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Your thoughts on Pandemonium? (Please be honest)

  1. It was a great show, but way too long... I only skimmed it

  2. It was a great show, well worth reading

  3. terrible show and way too long!

  4. terrible show, but the length isn't what made it bad

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  1. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    thanks... Lashley won the inferno match tho'
  2. AussieHobo

    AussieHobo Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 1, 2006
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    whoops my babd, must of read it wrong, the other way around then, soz about that.. but still good show all in all, I enjoyed it.

    NEW_WWE_OWNER Dark Match Winner

    Jul 23, 2006
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    I am sorry taht i can't write that much due to lack of time but your storys are better than WWE(except the Hardy vs EC situation which might just be becuase i just started reading with pandemonium) Do you have an archive of the first shows?
  4. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time, but I haven't been able 2 really work on my show 2 much, due 2 my injury. I just wanna let everyone know that I didn't quit Fusion, and I have plans bigger than ever, for it. Fusion Week 19 will be up soon, and it's a huge show!

    It has already been announced, that for Chris Benoit's "Path of Destruction," Kurt Angle has picked Goldberg, as his first opponent. It was Kurt Angle's idea, approved by GM Carlito & the boss, Mr. Mcmahon, to kick off the show with a contract signing saying that if Chris Benoit fails to be the victor in the I QUIT match for the World Title at Hands On, he will NEVER AGAIN get a shot at Kurt Angle's title. Chris Benoit has yet to pick the poison for Kurt Angle's P.O.D. (Path of Destruction). After JBL defeated Kane in a controversial match last week, after Brock Lesnar interfered and took out both men, a 2 on 1 Handicap Match has been made, Brock Lesnar vs JBL/Kane. Sting and The Big Show's jobs are on the line, if they don't kiss Mr. Mcmahon's ass on live TV. Will they lose their jobs and pass, or will they kiss the boss' ass? Tune into Fusion to see all the action unfold, in one of the greatest shows in Book This! (lol)

    Announced for Next Week:
    *P.O.D.- Chris Benoit vs Goldberg
    *2 on 1 Handicap Match- Brock Lesnar vs JBL/Kane
    *Contract Signing for the I QUIT Match at Hands On, between Angle & Benoit
    *Will Sting & The Big Show kiss the boss' (Vince Mcmahon) ass, or will they hear the words, "YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Fusion Week 19 coming soon!

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  5. wotdoiput

    wotdoiput The Great Khali is really immortal

    Jul 25, 2006
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    Great to hear that Fusion is going to be back soon dude... been hanging out for my Fusion fix!!!

    Cant wait to see how the Path of Destruction goes
  6. showtyme27

    showtyme27 The New Mr.WWE, Beat Me if You can!

    Sep 19, 2006
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    You know I missed it(lol) glad to see my favorite BookThis! show is on it's way back and more importantly that you're feeling better, you know i'll review as soon as is up and Good luck, can't wait.
  7. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Thanks 4 the support guys. I'll be sure 2 review ur shows 2 ;)
    Remember, I expect a review equal in length to the review I give u :-D
  8. wotdoiput

    wotdoiput The Great Khali is really immortal

    Jul 25, 2006
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    ^ hahah of course dude.. wouldnt do it anyother way.. just hurry it up and get Fusion back!!.... lol
  9. DK999

    DK999 Guest

    looks great! hope the Benoit/Goldberg match has some kind of stip.. i really hope you can keep up with this and if you need any help, tell me, since my show isn't really getting many ratings and yours is, maybe we can combine thoughts if you want? it's cool though if u wanna stay separate lol
  10. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Dear readers,
    Sorry that it's been so long, but due to my injury, I haven't really been able to work on Fusion. It's just gonna get bigger and better. I tried to find time to work on this for all the fans/people who support Fusion, and somehow, I did it! I worked hard on this for a LONG TIME, and if you can FULL READ EVERY SINGLE WORD! and give me just several minutes, and a FULL MATCH BY MATCH/SEGMENT BY SEGMENT REVIEW with positives and negatives, going into detail and all, I would greatly appreciate it, rep it, and VERY GLADLY RETURN IT! Thanks 4 all the support, I hope you enjoy this action packed show!

    Fusion Week 19 Live in Washington, D.C.

    Quick Results from Last Week
    -Christian w/ Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy w/ Edge via DQ, when Edge speared Christian
    -Jamal def. Rey Mysterio
    -Essa Rios w/ CM Punk def. Fit Finlay with help from CM Punk
    -JBL def. Kane after Brock Lesnar interfered, laying out both men
    -The Dudley Boys w/ Rhyno, RVD, Jericho & Paul Heyman def. Vince & Shane Mcmahon in an "Extreme Rules" match after hitting the 3D on Vince through a table
    *Carlito was named the new general manager of Fusion*
    *Will Big Show & Sting kiss Vince Mcmahon's ass?*
    *"Path of Destruction" starts tonight, Goldberg vs Chris Benoit already announced*

    The opening video plays on the t.v. and titantron, to Fusion's theme song, "Fight Music" by D12. Cameras zoom around the arena, where a tremendous firework display shoots off at the stage, around the titantron, and from the ring posts shoot up pyro, too! "Fight Music" hits from the chorus, as the cameras roll around the whole arena to the 15,000+ screaming fans, to show signs such as "Angle will Quit" and "Lashley R.I.P."

    J.R.- Welcome to Fusion ladies and gentlemen, we are live here in Washington, D.C.! I am Jim Ross, with my colleague, Jerry "The King" Lawler... Take it King!

    Jerry Lawler- Thanks J.R.... Tonight will indeed be a historic night here on Fusion! First of all, Sting & The Big Show's jobs are on the line... They can keep them if they glue their lips on the bosses' ass though! Also tonight, we will start the first ever "Path of Destruction" involving argueably the two greatest wrestlers of all time; Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle...

    J.R.- They will both be in action tonight, picking eachother's poison... Kurt Angle has already picked Bill Goldberg to face Chris Benoit, later tonight! Chris Benoit still has yet to pick an opponent to face Kurt Angle...

    Jerry Lawler- But J.R., last week Kurt Angle came up with the idea to have a contract signing to kick off the show tonight! That contract saying that if he defeats Chris Benoit at Hands On in the I Quit Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, that Benoit will never get another shot at the title, as long as it's around Kurt Angle's waist!

    J.R.- and King, GM Carlito clearly sees from Angle's point of view, as he agreed to having the contract signing kick off the night! Let's get things underway!

    "I spit in the face of people who don't wanna be cool" hits the arena, as fans cheer for Fusion's new GM! GM Carlito walks out with a microphone in hand, with very light (almost white looking) khaki pants on, and a pink short sleeved button down collar shirt, and his afro perfectly carved. Carlito is about to speak, as he makes his way down to the ring, but he gets caught up with the crowd screaming for him, that he put a huge smile on his face...

    GM Carlito- Last week, Kurt Angle made a very good point... He said that we should have a Contract Signing. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle's names on this contract...
    *he holds up a clipboard in his other hand*
    Would mean that if Kurt Angle wins the I Quit match at Hands On, that Chris Benoit would never get another shot at the World Title, as long as Kurt Angle holds it! Now I have decided that, that is a great idea... But if Chris Benoit chooses not to sign, the I Quit match will still take place, but will have another contender... Now if I may invite both Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit out here...

    GM Carlito enters the ring via the steps, and it has a red rug layed down, covering the ring floor, and a shiny black, expensive looking table (not wood). There's three large black leather arm chairs that match the black table.

    *Kurt Angle's music hits and he walks out with the title belt around his waist*

    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the World Heavyweight Champion... Kurt Angle!

    Kurt walks down to the ring and enters, then calls for a mic. He gets one handed to him and speaks...

    Kurt Angle- Carlito, I'm glad you see it from my point of view.

    *Angle puts his hand out to shake*

    GM Carlito- Um, yeah Kurt... But that's Mr. General Manager to you

    *Carlito smiles, then shakes Kurt Angle's hand*

    GM Carlito- Now lemme get the man who will be the challenger at Hands On, out here... He is Chris Benoit!

    *Benoit's music hits, as he walks out with his hands empty, he makes his way to the ring dressed in his yellow ring pants with red slashes, looking ready to compete.*

    Benoit enters the ring via the ring steps.

    GM Carlito- Chris... Kurt, please take a seat.

    *Carlito sticks his hand out towards the black leather arm chair, hinting to sit.*

    Benoit and Angle sit down on opposite sides from eachother, and Carlito takes a seat at the head of the table...

    GM Carlito- Kurt, as you are the champion, I need you to sign first.

    *GM Carlito hands a pen to Kurt*

    Kurt Angle flips through the contract and bangs the back of the pen on the table to get the tip out, then signs his name... The crowd makes some quiet sounds of joy.

    GM Carlito- Okay, Chris... It's your turn...

    *GM Carlito takes the pen and clipboard and slide them to the opposite end of the table, to Benoit*

    Chris Benoit is about to sign the contract, then he takes the mic off of the table...

    Chris Benoit- Wait, wait... I'm sorry to hold you up, but I have a little announcment to make... Kurt...........

    *Kurt nods his head, showing Angle that he's aware that he addressed him. Angle stands*

    *Benoit signs his name on the contract, and he tosses the pen on the floor, and looks at Angle, viciously.*

    Chris Benoit- I have "picked your poison"... It's a man, who may possibly have his last match against you, here tonight, kicking your ass![/]

    *The lights go out*

    J.R.- King, are we having technical difficulties?

    *The lights go back on, GM Carlito's eyes are bulging, and Chris points behind Angle, signalling him to turn around. Kurt does...*

    BAM! Sting was behind Kurt Angle and he hit him with the baseball bat! GM Carlito scurries out of the ring...

    GM Carlito- Security... Security...

    4 security guards run out, as GM Carlito hustles out through the crowd. The security guards slide into the ring. Sting stomps on one of their backs, then another, keeping them down, and eventually they roll out of the ring, under the bottom rope. Another security guard gets to his feet, and Sting holds the bat, so that the bottom of the barrel is facing the security guard, and before the guard can get close, Sting shoves the bat into his ribs. Sting turns around to see another security guard in his way, and Sting swings the bat at the gut of him and he falls through the top and middle ropes, to the outside of the ring.

    Sting stands tall in the middle of the ring, and the lights go out and bright yellow lights are shining back and forth across the ring (from above it), as Sting's music hits. Sting holds his baseball bat up high in the air, facing up, with his right hand. Sting's left arm up high, too, his hand clenching a tight fist.

    *"No Chance in Hell" hits the arena, as Vince Mcmahon steps out on the stage with a microphone in hand.*

    Vince Mcmahon- STING..........

    Sting puts a tough face on...

    Vince Mcmahon- The actions you pulled last week, showed total disrespect for me, the boss... You hit me with that very baseball bat... and for that, Sting, you are going to pay... You have a match later tonight, which may be your last match... That is, unless you glue your lips on MY GOLDEN ASS!

    Sting shakes his head "no" in the middle of the ring...

    Vince Mcmahon- Sting... I'm gonna give you the rest of the night to decide... But later tonight, both you and The Big Show will have the choice... The choice to keep your jobs and kiss my ass... Well in your case, I'd need a nice, long, wet kiss, right on this cheek (Vince points), as a result of the actions you pulled last week... or... YOU'RE FIRED!

    "No Chance in Hell" hits the arena, as Vince Mcmahon walks into the back.

    The arena gets quiet, as Sting stands in the middle of the ring. Suddenly, Angle comes into sight of the camera, by sliding into the ring, behind Sting. Angle hits a huge Angle Slam on Sting! Suddenly, Chris Benoit slides into the ring and gets Angle from behind, with a series of 3 German Suplexes (Hat trick)... Benoit does his cut throat taunt and climbs to the top rope. Headbutt on Angle! Benoit lifts Angle's World Title up in the air, holding it above his head, as his music hits! We fade to a commercial break.

    ***Commercial Break***

    J.R.- Ladies and gentlemen, we are back, and what we just witnessed, was absolute chaos!

    Jerry Lawler- It sure was, J.R.! We saw GM Carlito out here, and he was holding a contract signing saying that if Chris Benoit loses the I Quit Match at Hands On, that he will never get another World Title match against Angle!

    J.R.- What about the Pick Your poison match made by Chris Benoit for later tonight... It's Kurt Angle vs Sting...

    Jerry Lawler- and sadly, this may be Sting's last match...

    J.R.- yes, King, but lets show a replay of what happened moments before we went to our commercial break...

    *a clip rolls on the titantron, showing how Angle hit the Angle Slam on Sting, then how Benoit came in and attacked Angle*
    The fans cheer at the video being re-shown.

    Cameras zoom to GM Carlito's office
    GM Carlito- After seeing what went down just a few minutes ago... I am going to BAN Chris Benoit from ringside during Kurt Angle's "Path of Destruction" match against Sting, as well as BAN Kurt Angle from ringside during Chris Benoit's "Path of Destruction" match against Goldberg, later tonight... Now that's cool!

    On another note... Vince Mcmahon has asked me to announce to all of you Fusion fans, that The ECW Extremists, as well as Paul Heyman, are banned from the arena tonight. We have security around the building to make sure of it... So all you screamin' fans cheering "R-V-D", or "E-C-W..." (an E-C-dub chant starts in the arena) are out of luck!

    Back at ringside
    Lillian Garcia- The following match is a tag team match and it is a one fall to finish...

    *Finlay's music hits the arena to many boo's.

    Lillian Garcia- Please welcome, Finlay!

    Finlay walks down the ramp and takes a seat at the announce table at ringside with JR & The King

    *a remix of Essa Rios' music and CM Punk's theme song, "The Fire Burns" hits the arena. Fans cheer, as Punk and Rios run out.
    Lillian Garcia- First, introducing the tag team of CM Punk and Essa Rios!

    *MNM's music hits the arena and Nitro, Mercury, and Melina come out with their "Hollywood" entrance.

    Lillian Garcia- and their opponents, Nitro, Mercury, and Melina... MNM!

    Nitro & Mercury run down the ramp and slide under the bottom rope, into the ring. Rios and Punk each stomp on one of MNM's members. Punk on Nitro, Rios on Mercury. They stomp several times and both kick their opponent out of the ring (under the bottom rope). Punk and Rios each climb to the top turn buckle. They each leap to the outside of the ring, with a cross body. Punk takes down Nitro, Rios takes down Mercury.

    ***Commercial Break***

    [NOTE: The commercial break was only about 3 minutes long. The fans (live & TV) saw about 4 minutes of the match after the commercial break. This is the match finish...]

    **The Finish**
    Our two legal men are currently, CM Punk and Joey Mercury, brawling it out. Both men look to be running out of fuel, exchanging blows, slowly. Joey Mercury grabs Punk's arm and tries to irish whip him across the ring, but Punk plants his feet strong into the canvas, and wraps both hands around Mercury's wrist and tries to muscle whip him. Mercury holds his ground and CM Punk kicks him to the gut, then sends him flying into the ropes. Mercury bounces back and Punk leaps over his head. Mercury continues to fly across the ring, and bounces off the opposite ropes, right into a Shining Wizard from Punk! Punk crawls over to Mercury and hooks the leg.

    1..............2......Mercury gets the shoulder up!

    CM Punk gets up and drops a knee across Joey's throat. Punk points to Essa Rios! Fans cheer loud, as Punk gives a big high five tag to his partner. Rios climbs to the top rope and jumps for a big corkscrew, but crashes into the canvas as a result of Mercury rolling over and tagging Nitro. Nitro enters as Rios is up, and Nitro lays out Rios with a clothesline! Rios gets back up, and Nitro runs for another one. Rios does a forward roll and manages to get under the arm. He rolls to his feet and turns and throws his body, hitting a huge drop kick to Nitro's jaw! Rios covers Nitro,

    1............2....Nitro kicksout!

    Melina screams on top of her lungs, pissing off the crowd. Rios lifts Nitro up and leaps up throwing his knees up to his knees, pulling Nitro's face into them, from behind Nitro's neck. Rios stands up and hits a backflip, leaping high up from the floor of the ring. Rios jumps and runs to the top rope (backwards, in Punk's corner) and is about to jump for a Moonsault, but is met with Mercury, who pushes him off and face first into the ring barrier on the outside of the ring. Punk manages to tag Rios as he's falling and Punk climbs to the top rope and leaps down at Mercury, hittin a cross body. Melina hops up on the ring apron, trying to grab CM Punk's hair. Nitro gets up and runs at Punk, who manages to break free and step aside. Nitro stops short right before crashing into Melina. He turns around and CM Punk hits a Pepsi Plunge, locking in the Anaconda Vice!

    Finlay- Excuse me, King, J.R....

    Finlay hurries into the ring with the shaleighly. He clubs it down aiming for Punk, but hits Nitro, as Punk sees it coming and rolls out of the way.

    The bell rings, as the ref calls for the DQ!
    Lillian Garcia- Here are your winners as a result of a disqualification... MNM!
    *Right as Lillian is speaking, Punk kicks Finlay to the grapefruits and hits a huge Pepsi Plunge. Mercury pulls Nitro out of the ring, as the three (Mercury, Nitro, Melina) hurry to the back. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice, as Rios climbs to the top rope. Rios jumps for a Moonsault, as Punk has the Anaconda Vince locked in! Punk applies extra pressure for about 5 seconds, then lets go as their music hits and they raise eachother's arms.

    Cameras fade to the outside of the arena

    We see several security guards, with black pants and black shirts that read "security". All men are big and built for the most part. A man dressed in black suit pants, walks slowly, the heels of his dress shoes making a hollow pitch, as they hit the paved parking lot. The camera zooms up, revealing the man's face... It is noneother than Vince Mcmahon...

    Vince- Guys, make sure that those Extremists, if they have the balls to show up, DO NOT... (Vince looks 1 particular security guard in the eyes, and grabs his collar) AND I MEAN DO NOT! (Vince jerks his hand away), allow them in my building. (Vince turns to another security guard and sticks his index finger in the guys face) and If they do... YOU WILL PAY!

    *Vince Mcmahon walks away, as we fade to a commercial break*

    **a video package airs, showing recent highlights (mainly last week) of the Jeff Hardy & Christian/Matt Hardy & Edge feud.**

    Lillian Garcia- The following match is scheduled for a one fall...

    *"Metallingus" hits the arena, as Edge runs out, his partner Matt Hardy beside him.*

    Lillian Garcia- Introducing first, he is accompanied by his tag team partner, Matt Hardy... Please Welcome... Edge!

    Edge and Matt run down to the ring, getting a fair amount of boo's from the crowd.

    *Jeff Hardy and Christian's mixed themesong hits, and the crowd cheer...

    Lillian Garcia- and his opponent, being accompanied by Christian... Here is Jeff Hardy!

    Jeff and Christian run down to the ring, and Matt & Edge exit. Christian hops on the 2nd rope, facing the crowd, to get some cheers, while Jeff does the same. Jeff hops down onto the ring apron and out of the ring, when Edge suddenly slides in.

    ***The Finish***

    Jeff Hardy is flat on the mat, face down, and Edge is set up for a spear on the opposite side of the ring. The ref currently counts Jeff down, and is at the three... Jeff signals that he's not quite done yet, by planting his forearms into the canvas, and pushing up. He grabs the top rope and pulls himself to his feet, groggy. Jeff, eager to win the match and get the advantage on Edge, turns around. Edge pushes all his weight off his back leg and runs at Jeff... Jeff puts his hands slightly behind him, and gets a grip on the top ropes (not corner, but on each side w/ each hand, just inches away), and he pushes himself up to the second rope. Edge crashes with great impact into the steel ringpost, shoulder-first, and he falls to his knees. Jeff pushes off with his hands on the top rope, and leaps from the second rope, putting out both legs in front of him. Landing on Edge's mid-back, he leg drops Edge, knocking him flat on his face. Jeff covers Edge...

    1..........2...Edge gets his foot on the bottom rope! The fans boo that Edge wasn't pinned.

    Jeff Hardy stands perpendicular to Edge, his back facing him. Jeff leaps up into the air and does a back flip in mid-air, landing on Edge with his knee on his [Edge's] chest. Jeff covers again.

    1.............2........Edge manages to get the shoulder up!

    Jeff lifts Edge to his feet, but at both knees, Edge retaliates with a few slow punches to the gut of Jeff, who just seems to take a step back and absorb them. Matt Hardy hops up on the ring apron, and begins to climb the top rope, as the referee scurries over. With the ref distracted, Edge hits a huge low blow on Jeff. The fans BOO! Jeff keils over, without falling, and Edge hits the Edgecution. He covers Jeff, as the boo's continue from the crowd!

    1..............2..............Jeff kicksout to MANY cheers!

    Edge begs to differ that the count was only 2... As he argues with the referee, Christian hops up on the apron and joins in the arguement. Matt Hardy slides into the ring with a steel chair, and waits for his brother (ex-tag team partner) Jeff to get up, so he can bash his brains out! Jeff gets to all fours, and struggles, but manages to get to his feet. Matt winds up the chair, holding it far back, but the referee (aware), steps in front of him and tries to grab the chair from him. Matt pulls it back, over powering the ref, and is still ready to swing it at Jeff and get his partner, Edge, disqualified. Christian gets behind Matt, and grabs the chair out of his hands, and drops it on the ring floor. Christian grabs Matt Hardy's arms, and hits a huge Unprettier, Matt's face landing on the steel chair... Christian turns around, right into a huge spear by Edge! Christian and Matt Hardy lie, what appears to be unconscience, in the middle/towards the corner of the ring. Edge turns around, right into a toe kick from Jeff, followed by the set-up for the Twist of Fate! Edge reverses it, and slams Jeff down!

    Edge lifts Jeff back up, and tries to hit the Edgecuter, but Jeff manages to reverse that, and hit a Twist of Fate! Jeff doesn't stop there, no... With the crowd cheering for him, he climbs to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb, followed by the cover...


    Lillian Garcia- Here is your winner... JEFF HARDY!

    *Jeff's music hits, as he exits the ring, and helps Christian out and to the back, while Edge and Matt, just lie there in the middle of the ring.*

    ***Commercial Break***

    J.R. & The King Welcome us back to Fusion
    J.R.-What chaos we have just witnessed moments ago...

    **A replay is shown of the match finish, since the steel chair became involved...**

    Jerry Lawler- Matt Hardy and Christian should have just stayed at ringside and watched the match, rather than get involved in it!

    J.R.- I agree, King... But that's not what went down. and wait, what's this? I'm recieving word now that next week, one on one, we will see:

    Matt Hardy vs Christian

    and Edge and Jeff Hardy will be banned from ringside!

    Jerry Lawler- Speaking of "BANNED" J.R., Vince Mcmahon has banned all ECW Extremists from the arena tonight!

    J.R.- But up now, we have the first of our two "Path of Destruction" matches, tonight...

    Path of Destruction Match- Chris Benoit vs Goldberg

    The Finish:

    Benoit and Goldberg have fought about 6-7minutes of a solid match, Benoit mainly focusing on keeping the big man down, and using more of a technical style, working on the legs and mid-section of Bill. On the other hand, Goldberg's been trying to muscle his opponent and mainly focused on slamming Benoit down, working on his back/mid-section, although it was not too obvious.

    Goldberg gets a grasp on the throat of Chris Benoit, and plants his other hand right on Chris' crotch. Goldberg lifts Benoit up above his head, bending his [Goldberg] arms, showing off his strength by lifting Benoit up and down. Goldberg goes to drop Benoit down, behind him, but Benoit holds on and manages to hit an arm drag. Goldberg gets right back up, and Benoit walks towards Bill with his hands out. Benoit grasps Goldberg from behind the neck, shoving his head down. Goldberg suddenly explodes, shooting his arms out, driving Benoit back, falling. Benoit does a back roll out and gets up to see Goldberg running at him for a huge clothesline! Benoit ducks under the arm, and Bill turns into him. Kick to the gut by Benoit, then he goes for the cross face, but is unsuccessful at even getting Goldberg down.

    Benoit drives his knee into Bill's ribs, causing him to slightly bend. Benoit slashes one of his famous chops across Goldberg's chest....... and a second! Benoit dives in at the legs, sweeping him down. He holds onto the leg once Goldberg's down, and stomps on the inside of it, just a few inches from the groin. Goldberg's leg buckles, and Benoit drops his leg over (between Goldberg's) and drops it perpendicular to Goldberg's. The leg drop to Goldberg's leg was clearly affective. Benoit gets up, and drops his knee down on the muscle, once again. Benoit holds onto the ankle, but Goldberg uses the other foot and gives Benoit a huge kick across the jaw. Benoit falls back (not down) and Goldberg tries to get up, but his leg lets out on him, and he lands on one knee. Benoit gets nearer to Goldberg, who is aware of Benoit, and Goldberg gives a big right hand. Benoit takes a step back, but walks closer for more, so Goldberg explodes with another right hand punch. Benoit falls back a step or two, and does a little spin, before realizing where he is and turning back around towards his foe. Goldberg pushes off his back leg, and explodes into Benoit with a spear! Goldberg gets up to his feet and jumps with his little taunt, before setting up for the jackhammer.

    Goldberg, impatient, lifts Benoit to his feet, then shoves his head, deep into his right side (near his ribs). Goldberg lifts Benoit up for the jackhammer, and holds him there for several seconds. Just as Goldberg's about to slam Benoit down, Benoit reverses the momentum, and gets down. Benoit lands right on the ring apron, outside the ropes. Goldberg lifts Benoit in the vertical suplex/jackhammer position, but Benoit gets back in his place on the ring apron. Benoit pulls Goldberg's head, right into his, headbutting Goldberg. Goldberg's grip lets go... Benoit gives Goldberg a knee to the ribs, then a right hook across the jaw. Goldberg falls down flat and center in the middle of the ring. Benoit climbs to the top rope, and does his signature cut throat taunt, before leaping for his flying headbutt! Goldberg rolls over to his front and gets up, as Benoit crashes into the canvas, his face bouncing off of it like a basketball. Benoit gets to his feet, to a SPEAR by Goldberg! Goldberg covers Benoit,


    Lillian Garcia- Here is your winner, GOLDBERG!

    J.R.- What a match, and what an upset with the challenger not coming out on top.

    Jerry Lawler- We all know that Kurt Angle's watching from the back!

    J.R.- And still to come, will Big Show and Sting, kiss Mr. Mcmahon's ass?

    Jerry Lawler- Yes, that's later tonight, but up next, we have a special video filmed by the family of Bobby Lashley, just a few nights ago...

    ***Commercial Break***

    We return from the commercial break, and on the titantron and our T.V. screens, we see a video, which seems to have been filmed at a cemetery.


    Lashley is on his knees, kneeling on a grave. He lifts some dirt up in his hand and slowly lets it spill out. He slams both fists on the mound of dirt, yelping, "Undertaker, why won't you die? I've burned you, t-twice... But Undertaker, you haven't seen the last of Bobby Lashley..." Lashley reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a match... He lights it, and holds it up for the camera to see... "Undertaker... You are DONE..." Lashley stands up, and takes a few steps back. He tosses the match onto the mound of dirt. The mound of dirt catches fire, which blazes up. The cameras zoom up to reveal the tombstone's saying... "Undertaker R.I.P." A picture of Undertaker's face on the tombstone, glares in the dark, reflecting slight light on the mound of dirt, through the flames. A lightning bolt strikes the tombstone from what appears to be from literally, the sky, and the tombstone shatters into a few pieces.

    *The crowd in the arena goes crazy*

    [Back at ringside]
    Jerry Lawler- Oh boy, J.R., that was creepy!

    J.R.- But now up, we have a huge handicap match! A video package from last week plays.
    Brock Lesnar vs JBL/Kane (2 on 1 Handicap Match)

    The Finish:

    NOTE: (JBL & Kane must tag into and out of the match)
    The legal man of the team of two, John "Bradshaw" Layfeild, isN down in an adjacent corner to Kane's. Brock tramples JBL's face, with his boot, stomp after stomp after stomp. Brock takes a step back off JBL, allowing him to roll over about a foot from the corner. JBL turns face down, and plants his palms and knees in the canvas, pushing off them to get back to his feet. He gets one knee up, but as he turns his face towards Brock, it's met with Lesnar's running knee. JBL falls down and rolls out of the ring. Brock turns around, and runs at Kane, clotheslining him right off the apron. Brock turns around and walks towards the side of the ring where JBL is at. JBL is at his knees on the ground, pulling himself up with the help of the ring apron. Brock walks closer, and JBL grasps onto his ankle. JBL tugs the ankle, under the bottom rope, as Brock reaches over the top rope, and tries to shake free.

    Brock Lesnar gives Bradshaw a shot to the top of the head, causing his grip the slightly lighten. Brock manages to pull his ankle free, and he stomps on JBL's hand. Brock's about to turn around, when JBL grabs his other ankle. Brock, again, reaches over, just to get poked to the eye by JBL. Brock falls back (not down) and to his surprise, Kane's hand meets his throat. Kane lifts him up for a chokeslam, but Brock manages to get back down to his feet. Lesnar lifts the Big Red Monster up on his shoulders in the F-5 position. Lesnar winds up with the 320+ pound Kane draped over his shoulders, right into JBL's big boot. Kane falls down to his feet, and lifts Lesnar from the upside down position, up on his right shoulder. Brock manages to get to down to both feet, behind Kane. Brock gets a bearhug locked in on Kane, as JBL watches the champ get worn down... Brock is exhausted too and he falls down to one knee. He shoves Kane, who takes a step forward, but then quickly turns around. Kane lifts Lesnar and hits a Sidewalk Slam! Kane gets up and does his chokeslam taunt. JBL turns him around and shakes his head, no, and then JBL sets up for the Clothesline from hell.

    Kane suddenly slaps his giant hand across the throat of his own partner in this handicap match. Kane delivers a huge chokeslam to JBL. Kane turns around to see Lesnar up and groggy. Kane goes for the Big Boot, but Lesnar ducks it, and hits an F-5 to Kane. Lesnar covers Kane.

    The ref doesn't count, as JBL's the legal man. Brock argues, before getting up.

    Lesnar walks over to JBL, as the ref tries to roll Kane out of the ring. JBL hits a huge low blow to Lesnar, then gets up. Setting up for the Clothesline from Hell, JBL knows he's about to win it. Kane rolls out of the ring, on his feet. He grabs the top rope with both hands and pulls himself back onto the ring apron. JBL goes for it, but with Lesnar ducking, JBL knocks Kane off the ring apron and right into the security wall. JBL turns right around into Lesnar's F-5. He winds up, but JBL manages to get back down. JBL backs up and sets up for the Clothesline from Hell, once again. He runs for it, but again, Lesnar ducks it, JBL stops short right before the ropes, where he sees Kane glaring into his eyes, just feet away. JBL turns around, into a HUGE F-5! Lesnar covers JBL,


    Lillian Garcia- Here is your winner, Brock Lesnar!

    Lesnar's music hits, as Kane enters the ring (over the top rope) from behind. Kane puts his hand on Brock's shoulder, and turns him around, right into a chokeslam! Kane walks over to JBL (down) and gets a grasp on his throat. Kane lifts JBL up to his feet, then up for a chokeslam! JBL and Brock Lesnar are knocked out in the middle of the ring, just lying there. Suddenly Kane's music hits and he stands in the middle of the ring, brings his arms up, and whips them down, as flames shoot up from all four ring posts.

    ***Commercial Break***
  11. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Backstage Interview with Kurt Angle
    Torrie Wilson- I'm Torrie Wilson, standing beside with The World Heavyweight Champion, the man who will compete against Sting in the first match of his "Path of Destruction..." Kurt Angle! Kurt, what are your thoughts on your match tonight? You already saw your pick for Chris Benoit's "Path of Destruction," Goldberg, destroy the challenger! Are you afraid that his pick, Sting, may do the same to you?

    Kurt Angle- Torrie... What kind of question is that? I am an olympic gold medalist... I am the current World Heavyweight Champion, and I am BY FAR the greatest wrestler that this industry has ever seen... To say the least. I am Kurt Angle. I am an american dammit, and I worked hard and deserved everything that I have earned. What is my opponent for tonight? He's 'Sting'... Oh wow (sarcasm in his voice). He is a man who is too afraid of his real identity, so he paints his face to hide the truth. The one who has been embarrassed nearly every time he has stepped in that ring.

    Torrie Wilson- Tha... (trying to say Thank You)

    *Kurt Angle interrupts Torrie*

    Kurt Angle- But Torrie, I am the least of Sting's worries. Because his job is on the line later tonight, after I embarrass him... It gets worse for him. I actually feel bad for the man. He has to kiss the soggy, wrinkled up ass of the boss, Mr. Mcmahon. For two reasons, we can all hope that he doesn't... If he doesn't kiss Vince's ass, not only do we have to continue to see a boring, used up, old man in the ring, but we have to see the boss' ass...

    *Angle walks away, and he sees Chris Benoit, holding an ice pack on his neck...*

    Kurt Angle- Hey Chris, what's the matter? My poison was just too much of a damn challenge for you, huh? and that's just Goldberg, haha! He's nothing compared to myself.

    Chris Benoit- Is that so, Kurt? Then next week, after you get your ass kicked tonight by Sting, you will face the same man that you picked for me tonight... Goldberg!

    *Benoit walks away*

    Back at Ringside
    J.R.- Oh my God, folks! Just announced for next week, we will see:
    -Goldberg vs Kurt Angle
    in week 2 of the "Path of Destruction"

    Jerry Lawler- But J.R., we didn't even see tonight's second "Path of Destruction Match" yet!

    J.R.- Yes folks, still to come, is Kurt Angle vs Sting! and folks, this is how this whole giant feud began between Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle...

    **A video package is shown on the titantron and T.V. screen (NOTE: it was a video package, not replays, but the quoted endings & aftermaths are below for your understanding. It shows the Final Round Match in the Number One contenders Submission Match Tournament, between Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, at Accell to Hell, nearly three months ago.
    Then the next night on Fusion, we saw the two men go at it again, one on one, showing total respect to eachother.
    The night before the World Title match at Illusions, where Kurt Angle w/ Chris Benoit would challenge the champ, Triple H, there was a 2 on 1 Handicap Match, where Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit would team up to take on the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H.
    The finish of the World Title match at Illusions, Kurt Angle w/ Chris Benoit vs. Triple H (c), is shown.
    Their in-ring segment that started off the next night's Fusion, had Chris Benoit demand a title shot, and when Angle said no, Benoit went against him and the respect was dropped between these 2, where the feud really began!
    The next week a Pick Your Poison Match was made, where Angle would pick Benoit's opponent, and if Benoit can overcome the "poison", he would get a title shot at Pandemonium. Angle picked the toughest man he can find, Brock Lesnar, later to find out that if Brock won, he'd be the no. 1 contender! Angle clearly didn't want to face Benoit OR Lesnar... Benoit end up winning the match that night on Fusion, and at Pandemonium, Angle retained the World Title in a controversial match via DQ (thanks to Chris Benoit), which would be restarted by Vince as a NO DQ match, non-title... Benoit won that one, but unfortunately for him, it was non-title...
    Here the men are in their "Path of Destruction" where they will pick eachother's opponents, every week, leading up to their "I QUIT" match for the World Title at "Hands On". Both men have signed a contract saying that if Angle is victorious, Benoit will NEVER get another World Title shot at Kurt Angle's World Title.**

    J.R.- Folks, that's still to come tonight.

    Jerry Lawler- J.R., I can't wait for Hands On! The fans will be a part of this one, voting for match stimpulations and matches themselves J.R!

    J.R.- Yes, that's right folks, YOU will vote for the matches... But already announced, we have the "I Quit" Match for the World Title, where Angle will defend against Benoit.

    Jerry Lawler- and if Benoit fails to be victorious, he will never get another World Title shot at Angle's title.

    J.R.- and just announced, it will be for the AWE Championship... It's a huge Triple Threat match, where Kane will defend against not only Brock Lesnar, but JBL, too!

    Jerry Lawler- After next weeks show, the polls will be open on Book This! on Wrestlezone forums!

    J.R.- We'll be right back!

    ***Commercial Break***

    Backstage Interview with Sting
    Torrie Wilson- I am standing beside the man who has been picked by Chris Benoit to face Kurt Angle, in just a few moments in the Path of Destruction Match. But Sting, that can't be the most of your worries... I mean, you'll be fired, if you don't kiss Mr. Mcmahon's backside...

    Sting- Torrie, I know that I have a big match in just a few moments with the World Champ... Of course it's not easy to defeat Kurt Angle out of all people, I mean, with his olympic background and all... But imagine having to worry about whether or not to feed your family, or let them down... Or to do what everyone hates to do, but I mean literally, kiss their boss' ass... It's a tough choice, but Torrie... I assure all those people, that no matter what goes down tonight, they WILL see Sting next week...

    *The arena cheers*

    Sting- I wouldn't let down my fans...[/B]

    Path of Destruction Match- Kurt Angle vs Sting
    The Finish:

    The match has been pretty back and forth, both men having their moments, with a few big moves by each competator. The Stinger Splash by Sting, and an Ankle Lock by Angle, but fortunately for Sting, he reached the bottom rope in no time.
    (present tense of the match)
    Sting is sitting on the top rope, his feet on the second rope. His foe, Kurt, hops from the mat to the second rope, standing tall. Angle gives Sting a nice uppercut to the face, then tries to wrap the arm around the head for a possible superplex. Angle steps his foot up to the top rope, He tries to fall back, but Sting holds onto the top rope, and hooks his feet under the middle ropes on each side. Sting gives Angle a nice shot to the ribs, followed by another. Sting pushes Angle back... Angle does a back roll and gets right back to his feet and runs at Sting. Hopping onto the top rope, and giving Sting an intense forearm strike across the face. Angle grabs Sting's head, and slams his own forehead/top of head, right into Sting's. Sting looks drowsy and his grip on the ropes lightens. Angle hops to the top rope, and hits a huge Superplex, both men landing in the middle of the ring. Sting squirms around, while Angle lie on the ground, reaching his arm across his chest, rubbing his shoulder. The ref gets down and asks Angle if he's okay, but Angle claims he's okay and can finish out the match. Angle rolls over and crawls to Sting and covers him, hooking the far leg. The ref counts,

    1.................2....kickout by Sting!

    Angle gets to both knees and begins to argue with the ref, but gives up early and says, "okay, okay" and rubs his hand over his bald head, getting a soaked hand of sweat. Angle wipes his hand on his thigh (on the singlet) and gets up to his feet. Sting's on all fours, and Angle stomps on his back, knocking him flat. Angle lifts Sting by his hair, and takes a shot at Sting's face. Angle connects, and Sting takes a step back. Angle holds onto the hair, and pulls him into another punch. Angle goes for it a third time, this time his arm met with Stings. After blocking, Sting retaliates with a shot of his own. Angle's grip of the hair lets go, and Sting gives another shot to the face. Sting runs back to bounce off the ropes, then goes to clothesline Kurt, who ducks it, and hits a German Suplex. Angle holds on and gets up to go for a second one, but Sting whips his elbow back, clubbing Angle to the temple. Angle falls back, and Sting drops all his weight onto one knee, driving into Angle's temple. Sting covers Kurt

    1..............2.....Kurt Angle kicksout!

    Sting lifts Kurt up, and irish whips him, sending him flying into the corner. Sting runs at him for the Stinger Splash, but Angle moves out of the way and Sting crashes into the turnbuckle pad. Sting bounces right into the Angle Slam! Kurt pulls down the straps of his singlet and taunts, getting ready for the Ankle Lock. He walks over to Sting, and locks it in, but Sting kicks Angle to the face with the other leg. Angle falls back and bounces off the corner face-first. Sting catches Kurt in the position for the Scorpion Death Drop, but it's reversed. Sting gets the momentum back and hits a Single-arm Bulldog to Kurt. Sting elbow drops Kurt, then grabs the leg and tries to go for the Scorpion Deathlock. Kurt kicks Sting to the face, but Sting drops his knee on the inside of Kurt's thigh, then muscles in the hold. Kurt's just inches from the bottom rope, when suddenly, Benoit's music hits the arena. The fans go nuts, but calm down quickly, when they see that Benoit is currently a no-show (for this time). Sting pulls Angle towards the middle of the ring and holds the hold in there for nearly 15 more seconds, before getting Kurt Angle to tap!

    Lillian Garcia- Here is your winner... STING!

    ***Commercial Break***

    "No Chance in Hell" hits the arena, as the fans boo Vince! He walks out, looking cocky, dressed in a nice suit, with a mic in hand. (By now, Angle is in the back and Sting is standing in the middle of the ring, catching his breath). Vince walks down the rampway, as he begins to speak, mid-way down.

    Vince Mcmahon- So Sting... Ya make up your mind? Are you gonna... (pauses and opens his eyes wide and puts a small smile on the side of his face.)... Kiss my mighty fine, ass? If you don't, son of a bitch, YOU'RE FIRED! Matter of fact, today, I went with my brilliant son, Shane, and I got an "ass-cial" (ashal). They waxed it nice, and plucked every last hair, before bronzening and firming it up. (Vince winks, as the crowd sound disgusted. The camera rolls around to show many fans who look about ready to puke!) But Sting, if you don't mind, I would like to call the other man who is in the same position as you, out here... (Vince looks at Sting with that look, as if he's showing off his power, with a small grin.)

    "Well It's The BIG SHOW!" hits the arena, as the fans cheer fairly loudly. The 500 pound, 7' man walks through the curtain, and looks queezy, himself. He walks with his head slightly draped down. Vince continues to show off his power and rub it in the two men's faces, picking on them.

    Vince Mcmahon- What's the matter Big Show? You have a...(pauses)... down day?
    (Vince chuckles)

    Big Show walks up the ring steps, slamming his feet down hard. He has a mic in hand and raises it to his mouth.

    Big Show- Vince... Sometimes in life, there are things that man doesn't want to do, that they must... Sometimes a man as powerful as me, just has to look down to someone who is... Well... Someone that I can 'squash'. Sometimes, things can't go your way...

    Vince Mcmahon- Oh, well don't worry about (Vince's eyes bulge as he holds his hand up to his lower chest and brings his shoulders back), me... I don't mind at all. Nights like this come for me, maybe nine, ten times in a lifetime... (Vince smiles). But nights where I get two pairs of lips glued to my luscious ass, may only come once... Well that is, of my employees, not late nights at the motel. Ya know, I'm a pretty fly guy and I like to... get it on. (Vince winks at the crowd)

    *Sting, The Big Show, and the fans all look ready to vomit! They're disgusted and about sick...*

    J.R.- King, do you hear this? Mr. Mcmahon is talking about the "action" he gets at night... For Gods sake, the boss is 61 years old! [that age is accurate. I did research! lol]

    Vince Mcmahon- So what one of you two would like to go first?

    *Both men put both hands up and take a step back, signalling that they do NOT want to go first*

    Vince Mcmahon- Okay, so I guess we'll have to do this the hard way...
    Eenie Meenie, Minie Mo... (Vince is pointing back and forth as he does this)
    Which one of you, will be the lucky Joe?
    To kiss this (pointing) ass,
    but if you pass, the consequences, you know...

    Big Show- Enough of this terrible rhyming, Vince! I volunteer... for Sting, to go first.

    *Sting rips the mic out of Show's hand...*

    Sting- Big Show... Don't you dare volunteer, ME, to go first... Why don't you?

    Vince Mcmahon- No, Sting... Really, it's okay. I'd love to have you go first.

    *Sting shakes his head, no.*

    Vince Mcmahon- Well, don't say that I didn't give you the opportunity to keep your job, because Sting... YOU'RE FI................

    Sting- (interrupts) NO Vince...
    *Sting kneels down on one knee.*
    Sting- Okay...

    Vince Mcmahon- That's Mr. Mcmahon to you, and it's ABOUT DAMN TIME!

    *Vince pulls down his pants, to reveal that he's wearing a red man thong. The crowd, Sting, and Big Show, gag...*

    Sting moves his face in an inch, as Vince rubs his ass with one hand, while speaking into the mic.

    Vince Mcmahon- C'mon Sting... Right here...

    Sting moves his face back away, and stands up...

    Sting- Big Show... Why don't you go first? Come on, I insist!

    Vince Mcmahon- If neither of you kiss my ass within thirty seconds, you're both FIRED, dammit!

    Sting kneels down in the same previous position, but after staring at Vince's ass, 5 seconds later, he shakes his head no, and walks back to the corner of the ring.

    *The fans understand, and feel for Sting, but BOO that they may not see one of their favorite superstars again on Fusion*

    Sting- D.C... I am truely, sorry...

    Vince Mcmahon- Time's running out... Fifteen... Fourteen... Thirteen...

    Big Show and Sting stare at eachother. Vince counts "twelve... eleven..." Big Show kneels down right in front of Vince's ass.

    Vince Mcmahon- C'mon, Big Show, PUCKER UP! Ten...
    (the crowd catches on and starts to count with Vince)
    Nine... You're less than 10 seconds out of a job dammit!... Eight...

    Big Show moves his face closer. He suddenly stands up, as the crowd and Vince count.

    "Six... Five... Four..."

    Suddenly, out of no where, Sting drops to both knees, behind Big Show, and gives him a HUGE low blow. Sting shoves Big Show's ass right into Vince's ass, between both cheeks, and rubs it around.

    J.R.- OH GOD, KING!

    Jerry Lawler- J.R., THIS IS SICK!

    Sting- How do you like that, Big Show?

    Sting continues to rub it around in there, as the fans seem very confused. Vince pulls his pants up, as Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop to The Big Show. Vince and Sting raise eachother's arms in the middle of the ring, as Vince's music hits! The fans seemed shocked.

    J.R.- OH MY GOD, King! Wha... What does this mean? Is Big Show still part of the roster?

    Jerry Lawler- I don't know, J.R.! I'm confused myself!

    J.R.- Well, thanks for joining us tonight on Fusion... What a night it's been... Join us next week... Good night!

  12. wotdoiput

    wotdoiput The Great Khali is really immortal

    Jul 25, 2006
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    Glad that u and fusion are back.. once again a very good show that was very enjoyable...

    I liked the first up segment with Carlito, Kurt and Benoit.. then Sting and Vince... i really like it how u made Carlito GM and I can see some very interesting things happening in the future because of it.... Kurt vs Sting.. should be a great match..

    Rios/Punk vs MNM
    Good First match... was predicatable that Finlay was going to interfere at some stage though.. but in the end i think he may have regretted it.... not real pscyced about Rios and Punk together as I think Punk would be better off by himself.. love to see him snap and take Rios out as well!!

    OK next match had me a little confused.. with the Intros u said it was Edge vs Christian.. but then as the match got under way i found out it was Edge vs Jeff Hardy..... so i was a little confused on that part. Another very good match and i am loving this feud... apart from the confusing start it ws very good...

    Chris Benoit vs Goldberg
    This was a very good match... and u managed to drag a good match out of Goldberg.. i was really hoping Benoit would win.. but I guess u needed Goldberg to win to really make it a Path of Destruction.. love the very descriptive match endings 2....

    Brock Lesnar vs JBL/Kane (2 on 1 Handicap Match)
    This was another great match that i really enjoyed. I loved how Kane just chokslammed JBL.. really just for the hell of it!! But I also like how Lesnar was made to seem like a bad ass as well taking on those two guys and holding his own..... loved the Big Red Machine chokeslamming everyone to hell at the end as well....

    Kurt Angle vs Sting
    Another great match.. a match a lot of people wanna see... i knew that once Goldberg beat Benoit that Sting would beat Kurt.. even though I wish Kurt had one.. and i also wish he hadnt lost by submission.. but another very good match....

    The Vince Kiss my ass segment... well what cn i say.. nevewr something that i wanan see or even think about for that matter.. so i was even relucant to keep reading once the Angle and Sting match ended.... but u did bring a twist that I didnt see coming at all... no way did I see Sting joining with Vince.. so a great ending to a segment i didnt wanan see... but I guess Big Show isnt fired... he put his lips, whole face.. on/in Vinces ass!!

    Another really good show.. i really liked all ur segments and proos as well.. i especially liked the way u quoted ur old shos and used them as a rcap to let us know how the different feuds had been built... great job

    Oh i have to add that i was a tad disappointed with the Path of Destruction.... and I hope that its more than picking each others oppenets every week.. would like to see Angle and Benoit perhaps pick match stipulations etc as well.. sure u have something up ur sleeve though
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  13. DK999

    DK999 Guest

    Wow! Great Show, I loved it! I'll rate everything as follows:

    Contract Signing: Good way to promote the main event between Angle and Benoit for Hands On while incorporating some new matches that weren't on the Fusion Card too.

    Punk/Rios vs. MNM- overall a pretty good match, I knew that when Finlay entered he'd end it somehow but it was still good, the Finlay/Punk feud looks like it's going to be good and you kinda called it since Finlay and Punk are having some real life struggles.

    Edge vs. Jeff Hardy- man this match was good! the whole setup and scheme really flows and I loved every second of this match. The reversals at the end were sweeeet.

    POD 1- Chris Benoit vs. Goldberg- I can't really see Benoit doing so many reversals at his old age, and it was kinda out of Goldberg's moveset a bit, but that's fine it's your imagination. I was hoping for a stipulation match here, would have been nice.

    Lashley Promo- I don't see Lashley doing that much talking. He's more of an in ring guy and not so much vocally.

    Lesnar vs. JBL/Kane- Big Turning point as Kane slams JBL, looks like there may be a feud between them? Anyway, a good showing of Brock's domination, great match!

    Angle/Torrie- good way to promote the "ass-holeity" of angle, and Benoit comes in with a good surprise!

    Video package was a little long..

    Torrie/Sting- Sting spoke a little much as well, but still a good interview, pretty deep.

    Sting vs. Angle- Really good back and forth action, loved Benoit's music hitting and Angle getting tied up and tapping!

    Kiss Vince's Ass- Seems like a good opening to a Sting/Big Show feud, I'd like to see less McMahon altogether though (I know that seems hypocritical since he's on neraly every segment in my show, but thats 'cuz things are just getting started), but I did like Sting's somewhat turn..

    Overall, it was a great show, and the card was really good. 8.5/10
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  14. showtyme27

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    What's up LALakerz, I'm overjoyed my favorite BookThis! Show is back in full effect so here we go again.....

    Fusion#19 Review

    Opening Segment:I had my doubt's about a contract signing but I must admit I Loved the Segment, I don't even like Sting and can't wait for the match, your promo seem to be on tonite as this is probaby the best one you have wrote, so far great job, what a way to start the show.

    1st Match - MnM vs Punk & Rios: Good match, it kind of surprised my that MnM was able to get the win, Punk and Rios have been on a roll, but it took nothing away from them as Finlay interfered, I like how there feud continue's to grow, also that aftermath seemed a little familiar, you know Punk has the Vice locked in and Rios hits the Moonsault, wonder who you got that from....(lol), this was a good opening match.

    Vince: I just know ECW will get in the building somehow, but again this was a great promo.

    2nd Match - Edge vs Jeff Hardy: I was a little confused at first because I thought it was going to be Christian vs Edge (As that's how Lilian made it seem), anyway forgive me if i've said this before but I love this feud it's something I always wanted to happen, but maybe Edge and Jeff vs Matt and Christian, most people probably don't remember but WWE had about three or four matches with the two teams mixed like this and I thought they were great wish that would have gone a little further and you made my dream come true, Edge and Matt can't seem to buy a match as week after week Jeff and Christian dominate, I kind of hope they win the next one, i'm starting to feel bad for the heels here(lol).

    3rd Match - Goldberg vs Benoit: I must admit I wasn't into this match it was kind of weird and hard for me to follow, but I never expected Goldberg to win this match which was a nice surprise, I was also surprised Kurt didn't even attempt to interfere.

    Lashley: This is a sick bastard!!!, i'm lovin' this new crazed Lashley it does wonders for his character (or lack there of in real WWE), i'm happy that he is not only going after Taker, but taking the fight to him, if you know what I mean, another great promo.

    4th Match - Brock vs Kane/JBL: Great match so far my MOTN!!!!, I kind of knew Borck would win just for shock factor but it took nothing away from a great match, also love how your Kane is a badass, he is actually a man to fear (unlike WWE's version), the aftermath was also great with Kane lying out JBL and Lesnar.

    Angle: Great interview, liked the interaction between Benoit and Angle, not sure if I like Goldberg getting over as an Monster superstar but i'm sure he and Angle will have an good match next week.

    POD recap: Loved this because I missed so many of your first shows really gives me even more insight into an already great feud.

    Sting: For some reason I liked the character you have given Sting, I never really been a fan of his but you've Booked him great, I still hope he locks lips to McMahon's Ass though(lol)

    Main Event - Sting vs Angle: Changed my mind this is the MOTN!!!!, Great match between these two, are you sure Sting isn't in his prime?(lol), this one stole the show, great back and forth action with an intresting ending, again surprised because I never expected Sting to actually win.

    Ending Segment: No wonder I like Sting's new character he turned Heel!, I didn't see this comming at all Vince and Sting partners? that's new, I can't wait to see the fallout from this, also Vince screwed The Big Show?, one big bad angry SOB?, don't know if that was the right choice for Vince but it should be very entertaining in weeks to come.

    Overall: Yet another great show!, the only match that was a slight letdown was Benoit vs Goldberg well at least IMO, but your promo's have vastly improved and the matches are still detailed enough to get into, loved the twist and turns and can't wait for the next show, it was diffenently worth the wait.
  15. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Everyone, thanks 4 the reviews, and glad to see u guys enjoyed it lol
    About the Christian/Jeff Hardy? vs Edge match... Sorry, my mistake. It was Jeff Hardy. Yes I do have some "tricks up my sleeve" as u may wanna say, lol.

    DAMN! I thought that would be a good idea, and when I wrote it, I'm like, "DAMN [like Simmons lol], that sounds familiar, but great!" (lol) Sorry 4 that, CREDIT SHOWTYME27 for the anaconda vice/moonsault

    Reviews will be returned by Saturday without a doubt. Thanks again, repped y'all ;)
    EDIT: Besides Showtyme27, I have 2 spread rep b4 giving it 2 u again, sorry

  16. Contract singings are always a great opportunity for someone to get in a cheap shot.

    MNM/Rios & Punk - 2 heel teams facing each other doesn't quite work and also the failed run-in by the face Finlay. I think roles should've been reversed between the faces/heels.

    Edge/Jeff - Great match to continue the brilliant feud.

    Goldberg/Benoit - Normally the people who are set the challenges win so it was a bit different for Benoit to lose, but I loved the twist of Angle facing Goldberg next week.

    The Lashley promo didn't work for me (but that's just my opinon)

    Brock/Kane & JBL - Predictable that Brock would win and either Kane or JBL would lay out everyone else. Kane was the better choice.

    Sting/Angle - Because Benoit lost, it made Sting winning too predictable. (Also note, I think you should've used someone else in this match as we saw Sting all throughout the night but Big Show only once)

    Vince segment - I didn't see this coming at all, in fact I thought that Big Show would join Vince and make Sting kiss his ass!

  17. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
    Likes Received:
    thanks 4 the reviews every1...
    please keep em' coming... They WILL be returned
    Showtyme27, I am currently working on ur review ;)

    EDIT: Look at all these views and very few reviews... please keep them coming! lol
  18. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Dear ppl of Book This (lol),
    Some of u may have read my shows AWE Fusion in the past, and I've had a lotta fun with it, but I have no time whatsoever and I can't find the time for the very few reviews I get. I am not saying I am quitting, as I had HUGE plans for it, and as I guess it's gonna be a while, the PPV Blood Bath was gonna feature double elimination chambers with both the AWE & World Titles on the line, there were gonna be 3 other matches. Women's title, Tag Titles (concluding the huge Edge/Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy/Christian feud), n an International Title match... After the show, the women's title was to be retired... That's nothing compared to what I've had planned for its equal to WM, Blood, Sweat & Tears, which would have a fatal 4 way elimination submission match, Orton vs a REAL legend, and a tag turmoil, a street fight, n 2 huge main events...
    Thanks to all you who have supported Fusion...
  19. showtyme27

    showtyme27 The New Mr.WWE, Beat Me if You can!

    Sep 19, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I am sorry to hear this as Fusion is my favorite BookThis! show i'm glad you're not just quitting but I know I will truly miss one of the most complete and best shows BT! have ever seen, I hope you grace us with yet another of your masterpiece shows sooner rather than later.
  20. wotdoiput

    wotdoiput The Great Khali is really immortal

    Jul 25, 2006
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    Thats a real bummer dude, showtyme has taken the words right out of my mouth. I always looked forward to the next episode of Fusion. I hope that sometime in the future I will come onto Book This and see a new episode of Fusion up...
  21. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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  22. trooper2442

    trooper2442 Guest

    Hey, lalakerz! It's me, remeber "sabu24" and "D-Generation-X"? it's me again with a different username. Your show didn't dissapoint! Your just as good as when I left months ago.

    I don't know? Should I bring UCW back? lol.
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