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    * PYRO *
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    The Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is buzzing for what promises to be the most unpredictable night in all of entertainment. This is Unscripted, the fans have the power and we are live! Thousands have made their way to the arena tonight with various signs and are ready to either boo or cheer the superstars of WZCW. We get a panning shot around the arena, the building is packed and the we can see people with their phones out, getting a few last minute votes in for the event. After circling the arena, the camera switches to a shot of our humble announce team.

    Copeland: We are back in the Great White North for one of my favourite pay-per-views of the year. Unscripted, where the impossible happens and the fans get the chance to change the course of history forever. Welcome, I'm Sebastian Copeland, and we cannot be more excited than we are to be airing live from the Ricoh Coliseum and bringing to you the very best in professional wrestling.

    Cohen: It's going to be a wild night, Seabass. You saw that video package and it highlighted the biggest thing about this show, the thing everyone is talking about and we has the largest consequences for the future of WZCW. Tonight, either Tyrone Blades' career will come to an end or Vis Imperium will cease to exist! The greatest faction we've ever seen, gone in the blink of an eye and it's these people who will have the power to decide. I only hope they make the correct decision and we never see Tyrone Blades ever again.

    Connor: If there was one match I'd bet the house on being voted a specific way, it'd be that one. Ladies and gentlemen, Vis Imperium's future will be decided tonight. However, it's much bigger than that. This is for the future of the company, WZCW, the fans and professional wrestling as an industry. Everything is one the line tonight. Should Vis Imperium win, I don't think anyone can stop Mr. Banks from doing whatever he wants. Freedom will be dead. The ability to stick to your own morals, gone! A Vis Imperium victory means the greatest superstar to ever compete will be forced out of the company... and if he can't stop Vis Imperium, who can?

    Copeland: The World Championship will be on the line, Justin Cooper defending against Constantine. It will be contested inside Hell in a Cell. Rumours have been flying around as to the condition of the challenger. I believe, through my sources, that he has broken ribs but we shall see.

    Cohen: It's just a bunch of excuses! Constantine is fine. He just doesn't want to admit that this retirement tour is going to end tonight when Justin Cooper defeats him inside Hell in a Cell.

    Connor: We've also got Callie Clark defending against Matt Tastic which is sure to be an amazing match. Her biggest challenge yet.

    Copeland: We could spend all night describing what we have on offer. The time for talking is over. Ladies and gentlemen, the war between Vis Imperium and WZCW will end tonight. That has been made clear. I don't know what is going to go down and... I'm just receiving word now. Yes, we said this was unpredictable and we're going to prove that right now.

    Cohen: What are you talking about, Seabass?

    Connor: It can't be... Hell in a Cell is lowering!

    Cohen: Are we starting with... what is going on? Seabass, explain this!

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, do not adjust your television screen. Tonight, we are starting Unscripted with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship Match! I repeat, Justin Cooper versus Constantine, inside Hell in a Cell, will be the opening match of Unscripted 2017. What that means for the main event, I'm not sure. However, strap yourselves in because this is one of the rare occurrences in WZCW history. A World Title match to start the pay-per-view, what a night!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a HELL IN A CELL match and it is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

    The capacity crowds stands and cheers, many fans have a shocked expression that this match is first on the card. The camera pans around the fans who are eager, with their V.I gear and Constantine signs. The light starts to dim and the fans perk up...fireworks explode from above and the light of the flashes reveal the ominous structure lowering towards the ring. The giant hell in the cell lowers around the ring to the fans approval.

    Bright lights flash across the screen, the arena bursting with colour and slowly it begins to drain out like a hole has been punched through the bubble. Standing on the stage, amongst a sea of colour swirling underneath him, large serpents battling, fangs piercing the flesh, is Justin Cooper. The battle beneath his feet comes to an end, a single viper slithers forward, Justin drops to his knees and raises his arms to the boos of the crowd. They hate him but their reaction means nothing to him as Justin smiles. The viper coiled around him now, Justin whispers to it and orders it forward, he follows soon after and makes his way to the ring. Justin Cooper stands before the giant cell structure and puts his hands on his hips, widening his sparkling rainbow robe and a grin appears on his face. Two referees open a door for him and he enters the cell. He climbs in the ring and removes his robe revealing the WZCW Heavyweight Championship around his waist, practically glittering from the over-shining it has received from its owner. Cooper starts bad mouthing and cursing nearby fans as he hands his robe off to a ring worker.

    Harrys: Introducing first from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, he would like to be announced as the Greatest, representing Vis Imperium... the reigning WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper!

    Copeland: A wild rush of hatred for Cooper here in Toronto! Here is our world heavyweight champion! What a way to start Unscripted with this championship match!

    Cohen: This is the match people came to see Seabass! The big heavyweight championship! The ending of John Constantine's career! It's going to happen inside the devils structure here in front of thousands of WZCW fans!

    Connor: For once, I can't argue against that Jack! Constantine was brutally attacked by Logan McAllister and THEN violated by Justin Cooper, reports are in that he's still suffering from broken ribs,I've had one of my ribs broken ten years ago and let me tell you, it really,really hurts. Every breath moves your ribs and sends lightening pain shooting around your back and echoing through your abdominal cavity.Going into a match where EVERYTHING hurts like Hell in a Cell is not the best career decision. He should be calling this one off.

    Cohen: I have a bigger concern Cat, why does the Heavyweight Champion have to come out first?! It doesn't make sense and I think Cooper should be in his right to sue WZCW for treating him this way at Unscripted! When you're the champion you shouldn't have to come out first,ever!

    Copeland: It's very possible the champion chose to come out first or simply demanded that he was the first one to see the Hell in a Cell structure. He probably wants an in ring perspective of Constantine's face when he stands in front of the demonic steel.

    Harrys: And introducing the challenger.....

    The lights dim right down to blackness....

    A dozen seconds pass of complete darkness as the fans buzz in anticipation....

    Harrys: From St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

    White fog covers the entire stage, a shadowy figure emerges slowly from a hole below. Constantine is wearing a skull themed mask with a bone crown, huge spikes stick out of the bone shoulder pads that hold the blood red cloak that covers his body. He lifts his head and slowly makes his way to the ring. Constantine stands before Hell in a Cell, the crowds are going crazy as the challenger breathes in and out, seemingly churning in his own adrenalin. Cooper is standing in the middle of the ring, screaming at The Power Trip, but Constantine doesn't look at the structure at all, he slowly removes his skull mask and his deep blue eyes are staring a hole right through the heavyweight champion.

    Copeland: As the officials open the door for Constantine to enter this hellacious structure, I can't help but feel he's making a really bad choice in taking this match so soon. That bounty on him was cashed in by Logan and he pummeled the man. To make matters worse, Cooper trapped him in this very cage and continued to break him before spiking him down with his special 360 Deal piledriver.

    Connor: You saw that amazing entrance as well as I did Sebastian, Constantine has drawn the power of fury to consume any pain he might be feeling. This is a medically proven theory that's being adopted by The Power Trip and I'm curious to see how long he can keep this up.

    Cohen: Like you mentioned earlier Cat, broken ribs are no laughing matter. As we can see after he removed that cloak, he has heavy medical tape wrapped all around his ribs. Constantine might as well paint a red target on that tape as well. He's getting in the ring with a man who will give his life to keep that championship in his possesion. It means everything to Cooper, it's part of his amazing legacy and there's no chance you can show up with busted ribs against The Greatest and hope to survive!

    The door to the Cell is locked and chained...referee Akiyama makes a hand gesture at the timekeeper....


    Constantine and Cooper stand in the middle of the ring, jawing at each other. They lock in a collar and elbow tie up, Cooper viciously throws Constantine right to the mat! The Power Trip sits up with a shocked expression as Cooper curses at him. He stands up and nods. They circle each other with their hands up and open, another collar and elbow tie up, this time Constantine pushes both men and they walk to the corner of the ring. Referee Akiyama tells them to break but gets ignored. Constantine lays a side elbow to Cooper's jaw, he then Irish whips him across the ring, Cooper slams his back into the turnbuckle and rebounds out, Constantine jumps for a high knee but the champion ducks and counters with a hard European uppercut that drops the challenger. Cooper drops three fast elbows then hooks the leg, Constantine kicks out at zero.

    Copeland: These two are wasting no time here in the opening contest to Unscripted.

    Cooper kicks Constantine right in the back then hauls him up to his feet by the hair. He chops at Cobstantine's chest followed by another European uppercut that sends the challenger staggering back on the ropes, Cooper quickly runs and clotheslines Constantine right over the top ropes to the outside of the ring. The Power Trip rolls around on the padded mat, holding the protective medical tape on his ribs, trying to mask his pain. Cooper slowly walks down the steel steps with a look of complete contempt on his face, he walks over and grabs Constantine by the hair, he slams his face right into the steel cage wall then on the ring apron before rolling Constantine back in the ring. He rolls in after then stands up, he picks up Constantine and hits him with a snap fisherman suplex into a bridge....



    Constantine kicks out! Cooper jumps on the challenger in a mount position, he starts laying in the left's and rights at Constantines face that he tries to fend off with his forearms, over and over again, some shots getting through. Cooper jumps to his feet then stomps right on The Power Trips face!


    Cooper digs his fingers in the medical taped ribs of Constantine and starts tearing away at the tape, taking long thick white strips right off the injured man. Constantine tries to push him away but Cooper just punches him in the face and continues to tear the rest of the tape off.

    Connor: Come on Cooper! Let the man have some form of protection there, this is just an evil act here by the champion!

    Cohen: There is no rules in this match Cat, did you see Cooper coming down to the ring with hockey pads on? No, he's just making this fair so Constantine doesn't have an unfair advantage with all that padding.

    Cooper grabs some padded tape and wraps it around Constantine's neck, choking him with all his might. The Power Trip thrashes his arms trying to fight it off as his face turns beat red, he makes it to his feet and elbows the champion in the gut, then again and again to release the choke hold with the tape. Cooper attempts a knee lift but Constantine grabs his legs and plants him with a high double leg take down.

    Constantine drops a jumping knee on Cooper's head, he rolls through it then runs back over to lay in a bunch of hard stomps to the champion's chest and shoulders. He stumbles back and holds his ribs, biting his bottom lip and closing his eyes. Cooper makes it to his feet but is grabbed in a front facelock, Constantine nails him with a vertical suplex followed by a pin...



    Cooper kicks out, he then grabs the bottom rope and hauls himself out of the ring to take a breather. Cooper takes in a big breath and stretches his back as he strolls around the ring, he stretches his neck and takes another breath, he checks his heavy knee pad and adjusts it so it's straighter.....


    The crowds erupt as The Power Trip flys over the top ropes like a human missle and collides with Cooper sending him crashing off of the cage and on to his face on the padded mats.

    Copeland: Never have I ever seen Constantine fly like that! What an extremely risky move considering his condition! The Champion was definitely not expecting that I can tell you that much!!

    Cohen: What does he think he is?! Some kind of luchadore pulling off a stunt like that? That was really dumb Seabass, he could be done for the night taking a risk like that!

    Constantine is first to his feet much to the delight of the capacity crowd. He lifts the fabric and searches under the ring, he hauls out a table and gets another cheer. Constantine pulls the table to the corner of the cage where there's a little more open space. He sets the table up then turns around....

    Crack! a steel chair bounces right off of his head by the Champion sending Constantine to the padded mats in a hurry. Cooper lifts the chair and sends it down hard on the challenger again, this time connecting with his hip. He throws the dented chair away and starts stomping on Constantine and jumps down to choke him with both hands. He screams in his face that the title isn't going anywhere. Cooper stands up with a wild look on his face, he kneels down and finds the Velcro strip in the edge of the padding, he hauls back and removes a huge portion of the protective padding exposing the concrete floor.

    Constantine stirs but his hair is snagged by the champion, Cooper picks up Constantine then walks him over to the exposed concrete floor, he bodyslams him hard right on the concrete creating a loud slap noise! Constantine yells out in pain as he arches his back.

    Copeland: Oh wow! Right on the concrete floor, there's no give with concrete ladies and gentlemen! That could spell the end for the challenger right here!

    Cooper picks up Constantine, he walks over to the table and lays him across the wood. Constantine is still groaning and arching his back in pain. Cooper kicks the steel steps and picks them up over his head, he slams the steps right on Constantine! The table doesn't break. The crowds boo at the champions actions. Cooper throws the steel steps over the top ropes and into the ring. He rolls in the ring and picks up the heavy steps, he turns the steps sideways and climbs the turnbuckle to the top ropes, the fans stand as Cooper jumps....

    SMASH!!! Cooper drives the steel steps into Constantine's stomach and the table explodes underneath him sending both men down faster, Cooper connects on the steel steps hard as they come to a sudden stop on Constantine propelling Cooper in the air, face first into the cage then back into the wreckage of table next to the challenger!


    Copeland: Cooper just turned himself into a steel missile and drove himself through Constantine and the table!

    After a minute, Cooper crawls out of the wreckage. He stumbles a little then hauls Constantine to his feet, he slowly rolls him in the ring then steps through the middle ropes. He drops an elbow on the challengers chest and hooks his leg...



    Constantine kicks out! Cooper punches the canvas and yells at the referee. He pulls Constantine to his feet by his hair then gives him an Irish whip off of the ropes, he gives him a tilt-a-wirl backbreaker but he holds him, he stands up and shows great power by hoisting The Power Trip on his shoulders, Cooper runs across the ring into a rolling firemans carry slam followed by a fast moonsault but Constantine raises his knees then rolls up the champion in a small package...



    Cooper kicks out! He quickly grabs Constantine and rakes his eyes. He rolls under the ropes and searches under the ring, he hauls out another table and sets it up. Cooper searches under the ring again and comes out with a toolbox, he takes out a wrench. Cooper rolls in the ring, he bashes the challenger in the head with the small wrench, dropping Constantine again. He goes to the turnbuckle and starts working on the steel supports behind the buckle.

    Cohen: It looks like the champion has some desire to be a ring worker here! He's REMOVING the ring ropes!

    Connor: What is he thinking?

    All the ring ropes fall slack to the canvas. Cooper hauls on the middle ropes and starts choking the challenger and hauls him around the ring. He throws down the ropes. He picks up Constantine and Irish whips him towards the ropeless ring edge but Constantine spins and reverse Irish whips Cooper hard! Cooper flies off of the ring into a front flip, his back slams off of the cage and he bounces off! He lands stomach first through the table he set up earlier CRACK!


    Constantine falls to his knees, he takes big breaths as he holds his ribs with one hand. The pain on his face is evident as he tries to stand. Cooper slams his hand on the canvas, quickly back from the dead, he crawls in the ring and stands up, he points to himself and screams that he's the greatest. Constantine shakes his head, he runs full tilt at the champion, he drives his shoulder into Cooper's sternum and picks him right up while still running, he jumps with Cooper off of the ring.....

    Collateral Damage THROUGH THE CAGE WALL!!!

    ....They fly through the air and straight through the commentary table sending the monitors flying in the air and Sebastian Copeland falling off of his chair while Cohen and Connor barely escape harm!!!


    Copeland: Oh my god! I'm trying to get to my feet here! This place is so loud right now! They flew through the cage Jack!!!

    Cohen: Collateral Damage right through the cage wall and our table here!! Look out!!

    The rest of the cage wall collapses and falls everywhere, burying Cooper and Constantine already twisted inside the plastic, broken wood and monitors. The roof of the cell swings right down, referee Akiyama ducks and rolls just missing getting decapitated by the swinging steel! The crowds erupt again, chanting -You're a ninja-.

    After a long while, Constantine pushes a wall of cage off of them, he hauls a knocked out Cooper back to the ring, he slowly rolls the champion in the ring but falls on his back, he starts coughing and he looks at his palm, he's coughing blood.

    Copeland: Look at that, I told you, he's bleeding internally and he has to stop this, call this match off!

    Constantine spits a small puddle of blood on a chunk of broken table. He rolls in the ring, he falls on Cooper and hooks his leg....



    Cooper kicks out!

    Constantine is beside himself in disbelief, he rolls out of the ring and reaches under the ring. He smiles wickedly as a stream of blood drips down the corner of his mouth. He hauls out a black leather whip. The challenger rolls in the ring, Cooper is wobbling to his feet....


    A whip strike to the back makes his eyes go wide and causing an immediate slash on his back! Cooper turns and catches the next slash of the whip with cat like reflexes, he pulls on the whip and gives Constantine a back body drop. Both men roll off of the ring on opposite ends, Constantine gets tangled in whip and ropes as he hits the padded mats. Cooper is digging under the ring again.

    Constantine climbs on the ring apron, he has a large jagged chunk of table in his hands, ready to use it as a weapon, Cooper's eyes are like globes as he hauls out his new weapon, he licks his lips in a maniacal fashion as he raises it.....

    ...its a crossbow, with a red V.I painted on it, loaded and ready to shoot!

    Connor: No, no, no, no! I can't watch this! He can't be allowed to do this!!!

    The crowds are standing again, Constantine is standing slaw jawed in the middle of the ring as Cooper takes aim at him with the crossbow!

    Ziiiiing!! Twap!!!

    The bolt hits the chunk of table and rips it out of his hands! Constantine can't believe what just happened, Cooper curses and throws the crossbow away. He rolls in the ring, Constantine runs up to him and slams him in the face with a hard right hand, Cooper fires back and both men trade punches....


    Cooper kicks the challenger right in the balls, dropping The Power Trip instantly. Cooper jumps off of the ring, he picks up the steel steps and throws it in the ring. He removes a red canister from under the ring and places the heavy container on the canvas. He crawls in the ring, Cooper sets up the stairs in the middle of the ring, he opens the red canister and pours liquid all over the steps and the canvas.

    Copeland: Enough is enough, we can smell that liquid, some kind of gas! Can somebody get out here?! Get security out here, stop this carnage already!

    Cooper smirks and flicks his thumb, the small flint device misses the pool of gas. He tries again but it doesn't light properly, Constantine clotheslines Cooper right off of the steel steps. Both men are down, breathing heavy. Constantine climbs to his feet using the stairs as help, he picks up Cooper. He hits The Axis! angle slam but Cooper reverses and jumps out of it, Cooper slams a desperate head butt right on Constantine's forehead, stumbling both men, The Champion low blows The Power Trip again! Constantine falls and Cooper leans back and laughs.

    Cooper takes a big breath. He yells that it's over. He picks up Constantine, he hoists him up and hits him with a vicious Sitout Crusifix Powerbomb right on the steel steps!!! Clank!! Cooper gets to his knees, he smiles evilly at Constantine layed out like a slab of meat on the steps. He takes a few steps on the steel and stands directly over him. The Champion takes out another flint device and throws it at the gas pool...


    The canvas is lit on fire!! The steps catch fire too, igniting Constantine's elbow pads!! Smoke and flames rise in the air, WZCW staff are scrambling down the ramp with fire extinguishers...

    Copeland: Cooper is dead set on ending Constantine's career here and now, this is unbelievable!!

    Cooper hauls Constantine up and they are both standing on the steel steps, surrounded by fire and smoke, he picks up Constantine in a slam position and lowers him upside down to his knees...Constantine kicks and wiggles, Cooper loses balance and leans back , the challengers feet land on the first step, he reverses position and stands up with Cooper upside down now!! He steps to the top of the stairs, he stands there for a moment as the crowds are going crazy, he jumps high in a spinning, twisting tombstone on the steps The 360 Deal on Cooper....

    BOOOOM!!!!! ​

    The canvas collapses under the stairs and both men fall inside the destroyed mat to the void under the ring!!

    The crowds explode into multiple chants of holy shit and please don't die. WZCW crew are trying to get through the wreckage as the ring continues to burn.

    After a long time,Constantine appears outside the ring by the destroyed table, he has Cooper wrapped up in ring rope and hauling his limp, soot covered body, he rolls him in the ring. Constantine rolls in after him, he coughs up a lot of blood and it covers his chest. He falls to his back, knocked out from exhaustion, smoke rising from his elbow pads. Referee Akiyama looks on in concern, both wrestlers are knocked out on the burning, ripped canvas.

    Cooper suddenly comes to life! He slowly makes it to his feet. Constantine makes to to his feet after a moment, they stand facing each other in the chaos of ropes, burning canvas, large sections of cage and black swirling smoke.

    Cooper extends his hand for a handshake. Constantine, bloody chest and all, coughs again and staggers forward, he reaches out with his hand, Cooper kicks Constantine between his legs but The Power Trip was ready, he catches The Champions foot then hits The Axis angle slam right on a canvas! He falls backward on Cooper's chest and hooks his leg while leaning his head back as far as he can.....




    DING!! DING!! DING!!


    Copeland: He did it!! He did it!! New champion!! We have a new champion and this place is going crazy!!

    Harrys: The winner of this match and NEW WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... CONSTANTINE!!!!

    The continuous roar of the crowd shakes any camera trying to film Constantine. The new champion holds up his championship belt with one hand, the other holding his busted ribs, the emotion on his face shines through the pain as he lowers to belt to his own face and kisses it. Medical personal assist him up the ramp as the crowds reach out and pat his arm. Cooper recovers in the ring, he covers his face with both hands, realization seeping in that he's lost the one thing he holds dear in this world.

    Connor: Guys! We are only getting started here at Unscripted. It's going to take awhile to clean up and repair this mess!
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    In the parking lot a dirty Jeep speeds in and pulls out, barely fitting in a parking spot. Matt Tastic leaps over the top and to the ground with a backpack over his shoulder. Stacey Madison approaches him with a mic in tow and both make their way into the building.

    Madison: Matt Tastic, tonight is your first Championship match in years. You have the chance to eliminate a mayor Pay Per View losing streak. What match are you hoping for tonight?

    Tastic: Stacey, I really don't care what match gets chosen. I'm a veteran. I'm ready for anything. I want gold and to get gold, I need to take a rather small gamble. Is it the first time I've done that? No. Will it be the last? No. So what the hell do I have to worry about as far as match types? Now Callie on the other hand, hasn't exactly been quiet about not wanting a Mayhem match. Maybe she shot herself in the foot doing it. Her loss. I don't want her bitching after she loses. We done?

    Madison: One more question. Our next shows are in your home town. Your thoughts?

    Matt: Sounds like more incentive to win tonight. Callie, watch yourself. That title is mine now.

    Matt walks off into the building.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall....

    Harrys: By fan votes, the winner will receive $10,000!


    Harrys: Introducing first from Yonkers NY, weighing 275 pounds....The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

    After about 15 seconds Aive by hits the sound system and Tony Mancini walks out to cheers from the audience. Tony walks to the ring. He listens to the majority of fans cheer for him while there are still a few boos. He high fives some fans as he walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and takes off the Cornicello Charm his mother gave him, kisses it for luck and hands it to a ringside worker. As he waits for his opponent he kneels in the corner and with his head on the middle turnbuckle says a small prayer before the match.

    Copeland: Now that we have found out the stipulation, one would have to wonder what is going through Tony's mind right now.

    Connor: I could say the same for his opponent.

    Cohen: I'm disappointed in our fans for voting the money stipulation. A Stretcher match would have been more fitting.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    The arena goes dark. Wren enters the darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena. She then slowly enters the arena and climbs up each turnbuckle, bowing to the audience with her arms spread across.

    Copeland: Wren could have a lot to gain from winning this match. Both financially as well as her placement on the card.

    Connor: Wren has my full support.

    Cohen: I know I said it earlier, but I still can't believe Stretcher didn't win the poll.

    The two competitors stand in opposite corners of the ring facing each other. The bell is rung to start the match and Tony begins slowly approaching Wren. Wren wastes no time in going to climb to the top ropes. She uses a Missile dropkick on Tony! He gets up and Wren punches him. Six times. She tries to hit a seventh consecutive punch but Tony grabs her by the arm and shoves her into the ring corner. He uses a Running knee. They both get up. Mancini grabs Wren and uses a Bear Hug. Wren tries to break free, but Tony holds on tight. Wren punches Tony in the head three times, causing him to let go. Mancini is trying to regain his balance as the punches caught him off guard. Wren takes a few steps to the left and then runs at Tony using a Shining Wizard. Tony is down and she covers him for a pinfall. The ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Mancini!

    Connor: Wren is already taking extra measures to try to achieve a victory. I like the strategy she is using here.

    Copeland: Tony was able to withstand her offense, however, and the pinfall was unsuccessful. She's trying and it could pay off.

    Cohen: It's too early for her to try to get a pin.

    They both get up. Wren runs for the ropes and springs off leaping at Tony. He catches her and uses a Tilt-a-whirl Slam! He attemptes to cover Wren but she kicks him before he is able to cover. Wren gets up and kicks him five more times. Tony grabs her. She knees him in the face. Tony maintains his grip. He picks her up over his shoulders, but she reverses it and uses a Tornado DDT! Wren goes to cover Tony for a pinfall. The ref starts counting. 1.... 2.... kickout by Mancini! Tony gets up and Wren does so as well a couple of seconds afterward. He grabs her and uses a Facebuster! Tony stands up, waiting for Wren to get up. Another Facebuster on Wren! He covers her for a pinfall. The ref has begun to count. 1.... 2.... kickout by Wren!

    Copeland: Those two facebusters nearly ended the match! Wren has shown her determination to win this match.

    Connor: Indeed she has. I'd love to see what she would do with that prize money.

    Cohen: It's a silly stipulation. I'm more interested in who the better wrestler is. Not what the winner would do with a large amount of money.

    Both competitors get up. Wren runs for the ropes and springs off, only to be hit by a Clothesline from Tony. He goes to grab her but she kicks him in the face and rolls out of the way. Wren gets up. She does a Spinning heel kick! She takes a step back as Tony is standing up. Once Tony gets tp his feet Wren uses a Reverse roundhouse kick! Wren then picks Tony up and uses one of her signature maneuvers, a Michinoku driver! She covers Tony for a pinfall and the ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Mancini! Wren stands up and starts kicking Tony. She kicks him in the side five times and in the stomach 4 times. She picks him up once more and uses another Michinoku driver signature maneuver! Wren covers Tony again for a pinfall. 1.... 2.... kickout by Mancini! Wren rolls over and both competitors are laying down on their backs in the center of the ring.

    Copeland: Mancini has incredible resilience to have made it through such a string of offensive maneuvers. I can tell how much he wants to win the money.

    Connor: They both want that prize money. I think Wren wants it just a little more than Tony does, though.

    Cohen: Will you two stop it with the prize money already? These two are both former Eurasian Championship contenders. Why is that not being discussed more than the money?

    Tony is the first to get up. Wren is still down. Tony goes and climbs up on the top rope at the corner of the ring. He jumps off and uses a guillotine leg drop on Wren! He goes to climb the ropes again. Wren has not gotten up. Tony leaps off the ropes again attempting another guillotine leg drop, but Wren kicks him as he makes impact. Tony rolls over and Wren gets up. She quickly makes her way to the ropes and climbs up before using a Springboard clothsline on Tony. They both get up. Tony picks Wren up and uses an Atomic Drop followed by a Suplex. He covers her for a pin as the ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Wren! They both are quick to get up. Tony hits Wren with a forearm to the face and then grabs her and uses a DDT. Wren gets up. She tries to use a Dropkick but Tony dodges it. He picks her up and uses a signature maneuver, the Sidewalk slam! Tony covers Wren for a pin. 1.... 2.... kickout by Wren!

    Connor: Wren is still in the match! I thought that was it for her for a moment there. Luckily that was not the case.

    Copeland: A very impressive Sidewalk slam by Tony.

    Cohen: It didn't get the job done. That would have made it impressive.

    Both of them get up. Wren uses a Dropkick. As Tony stands up again Wren does a Hurricanrana! While he is down she kicks him four times and punches him two times. Tony shoves Wren away and stands back up. She approaches Tony quickly and uses an Enzuigiri. Tony tries to do a Bulldog but Wren dodges. She gets up on the ropes and uses a Moonsault, but Tony is able to evade it just in time. Wren hits the center of the ring. Tony goes over into a corner of the ring and waits for just the right moment. Wren slowly gets up, turns around and Tony uses his finisher, a Gore called the Il Siluro Italiano! The ref counts as Tony covers Wren for a pinfall. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner and the recipient of $10,000.... Tony Mancini!

    Copeland: Tony Mancini just became $10,000 richer. He must be so excited!

    Cohen: The fans made us lose out on seeing an excellent stretcher match. I'm still upset about that.

    Connor: Things did not go as Wren may have wanted, but I applaud her efforts. Plenty more action coming tonight, so stay tuned.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a Fatal Four Way match scheduled for one fall!

    Copeland: And this four way is not for bragging rights or an exhibition match to warm up the crowd. The winner of this match will become the number one contender to one of three WZCW championships, as voted by you, the WZCW Universe.

    Connor: One of the more unique stipulations tonight where the fans get to decide the future of a rising superstar. As long as you're the winner, you've struck gold.

    Cohen: As long as they win, CC... and then beat the champion. If any one of these rising stars are going to have any chance of getting a title around their waist, they need to bring it in this match tonight.


    Harrys: Introducing first, from the Dark Carnival, weighing 220 pounds... "The Great" Milenko!

    The music starts to the pulsing of black strobe lights. After a few seconds that feels like a few minutes pass by, Milenko is still yet to be found on the stage. The boos chorus from the fans as the entire arena plunges into darkness. As the lights turn back on, standing before the crowd, is the man they call Milenko. He sits patiently in the middle of the ring, staring at the ramp for his opponents.

    Cohen: After all these years, Milenko still creeps me out. Ugh.

    Copeland: Could you imagine if the fans voted for the Mayhem championship as the reward for the winning superstar? If you think Milenko is unnerving now, what until that result comes up.


    The crowd cheers as Ace Stevens walks onto the stage, kicking it to the opening bars to his own theme. He sees Milenko staring back at him but he does not seem phased as he smirks, continuing to strut his stuff for the crowd and giving off a smirk. He occasionally stops to interact with the fans, teaching some of the younger fans how to look as cool as the Ace of WZCW.

    Harrys: His opponent, next, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 228 pounds, who like to be announced as "The Next People's Champion"... Ace Stevens!

    Connor: Speaking of the Mayhem championship, here comes the former 3-time Mayhem champion himself. This man exemplified Mayhem for many months and if it wasn't for an injury he sustained before the 2nd WZCW Supershow, he might've rivalled Matt Tastic or Vega as the potential best Mayhem competitor.

    Copeland: As far as I could gather from talking to Ace earlier, the Mayhem title is not the championship he wants. He is looking for some fresh gold. That and he did not get introduced as "The American" something tonight because we are in Canada tonight; doesn't want to annoy the audience even further with superstars like Milenko who already do that. He said that, not me.

    Ace enters the ring and Milenko remains sitting in the middle of the ring. They exchange looks before Milenko looks up the ramp. Ace waves his hand in front of Milenko's stare but he does not budge. Ace shrugs his shoulders and finds his own space in the ring to prepare, interacting with fans when he can.


    Lights go out as soon as the entrance theme starts playing. A dark-orchid colored light starts flickering around all over the entire arena. After a while, it converts into a single spotlight on the entrance ramp when Yemrez runs towards the ring. She then removes her hoodie after entering the ring and makes a "heart" sign with her hands to the audience which results in a cheer from them.

    Harrys: Their opponent, from Tallinn, Estonia, weighing in at 151 pounds... "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

    Cohen: I still have no idea what makes her unorthodox. The closest explanation I can muster is how she can get through to the semi-finals of the Gold Rush tournament, blow everybody's minds with her skills and then proceed to do nothing of importance for a while. That is an unorthodox method to getting momentum and career recognition.

    Connor: I do not believe that is what she means by Ms. Unorthodox. What matters is that Yemrez Reqonic gets a chance at redemption tonight for her losing against Constantine. She may not have received the World championship match or even her dream match against Eve Taylor but she does get the opportunity to continue her impressive performances and earn herself a title match. This is the perfect opportunity for Yemrez.

    Yemrez makes a seat on the lowest rope, staring at Milenko and blocking his vision from looking at their final opponent. Milenko becomes annoyed with this gesture and stares menacingly at Yemrez. The two are locked in a gaze. Stevens notices this and is dumbfounded by the recent trends in staring competitions.


    Harrys: And finally, from The Pentagon, weighing in at 308 pounds... War Zone!

    The lights go out as War Zone's theme plays, followed by the crowd throwing jeers and boos in his direction. The monstrous figure slowly walks his way to the entrance and a spotlight dims on him. He relishes in the spotlight before the lights come back on and he slowly walks his walk to the ring. All eyes focused on the ring. He glares at someone at the audience as he continues his slow, methodical march.

    Copeland: The biggest and most imposing competitor in this match by far. War Zone is going to require using his power to overcome any obstacles he may encounter in this match because I guarantee the other competitors will do anything to keep their distance or outsmart him.

    Cohen: Yes but he is not an idiot, Seabass. He merely lacks experience in WZCW and in big time matches. He has a chance, on Pay-Per-View, to against some rising stars and veteran players to showcase to the audience they should take him seriously. Whether he wins or loses in this match, the future is only brighter for War Zone. Like a nuclear warhead going off. That kind of brightness.

    Connor: You truly have a way with words, Jack... but, I guess you are not wrong. Even if War Zone loses, he can go back to the drawing board and start again with these experiences under his belt. Learn from the mistakes. However, anything can happen in WZCW so let's not count out War Zone yet. He has a very good chance of being the next number one contender.

    War Zone enters the ring and slowly walks into the middle of the staring contest between Yemrez and Milenko. He stands still, making sure their visions are both blocked. Both annoyed, they look up at War Zone. He does not return the looks and continues his slow walk over to Ace Stevens, slamming his fist into his palm before turning his back. Behind his back, Stevens mocks him and referee Katy Shepard has entered the ring, making sure everything is right before she signals for the start. The theme of War Zone fades away.

    Harry: And now to reveal what you, the fans, have decided which championship the winner will challenge fo-

    Before Truman Harrys can finish the reveal, Milenko pops up from his sitting stance and delivers a massive bicycle kick to Yemrez Reqonic! The crowd boos heavily as Yemrez, caught off-guard still sitting on the lowest rope, is knocked to the outside and lands hard on the thin padding. Harrys quickly exists the ring as Milenko stares at what he has done, smiling. Referee Shepard tells him off before quickly checking on Yemrez on the outside.

    Copeland: What was that for? A cheap shot before the match has officially begun. He attacked Yemrez for no reason whatsoever!

    Cohen: That's what you get for not being ready at all times. She should not have sat on the ropes; she was completely exposed! Why not kick her and eliminate her from the early contention? One less competitor to deal with.

    Seeing at how unsportsmanlike, or in the mind of Ace Stevens how unpeopleschampionlike, Milenko's conduct was, he approaches Milenko from behind, spins him around and questions him about it? He pushes him, prompting Milenko to push back. The two then break out into a brawl. Referee Shepard, noticing all this and realising she has lost control already, she calls for the bell.


    Connor: N-Nani?! Are we starting the match like this? In a brawl?

    Cohen: The official has lost control and the competitors want to fight. So let them!

    Connor: But we do not even know what these competitors will be fighting for? What will be the championship they are challenging for?

    Copeland: I guess we will find out when the match finishes!

    Stevens and Milenko are trading punches with each other, squaring off in the middle of the ring. Yemrez is still lying outside on the floor, doing her best to recover from the shot. War Zone sees the two brawling and believes he is ignored by the competition. He rectifies this situation by bulldosing both competitors with a double running clothesline. Milenko is knocked to the outside with Stevens in the ring. Ace looks to pull himself up using the ropes but as soon as he gets to his feet, War Zone hits him with a big boot. Stevens falls, bouncing back off the ropes and back into War Zone who picks him up and delivers a running powerslam. War Zone does not go for the cover; rather, he cracks a small smile at his work.

    Copeland: War Zone is looking dominant in the opening of this contest. Doing well to hold himself in the ring.

    On the outside, Yemrez has managed to get to her feet, just managing to stand. Milenko is recovered and looks to finish off Yemrez. He goes for a European uppercut but Yemrez blocks and pushes Milenko back into the steel steps. Milenko grabs his back in pain before Yemrez throws him into the corner of the crowd barricade. Yemrez shakes off the cobwebs from her fall and prepares herself, backing up before running at Milenko with a handspring elbow smash. She follows up with a one-handed bulldog that leaves both competitors on the ground.

    Meanwhile, in the ring, War Zone is taking his time with some punches and kicks to a cornered Stevens. The Ace walks out dazed from the corner and War Zone kicks him in stomach, setting him up for a turnbuckle powerbomb. As War Zone picks up steam, looking to deliver the move to the corner, Stevens slips out and pushes War Zone into the corner using his own momentum. War Zone goes sternum first and remains in the corner, slowly turning around. Stevens uses this opportunity to size up War Zone and deliver a running splash. War Zone stumbles out the corner and Stevens runs the ropes, delivering a high knee strike. War Zone falls to a knee and Stevens runs again, hitting a facebreaker knee smash. War Zone is down and Stevens covers...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    and a power kick-out by War Zone.

    War Zone slides out of the ring, looking to recover. Stevens goes to chase but lets the big man out of the ring. He turns around to check the other competitors and gets a big running body block by Yemrez for his efforts, knocking him down.

    Cohen: What an ingenious strategy by Yemrez. She put herself in a bad position and played possum to lure the competitors in her trap to take advantage. She's more cunning than I expected!

    Yemrez runs the ropes, leaping over Stevens body who gets up immediately after. Stevens tries a clothesline but Yemrez ducks, continuing the run. Stevens attempts a high knee strike but Yemrez does a sliding evasion dodge, getting up quickly to catch Stevens with a leaping double foot stomp. She goes for the cover...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    and a kick-out by Stevens.

    Almost instantly, Yemrez applies a figure four neck lock on Stevens, looking for a submission. After a few seconds, she hits multiple push-up facebusters to knock Stevens silly. As she goes to turn back over, Milenko has re-entered the match and delivers a running kitchen sink to Yemrez, stopping the submission. He grabs Yemrez, tosses her to the outside and goes for a cover...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    and a kick-out by Stevens.

    Milenko picks up Stevens and goes for the neckbreaker. As he goes to hit it, War Zone enters the ring and grabs Milenko by the throat. As War Zone delivers his STO, Milenko delivers a neckbreaker to Stevens. Stevens rolls to the outside as War Zone attempts a cross armbreaker submission on Milenko.

    Connor: Back and forth. Back and forth. Every time someone gets the advantage, another person gets back into the fray. Nobody is letting the others take the spotlight away from them; even though they do not know which title they are challenging, they want this win to prove they are championship material.

    As War Zone wrenches on the arm, Yemrez slides in and delivers a 180 degree leg drop with added theatrics right on the big man's neck. Yemrez follows up with another spinning leg drop for good measure on War Zone. However, she hits a third on Milenko for his indiscretions and covers Milenko...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    and a kick-out by Milenko.

    Yemrez looks over to War Zone who is slowly rising to his feet. For his troubles, she hits a double palm thrust on him. Yemrez looks to run the ropes and deliver a big blow to War Zone but he manages to get up and respond to her with a sit-out spinebuster. As War Zone looks to get up, Stevens appears in the ring and runs at War Zone, hitting a spinning neckbreaker. He covers War Zone...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    and a power-out by War Zone.

    The force sends Stevens into the air and covers Yemrez...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    and a power-out by Yemrez.

    The force is enough to send Stevens into the air again and onto Milenko for a cover. However, Milenko senses this and throws a punch straight right into the incoming Stevens. He is flattened and stays on the canvas with the other competitors.

    Copeland: It is anyone's game now. All have an equal chance of seizing this opportunity to win this match. Who will capitalise?

    Cohen: Milenko looks to be the freshest. That was a mean straight right from him. Stevens might be out!

    Indeed, it is Milenko who is first to his feet and is met with War Zone. He hits War Zone with a series of punches, ducking a massive haymaker from War Zone and finishes with a headbutt. Milenko runs the ropes and hits a huge boot to War Zone, almost knocking him down. Milenko runs once again, looking for a big spear. As Milenko goes to hit it, War Zone catches him and delivers a series of nasty powerbombs. One powerbomb. Two powerbombs. Three. All in a row in the middle of the ring with each bomb sounding nastier than the last. After the three hits, War Zone looks down at Milenko with a smirk and decides to clear the ring of the rest of the competitors.

    He sees Yemrez attempting to get up and looks for the Missile of Death on Yemrez. As he goes for his patent superman punch, Yemrez does a matrix evasion and hits Nigh the Bliss on War Zone. He staggers and looks groggy. Yemrez, being the expert bodybuilder, attempts to pick up the heaviest competitor in the match. Slowly, she lifts War Zone on her shoulders, much to the applause and surprise of the crowd. War Zone goes his best to get out of the move... but Stevens hits his finisher on War Zone: the Punchline! This enables Yemrez to hit the Eerie Blitz - the rolling fireman's carry slam and into a moonsault.

    Connor: Amazing teamwork by the two!

    As Yemrez goes for the cover, Ace Stevens attempts the Winged Eagle. Yemrez rolls out and tries the Via Crucis. Stevens manages to roll out of the move and kick Yemrez in the stomach. He hits her with a lifting DDT! She hits the canvas with enough impact to bounce her back up and lean onto the ropes. Stevens hits a clothesline to take her over the top rope. With War Zone down and Yemrez on the outside, Stevens turns his attention to Milenko. He heads over and looks to finish off Milenko... but the Great One catches him with a surprise wicked spinebuster, nailing him into the canvas. Milenko groggily gets up and signals for the end!

    Stevens slowly gets into position as the crowd boos, not wanting to have the match end this way. Milenko waits for the opportune moment and goes to unleash a masterful Hell's Pit... but the strike misses! Stevens grabs Milenko by the waist, looking for a German. Milenko runs at the ropes as Stevens is holding on and uses the momentum to push Stevens off. Stevens rolls through and as Milenko turns around, Stevens nails a second punchline, this time to Milenko! The Great One goes down and Stevens covers..

    ... 1

    War Zone is beginning to stir.

    ... 2

    Yemrez is on her feet on the outside and looks to slide into the ring. As War Zone notices the pinfall and Yemrez is getting into the ring to break up the pin, it is all too late.

    ... 3!

    Referee Shepard calls for the bell and ends the match. Yemrez looks dejected that she did not break up the pin in time. War Zone is still recovering from his shots. Ace Stevens gets up and raises his hands in the air, elated by the victory.

    Harrys: Here is your winner... Ace Stevens!

    Connor: The former three-time Mayhem champion has done it! He has come back, got on a roll with momentum and he is now the new number one contender!

    Cohen: He managed to survive the chaos of a fatal four way, pick his spots and earned the victory. Well done. He deserved this one.

    Copeland: And that's not to forget the efforts made by all the other competitors in this match. Cunning strategies, brutal destruction and impressive feats of strength all made their mark... but they were no match for Ace Stevens.

    Connor: Speaking of matches, what is the next championship match that we will see Stevens in. We still do not know what title he is challenging for.

    As Stevens is celebrating, referee Shepard lets him know that the results will be displayed shortly on the titantron. He looks towards the big screen, as does the other three competitors who are curious as to what they would have received.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, Ace Stevens, the winner of this Fatal Four Way, will challenge for the championship that you decided... and that title is...

    With suspense, everybody looks:


    Harrys: ... The Eurasian Championship!

    Ace Stevens face goes from tired and breathing heavily to a turn of sudden joy and elation. He re-celebrates his victory in the middle of the ring, super excited to be challenging for the title he wanted to challenge. Yemrez, War Zone and Milenko are all shocked at the result and even more disappointed that they lost this match.

    Copeland: Ace Stevens has gotten the Eurasian championship opportunity! What a massive challenge he has ahead of him, no matter the winner of the tag team match tonight.

    Connor: If Titus Avison manages to retain tonight, Ace Stevens is in one hell of a fight. He is a legend who currently holds the title under a legendary reign... and if one member of Vis Imperium wins, then Ace Stevens has one hell of an uphill battle to take on the faction that holds all the keys to the castle. Either way, Stevens has got his work cut out for him.

    Cohen: It is almost a death sentence for Stevens. Ace is celebrating now but come tomorrow, he'll be deep in regret for winning this match. He made his comeback and now he is in the deep end. Good luck, Stevens, you're going to need it!
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    In the hallways backstage, a ruckus is heard and we see several employees, non-wrestlers, quickly scurrying away. The noise approaches and from around the corner, Justin Cooper staggers forward. Barely able to stand after the brutal Hell in a Cell match to open the show, Cooper keeps one arm on the wall to balance himself and pushes through the pain.

    Cooper: Where the hell are they? Mark! Xander! Andrew!

    He continues to move forward, pushing anyone in his path to the floor and cursing at them.

    Cooper: God damn it! Argh, where the hell are you lot?

    From afar we see the three other members of Vis Imperium hurrying towards their leader. Keaton and LeBelle are still dressed in their backstage attire.

    Cooper: Finally, did you three see what happened out there. Argh! I was robbed. John isn’t half the wrestler I am. It was that damn referee. I’ll make sure he never works again after what he did to me.

    Xander: Losing the World Title is an unfortunate setback to our plans and ambitions for this organization however we can still achieve something great tonight. It is not all lost, Justin. Tonight, Mark and I will deliver swift justice for you and Mr. Banks when we end the career of Tyrone Blades, and bring to end the reign of Titus Avison.

    End in his state of utter agony, Cooper forces out laugh.

    Xander: You don’t think we can do it?

    Cooper: I don’t know. I give a shit if you can win tonight. The tag match isn’t what we have to worry about. All of us have to focus on getting my World Title back. That’s the priority. I want my title back, right now!

    Adonis: That is a challenge we can tackle after tonight. Our focus must remain on doing what is best for the team.

    Nearly screaming at the top of his lungs, Cooper gets right in the face of LeBelle and Adonis.

    Cooper: The best thing for the team is for me to be World Champion! I need to be World Champion. I haven’t worked this hard to fall short of being in the main event of back to back Kingdom Come events. One person in the history of this company has done that and I’ve just had that chance taken for ME! I have been the best wrestler in the world for this entire year. I have beaten everyone they put in front of me. I deserve to be in the main event again. I DESERVE TO BE WORLD CHAMPION!

    Having stood there in silence the entire time, Keaton finally speaks.

    Keaton: Motherfucker, it’s not always about you!

    Everyone is stunned at the outburst, especially Cooper. He takes a few steps back and leans against the wall, his body still aching.

    Keaton: You lost, Justin. There is nothing we can do for you at the moment. We have a job to do and we’re going to do it. That’s what is best for the team. Xander and I are going to go out there and bring championship gold back to Vis Imperium. That’s what the team needs. We’re going to put an end to the career of Tyrone Blades and secure Mr. Banks’ position of power over this company. See, that’s what is best for the team since it benefits all of us.

    In frustration, Keaton gets in Cooper’s face.

    Keaton: Me, me, me, me… me! It’s not about you! This is about all of us. We’re all in this together. I’ll see you after we win the Eurasian Championship, as a fucking team.

    With that said, Keaton walks away and disappears along with LeBelle. Adonis remains a little longer than the rest and leans down to Cooper, the latter having slid down to the floor due to the considerable amount of pain he is in. Adonis helps Cooper up and the two head for the trainer’s room to get checked out.

    Connor: Some friction appearing between the members of Vis Imperium. That cannot be good for them considering the huge implications of their tag team match later in the evening.

    Cohen: If you noticed, Keaton and LeBelle were unified. That shows only positives for Vis Imperium. Clearly Cooper was just in a lot of pain and wasn’t feeling like him. He’ll be fine after some recovery and Vis Imperium will be stronger than ever.
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    The camera pans across the faces of both Logan McAllister and Eve Taylor as they stand in different locations backstage. Both of the competitors look hyped up for the match that is set to begin. But begin where? The camera then transitions to a shot of Truman Harrys in the ring with a microphone in hand.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall...

    With the scores shown on the tron, the fans in the arena cannot help but let out a squeal of anticipation for what they are about to see.

    Harrys: And will be contested under no disqualification rules in a boiler room brawl!

    With the announcement made, both competitors leave the static shot of their faces and begin making their way towards the annals of the arena. Logan seems to be the happier of the two as he adopts a smile and begins making his way down the corridor. The camera transitions back to a satic shot of the three commentators at ring side as they stall for time.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first. Eve Taylor and Logan McAllister will take part in a no disqualification match somewhere deep in the annals of this very building. A match, you might say, suits Logan McAllister more than Eve Taylor, Jack?

    Cohen: I would agree with that, Seabass. I don't think there is any doubting that Logan McAllister seems to have turned a very barbaric corner in his career lately. We all seen what he did to Constantine a couple of weeks ago. This type of brutality really suits someone like that. But don't get me wrong, Eve Taylor is capable of being that sick when she wants to be.

    Connor: Agreed on that front, Jack. I don't think there is any doubt that Tylor is the more accomplished grappler. But this stipulation really evens the score between the two. This match will be won and lost on who can cause more damage to the other.

    Finally, the camera transitions back to a shot of Eve Taylor walking down an empty corridor towards a dark and dreary part of the building. Suddenly, Logan McAllister jumps out from the darkness and nails her with a damaging double-axe-handle to the back of her head. Eve immediately hits the stone floor as Logan towers above her, a referee in tow. Logan wastes no time in going to work on the former runway model as he begins stomping her back and legs relentlessly – a sick look appearing on his face and getting more evident with every stomp that lands. The referee pleads with Logan to take it easy and to allow Eve back to her feet to start the match. But Logan doesn't need to listen to the referee and is making sure that the referee knows that fact.

    Copeland: Well, it seems as though this match is off and running, if you can even call it that. Just to be clear, the referee is only there to count the fall and nothing else, folks. There is no disqualification in this match and, more importantly, anything goes down there.

    Connor: And it seems as though Logan is already making the most of that lack of rules, Seabass. Those are some vicious stomps to Taylor and he is under no ruling to stop his onslaught. This could get ugly very early on.

    After finishing a few more stomps, Logan picks Eve up by the hair and pulls her back to her feet. Unceremoniously, however, he tosses her over a nearby table and into the brick wall that it sits against. The slapping sound of Eve hitting the wall is enough to bring a sickness to even the hardiest of stomachs but Logan doesn't care one bit. He grabs Eve by the hair again and pulls him off of the table and onto the floor below. Eve lets out a shout of agony as Logan grabs a metal sign from a nearby production cart and smashes it over her back. Eve hits the floor due to the impact with enough force to burst her lip in the process. With the taste of blood in her mouth, Eve turns around onto her back but is immediately greeted with the metal sign being smashes against her ribs and stomach. The fans inside the arena can be heard down in the basement as another sickening thud is heard at Eve's expense. The smile on Logan's face has not disappeared from the start of the match and, if anything, is growing wider with every sickening and punishing blow that he hits Eve with. Logan tosses the sign away and grabs Eve by the hair once more, dragging her towards the boiler room that the match was supposed to take place in – her legs kicking as she is dragged down the corridor.

    Copeland: This is totally sick, ladies and gentlemen. The stipulation in this match makes it so that the person who seizes control of the match in the early stages will be the one who controls the match throughout. And Logan has made sure that person is him. He has made sure that Eve is under his control from the get-go and that could mean some real punishment for Taylor.

    Cohen: She knew what she was getting into, Seabass. And by all accounts, she wasn't happy with being in this match up in the first place. She's made no secret of the fact that she was looking past a match with someone like Logan and making strides towards the main event. Well, Logan is showing her the error of her ways right now. And teaching her a lesson too.

    Once inside the boiler room, Logan picks Eve up and tosses drives her into the stone wall off to their side. Eve lets out another yell of agony as her back connects with the cold and unforgiving brick work. She crumbles to her knees and is immediately kicked square in the mouth by her oppressive opponent. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as Eve falls backwards and is immediately covered by Logan. The referee counts the first fall in the match but is only able to reach a count of 1 before she gets her shoulder off of the floor. Logan gets to his knees and slaps the floor in frustration. He punishes Eve with a few stiff shots to the face before getting back to his feet and pulling Eve back to her own vertical base. Logan looks around the room for inspiration on how to make Eve's life even more of a misery at this point. He spots a nearby metal platform and tosses Eve over it, causing her to disappear from view for a few moments. Logan lets the same sick smile appear on his face as he begins crawling over the metal platform to meet Eve. Suddenly, Eve gets to her feet – appearing from behind the platform like a phoenix rising from the ashes. And she is not doing it alone. She pulls a fire extinguisher from beneath her and immediately uncorks it right into the eyes of her barbaric opponent. Logan stumbles backwards, his arms flailing as he tries to keep the foamy liquid out of his eyes and face. He retreats off of the platform but is soon joined by his opponent as she dives off of the metal platform and nails him over the head with the metal extinguisher.

    Connor: Wow! Logan McAllister is now learning that the boiler room match giveth and the boiler room match taketh away. He has taken Eve to the limit so far in this – I don't know if you would call it a match – but now Eve is finding that she can punish Logan just as much as a result.

    Copeland: Absolutely, CC. Anything goes in this match, we have continually said that. And now that Taylor has her wits about her, who knows what kind of trouble Logan might fins himself in. One thing is for sure though, she will want to exact quite a bit of revenge for the punishment that Logan gifted her from the surprise start.

    Eve gets back to her feet and stands above the man who has given her such a torrid start to this match, looking down on him as he tries to wipe the foam from his eyes. But Eve is in no mood to allow Logan to get his senses about him again. This time, it is the turn of the former model to adopt a sick look on her face as he grabs Logan by the hair and pulls him back to his feet. She grabs his head and moves towards a steel pipe off to her right. She pulls Logan's head backwards and then thrusts it forward, smashing his face into the pipe. Logan falls to one knee as Eve walks away from him calmly. Suddenly, she turns on her heels and runs towards Logan, nailing him with a running drop-kick that sends his face and body smashing into the steel pipe that he is becoming very familiar with. Eve immediately crawls on top of her opponent for the pin fall. But the referee is only able to make it to a count of 2 before Logan gets his shoulder up and the match continues. Eve doesn't seem too disappointed with the thought of continuing to punish Logan for his sins in the earlier part of this match. She quickly gets back to her feet, putting the near fall behind her. She looks around the room for inspiration this time, as she spots a steel chair behind various cables. Grabbing the chair and moving back towards Logan, Eve only has one thing on her mind. As Logan struggles to get back to his feet, he rolls over onto his stomach, presenting his back to the Gold Rush finalist. An opportunity that Eve does not pass up as she brings the chair down on Logan's back 3 times in a row – each shot sending a sickening thud through the annals of the arena.

    Cohen: Come on now, Eve, that's enough!

    Copeland: Enough, Jack? Where were your protestations when Logan was putting the screws to Eve Taylor only a few minutes ago. Logan is getting exactly what he is owed for his actions recently and there is no way that Eve is going to stop with the opportunity to exact some revenge on him.

    Connor: How these two competitors have suffered this much punishment already in this match is beyond belief quite frankly, gentlemen. For us mere mortals, this match would be over already. But both of these competitors are nothing if they are not full of pride. I have a feeling it is going to take something particularly heinous to stop this contest.

    Eve, mercifully, stops the attack at 3 chair shots and then moves away from Logan for a second. She pulls the chair open and puts it down on the stone floor. She takes a moment to get her breath back before going over to Logan and pulling him back to his feet. But Logan is looking a little worse for wear now. He stumbles towards the nearby chair as Eve guides him towards it. She looks as though she has some serious malice on her mind as she sets Logan down on the chair in a seated position. She leathers Logan with a stiff shot to the side of his head to make sure that he is compliant with her wishes and then moves away from him quickly. She gets about 20 feet away from him and then turns back towards him. Suddenly, she makes a run towards him, looking to deliver more punishment to the Son of Boston. But her plans are quickly put to bed as Logan gets up from the chair and nails Eve with a drop-toe-hold so that he face collides with the steel chair with vicious speed and a sickening thud. Eve lies motionless on the floor as Logan gets back to one knee and looks down at her with an evil look on his face. Logan garbs the almost crumpled steel chair and gets to his feet. He tries to fold it back together but it is almost destroyed and does not comply. Letting out a frustrated yell, he tosses the chair towards a nearby pipe with devastating force. Suddenly, a crack appears in the pipe and hot steam begins to escape from the metal housing. Logan shields his eyes from the popping noise of the steam escaping before eyeing the ridiculously hot steam as a game changer.


    Connor: I don't like this, gentlemen! I really don't like this at all. This is a professional wrestling match at the core of everything else. The look and ideas in the mind of Logan McAllister right now goes way beyond that. Someone needs to stop him before he ends the career of Eve Taylor or maybe worse!

    With Eve lying motionless at his feet, Logan studies the hot steam for a few seconds – perhaps wondering if he is man enough to go through with the act of maiming his opponent for life. Suddenly, he comes to his senses again and grabs Eve by the hair. At this point, Eve is dead weight though. Logan struggles to pull her back to her weary feet but soon does. He moves her away from the leaky pipe for a moment, smashing her head off of another metal pipe for good measure. He begins sliding Eve up a perpendicular pipe towards the steam – sweat beginning to pour down the face of the Son of Boston as they get closer. Suddenly, Eve takes notice of what awaits her as she gets closer and closer. She fights with everything she has left in her as Logan focusses on driving her towards her demise. Suddenly, Eve raises her right leg behind her and catches Logan with a swift kick to his balls. Logan falls to his knees as Eve falls to the floor. She looks at the steam pouring from the pipe and then at Logan – struggling to believe that someone would go as far as to perhaps end her career once and for all. She looks totally shocked and almost frightened of the malice in her opponent. Getting to her feet, Eve begins retreating from battle. She manoeuvres through some of the thick pipes and into a jungle of steel.

    Cohen: Is she leaving? Come on, Eve! What a coward!

    Copeland: You have got to be kidding me, Jack?! Eve Taylor was almost irreversibly scarred by a bloody mad man with delusions of grandeur. A match is a match but what we just witnessed was something that should never have happened. Shame on Logan McAllister for even thinking about going through with it.

    Connor: There is no wonder why Eve is high-tailing it, Jack. You seen the fright in her eyes as she sat on the floor there. That could have been the end of her career and it is not worth it.

    As Eve disappears into the darkness, Logan lets a look of sheer anger cross his features. He gets to his feet, holding his crown jewels as he makes a dash for where Eve just disappeared into. He knows that his chance to win the match is disappearing with every step that Eve gets away from him. Logan steps into the maze of metal, too, both competitors obscured from view as clanging metal sounds can be heard. The camera searches around for a sign of either of the competitors and suddenly catches a glimpse of Eve Taylor climbing the metal pole above their location. The referee pleads with Eve to make her way down but it soon becomes clear that she is not considering that. As she moves up the pole, she soon comes to a metal platform about 15 feet above the floor below. She falls onto the platform and out of view of the camera. Soon after, Logan makes his appearance up the pole, with what looks like a blow-torch in his hands. His chances of scarring Eve for life may have fallen through a moment ago but he has not given up on it altogether seemingly. As Logan reaches out for the platform that Eve rests on, she begins getting to her feet and moving away from the Son of Boston. Logan finally gets onto the platform and the camera can now see both competitors. Logan goes to light the blow-torch but Eve kicks it right out of his hand, causing him to stumble backwards and almost off of the elevated platform.

    Copeland: Stop this right now! This is crazy, ladies and gentlemen! That platform must be 15 or 20 feet above the floor. There is no way that this ends happily for either one of these competitors! We need to get someone down there to stop this madness!

    Cohen: Logan McAllister had a blow-torch in his hands, Seabass! I don't see anyone being stupid enough to get between these two in a hurry. Their only desire at this point in time is to hurt the other as much as they possibly can and that is dangerous for everyone.

    As the two superstars fight it out on the platform, there is a tense atmosphere in the arena. No one knows what is going to happen. And as palms get sweaty in the arena, there is an overwhelming feeling that this is not going to end well. Eve and Logan trade stiff shots with each other but it is Logan who gets the better of it. He nails Eve with a cruel rake to the eyes to send her reeling backwards – the balls of her feet hanging off of the platform as she struggles for balance. Beneath the two competitors, a hive of electrical equipment can be seen. Logan salivates as the thought of Eve falling to her peril but Eve soon regains her balance and moves towards the middle of the small platform again. This time, Logan looks for the clothesline that that will take Eve down. But, somehow, Eve manages to duck under the arm of Logan and puts him in the same perilous position she found herself in only seconds ago. The crowd holds it's breath watches as Logan tries to steady himself. After a few seconds, he does. But, without any hesitation, Eve nails him with a stunning big boot that sends him plummeting towards the electrical equipment below!

    Copeland: NO! NO!

    Connor: JESUS CHRIST!

    As Logan falls, he exits the view of the camera and disappears out of sight. The camera looks into the abyss as electrical sparks light up the boiler room and then a massive boom fills everyone's ears. Suddenly, the power in the room goes out and the whole arena is plunged into darkness. The camera shot shifts to inside the arena where only the light of recording cellphones light the arena. Suddenly, the power comes back on and the arena is lit again. The camera returns to the boiler room, where Eve Taylor can be seen peering over the platform at her opponent below. She looks frightened as she peers down at the unknown. Suddenly, she dives from the platform and into the darkness below in a stomping movement!


    The camera moves around the side of the fenced off area that Eve and Logan now find themselves entrenched in. The referee and some backstage staff finally find a way through the mess to where Logan and Eve are lying. Both are motionless but breathing, thankfully. Suddenly, Eve's hand rises into the air – shaking with adrenaline coursing through it. She drops her arm across the chest of her opponent and the referee makes the fall. 1... 2... 3! It is finally over!!

    Harrys: Here is your winner... Eve Taylor!!

    Copeland: There are no winners in this match, folks. No winners at all...

    Cohen: I don't know what to say, Seabass. That was one of the most insane matches I have ever witnessed at any WZCW event. Eve Taylor has took the win but there are bigger issues in play here. Are Logan and Eve okay, first and foremost.

    Connor: That match got out of hand so quickly, ladies and gentlemen. As we get more news on the health of Eve and Logan we will, of course, bring it to you as quickly as we can. Thankfully though, it seems as though both of them are alive and kicking. A feat that many would have thought impossible after than insane finish.
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    Elsewhere in the arena, we find Leon Kensworth standing by with none other than the reigning WZCW Mayhem Champion. Randy Studd is dressed to compete and has a single rose in his mouth, the title belt around his waist.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been given the chance to get a few words from the current Mayhem Champion, Randy Studd before he competes later in the evening. First off, thank you joining me. Secondly, you’ve got three match options that the fans can vote on tonight, which match type do you want to compete in?

    Seductively removing the rose from his mouth, Studd looks into the eyes of Leon.

    Studd: You see this rose? This is the same rose I took from Obi Okafor after I dethroned the false King of the mayhem division. The same rose I took from his lifeless body after I beat him from pillar to post at Gold Rush, do you remember? It was a night of passion, lust and thrust!

    A smirk appears on Studd’s face as he places the rose in Leon’s top pocket.

    Studd: As for your question, I don’t care what kind of match these people put me in. No matter the choice, Vox doesn’t stand a chance when he steps into the ring with me. You think he can go toe to toe with a man of my calibre? Just take a look at me, Leon. I see you appreciating the sculpture that stands before you. Vox can’t match what I have. Who would be on the cover of magazines? We can’t have someone who looks like Vox on the cover of GQ. No, Vox simply isn’t championship material but I am. My body, pristine as it can be, women fainting as I walk through the curtain, being a champion is what I was born to be.

    Kensworth: Anything else you’d like to say?

    Studd: Just that if Vox thought he was going to throw this title in his little collection pot than he was sorely mistaken. Tonight, I’ll make a donation. I’ll donate a life lesson and that lesson is that Vox, along with every other man in WZCW and the world, cannot stand next to me. They are inferior, I am the perfect man and tonight, I’ll be the perfect champion.

    The interview concludes but Studd remains, most athletes walk away but not Studd, he stares into the camera and blows a gentle kiss.
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    The crowds cheer as beach balls drop from the ceiling and land into the crowd and the ramp. Batti comes out running back and forth and kicking the balls into the audience. She seems overtly excited as she tries to strike a pose but does so clumsily. More beach balls drop and there's so many now that Batti is completely consumed and not visible to the viewing audience. A hundred beach balls suddenly explode sending confetti in the air as Batti stands in a pose in the middle of the carnage, she has a serious expression on her face as the camera zooms right in on her eyes.

    Harrys: The following contest is a chain match, scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring, from Neo Japan weighing in at 115 pounds...Batti!

    Copeland: She's headbanging her way around the ring folks, Batti is ready here at Unscripted.

    Connor: Batti and Kagura have had quite a rivalry here in WZCW as of late. It started back at The 10th Anniversary Show for the KFAD briefcase that we now know as QFAD. It came down to Batti and Kagura for the final two and it was Kagura who came out on top.

    Cohen: These two combatants are so evenly matched that this contest can go all night! But it won't because of one little, destructive addition to this match...ha ha! Of course I'm talking about the steel chain that'll be tied to their wrists! That one weapon tied to both Batti and Kagura is going to make all the difference here at Unscripted and I can't wait to see how these two will use it to gain an advantage.

    Harrys: And her opponent...

    Harrys: from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 145 pounds, Kagura!

    As her music plays pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. She walks down the ramp through the mist, she has the Queen for a Day briefcase with her, she stops and holds it up for nearby fans who applaud. There is a noticeable dent in one corner of the case as the camera zooms in on the front side of the QFAD prize. Kagura hands off the case to a ring worker and climbs the steel steps. She enters the ring and gives Batti a quick look before bowing to the hard camera.

    Copeland: And here is the holder of that prestigious King for a Day briefcase now called Queen for a Day, Kagura is the first woman competitor to hold that honor. She looks focused as ever here in Toronto!

    Connor: I don't know if you gentlemen noticed but there was a sizeable dent in one corner of the briefcase, I'm trying to think when that happened and I can't place it.

    Cohen: That's none of our business Cat! Not all of these wrestlers keep their lives open for the world to see their every movement outside of wrestling. She was probably out getting hammered at some club and smashed a guy who tried to hit on her!

    Connor: For starters, she would never drink alcohol Jack, plus why would she bring her QFAD briefcase to a club with her?

    Cohen: Like I said, it's none of our business! She probably wanted to show it off to everyone and smashed somebody with it.

    Copeland: I think that dent can stay a mystery for now, Referee Akiyama is attaching that deadly looking steel chain to Kagura's wrist, she looks overly happy to be connected to the weapon, I'm curious to see if Batti feels the same way.

    Referee Akiyama turns and attaches the heavy steel chain to Batti's wrist, the look of nervousness is immediate on the erratic wrestler. Once it's firmly attached she tries to bite off the leather brace, Akiyama yells at her and tells her to stop trying to take off the brace holding the chain. He shakes his head and motions to the timekeeper.


    Kagura immediately hauls on the chain with both arms making Batti stumble forward a little. Kagura laughs at her opponents clumsiness. Batti makes on like she's going to do the same thing, causing Kagura to brace her feet, Batti yells -Psyche!- and runs across the ring with speed! She jumps and slides into Kagura's legs with a fast baseball slide dropkick, causing Kagura to hit the canvas face first. Kagura scrambles to her feet but Batti is on her quickly, slapping and chopping at the QFAD holder's shoulders and head with everything she can throw at her, Kagura stops the momentum with a blazing quick chain whip to Batti's face! Crack! Batti falls to the mat quickly, holding her stinging face.

    Ohhhhhhhh! ​

    The camera zooms on a little girl with a Batti shirt on covering her mouth in shock. Kagura has a slightly evil smirk on her face now as she wraps the chain around her forearm and elbow.

    Copeland: My goodness, that's a weapon being wrapped around a weapon.

    Kagura starts laying in vicious chain assisted forearm shots to a downed Batti, over and over again while Batti has her arms wrapped around her head to try and fend off the heavy blows. The clinking, vicious forearms continue, little droplets of blood can be seen on Batti's red arms. Kagura unwraps the chain and rubs her sore forearm. She kicks Batti a few times to her shoulders and legs then drops down for a cover.



    Batti kicks out and Kagura grabs her in a headlock to contain her.

    Cohen: It didn't take long for that chain to become a factor! I think Kagura can...WHOA! Look at this!!!

    Batti and Kagura are standing but Batti has slipped out the back and wraps the chain around Kagura's head and stands right on her back while leaning back to tighten the chain on her head! The crowds react as Batti yells as she leans back even further, Kagura claws at the chain wrapped tightly around her nose and eyes, staggering around the ring with a furious opponent standing horizontally on her back for leverage. Kagura whips herself backwards, causing Batti to fall on the canvas with authority. She unwraps the chain from her face and turns to get advantage but gets a boot right to the face, dropping her to the mat. Batti jumps to her feet, she wraps the chain around both of Kagura's legs and goes for a quick chain assisted pin....



    Kagura kicks out.

    Connor: There is a ferociousness to Batti that I've never seen before guys! She is really starting to scare me here, that mad look hasn't left her ever since Kagura whipped her in the face with that chain earlier.

    Cohen: Were you expecting her to giggle and wave to the fans for the majority of this match Cat? Damn right she's gonna be mad, who wouldn't be when you're getting hurt with every move with this steel chain involved. I'd be furious by now and so would you!

    Copeland: Look out here! Both wrestlers are on their feet and the exchange is on!!

    Batti and Kagura are chopping and kicking each other in the center of the ring, Kagura quickly switches to palm strikes and takes the advantage with lightning fast attacks at Batti's face and neck area, the smacking is fast and furious as Batti stumbles back to the ropes. Kagura wraps the chain around Batti's neck and jumps over the top ropes! She's hanging outside the ring while Batti struggles to breath as the chain tightens around her neck, her face starts to turn really red!

    Copeland: Oh my god! Stop that! Stop that right now! She could end Batti's LIFE here!! What the hell is she thinking?!?!

    Batti looks like she's starting to fade, referee Akiyama struggles to free her but he can't, he starts yelling in panic at Kagura to stop what she's doing. Kagura smiles and yanks on the chain a little longer. She then crawls back up the apron, Batti falls face first to the canvas. Kagura grabs the top rope and springboards over them into a knee drop right on the back of Batti's head. She hooks her leg...



    Batti kicks out! Cheer! Kagura can't believe she didn't win, she wraps the chain around Batti's legs and hauls her across the ring, she rolls under the ropes and pulls Batti's legs around the ringpost and attempts to lock in a ringpost assisted figure four leglock but Batti sits up and grabs Kagura by the hair and hauls back as hard as she can, causing Kagura to ring her face right off the steel post! Batti rolls out of the ring, she picks up her stunned opponent then stands her there, Kagura is woozy and having trouble standing, Batti whips the chain right in her face! Clink crack! dropping Kagura to the padded mats. Batti climbs on the ring apron, just enough slack on the chain to tighten it, Kagura makes her way to her feet, Batti runs and nails her with Glomp! The diving spear takes Kagura off of her feet and to the mats. Batti slowly makes it to her feet, she wraps the chain around her fist and holds it up in the air.

    Connor: Like I said, she is a woman possessed here tonight and that chain wrapped fist has nothing but a painful future for Kagura here!

    Cohen: Listen to these neanderthals in Toronto! One minute they're happy go lucky with the cartoon version of Batti, now they're going nuts for hardcore, evil Batti! This is madness!

    Batti starts windmilling her arm faster and faster while Kagura struggles to make it to her feet, faster and faster Batti's arm spins....

    WHAM! Batti nails Kagura right between the eyes with a chain assisted wind up punch! Kagura is floored instantly! Batti screams and unwraps the chain from her fist, she keeps screaming as she holds her hand up, her index finder is bent in the opposite direction! She grabs it and screams again, snapping it back into place!

    Copeland: Oh my god! Are you serious?! Call this match off, that finger is destroyed, she has to be in tremendous pain!

    The camera zooms in on Batti's face, she looks ready to cry but there's also a freaky, determined madness in her eyes as well, she holds her fist in pain then walks over to Kagura, she picks her up off of the padded mats....


    The fans react as blood is pouring down Kagura's face from a gash on her forehead! Batti rolls the woman in the ring, she struggles to climb in herself with her damaged finger. She makes a signal that she's had enough, she waits for the blood covered Kagura makes it to her feet, Batti spins her around and hits the Batbreaker that whips Kagura into the ropes rebounding backwards into an axe kick to the back of the head! Batti takes the chain and starts whipping Kagura over and over again in complete madness! She falls on her for the cover...



    Kagura kicks out and wraps the chain around Batti's neck! She rolls her over while locking in a body scissors and chain assisted sleeper hold for Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami ! Fans jump to their feet as the special submission move is applied!

    Copeland: That's the fourth dance! The fourth dance is applied with the chain! This has to be it!

    Cohen: Unbelievable resiliency from Kagura to fight off the offense and lock in her special submission hold! This is incredible!

    Kagura is screaming as she tightens the hold, blood is dripping off of her face and pooling behind her head as she has a mad look on her features, Batti's face is turning red as the chain chokes her with the sleeper wrapped around her head and the body scissors crushing much needed oxygen! Batti starts to claw at the mat, but her injured finger just sends pain through her hand, she raises her hand, ready to tap out....

    But she tucks her hand inside her trunks! She scrambles around and hauls out a firework! She flicks her thumb and lights it! She lets it fall behind her and ....

    POP!!!! FIZZZ!!! A rocket and sparks shoot out, igniting Kagura's hair on fire! The firework shoots across the ring and explodes on the turnbuckle sending sparks and smoke everywhere! Kagura is forced to release the hold as she pats at her own hair, trying to extinguish the flames!

    Connor: Unbelievable! Now THAT is the most unique way I've ever seen anyone get out of a submission hold! Somebody help Kagura! She's not going to have any hair left if that keeps burning!!

    A WZCW staff member jumps in the ring and uses a fire extinguisher to put out the flames in Kagura's hair. Batti dropkicks the staff member right over the top ropes! Kagura makes it to her feet, with white fire suppressant all over her now, Batti nails her in the stomach with the fire extinguisher! She bounces off of the ropes and hits Kawaii Kick!! sending Kagura face first to the canvas, creating a splashing blood spot. Batti jumps down for the cover...



    Kagura kicks out!!!!



    Batti rolls to her back, exhausted and not believing her special move failed to put Kagura away. The Toronto faithful is exploding in the crowds, cheering on both wrestlers.

    Batti slowly makes it to her feet, she hauls Kagura to her feet, she kicks Kagura in the gut then whips her in the back on the head with the chain, it staggers Kagura more, Batti removes her boot, she bounces off of the ropes again and hits ❤ Sooo Kawaii Kick ❤: but Kagura dodges it!! She jumps and hits Batti with First Dance of Awarawa no Mikoto the shining wizard sends Batti flying through the middle ropes, the momentum hauls Kagura neck first into the top ropes, bending her head back in an awkward angle then draping her limp body on the middle ropes!

    Copeland: NO! That was just sickening! She could very well have a broken neck here! Somebody come out and check on her please! Stop this match before somebody gets killed!

    After several moments, medics come out and check on Kagura. She still hasn't moved and they gently lay her down in the ring, the fans are standing, slack jawed at the scene before them. Batti rolls in the ring, she has a concerned expression now as the medic shine pen lights in Kagura's eyes, they check her bad cut and wipe away some blood from her face. Batti turns to the fans, she starts clapping, trying to get the fans to get behind Kagura so she'll be O.K, but they react when Kagura jumps Batti from behind! She punches her in the face with a the chain then jumps on her shoulders, she quickly rolls forward for Third Dance of Amenouzume no Mikoto – Manami Toyota style high speed victory roll and wraps the chain around one of her legs quickly!!!



    Batti kicks out!!

    Cheeeeeeer !!​


    Copeland: She kicked out! She kicked out! Can you believe this?! I thought that was it for sure!!

    Both women lay in the center of the ring, breathing heavy and covered in bruises, cuts, red marks, Kagura with a new stream of blood pouring out of her cut, Batti with her finger swollen double it's size, Kagura with parts of her hair singed and white fire ******ant all over her. The medics cleared the ring but watched with concern on the outside. Referee Akiyama starts asking if they can continue, they both growl at him to shut up. They both slowly make it to their feet, they lean on each other in the center of the ring. The fans start chanting - This is awesome- as they continue to lean on each other for support. Kagura fires off a slow, lethargic palm strike that Batti absorbs to her face, Batti slaps back, then whips the chain at Kagura's face but she dodges it, a really hard palm strike flies from Kagura this time! Crack! right on Batti's nose! Blood starts pouring out of her nose as her eyes water, she back pedals to the ropes, blood dripping down into her mouth. Kagura runs and swings the chain but Batti ducks, she wraps the chain around Kagura's knee and picks her right up in a facelock! DANGEROUS DDT with the chain wrapped around her knee! Both wrestlers are tangled in the chain now, Batti with one last effort...rolls over in the tangled mess and lays on top of Kagura...



    3 !!!



    Harrys: The winner of this match, Batti!!

    Copeland: Unreal match! Simply unbelievable effort by both of these women! What a brutal, bloody exchange and Batti had the last move!

    Connor: Batti had to dig down deep and go outside her normal arsenal and PLANT Kagura with that chain wrapped, dangerous DDT right on her head. I really hope Kagura is alright after this, same with Batti, she went through hell here at Unscripted. They need medical attention.

    Batti is helped to her feet by medics, other medics check on Kagura on the canvas. Akiyama takes the chain off of both women. Batti stumbles to the turnbuckle, she wipes the blood from her nose and climbs the turnbuckle, she raises her fist in the air and the crowds cheer.
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    The trainer's room is shown, specifically the outside of it and moments later the door opens, revealing Lynx. He steps out of the room dressed to compete, looking happy to be here. That look changes when Triple X approaches him, a scowl on his face and his fist clenched. The two men square off, X inching closer and getting right in Lynx's face.

    Triple X: You owe my fifty thousand dollars. Do you understand how much that is or does money hold no value in this stupid future that you supposedly live in?

    Lynx: Money holds value, the same as it does in this time. The difference is that people have to earn money the right way. I could not stand by a watch you assault Constantine. That would have caused a shift in time and may have seen Vis Imperium retain the World Championship earlier in the night.

    Scoffing, X shoves Lynx hard against the wall.

    Triple X: That's utter crap! I want my damn money, Lynx. Tonight, I'll either get that money from you or I'll beat 50k worth of punishment out of you.

    Lynx: I have seen the future and it does not have you being the richer man.

    A scuffle breaks out between the two men. Lynx blocks a right hand and tackles X to the ground. Both men are firing off punches when security runs onto the scene and rips them away from each other. X is able to break free and lands a sucker punch while Lynx is held by three security officers and his hands are behind his back. Finally, Chuck Myles appears and gets between the two groups of security guards.

    Myles: Enough of this! You two will not ruin this event by causing chaos backstage. Save it for the ring or I'll have both your jobs.

    The General Manager of Meltdown holds his position to make sure nothing else goes down. X wriggles free, shoving the security and walks away while Lynx rubs his jaw.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is a...

    The camera pans around the crowd. We see signs dotted around including one saying Star Vox and another says “Randy for Studd”. In the ring is a ladder but attached to one turnbuckle is a giant pole. The Titantron flashes.

    The camera cuts backstage to show an exotic dancer leave Randy Studd saying “I guess I'm not needed”

    Cohen: Well I would have liked to have seen her in the pole match.

    Copeland: You can't say that it's an inappropriate comment. Aren't I right Cat?

    Connor: I'd like to see her in the pole match.

    Harrys: Ladder match and it is for the WZCW Mayhem Championship!

    The crowd cheer once again as the stage crew take down the pole and set up a few more ladders.

    Harrys: Introducing first from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

    Vox marches out onto the stage with his collection tin in his hand. Fans wave money at him as Vox walks down the ramp, stopping to add to his fund. While gathering some extra funds before the biggest match of his career, Vox heads over to ringside and grabs a microphone. His music is cut off and Vox signals for a spotlight.

    Vox: This my people is a beautiful night. Tonight, you will witness the greatest donation of them all when Randy Studd delivers the Mayhem Title to my doorstep. For the betterment of the world, I shall become Mayhem Champion and help create change in a division so filled with violence.

    Walking over to some fans, Vox extends his hand and grabs one of their own.

    Vox: Bless you all! May you have a wonderful life!

    Harrys: And now, making his way down the ramp, residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, WZCW Mayhem Champion, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Studd is quickly making his way toward the ring and rips off his waistcoat. He has yet another rose, a different one than earlier tonight and instead of handing it to a fan he crushes it in his hand and pitches it at Vox, hitting the challenger right in the face with it. Studd holds the Mayhem Championship high in the air, climbing the turnbuckle and looks down at Vox on the outside. The referee orders Studd back and this allows for Vox to get into the ring, both men in opposite corners and the match ready to begin.

    Cohen: My money is on Studd here, how can anything else happen? Vox is still looking for that momentum.

    Copeland: I think the ladder match may fit Vox more, his agility is a strength here.

    Connor: It could go either way. The one thing that is guaranteed is the fans will get a great showing from both competitors.

    Referee Elizabeth Prince is in the middle of the ring as Vox and Studd look at each other. The champion is first out the blocks as he runs over to Vox, Vox ducks and has the speed advantage here despite. He gives a few swift punches to Studd. Vox with the opening advantage.

    Studd is a bit confused as to what has happened here as he's in the corner now. Vox still at it with the quick punches. Studd's anger builds as he delivers a swift right punch to the face of Vox. Using this Vox is whipped into the ladder in the middle of the ring. Studd slowly walks over, his frame menacing. Studd picks up Vox and gives him a body slam onto the ladder.

    Cohen: Great start by the ladies man.

    Connor: I felt that from here! Vox will have a sore back in the morning.

    Studd flexes himself to a barrage of boos. He picks up Vox again and goes for another body slam. Vox somehow is able to swiftly move and misses the ladder. He still crashes onto the mat but Studd looks pissed off. He goes to grab Vox again who is able to slide round and grab Studd from behind.

    Vox grabs Studd and bounces him off the ropes. The back body drop crashes Studd onto the ladder who makes an awful scream. Vox grabs Studd and pulls him off the ladder. He looks at the ladder, sets it up and smiles. The crowd cheer at this and Vox laughs to himself and proceeds to cover Studd for a pin! Referee Elizabeth Prince doesn't count and Vox gets angry with her. He shouts “HIS FOOT WASN'T ON THE ROPE”

    Copeland: Doesn't everyone do this in a ladder match?

    Connor: I don't think so but that was silly by Vox.

    Studd uses this to his advantage as he stands up, flexes to the crowd and taps Vox on the shoulder. DDT knocks Vox down on the mat. Studd uses this as a perfect opportunity to give a wink to Elizabeth Prince but her face says it all. Randy then starts to climb the ladder.

    Vox is still out on the mat as Studd gets three quarters of the way up the ladder. Looks up to the Mayhem title. He turns around, faces Vox and Studd signifies what's happening next by grabbing his own crotch. He leaps...Money Shot...It connects.

    Cohen: Brave move by Studd, astounding leap if you ask me.

    Copeland: I believe the term is foolish.

    Studd sets up the ladder properly so it's directly below the Mayhem title. He climbs up but it's not a fast climb, he's just jumped off the thing after all. He slowly makes his way up. Vox begins to move too, he's now on all fours. Studd doesn't notice this and is focused on one thing only.

    Studd gets to the top. Instead of grabbing the belt he does a thrusting of his hips to boos from the crowd. That few seconds delay allows Vox to crash into the ladder. This knocks Studd from the top but Vox falls too.

    The crowd are electric as true Mayhem has been unleashed. Vox stands up and picks up Studd. He signals for the World Pieces but changes his mind. HEY LADIES!

    Cohen: That would have been useful if the voting had changed, but alas it was a ladder match.

    Connor: Yes but one important thing is the psychological advantage which Vox now has.

    Rather than climbing the ladder Vox proceeds to pick Studd up, not going for the pin this time he throws Studd over the top rope. After his Lethal Lottery Practice is done Vox picks the ladder up again. He starts the climb.

    As Vox climbs he shouts to the crowd to give money. “ONE STEP TO END POVERTY” he shouts. Vox keeps climbing not realising that Studd has made his way into the ring. Studd has started climbing the ladder and is quicker than Vox.

    Now both men are near the top of the ladder. Vox punches. Studd returns. Vox punches. Studd returns. Vox punches. Studd returns. Vox loses his footing and slips. Studd climbs to the top and starts to unfurl the title. Vox, however, is able to grab onto the ladder and climbs up. NUT TO THE NUTS. Vox head-butts Studd square in the balls. Studd falls from the top of the ladder into the ring.

    Vox makes the step up and grabs the title. Medical personnel rush straight in to check on Studd.

    Copeland: Astounding!

    Cohen: A bit of luck from Vox but in this game luck is a precious thing.

    Harrys: The winner of this match and NEW WZCW Mayhem Champion.... VOX!

    Connor: Well Vox has done it, he's won gold. I wonder if Rick Harrison still has the offer open for him?
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    Backstage, Tyrone Blades and Titus Avison are getting ready for their match. There is a clear tense atmosphere in the locker room as both men make their final preparations for the match that will decide their futures and that future of WZCW under the rule of Vis Imperium. After a few seconds, both men are on their feet and look at each other; wondering if the other man is motivated enough to save them.

    Blades: Listen. It's been a long ass road to get to this point. I know your title is definitely on the line but it could be that my career goes on the line too. I just need to know that you're as motivated to keep hold of that thing as I am to stick around?

    Blades slaps the EurAsian Championship on Titus' shoulder as he finishes talking. Titus follows Blades every move and then returns his gaze to the stoic features of his tag team partner.

    Titus: It has been a long road, yeah. Two years of the EurAvison Era, baby! I'm the most successful Champion in the history of this company and I don't intent on dropping it to either of those two jack-asses! Trust me, if VI win tonight, I might be joining you on the unemployment line. If anyone is going to take this title, it wont be VI!

    It seems that Titus is frustrated with Tyrone's accusations that he is not motivated for the main event enough and both men share a tense stare. Suddenly, the door to the locker room flies open and the new WZCW Heavyweight Champion – John Constantine - stands in the door way. The Championship is slung over his shoulders as his weary legs struggle to carry him. As both men see him, they both light up and move towards him quickly. As they reach him, Constantine falls forward into their arms.

    Blades: Damn! What happened to you out there, old man?

    Constantine: Cooper took me to the limit. At times during that match, I wanted so badly to give up. My whole body screamed out with agony. So many times during the match, I wanted to tell the referee to call the match and just to let me go home.

    Constantine stops for a moment as Titus and Blades move him onto a nearby bench. He looks utterly exhausted as he closes his eyes.

    Constantine: But it wasn't the thought of the Championship that kept me going in there, gentlemen. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of letting VI run all over us for the rest of our careers. The thought of Justin Cooper and his cronies lording it over us as we suffered through more pain and harassment. I'm going to ask you one simple question... Can you stomach that thought?

    Titus and Blades look at each other silently for a moment, thinking about how the consequences of their upcoming match. Without knowing it, Constantine had told both of them everything they needed to know about the upcoming match and gave them the motivation for winning it. Now all that remained was carrying it out.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    And it is a Falls Count Anywhere Match!!

    Copeland: Since returning to WZCW, Triple X has taken out Vee ADZ, Flex Mussel and he recently tried to injure the now new World Heavyweight Champion, Constantine until Lynx stopped him.

    Cohen: Enough exposition. Where are they?

    Connor: I just got word. They started fighting in the back!

    We cut backstage as Lynx and Triple X are fighting their way out of the Gorilla Position. Exchanging punches, they go back and forth as they also walk away from the entrance area. Pummeling each other, they make it toward the aisle of the building. There, Lynx tosses Triple X across a table full of food, Triple X tripping on it's apron on the floor.

    Cohen: Is this even official?! There's no referee there!

    Connor: Oh for heavens sake, Jack. It's "Falls Count Anywhere". I don't think that's all that important.

    Triple X gets up, wrapped in the apron and Lynx clonks him over the head with a punch. Triple X breaks the apron to get free and fights back with shots to the gut to slow Lynx down. He then tosses Lynx against a set of pipes, randomly stacked standing in the aisle. Triple X tries to walk away as Lynx tries to wiggle himself out of the pipes. We cut to Triple X making his way through a side aisle breathing heavily and clutching his arms as he seemingly tries to get away from Lynx. He tries opening several doors but all seem locked. He manages to open one but as he sticks his head in, he closes it and keeps walking. Eventually, he opens a door that satisfies him and pulls out a broom. He snaps the wooden stick attached and prepares himself. He makes his way back from where he came slowly. He takes a peek back to the main aisle when suddenly.......


    It's a blurry scene but as X peeks across to the aisle, a chair swoops in and at lightning speed, bashes Triple X across the temple, knocking him down as he covers the side of his face in pain and shock. The chair is tossed away and Lynx peers through. he grabs Triple X by the ears and hurls him across the aisle.

    Cohen: Someone needs to get in there and get this under control. This is getting out of hand.

    Copeland: It's all legal here, Cohen. There isn't even a referee yet to make the count.

    The two continue fighting and have now made their way to the catering area. All the wrestlers and workers see what's going on and just nonchalantly get out of the way. Triple X throws Lynx across the table and the workers just pull their food out of the way. Lynx scrambles his way back up and suddenly, Triple X has a cooked turkey on his hands. He tries to hit Lynx with it but he dodges it. He Superkicks Triple X down and grabs the turkey. He slowly looks around and people just cheer him on. He raises the turkey, high over his head.

    Lynx: Happy Thanksgiving!

    He drops the turkey on Triple X as everyone cheers and food flies across the screen.

    Cohen: Hey, that cannot be legal! This is uncalled for!

    Copeland: What is your issue? It's all legal.

    Cohen: No, I mean this is Canada, Seabass. Thanksgiving was October 9th.

    Triple X manages to get out of dodge, leaving catering as Lynx was busy celebrating. He goes after him and they make their way to the parking area. They continue brawling, hockey fighting on the hood of several cars. Alarms go off and a referee suddenly appears. Referee Keith Morse has arrived and alerts the wrestlers that he is there to count any falls. Triple X knees Lynx in the gut and throws him over the hood of a car. Lynx drops into the floor and Triple X drops on top of him. 1....... 2............ 3-But Lynx kicks out. He goes to grab Lynx who kicks him from the ground. Lynx shoves Triple X against a door and tackles him through it, leading to the two falling outside to a cold Toronto street. Triple X throws Lynx against a fence and starts hitting him with several gut shots as Keith Morse makes his way outside. Lynx stops Triple X with a forearm shot but is kicked in the gut again. He then hits a Tiger Suplex, slamming Lynx throw a stack of pallets, shattering them!!

    Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

    Connor: Oh my God! Lynx has been driven neck first through a stack of wooden pallets!! I think Triple X may have racked up another injury here, ladies and gentlemen!

    Triple X just bails as Lynx is on the ground clutching his neck. Triple X re-enters the building, stammering around and away as he makes his seeming escape. He breathes heavily, his hand close to his face as he tries to leave.

    Copeland: He better not be considering running away. It's still Falls Count Anywhere. This isn't over until someone is pinned.

    Cohen: How is Lynx supposed to pin him? Triple X injured him. He's out. He's done.

    Connor: Then why did Triple X not cover him? Why didn't he just end it there?

    Triple X makes his way through the aisle again and yells for the match to be called off repeatedly. He makes it to the Gorilla position and yells at Becky Serra sitting there. She just looks on perplexed. He points at her but suddenly.............


    Lynx DASHES in and Spears Triple X through the curtain and out into the entrance way! Keith Morse runs out after them. Lynx mounts Triple X as the crowd cheers the mayhem on. Triple X shoves Lynx off and stumbles down the ramp and ringside, tripping right by the ring. Lynx makes his way after him, holding his neck in pain and reaches for Triple X who hides under the ring. He pulls him out but as he does, Triple X hits him in the head with a trash can. Lynx falls sitting on the ramp, clutching his heavily wounded neck as Triple X tries to drag himself into the ring. He sees Lynx trying to get up and dashes across the ropes. Aiming for a Tope Suicida, he tucks himself to go right through the ropes. But instead, he's met with a trash can to the face. Lynx returning the favor from earlier. Lynx gets in the ring and hits a series of forearms before he hits a Swinging Neckbreaker. He quickly goes to the top rope and flies off with a Knee Drop. He makes the cover, draping his arm over.......... 1........ 2.........3-But Triple X gets the shoulder up. He rolls out of the ring and starts looking under the ring. Lynx clutches his shoulder as he tries to pull himself up with the ropes. Triple X throws a chair into the ring and rolls in. He hits the corner as Lynx seems too busy grabbing his neck to notice.

    Copeland: This is what started the situation with these two men. A steel chair and the threat of injury. But I don't think Constantine is in any condition to return the favor after his Hell In A Cell match. This could be very very bad.

    Cohen: And you can't stop the match. Anything is legal.

    Triple X holds the chair up high to take a swing but Lynx pulls himself up as fast as he can and hits a Kick To The Future, bouncing the chair right into Triple X's face. He crumbles down to the canvas. Lynx also falls down, holding his neck in pain. He drags himself over to the limp Triple X and stands up. he looks over him before he looks at the crowd. Referee Keith Morse just wonders what he plans. Lynx grabs Triple X's arm and locks A Lynx To The Past! He cranks on the arm as Triple X starts to scream out in pain and tries to drag himself to the ropes. He seems just about to make it to the ropes. The referee is right there to see and the arm drops right on the ropes...... And it does nothing. Keith Morse lets Triple X know there is no ropebreak. Lynx adjusts the arm, using the bottom rope to twist the arm even more. Triple X screams loudly in pain and with no way out, he has no choice and taps out.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Lynx!!

    Lynx releases the hold as the bell sound, grabbing his neck as attendees run in and put ice on it. Attendees do the same for Triple X's arm as the referee checks on both.

    Cohen: Well, everything was legal. We argued about it. I don't like it, but Lynx found a way to win.

    Copeland: Having been Suplexed through a stack of palletes, Lynx was able to dig deep and find one opening needed to win here tonight.

    Connor: Maybe Triple X will learn to stop trying to injure people after his arm almost got pulled out.

    Lynx gets up and gets his arm raised with an ice bag on his neck as Triple X rolls out of the ring with one over his shoulder.
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    Vox is walking down the hallway in the backstage area, he has a travel bag draped over his shoulder and he's carrying the Mayhem Title in his other hand. He's weary but freshly showered with mirrored sunglasses on and his hair combed back. He stops when the hulking War Zone steps in his path, the muscular behemoth reaches out and turns the title so it faces him, he nods and takes a determined breath, seemingly making up his mind.

    Vox: Uh, excuse me big man. I have to get to my rental car, God bless.

    Vox carefully walks around War Zone, the big man hasn't taken his focus off of the title. Vox nearly bumps into Tony Mancini, who gazes at the title with the same hungry expression as War Zone, like a hungry lion with a slab of raw meat within his grasp. Mancini throws a handful of peanuts in his mouth and starts chewing them while switching his gaze to Vox's eyes.

    Vox: That looks yummy, if you'll excuse me. I've got to get going.

    Mancini swallows then smirks, he steps to one side and raises his arm with his palm extended as if to say, be my guest.

    Vox keeps a close eye on him as he shuffles past, he bumps right into a heavy breathing, weary Randy Studd with a white towel draped around his neck and still in his wrestling gear.

    Studd: You got lucky tonight Vox, probably as lucky as I'm going to get later on with this hot chick who kept giving me the sex eyes and distracting me during our match. Don't get too comfortable with my title, jerkface. I'll be coming for it, hard.

    Vox quickly shuffles around Studd and walks a little quicker down the hall, he takes one last glance behind him to see Mancini, War Zone and Studd all with that same hungry expression on their faces. He turns and gulps, he picks up the Mayhem Title and tucks it a little closer to his chest.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall...

    Harrys: And will be contested under Mayhem Rules for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship!


    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, weighing 235 pounds, Matt Tastic!

    Emerging from the entrance chute, Matt Tastic methodically walks out onto the stage with his head down and mostly covered by a large hoodie. His face is covered by a black mask, the drawings on it jade green, the trademark colour of Ascension and the domain he seeks to rule after tonight. Tastic begins to walk down the ramp, fans watching in awe, as the WZCW Hall of Famer no longer seeks their total approval. A newly found focus and as he enters the ring, throwing his mask to the side and sitting on the top rope, Tastic merely stares blankly at the referee while he waits.

    Copeland: It’s been a long time for Matt Tastic since he has had the opportunity to put a gold belt around his waist. A man who has done it all in WZCW. Tonight, he is seeking to regain the Elite Openweight Championship which he held while under a previous incarnation of the belt, known then as the Elite X Championship. Matt could become one of the few men to hold the title twice.

    Connor: The big news right now has to be the voting announcement. This match has swung in the favour of Matt Tastic and the bell hasn’t even rung yet. This is going to be fought under Mayhem Rules and that’s an environment where Tastic has won more titles than any other man in the history of WZCW.

    Cohen: Barbaric! These fans should be ashamed of themselves for voting for this kind of match. Matt Tastic said on Ascension that he has scars, he has pains that never stop and memories totally faded because of the punishment he received while competing in Mayhem Rules matches. This is totally unfair to the champion.

    Harrys: And now, introducing the champion, from New York, New York, weighing 100 pounds, the reigning WZCW Elite Openweight Champion… Callie Clark!

    The lights in the arena dim as Callie Clark steps onto the stage, dressed as Lexa from the 100. With black eye makeup and dressed like a warrior, Clark seems prepared for what awaits her. Still, when the camera zooms in on her face, Clark looks a tad worried about stepping into the world that ended the career of his sister. The champion unclips her title belt, holds it high in the air as she stands on the apron of the ring and shouts taunts towards Tastic, the latter of cause just ignoring it.

    Cohen: The finest champion we have in all of WZCW since the fall of Justin Cooper and the rebellion of Titus Avison. I find it hard to support anyone these days because they just break my heart but not this woman. Callie Clark has been at the top of her game since day one. She has had a breakout year here in WZCW since her debut after Kingdom Come 8, only ever been pinned once!

    Connor: Clark has been a fine champion and has stepped out of the shadows ever since the retirement of her sister. With all that pressure on her it appears that the young lady has only gotten better with each match. However, we have to wonder how will she adapt to Mayhem Rules against a man who has made his legend in this environment. Callie Clark has never competed in a match like this while Matt Tastic has a record of four Mayhem Championship reigns.

    Copeland: She broke the curse. Ever since Austin Reynolds held the belt we hadn’t had a champion successfully defend it. Four other people held the belt, all of them failed to defend it once until Callie Clark got it. Everyone remembers those two classic matches between Callie Clark and Batti a few months ago, they clashed and both times Clark emerged as the winner. Now, this is the biggest stage Clark has ever been on. It’s the biggest opponent she has ever faced. This is the co-main event of the evening, second from the top against the most decorated athlete in the history of WZCW – Callie Clark, this is your time to show the world just how good you truly are!

    Both competitors are inside the ring and the referee grabs the Elite Openweight Championship from Callie. He holds it up in the middle of the ring, the crowd cheers as the match is about to begin. The champion is ready to go, bouncing on her feet in one corner while across the ring, Matt Tastic is slumped against the turnbuckle, his head still lowered. It is only after the bell rings does the challenger react.


    The bell sounds and immediately a wild brawl erupts between the two competitors. The aggressor is Tastic, the veteran hammering away with clubbing punches and forearms to the back of Clark’s head as she is pushed towards the turnbuckle. With the champion pushed up against the corner, Tastic drives his shoulder into her stomach and does so two more times before backing up. Moments later, Tastic rushes forward and hits a dropkick, knocking Clark through the ring ropes and to the outside of the ring. Amidst a loud reaction from the crowd, Tastic poses in the middle of the ring, signalling that the title is coming back to him. Afterwards, Tastic walks across the ring and leans through the second rope to where Clark had landed, however she is no longer there. While Tastic is looking around for the champion, he is struck in the head with the lid of a trashcan and is sent rolling over into the middle of the ring. Callie Clark emerges from underneath the ring, having hid to surprise the challenger, and she returns with a kendo stick in her hand, along with the trashcan lid which has a massive dent in it.

    Stalking the challenger, momentum now in her favour, Clark throws the trashcan lid to the side and grabs the kendo stick with both hands. Tastic is getting to his feet, unaware of what awaits him, and is quickly notified by a hard swing which connects to the rib area. A sharp pain pierces through Tastic’s body as he clutches at his side, Clark strikes the other side just as hard and begins wielding the kendo stick like a trained baseball player. Every inch, every section of unprotected flesh, that’s what Callie Clark is aiming for as she swings the baseball bat. With red marks across his back, Tastic turns to face the champion and gets nailed right between the eyes with a kendo stick shot, breaking the weapon in the process. The first cover of the match occurs as Clark hooks the leg. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Copeland: For someone who never wanted this kind of Mayhem Rules style contest, Clark has embraced he chaos and is using it more effectively than the former Mayhem Champion.

    Cohen: She’s a champion we can be proud of, Seabass. Clark has been adapting her entire WZCW career, from the retirement of her sister to being the queen of the Elite Openweight division, Clark has always found a way to advance.

    Of course, Clark is the first person to their feet and she grabs Tastic by the arm, pulling him towards the ropes. With a big wind up, Clark slings Tastic across the ring and into the ropes, connecting with the Sling Blade on the rebound. Once more, Clark makes a cover in the middle of the ring. 1… 2… Kick Out! With a burst of aggression, Clark begins hammering away with punches to the head of Matt Tastic, letting out a scream as she does so. The champion then rises and surveys the battleground, her eyes looking at the trashcan lid before she slips to the outside and digs underneath the ring. From underneath the ring, to the roar of the crowd, Clark reveals a table, a ladder, two steel chairs, a trash can, a bag of something, a tool box and a couple of light tubes. With a look of disgust on her face, Clark rolls back underneath the bottom rope with a steel chair in her hand. Tastic begins to push himself off the mat as Clark swings downwards, Tastic rolls out of the way and Clark hits the canvas – hurting her hands in the process. From his back, Tastic throws an upkick and sends the chair flying into Clark’s face!

    The champion’s grip on the chair is lost, it goes tumbling to the side, while Tastic rushes up from the canvas and grabs Clark, executing a lariat neckbreaker. No cover is made as instead Tastic picks Callie up, slings him across the ring and on the rebound hits a spinning wheel kick to the head. Now, Matt falls on top of the champion for the cover. 1… 2… Shoulder Up!

    Connor: We have yet to really see the master of mayhem go into his own experience. We expected Tastic to be the one to introduce the weapons but it was Callie Clark who went into that world first.

    Cohen: What do you expect, CC? Clark knew she’d have to strike first. She has no experience in this field. You have to go for it all before Matt can build some kind of death trap for her.

    They may have spoken too soon because while both competitors are on the canvas, Matt turns his head and spots all the weapons sitting just outside of the ring. With a quick look back to Callie, one of surprise almost, perhaps even a hint of respect, Matt rolls towards the tools that made him famous. The ground goes wild as Matt points to each of the weapons before picking up the trashcan and throwing it into the ring. He doesn’t stop there, Matt flips the curtain off the ring and reaches, a few moments pass, until he pulls out yet another kendo stick. Payback, as they say, is a real bitch. Entering the ring, Matt delivers a kick to the stomach against the champion, then nails an uppercut to put her down. Tastic grabs Callie by the hair and pulls her towards the middle of the ring, he looks right at her face before smacking her directly with a forearm. Then, he picks up the trashcan and puts it over the top of her head, the champion is trapped within it.

    Quickly, Matt grabs the kendo stick and raises it high in the air. The crowd know what is coming as Matt swings it wildly, smacking off the trashcan and thereby closing in on Callie within it. Tastic continues to pound away at the body and the top of the trashcan, the hits bending the metal and sending those sharp edges towards Callie’s flesh trapped inside. The kendo stick outlives its usefulness soon enough and Matt thereafter rips the trashcan off Clark’s head, and slams it into her back for one last measure. Throwing the trashcan, absolutely destroyed, to the outside of the ring, Matt goes for a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Cohen: Our poor champion is in the ring with a damn maniac! Look at that trashcan, it’s smashed to bits and Clark was trapped inside, probably begging for somebody with a heart to save her.

    Copeland: The fans voted and this is the kind of match they want. It’s not pretty wrestling, you will not see headlocks in this match. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mayhem Rules and it’s completely unpredictable. The perfect kind of match for Unscripted.

    Stepping over the champion, Matt grabs the steel chair originally introduced by Callie Clark. Slamming it into the mat, the sound echoes throughout the arena, as Clark begins to stand, her face battered and bruised from the last encounter. Matt takes a swing and smashes Clark right in the spine, sending her stumbling into the ropes with a look of agony on her face. The crowd are fully behind Tastic as he takes aim again, this time however Clark digs down deep and out of nowhere counters on an incoming Tastic with a Pele Kick! Right between the eyes, Clark sends Tastic to his knees and follows up Tornado DDT! She hooks the leg for a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! The champion retreats into a corner, regaining her wits after sustaining a serious beating at the hands of the challenger. It doesn’t take long before Matt Tastic starts to stir and this awakens the champion, Clark senses that she has to put him down soon or risk losing her title forever.

    Rolling under the bottom rope, Clark goes over to the mass of weapons she introduced early and heads right for the tool box. Opening it up we find a variety of classic tools but the one Clark grabs is a big metal wrench. Clark climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, the weapon in her hand. She grabs Matt by the arm and pulls over towards a corner of the ring. A sharp elbow connects from the champion, a way to get the challenger blurry. Then, Clark swings the wrench directly for the head but Matt gets his arm up! It hurts like hell however Matt stops it from cracking his skull and is able to push Clark backwards, and deliver a standing enzuigiri.

    Copeland: Oh my word, Callie Clark just attempted to crack the skull of Matt Tastic. He may have a broken forearm after blocking that wrench.

    Connor: Both these competitors are going to the most violent parts of their mind to try and win this contest. That’s how much they want it. Sacrificing their bodies to capture the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship.

    Matt is back to his feet first and he picks Callie up, kicking her in the stomach before executing a vertical suplex. Basic wrestling, rare in a match like this but Tastic uses it mainly to get a moment for him afterwards where he can check out his left arm. Barely able to move it, pain all the way up and a burning sensation now beginning to grow for the challenger. The suplex doesn’t keep Callie down for long as she begins to stand, Matt approaches and gets a thumb right to the eye for his troubles. Thereafter, Callie grabs the steel chair laying in the ring and strikes Matt in the back with it – sending him stumbling to the outside of the ring. Clark throws the chair down with a bang, her legs pumping as she sprints from one side of the ring to the other and flies through the ropes – SUICIDE DIVE! The move connects perfectly, Matt is crushed underneath the weight of the champion and for the most part was unaware due to his vision being impaired by the thumb to the eye previously.

    Everyone is down for a few moments while the crowd cheers like crazy. Clark begins to stir and starts crawling towards the steel chairs. Inching closer she feels Matt grab her leg, the champion looks over her shoulder and boots him directly in the face, freeing herself to continue. Clark stands up and dislodges the steel steps from their normal position, pulling them to the side a little more and then returns to the challenger. They slug it out, Clark targets the left arm of Matt and gets the better, twisting it to control his movement and brings him over to the steps. She applies a side headlock, points at the steps and runs with Matt under her control and nails the running bulldog right onto the steel steps, Matt’s face bouncing off the steel. With the ability to make a cover not available on the outside, Clark works hard to drag Matt over to the apron as quickly as possible, rolling him underneath the ring and pushing him towards the middle. Due to the amount of time that has passed, Clark doesn’t go straight for a cover but instead ascends a nearby turnbuckle and leaps into the air – SPIRAL TAP! With a hook of the leg, Clark believes she has it won. 1… 2… Shoulder Up!

    Cohen: No! I thought Callie had the damn thing won. She hit the spiral tap but Matt got the shoulder up at the last second. Geez, I thought for sure she’d escaped this hell on earth with the title belt.

    Copeland: With all heard the impact of that vicious running bulldog onto the steel steps, she couldn’t make a cover so she threw Tastic back into the ring like a veteran. We all saw Matt moving around, Clark realised that any cover at that point was be for nothing so she went to one of her strongest attacking moves. Great strategy by the young champion.

    Shock is the only way to describe the look on Clark’s face. Turning to the referee, Clark begins to plead her case that this has to be over. She is at her breaking point, enough time has been spent in this horrid match type. Standing up, Clark surveys the ring and ponders her next move. It is here she remembers that a table is siting just outside the ring so Callie goes and gets it, sliding it underneath the bottom rope. While she sets the table up, Callie keeps an eye on Matt who looks exhausted and in a tremendous amount of pain, especially that left arm. More might be on the way as Clark grabs the challenger and delivers another Sling Blade. That’s two in this match, and afterwards she pushes him over into a cover, slapping her face with a hard right. Clark escapes to the outside once again, this time picking up two of the light tubes and rolling back into the ring.

    Matt is still leaning against the turnbuckle while Callie sets things up in the middle of the ring, the light tubes to the side as she positions the table. When she turns around, Matt explodes out of the corner and springboards off the ropes into the air and smacks the champion across the jaw with a flying sidekick – Flying Power Kick! The fans erupt, the ring is filled with pure mayhem, the champion is down and the challenger is on one knee, gaining his thoughts. Slowly, Matt looks up and can sense that the end is near. He pushes the table around a little and then grabs one of the light tubes. Placing it on the ground, Matt steps directly in the middle of it, shattering the object into a million pieces and sending broken glass all over the place.

    Connor: I’m surprised Matt didn’t break that light tube over the head of Callie Clark. He must have something else in mind. Just look at all that broken glass. It’s all in a single pile.

    Cohen: I’m going to be sick watching this!

    Grabbing the champion, Matt positions them right above the broken glass and goes for his trademark Face Explosion onto the glass! The snap falling facebuster is countered by Clark, she spins out of it and hooks him into position for the Lights Out! The challenger wriggles free, escaping and hits a forearm with the bad arm! Matt screams in pain but remains focused, Outlaw Star (Pop-Up Gutbuster) onto the freaking broken glass! The shriek of pain, horror and agony from Clark is piercing to the ears of everyone in the arena and watching live at home. Her back is now home to shards of broken glass and worst of all, Tastic goes for a cover. 1… 2... Kick Out! It’s not clear if it was a kick out because of the count or if Clark was just in such a state of shock, glass penetrating her back, that she got a shoulder of the mat.

    Nevertheless, Matt Tastic is in firm control as he brushes away a few bits of glass that stuck into him. He climbs to the top rope, taking his time to do so from exhaustion and the devastation of this Mayhem Rules match. The crowd are standing, Tastic reaches the top rope and looks ready to fly with the Frog Splash. Suddenly, the referee tumbles into the ropes and knocks Matt off balance! Matt is crotched on the top rope, the referee is horrified by what he did and he looks back to see Callie Clark on one knee, fighting to her feet, with a look of rage on her face.

    Copeland: Callie Clark shoved the referee into the ropes! Matt Tastic had it won! I cannot believe what I’ve just seen.

    Cohen: The pain of the glass piercing her body was a wakeup call, Seabass. It kickstarted her adrenaline and now she is pissed.

    Clark staggers forward, the referee furious with her shoving him, and picks up the other light tube in the ring. With a hard swing, Callie breaks it over the head of Matt Tastic and that knocks him off the top rope onto the canvas below. She falls into a cover, and for the win. 1… 2… Kick Out! This is not over yet! Having to use the ropes to stand up, Clark gets back to a vertical base and kicks some of the broken glass away. Looking around the ring, Clark spots the table and moves to act now. Matt tries to put up some resistance but Clark slaps at his left arm, gaining control and brings over to the table. Tastic is placed on top of it, a few right hands from Clark are delivered to make sure he stays in place before she turns back to the turnbuckle. The Calliesault (Best Moonsault Ever) is coming, she places her hands on the ropes and is about to go… then she sees the ladder on the outside.

    A roar from the crowd begins, Clark stops herself and with a look of intensity exits the ring. The ladder is heavy, Clark has been beaten just as badly as her opponent and it takes all her strength to move the ladder into the ring. From there, Callie sets it up near the table, Matt still hasn’t move and the champion begins to climb high. The entire arena is standing as the Elite Openweight Champion is near the top rung of the ladder, looking back over her shoulder down below at Matt Tastic laying prone on the table. She had prepared for it before but this time, Callie goes for it – Calliesault from the top of the ladder!

    Connor: She got it! She got it! Calliesault from the top of the damn ladder and she nailed it.

    Cohen: That table is broken in half, CC. I don’t think either Callie or Matt are ever going to be the same after that move.

    Copeland: No, look at the wreckage! Matt Tastic move out of the way! We’ve got to get a replay of this, ladies and gentlemen. On first glance it looked like Callie Clark hit Matt Tastic with a Calliesault off the top of a ladder but I believe, and the replays are showing, that Matt rolled off the table as she jumped.

    Our lead commentator has it right, Callie Clark did jump but Matt wasn’t there. Rolling to safety just seconds before impact, Matt is able to crawl through the wreckage and drag Callie Clark’s body out of it. She went straight through the table and smashed hard against the canvas. Matt doesn’t hit another move, he simply shoves bits of the table away and hooks a leg for the cover. 1… 2… 3!

    Cohen: Somebody get the paramedics out here to check on the Elite Openweight Champion. Callie Clark could be seriously injured, just like her sister, after crashing and burning. I knew she shouldn’t have ever been put in this situation. I hope these savages, the fans, are freaking happy with what they’ve seen tonight.

    Copeland: That would be former champion, Jack. Callie Clark has been defeated and Matt Tastic, the most decorated professional wrestler in the history of WZCW, has regained championship gold. This is the first time he has been a champion since the days of Live Mas back in 2015.

    Harrys: Here is your winner and the NEW WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Matt Tastic!

    Connor: An outstanding match between these two. They threw everything at each other. I think these fans made a great decision by making this a Mayhem Rules match.

    Inside the ring, Matt Tastic is handed the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship for the second time in his career. His body is bruised but once again, Matt Tastic has reached the top of the mountain. Stumbling out of the ring, Tastic makes his way up the ramp, his focus not on the fans but on his achievement tonight. He holds the title belt close before clipping it around his waist and disappearing through the curtain. Meanwhile, Callie Clark remains out cold, paramedics rushing to the ring to help the now former champion.
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    Kenneth Banks walks down the ramp, and over to the timekeeper area. He has private area set up for him directly behind the barricade, so that he can watch the next match.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen. It is now time for the main event. This tag team match is scheduled for one fall and is for the WZCW Eurasian Championship!


    Harrys: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Big Bad Roady and Andrew Adonis, weighing a combined 440 pounds, Mark Keaton and Xander LeBelle... Vis Imperium!

    Mark Keaton makes his way out to the ramp with a big sneer on his face. Big Bad Roady follows him and yells at people to show respect. LeBelle and Adonis emerge a few moments later, all four men standing confidently as the crowd offers them a chorus of boos. Together, united as one, Vis Imperium makes their way down to the ring.

    Copeland: With a new world champion having been crowned earlier this evening, what must those two be thinking after that pep talk from Justin Cooper?

    Cohen: It’s a do or die situation here tonight, Seabass. I guarantee it. A lot of people want to see Tyrone Blades gone from this company, but even more want to see Vis Imperium disband.

    Connor: Option B certainly is the favorite, but what if fans vote on Blades career being placed on the line? It would be a huge victory for Vis if they can take out both Hollow Ones here tonight.


    Harrys: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined 450 pounds, the team of WZCW Hall of Famers Tyrone Blades and the WZCW Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison!

    Blades and Titus enter together. They receive a standing ovation as they make their way down the ramp. Titus holds up his title, and screams “two years!” Tyrone glares at Vis Imperium, and is already talking shit. Blades slides into the ring under the bottom rope, while Titus climbs the steps and enters through the middle. They meet in the middle of the ring, and bump fists with each other as they stare down their opponents.

    The score for the stipulations are shown on the tron…

    Copeland: Overwhelming support from the fans for option B.

    Cohen: Told you…

    Connor: I say this possess another question, would Keaton or LeBelle turn on each other for the chance to win the Eurasian title, or do they remain loyal to Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: What kind of question is that, Cat? Of course, these guys are going to remain loyal to the cause. They are like brothers. The bond they share is much deeper than that of the Hollow Ones. Just a few weeks ago Blades and Titus were battling it out just like any other competitors. Every title has changed hands so far tonight and I know we are finally going to see the Eurasian Championship change hands after two years.

    Mark Keaton is starting for his team, as Titus and Blades talk things over in their corner. Titus mouths “I got this” and slaps his partner playfully on the chest. Blades returns the gesture, as Titus moves to the center of the ring. The crowd is already solidly behind the Hollow Ones. Referee Akiyama holds the Eurasian title belt above his head, before signaling for the bell.


    Titus is eager to start, and begs Mark to lock up with him, but the Remarkable one stalls. He tentatively locks up with the Keystone native, and Titus quickly grabs a headlock. He takes Keaton over to the mat, and applies pressure. Mark quickly begins to get to his feet, but Titus flips him over his shoulder and begins slapping the back of his head. Keaton recovers and scurries away. Titus mocks him, and boots him in the face. He drags his opponent to his feet, while holding a front facelock, and quickly drives Keaton back first into the turnbuckle. He assaults the man with a European uppercut. And then other. And then a third, until Keaton is feeling woozy. Titus grabs him and whips him across the ring and into the adjacent turnbuckle, and follows him in with a running clothesline. He drops Keaton with a swinging neckbreaker, before pushing him back towards his corner, and tags in Blades. The ex-occultist swiftly enters the ring and begins pounding away on Keaton in the corner. He chokes him against the ropes with his boot, as the referee delivers a warning. Blades slaps him, taunting him. “This is what ya wanted, right!” He lifts Keaton to his feet, and drives him face first into the middle turnbuckle. He collapses to the ground in a heap, as Blades measures him. He sprints to the other side of the ring, bounces off the ropes, and nails Keaton in the back of the head with a running stomp. He tags Titus back into the match. The Eurasian champion grabs Keaton out of the corner, and nails a northern lights suplex, but instead of bridging, he keeps him arms locked. Titus rolls through, and hits another suplex, this time with a bridge, and makes the first cover…



    But Keaton quickly kicks out.

    Copeland: Fierce, quick attacks from the Hollow Ones right out of the gate. They aren’t showing any mercy tonight.

    Cohen: Blades wouldn’t have any mercy even if his career weren’t on the line.

    Connor: Keaton and LeBelle wanted this match. They agreed to it. Certainly, they were expecting Blades and Titus to do their worst.

    Titus locks in a sleeper hold, and starts to wear Keaton down even further. The self-styled Rockstar flips him off, taking Titus down to the mat. He recovers, only to be met with a body slam. Keaton grabs Titus in front face lock and pushes him back towards his corner, and tags in LeBelle. Keaton holds Titus against the turnbuckle, as Xander delivers a stiff shot to his ribs. Titus screams in pain, as LeBelle pummels him in the corner. The veteran is trapped. LeBelle grabs Titus, and pushes him face first into the top turnbuckle. He follows that up with a stiff looking elbow to the back of his head. He smashes his forearm into Titus’ lower back repeatedly, and then tags Keaton back into the ring. Keaton grabs Titus from the corner, and hits a side suplex. He applies a headlock and starts to wear Titus down. Tyrone cheers his partner on, as Titus draws strength from the fans. He slowly begins to get to his feet, and elbows Keaton in the ribs. He responds by cutting off Titus’ momentum with a stiff shot to the gut. Keaton grabs his opponent’s tights with his right arm, while secretly choking him with his left. Akiyama commands him to release Titus’ tights, but doesn’t see the choke. Keaton turns, keeping the legal maneuver out of sight, while Titus gasps for air. The crowd is booing, practically pelting the ring with trash in protest of this madness. Finally, the ref sees the choke, and forces Keaton to break the hold. He hoists Titus up, and nails a backbreaker. He makes a cover, draping the left side of his body across Titus, while punching him in the ribs repeatedly with his right fist.



    But Titus gets the shoulder up.

    Copeland: What a cowardly display from Keaton. Does he plan on breaking every single rule in the book tonight?

    Connor: Keaton might start a riot here tonight.

    Cohen: I haven’t seen a play like that one in years. I wonder whose tapes he’s been watching? Either that, or he’s a genius at breaking the rules.

    Keaton whips Titus into his corner, and follows him in with a spear to the gut. He tags in LeBelle again. Xander hits two knife edged chops, the sound echoing through the arena. He then slaps Titus hard across the chest, as the hall of famer collapses to his knees. The opportunistic wrestler drags Titus out of the corner and locks in a sleeper hold, trying to do as much damage as he can. “This isn’t about the Eurasian title, this is about survival!” he screams, as Titus begins to turn red. Summoning strength, he flips LeBelle over his shoulder and onto the mat, and tries to dive to his partner, but Xander cuts him off with a boot to the face. His takes Titus over, and plants him on the mat with a Butterfly suplex. Not satisfied, he floors Titus with a reverse STO and then applies a koji clutch. LeBelle wraps his leg around his opponent’s neck, and his arms around Titus’ head. Titus looks out of it, as LeBelle attempts to suck the rest of the life away. With the fans cheering him on, Titus gathers strength once more, showing off his famous tenacity that has brought him so much success over the years. He slowly gets to his knees and begins to drag LeBelle’s body backwards towards the ropes, despite his opponent’s best efforts to keep him sedated. He finally manages to get his foot underneath the bottom rope, as the referee forces LeBelle to break the hold. Xander looks pissed. He grabs Titus and pulls him away from the ropes, and promptly hits a snap DDT. He makes a cover…



    But Titus kicks out. LeBelle slams his fists into the mat in frustration, wondering just what he needs to put Titus away. He pulls Titus’ practically limp body to its feet, and begins to push him backwards towards his corner. But in a last-ditch effort to save himself, the wily veteran rakes LeBelle’s eyes and plants his head into the canvas with a DDT of his own. Both men begin to stir, as Titus begins to crawl to his corner. Tryone Blades is fired up, and ready to unleash hell on Earth. Against his better judgement, LeBelle grabs ahold of Titus’ leg and attempts to drag him backwards, but Titus kicks him away. Xander flies backwards as Titus manages to make it to his corner, tagging in Blades as the crowd roars. The Hollow One explodes forward, knocking down LeBelle with a running high knee. He dashes forward and knocks Keaton off the apron, before turning his attention to the legal man. He floors LeBelle with a hook kick, before grabbing him and nailing him with a double armed backbreaker. Instead of trying to go for a pin, he decides to let Xander suffer, and applies a submission hold by using his knee as leverage. Xander cries out in pain, but Keaton dives into the ring and breaks the hold, going right after Blades. He attempts to whip the former world champion into the ropes, but Blades counters and plants him with the Mo Murda facebreaker DDT! Keaton rolls out of the ring, as the referee tries to regain order. LeBelle attacks Blades from behind, and whips him forward into the ropes, but he’s met with a springboard flash kick for his troubles. Blades is fired up, and yells at the crowd. He smashes LeBelle with another hook kick, before dragging his body towards the ropes. He dangles him upside down feet first from the ropes, and nails him with the Desolate Roads DDT. He goes for a cover…



    But Xander kicks out!

    Copeland: Blades has got LeBelle on the ropes! He charged in like a madman, and cleaned house. Titus showed how much guts he has, by being able to fight off LeBelle for so long.

    Cohen: Titus should be disqualified for using illegal maneuvers.

    Connor: Huh? Keaton and LeBelle used them first. Titus is simply giving them a taste of their own medicine. Titus and Blades aren’t “good guys.” They are just as dangerous as Vis Imperium.

    He lifts Xander off the mat and whips him into the opposing corner, and follows him in with a flying clothesline. Blades turns to Titus and asks if he’s recovered, who nods, so Blades quickly tags him in. The superhero from Keystone quickly begins to work over LeBelle with body shots and stomps, before tagging out to Blades who does the same thing. Tyrone lifts the former Elite open champion up onto the top turnbuckle and begins to climb. In a risky maneuver, he locks his arms around Xander’s body and throws him from the top rope with a straight jacket suplex! LeBelle hits the mat hard, and bounces off it like a rubber ball. Tyrone doesn’t go for any type of pin. Instead he swiftly grabs LeBelle, and plants him hard with the Mo Murda! This time he makes a cover…



    But Xander kicks out! Tyrone continues the assault, targeting his opponents lower back that he damaged earlier, stomping his boot into LeBelle’s kidney’s. The smaller man winches in pain, as Tyrone drives him across his knee with another backbreaker, and applies another submission. LeBelle struggles against his opponent’s grip on his face, as he drives his knee into the side of his head. He repeats the process, and quickly breaks the hold. He twists Tyrone’s arm, and bends it behind his shoulder at a weird angle, before applying a wristlock. He then takes down to the mat with an arm drag takedown, and applies an armbar. Tyrone quickly counters and gets to his feet, but LeBelle pushes him back towards the ropes, forcing a break from the referee. Xander puts his hands up, before thrusting his palm into Blades throat, causing the former world champion to buckle against the ropes. He grabs his head, and throws the larger man into the opposite turnbuckle, stunning him. LeBelle thrusts his knee into Tyrone’s gut several times, before tagging in Mark Keaton. The former tag champion, wastes no time showboating. He grabs Tyrone’s head, and pulls him towards the center. Keaton places him into a powerbomb position, and lifts him high into the air, before dropping him down on his head with a vicious piledriver. With Blades knocked senseless, Keaton applies a single leg Boston crab, targeting his opponents knee. Tyrone quickly begins to pull himself towards the ropes, but Keaton breaks the hold and boots him in the back of the head. Keaton stomps on Tyrone’s knee, before dragging him back towards the corner. He wraps Tyrone’s knee around the bottom rope, as the referee commands him to stop and gives him a five count. He tags out to LeBelle, who repeats the process, as Keaton stomps on Tyrone’s knee from the outside apron. Keaton drops down to the floor, and pulls Tyrone’s body towards the turnbuckle. He slams Blades knee across the turnbuckle pole, as the referee tries to regain order. Keaton ties Blades legs around the turnbuckle, and applies a Figure 4 leglock, using the pole as leverage. Titus drops down from his apron, and runs around to make the save, but LeBelle cuts him off. The two men have a stare down, as the ref administers a five count. Keaton breaks the illegal hold, climbs back onto the apron, and tags himself in. The damage looks to be done, as Tyrone can barely walk.

    Copeland: Tyrone Blades has been taking a savage beating so far, as Keaton and Blades have been successful in keeping him isolated from his partner.

    Connor: Both teams have the same strategy in mind: isolate one of their opponents and wear him down. We saw Blades targeting LeBelle’s back, while LeBelle and Keaton have been targeting Tyrone’s knee.

    Cohen: It’s sound strategy. A bad knee takes away half of Blades offense, and with Keaton doing half the work it allows LeBelle to rest in between.

    Keaton drags Tyrone away from the turnbuckle, and drops an elbow inside his lower groin area, before wrenching back on his knee. Blades cries out in pain, as Keaton continues to target the knee. He drags the Hollow One away from the ropes, and reapplies the Figure 4 leglock. Tyrone struggles against the pain, and tries to drag himself towards the ropes, but finds he doesn’t have enough strength to pull his opponent. He begins to draw strength from the crowd, who begin to chant his name. Their cries echoing through the arena. Titus stomps on the apron, willing his partner on. With a mighty surge of adrenaline, Tyrone manages to flip his opponent over, reversing the pressure of the hold. Keaton has this scouted, and rolls through the hold, putting the pressure back on Blades. But the hall of famer’s instincts takes over, and he rolls through once more, leaving Keaton trapped. The Remarkable one cries out in pain, as Blades attempts to inflict as much damage as possible. Sensing the danger, LeBelle comes to his partners aid. He enters the ring and breaks the hold. Seeing this, Titus tries to enter as well, but the referee stops him. Both men are down. Keaton decides that he doesn’t want to try and expend the energy to stop Blades, and begins to crawl towards his partner, leaving Blades by himself. Tyrone begins to crawl towards his corner, struggling, reaching for his partners hand. Both men manage to tag out at the same time, and Titus leaps into action. He meets LeBelle head on, ducking underneath a haymaker, and landing several European uppercuts. He pushes his opponent back towards the ropes before whipping him across the ring. LeBelle hits the adjacent ropes, and Titus meets him with strike to the gut, flipping him over. Titus follows that up with a knee drop. Keaton tries to get involved, and enters the ring illegally, but he’s met with a spinning heel kick for his troubles. LeBelle recovers, but Titus stuns him with a Kesagiri chop to the head, before planting him hard with a DDT. And Titus is fired up!

    Copeland: Titus gets the hot tag, and listen to that ovation! LeBelle is down. Keaton is down. And Banks is livid on the outside.

    Cohen: Vis Imperium better do something and quick. If Titus gets up a head of steam they are finished.

    Connor: And let’s not forget how tough Blades is. He managed to fight off their onslaught just enough to get to his partner, and shift the tides of this match.

    He measures LeBelle, and tries to hit his finishing maneuver, but LeBelle counters and hits a STO. He tries to capitalize, but a now recovered Blades enters the ring illegally himself. He decks LeBelle, and whips him shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle. Keaton enters the ring, and tackles Blades to the outside. Keaton and Blades brawl on one side of the ring, while LeBelle falls out of the ring to the floor on the other. Big Bad Roady is there to help him to his feet. Titus sees this and quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle. He waits for the pair to stabilize, before launching himself off the top rope, and taking both out on the outside with a flying dive! On the other side, Tyrone’s leg has given out, costing him the upper hand in his brawl against Keaton. The younger competitor capitalizing on the injury by throwing his injured senior into the steel steps. He enters the ring, and begins to brawl with Titus. They trade a volley of jabs and chops before Keaton rakes Titus in the eye, and then knees him with a low looking shot to the groin, cutting of the Eurasian champion’s momentum. The referee determines that the shot was legal, as Keaton picks up the hall of famer and positions him for his final blow. Titus floats over Keaton’s shoulder mid move, and swiftly delivers the Tit Drop! He tries to make a cover, but the referee informs him that Keaton is not the legal man. Titus curses and stands, but is met with a boot to the face from a now recovered Xander LeBelle. Xander measures Titus and nails him with The Rose’s Thorn curb stomp! He makes the cover…



    But Tyrone Blades saves his partner, and breaks up the pin. Keaton moves to intercept, but a Pentagon driver turns him inside out. The referee finally restores order to the match, leaving LeBelle and Titus as the legal men. Titus reaches out and tags in Blades. LeBelle tries to the same, but realizes in horror that his Vis Imperium stablemate hasn’t completely recovered yet. Blades nails the smaller man with a running high knee, and quickly follows that up with a hook kick. Not wasting any time, he measures his opponent and hits the Click Clack! The superkick nearly caving in LeBelle’s face, before the running knee looks to have knocked him out cold. Tyrone makes the cover…



    But Big Bad Roady pulls the referee out of the ring.

    Copeland: And Keaton’s lackey pulls the referee out of the ring. He shouldn’t even be out here. Why is here?

    Cohen: He may be a big bumbling fool, Seabass, but he’s proven himself useful so far.

    Connor: I don’t think Titus and Blades even factored in Big Bad Roady. Murphy's law has been kicking their butts.

    Cohen: Murphy has been kicking Vis Imperium in the butt, too. Cooper is no longer the champ. Keaton and LeBelle must win here, or else they are done.

    Blades curses up a storm, but doesn’t see Keaton creeping up behind him. Keaton kicks Tyrone’s knee out from underneath him, as he and LeBelle drag the former world champion towards the opposite corner, while Roady argues with Titus and the referee. LeBelle tags in Keaton. He lifts Blades up on his shoulders and spins him around in the air. He repeats the process at least a half-dozen times, before slamming Blades down with a Samoan drop. He signals for the end and locks in the Canadian Clutch! Blades is fading fast in the body scissors, and has nowhere to go. Sensing the danger, and knowing that his partner would never surrender, Titus enters the ring and kicks Keaton in the head, causing him to release the hold. Xander LeBelle curses at him, but Titus shouts back. He wasn’t going to play fair. Screw playing fair. This was war. Keaton grabs Blades, and applies a front face lock, looking to hit his finisher, but just like Titus, Blades manages to counter the maneuver. But unlike his partner, he doesn’t have the same luck. His knee buckles and he collapses to the mat. Keaton grabs him, and in one swift motion hits the Voltron Suplex! He makes the cover…



    But Tyrone Blades kicks out! Keaton is beside himself. As is Xander LeBelle and Kenneth Banks on the outside. The Remarkable one pounds his fists into the mat, and begins to argue with referee Akiyama. LeBelle joins the fray; sticking up for his stablemate. The senior ref quickly restores order once more, as Keaton looks to put the final nail in Blades coffin. He grabs the injured man and pulls him to his feet, but with a surge of energy, Blades counters and hits an enziguri, knocking Keaton temporarily loopy. Titus stretches out his hand, urging his partner forward. Keaton is in no man’s land on the other side; half a ring away from his partner. With one last surge of adrenaline, Blades makes the tag. Titus slingshots himself over the top rope and immediately starts pummeling Keaton with rights and lefts. Showing surprising ring awareness, Keaton backs away to the turnbuckle and forces a break. The two men go to lock up, and Keaton tries to cheat to get the upper hand, but Titus has him well scouted and beats him at his own game by jamming his thumb into his eye. He grabs a side headlock and hits his opponent with a springboard bulldog. Titus floats behind him and applies an ankle lock. Keaton writhes in pain, and tries to pull himself forward, but Titus has the hold clamped on. Keaton starts to crawl forward, but Titus quickly pulls him back towards the center of the ring. Titus screams at his to tap, threatening to break his ankle, but Keaton refuses. In a last-ditch effort to save himself, he manages to turn his body and kicks himself free. Wasting no time, he half hobbles, half crawls to his corner and through gritted teeth tags in his partner.

    Copeland: And now it’s Titus showing no mercy! We heard him, ‘this is war.’ There more at stake here than simply his Eurasian title. That was a stipulation that Banks added to humiliate these two.

    Cohen: I’d say he gave them a fair chance, Seabass. Banks could have placed Titus in a handicap match with the title on the line, but instead he gave him a partner. He could have gone over Tyrone Blades head and placed his career on the line, but he let the fans decide the fate of this match.

    Connor: Well Mr. Banks is doing an awfully good job at not being able to keep his emotions in check. We can play “could have’s” all day, but right now Vis Imperium is in trouble.

    Copeland: Tyrone Blades showing how resilient he can be, kicking out of Mark Keaton’s best shot. Vis Imperium is clearly beside themselves.

    LeBelle enters the ring as Titus eyes him. The two men circle each other and exchange taunts, before locking up. Titus grabs a side headlock and pulls LeBelle forward, dragging him on the canvas. He keeps the hold wrenched in, wearing down his slightly smaller opponent. Titus backs himself against the ropes as LeBelle launches him forwards. Titus runs, and bounces against the adjacent ropes, but LeBelle drops down and then leap frogs over him. Titus bounces off the ropes again, and LeBelle jumps to hit him with a dropkick, but Titus has the maneuver scouted and rolls underneath him. He grabs LeBelle and takes him to the mat with a hip toss, and follows that up with a hurricarana. Titus plays to the crowd once more. He measures Xander, and looks to hit his finisher, but LeBelle suddenly drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Keaton meets him and the two men regroup on the outside. Neither man see the blur that is Titus as he runs, bounces off the ropes, and hurls himself through the middle ropes, taking out both men. Titus tosses Xander back into the ring, and turns to give Banks the middle finger. He grabs LeBelle and plants him with a DDT. He stands; measuring his opponent. He kicks LeBelle in the gut and delivers the Tit Drop!



    But Big Bad Roady saves the match for his team once again! Having finally had enough of the meddling giant, Tyrone Blades hops down off his apron, and moves in like a hungry shark towards his position. He takes down the big man at the knee and boots him in the head. He moves and grabs a chair from the timekeeper’s arena. He shoots Banks a glare, but doesn’t try to attack him. He quickly pummels the big man with brutal chair shots, until Mark Keaton comes to his friend’s aid. With Roady taken out, Keaton and Blades resume their brawl from either, leaving Titus and LeBelle alone in the ring. Titus grabs LeBelle and plants him with a body slam. He drags his opponents body over to the turnbuckle and climbs it. All eyes in the arena are on Titus as he stands on the top turnbuckle. With one last leap of faith he jumps off and nails the Red Comet! Seconds later a sickening thud can be heard, as Blades sends Keaton crashing against the barricade on the outside! Tyrone looks back, Titus rolls off LeBelle clutching his stomach and rolls towards their corner. Quickly, Tyrone hurries as best he can to the apron and gets the tag. He waits as LeBelle, clearly in a whole other world, staggers to his feet and gets nailed with a superkick! Tyrone points at him "Click" and then charges forward, delivering a stiff knee to the jaw. Tyrone rolls over and makes the cover, his eyes on Mr. Banks as he mouths the word "Clack" while the referee makes the count.




    Harrys: Here are your winners by pinfall, Tyrone Blades, and still the WZCW Eurasian champion, Titus Avison!

    Copeland: Titus has won! Tyrone has won! It’s over! It’s over! Vis Imperium is history! The Euravison era continues!

    Cohen: And of course, Blades snapped. That madman fought and beat down two men despite an injured knee. This whole match was rigged against Vis Imperium from the start. Putting Keaton and LeBelle against two Hall of Famers. Of course, they were going to lose. Do something Banks! Overturn this!

    Connor: One thing that can be said for Keaton and LeBelle is that they tried to make this work. Neither of them turned on the other in the end. You must respect that.

    The fans are overjoyed, pyro is going off all around the arena and in the wave of celebration the camera cuts to a shot of Mr. Banks dashing towards the barricade. The Owner of WZCW is looking to get out of town now that his hired guns are no longer permitted to be associated with each other. He reaches the barricade, gets a leg over but is pulled back and tossed to the ground. Tyrone Blades is right there, standing over Mr. Banks and using both hands, pulls Banks off the ground and throws him towards the ring.

    Cohen: This isn’t right! Somebody stop this madness. That’s the owner of this company.

    Copeland: This is over a year’s worth turmoil coming to an end. I don’t think anybody is going to get in Tyrone’s way tonight.

    Total fear appears on the face of Banks as he pleads with Tyrone to have mercy. The Owner of WZCW is on his knees inside the ring and is nearly crying as Blades steps onto the apron. His eyes burning a hole through Banks as he enters the ring and circles his target. Meanwhile, Titus is standing on the outside of the ring watching as the former members of Vis Imperium flee away from ringside. Leaving Banks to pay for his sins and denouncing any ties they could possibly have to him.

    Then, Banks begins to stand up whilst pleading his case. His eyes are watering, his hands shaking as he tries to explain to Tyrone that everything is settled. He’ll leave him alone but after a year’s worth of battling back and forth, Tyrone is having none of it as he strikes Banks with a thunderous right hand. The fans explode as Tyrone grabs Banks by the collar, pulling him up and punching him directly in the face again. A third connects, Tyrone has him by the tie now and is smashing him with the stiffest punches you’ve ever seen. Then, Tyrone yanks the tie forward and nearly takes Banks’ head off with a hard lariat.

    Connor: A year he has waited for this! Tyrone Blades and Mr. Banks have been fighting this war for over a year and finally, we’ve seen it end and now Tyrone is taking out his frustrations.

    Copeland: This crowd are cheering louder than I’ve ever heard. Just imagine the emotions running through Tyrone’s body right now. After everything he has been through at the hands of Mr. Banks.

    Cohen: Look! Reinforcements are coming down the entrance ramp. Thank heavens! Mr. Banks is saved.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Banks, they are not reinforcements. Nearly the entire roster heads out to surround the ring while Tyrone Blades slings Mr. Banks around the ring and beats the living hell out of him. Various submissions moves are applied, including an awfully painful looking ankle lock which has Banks tapping furiously. The arrival of the other wrestlers catches the attention of Tyrone and he stops, looking towards them all and is shocked to see them all applauding him. The likes of Batti, Vox, Tony Mancini, Wren, Eve Taylor, Constantine, Ace Stevens, Yemrez Reqonic and Lynx are all at ringside and offering their support.

    Banks, having been beaten from pillar to post, attempts to escape by rolling to the outside. Immediately, he is at the feet of Batti and she shakes his head, slapping Banks across the face before throwing him right back into the ring. Tyrone takes a moment to soak the moment in and just watches as Banks tries several more escape routes but each time he is attacked by the wrestlers and thrown right back into the ring.

    Copeland: WZCW has come together to put an end to Vis Imperium and now Mr. Banks is getting a lesson that his dictatorship will no longer be tolerated.

    Connor: This is the beginning of a new era in WZCW.

    Banks’ clothes have been torn, his face has been cut by the bare knuckle punches he took from Tyrone and the cut drips from above his eye, leaving a red trail of blood. Once again, Banks looks up at Tyrone and tries to beg for mercy, however Tyrone superkicks him right in the jaw before a single word can be uttered. Banks collapses backwards and screams out in pain, the fans in awe as Tyrone stalks his prey. From outside the ring, Titus enters the ring once again and comes with a gift. The crowd rises, the wrestlers all watch with excitement as Titus hands Tyrone Blades his trademark black baseball bat.

    The bat drags along the surface of the canvas as Tyrone approaches Mr. Banks. He squats down, getting closer to Banks and places the tip of the baseball bat underneath the billionaire’s chin. Slowly, Blades stands and keeps the baseball bat in position which forces Banks to rise also. The Owner of WZCW is in bad shape, his legs shaking, blood dripping now from above his eye. Tyrone stands across from Banks, the only two in the ring, everything goes silent for a moment and then Tyrone Blades cracks Mr. Banks across the head with the baseball bat, knocking him out cold and to the canvas for the final time.

    Copeland: He said he’d make Banks taste the baseball bat and he delivered on that promise!

    Cohen: The inmates are running the damn asylum, Seabass!

    Connor: What a night this has been ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us at Unscripted. Vis Imperium has been dethroned. Mr. Banks has been taken out and I suspect it’ll be the last we see of him on television for many months. This has been a huge night in WZCW history, thank you for being part of it!

    The final words from our announcers are spoken and the final images of the night that changed WZCW history forever are shown. Standing inside the ring, Mr. Banks remains down and out cold with blood on his face, a black baseball bat next to him. Tyrone Blades exits the ring, walking through the wrestlers and jumps the barricade to leave through the fans. The final shot of Unscripted is of Tyrone Blades, looking back towards the ring, a smile appearing on his face, and then we fade to black.
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    World Title: Justin Cooper © vs. Constantine - Hell in a Cell - Jeff
    Elite Openweight Title: Callie Clark © vs. Matt Tastic - Mayhem Rules - Prophet
    Eurasian Title: Titus Avison © & Tyrone Blades vs. Keaton/LeBelle - Vis Imperium Will Disband If They Lose - Ech
    Mayhem Title: Randy Studd vs. Vox - Ladder Match - Lee
    Kagura vs. Batti - Steel Chain Match - Jeff
    Eve Taylor vs. Logan McAllister - Boiler Room Brawl - Dave
    Lynx vs. Triple X - Falls Count Anywhere - KJ
    Anthony Mancini vs. Wren - Winner Receives $10,000 - Dagger
    Milenko vs. Ace Stevens vs. Yemrez Reqonic vs. War Zone - Eurasian Championship Shot - FalKon

    Big thanks to Falkon for taking the time to guest write a match for Unscripted. We had some great RPs this round and everyone did really well. Very close matches throughout the show and we hope you enjoy it.

    Next up is the roulette rounds following the one week break. That's always a great set of shows and we look forward to everyone being involved.

    And happy birthday to Lee. :)
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