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  1. ncberz

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    vs. JBL "I Quit" Match Judgment Day (2005)

    Forget about Wrestlemania 21 or anything that came before this match, this was the bout that cemented John Cena at the top of the WWE ladder. Before this match, John Cena was similar to how CM Punk or Jeff Hardy is now. He had been fluttering through the upper-mid card for the last 2 years previously with feuds with Lesnar, Taker and Guerrero but he hadn't proven himself as one of the best in the business. Then came this match, his first WWE title defense and the conclusion of his almost half-year feud with JBL. This match showed all the critics that Cena could be this generation's Hogan or Rock. This match left both competitors bloody and bruised, with Cena bearing a crimson mask befitting the Great Muta and JBL being sent through glass courtesy of a semi's exhaust pipe.

    vs. Edge TLC Match Unforgiven (2006)
    This match will probably go down as the greatest 1 on 1 match of both of the involved superstars' careers. This match ended the greatest feud of probably this decade and elevated both superstars to heights neither would have reached a year before. This feud made Edge a bonafide main event star and no longer just an Intercontinental or Tag Team Specialist and made him into the Rated-R Superstar. This match also precipitated the longest World Title reign in 22 years. And don't forget the F-U from 15 ft. in the air through 2 tables.
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  2. Joker ' Ferreira

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    I didn't like at all the Judgment Day battle between the two. The end was kind of strange, it's not something JBL would do, not without getting his ass beaten a lot more than he did.

    So I have to say definitely his match with Edge at Unforgiven was pretty much better, he and Edge were responsible for what I think was the match of the year, Cena went to this match with almost everyone expecting Edge to win after the Summerslam bout between the two in Boston.

    The match was back and forth, and the match was very very quick passed and I liked it, and don't forget that Cena's job on RAW was on the line, so it adds something else to the match.

    I think Cena and Show match at Wrestlemania XX is more story telling that his match with JBL, it's not a better match, it's better in story telling, with Cena has the underdog going for the US Championship.
  3. Captain Charisma.

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    Sep 9, 2007
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    #1. vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 23
    A FANTASTIC match. We saw everything we needed. The 1997 Shawn Michaels and John Cena at his VERY BEST

    #2. vs. Triple H at Night of Champions 2008
    Just finally showing that John Cena could put someone over very well
  4. justinsayne

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    Sep 8, 2006
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    This is easy, Cena's two best matches by far would have to be his NOC match this year with Triple H, and his GAB match with Lashey, for the same reasons, both matches had me on the edge of my seat till the very end, I honestly didn't know who was going to win either match which is pretty rare in wrestling these days
  5. Sparky

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    This is hard, Seeing I am not a Cena fan....
    IMO the best two matches was
    1) vs Edge TLC match at Unforgiven. Who the hell would of thought he would win there.? Edge's home town and in Edges match. It was great the whole way through, and I was entertained, wishing Edge would win but also wanting to see Cena win for some strange reason. I guess thats why that is my first.

    2) Vs HBK round two that is, Not the one at Wrestlemania. ( and no not becouse of the outcome:p) This match was Waaaay better then the one at Wrestlemania. I was glued to the screen the whole time. I kept on thinking that there was no way Cena would lose this match. Every time he put him into the FU i would think, Welp here it ends, but it didnt. It had alot of near falls wich I love and it was very entertaining to say the least.
  6. jmt225

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    John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam - One Night Stand 2006

    This was the very last wrestling pay-per-view I've ordered, and I only ordered it for one reason: To see RVD FINALLY become WWE Champion. It happened. And it happened in such a way no one could've saw coming. I think everyone expected the fans to be a little bit hostile, but man... I don't think anyone could've imagined just how wild they went for that main event between RVD and Cena. Watching that shit while it happened was some experience. This was the first time in years, perhaps the last time ever, that a little mark came out of me. I REALLY wanted RVD to win. I haven't felt like that since my early teens, honestly. And then you add on the excitement of, "Oh shit, these fuckers really will riot if RVD doesn't win.", you end up having a joyous time that you don't have often when watching this sport after you reach a certain age or just figure out some of the secretes of how it all works. That match will forever be the most dramatic match I've ever seen. I don't think anything could ever top it.

    I'm torn for my second favorite match Cena has had. It's between his TLC match against Edge at Unforgiven 2006, or his Wresltemania 23 match against Shawn Michaels. Both were beyond awesome and as of right now, I can't choose.

    And even though Cena has been in a bunch of classics already in his short career, I don't think we've seen the best he has to offer just yet. But I still don't think anything he ever does will surpass my love for his match against RVD.
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  7. CENAtion

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    Seeing as I am a John Cena fan this is a tough one.

    1) vs JBL "I Quit" Match Judgment Day (2005)
    Cena's first title defense. The kid won the title at Mania and now it was time to prove he was a man and deserved the belt. Yea he took one hell of an asskicking in this match, getting bloodied up, but he just kept coming for more. I think this match really catipulted him even more. Then towards the end when he has the bumper in hand and JBL quits the crowd erupts and Cena sends him right through the glass. Seeing him stand in the ring a bloody mess holding the title i thikn proved to everyone that he is the MAN who will lead this company.

    2) vs Shawn Michaels....not WrestleMania but the first one from Raw. Very rarily do guys go close to an hour but these two were given that oppurtunity and they delivered. I remember them standing in the ring with an hour left on raw and thinking there's no way these guys are gonna go an hour but they did. Back and forth with many near falls you just got that feeling both guys were on top of their game and neither could lose.
  8. tbanger

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    Having watched this match again this morning I have to say RVD vs Cena at one night stand. Everything about this match was amazing, the ECW faithful and their chants, the referees, RVD's role, Edge's role, Joey Styles, but most of all Cena himself. He broke out the hardcore, the way he played his part was great, his selling and storytelling was probably the best of his career in this match. He responded exactly the right way to the fans chants, he did it with a smile on his face at times, and in reality he must have been scared because there were 2500 people in that crowd who would have taken his head off if they had a chance! It was absolutely brilliant.
    One thing I have to say is that its a shame Cena doesnt mix it up in his matches as much as he did in that one. I saw two or three moves i don't think he has used since, and it would freshen him up a bit.

    There have been many others that have drawn me in, I'm a Cena fan for sure. but really considering it, I think the other match would have to be Unforgiven vs Edge, TLC. I mean, the build-up was great, it was such a good feud, and there were so many great moments. The interference of Lita, and Cena dealing with her was brilliant. And the fact that Edge allegedly passed out (legit) in the STFU spot with the ladder. And then obviously the FU through two tables was pretty awesome as well!

    There were lots that could have joined this list, including vs JBL I quit, HHH at NOC, at least two with HBK and maybe even his match against batista at summerslam. But yh i think i picked the best 2
  9. NSL

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    Nov 3, 2008
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    Maybe I'm alone in this, but I believe the Triple Threat at Wrestlemania 24 was one of his best matches. Cena's matches are usually either really good to me, or really bad. This one blew me away. There wasn't a match on the card that I didn't like, but this one is my favorite. I'm normally not a fan of Triple Threats for the Rumble winner, but the three of them worked a great match, and it led to great finish.

    Another match that is one of my Cena favorites, was his first PPV match, at Vengeance in 2002 against Chris Jericho. I just watched this match recently on WWE 24/7, and was very impressed by his early work. I wasn't watching wrestling at the time, so I had never seen any of his earlier stuff. He worked the match very well for a very green rookie, and Jericho worked well at selling Cena's offense, and played a great heel to build up Cena as a face. There was a lot of good offense back and forth, although the end was a little disappointing, with Cena winning with a basic roll-up.
  10. BooCocky

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    GAB v Bobby Lashley- This match was great, leading up to it i was thinking there is no way in hell that Lashley would win. But i thought wrong, this match kept me on the edge of my seat. This match had some great reversals and some near falls. Those are rarities today in the WWE. And to be fair, I marked out for the FU off the ropes.

    The one is from his Raw match with Michaels. Even though I didn't see it that week, i was told to youtube it, so i did. It was a great match, it also kept me on the edge of my seat. The whole match was filled with good counters. The match also had a nice finish. Both competitors were on top of their game and it showed during the match.

    A close second was John Cena vs Umaga ( Last man Standing match). For some reason I have a soft spot for this match.
  11. Y 2 Jake

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    I agree. Great match, that probably got me thinking that Cena was ok more than a very good TLC match with Edge ever did. While I expected him & Edge to have a quality match I was expecting this to be a pile of shit. Mostly because I have no confidence in Cena to have good matches with poor or average opponents, and because Lashley had potential and nothing more.

    The second would be the JBL I Quit match, again because it defied my expectations.
  12. Slyfox696

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    I refuse to only post two. Being the senior resident Cena defender, I maintain I have that right.

    In order of occurrence:

    Cena vs. RVD
    Cena vs. Umaga
    Cena vs. Lashley at GAB

    All three of these were incredible matches in which Cena worked with incredibly different opponents. With RVD, you had a terrible botchy worker than was revered by the fans at the show, so Cena had to work to keep him looking good, get heel heat without being heel, and still put on a good match. With Umaga, you had a very good stiff worker, but with a character that doesn't sell well. And with Lashley, you had a still green power worker who he had to make look good, while keeping Cena's own heat strong.

    Tehy show incredible versatility, not just in working but also in storytelling, and these three matches are simply amazing.
  13. Pimpin

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    vs HBK on RAW This was the best match out of the ones they had against eachoter. They went an hour & it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. the match had great counters, a nice finish & both competitors were on top of their game.

    RVD vs Cena This matchwas amazing from the ECW faithful & their chants at Cena, the refs, RVD's role in this match, Joey Styles & Tazz, Edge spearing Cena & the crowd thanking him & most of all Cena. His response to the entire arena booing his ass was the best way to respond. Really it's a shame that Cena doesn't mix it up often like he mixed it up in this match cause his matches would be alot better if he just mixed it up a bit more.
  14. eXtremely-Priceless2K9

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    The WM23 rematch vs HBK
    this match had me racking my brains trying to find out who would win twas one of his best matches but I missed most of it so I never Knew who won but the match seemed excellent and won match of the year... I was GUTTED! can someone reply on who won???
    vs. Edge Unforgiven 2006 TLC
    This had me on the EDGE of my seat (hehehe i made a funny)
    it was amazing i didnt expect Cena to win.
    (in fact I WANTED edge to win)
  15. The Todd

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    Sep 3, 2008
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    Well, the TLC at Unforgiven 2006 was a classic. It really was. This was before both men's prime as well. If these two had another singles programme I would love it, and I was hoping for it at WrestleMania. But this match was full of drama, and the crowd played into it perfectly, cheering the hometown heel over the controversial babyface. And the FU through stacked tables off the ladder was brilliant, and the remorse shown by Cena for doing it played to his character perfectly.

    Second is hard to choose. Why? Because John Cena is the best in the business and has classic matches left, right and centre. Amateur wrestling skills don't make a good match, storytelling and in-ring psychology do, and Cena does this better than most. For the second I believe I will go with his hour long match with HBK in England on Raw after WrestleMania 23. People say HBK carried Cena in this match. Did he? I don't think so. They both put in a hell of a show, and Cena showed he can put people over when he needs to. His selling in the match was superb. However, I believe by this time next year, there will be a classic involving him that all wrestling fans will love (except those Cena bashers who are still living in 2007)

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