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Discussion in '"Best Two Series"' started by Deadman, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Deadman

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    Jan 3, 2009
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    I think I will do these every two days anyway this BT is about ladder matches.

    The ladder match. It is a amazing match which is used in prowrestling a lot now. I happen to be a fan of it because ofthe extreame things that happen in the match. Now picking the best two may be hard. I have chose these two.

    Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy WWE championship

    This is Undertakers second best match and may I say this is the match that made me love oth of the superstars and ladder maches. One it showed Jeff had a future as a Main Eventer and showed Undertaker's domince in any kind of match. Which would be proven in the other variton of this match TLC.

    Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels

    This match quite simply made me say Jerchio could be a world champ forever. The way the match ended was sick with bot falling off the ladder and Chris keeeping the title in his hands. Golden moment.
  2. McFoley

    McFoley Dark Match Jobber

    Feb 21, 2009
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    There is some obvious choices such as HBK vs. Razor Ramon, or the classic TLCs at SummerSlam and Wrestlemania, so I think that it is interesting that you chose two that are a little more recent and less revered by fans.

    I think if I had to pick two, I would go with:

    Eddie Guerrero vs. RVD on Raw

    Awesome match. Great pace with both guys using the ladder to put a new twist on their fan favorite moves. One of my favorite spots of all time: Sunset flip powerbomb over the top of the ladder. It's since been copied and taken up a notch in a couple of the MITB and other ladder matches, but this original one is so quick and well-executed. Even with all the big spots, it doesn't feel like a spot-fest because Eddie and RVD do a great job of selling the psychology of why they use the ladder in the ways they do and also that they are in serious pain (although it isn't really selling because they probably were).

    TLC I at SummerSlam (Hardyz vs. Dudleyz vs. E&C)

    This is kind of the opposite side of what a ladder match can be from my other pick. Whereas that one was one vs. one and I liked the pace of it, this one gives you pure mind-blowing spectacle, in-ring psychology be damned. Who cares that you can see some of the spots coming? It's still insane how many crazy moves these guys are willing to do in one match. I pick this one over the rematch at Wrestlemania because even though that one had some good original spots, it also repeated quite a few. It also had kind of a dumb finish with all the interference.
  3. Age of Orton

    Age of Orton Pre-Show Stalwart

    Feb 4, 2009
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    A lot of people seem to hold the Mania X ladder match high on the list but I generally thought and still do the SummerSlam 1995 ladder match was a little bit better..

    Anyways the 2 best Ladder matches.. for one I'd say WrestleMania 16 Edge/Christian Vs Hardys Vs Dudleys to be honest I knew it was a good match but hadn't watched it in maybe 6-7 years until two weeks ago when I picked up Edge's DVD and I must say that match is pretty high octane.

    Another would be Triple H Vs The Rock SummerSlam 1998 the two worked well together in most matches but neither had been in a ladder match before this match and I was skeptical about what both could do and what both would do.. both made you believe they were going for it all out the ladder shots were brutal as well.

    HBKING Dark Match Jobber

    Mar 9, 2009
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    Wrestlemania X
    Razor ramon Vs Hbk
    The pionering match of the ladder match there probably wouldnt be another if they didnt do it as good as they did

    Royal Rumble 2001
    Chris Jericho Vs Chris Benoit
    I always love it when the ic tittle is defended in ladder matches and this one was a classic they way these too worked with each other was always great but this was extra special
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  5. HBK-aholic

    HBK-aholic Shawn Michaels ❤

    Nov 10, 2007
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    I agree with the poster above, some great choices there HBKing, you actually made me remember that second match, I hadn't watched it in a long time.

    Wrestlemania X - Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon
    This should really be the first choice to any wrestling fan who's watched the show for more than 5 years. This is the match that all ladder matches are compared to, and the match which brought them mainstream. While this wasn't the 'first' it was the first on a Pay Per View, and therefore was the one that has been most seen, and is the better one.

    Royal Rumble '01 - Jericho vs. Benoit
    The match was 20 minutes of pure greatness. Both these guys were the best in the business, and this match showed it. I love them both, and I love ladder matches, this is one of the most underrated matches of all time, I think everyone should go out and watch this.
  6. Y 2 Jake

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    Dec 31, 1969
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    So I take it you've not seen the the second Ladder match between HBK & Razor Ramon. One is underrated, the other is overrated. The second has everything the first has but more. I'm surprised you didn't pick that one. HBK wins it, in case you didn't know.
  7. Leeds Guy

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    Feb 9, 2007
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    Jeff Hardy Vs RVD - Hardcore Championship - Summerslam 2001 - I was gonna pick the Wrestlemania 16 Ladder match but im gonna pick both mine as singles encounters. This was such a great ladder match which kept everyone on the edge of there seats it had spot after spot after spot and hardly had any down time. Best singles ladder match ive seen.

    Chris Benoit Vs Chris Jericho - Intercontinental Championship - Royal Rumble 2001 - Two of the best we have ever seen in the ring going at it and pullin off a spectical. I dont think this match recieves the appreciation it should do. It was the first singles ladder match i saw that made my jaw drop when Jericho locked in the Walls over the Ladder. Such a great match
  8. supersayian


    Nov 1, 2008
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    Hbk vs Razor Ramon Summerslam this match was the first and true great ladder match in history it took the match to the next level as to what a ladder match is.

    Hardys vs Edge and Christan No Mercy 1999 this match had a couple of good stipulations thrown in as well. this match was the first tag team ladder match. and it bar none took ladder match to a whole another level
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  9. Pimpin

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    Oct 27, 2008
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    HBK vs Razor Ramon(Wrestlemania X)-The pioneering matchup. If this matchup wasn't any good at all then obviousely we wouldn't have gotten all these great ladder matches.

    Hardyz vs Edge & Christian(No Mercy 1999)- A couple of great stipulations & as well as being the first ever tag team ladder match & it took the ladder match to a whole new level for years to come.
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  10. Captain Bean

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    Sep 20, 2007
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    WM 10 - Razor Ramon v HBK

    The pioneer of ladder matches. innovative on every level and set the bar for all future matches. really thrust hbk into the spotlight and put him well on his way to becoming the star that he is today

    WM 17 - Hardyz v Dudleys v E+C

    DOes a TLC match still fall under the ladder match category? i think it should lol. The spots in this match were amazing, and to repeat the success of WM 16's triangle ladder match and again win MOTY is quite an achievment.

    Honourable mentions - rock v hhh summerslam 98, hardy v taker WWE title,

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