrestle on a card for a Japanese promotion so long as the money & publicity was good. Need proof? Bret wrestled on an AJPW card sometime in the early 90's, along with other contracted WWF stars including Ultimate Warrior. You are acting like they were landlocked and Vince would never let it happen. Was it a frequent thing? No, but it certainly did happen & could have happened more often if the money\publicity was right. If your team was really that in demand, I bet that Vince would have had no problem taking money for a few more appearances.

    Fact is saying they could have done as well or better than The Steiners is just speculation. If NJPW, AJPW, etc really wanted Bret\Anvil- they could have got them for a price.

    Maybe you just had some shitty points that did not warrant the time.... but speaking of incapable-

    Kind of like how Finlay & others had some good points of their own & you ignored them because you were incapable of debating their posts? You know, where Finlay brought up the relevant W\L stats from the website you chose to bring into the argument? Or where others brought up relevant competition or the higher number of rated matches The Steiners had in their career?

    But none of what we say had merit right? Because The Steiners had no competition, became popular when all the good teams were gone, won belts that were not WWF belts & got to wrestle for different promotions or whatever other lame ass excuses you tried to use to mold your team into something better than they actually were?

    Got fooled by me? Really? You sure it wasnt because The Steiners were just the better team? Trickery has nothing to do with it, but whatever you need to tell yourself so you can feel like a better person.

    "Oh that dastardly nightmare tricked all those people into voting against my team by ignoring my awesome posts & super smart points."

    Well I hope so, now that you just had to come back in & cry about imaginary shenanigans and underhanded, dishonest trickery. So close the laptop & take a breath. It's over.
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