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Your thoughts on Pandemonium? (Please be honest)

  1. It was a great show, but way too long... I only skimmed it

  2. It was a great show, well worth reading

  3. terrible show and way too long!

  4. terrible show, but the length isn't what made it bad

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    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    MATCH 1: Essa Rios vs Snitsky

    The bell rings and Rios and Snitsky stare eachother down. The two lock up and Rios immediatley kicks Snitsky to the gut. Rios runs against the ropes to get momentum and runs towards Snitsky. Snitsky puts an arm out and Rios goes under it. When Snitsky turns around, Rios jumps (cross body from feet) at Snitsky, but Snitsky catches him. Snitsky slams Rios down landing all his weight on top of Rios. Snitsky covers Rios. 1.............................2............................ Esse Rios barely kicksout. Snitsky gets pissed and he gives that look where his eyes bulge and his mouth opens! He elbow drops Rios and once again goes for the cover. 1............................2.......................
    Rios kicks out again. Snitsky gets up and jumps up and down throwing a fit. He stands about 5 feet from Rios, and has his hands on his knees. When Rios gets up, Snitsky goes for a big boot, but Rios ducks and goes for a back kick. Snitsky grabs Rios' leg and lifts him up and slams him down. Snitsky covers Rios. 1.............................2..........................3!
    WINNER: Snitsky

    Backstage interview with Trish Stratus. Trish says that later tonight she'll win the women's title!

    JBL,Sting and Raven walk around backstage looking for who may be the mystery opponent in the After Hours match.

    TRIPLE THREAT MATCH (Tournament finals)
    Goldust vs Renee Dupree vs Chavo

    Goldust and Dupree lock up, but Chavo immediatley drop kicks Goldust's back knocking his down on Dupree. Chavo and Goldust make a plan to team up. Goldust lifts Dupree to his feet and holds him with his arms behind his back. Chavo takes closed fist shots to Dupree's ribs, then an open hand shot to the face. Dupree falls down and Chavo goes for the cover, but before the reff can even count one, Goldust elbow drops on top of the two. Chavo gets up and says sorry to Goldust. Chavo and Goldust continue the beating on Dupree for a few minutes... stomping, punching, suplexing and more! Chavo gets Dupree up and sets him up for the "Golden Golbes". He does, and Goldust nails it. (Reminder-No DQ's in Triple threat matches) Goldust sets up fot the Curtain Call, but Chavo German Suplexes him right off the ropes. Chavo does the "Three Amigos" and each one having Dupree land on top of Goldust. Chavo climbs to the top rope and looks up in tribute to Eddie. He frog splashes Renee Dupree and Goldust at the same time and covers stays on top pinning both men 1.....2......3
    WINNER: Chavo

    Stephanie Mcmahon comes out and says that Chavo's the no. 1 contender for Electrofying's new title. It will be The American Title from Fusion.
    Benjamon's interviewed and asked about his thoughts on going to Electrofying as their champ! He will have to defend the next night against Chavo on Electrofying.

    Final card:
    -After Hours match (20 man elimination bar room brawl)
    -Triple H vs The Rock (world title)
    -Shawn Michaels vs Brock Lesnar
    -Golgberg vs Rhyno
    -Hardy Boyz vs MNM (tag titles)
    -6 Diva Elimination Match (womens title)

    The 20 men scheduled in the "After Hours" match are:
    Rey Mysterio,Chris Jerico,AJ Styles,Abyss,Edge,Bubba,D-Von, and A MYSTERY STAR announced earlier by Stephanie Mcmahon.

    MATCH 1: Hardy Boyz vs MNM (tag titles)

    The two men that start off the match are Matt Hardy and Nitro. Melina's at ring side trying to build momentum. Marr and Nitro lock up and Matt uppercuts Nitro, then Irish Whips him to his corner (w/ Jeff). Matt runs in at Nitro, but Nitro moves out of the way, and Matt knocks Jeff off the apron. When Matt turns around, he walks into a Snapshot by Mercury and Nitro. Melina jumps around outside the ring. The reff tells Mercury to get out of the ring and he does. Nitro tags Mercury and Mercury goes for the attack on Matt. Jeff's back on the apron and puts his arm out for a tag. Matt gets up and drop kicks Mercury and tags Jeff. Jeff climbs the top rope and hits a cross body. 1.........2............. kickout! Jeff suplexes Mercury and goes for another cover. 1.............2...........Mercury kicks out again... Jeff lifts Mercury up to his feet and does a twist of fate. Jeff suplexes Nitro into the ring, then tags Matt. Matt does a twist of fate to Nitro, then Matt and Jeff both climb to the top rope. Matt swanton bombs Nitro while Jeff swanton bombs Mercury. They both cover the man that they swanton bomb'd and get a 1.....................2....................3 count!
    WINNERS (new tag champs): Matt and Jeff (The Hardy Boyz)

    Aftermath: Lita's music hits and she comes out and congratulates Matt and Jeff.

    Interview with RVD (will be in After Hours match):

    RVD-"Dude, I am certain to bust some beer bottles over some people's hard ass heads"

    Todd Grisham-"That's nice Rob"

    RVD-"Im going to do that several times that way I get a shot at the AWE title, and will wear Gold around this waist once again"

    Todd Grisham-"Well goodluck with that later tonight!"

    RVD-"Dude, I'm sorry but are you forgetting who you're talking to? RVD doesn't need luck man! I'm just that good"

    Todd Grisham: "Any ideas on who the mystery opponent will be later in the After Hours Match?"

    RVD:"I have no idea, but I'm sure he won't stand in my way, afterall Fusion's biggest star is right here! R...V...D... (points to himself as he says it, then walks away).

    MATCH 2- Golgberg vs Rhyno:

    The two lock up in the middle of the ring and muscle eachother. Goldberg pushes Rhyno into the corner. Rhyno speeds up and they lock up again. Goldberg pushes Rhyno across the ring again. Rhyno gets up and barely ducks a clothesline from Goldberg. Rhyno turns around and kicks Goldberg to the gut. Rhyno elbows Goldberg to the head, then nails a spinebuster! Rhyno goes into the corner and sets up for a gore. Goldberg gets up and Rhyno goes for it, but Goldberg falls out of the way and Rhyno goes into the ring post shoulder first. When Rhyno turns around, Goldberg picks him up above his head and throws his down! Goldberg sets up for a spear. Rhyno gets up and see's a sprear coming, then ducks and dives (taking down Goldberg at the legs). Rhyno stands up and waits for Goldberg to get up. When Goldberg's up, Rhyno delivers an intense spine buster. Rhyno covers, 1.............2.............kickout by Goldberg. Rhyno continues the attack on Goldberg with elbow drops and by stomping on him. Rhyno stomps on Goldberg, but Goldberg grabs the bottom of his foot. Goldberg pushes the bottom of Rhyno's boot and Rhyno falls back. Goldberg gets up and Rhyno's against the turn buckle. Goldberg runs for a clothesline againts Rhyno, but Rhyno puts his foot up and Goldberg gets kicked to the gut. Rhyno walks away from the turn buckle and grabs Goldberg's head. Rhyno goes for a vericle suplex, but Goldberg reverses it... BUT NOT INTO A VERTICLE SUPLEX! Goldberg keeps Rhyno up in that position and nails a Jackhammer! Goldberg covers 1...................2....................Rhyno just kicksout. Goldberg sets up for a spear, and when Rhyno gets to his feet, Goldberg runs. Rhyno moves out of the way and Goldberg's shoulder drives into the steel pole. When Goldberg turns around, Rhyno hits a powerbomb on him. Rhyno sets up for a gore and when Goldberg gets upm Rhyno goes for it and nails it! Rhyno covers Goldberg 1.................................2.....................................kickout! Rhyno puts his pointer finger in the air and says "one more!" Rhyno sets up for another gore and nails it! 1................................................2...............................................3!
    WINNER: Rhyno
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    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Backstage segment with Matt and Jeff Hardy, the new tag team champions! They say that they've been waiting for this day, and that no body would prevent them from winning those titles back tonight!

    John Cena encounters with Rock backstage... The two shake hands...
    Cena-"Hey future world champ!"

    Rock-"Hey future AWE champ!"
    (Rock and John Cena shake hands)

    Cena-"Very funny Rock, you told me that tomorrow night I'd get a title shot, if you win tonight..."

    Rock-"You will get a title shot tomorrow night IF I WIN THE TITLE... John... If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours... You know what I mean?"

    (Cena reaches his arm over to Rock's back and scratches it!)


    Cena-"I'm jus' playin man (then smiles). I got'chu covered
    (Cena pats Rock on the back and walks away)

    MATCH 3- 6 Diva Elimination Match (womens title)
    Lita vs Trish Stratus vs Victoria vs Torrie Wilson vs Jackie Gayda vs Mickie James (c)

    Jim Ross explains that all 6 women will be in the ring at the same time and that the last diva to not be eliminated by pinfall,submission,countout, or DQ would be the winner and the women's champion... The bell rings and all 6 divas are ready to compete. Mickie James holds her title up in the air and taunts at each one of the divas... The referee grabs the title belt from Mickie and turns his back as all five divas attack Mickie James! Mickie's down and each diva takes turns stomping on her! Lita climbs to the top rope as the other four divas hold Mickie down flat on her back. Mickie's squirming around. Lita jumps and nails a leg drop right on Mickie's head. Lita climbs on top of Mickie covering her for a 1................2.............kickout! All four divas go attack Lita and continuesly stomp on her. Torrie lifts Lita off the ground and holds her up... Trish sets up for a chick kick on Lita, but Lita ducks and spears Victoria, who's behind Trish. The chick kick smacks Torrie in the head. Jackie Gayda grabs Trish's tights and rolls her backward into a pin, as Mickie James climbs on top of and covers Torrie. The ref does a double count (counting both Trish and Torrie down). 1..................2...................3! Double elimination...
    Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus are eliminated
    Meanwhile, Lita is stomping on top on Victoria. Mickie and Jackie both go for a double attack on Lita. Lita's down and Victoria does her little backflip on her, then covers. 1..................2................. Lita kicks out and with the momentum from Lita kicking, Victoria falls back into Mickie James, who german suplexes Victoria out of the ring over the top rope. Mickie and Lita fight for a few minutes as Jackie rests in the corner. After about 2 more minutes, Victoria is being taken out of the arena on a stretcher. When the camera views back to the ring, Lita's on the top rope and both Mickie and Jackie are down flat on their back. Lita points at Jackie and the crowd boo's... Lita points at Mickie and the crowd screams! Lita nails a swanton bomb on Mickie James and covers her. Jackie Gayda climbs on top and helps her cover Mickie James. 1.................2.................3!
    Mickie James is eliminated and there will be a new womens champion!
    Jackie immedietly locks in a choke with both hands locked, pulling back on Lita's throat. Mickie James is still underneath the two... After about a full minuet of the choke being locked in, Mickie squirms around and Jackie and Lita roll off of her. Mickie slides out of the ring. Jackie still has Lita in the choke. Lita reaches her arm out to the rope and gets it. 1......2.... Jackie lets the choke go and gets up. Lita catches her breath. Jackie stomps on Lita, then elbow drops her. Jackie covers 1...................2.................... Lita just kicks out! Jackie gets up and continues to stomp on Lita. Jackie gets down to her knees and gets a choke from behind, this time her inner elbow pulling up on Lita's throat. Lita builds momentum by stomping then gets up and elbows Jackie to the stomach two times. Lita irish whips Jackie and when Jackie comes back, Lita hits a double drop kick! Lita covers 1..................2...............kickout! Lita gets up and lifts Jackie to her feet. Lita sets up for the Twist of Fate. Victoria is seen running out down the ramp. TWIST OF FATE! and the 1.................2....................3!
    Jackie Gayda is eliminated!
    Victoria runs up from behind Lita and grabs her joint in her right leg and pulls her down into the cover. Victoria gets both legs on the ropes making the pin stronger and the ref counts not seeing it... 1..........................2..........................3!
    WINNER: The New Women's Champion is Victoria!

    AFTERMATH: Lita gets up and Victoria's up as well. Victoria kicks Lita to the gut and goes for the widow's peak! Lita slides out of it and bounces off the rope and on her way back, tackles Victoria, then lifts her head by her hair and slams it down into the canvas three times! Lita climbs to the top rope and nails a swanton bomb on Victoria. Then goes out of the ring ans gets Victoria's new title and lays it over Victoria. Lita's music hits and she walks out of the ring, back into the back.

    MNM is backstage complaining to the GM (Stephanie Mcmahon). Stephanie says that they obviously lost the titles, but the doors to oppertunity weren't quite closed yet... She says that if MNM can find her mystery star scheduled in the After Hours match, they would get a rematch right away TONIGHT against the Hardys.

    MATCH 4- Shawn Michaels vs Brock Lesnar (AWE Championship)

    The two men enter the ring first. Shawn Michaels holds his title up in Brock Lesnar's face. Brock nods then points to the title, then himself. The bell rings and the two square off and stare at eachother. They lock up and Brock muscles HBK into the corner. HBK quickly reverses it, and the 2 are still clinched. HBK lets punches Lesnar to the gut, then chops Lesnar right on the middle of his chest. HBK goes for a 2nd chop, but Lesnar grabs his hand and uses that to lift HBK on his shoulders in an F-5 position. Lesnar winds up, and HBK slides off and gets Lesnar's back. HBK locks in the sleeper hold. He has it in for about a minuet and works Lesnar down to one knee. Lesnar goes down to his two hands, with his left knee still up. Lesnar sits out to his left side and his head slides out of the sleeper hold. HBK's on Lesnar's chest and takes continues open hand shots. After about 5 or 6, HBK stands up and stomps for the sweet chin music! 1......2.....3.....4....5...6..7..8.9.HBK goes for it, but Lesnar ducks slightly and grabs HBK's head with one hand, and his thigh with the other and lifts HBK up above his head and tosses him down! Lesnar goes for a cover on Shawn. 1...................2....kickout at the 2! Shawn gets up clinched with Lesnar and Lesnar pushes HBK away and HBK falls down into the corner. HBK gets up and runs toward Brock, ducking a clothesline by Brock, then gets momentum by bouncing off the rope and jumps toward Brock knocking Brock down. HBK picks Lesnar back off the ground and nails a vertical suplex. Shawn climbs to the top rope and nails his elbow drop from the top! HBK again sets up for Sweet Chin Music and when Lesnar gets up, he goes for it. It's a little low and hits Lesnar in the chest. Lesnar doesn't budge! HBK goes back and bounces off the rope going for a clothesline on Lesnar, but Lesnar ducks. When Lesnar turns around... Sweet Chin Music by HBK! HBK covers Brock. 1...................2...Brock kicks out, HBK barely getting a 2 count! HBK again sets up for Sweet Chin Music. He nails it and again covers. 1.......................2....................Lesnar again kicksout! HBK looks like he's going to go crazy! The ref tries to calm HBK down and Lesnar gets up and goes for a clothesline knocking HBK right into the ref. Brock lifts HBK and picks him up for an F-5, but HBK slips out and lands on the outside apron. HBK grabs Brock's legs taking him down, then takes the title and heads back into the ring. When HBK gets in the ring, he waits for Lesnar to get up. HBK runs towards Lesnar with the title and smashes Brock in the head with it. HBK covers but the ref's still down.................................................................................... Another ref from backstage runs out and into the ring and counts. 1..................................2......................Lesnar kicksout! Shawn gets pissed and takes the title and hits the new ref in the head with it. The new ref flies over the top rope and is out! HBK again runs towards Lesnar with the title but Lesnar ducks... Lesnar kicks HBK to the gut and delivers an F-5, HBK's face landing on his own title belt. Lesnar slides the evidence out of the ring and covers. The reff gets up and turns around an
    sees the cover. 1............................2..........................3!
    WINNER: The New AWE Champion-Brock Lesnar
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    Match 5-Triple H vs The Rock (World Title)

    Triple H enters the ring first... Rock walks out and into the ring... As soon as Rock slides into the ring, Triple H takes his world title and smacks Rock over the head (back of head) with it. Triple H gets Rock up to his knees and hits a pedigree! The ref rings the bell and Triple H immedietly covers Rock. 1..............2.............Rock grabs the rope! Triple H sits on Rock's chest and throws several right hook closed fist punches. Triple H screams, "Stay down you bastard!" Triple H covers Rock again. 1...............2...Rock kicks out right after the 2! Rock kicks up and right open hand, another, pulls it back... BAM! Triple H falls into the corner. Rock runs to clothesline, but Triple H puts his foot up. Rock bends over and Triple H hits a DDT on Rock. Triple H does his knee on Rock's head. Triple H covers Rock again and gets a 1.............kickout! Triple H lifts Rock to his feet and puts his left hand on the back of Rock's head, then hits a right hook. Triple H goes for a second right hook, but Rock blocks and counters back with three right hooks of his own! Rock hits a verticle suplex. Rock then taunts for the people's elbow, and runs against the ropes. On his way back, Triple H does his jumping knee, knocking Rock in the face and down. Triple H goes over to the turnbuckle and takes off the padding, exposing it. Rock doesn't notice and neither does the ref. Triple H props himself in the corner, and Rock who's up runs for a clothes line. Triple H moves out of the way and Rock goes right into the steel turnbuckle. Rock's pushed back right into Triple H, who takes Rock's arm and puts it behind his back locking in the arm bar. Triple H squeezes tighter and then rams Rock into the exposed turnbuckle once again. Triple H lets go of Rock's arm and Rock falls flat on his back. Triple H covers Rock to get a 1..........2.........kickout! Triple H backs up into the corner across from the exposed one.Triple H rests there until Rock gets up... When Rock's back up, Triple H runs towards Rock (who's against the exposed turnbuckle) and clotheslines Rock again into the steel turnbuckle. Rock keils over and Triple H sets up for a pedigree! Rock flips Triple H over his back and then taunts for the people's elbow. Rock nails it, then goes for a sharpshooter... Rock locks it in and holds it for about a minuet. Triple H crawls towards the ropes and just gets his hand on the botom rope, to break the move. Rock lets go and waits for Triple H to get up to his feet. Triple H is up and Rock runs and clotheslines Triple H over the top rope and out of the ring! Rock follws Triple H, and Rock lifts Triple H to his feet... Rock irish whips Triple H into the ringpost! Triple H bounces back to Rock, and Rock turns Triple H around that way the two are face to face. Rock lifts Triple H's arm up slightly and nails a Rockbottom, Triple H's back slamming into the thin mat! The Rock goes in the ring to break the ref's count of 9, then goes right back out! Rock irish whips Triple H back into the ring, then goes back in himself. Rock clotheslines Triple H down and when he turns around, it's John Cena, who immedietly lifts him on his shoulders and nails an FU!
    WINNER: (By DQ) The Rock (Triple H is still the World Champ)

    The ref calls for a DQ, but the fighting doesn't stop! Cena nails the 5-Knuckle Shuffle, then applies the STFU. Rock taps, but there's nothing he can do about it! Triple H enters the ring with a sledgehammer. Cena lets go and lifts Rock to his feet and places him properly in the corner, exposing his face and chest. Triple H runs up and bashes Rock's face with the sledgehammer! Triple H's music hits and him and John Cena raise eachother's arms in the air!

    Camera shows the bar set up on the ramp.

    Mercury,Nitro, and Melina are backstage looking for Stephanie Mcmahon's mystery star. They come in contact with someone and then run out to the ring and tell GM Stephanie Mcmahon that they want their tag title match now because they found out that it was Chris Jerico. GM Stephanie Mcmahon's music hits and she comes out telling MNM that Chris Jerico is NOT the mystery star. Chris Jerico's music hits and he runs out with a chair smacking Nitro in the head. When Jerico turns around, Mercury dropkicks the chair (in Jerico's hands) and it hits Jerico's head. Stephanie Mcmahon announces that this little fight will continue as a 2 on 1 handicap match. The reff rings the bell... Jerico's already down, and Nitro's out too. Mercury climbs to the top rope and nails a moonsault. He pins Jerico... 1...................2....................kickout! Melina enters the ring and her and Mercury nail the snapshot to Chris Jerico! Mercury covers Jerico and Melina piles on top. Nitro gets up and gets on top of Jerico all three pinning Jerico's shoulders down. 1......................2........................3!

    Jim Ross explains the rules and stipulations for the After Hours Match:
    -There will be 20 men in the match
    -They all start in the ring
    -Elimination is by busting a beer bottle over someone's head
    -NO DQ's
    -Once the match gets down to the final 2 men, elimination is by KO (keeping your opponent off of his feet for 10 seconds)

    MATCH 6- After Hours match

    Lights go out and they come on with Cena's music! Nineteen of the men who will wrestle in this match all enter the bar (set up on the apron). The lights spotlight the stage near the screen. All of a sudden a King's Thrown rises up from in the floor! In it is none other than Stephanie Mcmahon's mystery star. He is The Big Show! The crowd screams! He has a crown and a king's robe on and has two beer bottles in his hands! He runs towards the bar, and when he gets there immediatly bashes a bottle over Abyss' head eliminating him.
    Abyss eliminated
    JBL,Raven, and Sting all go to attack on the Big Show. Big Show punches Raven away, and hits a big boot to JBL. Big Show chokeslams Sting to the ground as Cena nails an FU on Edge. Cena tries to take Big Show down with a clothes line, while Rosey and Jamal are brawling with Carlito and Rikishi. Rikishi hits a side kick on Jamal and Jamal falls flat back. Jerico, using the bar itself, nails an insegurie! Rey Mysterio jumps off of the bar right into the arms of Bubba and D-Von Dudley! Bubba and D-Von toss Rey down into the corner, then turn around to attack Rosey. Rikishi punches Carlito, once, twice, Rosey grabs his head. RVD roundhouse kicks Rosey's gut and Masters sneaks up from behind locking in the Master lock! RVD grabs a beer bottle from behind the bar. RVD, with the bottle in his right hand, swings the bottle downward onto Rosey's head. The bottle shatters and the ref calls for the elimination
    Rosey eliminated
    The match continues... Big Show nails a big boot on Masters knocking him down. When Big Show turns around, he gets bashed in the head with a bar stool by John Cena! Big Show looks like he's in a lot of pain and about to fall. He grabs his head... Edge runs up to Big Show hitting a spear. It had so much momentum that Big Show went through the wall of the bar room! Big Show's knocked out. Carlito and JBL brawl throwing punch after punch directly to the head. Raven ran over and punched Carlito's head. JBL and Raven continued to take turns hitting Carlito. Sting walks over to the bar and pulls something out! It's his baseball bat! Rey Mysterio drop kick's D-Von Dudley down to the ground! Bubba runs up from behind and gets Rey in a sleeper hold. Bubba yells to D-Von... "Get The Tables!" D-Von runs out of the bar, down the ramp, and under the ring! He pulls out a table! Sting goes back over to Carlito, and holds the bat back ready to swing it! Big Show grabs the other end of it, then holds it with both hands and swings it nailing Sting. Sting falls back into Raven and JBL's arms! Big Show breaks the bat over his knee! Big Show tosses the broken bat on the floor. Big Show grabs both Raven and JBL's throats and picks them up... double chokeslam? NO... Chris Masters comes from behind Big Show trying to get a Master Lock. Master's hands are there, but he can't lock them! They are still enough force to hold Big Show's arms back from the double chokeslam! AJ Styles nails a drop kick onto Big Show, from the top of the bar! AJ Styles turns around and gets FU'd by John Cena. Cena grabs a beer bottle and sits on AJ Styles' chest. Cena lifts the bottle up in the air and goes to swing it... RVD grabs it from him and when Cena turns around... BASH! RVD eliminates Cena!
    Cena eliminated
    RVD turns around (back facing AJ Styles) and hits a jumpig back flip. RVD gets up and suplexes Christain right on top of Styles. RVD nails a rolling thunder on both, AJ Styles and Christain. RVD gets a beer bottle and is about to swing it hitting Christain. Christain rolls out of the way and RVD bashes the bottle over AJ Style's head
    AJ Styles eliminated
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    When RVD turns around Christain hits an Unprettier on RVD, bringing RVD's face down right into the broken glass from the bottle (the one he used to eliminate AJ Styles.) Meanwhile the table is set up and Bubba and D-Von 3-D Rikishi right through it! Bubba gets a glass bottle and D-Von holds Rikishi's arms behind his back exposing Rikishi's whole front. Bubba with the bottle in hand runs toward Rikishi and swings the bottle. Rikishi ducks and the bottle breaks over D-Von's head!
    D-Von Dudley eliminated
    Bubba puts his hand over his head, then goes over to D-Von trying to talk to him... D-Von doesn't budge. Bubba turns around and gets smashed in the head by a beer bottle by Rikishi. Rikishi smiles.
    Bubba Dudley eliminated
    Rikishi turns around into an unprettier by Christain. Big Show hits a big boot on Christain, then Edge, then JBL. Big Show's dominating! Raven grabs a bar stool and Sting holds Big Show in place. Raven swings the barstool at Big Show and hits him! Big Show looks like he's going to fall, but he hits a big boot on Raven as well, then chokeslams Sting! Edge gets up and goes for a spear on RVD, but RVD pulls a bottle off the bar and wacks Edge in the head with it.
    Edge's eliminated
    RVD grabs another bottle and taps Big Show on the shoulder getting him to turn around. Big Show turns around and RVD swings the bottle! Big Show puts his hand out and grabs the bottle. The bottle shatters over Big Show's right hand (NOT OVER HEAD-NOT ELIMINATED)... Big Show screams in pain and starts goin crazy with strikes and attacks. First Rey then Lashley! Rey gets back up and comes back for more. Big Show lifts Rey above his head and throws him down on the bar table. RVD jumps from the top of the bar onto Big Show knocking the big man right down! RVD throws kicks knocking everyone in the bar down! RVD turns around into a cross body by Rey Mysterio. RVD catches Rey turns around... Sting with a bottle in hand smashes it across RVD's head. RVD drops Rey, but Rey lands on his feet. Rey gets picked up by Lashley in a bear hug and Lashley squeezes the life out of Rey! Big Show big boots Lashley... Lashley falls, but Rey falls right on top of him. Rey climbs on top of the bar and jumps off. Big Show catches him in a chokeslam and chokeslams him right through the bar! The crowd screams! Meanwhile, Chris Jerico has JBL in the Walls of Jerico, when Raven comes from behind with a bottle and bashes it over the head of Jerico.
    Chris Jerico eliminated
    Raven turns around into a beer bottle over the head by Lashley!
    Raven eliminated
    Meanwhile RVD and Big Show are brawling when Sting and JBL double up on Lashley. Double kick to the gut, then JBL hits a power bomb on Lashley! When JBL turns around, Sting is exchanging blows with the Big Show! Finally Big Show hits 1,2,3 punches in a row and Sting falls backwards into JBL's arms. JBL tosses sting off to the side and goes for a clothesline from hell on Big Show. JBL hits it, but it has no effect what so ever on Big Show (who's still standing up tall). JBL takes a few steps back and goes for it again! Big Show ducks (at the waist) then when Big Show stands back up straight and JBL's turned around, and Big Show grabs his throat for a chokeslam! Big Show picks JBL up, but Sting punches Big Show from behind and Big Show keils over and his grip loosens. JBL slides back to his feet, then hits a DDT on Big Show. JBL gets up and him and Sting pull Big Show back to his feet, then together barely lift Big Show for a double verticle suplex! Meanwhile Lashley's down and RVD's standing at the top of the bar! JBL and Sting hit the suplex, throwing Big Show right on top of Lashley! RVD five-star frogsplashes Big Show and Lashley at the same time! Rey Mysterio helps RVD up and the two of them nod. They both again climb to the top of the bar and each jump down with a missle drop kick, Rey hitting JBL, RVD hitting Sting. Rey and RVD look at eachother and smile, then RVD and Rey each grab an empty beer bottle from behind the bar and walk over to JBL and Sting. RVD lifts Sting back to his feet and Rey does the same with JBL. They look at eachother and nod, then turn back around and at the same time, Rey busts a bottle over JBL and RVD busts one over Sting!
    DOUBLE ELIMINATION: JBL and Sting are eliminated
    Meanwhile Christain's been brawling with Chris Masters and Rikishi fighting with Jamal! Christain's going for an unprettier, while Rikishi is punching Jamal. Christain has Masters in the position for an unprettier, but Masters stands up straight and locks in the Masterlock on Christain! Masters gets Christain down to his knees with the Masterlock still locked in. All of a sudden, Carlito runs up from behind Masters with a bottle and busts it over Chris Master's head!
    Chris Masters eliminated
    Masters falls and Christain's still down on his knees. RVD's brawling with Jamal, while Mysterio's controlling Rikishi! RVD vertical suplexes Jamal and hits the rolling thunder! RVD then stands with his back facing Jamal and does a back flip! Jamal's down, and RVD does his R.....V......D taunt (pointing to himself). RVD goes on top of a bar stool and is about to do a five-star frog splash when Lashley pushes the bar stool causing RVD to fall. Lashley clotheslines Carlito, then Rikishi, then Rey! RVD attacks Lashley from behind, but it's not long after, that Lashley hits the dominator! Lashley grabs a beer bottle, and when Rikishi gets up... SMASH!
    Rikishi eliminated
    Rey Mysterio gets up and attacks Carlito! Chavo then runs out from backstage and runs into the bar! He finds RVD who's just getting up and him and Rey both do the same thing. They each nail the three amigos (Rey to Carlito, Chavo to RVD)
    Carlito and RVD are now down and Chavo and Rey get on top of the bar! They both nail a frog splash! (Rey to Carlito, Chavo to RVD) Each man grabs a bottle. Rey smashes it over Carlito at the same time Chavo swings at RVD! RVD ducks and when Chavo turns around, RVD drop kicks Chavo, knocking the bottle right into Chavo's skull!
    Carlito eliminated
    Rey looks down at Chavo and puts his hand on his head. Rey then goes down to his knees and says, "Chavo... Chavo talk to me... Say som........................ All of a sudden Christain smashes a bottle over Rey's head!
    Rey Mysterio eliminated
    RVD roundhouse kicks Christain from behind! Christain falls, and RVD turns right around into Big Show's hand around his throat! Jamal goes to attack Big Show, but Big Show just grabs Jamal's throat as well as RVD's... DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! Big Show turns around into Christain swinging a bottle! Big Show puts his leg up and kicks, causing the bottle to snap back and bust over Christain's head!
    Christain eliminated
    Lashley runs up from behind Big Show and locks in a bear hug... Big Show swings his elbow around aiming for Lashley's head, but Lashley ducks, and with the momentum, Big Show turns around. Lashley and Big Show are belly to belly... Lashley nails the belly to belly suplex on The Big Show! RVD and Jamal are still down, but RVD reaches over and picks up a bottle on the floor! RVD hides it, and reaches his arm over and smashes it over Jamal's head!
    Jamal eliminated
    Lashley doesn't notice that RVD eliminated Jamal, so Lashley lifts Jamal to his feet and sets up for the dominator. RVD sneaks up from behind with a bottle and hits Lashley in the head!
    Lashley eliminated
    It's down to just RVD and The Big Show. RVD's trying to catch his breath and regain energy, while Big Show's on one knee trying to get up. RVD goes over to Big Show and pounds on him, dropping all of his weight with both hands locked. Big Show gets knocked flat on his stomach. RVD turns Big Show around to his back, then does a backflip landing on Big Show. A referee runs in and counts 1.....2.....3.......4...Big Show's up to one knee...5.....Big Show gets back to his feet. RVD hits a low right roundhouse to Big Show's left, then a high right roundhouse, then a jumping front kick to Big Show's face. Big Show falls back against the bar. RVD backs up, then runs towards Big Show for a cross body. Big Show catches RVD and slams him down on a bar stool! The legs of the bar stool snap and RVD falls down. 1.....2....3....4....5.....6....7...8...Big Show's up. RVD tackles Big Show down, then RVD hits a rolling thunder. The reff counts again, but Big Show gets to his feet by the 5 count. RVD kicks Big Show, but Big Show holds onto his leg. Big Show chops down on RVD's leg. RVD looks like he's in a lot of pain, and he puts his leg down and holds it. Big Show grabs RVD around the throat and Chokeslams him down to the ground! The ref starts counting, but when he gets to 2, Big Show tells the ref to stop counting. Big Show climbs to the top of the bar and jumps off doing a leg drop over RVD's throat. Big Show signals the ref to count, and he does. The ref counts to 10!
    WINNER: Big Show (No. 1 contender for AWE title)

    AFTERMATH: Big Show's music hits... "Well it's the Big Sh"... Shattered glass is heard breaking, but it's not a beer bottle! It's Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance! Stone cold drives out in a pick up truck with the back fully filled with beer! He parks it on the ramp, and hops out! It's Austin... he's really here! He takes two 6 packs out and carries them down to the little bar. He hands Big Show a 6 pack and says congratulations. Big Show and Austin each drink a beer. Austin and Show each drink a full 6 pack! Stone Cold says congratulations, then puts his hand out to shake. Big Show shakes and they both nod at eachother. Austin kicks Big Show's gut... STUNNER! Big Show's down and Austin flips him off, then Austin grabs another beer from behind the bar and drinks it! He poors it over his head as After Hours goes off the air!
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    Great Show man, and great ending to the #1 Contenders bout, hert we go..

    Best Match: Def The After Hours match, I was shocked the show was coming out ontop and I just loved all the action, greeat ending with Austin.

    Worst Match: MNM vs. Jerchio, alot of action I'll credit that, but it was poorly written out and some of the moves hit didn't make sense.

    Overall 87/100, good Job.

    THERINGKING Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 2, 2006
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    Dude, here is my only comment.........


    Best Match: HBK Vs Lesnar or Rock Vs HHH

    Best Angle: Cena & HHH alignment...looks awesomw


  7. lalakerz

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    Three of Fusion's superstars have just been released...

    -AJ Styles
    -Jackie Gayda

    Updated Roster
    Big Show
    Rey Mysterio
    Samoa Joe
    Triple H World Champion
    The Rock
    Stone Cold
    Chris Masters
    John Cena
    Chris Jerico International Champion
    Booker T
    Shawn Michaels
    Randy Orton
    Rob Van Dam
    Brock Lesnar AWE Champion
    Hardy Boyz- Tag Team Champions
    Matt Hardy
    Jeff Hardy

    Victoria Women's Championship
    Mickie James
    Trish Stratus
    Torrie Wilson

    Essa Rios
    Shelton Benjamon American Champion
    Charlie Haas
    Renee Dupree
  8. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Match Card
    -Hurricance vs Sylvan
    -Chavo/Juventud vs Viscera/Goldust
    -Shelton Benjamon vs Snitsky

    Match 1-Hurricane vs Sylvan
    Sylvan enters first and takes the mic. He starts talking trash about the fans and says that they have no style. He continues with:
    "And... and that Hurricane with green hair and a cape! Just incase you didn't understand by now, you're not superman!"
    Hurricane's music hits and he runs out
    Sylvan exits the ring and Hurricance slides in under the bottom rope.
    Hurricane grabs the mic...
    "Let's get one thing straight here Sylvan... I am the Hurricane! but what image have you made for yourself? In your past a frenchman... now you're just the average gay guy with a picture of himself on his @$$!" Sylvan comes into the ring using the steps and Hurricane and him stare eachother down. The match officially starts and both men circle the ring (on inside) thinking about the first move. Hurricane runs in for a clothesline, but Hurricane ducks. When Hurricance turns around, he gets drop kicked by Sylvan! When Hurricane gets to a verticle base, Sylvan nails a verticle suplex. Sylvan goes to the top rope and when Hurricane ggets up, Sylvan jumps. Hurricane moves and Sylvan crashes into the mat. Hurricane goes to the top rope and nails a missle drop kick on Sylvan (when Sylvan gets up)... Hurricane covers 1..................2............kickout. When Sylvan gets up, Hurricane Irish whips him into the corner and runs in at Sylvan, clotheslining him. Hurricane nails a drop kick hitting Sylvan into the corner, then Hurricane does a roll out getting Sylvan in a pinning position. 1..............2...............3!
    Winner- Hurricane

    Backstage interview with Chavo

    Chavo says that he will use his title oppertunity at the American championship, on the night of Accell to Hell on Electrofying!

    Match 2-Chavo/Juventud vs Viscera/Goldust
    Juvi and Goldust start the match off. Goldust goes in to lock up with Juvi, but Juvi ducks and gets to Goldust's back and pounds on him several times. Goldust turns into Juvi and gives him a right hand of his own! Juvintud bends over and Goldust locks in a bearhug from behind. Goldust carries Juvintud over to his corner and tags in Big Vis! Viscera comes in and locks both of his hands together, lifts them above his head, then slams them down on Juvi's back, knocking him down on his stomach. Viscera covers, but only gets a 2 count before Juvi kicks out. Viscera stomps on Juvi, then goes for the Viscera Drop. He nails it! When Vis turns around, he gets missle drop kicked by Chavo! Goldust runs in and Chavo drop kicks him. Viscera gets up and runs for a clothesline on Chavo. Chavo ducks and Viscera clotheslines his partner Goldust right over the top rope! Juventud jumps from the top rope and nails a hurricarana. He covers for a 1........2.......kickout! Chavo (on apron) gets tagged in and is now the legal man! Juventud does a suicide dive through the ropes, knocking himself, as well as Goldust down and out! Viscera's still down, so... Chavo climbs to the top rope and hits the frog splash! then covers. 1..................2..................3!
    WINNERS: Chavo/Juventud
    Aftermath: Chavo grabs a mic and stands on the top ropes! He says that Shelton Benjamon better watch out, because he'd take his title at Accell to Hell! The crowd screams and Chavo says, "Wow they like me more than I thought they di...". Right before Chavo finishes, Benjamon super T-Bone suplexes Chavo! (By now Viscera's out of the ring.) Benjamon lifts Chavo to his feet and sidekicks him over the top rope! Snitsky's music hits and he runs out in a black trench coat with a hood covering his face! Snitsky slides in the ring and Benjamon stomps on him... when "the real" Snitsky runs in from behind and nails a big boot on Benjamon. The man in the coat's NOT Snitsky! Without revealing his identity, he lifts Benjamon to his feet and Power slams him! The ref officially rings the bell for the start of the match.
    Shelton Benjamon vs Snitsky
    Snitsky covers Benjamon by putting one foot on his chest. 1.............2............3!
    WINNER: Snitsky
    The man in the trench coat gives a thumbs up to Snitsky as he walks backwards on the ramp, to the back.


    Match Card
    -Lashley vs Chris Masters
    -RVD vs Christain
    -Samoa Joe vs Edge Round 1 of Submission tournament
    -Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels
    -Chris Jerico vs Kurt Angle Round 1 of Submission tournament

    The pyro shoots off and immedietly Big Show's music hits! He walks out with a huge smile on his face. He has a mic in hand and as he's walking down the ramp, he says,
    "Those fire works, and these screaming people must all be for me! Because last night I did it! I won the After Hours match... I really am the best in the business huh? and I'm going to prove that at "Accell to Hell" when I use my title oppertunity and destroy Brock Lesnar!"

    Brock Lesnar's entrance hits & he walks out!

    Brock-"Haha, hold on a second Big Show... You aren't even worthy of facing me at Accell to Hell, but because you got lucky last night, I guess you will... Just another fat piece of crap for me to take care of! But to talk about who these people paid to see... It sure as hell wasn't you! Last night I won the AWE Championship from Shawn fricken Michaels so don't even talk..."

    Big Show-"So what? You won a one on one match last night... I was in that bar with a bunch of drunken @$$ holes qho were trying to bust a beer bottle over my head! I did it to a bunch of people, but I'm just that damn good that I didn't get it done to me!"

    Brock-"Okay... I defeated the show stopper Shawn Michaels and you..."

    Shawn Michael's music hits & the crowd screams!

    HBK-"Yes I am the show stopper... and I am the best of the best! But one thing Brock... You had to cheat to win that title! You F-5'd me face first on that championship belt and...

    Vince Mcmahon's music hits!

    Vince-"Before anyone says anything else... Brock won the title last night and will defend it at Fusion's next ppv, "Accell to Hell"... and as for you Shawn...

    Rhyno's music hits

    Rhyno-"Vince... your daughter announced a few weeks ago that the match between Goldberg and I would be a no. 1 contenders match for the International title... Why does no body care about my title shot, but everyone's making a big deal out of Big Shows?"


    Rock walks to the ring through the crowd!

    Rock-"Hey Vince... Vince turn around! I got screwed out of my World Title match last night..."

    Triple H's music hits & he walks out

    Triple H-"Rock... All that matters is that I'm still the world champ!"

    Rock-"TRIPLE H... You wouldn't be carrying that belt if it weren't for that thug John Cena..."

    Cena's music hits & he comes out

    Cena-"Rock, so you think I'm a thug huh? Well I have the chain gang representin' all over this country... and all you do is... eat pie!"

    Carlito enters the arena!

    Carlito-"Rock so you like pie? Pie's cool! Carlito like all pie, if you know what I mean! But Rock... You are... you are not cool! neither is anybody out here or any one here in this arena!"

    Vince-"NEXT PERSON TO TALK OR WALK OUT HERE IS FIRED DAMNET! You know who is fired? My daughter Stephanie... God Damnet Steph... You let your own father take all of this, while you're the GM! Take control of your superstars! But anyway... the main event tonight will be Goldberg,Carlito,Rock vs Rhyno,Big Show,Cena in an 6 man tag team match! But next week, right here on Fusion... We will break records! It will be a hell of a show when...

    -Rock gets his rematch against Triple H, in a 15 foot high steel cage for the world title! Rock vs Triple H- Steel Cage match for World Title
    -John Cena will go one on one with Chris Benoit in a round 1 match in the submission tournament Chris Benoit vs John Cena-round 1 submission match
    -Plus I feel lucky so... Why not a gauntlet match? Why don't we make it for something? Why not, I mean next week I completely run the show! (GM Stephanie Mcmahon fired!) How about... Well I'll just name some superstars off the top of my head... Lashley,RVD,Booker T,Edge,JBL,Rey Mysterio,Carlito,Chris Masters! How's that? The winner will get to run Fusion for a night, making all of the matches... title matches and non-title matches! Plus, I'm feeling lucky... Why the hell not add any non-title match between any superstars, to happen at Accell to Hell!
    -and Rhyno will get his International title match against Chris Jerico"

    ***Commercial Break***

    Match 1- Samoa Joe vs Edge (round one of submission tournament)

    Both men stare each other down, each in opposite corners. The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway! The two men lock up in the middle of the ring and Samoa Joe gets Edge in a head lock! Edge forces Samoa Joe to bounce off the ropes (Edge still in Samoa Joe's head lock). Edge pushes Samoa into the opposite ropes and Samoa bouncing back! Edge pulls off a quick spear and goes for the cover... The ref reminds Edge that this match can only be won by submission! Edge gets up angry and stomps on Samoa Joe. Edge lifts Samoa to his feet, then quickly nails a DDT, bringing Samoa Joe right back down! Edge lifts Samoa's back off of the mat and Edge gets down on one knee... Edge takes Samoa Joe's right arm, and puts it under Samoa's own right shoulder onto Samoa's lower back. Edge has the arm bar locked in and is squeezing. Samoa uses his left arm to elbow Edge in the head! Edge falls back and Samoa gets on top and takes an open right hand. Joe swings, but Edge blocks it and rolls Samoa over and nails him with a right hand of his own. Edge grabs Samoa's head and picks it up off the ground, slams it into the ground and repeats this 3 times. Edge stands up and forces Samoa Joe up too. Edge nails the Edgecutioner, then exits the ring. Edge goes over near where the ring bell is, then grabs a steel chair! Edge brings it back into the ring and stands in the corner with the chair up, ready to be swung! When Samoa Joe gets up, Edge runs at him and swings the chair. Samoa Joe ducks and when Edge turns around, Samoa kicks Edge to the gut. Edge keils over, then quickly stands up and smashes Samoa Joe over the head with the steel chair. Samoa falls to his knees and Edge locks in a sleeper hold! Samoa Joe's arm goes down once... twice... three times...
    Winner: Edge

    Backstage with Vince Mcmahon
    "Samoa Joe is put in his own enviroment tonight in a submisson match... and he blows it to a man with no submission skills...Edge... You S.O.B. you're fired!

    ***Commercial Break***

    Match 2- RVD vs Christain

    Rob Van Dam enters the ring first. When Christain walks out, when he's a few feet from the ring, RVD jumps over the top rope into Christain's arms and both men fall! RVD gets up and lifts Christain back to his feel as well... RVD Irish whips Christain into the steel steps. Christain's knees hit and he goes right over them! RVD goes and places Christain back in the ring. RVD up, Christain down on his back, the ref calls for the bell. The match has officially started! RVD nails the rolling thunder, then goes for a split legged moonsault. He nails it, then does his R-V-D taunt as he points to his head. RVD climbs to the top rope and waits for Christain to get up... When he does, RVD jumps hitting Christain with a jumping front kick. Christain falls back against the opposite turnbuckle. RVD runs and clotheslines Christain in the corner, then does a verticle suplex! RVD covers Christain for a 1.................2....kickout! RVD stands up, and from where he is, jumps in the air and lands with a leg drop across Christain's throat. RVD tries for it again, this time Christain rolling out of the way. RVD lands in a sitting position and Christain stands up. He uses his inner elbow to wrap around RVD's throat in a choke. RVD struggles to get out, but somehow manages to stand up, although the choke's still locked in. RVD throws a couple of left elbows to Christain's head and Christain's choke lightns. RVD turns into Christain on the left side and grabs his head and pulls bringing Christain to a down position. Van Dam goes for the rolling thunder, but at the last minuet Christain rolls out of the way. Christain gets up and locks his hands in for step 1 of the Unprettier on RVD (from behind). Christain turns RVD (in unprettier position), but Van Dam pushes Christain's back, pushing him forward. Christain bounces off the ropes, right back into RVD's spinning heel kick. RVD lifts Christain back to his feet and hits a verticle suplex. Van Dam climbs to the top rope and pulls off a 5-star frog splash. RVD covers for the three count.

    Backstage segment with JBL

    JBL's in a suit and tie, and he walks to his limo. His shoafer isn't there to open his door, so he reaches for the door handle. (shocking!) The handle comes off, so he goes and bangs on the driver's window. The glass breaks and JBL's hand starts to bleed. But JBL's shocked when he sees his shoafer sitting there, knocked out, and all bloody, with his suit all cut and ripped. JBL's eyes bulge huge and he walks away saying, "Vince... Vince..." in a quiet, fading, voice.

    ***Commercial Break***

    JBL in Vince's Office


    Vince- "I'm sorry John but I have no idea what you're talking about..."

    JBL- "Don't play me stupid Vince... My limo driver... He... he was just sitting there in the front..."

    Vince- "Well would you want him to sit in the back and ask you to drive?"

    JBL- "Listen... he was bloody and his clothes were ripped... He... he.... he looked dead.

    Vince- "Sorry but I..."

    The lights go out completley and when they go back on, behind Vince on the wall it said in what looked like blood, "July 15th"

    Vince- Hmm... That was weird!

    JBL- (His jaw drops & he points to the writing on the wall)

    Vince- "What are ya doing John?" (JBL points and Vince turns around and looks...) "July 15th is the date of our next ppv, Accell to Hell... What's the problem?"

    JBL- "Is... is that blood?"

    Vince- "I really don't know John, but I want to go to ringside for this next match! Well see ya!"

    Vince exits office and JBL looks scared $h!t

    Vince's entrance music hits and he walks out and takes a seat next to the King and good ol' J.R.

    Match 3-Chris Jerico vs Kurt Angle Round 1 of Submission tournament

    The two men square off in the ring and they move closer to eachother. They lock up, and Angle drives Jerico into the corner. Angle connecting with two open hand, right hands on Jerico. Angle nails the verticle suplex. Then Kurt lowers the straps on his singlet and when Jerico gets up, goes for the Angle Slam! Jerico reverses it by sliding off Angle's back onto his feet, then hitting a DDT, causing Kurt to intensily crash into the mat face first. Jerico flips Kurt over to his back, then goes fors the Lionsault. Kurt put both of his knees up and Jerico's ribs smash right into them. Jerico stands up, holding his ribs, and he turns his back to Kurt Angle! Kurt hits the Angle Slam, then applies the Ankle Lock. Jerico crawls towards the ropes, and after about 20 seconds, he gets to them. The ref counts 1,2,3, Kurt breaks the hold and stands up. Jerico gets up, again exposing his back to the Olympic Gold Medalist... Kurt hits the German Suplex and Jerico goes flying across the ring! Jerico lands on his neck and Kurt walks over and capitalizes by lifting Jerico back to his feet and hitting the neck breaker. When Jerico gets up, Angle runs towards him for the clothesline, but Jerico ducks. Angle turns around into an insegurie. Angle falls on his back, and Jerico grabs Angle's legs and applies the Walls of Jerico! Angle quickly gets his hand on the bottom rope. Jerico breaks the hold and hits a lionsault on Angle! Jerico applies Angle's own Ankle lock on him and Angle looks like he's going to tap! Angle uses his avalible leg to kick Jerico's knees, knocking Jerico back and down. When Jerico gets up... Angle Slam! The lights go out and a voice comes on saying, "July 15th... There will be no forgiveness... You will Accell straight to Hell", then a lightning bolt hits the stage! and fire appears on the ramp! When the fire goes out and the lights are back on, Angle has Jerico in an Ankle Lock and Jerico taps!
    Winner-Kurt Angle

    JBL Backstage

    JBL- "VINCE DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED? and you say that nothing's wrong around here..."

    Suddenly, the lights blink really quick... Then go out for about 20 or 30 seconds

    JBL- "Ooh Vince... It's hot in here, lower the heat!" (JBL turns around and sees fire, then runs!)

    Firemen from backstage run over with a hose and spray out the fire... When the smoke clears, there's a pile of ashes on the ground, spelling out "R.I.P" then there's an urn by it, and a picture of Paul Bearer!

    ***Commercial Break***

    Match 4-Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels

    The bell rings, and Rey immedietly runs towards Shawn Michaels. Shawn puts his arm out for a clothesline, but Rey ducks and springboards off the middle rope and cross bodies HBK. Rey runs back against the ropes pushing off for momentum, then jumps, falling with his knee on Shawn's ribs. Rey gets Shawn back to his feet and goes to Irish whip him. Shawn reverses it and irish whips Rey into the corner. Shawn runs going for a clothesline on Rey, in the corner, but Rey ducks. Shawn's now in the corner and Rey's throwing several open right hand shots. Shawn Michaels comes back with a few rights of his own and turns things around, that way Rey's in the corner. Shawn hits a big chop! and another! Shawn Irish whips Rey and when Rey bounces off the ropes and back, Shawn dives at him hitting him with a shoulder knock down. Shawn climbs to the top rope and jumps down with his elbow. Rey rolls out of the way and up... When Shawn stands up with his back towards Rey, Rey drop kicks Shawn and Shawn lands in the perfect position for a 619! Rey goes for the 619 and nails it! When Rey goes for the West Coast Pop, Shawn pulls off a quick Sweet Chin Music and quickly covers! 1..........2........3!
    Winner- Shawn Michaels

    ***Commercial Break***

    In ring segment with John Cena

    [B[Cena-[/B] "What I did last night at After Hours was strictly business Rock... We made a deal but! Triple H and I made a better one! He said that I'd get a World Title match at his title, so..."

    Vince's music hits & he walks out

    Vince- "Wait up a second John... Who said you would be the no. 1 contender for the title again?"

    Cena- "Triple H... and I want that shot at Accell to Hell."

    Vince- "Is Triple H the boss John?"

    Cena- "Hmm... I don't know... But I do know that I will get my title shot..."

    Vince- "Looks like you don't know too well then John... Because you won't be getting a world title match any time soon... But if you win your submission match next week, then the next couple, you'll earn a title shot.

    Match 5-Lashley vs Chris Masters

    Both men lock up in the middle of the ring... Both are big muscular men and neither can muscle the other, but they try anyway! They don't get anywhere, and let go of their clinch. They back up and circle the ring, then lock up again. They try to muscle eachother and again just eventually break the hold and back up. Masters turns his head to look at the crowd and taunt, when Lashley runs and clotheslines Masters! Lashley waits for Masters to get up and connects with another clothesline! Lashley lifts Masters back to his feet and picks him up and nails the power slam! Lashley covers and only gets a 2 count. Master's gets up and Lashley runs for another clothesline. This time Masters ducks and Lashley bumps into the ropes and falls right back into the Master Lock! After a few seconds, Lashley does Master's taunt where he locks his hands above his head and screams "Master Lock!" Lashley then turns into Masters and locks in Master's own move! Master's is struggling, but yet trying to get his foot on the ropes. Eventually Masters gets it, and Lashley is forced to break the hold. Lashley hits some hard stomps on Master's gut, and to the sides of his head. Lashley gets Masters to his feet and Irish whips him. When Master's comes back, Lashley pulls off a quick belly to belly suplex, sending Chris Masters across the ring! When Masters gets to his feet, Lashley runs for the clothesline and Masters ducks, and when Lashley turns around... DDT! Masters covers, barely getting a 2 count! Lashley gets up and gives 1,2,3 right hands followed by a kick to the gut. Lashley hits the dominator on Masters and covers for a 1..............2.............3!
    Winner- Lashley

    ***Commercial Break***

    Backstage Goldberg,Carlito and Rock are shown talking. They're making a strategy and talking trash about the other team. Rock says, "I want to see you guys take out that John Cena! Whoever on this team takes out Cena... They will get a hell of a gift from the Rock himself! so lets go..."

    Main Event: Match 6- Goldberg,Carlito,Rock vs Rhyno,Big Show,Cena

    Carlito starts off with John Cena. Carltio runs into at Cena with a shot to the gut. Carlito hits a suplex, then follows it with a few elbow drops. Carito tags in Rock! Cena's up and runs towards Rock, who pulls off a quick Rock Bottom! Rock goes for the people's elbow. When Rock's on his way back, Cena's up and Cena dives knocking Rock down! Cena hits the 5-knuckle shuffle then covers. 1..........2......kickout! Cena lifts Rock back to his feet and lifts him on his shoulders (FU position). Rock slides off to Cena's back and German Suplexes him towards Cena's corner. While Cena's in mid air, Rhyno blind tags him and runs in and hits the gore on Rock. 1.........2...Goldberg runs in and pulls Rhyno off Rock. Goldberg Powerslams Rhyno and exits the ring. Rock covers Rhyno for a 1.......2...Cena hits the 5-knuckle shuffle on Rock (who's on top of Rhyno). The ref making Cena exit the ring, is distracted, and Big Show runs in to meet Carlito... Chokeslam! Cena's out of the ring and the ref now tries to get Big Show out. Rhyno's up and hits a spine buster on Rock. Rhyno tags in Cena. Carlito runs in with a chair and winds up to swing it at Cena, when Goldberg hits the spear while the ref's distracted! Goldberg clotheslines the ref and Carlito comes right back in with the chair! Rock nails the Rock Bottom on Big Show... Goldberg hits a Jackhammer on Rhyno... Rock holds Cena with his arms behind his back and Carlito runs up and smashes Cena in the head with a chair. A bunch of refs run out from backstage and try to break it up. 3 refs get knocked down and the show goes off the air as Rock, Rockbottoms Cena through a table!
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    I do write really long shows with entire matches...
    I just wanna know if people would rather me write just the finish instead?
  10. mike

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    best ever
  11. sabu24

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    No you don't need to because I make shows with full matches. I just make short ones. I make the UCW But the post is called Week 1 of UWF
  12. sabu24

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  13. and people usally come on the net cause they are bored or hae nothing to do so it doesnt matter if it's short or long.

    keep up the good work.:)
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    Jun 1, 2006
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    This weeks Fusion, week 9, in my opinion is the best yet! I'm almost done (2 matches to go!)... It should be up by tomorrow

    -Gauntlet Match RVD,Lashley,Booker T,Carlito,Edge,Mysterio,Masters,JBL
    -Chris Jerico vs Rhyno International title
    -John Cena vs Chris Benoit Round 1 of Submission tournament
    -Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar
    -Steel Cage Match for World Title Rock vs Triple H

    Plus huge announcements reguarding next week and Accell To Hell!

    Don't miss it! Also check out Fusion 8 (accidently posted as Fusion 9) on the main Book This page or in my signature below
  15. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Everybody who tunes in for Fusion know that Rock and John Cena have a huge rivalry, and the World Champ, Triple H's right in the middle! Would you rather see
    -Rock vs John Cena
    -Rock vs John Cena vs Triple H World Title

    You choose ;)
  16. rock v cena v trips.

    hopefully Cena will get put out and it will just be rock v trips
  17. Steve

    Steve Occasional Pre-Show

    Jun 15, 2006
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    I went with Rock vs. Cena

    You should use Triple H somewhere else.
  18. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    I already had Rock vs Triple H at my last ppv After Hours... anyway I'm working on Fusion week 9 (the one postes on the main Book This was an error... it's the 8th week), and Rock vs Triple H for the World Title in a Steel Cage is tge main event... plus an 8 man Gauntlet match and a lot of news reguarding Accell to Hell!
  19. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Camera's show Chavo backstage with Snitsky. Chavo shakes Snitsky's hand, and slips a 100 dollar bill in it!

    Chavo-"Where is he?"

    Snitsky-"He'll be here! I was talking to Vince and..."


    Snitsky-"Vince said that if he shows up here tonight and reveals his identity, he will get a contract signing next week!!"

    The two shake hands and the camera's view the ring...

    Lillian Garcia-"The following contest is scheduled for a one fall." (Essa Rios' music hits)

    Essa Rios vs Shelton Benjamon

    Essa Rios runs towards Benjamon and jumps right into a T-Bone suplex by Shelton. Shelton covers. 1..............2..kickout at the 2! Rios gets up and Benjamon's up too... Rios hits the reverse heel kick. When Shelton gets up, Rios goes for a power bomb, but Shelton reverses it into a DDT with a lot of impact! Benjamon climbs to the top rope and when Rios gets up, Benjamon jumps for the cross body. Benjamon hits it! When Rios gets up Benjamon hits him with the sidekick and covers him for the 3!
    WINNER- Shelton Benjamon

    Backstage we see Snitsky talking to someone (the guy from last week), but we can't see the guy (only Snitsky).

    Snitsky-"Hey glad to see you can make it..."

    Viscera & Goldust vs Charlie Haas & Rico

    Rico starts off with Goldust... The two freaks! Rico puts his hand out to shake with Goldust and Goldust shakes, but Goldust clotheslines Rico. Goldust elbow drops on Rico, then tags in Big Vis. Viscera hits his big splash and covers. 1.........2...Haas jumps on top of Viscera from the top rope. Goldust runs in, but Haas dropkicks him right over the top rope. Haas hits a leg drop on Viscera, then Haas and Rico double suplex him! Haas goes on the apron and lets Rico tag him. Rico dives through the ropes taking out Goldust, while Haas locks in his back submission on Viscera. Viscera submits...
    WINNERS: Charlie Haas & Rico

    Aftermath: Haas and Rico stand in the ring, the winners. Snitsky's music hits he walks out with the man in the black trench coat. Rico & Haas stare. Snitsky puts a thumbs up, and Goldust double low blows Haas & Rico! The man takes off his hood and he is Luther Reigns! He runs in the ring and raises Goldust and Viscera's hands. Snitsky grabs a mic and walks in the ring.

    Snitsky- "See this is the newest and most dominate group in the AWE... Hell's maniacs! We are Me,Viscera,Goldust and Luther. And we will send out an open challenge for any match any time!"


    Match Card-
    -Gauntlet Match RVD,Lashley,Booker T,Carlito,Edge,Mysterio,Masters,JBL
    -Chris Jerico vs Rhyno International title
    -John Cena vs Chris Benoit Round 1 of Submission tournament
    -Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar
    -Steel Cage Match for World Title Rock vs Triple H

    A video of hilights from last weeks show air!

    The pyro blows off and Vince's music hits and he walks out and takes a seat at ringside.

    Lillian Garcia-Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Gauntlet match... Where two men will start in the ring and once one man is eliminated, by pinfall, submission, count out, or DQ, another will enter until we are down to our last man, the winner. The winner will run Fusion next week, and get to name any two superstars in a singles match at Accell to Hell!

    Gauntlet MatchRVD,Lashley, Booker T, Carlito, Edge, Mysterio, Masters, JBL

    Lashley enters the ring first. He stares at the rampway to see who he'll start the match off against. Carlito's music hits and he runs through the crowd and attacks Lashley with a steel chair! A shot across the back, followed by a DDT on the chair!

    ***Vince's voice comes on... "This isn't No Holds Barred God Damnet! I know the match didn't officially start, but Carlito you're eliminated... Bring down the next guy for Lashley to fight..." Chris Masters runs out. Vince says, "Okay god damnet now it's no holds barred!"***

    Carlito eliminated via DQ

    Masters slides into the ring and Lashley stomps on him several times. Lashley runs back against the ropes to get momentum, then nails Masters (who's back to his feet) with a clothesline over the top rope! Lashley goes under the bottom rope out of the ring and grabs Masters head and pulls him over to the steel steps, then shoves his face in them! Then lifts Masters back up and slams him face first into the ring pole. Masters falls back and Lashley says loudly, "I'm not done with you Chris." Lashley goes under the ring and pulls out a steel chair! He walks over to Masters and swings the chair sideways, hitting Master's face and crushing him between the barricade and chair! Lashley slides the chair back in the ring, irish whips Masters in, then enters too. Lashley covers Masters. 1...........2.........kickout! Lashley lifts Masters to his feet and hits a right hand. Masters falls back into the turnbuckle corner and Lashley runs in for a clothesline! Masters puts his foot up, and with Lashley's back still towards him, Masters locks in The Masterlock! He shakes Lashley, but Lashley won't even go down to one knee!

    ***Again Vince speaks... "You know what... I run things around here, so I'm going to decide to bring a third man into this match!" Edge's music hits and he runs out!***

    Edge runs into the ring and spears Lashley and Masters at the same time! Edge covers both men! 1.........2.........3!

    Lashley and Chris Masters eliminated (double elimination)

    Rob Van Dam's next! He makes his way to the ring and enters under the bottom rope. He crawls through Edge's legs and when Edge turns around, RVD nails a spinning heel kick. Edge gets knocked back into the ropes. RVD dropkicks Edge knocking him over the top rope! RVD goes back against the ropes for momentum, then runs and dives over the top rope knocking Edge down!

    ***Commercial Break***

    As we come back we see both men in the ring as well as a chair. Edge's down in one corner, and RVD's sitting up trying to get up too, in the opposite corner. After a fe wseconds both men are to their feet and RVD runs towards Edge and hits him with a spin kick. Edge doesn't fall, he's just forced a few steps back. RVD grabs the chair and tosses it in Edge's arms! RVD goes for the Van Daminator, but Edge intensely swings the chair hitting RVD in the side. Edge covers RVD. 1.........2.......Edge lifts RVD's shoulder up. Edge lifts RVD to his feet and nails an Edge-cution on the chair!1..........2........3!

    RVD eliminated

    The next man is JBL and he makes his way down to the ring. He enters and right away, Edge goes for the spear. JBL puts up his leg for the Big Boot and Edge runs right into it! JBL covers 1.......and before JBL even gets a 2 count Edge kicks out! JBL stomps on Edge and then lifts Edge back to his feet. JBL kicks Edge to the gut, then Power bombs Edge right on the chair! JBL again covers, 1............2.............Edge barely kicks out! JBL goes to the corner and rests a minuet. When Edge is up, JBL runs for the Clothesline From Hell, but Edge ducks under it and pulls off an intense spear on JBL. Edge covers 1..........2.........JBL barely gets his shoulder up. Edge picks up the chair and when JBL gets up, Edge smashes it over JBL's head! JBL's split open and Edge sits on his chest and hits two closes right hands directly in his wounds. Edge covers. 1...........2...........again JBL struggles, but manages to get his shoulder up. Edge goes outside the ring and comes back in with a wooden table! The crowd goes crazy! Edge sets it up, he turns around and JBL Big Boots him, and Edge falls back and rolls off the table. JBL comes and leans over the table and lifts Edge by the back of his hair. Edge turns around and slams JBL with a chair shot to the head! Edge lifts JBL and puts him on the table, then Edge gets JBL to his feet and hits a DDT on JBL, pulling him down with tremendous force, from the table, head first into a steel shair! Edge covers, 1..........2.........3!

    JBL eliminated

    ***Commercial Break***

    We're back live and Rey Mysterio just hit the hurricarana on Edge! Rey drop kicks Edge, then hits the West Coast Pop! Rey covers, 1........2........Edge manages to kickout! Rey climbs to the top rope and hits a leg drop on Edge's throat. Rey covers, 1..........2.......Edge again kicksout! Rey climbs the top rope and when Edge gets up, Rey jumps, Edge catches him in the position for a power bomb and lets Rey go over the top rope. BUT WAIT! Rey holds on to Edge with his legs around his neck, and takes Edge with him! Both men crash into the thin mat outside the ring. Rey gets up first and stands on the ring apron facing towards the ring. Rey jumps, bounces his feet off the middle rope, does a backflip and lands on Edge! Rey pulls a ladder out from underneath the ring and puts it in the ring! Rey puts Edge back in the ring and enters as well. Rey sets up the ladder and climbs to the top. He jumps down for a Hurricaranna, but Edge catches him early and gets him in the position for a power bomb. Edge hits the powerbomb and pins Rey. 1............2..........3!

    Rey Mysterio eliminated

    Booker T runs out and slides under the ropes into the ring. Edge has his back faced towards him and Booker T nails a low blow, and rolls Edge over for the 1........2........3!

    WINNER- Booker T
    Aftermath: The lights go off and Kane's music hits! A voice comes on and says, "July 15th... You will Accell to Hell" Booker T runs towards the ramp when fire shoots up at the ramp and a lightning bolt shoots down! Undertaker's old music comes on (cemetary music) and a voice says Rest In Peace.

    ***Commercial Break***

    Backstage with Vince Mcmahon and Booker T

    Vince-Congratulations Booker

    Booker T-It's not about that man

    Vince-You don't care about your huge victory in the Gauntlet match?

    Booker T-Listen boss. What was that... (Booker sounds scared)

    Vince-What was what?

    Booker T-The music... The voices... The FIRE AND LIGHTNING?

    Vince-OH! Promos

    Booker T-What the f*** (beeps) man

    Vince-You heard me... Promos. For Accell to Hell. See I was going to announce to announce the main event later tonight, but as long as you're scared sh*t, why not do it now!

    Booker T-What ever man

    Vince-See I want the show "Accell To Hell" to live up to its name. So... I designed a special match type. It's called "Last Man Standing in Hell..." The way it will work, is we will have a Hell in a Cell around the ring! But You won't win by pinfall or submission, but only by keeping your opponent off his feet for the count of ten! Therefore, Last Man Standing + Hell in a Cell = Last Man Standing In Hell. And oh yea, about who will compete in it... Remember a few months back at Entering Hell, we saw Undertaker burry his brother Kane alive... Well Kane will return on July 15th at Accell to Hell.

    Match 2-John Cena vs Chris Benoit (Round 1 of Submission tournament)

    The bell rings and Cena immedietly runs towards Benoit for a shoulder knockdown. Benoit moves and Cena finds himself in the corner of the ropes. Benoit kicks Cena to the gut, then gives a nice loud viscous chop right across the chest! Benoit hits another chop! Then irish whips Cena across to the other corner. Benoit runs towards him, but Cena puts him leg up and kicks him. Cena pulls off a DDT, then tries to lock in the STFU. Cena struggles to lock his hands, and he doesn't quite get it. Benoit grabs Cena's left arm with his own left arm and uses his right arm to get to the bottom rope. Rope break, Cena has to let go of the hold. Benoit gets to his feet, and runs up towards Cena and ducks under Cena's arm and gets to Cena's back and hits a german suplex, then another, then a third! Hat trick! Benoit climbs to the top rope and hits his headbut on Cena. Benoit locks in his sharpshooter on Cena. After about a full minuet of suffering from it, Cena taps out!
    Aftermath: Rock's music hits and he walks out. Cena's down and out in the middle of the ring.
    WINNER- Chris Benoit

    ***Commercial Break***

    An advertisment commercial goes on for Accell to Hell

    Match 3- Chris Jerico vs Rhyno (International title)

    Chris Jerico holds his title up in Rhyno's face and Rhyno comes up with a strong right hook. The referee rings the bell and the match is officially underway. Rhyno grabs Jerico up off his feet and nails a spine buster. Rhyno covers for a 1..........and Jerico kicks out before the 2. Rhyno sets up in the corner for the Gore and when Jerico gets to his feet, he runs for it! Jerico pulls off the insegurie and Rhyno falls flat on his face. Jerico flips Rhyno to his back and Jerico hits the Lion Sault. Jerico covers. 1.........2.....kickout! Jerico elbow drops Rhyno, then does another Lionsault and covers. 1...........2..........3! Jerico got it!
    WINNER- (and still the International Champion) Chris Jerco

    Aftermath- Edge's music hits and a beaten up Edge walks out.

    Edge- Chris... See how you still hold that International title? Well I have a semi-finals match in the submission tournament next week against Chris Benoit. We all know that I'm no submission wrestler, but you are Chris. So how about I make an oppertunity for you... I already talked to Vince and he approved it. I'll give you my spot in the tournament, giving you a road to the World Title.

    Chris Jerico- What do you want from me?

    Edge- Your International title

    Before Jerico responds, Booker T's music hits

    Booker T- You approved it with Vince f*cking Mcmahon? I run the show next week dogg. There is no way in hell that that's going to happen on MY show.

    Vince's music hits and he walks out

    Vince- Booker T... God damnet I said next week you'd run the show, but you already know that Benoit will fight Edge, now possibly Jerico, and Angle will face Flair, both matches are Submission semi finals matches! I said that you can run the show, but this is my industry. I am your boss and I have the last say!

    Booker T- True... true boss. Okay so next week we'll have a contract signing to agree on this deal between Jerico and Edge.

    Vince- Very well done Booker

    Booker T- Yea thanks man... But I have an even better idea. Being I'm on a little role,
    I'm going to feel free to make my free match at Accell to Hell.

    Vince- Go ahead Booker, any match you want.

    Booker T- Well this match will be the match to a long lasting fued. One since Entering Hell

    Vince- Booker... Um Booker... Remember earlier I announced the Last Man Standding in Hell match between Kane and Undertaker?

    Booker T- I'm not talking about those two dogg. But one of the men in the match will be... YOU VINCE!


    Booker T- Nah man, I'm afraid I'm not. Your opponent hates your guts... he was at After Hours, but will officially return to the ring on July 15th at Accell to Hell! He is...

    ***Commercial Break***

    Match 4- Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar

    Orton enters first. When Lesnar makes his entrance, when he jumps from the floor on the apron, Orton drop kicks him. Lesnar falls back. Orton climbs to the top rope and hits a cross body to the outside of the ring. Orton gets to his feet by the 6 count and he lifts Lesnar and Irish whips him back to the ring. Orton covers Lesnar, and by the time the referee hits the mat for the 1, Lesnar kicks out! Orton grabs Lesnar's head to lift him to his feet, and Brock gives a nasty right hook to Orton. Lesnar sees the oppertunity and lifts Orton in the F-5 position. Lesnar winds up and goes for it... Orton grabs Brock's head and reverses it going for the RKO, and Lesnar reverses it by lifting Orton and slamming him down over the top rope onto the floor, outside the ring. Lesnar slides out of the ring and clotheslines Orton down. Lesnar lifts Orton in the position for a Spine Buster, and runs into the ring post slamming Orton into the ring pole. Lesnar goes into the ring to break the count, then comes out. We see Orton and his face is split open. Lesnar lifts Orton in the F-5 position and winds up right next to the ring pole. Orton reverses it and nails an RKO on Lesnar! Half of the crowd cheers and the other half boo's! Orton taunts, then when Lesnar's up, he Irish whips him back into the ring. Orton goes into the ring and when Lesnar gets up, Orton drop kicks him and covers. 1..................2..kickout at the 2! Orton lifts Lesnar to his feet and taunts for another RKO. Randy Orton hits it and covers! 1..............2......again Lesnar kicks out! Orton pulls his hair and looks pissed. He climbs to the top rope and when Lesnar's up, he jumps for a cross body. Lesnar catches him, and throws him backwards (Lesnar falls with him). Lesnar waits for Orton to get up, then hits a spine buster. Lesnar climbs to the top rope and hits a Shooting Star press (unlike WM19 lol). Lesnar covers and gets a 1...............2...............
    and Orton manages to kickout! When Orton gets up Lesnar locks in a front bear hug and lifts Orton until he passes out!
    WINNER: Brock Lesnar via submission

    Aftermath: Lesnar goes out of the ring and grabs his title and heads back into the ring. Lesnar goes to hit Orton, who's down, and as Lesnar swings the title, Orton pulls a steel chair out of no where and bashes Lesnar in the head. Lesnar doesn't fall down, but falls back... right into the Big Show's huge hand around his throat. CHOKESLAM! Big Show's music hits.

    ***Commercial Break***

    Main Event- Rock vs Triple H (Steel Cage Match for the World Title)
    Can only be won by escaping the cage

    The cage lowers and Rock enters first. Triple H's music hits and he walks down to the ring with a little jacket on. When he gets in the cage he stands in the opposite corner as Rock. Triple H tells the referee to keep Rock back. The referee does go and hold Rock back, when... Triple H rips off his jacket and the World Title's around his waist. Triple H grabs the title and runs towards Rock and swings it. The Rock sees him coming, so Rock holds the referee out in front of him, and Triple H smashes the ref in the head! Triple H drops the title and looks down at the ref. Rock grabs Triple H's head and hits a DDT on the title belt. Rock lifts Triple H to his feet and hits a verticle suplex. Rock goes to the corner of the ropes and starts climbing the cage. Triple H gets up and runs and with closed, locked hands, he hits Rock knocking him off. Triple H goes to mock the people's elbow and on his way back, Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Triple H. Rock goes for the people's elbow... on his way back to Triple H, Triple H hits a running knee. Rock falls back and bounces off the ropes. Triple H kicks Rock to the gut, then tosses him into the steel cage. Rock bounces off and falls back (not down), and Triple H goes to his knees and hits a low blow on Rock. Rock falls forward and Triple H climbs up the cage. Triple H nearly at the top when Rock starts climbing and holds on to Triple H's leg, pulling. Rock gets to the top and Triple H is there too. Triple H is trying to reach his hand to the top (over and to the otherside of the cage) to get out... Rock hits a few punches to Triple H's gut, but that doesn't slow him down, so... Rock hits the ROCKBOTTOM from the top! Rock jumps down and hits lays Triple H's World Title over Triple H's face... Rock hits the People's Elbow on the belt. Rock signals to the ref to open the door. Rock walks towards it, but stops and turns around... Rock takes the title off Triple H's face and carries it over his shoulder as he walks out of the ring!
    WINNER: Rock (the new World Champion!)

    Show goes off the air as fireworks shoot up non-stop! in celebration for Rock's new World Title.
  20. morning44

    morning44 New Member

    Jun 4, 2006
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    i liked that ppv very good cos i hardly like any
  21. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    it's not a ppv! lol that's the weekly show! the ppv's are 10 times better lol
  22. rkolover09

    rkolover09 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 11, 2006
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    that's great!
  23. morning44

    morning44 New Member

    Jun 4, 2006
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  24. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    My show is Fusion, and everyone who follows it knows that Electrofying is a little pre-show with 2-3 matches and about a 10-15 man roster. Would anyone be interested in seeing a special (not instead of weekly show), of just Electrofying's stars? (Note: This would be a one time deal and if all goes well can happen again. The weekly show WILL NOT change.
  25. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Last week on Fusion, Booker T won an 8 man Gauntlet match... and his reward, run Fusion this week. Chris Jerico and Edge decided to swap... Jerico's International title for Edge's Submission tournament spot... The Rock won the World Title from Triple H in a Steel Cage match last week! What will Triple H have to say to that?

    -The show will open with Edge and Jerico signing a contract to agree to their deal!
    -Chris Jerico (in Edge's spot) will go up against Chris Benoit in a Submission Semi-Finals match!
    -Kurt Angle and Ric Flair face off in a Submission Semi-Finals match as well!

    Anything can happen when Booker T runs the show!

    Stay tuned to Fusion to find out more matches for "Accell to Hell"

    Accell to Hell Card:

    Last Man Standing in Hell Match
    Kane vs The Undertaker

    Stonecold vs Vince Mcmahon

    AWE Championship
    Brock Lesnar (c) vs Big Show

    The Rock vs John Cena

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