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    The Deadman, our fourth participant in the "Best Every Two" series, has had many different personas - from the personification of evil, to the ministry of darkness, to the American Bad Ass, back to the deadman. He's literally fought everyone - including himself at Summerslam 1994. He's feuded with almost every big man in history, and gotten good matches from them.

    The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, Badd Blood

    Not the Undertaker's most memorable HIAC match, and he didn't even win it, but this match was terrific. A lot of action, both men sold like champs, and the finish involved the debut of Taker's brother Kane, which launched another all-time character, and led to some great moments in its own right.

    The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy, Monday Night Raw

    I know, I know. I am picking an upset here. Between his matches with Hogan, Batista at Wrestlemania 23, and so many others, I went with a match on Raw. But this was a ladder match for the WWF Championship, with Taker in the heel persona, and Hardy as the uber-dog. Taker sold for Hardy like nobody has sold for anyone, ever. I was standing, thinking Hardy might actually take the belt from Taker. And then the very end, where Taker looks quizzically at Hardy before raising his hand in respect - Hardy should call Taker and thank him every day for the run he got that night. What a classic.

    What's your take? Taker vs Foley? Taker vs Orton? Or the Taker vs Rock vs Angle Vengeance triple threat? I'd love to see what people pick for this one!
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    I got two different ones...

    Undertaker v. Rock v. Kurt Angle- Vengeance 2002

    Best match I've ever seen. All three performed greatly thoroughout the match and I loved it when Taker did the Angle Slam, Angle did the Rock Bottom, and Rock did the Ankle Lock. The crowd was intense during this match and it involved plenty of close pinfalls. I would like to have seen Undertaker retain so I could see him face Lesnar even though they would fight at Unforgiven, but the Rock retaining was okay.

    Undertaker v. Kurt Angle- No Way Out 2006
    This was one of the most underrated pay-per view matches in WWE history. Undertaker showed that at his age, he can still put on a damn good match and Angle showed why he's one of the best ever. I knew that Kurt Angle was going to win but I would have lost it if he made Undertaker submit. He looked close to tapping out three or four times. I loved the ending and Taker telling Angle he wasn't through with him yet. They had another great match on Smackdown but Mark Henry ruined it which lead to Taker v. Henry at WM 22.

    P.S. I loved it when Michael Cole said Kurt Angle has never submitted when he did to Brock Lesnar in their Iron Man match.
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    The Undertaker Vs. Triple H - Street Fight - Wrestlemania 17

    Gosh motherfucking damnit. Was this match awesome or what. In my opinion it was better than the main event of that show. This almost made my list for the Triple H thread. Amazing back and forth action in this one. A match where I thought Taker was really was going to lose. Especially when he lifted Trips up for the Last Ride, and then slammed him with the sledgehammer. Only to have the Undertaker kick out at the last minute. Fantastic match.

    Now for the one thats going to get me a lot of flack.

    Undertaker vs. Underfaker - Summerslam 1994

    Looking back. This match is atrocious. But as a 7 year old kid. This match was off the charts. Back then Taker was one of my favorites. Then all of a sudden he is fighting himself? Im very intrigued. Then in the end when the real Undertaker beat the fake I screamed so loud my mom took me to the hospital. It may not be the best match, but it is very memorable especially from a mark standpoint.
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    I have to agree with IC25 about the ladder match with Jeff Hardy. I've watched it tons of times on youtube, and it never gets old. There were so many times where you actually thought that Jeff Hardy was actually going to become the undisputed champion. Taker took some good shots with the ladder and a chair, and actually had a Last Ride reversed. I am a huge Jeff Hardy fan, and I know that he would not even be close to where he is now without this match.

    For the other match, I know a lot of people will criticize, but it must be said: Hell in a Cell vs Mankind at King of the Ring 1998. It was one of the first showings of the Cell, which has been home to many a great match since then Plus, Is there any doubt that Foley being thrown off the top of the Cell into the announce table is one of the top 5 most iconic moments in the history of WWE? Add in the accidental spot of Foley being put through the roof of Hell in a Cell with a chokeslam, and you have one of the most memorable matches of the last decade.

    EDIT: Thanks IC, mistake fixed.
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    LTH4L, thanks for the agreement on the ladder match. Such a classic. But remember, the Taker / Foley match was not the first HIAC match, the one vs Michaels at Badd Blood was.

    I'll never give anyone flack for voting for Taker vs Foley. That match was sick, even if it was for only two spots. It reminded us that Taker had a ridiculous killer instinct, and that Foley has to be actually legally dead to stop going in a match.
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    The Undertaker vs Bret Hart - SummerSlam 1997

    One of Hart's last great matches in the WWF, thanks in no small part to the Undertaker being spot on as well. One of the best matches I've ever seen from either of these men, although I did have to pick between this and the One Night Only encounter - ultimately, I went with SummerSlam for HBK being Special Guest Referee, adding to the unpredictability and entertainment level of the match, and also for the match happening in a bigger environment. Great effort from both parties, and one of my all time 'Taker and Hart favorites. Despite 'Taker being on the losing end here, it was still an excellent match for him.

    Hell in a Cell - Undertaker vs Mankind - King of the Ring 1998

    Yeah, I had to. There's no denying this is easily among the most famous matches of all time. The match is just etched into the mind of anyone who sees it. Everyone comes out looking amazing here - Foley looks like the toughest son of a bitch in the world, and Undertaker looks like the biggest badass in the WWF, even moreso than he was before. A great match to watch, a history making bout, solidified Hell in a Cell as King of Gimmick Matches, and brought Mick Foley's popularity to new heights. Excellent match, one of 'Taker's best, and one of history's most famous.
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    Undertaker v. Mankind - Boiler Room Brawl

    It may not have been his most technically sound match, but I loved it. Mankind and him worked very well off of each other, and it was an entirely new thing to fight in the Boiler Room.

    Undertaker v. Stone Cold - The night Owen died

    Again, not necessarily a great match, but considering the events surrounding the match and show, they did a hell of a job. Every fan knew what had happened, and yet most of us were in awe of the match, mostly because of what it must have taken to still go out there and put on a show.
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    Wow, really guys?? Well, maybe I can attain the elusive Sam rep with this one...

    Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle, NWO 2006

    This match was fucking SICK. Near falls, brawling, high impact moves, numerous near falls, and happened during a time when Taker seemed truly invincible, but Angle has JUST recently won the title. Something had to give. and it was mostly Bones. Just an amazing clinic by both, if you have never seen it, find it.

    Undertaker Vs Randy Orton, WM 21

    YEA I SAID IT. I loved this match to bits. Great near falls, EPIC fucking entrance by Taker, and the only time anyone has felt the streak was TRULY in danger. Sick reversals of finishing moves, and the catalyst of Orton becoming what he is now. Great match.
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    See NorCal. I would have to disagree with you on one point you made. You said Randy Orton was the only legitimate claim to Taker's streak. I disagree with you on that. Not the match itself as it was fantastic. I think out of all his Wrestlemania matches the one with Trips which I posted on earlier was the one where he was in most danger of losing. The only reason people dont say this. Is because the streak was not made known until one year later. When he faced Ric Flair. Then afterwards everyone was saying about the streak and who would end it. Trips in my opinion was the closest, too bad nobody said anything about the streak back then.

    But all in all good choices are being made by all on their choice of Taker matches.
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    I so want to choose that ladder match with Jeff Hardy as one of my top two, but it has to fall to a close third...

    1) Taker vs Foley, HIAC What can I say about this match that hasn't already been said? Oh, I know, how about the fact that these two delivered one of the most talked about matches of all times, and Taker was up there on top of that cell with a broken freaking foot!!! I tend to forget that sometimes when watching the match, but Taker's foot was broken at the time, which is why it took him so long to climb the cell in the first place. Just an amazing display of professionalism that boh men displayed in delivering this classic.

    2) Undertaker vs Kane, WM20 I might get some flak for this one, because the match itself was, for the most part, pure crap. But the reason that this makes my list is because of how much I marked out when the lights went out, the bell rang, and those druids started filing down the ramp. This was the first match where Taker returned as the deadman after spending a couple of years as the American Badass. I was never really a fan of the biker-Taker, although I imagine that it was a lot closer to the truth for Mark Callaway. Of course I knew that he was going back to his roots, but I still got chills watching his entrance for that match, and it is actually one of my top 5 or 6 all-time Wrestlemania moments.
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    Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, Hell In A Cell, Badd Blood 1997

    Sick, sick match. Wicked match from start to finish. Great psychology, and great timing of spots. Some of the best selling I've ever seen by HBK, and great offense by Taker. One of the best chair shots ever on HBK at the end of the match, and an incredible debut by Kane.

    Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, Hell In A Cell, No Mercy 2002

    What a classic match this is. 2002 had many great matches, and this one was one of the best matches of the year. Taker put Lesnar over on a next level in this match. This was just a bloody, vicious, brutal war that told an amazing story. Easily the second best HIAC match in history.
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    1) Like many people is The original HIAC with HBK. This match is one of the best in both mens Career. its not like some things where people think it is good simply becouse it was the first one. People think it was Awesome becouse it was. Every time i see that match I am in sudden Awe and i Long for a rematch between those two. I have a complete mind blank at this hour of the night, So i am just going to go with, my favourite of the Biker Taker...

    The ladder match against Jeff Hardy. Never before had I seen The undertaker in a match like that. It was a great backwards and forwards match that made me stop and think that the undertaker is indead THE MAN. and the same as IC25 said, for a minute ther i actually thought Jeff had it. Also after the match was brialliant, it don't always happen after a match like that. I wasnt expecting anything like that to happen.

    I will add the second proper one later on.
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    Brock Lesnar in HIAC
    I agree with Asterick that this match was great I loved it when taker grabbed Heyman's tie and used it to pull his face in to the cell wall. Lesnar hanging of the rafters of the cell to kick him was awesome. It showed how Taker could and would sell. The finish was awesome Lesnar is about to be tombstoned he flips over it looks like he's gonna Tombstone tkaer then he flips him in a backbreaker hold, he proceeds to throw him to a fireman's carry and BOOM F-5 1..2..3 Lesnar wins. Taker showed he would put people over when he was big in his house the Cell.

    Big Show Casket match Survivor Series 2008
    The match itself was okay it went back and firth had an awesome choke slam by Taker to Big Show. Big Show showed he could win if he wasn't afraid of caskets. For the first time a casket was destoyed during the match. The action spilled in to entrance ramp then the druids came and brought a new csket for the match Taker then set it up and Irish whipped BIg Show in to casket the door shut an dit was over. I loved this match because it was gimick match which I totally mark out for and It was an awesome finish. I know the casket match will give me red rep but who cares.
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    Undertaker vs Edge
    Wrestlemania 24

    Although it isn't the best match probably, it was the best match of Wrestlemania and the best match of Undertaker's streak in my opinion. It was a great match with a lot of hype, a lot of intensity and a lot of great spots in the match. It was a great pace, for both Edge and Taker. The match was full of close finishes and although it was obvious that Taker was going over, sometimes Edge was causing the fans to think otherwise.

    Ugh, I am so uncreative, but I have to go with Jeff Hardy's match as well. It was one of the best ladder matches involving a non ladder match like wrestler ever. Because of this match, Jeff was given such credibility, that itself is important. Just like Edge ws fooling the fans, Jeff fooled us all into making us think he was going to win.
  15. TwistofRKO

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    I'll get hounded but:

    1998 Unforgiven- Kane vs Undertaker- Inferno Match. I was very young at the heights of their rivalry, but to me, this got me into wrestling. Everyone thinks this is a stupid gimmick match, but even watching on Youtube, right now, I still like it. My favorite rivalry of all time, personally.

    Undertaker vs Mick Foley- KoTR 1998- Can't add too much else. Extremely well worked, lots of action.

    I would put up the Hardy vs Taker, but I refuse to acknowledge anything from that terrible biker gimmick.
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    vs HBK in HIAC This match was the first ever hell in a cell match. It's success led to many more hell in a cell matches. In my opinion this is Taker's 2nd best HIAC matches & it also was the perfect time for Kane to make his WWE debut.

    vs Jeff Hardy ladder match on RAW in 2002 This match to me never gets old. It looked like Jeff would win. Taker took some pretty good weapon shots himself. He even had a Last Ride reversed. In my opinion this match proved that Jef Hardy could hang with the main event players & showed his potential to be a great main event player if given the chance.
  17. The Mark of Zur-En-Arrh

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    vs Bret Hart Summerslam 96 WWF title

    A face Taker vs a heel Hitman with HBK as the ref. A very good, back and forth match that showed off both mens full range of abilities, with a typical ending featuring HBK and Bret antagonising each other, resulting in Taker dropping the title in typical screwjob fashion, and of course was the catalyst for the build to the HIAc match.

    They had a similar match in the UK i believe not long after, but without HBK so it wasn't as good imo.

    vs Batista at WM23 for the WHC

    One of my favourite title matches ever. Started off all guns blazing, with the Deadman actually trying to defend himself and recover from the Animal's onslaught in the early stages, even being caught in a Spinebuster during Old School, and being Powerslammed through the announce table, but in the end, the streak lived on as the Deadman survived the Batista Bomb, and put the Animal to rest with a devastating Tombstone Piledriver.
  18. Steamboat Ricky

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    First one is a repeat:

    Taker v. Mankind - King of the Ring 98 - Hell in a Cell

    Why I think this is one of Taker's finest outings is because of the level of professionalism that Taker displayed. Not ONCE did Taker break kayfabe during the match, even after he very well thought he killed Mick Foley. The fact that Taker did not lose his composure or climb down off the cell to check out Mick to me shows how much respect he has for the business and the craft to which he participates.

    Taker v. Edge - Summerslam 2008 - Hell in a Cell

    I might get some flack for this, but I truly love this match. It helps that I was present during the match, and I could feel the energy in the arena. But even watching it on the SS dvd, I can still appreciate this match for it's logistics. Over the last several HIAC matches, the aura around the cell has dwindled as the matches have been lacking that "thing" that makes us love HIAC so much. But this match was able to rekindle that "thing." It was like a TLC HIAC match, with all three coming into play during the match. HIAC matches can become boring because there is only so much someone can do with the cell as a weapon. But by bringing these other elements into the match, it was just extraordinary and very entertaining.

    Also, when Taker send Edge to "Hell" and lit the ring on fire, people were going nuts. I was one of them. I could smell the mat burning and it was just a spectacle like I'd never seen. Truly a gem.
  19. matty256

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    vs Ric Flair-Wrestlemania 18
    I wasn't expecting much out of this match because i didnt think Flair could still go but he proved me and wrong and suprised me which is why imo this match was the best on the card. YES even better then the somewhat overrated Hogan Rock match. There were a few good spots in this match including Taker superplexing Flair all the way off the top rope which looked like one of the most painful superplexes i've seen espeically with Flair and his back problems. I also enjoyed The Arn Anderson run in with him hitting a spinebuster on Taker. I can remember thinking Flair was going to win cause back then they really never metioned Taker being undeafted at Mania or at least not much as they do today. But i was wrong Taker won via Tombstone in an all time great match.

    vs Shawn Micheals-Wrestlemania 25
    Everyone knew this was going to be an awesome match and that is was.This match had so many great moments. I was alittle scared for Undertaker when he dived over the top rope and hit the camera man ( Sim Snuka) and it looked like he landed awkard on his head but Taker got up and these 2 continued their epic match.The only question i have though is if Bam Bam Bigelow and some not that well known footballer player can headline Wrestlemania 11 then why cant these 2 legends who have helped make Wrestlemania what is today headline the 25th anniversary of the event which happened to be in their homestate instead of the lackluster HHH Orton match:weird:

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