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Discussion in '"Best Two Series"' started by Pimpin, Mar 21, 2009.

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    I figured since nobody else started one on this then I will. This best of two series is on the Hell In A Cell Match. We have had many Hell In A Cell matches & many of them have been classics. Here are the two matches that I chose.

    HBK vs Taker in HIAC- This match was the first ever hell in a cell match. It's success led to many more hell in a cell matches. In my opinion this is one of HBK's best HIAC matches & Taker's 2nd best HIAC match & it also was the match that saw the debut of Kane.

    Taker vs Mankind in HIAC- This match was memorable as Mankind took some sick looking spots like dropping off of the cell through the announcers table or courageously getting back ontop of the cell only to get chokeslammed throught the cell. After all the sick spots happened Foley showed that he had a lot of balls & nearly beaten The Undertaker a few times. This match brought us memories that we will remember for a lifetime & most likely this moment will never be topped in an HIAC match.
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    Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
    Despite Shawn winning this, there has never been a match where we've seen The Undertakers brutality so much. I was actually fearing for Shawn's safety, practically thanking God when I saw Kane appear and save Shawn. Great match.

    The Undertaker vs Mankind
    I watch this match even now and think "What the fuck?" Seriously, when he dropped off the Top of that cell my heart stopped. The Hell in a Cell is such a brutal match, it's amazing, and ths thread has made me realise it. The emotion is can stir up inside someone is great, and The Undertaker definately deserves all the praise in the world.
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    Kurt Angle (c) v.s 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin v.s The Rock v.s Triple H v.s Undertaker v.s Rikishi - Armageddon 2000

    This match is in my opinion an under-rated Hell in a Cell match. Cause really, it's a very special match... well I think it is anyway. It's the only time theres been 6 men inside the cell, trying to batter the crap out of each other for the WWE championship. Lemme just repeat that... there was 6, yes 6 men inside the cell. Plus as a Hell in a Cell match, it had everything you wanted to see. It was brutal, it was bloody, it was crazy, it had an interesting twist where Vince came out with the truck, and it had a shocking ending with Angle getting the victory when I think everyone watching live or on TV thought that he would definatly lose the WWE championship that night. It's bump off the cell may of been not as crazy as in other ones but it still was pretty symbolic of what these matches are all about. So this HIAC is in my Top 2 matches of its kind.

    Mankind v.s Undertaker - King of the Ring 1998

    Your going to see this match feature alot in this thread. Infact you probably have to stupid not to include this match in your two choices. In 2048, it would of been 50 years since this match took place, and I can assure you that nothing would of come close to what we saw at King of the Ring 1998, even then 50 years on. It's a once in a lifetime match. We will never see a match that is so rememberable than this one again in our lifes. I know I may sound over-dramatic but its just the god-damn case. The bumps that Foley took are the sole-reason why this will still be remembered for the rest of time. It scared me, watching Foley get thrown off the cell for the very first time. The whole image of him falling from the top of the cell through the table will live with me forever. Thats how damn incredible it was and still is. And that bit was the scripted bit. The next bit wasen't and is probably more sick than the first bump. Once Taker and Foley had been locked inside, the events that followed were the icing on the cake. This match is still probably the most incredible match in the history of the WWE.
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    Kurt Angle (c) v.s 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin v.s The Rock v.s Triple H v.s Undertaker v.s Rikishi - Armageddon 2000

    Just the sheer star power in this match made it stand out. There were numerous finishing manouvers and near falls and such like. Angle retaining was definatly unexpected which made the ending great. i also believe it is the last time that someone was thrown off the roof of the cell?

    Mankind v Taker KOTR 98

    This match stands out as being one of the most brutal matches of all time. For Mankind to finish the match after two brutal falls was absotely staggering. When he fell the first time i thought - what the fuck?!!!!!!!!

    then when he clambered back to the top only to get powered back down through the roof almost immediately was just amazing.

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