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Discussion in '"Best Two Series"' started by Pimpin, Mar 21, 2009.

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    This Best of Two series will be based on The Iron Man Match where it is one of the most grueling matches in history as you go nonstop from sometimes 30 minutes to even 60 minutes or more than that. Here are my two picks.

    Wrestlemania 12: Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship in a 60 minute man Iron Man Match- Now why is this match great? Cause it is like those movies that takes a long ass time to finish but you stay in that seat regardless, even when the times are slow. I am a huge fan of both men & both men put on a classic match & a bonus for us fans is that the ending became a Wrestlemania moment. It truly is a good match, and one of my all time favorite matches.

    Judgement Day 2000: The Rock vs Triple H for the WWE Championship in a 60 minute Iron Man Match- One of my favorite Iron Man Matches of all time. Both men hit alot of exciting moves & gave it their all for 60minutes. I didn't even have a problem with the ending of the match when The Undertaker returned to attack Triple H. I believe this match is one of the greatest Iron Man matches of all time.
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    Iron Man matches are prett tough, fact is only a handful of guys can actually do one, so they don't happen very often.

    The WM match between Hart & HBK is probably the most famous, seeing as how it main evented WM and marked Michael's first world title win.

    I saw Hart and Ric Flair do one in Hartford CT at a house show in Jan 1993, probably the first time anyone thought to use this concept in WWE (Hart actually did a ladder match with HBK a few yrs before the famous HBK vs Razor Ramoan ladder match that generally is considered the "first" of it's kind in WWE)

    That match was actually pretty good (Hart submitted twice to the figure four, then managed a pin and a submission in the final 5 minutes to win 3 falls to 2).
    HHH had a very good IM match with Benoit on Monday Night Raw a few yrs ago. I seem to remember Undertaker doing one with Kurt Angle as well on TV, can't remember what year.

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