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Discussion in '"Best Two Series"' started by Pimpin, Apr 12, 2009.

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    I didn't see a Best Two series of this guy so here it goes. Edge has had many many good matches from his Edge & Christian days, his mid-card status & to his current days as "The Rated R Superstar" Anyways here are my two matches that I chose.

    Hardyz vs Edge & Christian(No Mercy 1999)- A couple of great stipulations & as well as being the first ever tag team ladder match & it took the ladder match to a whole new level for years to come.

    Edge vs Matt Hardy in a street fight- Not sure what exact date this took place but regardless this matchup did not disappoint me one bit. The story of the match was great as Matt wanted to kill Edge for what he went through. It even produced one of the more unique spots as Matt Hardy hit Edge with the Side Effect off the stage & into the electrical part of the arena. Bottom line is that this match blew me away & I wish we had more of these matches today.
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    vs. Matt Hardy (Steel Cage Match - Unforgiven 2006)

    Easily the best match I've seen from these a cage. After seeing this match I was convinced that Edge & Matt could be serious headline competitors in WWE.

    vs. Eddie Guerrero (No DQ - Smackdown 2006)

    Was there a best two of Eddie Guerrero thread? I'm sure I've commented on this match recently.
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    Edge vs. John Cena - Unforgiven 2006

    This was a TLC match, and a great one at that. It was in Edge's hometown and Cena was at the peak of his heat seeking, so the crowd couldn't have been more into it. The crowd added a lot to an already spectacular match. The bumps in this were incredible and all logical, and the suspense was there as well. Great, great match.

    Edge vs. Kurt Angle - Backlash 2002

    The best from their series. I have Backlash 2002 on DVD and let me tell you something, that was as dead of a crowd as you've ever seen. But, they were alive and kickin' during this match because it was just that great. They didn't budge for Hogan vs. HHH or 'Taker vs. Austin with Ric Flair as special guest referee, but they went insane for this match. The action, drama, and false finishes were perfect and the match just felt like it was for the WWE Championship. You hardly get any mid-card matches like that today between two true mid-card wrestlers (which Edge and Angle were at the time).

    Honorable mention goes to Edge vs. RVD from Vengeance 2006.
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    can't really disagree with the above poster, but I'll throw in a couple alternate contenders:

    Edge vs Shawn Michaels - Royal Rumble 2005 - just truly incredible, a wonderful testament to how Edge can shine in a non-gimmick environment. A match with some great false finishes that saw wonderful mat wrestling, amazing counters, cool spots, and a surprising finish. Great heat for it too.

    Edge vs Undertaker - Wrestlemania 24 - again an amazing epic that closed out Wrestlemania. Great psychology, brutal commitment from both men (Taker's suicide dive was just perfect), unbelievable counters to Taker's power game by Edge and the two spears at the end really made you think he'd broken the streak before the Gogoplata got locked in.
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    Edge vs Mick Foley Wrestlemania
    Probably my favourite hardcore match I have seen. Amazing brutality. Edge took everything from a barbed wire socko to thumbtacks. The ending is just unreal and I will never forget the look on Edge's face as he "celebrated" on the ramp.

    Edge vs John Cena New Years Revolution
    The day the Ultimate Opportunist was born. Yes, the "match" itself was a sham, but it was new, exciting and his gimmick was properly born which has lead to many great matches and feuds and it all stemmed from this one moment.
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    Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit (No Mercy, 2002)
    A great example of what happens when average talent gets to up their game around great talent. Benoit and Rey are two of the best of this era and Angle was actually good back then. The four gave us a hell of a ride to decide the new tag team champions. Athletic, back-and-forth, great psychology... Possibly the MOTY.

    Edge vs. John Cena vs. Triple H (Backlash, 2006)
    The Wrestlemania rematch for the epic Cena vs. Hunter title bout... with the Rated R Superstar thrown in the mix! The element of the third man made the triple threat formula play off very well. A wild main event ride.
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    Edge vs. Randy Orton- IC title match- Vengeance 2004

    was just a great back and forth match featuring 2 future WWE and World champs.Edge would end Orton's 7+ month IC title run

    Edge vs Christian- ladder match for the IC belt -No Mercy 2001

    Very forgotten ladder match which would end their first and only feud back in 01 with Edge regaining the IC belt Christian had beat him for a month earlier
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