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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    Thousands of fans are packed into the arena for the final stop before Apocalypse. The fans cheer wildly as graphics are shown for several matches including Black vs. Vee and the huge tag match between Vis Imperium vs. Tyrone Blades and Batti. The camera transitions to a shot of the broadcast team; Cat Connor and Jack Cohen.

    Connor: Thank you for joining us one last time before Apocalypse. I’m Cat Connor and tonight we’ve got an action packed show. As always, I’m joined by Jack Cohen. Jack, what are you most excited about tonight?

    Cohen: It’s got to be seeing the rightful World Champion, Garth Black step into the ring once again. It’s a pleasure to see such a fine athlete compete and he’s going to do what Cooper failed to do last week when he defeats Vee.

    Connor: We’ve also got the Clark Sisters in action tonight and rumours of a special return. Who could it be?

    Cohen: We are approaching Easter Sunday. Returns are expected!


    To the dismay of the crowd, Mark Keaton and Xander LeBelle make their way down to the ring. Both with an air of arrogance as they strut down the ramp, Keaton mocking fans the entire way. LeBelle has the Elite Openweight Championship around his waist and the duo enter the ring, grab microphones and demand silence.

    Keaton: Shut up! I’ve got something to say. Listen here and listen good, losers. The Remarkable One doesn’t like to repeat himself. You got that? Open your ears and get ready for some damn wisdom here tonight in Philly.

    The duo of Vis Imperium soak in the boos.

    LeBelle: He told you to shut up. I know you people are not able to comprehend as much as the greatest mind to ever live but surely you can connect the dots and learn to shut up when someone else is talking!

    Even more heat from the crowd.

    Keaton: Last night on Meltdown we all saw the power of Vis Imperium when Constantine retained the Mayhem Championship. A performance which only reinforced our greatness. Vox was rising through the ranks and you people believed he was going to be the next big thing. Vox had it all! Until he stepped into the ring with a member of Vis Imperium. We squashed him like a bug and Mayhem remains under our control.

    LeBelle: We stand here as the greatest faction in the history of professional wrestling. From the very beginning Vis Imperium has dominated. The original trio, made up of men from the past. A throwback to the old school of WZCW. However, those days are dead. Cracks occurred in the old group, weakness thrived and so they were removed and a new era of superstars was ushered in. Together, Mark and I have taken Vis Imperium to new heights. We are stronger than ever before and nothing can stop us!

    The duo share an evil smirk. Keaton runs his hand through his golden hair whilst LeBelle adjusts the title belt.

    Keaton: We haven’t just changed the business, we have taken control over it. Vis Imperium has all the power and not even Mikey Stormrage or Tyrone Blades can stop us. Legends of a dead era who don’t understand that their time is over. This is a new era and you’re looking at the faces of that new era. Vis Imperium! Mark Keaton, Xander LeBelle and Constantine. We run this company for now and forever! Deal with it!

    Xander steps forward and holds the title up in the air.

    LeBelle: Try as they might nobody can dethrone us. It’s why Mr. Banks has seen the need to offer his support to us. We are the future and the now. It’s only logical that he would want us on his side. With us working together WZCW will only grow stronger.

    He lowers the belt and puts it on his shoulder.

    LeBelle: That leads us to the real issue. As a champion I am under an obligation to defend the title. As pointless as the process is since nobody can defeat me, I must do my duty. Unfortunately, it would seem that everyone on the roster is afraid to challenge me. Nobody wants a shot to take my title and I don’t blame them. I’m just that good and there is nobody in this company who can touch me.


    Connor: Hold on a minute, Xander. We may have one person who has a thirst for gold who isn’t going to back down. We know that Batti has been drawing pictures of title belts recently. She wants some gold.

    Cohen: She’s a woman. Of course, she wants some jewellery.

    The crowd cheers as Batti rushes onto the stage, skipping back and forth, waving to the crowd and looking extremely excited. Inside the ring, Xander isn’t happy with seeing Batti and before he can speak, Keaton voices their frustration.

    Keaton: The hell are you doing? This is no place for the likes of you. Why don’t you go draw a picture of a cat with a funny hat or something?

    Batti: I just wanted to say, hi! I listening to you guys talk and you mentioned defending that pretty belt you’ve got. It reminded me of some news I got before the show.

    Xander looks confused and Keaton looks annoyed.

    LeBelle: What news? Concerning me?

    Batti: Yeah! I was looking for the cherry soda, I really like the cherry soda. It tastes fizzy on my tongue.

    Keaton: Get to the point, girl!

    Batti: I ran into Becky and she was all in a rush but she mentioned to me that the tag match later tonight had a special stipulation. If Tyrone and I beat the two of you later on tonight than I get to wrestle Xander for the championship at Apocalypse.

    While the crowd is happy with the announcement it’s a different story inside the ring. Xander is livid and throws his hands up in the air.

    LeBelle: No! I will not fight a woman. I refuse to defend the Elite Openweight Championship against a girl. You have done nothing to deserve stepping into the ring with me.

    Batti: She said you’d say that...

    Before Batti can continue, Mark Keaton tackles her to the ground and begins kicking her on the ground. Having ran up the ramp, he managed to reach her without being caught. LeBelle follows his partner and watches on as Keaton assaults his possible challenger for Sunday. Things look to get worse as Keaton prepares to throw Batti off the stage until Tyrone Blades charges through the crowd with a baseball in hand. LeBelle and Keaton rush behind the curtain and to the backstage arena whilst Blades protects Batti for any further harm.

    Connor: Things have intensified for the main event tonight. If Batti and Blades win then Batti will face Xander LeBelle for the Elite Openweight Championship. That cheap attack by Vis Imperium thankfully got cut short by Tyrone Blades.

    Cohen: Batti wants to play with the boys she better not be surprised when she gets punched in the mouth. I can’t see her winning tonight. Vis Imperium will not fall.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a singles match and is set for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    The crowd gives Vee a warm welcome when he steps onto the stage. His energy levels high, bouncing around the stage and shaking his fists to get the crowd pumped up. Vee slaps his face a bit before sprinting down to the ring, holding out his arms so fans can reach out for a high five.

    Cohen: The luckiest superstar we have on the roster. I mean, do you honestly believe he could beat Justin Cooper without everything going his way? This guy isn’t on that elite level. I don’t even like Cooper but he’s the World Champion, Vee got lucky last week. I fully expect Garth Black to put this chump back in his place.

    Connor: Vee has been trying to break through that glass ceiling for a long time and many people believe last week was the breaking point. He pinned the World Champion in the middle of that ring. I couldn’t believe it but give the kid respect, he didn’t cheat, he didn’t cut corners, Vee stepped into the ring like a warrior and came out the victor.

    Cohen: Oh please, CC! Vee... a winner? Just wait and see how Mr. Black destroys him tonight.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from the Last Chance Saloon, he weighs 15 Stone, he is Garth Black!

    A line of security begins to emerge from the entrance on the stage. They split into two groups and secure the area, several facing one way while the others cover the opposite direction. A few moments later Garth Black steps out, smiling, laughing even as he holds the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. His usual ramblings on his way down to the ring are captured; “Where are you, Justin? I’m waiting.” Black looks towards the ring and begins to circle it, running his hand over the title belt at the same time as Vee stands firmly in the centre of the ring.

    Connor: As I did last week, allow me to inform everyone at home that Garth Black is NOT the World Champion. That title is not his and it has been stolen from Justin Cooper. WZCW officials have attempted to secure the title for Justin over the past week but all attempts have been unsuccessful.

    Cohen: In this country, possession is nine-tenths of the law. Finders keepers, losers weepers. If he wants it back, he knows where he can find it. Cooper needs to stop complaining and face Black like a man. I bet he’ll be shaking in his boots after seeing Black defeat Vee so easily tonight.

    Connor: You do remember that Garth Black is 0-3 against Justin Cooper? He’s never beaten him before.

    Cohen: Just like how Garth Black is undefeated against Bobby Fischer in chess.

    Connor: Garth has never faced Bobby Fischer in chess.

    Cohen: He’s never lost either. Undefeated, I say!

    Inside the ring now, Garth Black gives the belt a soft kiss before placing it in the corner. He looks over to Vee and shakes his head, looking almost amused with this match. Vee is focused and isn’t letting any of the antics from Garth disrupt his plan for tonight. The referee gives both of them a nod and signals for the bell.

    *DING DING*​

    The first movement comes from Vee as he steps out of the corner. On the opposite side of the ring Black leans against the turnbuckle and examines his fingernails. A quick surge by Vee fakes out Black, he slips between the ropes after Vee stomps his foot on the canvas. The crowd cheers as Vee takes a bow; Garth slowly steps away from the ropes and the two men met with a test of strength. Quickly, Garth gets into a side headlock position, pushing his thumb against the eye of Vee. The tricks get worse as Black turns every few seconds and hooks a finger inside the mouth of Vee, pulling hard and scratching at the inside of his mouth. Vee delivers a few elbows and pushes Black away; the former World Champ continues running and rebounds off the ropes with a shoulder block.

    This drops Vee, he rolls to the left as Black jumps over him and runs towards the ropes again. On the rebound, Vee leaps over Black but when he feet hit the ground Black wraps him up and nails a belly to belly! He hooks the leg for the cover. 1... Kick Out! Black begins lifting Vee up off the canvas and shoves him into the turnbuckle. In a split-second Vee moves out of the way as Black slams himself into the pads. Standing on the apron, Vee jumps and flips his legs up, managing to kick Black in the head. This causes him to stumble backwards and Vee lines up his shot before executing a springboard neckbreaker! The crowd pops as Vee goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out.

    Connor: Opportunity is knocking for Vee once again and the kid is trying to grab it just like he did last week.

    Cohen: That’s not opportunity knocking, it’s Garth Black ready to whoop your ass!

    Vee grabs Black by the arm and kicks him in the ribs. They struggle for a moment with movement, Black chops Vee in the throat causing separation. Black swings for a punch but Vee ducks and hits a dropkick to the knee. Sharp pain strikes and Black is retreating, Vee charges forward and nails a hurricanrana sending Black into the bottom of the turnbuckle. The crowd cheer wildly as Vee backs up, points to the corner and sprints as fast as he can before connecting with a shining wizard! Black collapses forward and Vee rolls him over for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! With a look of intensity about him, Vee steps onto the ring apron and begins to stomp his foot. The crowd chanting along with the beat as Black stirs inside the ring.

    The former World Champion rubs his neck as he stands, facing the wrong way for Vee to hit whatever he has planned. Black takes a moment to gather himself before turning and somehow, he catches an incoming Vee! He was going for a springboard elbow but Garth countered. He moves into the middle of the ring as Vee tries to wriggle free but it’s no use. Black goes for the Black Out, the knee is coming up only for Vee to catch it and he spins Garth around, shoving him into the corner. Vee tries to follow up off the counter but a thumb to the eye has him blinded as Garth nails an STO. He jumps into mount and pounds away with punches and forearms, just going crazy like he did last week. Without warning Black lifts Vee up and connects with a northern lights suplex on the outer part of the canvas, making it extra hard. He hooks the leg. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Cohen: Black has taken control over this match, CC. I told you not to doubt him.

    Connor: It’s been an even contest so far and I’m really enjoying it. Black doesn’t want to lose this close to his big title match and Vee wants to prove he can beat the best in WZCW. This match is so important.

    The moment the shoulder came up off the canvas Black turned towards the official. They argue about the call and Garth yells it should’ve been three. The conversation is cut short as Vee rolls him up. 1... 2... Kick Out! For his effort, Vee is cracked with a boot from Garth right after the kick out. The boot nails him right in the face and sends Vee to the floor outside of the ring. Wanting to follow up, Garth exits the ring and approaches Vee, hitting a few punches to keep control. He then slams Vee’s head into the side of the ring before executing a judo throw on the hard-unprotected ground. The crowd boos as Black places a foot on Vee head and stretches out his arms, soaking in the reaction.

    The count is near ten when Black throws Vee into the ring and follows after. However, he doesn’t just enter the ring rather Black climbs the turnbuckle. He positions him and waits as Vee rolls one more time onto his back and then leaps into the air for the diving elbow. The crash is hard, Vee rolls out of the way and Black is down. Immediately, Vee throws are arm over for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out. Even after the crash and burn, Garth finds a way to kick out at the last moment. Both men are looking for their big shot now as Vee pounds the canvas. He stands, eyeing Black and then lifts him up by the arm and slings him into the corner. Vee then uses all his might to put Black on the top turnbuckle.

    Cohen: Uh oh, this might not end well.

    Connor: Opportunity is knocking, Vee. Take the moment and become a star. Do whatever you’ve got to do, kid!

    The entire arena is standing as Vee hammers away with punches to Black who is perched on the top turnbuckle. Slowly, Vee follows and it becomes clear what he is trying to do. He takes a long pause, a moment to consider and then jumps for the Super Reverse Frankensteiner. It works perfectly and Black crashes down onto the mat. He could be out cold but Vee hit the canvas hard also. Neither man can do anything right now as the referee quickly checks on both of them. Vee is the first to stir, crawling over, not to Black but to the ring ropes. The crazy son of a bitch is going back to the top rope, whilst clutching his ribs from the fall he just suffered. Black still hasn’t move as Vee ascends the top rope against and this time is standing all alone.

    He raises his hands up in the air and is about to jump when the referee stumbles into the ropes, causing Vee to fall! He ends up inside the ring and is quickly covered by Black. 1... 2... foot on the rope! Replays of the fall show that it was Black who gave the referee a slight kick to the back of the leg which sent him stumbling forward. Black is still dazed as he waves the referee’s warnings off and pulls Vee over into the middle of the ring. He begins to scream at Vee, daring him to try something and then Black slaps him hard across the face. Total disrespect and Black now lifts Vee up for the Black Out, attempting it for the second time in the match.

    Cohen: Black Out time. Kiss your opportunity goodbye, Vee.

    Black shakes his head with Vee on his shoulders. The match really getting to him and that split second gives Vee enough time to slip out the back and hit the reverse hook kick! Black is stunned, he couldn’t get the finisher off but now Vee runs off the ropes and on the rebound... gets lifted back into position for the Black Out! The fans cry out as Black fires off his knee, looking to smack the skull of Vee. It’s almost there but Vee catches it, just like earlier, only this time he kicks out the other leg, rolls forward and has a pinning combination. 1... 2... 3! Vee has done it again!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, VEE A! D! Z!

    The crowd are cheering like mad as Vee spills out of the ring and runs around ringside, clutching at his ribs. He high fives some fans at ringside and is overjoyed with yet another big win. He has officially beaten both men, back to back, who will fight for the World Championship this Sunday. Vee charges up the ramp and nearly falls he is so excited.

    Cohen: HE DID IT AGAIN?! I don’t believe it, CC. How can he keep winning these matches? He just beat one of the best wrestlers on the planet! He countered the Black Out three times during the match. I can’t believe it.

    Connor: A huge shock but what a moment for Vee. Now, don’t get crazy because he’s not going to be in the World Championship picture but what Vee has done tonight and last week is put his name into the Elite and Eurasian scene. He was an afterthought only a few weeks ago but now, looking towards the future, I think we’ll be seeing Vee in a title match for one of those titles if he can keep up his winning ways.

    Cohen: I just cannot believe this has happened. That official better not be calling the shots on Sunday for Garth Black. Last Man Standing the referee only has so much to do but I bet this idiot couldn’t count to ten.

    Meanwhile, Garth Black is furious inside the ring and is shouting at the referee. He gives him a shove, turns away angrily and grabs the World Championship. Black exits the ring and heads up the ramp whilst surrounded by his private security team.
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    Gabi and Callie Clark are hurrying around backstage preparing for their match. Gabi is helping Callie with her boots, struggling to make them fit.

    Callie: They’re too tight! Geez, it’s hurts.

    Gabi: Almost there. Just gotta... it’s on!

    The sisters groan and lean back against an equipment box. Callie pulls out her phone and begins searching through her twitter feed.

    Gabi: Anything good?

    Callie: Meh, they think we look super cute yesterday at the autograph signing. Hey, a lot of people are asking why we don’t have a match at Apocalypse.

    A glance is shared between the sisters and Gabi jumps to her feet.

    Gabi: Well, we’ll just have to change that. Look! It’s Becky. Hey, Becky!

    The General Manager of Ascension, Becky Serra, is on the move and has a clipboard in her hand. She turns for a split second and notices the sisters charging toward her.

    Serra: Stop! What do you want? Quickly, I’ve got a show to run. How can be of assistance, ladies?

    Callie: We were kinda wondering, if maybe, you could... um... think about... possibly... pretty please... get us a match on the pay-per-view?

    The GM eyes them over, glances down at her clipboard and smirks.

    Serra: You two want a match on Sunday?

    Gabi: Yes! If you could. We would love a chance to be on the per-per-view. Getting all dressed up. It’s sounds so exciting.

    Serra: Fine. I may just have something that would fit you two perfectly. I’ll get back to you.

    The GM walks off down the hall as the two sisters exchange a massive hug and a cheer. They excitedly hurry down the corridor to the locker room awaiting news of their match on Sunday.
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    The lights go out suddenly as we return to inside the arena once more. Suddenly, a pinkish glow bathes the fans as the sound of the General Manager's theme music begins playing.

    After a few seconds of waiting, the General Manager of Ascension makes her way out onto the stage. She gives the fans a nod and a wry smile as she stands on the stage, raising her hands above her head in a glamorous fashion – tempting the fans to check her and her beauty out. After a few more seconds of allowing the fans to bask in her presence, she begins moving down the ramp towards the ring.

    Connor: Well, you always know that something is afoot when the General Manager of either show makes their way to the ring unannounced, Jack. There has been a lot of speculation about a massive return this week. I wonder if that's what we are about to see?

    Cohen: You never know in the world of WZCW, that much is 100 percent certain. And judging by the frosty reception the Clark Sisters just got in the backstage area, I would say that Becky is definitely on a mission here tonight. As far as speculation goes, we're just gonna have to wait and see.

    Becky struts down the ramp before grabbing a microphone from the steel steps and then walking up them. She gets in the ring to a rather mixed reception from the natives but it doesn't seem to affect the General Manager at all. She simply offers them another smile and stands motionless in the ring until they stop chanting. As the chanting stops, Becky finally begins.

    Serra: I'm not gonna waste any more time out here than I need to, that's for sure...

    Becky looks down her nose at the fans at ringside with a venomous look on her face. As the fans begin booing, she raises her hand for silence – an action that only serves to incite the fans further. She waits for the chants to subside once more before continuing.

    Serra: Ascension is the home of quality programming and the home of the most must-see wrestlers on the face of the planet. Day by day, Mr Banks goes to extreme lengths to deliver a show to all of you that you can be proud of. Whether he gets enough credit for that, I'm not sure. But whilst he goes on a campaign to get the respect he deserves, he continually strives to give all of you something to talk about at your mundane jobs tomorrow.

    More booing starts but Becky is quick to shut it down and continue talking over it.

    Serra: That is why WZCW is the premier name in the wrestling world. Each day, we think of new and exciting ways to deliver a quality product to all of you. But sometimes, you have to consider the past when you are considering the future. And to that end, I am so excited to deliver a new wrestler to each and every one of you.

    This time, a massive cheer goes around the arena at the thought of being privy to the big reveal.

    Serra: Sometimes, to get the best out of everyone, we have to look at wrestlers from our past that can excite the fans and incite a change in WZCW. This wrestler does that like no one else... Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you...

    The fans fall silent...

    Serra: THE BEARD!!


    Connor: NO WAY!?

    Cohen: You are kidding me!?

    The lights go out and as the music hits a spotlit Beard is standing there with a towel over his head. Beard flings the towel off his head as he bounces up and down and draws the crowd in for more noise with his hands. The lights fly on and Beard throws his hands in the air encouraging the crowd to chant "Beard! Beard! Beard!".

    Connor: I don't believe what I am seeing, Jack! I thought for sure that we would never see The Beard back in a WZCW ring! And man does he look like he is in good shape!

    Cohen: I'll tell you one thing. Not only does The Beard look as though he is well up for the challenges that lie ahead in WZCW, the fans seem to be overjoyed to see him back through that curtain. The hairs on my arm are standing on their ends! What a moment!

    He hurries down the aisle slapping hands with all the members of Beard Nation. He slaps the stairs as he charges up them before leaping himself over the top rope and dropping to one knee as he bobs his head to his music and the chants of the crowd. He stands up and throws himself chest first into the ropes and throws his arms out as a crooked smile comes across his face. Becky hands him her microphone and a smile as she quickly gets out of the ring. The fans are on their feet and so pumped for the return that The Beard can barely be heard as he begins speaking.

    Beard: You missed me, huh?

    A massive cheer and chant begins circulating in the arena as The Beard spins on the spot, sucking in the tremendous reception from the fans.

    Beard: You know, I missed all of you too...

    Again, The Beard stops to allow the fans to get behind him – which they do absolutely.

    Beard: About a month ago, I was contacted by a member of the WZCW hierarchy. They wanted me back. So I sat there and I listened to them drone on about what has been happening in WZCW and what I had missed in the time I had been away. They gave me the hard sell, is what I am trying to tell you. But man, if they had only started telling me what a reaction I would have got when I returned, they would have saved themselves a lot of time!

    Beard smiles as another massive cheer goes around the arena for him.

    Beard: You know, a lot of people return to WZCW with no idea of what they want to accomplish. For a former World Heavyweight Champion like me, there isn't a great deal to accomplish. But , truthfully, this is probably my last shot at the big time. My last shot to put my name in the record books for the rest of history...

    A sombre silence falls over the crowd but it is soon drowned out by a wave of support for the giant wrestler.

    Beard: And that's why it is so important that the Beard Nation are well and truly behind me. Hell, I don't know if I have what it takes to be successful in this day and age but I'm gonna give it everything I have to get there. So with that in mind, let's get this things started! With Apocalypse on the horizon, I am putting out an open challenge to anyone who wants to step up and face me. I guess we are gonna find out real soon if I have what it takes or not...

    With that, The Beard drops the microphone and gives the fans on every side a small wave before exiting the ring and heading up the ramp.

    Connor: Well, you heard it here first! The Beard is back in WZCW and he has put out an open challenge to anyone who wants to step up and wrestle him at Apocalypse! What a night!

    Cohen: I don't know what The Beard has left in him him but I can tell you one thing – if he is 50% of what he was before he left this company, then whoever steps into that ring is in big trouble. He seems keen, motivated and driven to get back on track and at Apocalypse that is what he is gonna try and do. I pity the man or woman who takes up his offer.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

    Anderson: Introducing first from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

    Yemrez heads down to the ring after the light show results in a spotlight shining. She runs down and the crowd are cheering. She climbs in the ring making a heart symbol, this gets another chant. She sits on the bottom rope as she waits.

    Connor: Yemrez Reqonic is a very decorated woman. Not many people have a silver medal.

    Cohen: That's right Cat. Rim Jong Sim doesn't have a silver medal as she won gold.

    Anderson: And her opponent from New York, New York, weighing 100 pounds, Callie Clark!

    Callie Clark is dressed like Lola Bunny from Space Jam, getting in the Easter spirit. She heads to the ring and taunts a few fans who were cat calling her. She enters the ring.

    Connor: A great night for women in WZCW with an all female match and a female referee. I doubt Titus would care for this match!

    Cohen: Come on Cat, let's keep this professional. Titus Avison isn't linked to this match so why have a go at him? I'll also ask where Gabbi is.

    Connor: Gabbi has a huge match later tonight so she's preparing backstage.

    Cohen: We'll see how she copes without that support.

    The ladies circle each other in the ring as referee Katie Shepard calls for the bell. Yemrez with an intent look has the crowd behind her and Callie knows she has the support of her sister backstage. Both link up with their hands clasping. This breaks down with Yemrez using her height and weight advantage to overpower the Clark sister.

    They link back up and again the silver medal Olympian overpowers Clark. Callie uses her speed advantage and moving from a two hand to one hand hold does a roll. Yemrez still holds on and Callie rolls again. Callie goes for the third roll but Yemrez knocks Callie to the mat. Yemrez poses to the crowd as they cheer.

    Connor: Yemrez is already getting the crowd behind her with a nice start.

    Cohen: The thing with Callie is she has the speed advantage as we saw there. Clever thinking if you ask me.

    Yemrez picks Callie off the mat. She heads towards the corner and hits the head of Callie off the turnbuckle. The crowd love this. Yemrez laughs and drags Callie to the next corner. Again she hits the Clark Sisters face off the turnbuckle, the crowd chant. Yemrez goes for the third but Callie escapes and hits Reqonic's face off the turnbuckle.

    Callie looks to the last remaining corner and pulls Yemrez to the other corner. Callie goes for the fourth corner turnbuckle head smash but Yemrez puts her leg out and stops it. It was now apparent that Yemrez was playing possum. This throws Callie off, Yemrez gives a kick to the midsection and Callie collapses.

    Yemrez picks Callie up and throws her to the turnbuckle. Callie manages to jump up on the second rope (facing the crowd) and dives back with an elbow to the face of Yemrez. Clark then gives a leg sweep to Reqonic and she goes down. Callie starts to deliver some stomps.

    Cohen: I told you Cat, Callie Clark is Cohen's Choice for change.

    Connor: That's a lot of C's but Reqonic has the size and power advantage.

    Callie Clark picks up Yemrez and gives an Irish whip to the turnbuckle. Yemrez bounces back and Callie goes for another. Yemrez bashes into the turnbuckle and bounces back again. She turns to face Callie and stops.

    Callie goes for a drop-kick and Yemrez does the Matrix evasion. Callie completely misses Yemrez who is then able to go for a corkscrew neck-breaker. Reqonic goes for the cover and Katie Shepard counts. 1..2..kick out.

    Cohen: Close, very close there. Callie needs to up her game.

    Connor: It's ironic that Callie was nearly ended due to the Matrix evasion.

    Cohen: How is that ironic?

    Connor: It just is.

    Yemrez is furious and picks up Callie and throws her to the ropes. Callie bounces and crumbles in the middle. Yemrez picks her up again and this time Callie bounces off the ropes. Yemrez ducks the attack but on the bounce back Callie connects with a drop kick.

    Yemrez is down on the mat and Callie does a standing moonsault double knee drop. The crowd boo at this as Callie goes for another. She laughs and heads up to the second rope. The Calliesault is hit and covers Yemrez. 1...2...3! Shepard calls the bell.

    Cohen: Out of nowhere! Great manoeuvre for Callie Clark. Game over.

    Connor: Let's not understate how well Yemrez did, she may have lost but is one for the future.

    Anderson: Here is your winner...Callie Clark!
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    In the hallways of the arena, The Beard is walking and several members of the roster say hello. He turns a corner and comes to a sudden stop. Anticipation builds as The Beard’s eyes move up and down, focused on something that we cannot see. He extends a hand to the unknown figure.

    Beard: Congratulations on another victory. Very impressive and it seems you’ve found that extra gear after all this time.

    The mystery figure shakes hands with The Beard and the camera swings around to reveal Vee A.D.Z.

    Vee: Coming from someone like you that means a lot. Thank you and welcome back. It’s good to have veterans around these parts. Keeps people motivated if you ask me.

    Beard: It’s good to be back. I know things have changed around here since I’ve been gone but I’m ready to get back into the ring and prove that I’ve still got what it takes to be at the top of the game. I don’t know how long it’ll take but I’ll get there. You’ve shown everyone that you just have to keep fighting and eventually you’ll breakthrough.

    A nod from Vee, he has a small smirk.

    Vee: Everyone just needs an opportunity to show what they can do. One win can change your life forever. Look at me. Three weeks ago, I was an afterthought, floating around doing nothing but now I’ve beaten two World Champions back to back.

    Beard: Well, as I said, congratulations. You deserve it, kid. I’d stay longer but I’ve got to do media. Being newly returned they all want a piece of me.

    The Beard takes a few steps forward when suddenly Vee grabs him by the arm.

    Vee: Sorry, but opportunity only comes knocking so many times. I told you I’ve beaten two World Champions back to back, well at Apocalypse I’m going to make it a threepeat.

    The live crowd goes wild as they put the puzzle together. The Beard starts nodding, he knows what this means.

    Beard: You know, when I issued an open challenge, I didn’t expect it to be this fast.

    Vee: I don’t let opportunity knock twice. I look forward to our match on Sunday.

    With that, Vee walks away and leaves Beard to ponder his return match. It is official: Vee A.D.Z. competes against the returning, former World Champion, The Beard at Apocalypse. The Beard lets out a slight chuckle, running his hand through the famous beard, and begins walking down the hallway.

    Beard: I missed this crazy place.

    He disappears behind a corner.
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    Anderson: The following match is a singles match and is set for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first from New York, New York, weighing 170 pounds, Gabi Clark!

    Gabi stops at the top of the ramp dressed up as Widowmaker from Overwatch and poses for all to see. She slow walks down the ramp so that everyone can have their chance at seeing her and snapping some photos of her. While inside the ring, she stands in the middle and poses some more.

    Cohen: What a fantastic outfit Gabi has. That might be the best Widowmaker outfit I have ever seen.

    Connor: Surprised you even know who Widowmaker is, Jack. I do agree with you though that The Clarks are excellent cosplayers.


    Anderson: And her opponent, making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds.... Eve Taylor!

    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down. She slowly lifts her head, and slowly looks around the entire arena, before bursting out from the spotlight and amping up the crowd. She marches confidently down the ramp, still in her model strut. As she hits the end of the ramp, she jumps onto the apron, and heads over to the closest turnbuckle. She ascends it and once again the arena goes dim, with a bright light over Eve Taylor. She slowly holds her hand out, trying to reach for the heavens. As the chorus kicks in, she grabs hold of the spotlight, and the arena comes back to life. Eve is seen standing atop the turnbuckles, holding her arm in the air, with her eyes closed, taking a deep breath. After a second, she opens her eyes, and pumps up the audience, before jumping off the turnbuckle, pointing to everyone in the arena.

    Cohen: Eve's fans claim she is the best female competitor in WZCW history, I no longer see it. A year ago at this time maybe, but not anymore. Especially not once Gabi defeats her tonight.

    Connor: Both girls will have a lot to prove by a win though I do have to disagree with your opinion on Eve. She did win against Celeste at Kingdom Come this year. What an opportunity for Gabi to make a big impact!

    Gabi is still posing in the ring, she had been posing during Eve's entrance and turns around to see her opponent. Gabi poses again right in front of Eve, who headbutts Gabi and punches her twice. The fans cheer for this. The bell is rung to start the match even though the action had already started. Eve hits two consecutive Knife-Edge Chops. Eve goes for another punch but Gabi is able to dodge it and grabs Eve to hit a Backbreaker. Gabi follows this with a Neckbreaker. She tries to cover Eve for an early pinfall attempt but Eve pushes Gabi off immediately. Gabi gets up and makes her way to the ropes, she climbs out of the ring and is down at the ringside area. She looks toward the area under the ring. Eve stands up and runs for the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. She springs off the ropes and hits a Topé con Hilo knocking both women down to the ground.

    Connor: Great tactics there by Eve. Whatever was down under the ring, she didn't let Gabi get to it.

    Cohen: If her costume is any indication, Gabi will turn things back in her favor. Just wait and see.

    Both women are still down. Eve is the first to get up. She grabs Gabi and drags her back into the ring before pushing Gabi in and climbing into the ring herself. Gabi is down, laying in the corner of the ring. Eve looks around at the fans who are cheering her. She kicks Gabi several times and the fans begin to count the number of kicks with a chant. 1! 2! 3! 4! Gabi successfully rolls out of the way before an additional kick by Eve. Gabi responds with an Arm Trap and headbutts Eve six times. Gabi grabs Eve, who had been stunned by the headbutts, and hits a Spinebuster. She covers Eve for a pin and the official begins counting. 1.... 2.... kickout by Eve! Both women get up. Eve does a Side Kick to Gabi's stomach and then another Side Kick to Gabi's head. This is followed by a string of Knife-Edge Chops. The fans count them as Eve hits Gabi with each. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! An attempt at an additional Knife-Edge Chop fails as Gabi moves out of the way and gets behind Eve. She does a German Suplex and attempts to do another but Eve reverses the maneuver and turns Gabi around hitting her Signature Move the High Heel Kick! Eve covers Gabi for a pin and the official counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Gabi! Eve sits up in disbelief. Gabi is down.

    Connor: Eve looks as if she couldn't believe that wasn't three. I couldn't either! How did Gabi kick out of that!?

    Cohen: Gabi just needs that one opportunity and then it will all be over, just like the character she is portraying.

    Both women get up and Gabi does a Bulldog on Eve. She waits for Eve to get up and then hits a Spinebuster. Gabi poses as the fans boo her and Eve slowly gets up. Gabi has her back to Eve so she does not see that she has gotten up. Gabi continues posing and laughs. She turns around and Eve hits a Big Boot on Gabi, followed by a Knife-Edge Chop and a Sliding Forearm Smash. Gabi starts to get up, but Eve runs for the ropes and hits a Running Hurricanrana on Gabi. Then Gabi gets up and goes to attempt another Spinebuster but she is unable to grab Eve who has dodged her. Eve grabs Gabi and uses her finishing maneuver, the Fashion Statement! The fans cheer loudly and count along with the official. 1....2.... 3!

    Anderson: The winner of this match.... Eve Taylor!

    Connor: What a great match between two talented women. Eve proved to be the better competitor. Gabi may have lost, but she lost to the best.

    Cohen: We still have more matchups coming your way later tonight.
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    Backstage, Leon Kensworth is standing by in the interview arena. He offers a smile to the camera and lifts the microphone up to his lips.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, former World Champion, Mikey Stormrage.

    From the left, Mikey steps into the frame and offers Leon a firm handshake.

    Kensworth: Mikey, you’ve been one of the biggest news stories since Kingdom Come. What is going on with you? You didn’t compete immediately following the event, you returned only to lose last week and here we are now with you again not wrestling. Are you okay?

    Mikey places his hands on his hips and takes a moment to ponder his answer, looking off screen and away from Leon. He begins while still looking away.

    Stormrage: I’ve had to ask myself that question several times since before Kingdom Come. I was World Heavyweight Champion and yet I was struggling emotionally. The whole situation with Eve was hard on me and the feud with Justin got extremely personal. On top of all that I lost my World Championship, to a guy I hate more than anyone else in this business, and I couldn’t get myself back together. I was lost and I thought a few weeks off would be enough but when I stepped into the ring last week I realised, rather quickly, that I shouldn’t be there.

    Kensworth: You needed a break. Is that something you are still looking at? Is this a possible retirement?

    The interview reaches a long silence as Mikey turns back to Leon. A smile comes over his face and he shakes his head.

    Stormrage: No, I’ve done a lot of soul searching since then and I’m not going anywhere. I realised when I saw Vis Imperium running around this place and getting all the power they wanted, that I had to stay and fight. If not for myself, I had to fight for the young guys coming into this company. I must fight to make sure that when I am gone that WZCW remains for future wrestlers to achieve their dreams like I have mine.

    Kensworth: You mentioned Vis Imperium, the group has gotten stronger with the addition of Xander LeBelle and Andrew Adonis. How has their relationship with Mr. Banks influenced your decision to remain in WZCW?

    The smile fades from the face of Mikey as he turns towards the camera.

    Stormrage: As long as Vis Imperium are around injustice will continue to thrive in WZCW. They don’t care who they hurt since they have the support of Mr. Banks. They’re nothing but hired guns willing to assault anyone for the right price. I will not let this grow. Whether I have support or have to stand alone, I will lead the charge against Vis Imperium. Do you hear me, Banks? I’m not going anywhere.

    Leon nods his head and brings the microphone back to himself.

    Kensworth: Anything else you’d like to say?

    Stormrage: Just one thing, Leon. I said I’d lead the charge against injustice and I plan to start this Sunday at Apocalypse. Last time I wrestled on pay-per-view there was a guy who just kept sticking his nose in my business. He was always there and I could never shake him off. Well, it’s time to see how good he is without his friend. Mark Keaton, I challenge you to a match at Apocalypse. You came after me at Kingdom Come and now I’m returning the favour. You have thrived under Vis Imperium, you have attacked me and countless otherwise. It’s time for you to pay. It’s time for this game of yours to finally come to an end. Keaton, I want an answer! Either we meet in the ring or I’ll come looking for you elsewhere.

    That’s the last of it as Mikey stares into the camera, a look of intensity on his face and Leon slowly backs away as we zoom in on the former World Champion’s eyes.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.....

    From Toronto, Ontario Canada, Remarkable Mark Keaton and his tag team partner accompanied by his manager Adonis, from Paris, France, The World's Greatest Mind and WZCW Elite Openweight Champion... Xander Lebelle! This is VIS IMPERIUM!

    A chorus of boo's as Mark Keaton walks out first, holding his trophies high and flexing his arms as much as he can. Xander saunters out next with an air of arrogance with Adonis not far behind, the Elite Openweight Championship around his waist. They stand at the top of the ramp for awhile, soaking in the loud boo's from the capacity crowd. They make their way to the ring and Mark hands his trophies to an attractive female at ringside. All three men enter the ring and start chatting with each other in close.

    Anderson: And their opponent....

    Xander: Give me that microphone! Our entrance wasn't over yet. Show a little class and respect please.

    Xander slowly removed his extremely expensive bottle glasses and title belt while Mark threw his leather jacket over the top ropes. Xander nodded for the announcer to continue.

    Anderson:And their opponents....

    Anderson: Weighing in at 115 pounds, from Neo Japan...

    A sea of beach balls drop from the ceiling, bouncing all over the ramp and into the crowds. Batti comes out and kicks a beach ball directly towards the ring.

    Anderson: BATTI!

    The announcer can barely be heard as the crowds are in a frenzy for the very popular WZCW star. She runs back and forth across the top of the ramp, waving excitedly to the crowds. She goes to kick another beach ball but her foot catches the top of the ball and she trips. She covers her mouth and laughs while on her knees. The crowd laughs along.

    Anderson: And her tag team partner....

    The crowds jump to their feet, Batti stands up now waits for her tag team partner. But he doesn't come out.

    Anderson: Tyrone Blades!

    Still no entrance from Blades.

    Cohen: What do ya think Conner? Blades just left Batti high and dry here to fight Vis Imperium on her own! Ha ha haaa! I love it!

    Connor: I don't think so Jack! Look....

    Blades is in the ring, standing directly behind Mark and Xander with a smile on his face. The bell rings and he grabs both Vis Imperium members and smashes their heads together! Batti charges at the ring and slides in, she runs across the ring and double clotheslines both men over the top ropes to the outside!


    Connor: Wow! What a double clothesline from Batti!

    Mark Keaton kicks the steel steps in frustration. Xander is talking with Adonis while rubbing his own cheek. The ref inside the ring is trying to restore some order. He motions Batti and Tyrone to their respective corner.

    Cohen: At least the ref is doing his job Connor! Let's have some fair play for once! We all know how much Tyrone cheats!

    Tyrone nods and Batti steps through the ropes. Xander and Mark have a quick talk and Mark steps through the ropes on his side. Tyrone and Xander circle each other in the middle of the ring and then get into a collar and elbow tie up. Tyrone pushes hard and both men walk towards VI's corner. They're still locked in the collar and elbow tie up. The ref starts counting and Tyrone gives the man from Paris a clean break. Mark spits on Tyrone's chest from the apron. Mr. Jones grabs Mark's leather pants and pulls him down off of the apron, he starts screaming in Mark's face. Adonis spins Mr. Jones around and delivers a right hand to the face. Mark grabs Jones and applies a full nelson so Adonis can fill him in. Tyrone dives through the ropes and shoulder tackles Mark to the floor. Xander climbs out of the ring and hits Tyrone with a stiff elbow to the back of the head. Batti runs around the ring and nails Xander with a running axe kick. Two ref's run from the backstage to try and restore some order. The ref in the ring is chirping commands at the announcer.

    Anderson: The referee in charge has just announced that Adonis and Mr. Jones have been BANNED from ringside!

    Cohen: Good! Now Vis Imperium won't have to deal with that cheating Mr. Jones anymore!

    Connor: Give me a break Jack! Adonis is just as bad! This match has started out chaotic, let's see if this ref can restore some order here.

    Cohen: Well it took THREE refs, Cat!

    Tyrone and Xander resumed their circling game in the center of the ring. Xander quickly raked Tyrone in the eyes and gave him a finger thrust to the throat followed by a quick chop to the chest. Tyrone staggered to the ropes, Xander stayed on him and applied a reverse headlock setting up his snap DDT, Tyrone powered out and pushed off Xander, he then snapped a quick jumping knee to Xander's face, dropping him to the mat. Tyrone kicked him in the ribs and jumped down for a rolling cradle pin.
    1..... Xander kicked out. Tyrone stood up and was ready to do more ground work but was leveled from behind by a clothesline to the back of the head by Mark.

    Conner: Did you see that Jack! Come on!

    Cohen: That's just payback for all the cheating Batti and Tyrone did earlier!

    The ref pushed Mark back towards his side of the ring. Batti jumped in the ring but Xander gave her a quick running boot to the face, sending her sprawling through the middle rope to the outside. Her turned his attention to Tyrone on the mat and delivered a big elbow drop. He quickly applied an STO!

    Tyrone struggled to reach the rope but couldn't quite make it. Xander squeezed harder, trying to get the submission victory. Tyrone reached with a last effort and grabbed the bottom rope. The crowd cheered for his efforts. Xander grabbed Tyrones foot and dragged him across the ring to their corner. He tagged in Mark Keaton. Both men took this time to lay some stomps on Tyrone, over and over again. The ref had to jump in and make Xander get out of the ring. Mark walked to the ropes and flexed for the crowd, who booed him loudly.

    Cohen: RMK Groupie District is here Cat!

    Conner: I think I just sprained my eyes I rolled them that hard. Tyrone has to make a tag Jack, he's in trouble here.

    Mark grabbed Tyrones leg's and applied a figure four leglock! Tyrone yelled out in pain as Mark started headbanging and yelling at Tyrone to tap. Xander climbed to the top rope, he jumped and landed a hard leg drop on Tyrone while he was still in the submission hold. The ref ran over and pushed Xander back to his corner. Tyrone was starting to fade, Mark applied the hold as hard as he could now.

    The ref came over and lifted Tyrone's arm, it fell limp to the mat. He lifted it again, the same result. He lifted his arm a third time, but before it could hit the mat, Tyrone's fist started to clench and unclench. He slowly sat up with a freaky, scary look of determination on his face. Mark's eyes widened as Tyrone started laying lefts and rights to his face, breaking the hold. Tyrone turned and tried to tag in his partner, but Mark grabbed him and hit a side suplex. He stood up and flexed right in front of Batti. She turned and started clapping for the fans to get Tyrone going, the capacity crowd clapped along.

    Mark lifted Tyrone off of the mat, he threw him off of the ropes and WHAM!! THE V.H.S LARIAT!! Instead of dropping to the mat, Mark held Tyrone's head tightly and spun him around....he quickly dropped into THE VERY RUDE AWAKENING! Mark jumped up and started playing air guitar and laughing. Batti had her mouth covered in shock. Xander was livid on the apron, screaming at Mark to cover him. Mark shook his head. He wanted to continue punishing Tyrone.

    Cohen: What a stupid mistake! I know this guy is in his second season! But you have to take that advantage here!

    Conner: I'm at a loss for words at this plan by Mark Keaton.

    Mark had a big smirk on his face now as he pulled Tyrone off of the mat by his hair. He slapped him in the face and then hit a couple of jabs, Mark did a quick ALi shuffle then went for a left hook, but it was blocked, Tyrone then hit a superkick right to the jaw of Keaton! Both men fell to the mat in exhaustion. Tyrone was first to move, he slowly crawled towards his corner, the crowds were going crazy for this tag, he was just about there.....

    Connor: Wait now...come on. What is he doing here?

    Cohen: What do ya think Cat!? He's the leader of Vis Imperium. He does whatever the hell he wants ha ha haaa!

    Constantine strolled down the ramp, he was in a black suit and sunglasses with the Mayhem Title draped on his shoulder. He gave Tyrone a challenging smirk. Tyrone had his teeth showing now, vibrating at the prospect of attacking Constantine. Batti took matters into her own hands and tagged herself into the match! The crowds jumped to their feet as she charged at Mark, dropping him with an axe kick, then running to Xander and dropping him off of the apron with a sliding baseball dropkick to the legs, Xander fell face first and caught his nose right off of the apron. Tyrone jumped through the ropes and ran up to Constantine, but the power trip quickly swung the Mayhem title, missing as Tyrone tackled him to the floor. Mark swung and missed a V.H.S Lariat and bounced off of the far ropes, Batti bounced herself off the ropes and nailed Mark with KAWAII KICK!!! causing Mark to do a backflip and land hard on his stomach! Xander LeBelle, now back on the ring apron leaned in and made the tag.

    He charged forward and attempted the Rose's Thorn but Batti countered and nailed the Kawaii Kick again! A huge cheer from the crowd as Batti dove on top to secure her championship match.

    1....2.....3 !!!!!

    The crowd erupted!

    Anderson: The winner of this match! Batti and Tyrone Blades!

    The crowd are going wild as Batti jumps to her feet. She is the number one contender and will face Xander LeBelle for the Elite Openweight Championship. The chaos is not over yet as on the outside of the ring Constantine and Blades are still fighting.

    Constantine pulled off the padding on the outside of the ring, exposing the concrete floor under it. He grabbed Tyrone and hit the AXIS! but Tyrone reversed it to an AXIS of his own! Constantine slapped hard on the concrete as the crowds cheered! Mr Jones appeared from the crowd with baseball bats and then rushed the ring to clean Mark and Xander from causing Batti anymore harm.

    Connor: Disturbing and chaotic! But Batti got the win!

    Cohen: I got a feeling that this isn't over Cat! You know Mark had that concussion and Batti hit him in the head again!

    Connor: This war will certainly rage on, I can put money on that.

    Tyrone grabs a microphone from ringside.

    Blades: Banks! I know you're here tonight and that you are afraid of me. You're afraid of any of us who see through your bullshit.

    Huge cheer from the crowd.

    Blades: Tonight we knocked your goons down a little. This Sunday we're going to do it a little more. Then a little more, chipping away at the foundation until we see your entire world crack and crumble to the ground!

    Banks: Is that right, Mr. Blades?

    Without his music or any over the top entrance, Mr. Banks strolls onto the stage. He shakes his hand as he is joined by Vis Imperium, still showing wounds of their battle.

    Banks: You say I'm running but the time for running is over, Mr. Blades.

    He turns towards Vis Imperium, placing a hand on the shoulder of Constantine.

    Banks: This Sunday at Apocalypse you will pay for all the trouble you have caused me. You want a fight? Well, at Apocalypse you'll get one when you step into the ring against the Mayhem Champion, Constantine!

    Inside the ring, Blades looks pleased with that announcement as does Constantine. Legends of the business going one on one. It's sure to be a heated battle. The battle lines have been drawn tonight. Banks and Vis Imperium stand firm on the stage while Tyrone and Batti celebrate in the ring, much to the dismay of Vis Imperium.
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    Emerging onto the stage at first is a long line of security guards dressed in black riot gear. They surround the ramp, making sure Justin Cooper is nowhere in the area and then signal back to the stage. A few moments pass and then the crowd begins to boo, showering the challenger with heat, as Garth Black walks onto the stage. Once again, the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Black arrogantly struts down to the ring, confident as ever, surrounded by his hired goons.

    Cohen: That man is the rightful World Champion and as you can see he has hired some professional help to keep that crazy Justin Cooper away. You don’t get to put your hands on the World Champ and Cooper is likely to try something stupid here tonight. Smart move by Garth.

    Connor: Some would say a cowardly move to get a private security force after what Garth has done to Justin Cooper. He has stolen the title, he has attacked him from behind and continued to taunt the real World Champion throughout the weeks leading up to their match on Sunday.

    The security split into two groups; one scatters around the ring and the other forms a chain at the end of the entrance ramp. They are on high alert, scanning the arena constantly while Black takes his place in the middle of the ring.

    Black: Let me make one thing clear right from the start. The security you see around this ring are from your city. They’re your cops so if you boo them you’re booing your own police force. So, I’d shut your mouths if you ever wanted assistance ever again!

    The Philly crowd send up a loud jeer, Black sneers in response.

    Black: See, I had to go hire them for my own protection not just from Justin but from you people. Just walking through the airport was difficult enough with you neckbeards rushing up wanting pictures and putting your hands on me. These fine gentlemen are here to stop any of you and to stop Justin Cooper from getting anywhere near me. I shouldn’t have to do this since WZCW has their own security team but they are never capable of stopping an attack it seems!

    The camera shows the security force looking very intimidating as they circle the ring.

    Black: I’m protected and that means I can say whatever I want and know that I’m not going to be blindside or interrupted by anyone. This is my time and I’ve waited a long time to speak. You see, this company has pushed me around for way too long and now they’ve finally realised that I fight back. They know that unlike Mikey Stormrage or Matt Tastic, I’m not going to lie down and be treated like a dog. I want what is mine, what I earned and without their approval I took it!

    With his free hand, Garth unclips the World Championship and holds it high in the air.

    Black: I made a statement when I ripped this title from Justin’s hand. I’d have never let that happen to me. I would have died before another man took my World Championship but here we are, Justin Cooper is named World Champion but I have possession of the belt. Who is the real champion around these parts?

    Another wave of boos from the audience. With that, Black strolls around the ring and slings the title over his shoulder.

    Black: I’ve had to deal with this company getting involved in my business for over a year. They gave rematches to people when I never got one. I was never given the treatment that Justin has received. Private jet, video game cover, bigger contract and all the perks he could name. None of that came my way. Instead this company did everything it could to force me out of the title picture and robbed me of a main event spot at Kingdom Come! That’s the thanks I get for carrying this company on my back for months.

    He peers over the top rope and mumbles something to a security member, it appears to be the leader.

    Black: But I fought back and now I stand here today with the World Championship that was stolen from me by this company. I remain as determined as ever and I’ve forced their hand. This company has removed itself from my affairs, finally! Without their interference, you can rest assured that Justin Cooper will not walk out of Apocalypse as World Champion. This title will not return to his hand, it’ll be staying right here with me!


    The titantron goes to static for a second and is soon replaced by the smiling face of Justin Cooper! His location is unknown and it appears the camera is handheld. A huge response from the crowd welcomes him and Cooper waves at the camera. Meanwhile, Black yelling at his security, specifically at the man he spoke to earlier, a guard in riot gear and helmet with a red armband, and together they are organizing the troops.

    Cooper: Surprise! Come on, you had to expect I’d have something to say. After that little trick you pulled on Meltdown I just couldn’t let that be the last time we saw each other before Apocalypse. We’ve been through so much together, Garth. The first match when I won. Who could forget the second encounter where, once again, I won. Oh, the third time was surely the charm... no, I beat you again. Great times, though!

    The World Champion shares a laugh as the crowd cheers his name.

    Cooper: I really don’t have much to say tonight. We’ve been doing this dance for so long, battling back and forth and for what? I’m obviously better than you. It’s kind of sad to see you run around here with your security force, bully fans at the airport who want an autograph. Geez, for a guy who is supposed to be anti-establishment you are surrounded by a major security force... kinda defeats the purpose of being a rebel, Garth.

    The camera gets a little shaky as Cooper is on the move, still in the cover of darkness.

    Cooper: I told you I’d kick your ass. I plan on keeping that promise and I really wanted to do it on Meltdown but you just didn’t have the guts to show up. All that talk and yet you ran from me. I want my belt back, Garth. If I have to wait until Sunday to get it then so be it. I’ll enjoy every last moment of our Last Man Standing match. I can’t wait to use every weapon I can think of; chairs, tables, kendo sticks, thumbtacks and steel chains! It brings back such great memories of my time as Mayhem Champion. You think you’ve had a tough time wrestling me before? Well, just wait and see what happens when they allow me to use anything I want. I’ll rip you to pieces, Garth. And I’ll love it.

    A large grin comes across the face of Cooper.

    Cooper: You’ve stolen what I worked six years to achieve. I will not forget that. Trust me, you will pay for taking that title. I’m not setting out just to be called champion. This is personal. I want you gone just as much as you want me gone. When I step between those ropes I’m hunting to end your career, Garth. This isn’t a Last Man Standing match in name only. I promise you, on everything I hold dear, only one of us will remain after Sunday. If I go down, you’ll be coming with me!

    Huge roar from the crowd and Garth Black looks pale. Clutching the World Championship, Black stumbles back and leans against the ring ropes as the titantron remains the centre of attention. Cooper is adjusting the camera until we hear a click. Seconds later sunlight beams into the shot and Cooper steps out into the sunlight.

    Cohen: Wait! How can that be? CC, is that sunlight?

    Connor: That’s not a live feed! That’s not live, Jack! But that means...


    Everyone in the building figures out that the feed going into the titantron is not live. That was recorded footage and Black going nuts inside the ring. The crowd is losing their minds, cheering, chanting, stomping their feet and looking all over the arena for Justin Cooper. He has to be somewhere in the building. The security force is on the move, one unit remains blocking off the end of the entrance ramp and several other members cover the guardrails. Black is livid, yelling at anyone who is near him and he moves over to the leader of the security, calling him into the ring.

    Cohen: Where is this maniac? Is Cooper even here tonight, CC?

    Connor: Oh, he’ll be here. The entire arena is on the edge of their seats and Garth Black, the man who has stolen the World Championship, is about to have a heart attack. He’s being hunted by Justin Cooper and nobody has any clue where he is right now.

    Black and the leader of the security team are in the ring as the remaining force hold their positions. They are all focused on the crowd and the entrance ramp, keeping an eye out for any incoming attacks. Black begins to relax, gazing at the title belt and calming placing it over his shoulder. He begins to walk around the ring, checking that everything is all good and then he recovers his microphone.

    Black: A cheap trick and nothing more. That’s what you are, Justin. Cheap. A puppet to the machine doing their bidding, interviews, promotion, all that junk and you’ve become my personal puppet. Everybody else pulls the strings except you. Easily manipulated like a child. That’s exactly why at Apocalypse you will not win. You don’t have the determination, the will to survive, to get up before a count of ten after your body begs you to stop. You don’t have it in you!

    As Garth Black is speaking, the crowd begins to build up a cheer and it doesn’t get his attention until it hits the apex. It’s slow at first, with a few people noticing but then the entire arena explodes.

    Cohen: No freaking way! It can’t be him.

    Connor: Justin Cooper was the leader! It was Cooper disguised as the security leader! He’s got Garth isolated in the middle of the ring.

    A thunderous ovation from the crowd as Cooper removes the helmet, throws it to the ground and smashes Garth Black with a clothesline. He pounces on top of Black, hammering away with forearms to the face of the challenger and the arena gets even louder. The security team on the outside turns and sprints towards the ring but Cooper jumps off Black, draws a nightstick and cracks a few of them with it.

    Black begins to crawl to the ropes but Cooper delivers several hard shots with the nightstick to the ribs. The challenger screams out in pain as the wild eyes of Cooper take control, each shot getting harder. He seems lost, filled with rage and doesn’t even notice that the World Championship is at his feet. That’s not the only thing Cooper doesn’t notice. Several members of the security team have entered the ring and tackle Cooper from behind, holding him down and they throw the nightstick out of the ring.

    Connor: Oh no, this might not be good.

    Cohen: Payback! Put that imposter in handcuffs! Send him to prison for assault.

    The security team drives a knee into the back of Justin, and do indeed place him in handcuffs. They begin to drag him out of the ring until Garth Black charges over and punches Cooper right in the mouth. Cooper spits blood and slowly raises his head, his eyes meet Garth’s and a second later he feels a flurry of strikes to his unprotected head. The crowd boo loudly as Black orders the team to hold Justin in place as he hammers away with punches. About ten shots later, Black shakes his hand and picks up the World Championship.

    He shoves the title in Cooper’s face and screams at him. Pure hatred flowing as Cooper’s head hangs low, only held up by the security team. Black ducks down and lifts Cooper up, still handcuffed, and parades around the ring. His ribs still aching from the nightstick shots, he grits his teeth and executes the Black Out! Cooper is out, falling to the canvas and ending up face first with his arms together behind his back. Silence falls over the arena, the World Champion is down, and Black moves over to him with a microphone.

    Black: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.

    A long pause, Garth gets low and shoves the title against his face as he leans against Cooper’s head.

    Black: TEN!

    Slowly, Garth Black stands up and he clutches his ribs. The nightstick causing a considerable amount of pain. He takes a step back and orders the security out of the ring. They exit quickly leaving only champion and challenger together. Cooper remains out cold, his hands cuffed behind his back, and Black standing tall over him with the World Championship firmly in his grasp as the show comes to an end.
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