Championship Region, Fifth Round: (1) John Cena vs. (2) Sting

Discussion in 'Championship Region' started by klunderbunker, May 6, 2014.


Who Wins This Matchup?

  1. John Cena

  2. Sting

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  1. X

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    Feb 6, 2007
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    Another incredibly difficult match to pick, and I'm actually second thinking my vote now, but I went with Sting. Basically personal preference on this one, because Cena is the bigger star and has meant more to the business as a whole during his run at the top than Sting did, which pisses off a lot of old school Stinger fans, but it's the truth. Sting may have popped bigger ratings but in terms of drawing live gates and moving merch I'd give Cena the edge. As far as in ring work goes I prefer Sting, which is probably mainly why I went with him, but Cena is severely underrated as a worker and is one of the best this generation has had. As far as mic work and charisma go, they're pretty even and I might even give the slight edge to the Stinger just because of his intangible charisma, but it's close as well. Really you can't go wrong with voting for either man here, but I personally went with Sting. I could see him in his prime going over Cena in his prime pretty easily because of his mystery factor.
  2. George Steele's Barber

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    I'd rather see how Sting does in the next round than Cena. The real Cena isn't stale compared to the arguments made for him in this tournament. But I'm wasting my breath.

    Vote Sting, or not. I don't really care that much. How about a moratorium on winners of these tournaments for a few years (make it eight years) so we can rotate in some fresh blood? Or just ban Cena so we don't have to see him lose in the finals?
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  3. JJYanks121

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    I have no problem with people voting Sting. Really, I don't. However, to vote for him because you are re-writing history is wrong.

    Yes, he was big in the buildup to Starrcade 1997. Yes, he was in the Main Event and ratings were huge around that time. With that said, Sting did NOT take down the nWo, like at all. In fact, he failed to beat Hogan due to the stupidity of WCW booking and became borderline irrelevant on WCW TV within a couple of months of "winning" the title. To amplify how irrelevant he became, he joined the nWo "good guys" and was possibly the 3rd most featured guy in that group behind Nash and Luger and was off TV within a couple of months of that. If this is his prime, it last 6 months worth of matches where he lost the title quickly back to the group that he had taken it from (the nWo) and then faded in to the pack. Oh, and WCW's ratings were highest in 1998 when he became irrelevant so using his drawing power on that time period is a very poor argument to make.

    Quite honestly, his prime is probably before this anyway, like early 90's or so and that Sting is a lot like John Cena. That said, he's a major face in a group WAY behind WWF at that time so I think his drawing power has always been severely overrated. Great talent, charisma out the wazoo, not a draw on the elite level of the Austins, Hogans, and Cenas.

    Cena's winning this one handily and he should be. It would be a tough match if it happened, but Cen would win, no question.
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  4. FitFinlay4Life

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    What are you raving about? When Sting was relegated to nWo Wolfpack member -THEN WCW's rating dropped below the WWF's! That's a fact, ratings AND Sting's career timeline verify that!

    Outside of WrestleMania (whose but-rates are very much driven by the effort WWe, not John, puts into it) and merchandise (when t-shirts are now the 'in' thing - I love my 'Princess Bride' T; couldn't have bought it in the mid-late 90's) WWe's week to week operations have decreased with the guy you are putting on a level with Austin and Hogan... AND Sting who drove WCW from 2's to 6's and wrestling from 4's to 10's - that influence can be chartered, Cena's chart just doesn't compare!
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