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    Well I was looking through the fourms and i didnt see one for Jeff Hardy.So I would like to know what matches in Jeff's 10 year career.So here are mine hope you like them. (this is my first thread so please dont hate if it is not great)

    Jeff Hardy V.S. Undertaker
    ladder match R.A.W 2002 WWE title-In my eyes this match was great it had ppv quailty on free t.v. but its a shame they wouldnt let jeff win cuz he was on drugs and shit. and had one of the greatest ending i ever seen the choke slam then the hand shake was great show of respect.If u havent seen it I suggest u watch it you can see it on youtube.

    Jeff Hardy V.S. H.H.H V.S. Edge
    Armageddon 2008-Well alot of people didnt like this match because they say"wwe should of waited tilwrestlemania"but i know why they did it is because his whole quest was to when the title so royal rumble 2008 he lost that was in january he won it in december it took him a year so I liked this match so it could put a cap on his record year and in this match u thought either hhh or edge would win so you really didnt know.

    So there are mine waht are yours?
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  2. Ronin

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    Most definitely Hardy vs Undertaker. There was some points in that match that just forshadowed greatness. Too bad he couldn't keep his nose clean. The main event push he is getting now, may have come a lot earlier. We might have seen a different face of WWE. lol too much coulda shoulda woulda though.

    Hardy vs Hardy, for the Hardcore championship.
    Tension galore, and a great Hardcore match. I hope they top it at mania.
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    Jeff hardy vs The undertaker ladder match This match for me is one of my favorite matches all time and it was also one of jeff and undertaker best. Since i was a fan of both wrestler at the time and still am i had a tear comeing out of my eye when they shook hands and undertaker rose jeff hardy hand it was great and memorable.

    Jeff Hardy vs Aj Styles
    This is my favorite match Jeff hardy beside his monster bull match in his tna career. Both put on a really good match besides the interference . They showcased both guys abilty really well and some say the ending sorta ruing it but i think it was just fine. to bad he could not stay in tna longer and was not drugged up at the time.
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    I've got to the point where I actually like Jeff Hardy. Although I still think most of his stuff pre-2007 is trash. Bar the gimmick matches. But I'll pick two regular matches. I'll go for Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy at The Bash '07. Great match, obvioulsy it's all Umaga carrying that one. And the second would be the match with Jericho where he lost the IC title.
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    I've enjoyed quite a few Jeff Hardy matches throughout the years. From all the fun TLC matches, to the shit he does today, and to even lots of his TNA stuff as well. I always thought match wise, he was a great wrestler to watch. As far as favorite two though?

    His ladder match against The Undertaker is probably my favorite singles ladder match of all time, and it's definitely my favorite Jeff Hardy match. I just thought it was superb. I wish Jeff was that intense every time he wrestled, then you would hear absolutely no bitching about his in-ring work from anyone.

    And as far as my second favorite match from him, that's got to be his match against Raven from TNA Lockdown 2005. I always wanted to see these two in a competitive match, as all their WWE matches were basically squash matches, so when they started a feud in TNA, I was very excited because I knew their matches would deliver. But unfortunately, they only met one time in the company, but God damn was it awesome. I highly recommend the "Best of Jeff Hardy" TNA DVD just for this match alone. You'll get other fun matches, but this was by far my favorite one from the DVD and it's definitely belongs in my 'Top 2' as far as Jeff Hardy matches are concerned.
  6. NSL

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    Jeff Hardy v. Jerry Lynn for the Light Heavyweight Title was a great match. It was about 8 minutes, and had almost no downtime. They were constantly moving, and used a ton of different moves. I'm a little partial, as both of these guys are among my favorite of all-time.

    Jeff Hardy v. Umaga, when he won the IC Title because Umaga was suspended. It was a solid match, and showed a different style form Hardy. He used the usual moves, but added in a lot more technical wrestling to overcome the size disadvantage.
  7. kamakazii699

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    Jeff Taker ladder match for sure. that was a very good match. Definatly started his career. And just the pure fact that its a ladder match involving Jeff Hardy. Without ladders jeff wouldn't be who he is today.

    and i liked his Armageddon match. great match with a great ending. Jeff Finally won the title. and this started the Matt feud at 'Mania
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    Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy ladder match on RAW in 2002: This match to me never gets old. It looked like Jeff would win. Taker took some pretty good weapon shots himself. He even had a Last Ride reversed. In my opinion this match proved that Jeff Hardy could hang with the main event players & showed his potential to be a great main event player if given the chance.

    Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title at Armageddon 2008: This match was fairly exciting itself but the main reason why it makes this list is cause of the story behind this match as not only did Jeff finally win the WWE Title but it also lead to him & Matt feuding with eachother as well.
  9. Leeds Guy

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    Jeff Hardy Vs Shawn Micheals - Raw 2008 - Such a great match between the two, Jeff showed here that he isnt just a spot wrestler and that he could hand with the best. Shawn put Jeff over cleanly. I think this was the match of 2008.

    The Hardyz Vs E+C - Tag Team Championship Cage Match - Unforgiven 2000 - A great match pitting the best tag teams of the attitude era. Any match between the two teams was good add the cage and it takes it up a notch. from Jeffs Whisper in the Wind from the top to the Double Con-Chair-To to Edge off the top of the cage it had it all.
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    Armageddon 2007 HHH vs Hardy this match was a surprise to me because HHH put Hardy over for a number one conter spot at Royal Rumble

    Royal Rumble 2008 Hardy vs Randy Orton this match was simply amazing. great story and Randy really put Jeff over as a serious threat to his tittle. RKO out of no where was sweet.

    Triangle Ladder Match WM 2000 E and C vs Dudley Boys vs Hardys tag tittles.
    this match is where the wwe found how great these 3 teams talent were

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