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    The BT series has been around wrestles now I think we should have it around a kind of match like a title match so I picked the WWE championship.

    The title is the main world championship of the WWE. there have been 23 men to hold the title and 89 reigns of it. HHH has the most reigns while Bruno holded it the longes and Buddy was the first champ. So my question to you is what were the best two title matches?

    In my opinion the best two matches of this title where.

    Rock vs. Austin WM 17 I love this match because Austin turned heel and joined the corporation which in it self was a big ass swerve. It had good ring work for a NO DQ match and it truly lived up to the hype and to me it is still the best match in WM history. Until UNDERTAKER vs. HBK

    Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy ladder match This here is the match that made me love both of these men. It for one showed that Jeff could play with the big boys and had a future in the ME. While it proved Taker was a superb WWE champion. IMO 2nd best WWE title match. 1st best ladder match.
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    Great topic, this is obviously a tough one, so many great matches throughout it's history so it's so hard to choose just 2 but I'm gonna try. Here's my picks.

    Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart Summerslam 94 Cage Match
    First off no brothers pulled off a feud like these 2 could. They made it seem like they legitimately didn't like each other, which is something that most brother feuds or matches lack. The match itself was amazing, by far my favorite cage match ever. For the most part it was realistic, usually during cage matches you think the person could escape if they wanted to but in this one wasn't like that. Obviously a match with these 2 it had great storytelling and psychology so that goes without saying. Simply put this was a true classic.

    Hogan vs. Warrior Wrestlemania 6
    This match was one of the most dramatic matches ever. It was the first face vs. face matches I ever watched as a kid and one of the first high profile ones in general. The fact that it was champion vs. champion and involved the two most over guys in the company only added to it. The atmosphere at the Skydome was electric and the fans were split 50/50 during the match, all the while being on the edge of their seat the whole time. Nobody knew who was going to win, the story these two told in this match was unbelievable. And to my knowledge this was Hogan's first clean loss(as Hulkamania atleast) and one of his only ones throughout his first WWE run, which of course only made this match more historic.
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    Loving this idea, Deadman, and I am looking forward to seeing that other stipulations you post in here. Macho Marquis is (hopefully) taking over this project on the wrestler side.

    Anyway, my two:

    Ric Flair vs Randy Savage, Wrestlemania 8

    It's no secret that I have a man-crush on this match. I extoll its virtues at every turn. The match had loads of drama, and materialized into a fantastic match despite not being in the original plan. Wrestlemania 8 was supposed to be Hogan vs Flair, but somehow Flair and Savage were just amazing enough to pull together one of the most compelling title matches and storylines I've ever seen.

    The drama surrounding Ms. Elizabeth. Mr. Perfect in Flair's corner. Vintage work by Heenan and Monsoon. So many great heel tactics by Flair. Finishing moves broken. Near-fall. AMAZING selling by Savage, before, during, and AFTER the match. motional Elizabeth coming down the ring side to root on Randy despite 10 officials (Shane included!) trying to tell her not to. And of course, Savage turning Flair's heel tactics against him for the victory.

    Tied - Hulk Hogan vs Sgt. Slaughter @ WM 7 and Kurt Angle vs Steve Austin @ Unforgiven 2001.

    Yes, there are better matches, but I went with these two because of their importance in American professional wrestling. A thread went up a while back asking what "place" pro wrestling has in American culture. These two title matches helped to answer that, because both times, a hero emerged in a time of crisis (Hogan during Desert Storm, Angle after 9/11) to give the fans some hope. The distraction from plight was there in the entertainment, but holy shit did those two title matches and babyface victories whip the crowds into patriotic frenzies. Now I live in the US, but I am obviously not a huge patriot. But nobody can deny the impact of these two matches - either in creating hope and passion, or just for being cathartic.
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    Deadman, I'm thoroughly impressed with this thread. Truth be told, I'm rather stumped. I've been thinking about this for a few hours now, and the two best I could muster are the following (in no particular order):

    The Rock v. Mankind - WWF Title - December 29, 1998 (aired January 4, 1999)

    I don't think this match has any kind of technical appeal, but the sentimental appeal and its significance in wrestling history is absolutely immeasurable. There was nobody that deserved a "lifetime achievement" WWF title victory more than Foley, and with The Rock successfully taking part in screwing Mankind at Survivor Series and then finding a way to sneakily keep the belt at Rock Bottom - IHY, the WWF fans were crazed for The Rock to get what he deserved.


    All of the major storylines were being played out during this match, as you had DX v. the Corporation going on, as well as Stone Cold v. McMahon as Austin came down to even the odds, so to speak. On top of that, after Mankind won, DX held Mankind high in the ring, striking a chord with some of the more unusual WWF fans, giving them hope that they could be cool if Mankind was cool enough to hang with DX. That might sound cliche and jokey, but I was in 7th grade at the you better believe that I thought that it was awesome that the guy who gets laughed at and picked on could be, in fact, the coolest guy around.

    Not to mention, Bischoff's strategy of giving away the results of Raw completely backfired and proved to be one of the most devastating blows in the downfall of WCW.

    Great match.

    Shawn Michaels v. The British Bulldog - WWF Title - King of the Ring 1996

    A match that gets buried in the event that began Austin 3:16 and served as the "Last Hoorah" for Jake Roberts, HBK v. Davey Boy Smith certainly delivered the goods. It had a great deal of controversy going into it, with Mr. Perfect (part of Camp Cornette with Smith) being billed as the special referee for the match. The match was a purist's dream and really is entertaining to watch over and over again. Both were in their primes, and adding the fact that Jim Cornette was running around outside with the tennis racquet makes it a contender in and of itself. You had Owen Hart providing commentary, and after watching, it will be no secret that Owen could have been a GREAT announcer. With the deck stacked against HBK, it really was a well told story of an underdog overcoming the odds.

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    I have to agree with Deadman with one choice The Rock vs Stone COld - WM 17 It was the two mega superstars of the Attitude Era squaring off at one of the best WrestleMania matches ever. The build up started off as two superstars who respect each other, but both wanted the same thing - the title. Then with the inclusion of Debra the feud exploded. The build up was so brilliant, the match HAD to be good. And it was. Face vs Face, ending with a shocking heel turn from Austin, who was still cheered by the Texas crowd. Stealing finishers, using weapons, everything they could possibly do to get their hands on the title. It wasn't as much the superstars hated each other, they longed for the belt. It made the belt seem important.

    The second match I am choosing from four months before that WrestleMania, purely because it was possibly the most unpredictable title match ever. Kurt Angle vs Rikishi vs Undertaker vs HHH vs The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin - Armageddon 2000 IF Kane was put in instead of Rikishi (but Rikishi had to be there due to his involvement in all the feuds), there would have been six men in a match all with a chance of winning the title. With all the multi man title matches nowadays, how many are like that? Certainly none of the Scrambles, and definitely not the EC. It was filled with men who hated each other as well. Angle had took Rock's belt, but Rikishi was feuding with Rock, Taker had been screwed out of the title against Angle, Rikishi ran down Stone Cold, HHH told Rikishi to run down Stone Cold, HHH and Angle had been feuding most of the summer over Stephanie. Basically, if a superstar couldn't win the title in this match, they would settle for ending someones career.

    The match itself was non stop action, it was chaos. From pedigrees on car roof tops, to chair shots on top of the cell, to the amazing moment where Rikishi was chokeslammed off the roof by Taker. The ending may have been extremely confusing, as no one knew who had won, but it perfectly kept with Kurt stealing victories to keep his title, after he was destroyed throughout the match. And since the fans were upset with the outcome, Austin dragged his beaten body off the canvas to hit the Champion with a Stunner to close out the show.
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  6. Fizzy

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    Good thread deadman

    The Rock vs Austin WM XV This match was the start of one of the greatest Wrestlemania feuds of all time. This match truly brought out the best in both of the men, and I loved it. The match was just move after move, and the ending was amazing. This holds a place in my heart as the best match i've ever watched.

    Kurt Angle vs Brock LesnarWM XIX This match was truly great. It had two great amateur wrestlers facing eachother, not to mention that they were two of the most intense wrestlers of our time. I will always love this match.
  7. The Original Tuggernut

    Mar 4, 2009
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    Best two WWE title matches?

    1. Stone Cold Steve Austin v/s HBK at Wrestlemania XIV

    This is a no brainer because this was pretty much the beginning of the Reign of Austin. He was a G with no mercy.

    2. Hulk Hogan v/s Ultimate Warrior

    Not that these guys were wrestling technicians or anything, but Hogan and Warrior were the two biggest characters in the WWE/F at the time. It was world's colliding and Hogan actually did a JOB to Warrior. To me, as a little kid, this was monumental. I'd never seen Hogan pinned until that moment. It was earth shattering.
  8. Cena's Little Helper

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    Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair at WM VIII

    I think IrishCanadian said everything that needs to be said about this one, although I'll add a little bit here. Everyone always talks about how Hart vs. Piper was the match of the night at WM VIII, but I think that Savage vs. Flair easily topped it. When my mother ordered WM VIII for me as a kid, I definitely didn't think that this match would be anything great, as Flair wasn't really a "kid's wrestler" (I have since come to like him more as an adult); to be totally honest, I was kind of mad that Hogan wouldn't be able to do the big boot and leg drop on him. Furthermore, I thought there was no way that Savage was going to beat Flair.

    Well, as anyone who has seen this match can attest to, I was doubly wrong. Savage and Flair tore the house down in a match where I finally came to understand what was so special about Savage. If you have read Flair's autobiography, then you know that he takes a few swipes at Savage that, in my opinion, are unwarranted. Whether Flair wants to admit it or not, Savage gave him the last great match of his career.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels at WM XIV

    My favorite wrestler of all time finally gets the World Title by beating one of the all-time greats and with Mike Tyson (who, at that time, was truly a badass thug) circling the ring. Furthermore, this match was fantastic and the story leading up to it was extremely well thought-out. People can bitch and moan all they want about the Attitude Era and Vince beating WCW through the use of Tits & Ass, but the Michaels-Austin feud undeniably proved two things: one, the WWF didn't need Bret Hart to have a great main-event scene; and two, Vince Russo was once a pretty effin' good booker.

    HBKING Dark Match Jobber

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    Wrestlemania 12
    Iron man match Hbk vs Bret hart
    As a Hardcore HBK fan watchin my fav wrestler discover his boyhood dream in one of the best matches ever makes this my fav wwe tittle match

    Armaggedon 2008
    HHH Vs Edge Vs Jeff Hardy
    I think this is a great match because the match keep turning all different ways and u never really knew who would win
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  10. Captain Bean

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    The Rock v Kurt Angle v Taker No Mercy 2002

    My favourite triple threat ever. Numerous nearfalls, countless finishes and kickouts. I geniunly didnt have a clue who was going to win. All three put on a superb performance and the Rock winning at the last moment was unpredictable

    The Rock v Austin WM17

    Has to go down as one of the best main events in wrestling history. The long fued between these two was epic. The build up, the match, the heel turn at the end was all brilliant. It was the pinnacle of the Attitude Era and it was a deserved end to such a great period. These two had one of the biggest rivalries of all time and this was their crowning moment.
  11. NbR1Ch

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    Hogan vs. Yoko WM9.............HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right
    Seriously though my first pick would have to be........
    HBK vs. Bret Hart - Iron Man Match - WM12
    Truly a classic match.......I really thought it was awesome that neither man scored a pin or submission in the first hour and it had to go into OT
    My second pick would have to be........
    Angle vs. Lesnar - WM19
    Technical as all hell. I love Angle and kinda liked Lesnar......just a great match all around.........all except for that botched Shooting Star Press.........but I didn't even mind a matter of fact, I laughed my ass off. But it only goes to show you what they go through when Lesnar got up after that to hit another F-5 for the pin.
  12. RVD420

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    Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy - Ladder Match on Raw - I REALLY thought Jeff might pull off a win. Great build-up (in match).
    HBK vs. Bret Hart - Survivor Series '97 - the beginning of the attitude era.
  13. matty256

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    Rock vs Austin-Wrestlemania 17- I remember the hype was better this time then it was 2 years earlier before when they met at Wrestlemania 15 and rightfully so this was a great no dq and a shocking ending witch made it all the better


    Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle -Wrestlemania 19- IMO the best pure wrestling main event theres been at Mania. both men just gave it thier all and delievered. It also amazed me that after Lesnar missed the Shooting Star press and getting a concussion and nearly breaking his neck was able to use another F5 for the victory it just showed how much dedication both men had for the business at the time
  14. legendofwrestlemania

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    Backlash 2002: Triple H (c) vs Hulk Hogan.
    Not a technically great match by any means but definetly a huge moment. You had Hogan winning the title for the first time in a WWE ring in forever and it was just a big moment being Triple H vs Hogan as well. Two huge superstars and Hogan getting one more shot at the spotlight.

    Royal Rumble 2003: Kurt Angle (c) vs Chris Benoit.
    This on the other hand was a very technically sound match. If you've never seen it I highly reccomend it. One of my favorite matches ever.

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