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Your thoughts on Pandemonium? (Please be honest)

  1. It was a great show, but way too long... I only skimmed it

  2. It was a great show, well worth reading

  3. terrible show and way too long!

  4. terrible show, but the length isn't what made it bad

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  1. Thizz22

    Thizz22 Yee

    Jul 11, 2006
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    Im sorry but that shit was to long to read. Haha. It was a bitch to read. I read all of it tho. It took a good 15 minutes. Im thinking about only doing match endings know except for the main events.
  2. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    um its called ur opinion buddy.............................

    15 minutes!?!?! Damn ur a fast reader! I usually read shows on another forum for like 45 min! and they're 1/2 the length of mine!
  3. wotdoiput

    wotdoiput The Great Khali is really immortal

    Jul 25, 2006
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    I think doing just match endings would be good... you have a great show with some very interesting story lines... but sometimes the shows are just too long too read ... and more often than not i find myself skimming over the matches to the endings anyway....
  4. Thizz22

    Thizz22 Yee

    Jul 11, 2006
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    DAMN 45 minutes. I mean i didnt read word for word. But ii know what went down. I remmber like all of the big spots.
  5. showtyme27

    showtyme27 The New Mr.WWE, Beat Me if You can!

    Sep 19, 2006
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    I read the whole show and enjoyed reading it but I love reading, I think you should continue to write the show as you have been, but if you choose to do just the endings you won't lose a fan I will still read your shows.
  6. ctighe

    ctighe DAMN!!!

    Sep 16, 2006
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    i personally think that pandemonium was one of the best shows that you have ever written. sometimes, shows need to be a long read to get all the details. i mean if you were watching it, would you want to just see the ending? i dont.
  7. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    okay, well the next few will be very complex match endings, but once I get back on track (i'm at about 1 show a month!), I'll try to continue full shows. I cant wait till my next ppv and ESPECIALLY the one after that! BIG PLANS for Fusion! lol
  8. attila

    attila Getting Noticed By Management

    Jul 4, 2006
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    A really good PPV. I gotta admit I didn't like some of the booking but only in terms of the participants in matches. The storylines and segments and matches were all solid, but again I didn't like some of the particpants in matches. I think better opponents could have been chosen. But this isn't a Pandemonium issue - its the way the weeks leading into the event were booked. And my citicisms are hard coz Im judging it as a stand-alone PPV having admittedly not read any Fusion shows.

    Overall really good. I like the whole "Path Of Destruction" story that came out of the mainevent. I am guessing this is a series of title matches with different gimmicks in each match betweent Kurt and Chris. But I really hated the way it was introduced. It was just messy. You had Vince come out screw over Kurt by restarting the match, then screw Chris by making it non-title. Then he screws Chris by cheating him out of a win. And then rewards Chris by giving him a series of title shots. It just makes no sense whatsoever. That is my only beef with the whole PPV to be honest. All else was fantastic. 7/10 - 8/10.
  9. CKO1986

    CKO1986 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 16, 2006
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    5 stars for the main event, 4 and a half for the show overall.
  10. CKO1986

    CKO1986 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 16, 2006
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    Brock vs. JBL was the highlight of the show for me.
  11. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    i mean i do appreciate the positive ratings, but can u leave a full review!?!?! It's a new rule and I really think it should be a little stronger enforced! (MODS!)
  12. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    again, please fully review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. AussieHobo

    AussieHobo Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Great Show, and I'm Stickying it. I'll edit and make a FULL REVIEW tomorrow. I know...its late.. (the Review) but I've been a bit busy as of late. Good job.

    Update: >.> lol shoot me later, I forgot all about it... holidays and stuff.
  14. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    I know it's been over a month, probably almost 6 weeks since I posted my last show, but I have an injury and I'm recovering... I still found the time to make what I believe is a great show... PLEASE FULLY REVIEW... I hope you enjoy it ;)

    Fusion Week 18 Live in Columbus, Ohio

    *We see a highlight video package of last night's Pandemonium PPV!*
    Quick Results
    -Kurt Angle def. Chris Benoit (via DQ) to retain the World Title
    -Chris Benoit def. Kurt Angle in a non-title match
    -JBL vs Brock Lesnar (#1 contenders match) ended in a double countout
    -Evolution DX def. Team Mcmahon: Team ECW (Dudleys,RVD,Jericho,Rhyno) in a 5 on 5 elimination tag team match
    -Lashley def. Undertaker in an Inferno Match
    -Kane def. Batista to retain the AWE Championship
    -Finlay def. CM Punk (via DQ when Essa Rios interfered on Punk's behalf- triple debut!)
    -Christian and Jeff Hardy def. Edge and Matt Hardy to win the Fusion Tag Team Championships
    -Jamal def. Rosie in a Loser is Fired Match

    Fusion's theme song "Fight Music" by D12 plays, as the opening video rolls. The camera's view to the arena as a huge firework display shoots up on the stage and from the ringposts. The camera rolls and shows the thousands of Fusion fans holding up signs and screaming!

    J.R.- Welcome to Fusion! We are live here in Columbus, Ohio!

    Jerry Lawler- and we have a hell of a night ahead of us, J.R.! We will see the premeire of Carlito's Cabana here on Fusion!

    J.R.- and what about the guest King? The guest will be noneother than the boss, Mr. Mcmahon!

    (Image/screen shot of Carlito's Cabana with Vince shows)

    Jerry Lawler- and get this J.R.! Vince invited himself and said that he had a huge announcement!

    J.R.- I wonder what that can be King! Last night at Pandemonium, Vince told us that Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit would start a "Path of Destruction"... God knows what that is!

    Jerry Lawler- Doesn't sound too pleasent J.R.!

    J.R.- I know King! But now, the boss is in the ring!

    (Vince is standing in the ring beside his son Shane. Vince with his cocky smile on his face, a gray suit on, and a microphone in hand. Shane has a black suit with a red tie on.)

    Vince- Quiet, quiet down Columbus. Last week I had a match... I wrestled Randy Orton... I was about to win the match, until three of the men on the Fusion roster decided to interfere! As long as they interfered on my behalf, I am totally fine with that! And on my behalf they were... But unlike Chris Masters... Sting and The Big Show DID NOT KNOW WHEN TO STOP! Because of their actions, there was a 5 on 5 Elimination Tag Team Match at Pandemonium last night!
    (Vince says it with anger, but the Columbus, Ohio fans go crazy!)

    Vince- I would like to invite some guests out here... Sting... Big Show... Get your asses out here!

    *Sting's music hits as he walks out to fans cheering. Sting is at the end of the ramp, closest to the ring, and Big Show's music hits the arena. The 500+ LB. man walks out to mixed cheers and boo's from the fans. Big Show and Sting each have a microphone in hand*

    The Big Show starts to talk with his clogged sounding throat.

    The Big Show- Vince Mcmahon... we were only trying to help you last week.

    (Big Show walks up the ring steps and enters the ring)

    The Big Show- We are truely sorry!

    (Big Show gets on his knees and bows his head at Vince. The fans giggle)

    Sting- Whoa... Whoa! Wait... Vince, I speak for myself, and I will not let that fat ass talk for me! Vince, I was trying to help you, yes. But I AM NOT... I repeat, AM NOT

    *fans start to cheer*

    Sting- sorry the slightest bit!

    (Vince screams)
    Vince- IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ARE SORRY OR NOT! THE THING IS, THAT THE 5 ON 5 MATCH AT PANDEMONIUM HAPPENED... and my team lost and it was a result of your actions... (talking to Big Show and Sting)

    (Vince growls)

    Big Show- NO!

    *Big Show bows to Vince Mcmahon and wraps his huge hands around Vince's ankle.*

    Big Show- Vince, no... No
    (losing his breath)

    Big Show- I'll do anything!

    Vince- Nooooawait... Anything?

    Big Show- yes, yes... Just give me my job back

    (looks near tears)

    Vince- Well Big Show... Sting... I have ONE proposition... and ONE PROPOSITION ONLY! Next week, live right here on Fusion, the two of you can KISS MY ASS!

    *Big Show and Sting's eyes nearly pop out!*

    Big Show- There has to be another way... a match... I'll face any man, any 2, any 3 men in any kind of match of your choice.

    Vince- Nope! Kiss my ass, or get the hell out of my building!

    Big Show- okay Vince...

    (Fans have mixed reactions)

    Vince- Sting, you too. Your lips on my golden ass! Just wash off your face paint first, because I don't wanna ruin this ass!
    (Vince points to his ass)

    Sting- NO WAY IN HELL!

    Sting runs at the ring (only a few feet away) and pulls out a black baseball bat from under his trench coat. The fans go crazy, as Sting slides into the ring and as Vince turns around right into a Baseball bat shot to the ribs, then Sting swings it from above his head, down on Vince's back. Shane gives Sting a low blow from behind. Big Show slides out of the ring, as Sting falls face first to the ground.

    ***Commercial Break***

    Jerry Lawler- Whoa! It was chaos what we just witnessed out here!

    J.R.- Just a few minutes ago, Sting whacked the boss with a baseball bat! Check out this footage!

    On the titantron and tv, footage rolls that says "During the break" in the bottom corner. It shows Vince getting put on a stretcher and he's wheeled out.

    Lillian Garcia- The following match is scheduled for a one fall...

    Matt Hardy's music hits as he walks out with Edge!

    Lillian Garcia- Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina... Being accompanied by his tag team partner, Edge... Matt Hardy!

    Matt and Edge walk down the ramp to a lot of heat from the crowd! They enter the ring as Matt stands on the second rope, just receiving more boo's! Before Matt can even hop down, over the speakers and throughout the arena, blasts Christian's music! It's a different version, remixed with Jeff Hardy's!

    Lillian Garcia- and his opponent... He is one half of the new Fusion Tag Team Champions... from Tampa, Florida... Being accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner, Jeff Hardy... Christian!

    *The fans go insane!*

    Christian runs down to the ring, with Jeff Hardy and they each slide under the bottom rope. Matt takes a step back, as Edge exits the ring. Jeff points to Matt in an angry way and he gets the favor in return.

    Christian hops back and forth from his left foot to his right foot, warming up. He leaps up a few times, and Jeff pats him on the back, then exits the ring between the top and middle ropes, via the stairs.

    Matt Hardy w/ Edge vs Christian w/ Jeff Hardy
    The Finish: After about six minutes of a fast paced match, with both stars looking at top condition. The energy is nearly completely drained out of both competators. Christian is face-down near a corner and is pushing himself up, while Matt is on one knee, pushing his hands on the up knee to get himself back to his feet. Matt runs at Christian for the clothesline, but Christian ducks it, sending Matt face first into the turnbuckle pad. Christian kicks Matt to the gut and delivers an intense DDT, taking the lead. Christian gets up and looks at Jeff Hardy, then nods his head. Christian points to Jeff, then Jeff hops up on the ring apron and to the top rope. He does his taunt, where he puts both hands up in the air and makes a scrunchy face with the expression, what the hell? Jeff bends his knees, ready to jump, when Edge pushes him off the top rope, sending Jeff, face first into the ring barrier/security wall. Christian clotheslines his former tag team partner, Edge, right off the ring apron!

    Christian turns around, unexpected of his oppenent being at his feet, but Matt is... Matt kicks Christain to the guy and hits a smooth Side Effect! Matt Hardy covers Christian,

    1...........2........Christian kicksout!

    Matt takes his right hand and plants it on the mat, and hooks Christian's leg with the left arm, as the ref begins to count the cover, once again.

    1..........2........again, Christian kicksout!

    Matt takes his right hand and runs it through his hair, pushing it back. Matt lifts his upperbody up, standing on his knees. Matt slides his left hand under Christian's head and gives a hard right hand, between the nosebridge and eyes of Christian. Matt winds up, and gives a second... Neither punch straight on, but like a down going uppercut. Matt gets a firm grip on Christian's hair, and lifts him up, both men rising to their feet. Matt holds on to Christian's head, around the neck, and winds up for the Twist of Fate! Christian reverses it and gets to Matt's back. Christian grabs Matt's arms and winds up for the Unprettier. Unaware of who was behind him, Edge is several feet back, and as Christian turns around (his arms latched in with Matt's) Edge runs in and gives a Spear with impact. Christian falls on top of Matt, but Matt is able to rise to his feet pretty quickly.

    *The referee calls for a Disqualification*

    Lillian Garcia- Due to a disqualification, here is your winner... Christian!

    Matt Hardy and Edge lift eachother's arms, and turn around to get boo'd by the sold out arena. They turn into a bigger surprise than that... Jeff is on the top rope (at corner) with a steel chair in hand, and his nose is bleeding from crashing into the security wall. Jeff jumps with the steel chair in hand, and pulls off an RVD sort of move, shoving the chair in front of his feet (half of it on Matt's face, half on Edge's face) Jeff kicks the chair, in mid-air and knocks Matt and Edge down to the mat. They both appear to be out cold. Jeff Hardy helps Christian up to his feet and each man climbs to the top rope of different corners. Christian hits a huge Frog Splash to Edge, while Jeff Hardy hits a nicely executed Swanton Bomb to his former partner, Matt.

    *By now the ring bell is ringing rapidly*

    Christian and Jeff Hardy are handed their tag team titles and they raise eachothers' arms, and with their outside arms, hold their titles up.

    J.R.- Whoa, what a match we have just experienced, folks! A true slobberknocker indeed!

    Jerry Lawler- What about that aftermath! That was complete chaos!

    J.R.- Later tonight is a match that the fans have been eager to see since last night at Finlay's debut.

    Jerry Lawler- It ended up to be a double debut, when CM Punk accepted Finlay's challenge!

    J.R.- King, a double debut? It was a triple debut, with Fit Finlay, CM Punk, and Essa Rios! After Rios hit the Moonsault on Finlay, causing Finlay a humilliation debut, Finlay has made the challenge for a one on one match, here tonight with Essa Rios!

    Jerry Lawler- That's later tonight, but up next is Jamal in action!

    J.R.- When we return!

    ***Commercial Break***

    We return from the commercial break, to see a replay of the aftermath of our opening match!

    *The music of Three Minute Warning hits, as Jamal walks out with a microphone in hand. As he makes his way down the ramp, he begins speaking.*

    Jamal- Last night, ya'll experienced history, when I kicked my former partner's ass, and got him fired! See this is how my life was when I was in 3MW with Rosie... Our music hit, and we walk'd through dat' curtain... We got boo'd, sometimes cheered... But what can you expect with you guys as the fans, right?
    (Jamal's in the ring and points to the upperstands in the arena)

    *The fans boo Jamal*

    Jamal- So anyway, we'd have our opponents waiting in that ring for us, and we'd enter. Rosie would get his ass kicked, just like he did by me last night... and I'd destroy my opponent, then save his ass, to win the match... See if it was up to me, I would've wrestled those matches alone... Two on one, I would've had a better chance of winning... Finally I just snapped, and thanks to the boss... I got ma match one on one wit' Rosie... I finished him, and I finished him good... Now, watch and learn as THE MAN, Jamal shows what he's made of...

    "Booyaka 619" hits the arena as Rey Mysterio runs out, and gets a good pop! Rey runs down to the ring as Jamal tosses the microphone down and it slides under the bottom rope and to the outside of the ring.

    (In a quicker than normal voice)
    Lillian Garcia- This match is scheduled for a one fall, making his way to the ring, from San Diego, California... Rey Mysterio.................. and his oppenent, in the ring, Jamal!

    Rey hops around in the ring turning his body at a 45 degree angle, quickly back and forth (warming up). Jamal suddenly runs in and clotheslines Mysterio, squishing him between him (Jamal) and the corner.

    Jamal vs Rey Mysterio
    The Finish: After only about two minutes, Jamal has complete control, Rey only getting a few small moves in, the whole time. Jamal has Rey in the corner, and drives his biscep into the side of Rey's head, in his temple area. Jamal lifts Rey between the legs and lifts him, then tucks his neck and hits a huge Body Slam! Jamal lifts Rey up from his wrists, to his feet, and Jamal literally tosses Rey through the top and middle ropes, to the outside of the ring. The referee starts to count the countout...

    1....2....3....Jamal climbs to the top rope and Rey rolls over to his back...

    Jamal leaps from the top rope, for a big splash on Rey Mysterio. Rey rolls over to his stomach and gets to all fours. Jamal crashes onto the outside floor, on his hands and knees, collapsing from the impact, face down. Rey gets to his feet quickly, and stands on the security wall, and right after getting to the top and jumps down and hits a leg drop on the back of Jamal's neck. Jamal falls from all fours down to his stomach. The referee is currently at the eight count, when Rey hurries up and slides under the bottom rope and back out, to break the count.

    Rey tries to lift Jamal, but it's clear that Jamal's not getting up. Rey gives up and slides into the ring, he stands there, waiting until Jamal gets to his feet, which is at the 6 count. Rey runs back, bouncing off the opposite ropes and jumps over the top rope, but is caught by Jamal. Jamal slams Rey down on the outside floor, with tremendous impact! Jamal lifts Rey up, Jamal's right arm between Rey's legs and Jamal's left arm on Rey's head/neck area. Jamal bends his knees, and somehow tosses Rey up, into the ring, over the top rope!

    Jamal slides into the ring too... Rey's down, near the ropes. Jamal drags him to the centre of the ring, grabbing his head and arm. Jamal lifts Rey Mysterio up, and... To the crowd's amazement, Jamal does the Samoan Spike! Rey falls, and Jamal falls back, to bounce off the ropes, and he hits a huge splash on Rey Mysterio! Jamal covers,


    Lillian Garcia- Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner... Jamal!

    We hear a slow Samoan Drum Role, and a DJ vinyl scratch, as Jamal's 3MW music hits, but it's modified with the drumrole in the background.

    ***Commercial Break***

    Jerry Lawler- We just saw Jamal rip apart at Rey Mysterio! I'm still in shock!

    J.R.- Well look at the size difference, King... But up next we have Carlito's Cabana right here on Fusion for the first time!

    Carlito's Cabana: Premiere on Fusion

    The ring is set up all nice, looking like a beach: The Carlito's Cabana set

    "I Spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool" hits the arena to a pretty big pop!

    Lillian Garcia- Please welcome, Caaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrlito!
    (she roles her tongue as she says Carlito)

    Carlito smiles... He has a microphone in one hand and an apple in the other... Carlito takes a bit out of the apple... Carlito chews and swallows it, as he trots down to the ring. He enters the ring and smiles, as he talks...

    Carlito- aah! It feels good to have Carrrlllito's Cabana back! and where else to return, than Fusion... here live in Columbus, Ohio?

    *Fans cheer*

    Carlito paces the ring and plops on the hammock, on his side with the mic in the hand facing up...

    Carlito- Please welcome my guest... The chairman of American Wrestling Entertainment... Mister Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon!

    *Vince's music hits and nobody walks out... A few seconds later, out walks the boss... with a mic in hand... Vince walks down to the ring...

    *Vince enters the ring via the steps and he goes through the top and middle ropes*

    Vince Mcmahon- I feel like I'm at a beach or something here...

    Carlito- um... yeah............ So what's your big announcment?

    Vince Mcmahon- Well, Carlito... I don't know how to tell you this... I've given it much thought, ya know...

    *Vince's eyes open very wide and he slightly tucks his chin, looking through the tops of his eyes; as he says the previous sentence... He gets up in Carlito's face...*

    Vince Mcmahon- Carlito... You haven't exactly been used too much lately. So both my son, Shane, and I have came to a big decision...

    The fans start to boo, as they know what's coming... and Carlito shakes his big head "No"... Carlito takes a bit out of the apple in his hand to express his nervousness.

    Vince's voice gets loud, but he doesn't exactly growl like he normally does...

    Vince Mcmahon- YOU'RE...

    *Carlito jerks his head back, ready to spit the apple into the bosses face!*


    *The Fusion fans go absolutely nuts, as Carlito chews the apple and gulps it down... Carlito tosses the apple (in his hand) up and runs at Vince and gives him a hug, lifting him at the belly button area and spinning him around, in the air out of joy. The apple splatters on the ring canvas.*

    Vince Mcmahon- Carlito... never again, okay?

    Carlito- Ok man... So... So, I'm... I'm not fired, right?

    Vince Mcmahon- Well I have a lot on my hands right now, and the only way to take a big load off of my hands was to announce a new general manager... It's just too much work for me... always have superstars coming up from behind you and beg for a match... Are you sure you can handle the responsibility, because I can definitely assign a new man the job; that is, if you don't feel you're ready...

    Carlito- No... no, I'm ready! Carlito's ready...

    *The fans begin light cheers*

    Vince Mcmahon- That was one huge announcement that will affect the whole Fusion roster... But now we have another huge announcement... PATH OF DESTRUCTION! So if I may get Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit out here... I want them accompanied by security...

    Vince Mcmahon- Next week will start, possibly, the greatest thing to grace Fusion... Two of the best wrestlers in history, will choose each other's opponents, up until Hands On... Some weeks in specialty matches, sometimes tag matches, hell even sometimes 6 man tag matches! And at "Hands On" these two men will have the "Last Stop in their Path of Destruction" and it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship... and the match-type... Carlito, I'll leave that to you...

    Carlito- To, to me?

    (in a confused voice)
    Vince Mcmahon- yes, you're the new GM now........... Which means that you will make the matches... Hell the duties of the General Manager are a hell of a lot more than that, Carlito. You will run the whole damn show!

    *The fans go absolutely insane!*

    Vince Mcmahon puts his hand out to shake with the new general manager, Carlito... Carlito shakes...

    *"No Chance in Hell" hits as Vince Mcmahon exits the ring... Carlito follows...

    ***Commercial Break***


    We see Carlito walking down the hall way backstage, as suddenly John Bradshaw Layfeild runs up to him...

    JBL- Mister, new General Manager... Looks like you're about to handle your first duty with the new job, by naming me the number one contender for the AWE Championship at "Hands On..."

    *JBL is breathing heavily*

    Carlito- See John... Last night you were in a match with Brock Lesnar for the opportunity to be the number one contender for the AWE Championship, but unfortunately, the two of you got counted out... But I do know what the fans do want to see, so I'm gonna make a match... At "Hands On" it will be Brock Lesnar vs John Bradshaw Layfeild...... vs Kane for the AWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match! JBL walks away smiling...

    The smile wipes off JBL's face when he turns around and crashes into Kane's chest! Kane breathes very hard, as suddenly cameras zoom back to a hall way that we slightly see in the background, where Brock Lesnar is being taken onto a stretcher and looks as if his back and ribs are in souvier pain... JBL gets a frightened look on his face...

    Kane- That is what happens, when someone demands a title shot and claims to be better than, ME... Hahahahaha...
    (Kane laughs his sick sadistic laugh and JBL scurries down the hall)

    *A video package of highlights from Finlay's debut airs and we see what happened the previous night at Pandemonium*

    The Irish man, Fit Finlay's music hits, as he walks out.

    Lillian Garcia- The following match is scheduled for a one fall... Introducing first from Belfast, Ireland... Weighing in at 235 pounds..........Finlay!

    Finlay revieces mainly boo's from the Columbus crowd.

    Lillian Garcia- and his opponent... From Tijuana, Mexico, being accompanied by CM Punk, weighing in at 195 pounds... Essa Rios!

    Rios and Punk get a lot of cheers from the crowd.

    Finlay vs Essa Rios w/ CM Punk
    The Finish: Finlay has the current advantage on the man making his in-ring debut tonight on Fusion, Essa Rios. Finlay has an arm bar on Rios, and they're both on the ground. CM Punk starts to slap his hands on the ring apron and get the crowd behind Rios. Rios gets to his knees, then one knee up, and elbows Finlay to the head a few times. Finlay release the hold and falls, as Rios hops to the top rope. Finlay runs in and hits Rios to the ribs (Rios on the top rope) with his fist. Rios doesn't fall down, but Finlay gets to the second rope and grabs Rios in the position for...

    Jerry Lawler- J.R. is Finlay thinking, what I am!?!?!

    J.R.- Yes King, I think he's gonna superpl...

    Suddenly Finlay goes for the Superplex on Rios, and Rios hooks his feet on the top ropes and gives Finlay a little shot to the ribs. Rios jumps from the top rope and catches Finlay's head between his legs and hits a huge head scissors to Finlay, tossing him to the ring. Rios lands on his stomach in the ring... Rios hops to the top rope, with Finlay on all fours. Finlay gets to his feet and Rios jumps for a moonsault on him, wanting to land his ribs on Finlay's shoulder and take him down. Finlay grabs the ref's shirt (the ref behind him) and pulls him infront of the moonsault. The referee is taken down. CM Punk hops up on the ring apron and enters the ring, as the fans go crazy!

    CM Punk runs at Finlay, and enzeguri! CM Punk lifts Finlay right back up and irish whips him across the ring. Finlay bounces back and Punk ducks a clothesline, then Rios (who's behind Punk) hits a nice drop kick! Finlay gets back up and CM Punk hits the Pepsi Plunge! CM Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice, as Rios climbs to the top rope. With the Anaconda Vice locked in, Rios jumps and hits a Moonsault to Finlay! CM Punk applies a lot more pressure in the hold, then slides out of the ring, as the ref gets on all fours and counts,


    Lillian Garcia- Here is your winner... Essa Rios!

    CM Punk and Essa Rios raise eachother's arms and walk up the apron, as Finlay lie out cold in the middle of the ring.

    ***Commercial Break***

    Backstage Pre-Recorded Segment

    Lashley is seated in a dark room where we see a pure black backgroud, with Lashley's upperbody centered, and seated in a chair. Just the light from the video camera lights Lashley's face, slightly.

    Lashley- You're all in shock that the new comer, Bobby Lashley lit The Undertaker on fire for the... What is it? Second time last night? The Undertaker is the Deadman, who was never finally put to rest... and that is exactly what I did last night at Pandemonium...
    *Lashley laughs quietly, under his breath*
    You're all wondering, how did he do it... The question is how could I have not done it? Take a look at this...

    *Footage pops up onto the screen, taking up three-quarters of the t.v. screen and titantron... In the bottom right hand corner it says, "Last Night at Pandemonium". It shows Undertaker's locker room, and there's a clock on the wall... It says 8:40, and it ticks to 8:41 (at night). It's obvious that it was before the inferno match. We see a few bottles of water sitting on a little coffee table besides a couch. One of them, opened with a few sips drinken out, the other never touched. Lashley suddenly tip toes into the room, Undertaker no where in sight. From behind his back, Lashley pulls out a little black leather gym bag. Lashley pulls out an empty Poland Spring Water bottle... He quietly puts it on the table with the others, and takes the opened one away and stuffs it into his bag. Next, he pulls out a little red gas tank!

    Lashley reaches for the empty Poland Spring bottle and unscrews the cap. He quickly but carefully poors some of the liquid from the gas tank, to the water bottle. He fills it up slightly, then pulls a tablet out of his bag. Lashley drops the tablet in the bottle and we see a slight chemical reaction occur. Lashley quickly screws the cap back on, and the camera zooms in to see a few bubbles in the chemical reaction. We notice that therre's a little black smudge drawn on the water bottle... The cameras fade out...*

    The three-quarters of the screen, being taken up, is gone and we see Lashley in the black room, once again.

    Lashley- I have brains, something that the Undertaker clearly does not! I came up with a strategy... and it was very successful, as you may have noticed... Camera man, um roll the other clip...

    *Another clip pops up on the T.V. screen and Titantron... It says "Last Night at Pandemonium" in the bottom right corner. The clip is from right before the inferno match, Undertaker's music hit. He walks out and the arena's dark. The blue lights go on and his smoke rises up on the stage. Suddenly the cameras go into slow motion... We see that Undertaker has two bottles of water, one in each hand. He's at the top of the stage and the orange lights go on, on the floor (to change the smoke color). Undertaker pours a water bottles' contents over his head. After he pours it, he's reaching to put it back at his side, and the camera pauses in a glare of that orange light...*

    (the screen divides into two... One half is Back in the black room, the other half is the paused footage from Undertaker's entrance at Pandemonium.)

    Lashley- Look closely at the bottle...

    *(In the Pandemonium clip) We see a little black smudge on the top of the bottle... and the footage plays... It rewinds again and we see the black smudge again as the screen pauses... The screen goes back fully to the black room with Lashley in it*

    Lashley- See... Undertaker poured lighter fluid into his hair, but he thought it was water... So basicly, I did all the work before the match and went out there and beat the Phenom, no sweat! Now, that tablet that I dropped into the lighter fluid filled bottle, was actually to reduce the color and to make it more clear... But I guess that wasn't too necessary, being it doesn't take too much to outsmart the Undertaker... The Deadman is NOTHI...

    Suddenly the very dim light in the room flickers... Lashley's facial expression turns a little frightened. Lashley stands up from the chair...

    Lashley- Um... um excuse me...

    Lashley runs out of the picture and cameras zoom to J.R. and King at ringside...

    J.R.- King did you see that!?!?! That Son of a b*tch, Lashley!

    Jerry Lawler- YEA I DID J.R! Lashley put, lighter flu... lighter fluid, in... in, Undertaker's water bottle!

    J.R.- Did Undertaker drink that!?!?! He can be killed! Lashley's ass should be sued as well as fired... Sometimes what our superstars go through is just too much...

    J.R.- What a show it's been so far... and it only gets better, when we return!

    ***Commercial Break***

    In Vince Mcmahon's Office
    We see Vince Mcmahon sitting in his office, at his desk in a huge, highbacked, leather chair. He's dressed nice in a black suit with a pinstriped tie.

    Vince Mcmahon- Hello, I hope you enjoyed Pandemonium last night.

    *Crowd cheer loud*

    Vince Mcmahon- WELL NO THANKS TO TEAM EC F'N W! NO WONDER my past company, the WWE, ran them out of business several years ago... They can't wrestle! The only thing that they're good for, is bashing eachother in the head with trash cans...

    *Fans continue to cheer against Vince, and Vince looks pissed!*

    Vince Mcmahon- and that's exactly what they are... TRASH!

    As Vince says the word trash, he slams a folder on his desk and a bunch of papers fly out. Vince pounds on his desk with both fists, as his face turns blood red.

    *Suddenly someone knocks on Vince Mcmahon's door...*

    Vince Mcmahon- Someone get that......

    Suddenly, an average height and average weight man walks into the picture of the camera and takes a step towards the door. He has a black baseball cap on forward, dressed in black, with a pale white face. He reaches for the doorknob, and suddenly looks back over his shoulder and gives Vince Mcmahon a drop kick to the face! Vince falls backwards out of his big arm chair and Vince crashes into the wall, slightly denting it with the back of his head.

    *By now the person at the door pounds his fist (hammer fist) on the door, several times, then just walks in. The fans go absoultely nuts when they see that it's Paul Heyman! Paul E. chants roar throughout the arena. Paul dressed in his usual attire; baseball cap and suit.*

    The person who kicked Vince Mcmahon out, rips off a face mask and the hat to reveal himself as Chris Jericho! Jericho and Heyman shake hands, and Paul mumbles, "Nice to see ya Chris..." in a rushed manner, then turns around to Vince Mcmahon (who's down).

    Paul Heyman- VINCE... WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT ARE? Talking about my ECW Extremists and calling them trash?

    *fans cheer, agreeing with what Paul Heyman is saying.*

    Paul Heyman- VINCE MCMAHON... I have two of my ECW Extremists who are ready to kick anyone's ass here tonight... Lets make it interesting and have it "Extreme Rules!" and I would love noneother, than to have their two opponents, be your son Shane...

    *fans cheer, as they want the Mcmahon's asses kicked! Paul Heyman stands, bending over at Vince, and points a finger at his face*

    Paul Heyman- Well............. and of course, YOU! Vince, when you wake up, come find me... I'll be in the locker room, labled E-----C---Dub...........

    *Suddenly Shane Mcmahon runs in and swings a steel chair, hitting Heyman in the back, knocking him flat on his face... Jericho gives Shane a shot to the face, followed by another... Out of no where, a desperate Shane Mcmahon kicks Chris Jericho right to the groin area and Jericho keils over and falls down on his face.

    Shane Mcmahon- So you wanna play by your rules, do ya Paul? You got your match tonight! Your two lame extremists vs. My father Vince, and myself............. See ya out there...

    Shane walks over to help Vince up as we fade to a commercial.

    ***Commecial Break***

    Backstage in Carlito's new GM Office

    The camera shows the outside of a door which has a name plate that reads"

    "General Manager Carlito"

    The door opens, as two men dressed in black AWE Polos and black casual pants (look like behind the scenes workers) are putting a suit jacket and a tie on Carlito. Carlito stands up and he has a suit jacket and tie over his bare skin, an apple in his hand, and apples and hot caribbean chicks on his tie!

    Carlito- I've made up my mind about what type of match The Path of Destruction will end in at "Hands On!"... We will see the World Heavyweight Championship decided between Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, in an I QUIT MATCH!

    *fans go absolutely insane, as they clearly like the new GM's choice of a match for the World Title to be defended in!*

    Carlito sits down in his chair and leans back...

    Carlito- Wow, being General Manager is cool!

    The door closes, as we go to J.R. and King at ringside...

    J.R.- Thank you for joining us tonight, we are in Columbus, Ohio and it has been a hell of a show!

    Jerry Lawler- But it's not over yet, J.R... We still have that huge "Extreme Rules" tag team match later tonight!

    J.R.- Wait, what is this, J.R.? I have just received word that now we will see JBL take on Kane, one on one!

    Kane vs JBL

    JBL's music hits the arena to boo's... His NYC limo drives out and his driver gets out and opens the door for him... JBL nods his head "no" saying that he doesn't want to wrestle Kane, expressing fright... JBL grabs the door handle from the inside and slams the door shut. The driver tries to pull it open, but it doesn't open and appears locked...

    *GM Carlito's face appears on the titantron...

    Carlito- JBL... You have a match with Kane... That match, made by your new GM, is cool... and if you don't gettoutta that limo, you will officially forfeit your AWE Title shot in the triple threat match at "Hands On!"

    JBL slightly rolls down the window and shakes his head no... and waves his hand expressing "forget about it"

    Suddenly Fire shoots up at the stage and Kane's music hits, the flames stay high, about 10 feet from the ground up, and we cannot see anything... They go down, as Kane walks to the opposite door and tries to open the door, but it's locked... JBL is unaware that Kane is there... Kane punches the window and it shatters in the car! Kane reaches his hands through and unlocks the door, then grabs JBL from behind, choking him (through the window). Kane lets go after about 15 seconds, and JBK lies flat across the seat. Kane opens the door and drags JBL out... Kane lifts JBL up and smashes his head into the side of the car, then guides him forward with his hand on his neck, pulling him. Kane stops at the nose of the limo (on his way to the ring) and takes a step to the side, tossing JBL up onto the hood and windsheild of his limo. By now JBL's driver is LONG gone! Kane drags JBL off the limo and irish whips him into the steel steps, Kane's title belt dropped from the start. Kane lifts JBL and rolls him into the ring. Kane has a sadistic smile on his face... Kane enters the ring via over the top ropes. JBL gets up a few seconds later, right into a huge big boot!


    Jerry Lawler- it is J.R.! Did the match even officially start yet?

    *the ring bell rings to start it, as Kane lifts JBL to his feet.*

    J.R.- What will happen? Will JBL get a chance to fight back? Find out, when we return!

    ***Commercial Break***
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    We return after about a 4 minute commercial break, and what do ya know? Kane is still dominating!

    The Finish: Only about 3 or 4 more minutes after returning from the break, Kane has JBL in the corner and runs into him, smashing his face in using his tricep. JBL falls right into a Sidewalk Slam by Kane. Kane covers JBL:

    1..............2.........JBL gets the foot on the bottom rope

    Kane gets up and looks angry... He does his signature Choke Slam taunt where he twirls and twists his fingers around with his right hand held high in the air. JBL gets up and Kane tightly grasps his throat. Kane lifts JBL up high, and JBL somehow gets to his feet, behind Kane, avoiding the Choke Slam! JBL small packages Kane,

    1..............2..Kane kicksout at the 2!

    JBL is at his knees in a lot of pain, with blood dripping down his face from getting thrown into the hood/windsheild of his own limo. Kane sits up and the crowd screams! Kane gets to his feet and lifts JBL up to his knees and JBL retaliates with one little punch to the gut, which Kane absorbs and lifts JBL to his feet. Kane runs back against the ropes for momentum, then runs at JBL for a Huge Clothesline! JBL ducks and Kane bounces off the opposite set of ropes, right back into JBL, who delivers a Clothesline from Hell!

    J.R.- Oh my god king! Kane was dominating the whole match, and JBL suddenly pulls off his finisher maneuver!

    Jerry Lawler- All it takes is one mistake, and Kane made that one mistake...[/I[

    JBL crawls on top of Kane for the cover!

    1.................2......Kane somehow gets the shoulder up!

    JBL doesn't understand how Kane kicked out, and he gets up confused... JBL argues with the referee that it was a three count and says "Do it right next time or I'll bring you to court, dammit!" JBL turns around into a nasty uppercut to the face, curdiousy of Kane! JBL falls backwards and down. Kane climbs to the top rope at nearest corner. JBL gets up and Kane jumps for a Flying Clothesline! JBL falls, and Kane dives through the referee, hitting him with the Flying Clothesline! The ref goes flying across the ring from the impact!

    Kane gets up, and JBL runs in at him and hits a Clothesline from Hell! Kane is down and JBL crawls into the cover. The referee is down...

    Jerry Lawler- C'mon ref! 1....2....3....4....5...

    Suddenly JBL gets off of Kane and goes over to the referee and shakes him... Out of no where, Brock Lesnar runs into the ring through the crowd, a steel chair in hand, his ribs to his back are taped around heavily, 360 degrees around his mid-section. Brock lifts JBL off of Kane, and lifts him to his feet and hits a huge F-5! Brock then walks over to Kane (the man who attacked him earlier), planning to attack, but Kane sits up! Lesnar takes a step back, as Kane gets to his feet. The two go nose to neck (as Kane's taller than Brock). Kane looks down on Brock with his sadistic face. Brock takes a step back and runs in for a clothesline on Kane. Kane absorbs it like it was nothing. Brock runs back against the ropes and goes for a second try, but Kane gives a Big Boot to Brock's face! Brock falls near the steel chair. Kane walks towards him, to attack him, but Lesnar hides the chair behind him and pulls it out in front of Kane and shoves it into his ribs. Brock gets up and hits an F-5 on Kane, laying out Kane, making it so he layed out both of the competators in this match! Brock lifts the ref by his shirt and brings him by Kane, where JBL crawls over onto him and covers him... The ref is still for about 5 seconds, and JBL and Kane both looked knocked out! The match is complete chaos! The ref's eyes open half way and he taps the mat, ONE........ taps the mat TWO.......... taps the mat THREE!

    Lillian Garcia- Here is your winner, John "Bradshaw" Layfeild!

    JBL's music hits, as he walks backstage... His limo is still there, as his driver ran off backstage, before moving it.

    Back in the ECW Locker room!
    We see Paul Heyman, as well as the five extremists who competed against Evolution DX the previous night. (RVD, Chris Jericho, Bubba Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Rhyno)

    Paul Heyman- As you all know, tonight is the first ever "Extreme Rules" match here on Fusion... I have to pick two guys to team up, and who can do that better, besides the 20+ time tag team champions, The Dudley Boys! As for the rest of you guys, I expect you to be at ringside to show support for the company that made you the stars that you all are.

    (as Paul says the last few words "who you are" he pushes his index and middle finger into the chest of Chris Jericho)

    ***Commercial Break***

    Backstage Interview[/U

    Torrie Wilson- I am your new Fusion Backstage Interviewer, Torrie Wilson!

    *crowd cheers for Torrie*

    Torrie Wilson- I am standing here beside the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle! and Kurt, I must know... What are your thoughts after the HUGE announcements reguarding you, earlier tonight!?!?! Not only will you defend that World Title at Hands On, but it's an I Quit match... On top of that, it's after Chris Benoit picks your opponent week after week... Your thoughts?

    Kurt Angle- My thoughts, Torrie? My thoughts? What's going through my head, is why the hell do I have to face Chris Benoit, AGAIN! I mean I already beat the guy twice! I made him tap, to the Ankle Lock! That doesn't say enough? Now I have to beat him for a third time, in an I Quit Match!?!?! and it's for my World Title, shockingly, being last night he got himself intentionally disqualified, that way he wouldn't have to go through the humiliation of tapping out, AGAIN! This Path of Destruction thing... I like the idea of choosing opponents for Chris Benoit to face, week after week! I can handle what ever he throws at me, but we all know that if you put someone like Goldberg against him, he will indeed get pinned, one, two, three! So that's what I'm gonna do, Chris... Next week, here on Fusion, you will go one on one with noneother than Goldberg! But wait, Chris... There's more! I think that next week to kick off the show, we should sign a contract, stating that if you, Chris Benoit, are unsuccessful at making me say "I Quit" at Hands On, which you WILL BE unsuccessful... You will NEVER again get a shot at this World Heavyweight Championship, as long as it is around the waist that it belongs around... Mine! and Chris, that's true................. It's DAMN true!

    Extreme Rules Tag Team Match
    Vince & Shane Mcmahon vs. The Dudley Boys w/ Team ECW & Paul Heyman

    "No Chance hits the arena, as the Chairman walks out to get the biggest amount of heat of the night! He stops at the top of the stage, wating for his son, Shane... "Here Comes the Money" hits, as Shane walks out through the curtain... Vince and Shane walk down to the ring together, to get a great amount of heat from the Columbus crowd.

    Lillian Garcia- This match is scheduled for a one fall, and it will be held under Extreme Rules! Introducing first, The Mcmahons!

    Paul Heyman's music hits, as he walks out to the top of the stage.
    "One of a Kind" hits, as RVD walks out and towards Paul E.
    Rhyno sounds are heard throughout the area, as Rhyno comes out...
    and Chris Jericho's music it next... He follows down to Rhyno, RVD and Heyman...
    The Dudley Boyz music hits, and the fans go nuts!

    Lillian Garcia- and their opponents representing ECW, being accompanied by Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, "The Man beast" Rhyno, and Paul Heyman......... They are Bubba Ray and D-Von.............. The Dudley Boys!

    They all make their ways down to ringside, and there are chairs scattered throughout the ringside area. Literally, about 6 chairs, so Paul, Rhyno, RVD and Chris Jericho each take one. They each open the fold chair outside the ring, mid-way between the ring and security wall, midway from one side of the ring to the other. Each man takes one side of the ring, having the Mcmahon's surrounded, to prevent them from trying to run off. Bubba and D-Von slide into the ring and Vince and Shane immediately go to the attack, with stomps on the backs and back of the heads of The Dudleys (Shane on D-Von, Vince on Bubba). Shane stop stomping on D-Von, and goes to lift him to his feet, but at his knees, D-Von throws a right hand to the face of Shane. D-Von grabs the head and hits a DDT! D-Von turns around and runs into Vince, his forearm sticking out infront of him. With D-Von knocking Vince back, Bubba gets the chance to get up, while D-Von continues the attack on Vince. D-Von runs at Vince and clotheslines him over the top rope. D-Von raises both his arms and screams "yeaaaaaaah" as the crowd starts to chant "E-C-dub', E-C-dub'". Being that this match IS NOT a tornado tag team match, the ref gets up in D-Von's face and kicks him out of the ring, as Bubba elbow drops Shane Mcmahon. Bubba hits a second consecutive elbow drop, then covers Vince...

    1.............2.......Vince kicksout!

    Bubba stands up and lifts Vince up, as well. Bubba gives Vince a right hook to the face, followed by a nice uppercut, knocking him down. Vince gets right back up and Bubba hits a jab... 2 jabs, 3 jabs... rolls his arms, hands down by the crotch and swings his hips... and BAM the down slicing elbow. Bubba covers Vince,

    1.............2.....Vince again kicksout

    Bubba gets to his feet, taking Vince up with him. Bubba takes Vince's left arm, and twists it that way he can shove it behind Vince. Bubba hits a Belly to Belly Suplex with his hand over the bottom of Vince's wrist, behind his back on his bent arm. Bubb walks to his corner and tags in his partner, D-Von! Vince gets up as D-Von enters, so D-Von runs in... Clothesline! Shane starts to come in through the middle and top ropes, but D-Von sees it and runs in and clotheslines him off the apron, before he can get into the ring. D-Von turns around and Vince is running at him. D-Von slightly ducks, and tosses Vince over his head. Vince gets up several seconds later and D-Von grabs Vince's right arm and irish whips him across the ring. Vince bounces back into a knee by D-Von! D-Von's eyes bulge, as he points to Bubba, on the apron... Bubba screams "D-Von GET THE TA........." Suddenly, Shane Mcmahon sneaks up from behind Bubba (on the apron) and smacks him in the back with a steel chair. D-Von sees this and leaves Vince, and heads outside the ring to attack Shane. D-Von slides out of the ring and he chases Shane, who is running around. D-Von grew exhausted from chasing Shane, and it was clear to Paul Heyman and the Extremists.

    Shane has the chair in hand, looking behind him at D-Von, running around the ring, while Vince recovers in the ring. Suddenly, when Shane's looking behind him, Rhyno gets out of his chair and runs in and hits the Gore on Shane! The crowd screams! Rhyno sits back down, as D-Von slides back into the ring. Not paying full attention to Vince, Vince clubs D-Von with the bottom of his forearm (not clothesline). Vince drops to his knees to cover D-Von, but D-Von kicksout before the referee even gets down to all fours. Rhyno lifts the chair beside Shane, and he slides it into the ring, to D-Von. Vince doesn't see the chair, being it's as he's turned his back for a quick second breather. Vince turns around and D-Von pull the chair out from behind his front, and swings it straight across (sideways) Vince's face! Shane Mcmahon gets up and slides into the ring... Shane reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a lead pipe... Bubba is aware, and runs into the ring, using his fist to club the back of Shane's neck. Shane drops the lead pipe to the ground, and D-Von picks it up. Bubba lifts Shane and holds him (Shane's back at Bubba's front, Shane in front), with his arms behind the back. D-Von takes the pipe, behind his head/over his shoulder and swings it, hitting Shane to the head. Bubba tosses him down to the ground and he slowly rolls out of the ring, on RVD's side. RVD just nods his head and laughs, then folds his arms, puts his leg up, bent on the other, and sits back.
    Bubba screams "D-VON, GET THE TABLES!" D-Von Dudley slides out of the ring...

    J.R.- Oh wow, King, it's been a hell of a night and this is a hell of a match we are witnessing! Will Vince Mcmahon go through a table!?!?! We'll be right back...

    ***Commercial Break***

    We return from the commercial break to see a dented trash can in the ring (dented from Vince hitting Bubba in the face), the lead pipe laying on the ground, and there's two tables... One set up in the middle of the ring, one more standing up in the corner. We have Bubba as the new legal man, against Vince... Vince turned the tables and currently has the advantage. Bubba's on all fours and Vince is up. Vince bends over and grasps the lead pipe, then swings it downward and bashes Bubba in the head. Vince turns around and to his amazement, RVD leaps off the top rope and hits a sidekick to his face, knocking him backwards and he falls, leaning against the table in the corner. RVD runs at Vince and does a Monkey Flip... tossing Vince on the other table, but not hard enough to break it... Jericho slides into the ring, and RVD gets on all fours... Jericho runs towards RVD on an angle and leaps off of him to reach the top rope to do a Lionsault that would be high enough to land on the table. Vince somehow rolls off the table before Jericho hits, causing Jericho to crash and break through the table, ribs first. Vince grabs the trash can from the ground and bashes RVD in the face with it as he runs in. Rhyno stands up and takes the chair he's sitting on, with him into the ring. Vince goes to swing the trash can at him, but Rhyno swings the chair, hitting the trash can, first. The trash can bounces off Vince's face and he falls. Shane attacks Rhyno from behind with a Cingapore Cane, and knocks him down. Every man is down, besides Shane Mcmahon! Paul Heyman and Shane Mcmahon make eye contact, and Paul shrugs his shoulders, then throws his hat off and ripe off his suit jacket. Paul grabs his chair, and slides into the ring. Shane swings the cane downward, hitting Paul in the back.

    Shane Mcmahon turns around and Bubba's behind him, D-Von beind Bubba. They hit a 3D on Shane and suddenly take the match advantage! D-Von sets up the table that was in the corner, and Bubba tosses Shane out of the ring. Vince turns around into a 3D right through the table! Bubba covers him!


    Lillian Garcia- Here are your winners, representing ECW... Bubba and D-Von, The Dudley Boys!

    The Dudley Boys' music hits, as the two raise eachother's arms in the air... An "E-C-DUB'" chant is heard loud and clear through out the arena...

    J.R.- Oh my God King, what a hell of a night we've had here in Columbus! Thanks for joining us... Good night!

    *cameras fade as the show ends while the crowd chants "E-C-DUB'"!*
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    Another great show man I loved every second and I know how you like full review's so i'm going to give you one, first I want to say i see you decided to go with just the finishes and to tell the truth it worked out a lot better than I thought still very detailed and intresting matches well now on with the review.

    Random thought's about the show

    I think it's a solid decidion to make Carlito the GM as he is one of the more entertaining characters and should provide some classic moment's in weeks to come.
    Nice openning segment I can't wait to see if Big Show will kiss McMahon's ass but I guess my dream of having Sting do it went down in flames when he attacked McMahon(lol)
    Matt vs Christain: Solid and entertaining match, I like where this feud is going and nice spot at the end with Jeff and Christain standing tall.
    Glad you brung in Essa Rios as I always liked him and thought he deserved a push don't know about the teaming with Punk and Lita again yet though....
    Rey vs Jamal: Great squash match for Ja-maga(lol)even though by the rest of the shows standards this was the least intresting match I like how you are mixing up his character and trying something new.
    Mr. McMahon is all over the place tonite I see why he named Carlito GM nice cabana segment.
    Kane is really a badass in your show maybe the WWE should take some notes.
    Rios vs Finlay: Glad to see Rios get the win although I wish he could have done it without the help of Punk but still a good match.
    Great Lashley promo and nice explaination and continuion of their feud, Lashley's a sick but smart bastard.
    I didn't like the ECW promo/attack on McMahon(by the way where the hell is the McMahon's back up?) that much but it served as a nice addage to the match later in the night and did Haymen try to punk Jericho?
    Nice character promo for Carlito and Beniot vs Angle "I Quit" match i'm already counting the days.
    JBL vs Kane: To me this was byfar the MOTN I loved this match and was over joyed to see JBL pick up the tainted victory.
    Nice Interview with Angle to me it furter puts him over as a jackass which is a good thing.
    McMahon's vs Dudleyz: I have to admit it was way better than I was expecting and your Vince and Shane are true badasses putting up a fight like that against the Dudleyzand well the rest of the ECW guys by themselves, good match but in my mind I thought somewhere, somehow, Vince had someone to watch his back and would get the win so I was kind of shocked the Dudleyz won.
    Overall I thought it was another great show and can't wait to see what's coming next.
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  17. Shawn Sousa

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    great matches i was waiting for this show for a while, and it didnt dissapoint.

    I loved the interaction with Vince and Heyman

    IO forsee team ECdubbz being in a matchcth againmst the machm,aons at Hands on

    Great show i give it a 9/10

    Great job
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  18. YO, when Carlito was named GM I was :wtf: and when Jerico droped kicked Vince and then Shane said it was ECW vs McMahons I was like holly:shit:
    10/10 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks guys, ESPECIALLY a big thanks to showtyme27 for the long review like I like lol... It will be returned ASAP, cant wait ;)

    P.S. Showtyme27, I repped u 4 taking the time for a nice long review... Thanks

    NOTE: The Carlito's Cabana Segment was written twice lol... I wrote it a while ago and came back to it today and it was an ABSOLUTE mess, so I re-wrote it lol, I would post it but unfortunately I forgot to save the notepad file that had the original version lol... I'm glad y'all enjoyed it, and it looks like people like the "complex match endings" a little better than the REEEAAALLY long shows lol...
  20. An excellant fallout show after Pandemonium.

    Interesting decision to name Carlito GM and I'm looking forward to seeing how that works. With Big Show and Sting due to kiss Vince's ass, I can maybe see them reject the offer and join Team ECW. 4 solid singles matches with Kane/JBL being the best. Also like the Jeff/Christian finish. Kane & Lashley sound like very sick people (lol). Good promo with Angle, continueing his feud with Benoit. The ECW/McMahons match was ok but I thought Vince would've had some kind of back-up as he usually does.

    Overall 8.5/10
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    Jun 1, 2006
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    thanks for the positive reviews everyone... Remember, all reviews are welcome! Being I currently cannot return reviews due to my injury, I'll add rep 2 all of you and review w/e I can... sorry & thanks

    NOTE: Remember, I like LENGTHLY reviews... thanks :)

    EDIT: (1/5/07)........... No more reviews, anyone?
  22. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    ^^^no review yet? u must be a slow reader, it's over a month later! lmao jp bout the reading part...
  23. Claytoon

    Claytoon Guest

    Not Saying your a nerd or anything, but you must have nothing else do or have alot of time on your hands to do this. Because this is pretty sweet.

  24. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    thanks & there is an answer lol... I have a pretty serious leg injury & have been unable 2 walk for 7 months :(
  25. AussieHobo

    AussieHobo Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Best Match:
    I am going to have too choose Finlay vs. CM Punk or Angle vs. Benoit, great in ring stradgey put into the match and were both exciting to read, I thought you did well with the Finlay vs. Punk match because its too completely diff styles going at it, Finlay (the brawler/Technical) wrestler and Punk the highflying/techniocl/submission wrestlers, Angle vs. Benoit was very good as it was well writtan with the DQ finish and McMahon coming out and making it NOB. Good work on both matchs.

    Worst Match:
    Jamal vs. Rosey, the match was, would of been hard to write, boring, I don't think it was a good idea to break them up to be honest and I didn't like it because they could of been used better and I don't think the match and its competetiors were PPV worthy imo.

    Lashley getting burned was awsome and McMahon coming out with Team ECW would of been very odd but a great way to back the storyline etc...

    Grade: 87/100
    Pretty Good.

    Very good PPV and I beleive the best one you've put on since becoming and joing Book this.. good work.
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