Meltdown Madness [Episode 146]

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    * PYRO *
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    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new era of WZCW! I am, thankfully still, the voice of Meltdown, Sebastian Copeland! I am, of course, joined by Jack Cohen at ringside and tonight marks none other than the beginning of the road to the Lethal Lottery!

    Cohen: The most exciting time of the year, no less!

    Copeland: No doubt about it, Jack. Of course that excitement is kicked into first gear tonight with the start of the Roulette Rounds – Two nights in the WZCW Calendar that anything is possible. You may have seen earlier on in the week that the company is already in the midst of a serious shake up. With Vis Imperium gone and the Roulette Rounds underway, a pre-draw was made with the fate of a few WZCW personnel on the agenda. Thankfully, I was drawn to stay on my beloved show and have the pleasure of welcoming you now.

    As the intro begins playing, the arena falls into complete darkness. With every smash of the drum, a few golden lights flash through the darkness. As the music begins and the guitar begins playing, the arena is bathed in an ocean of golden lights. After a few seconds, a spotlight shines down on the centre of the stage, revealing Constantine with his chin dipped to his chest. He raises his chin as he raises both of his arms out to his side, soaking in the reaction of the fans – the gold radiating off of the Heavyweight Championship on his waist.

    Copeland: And what a massive way to start the new era of WZCW, ladies and gentlemen, than with the man who ushered it in! John Constantine was put up against some of the most stacked odds I have ever witnessed in WZCW. But like the true legend he is, he rose to the occasion and ripped the control of this company right out of the hands of Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: I may have soured on him lately, Seabass, but even I have to admit that Constantine did remarkably well at Unscripted. I didn't think it was possible for him to climb the mountain once more but climb the mountain he did.

    Constantine begins making his way down to the ring and grabs a microphone from the steps. He steps up onto the apron and wipes his feet. After a few seconds, he makes his way into the ring and allows a massive smile to cross his features. The crowd are rabid for Constantine – an atmosphere that Constantine feels alien in but one that he embraces all the same.

    Constantine: You know, I had a whole speech planned out for tonight and meeting all of you for the first time after Unscripted...

    The Power Trip falls silent as he looks out onto the deep audience and gets somewhat emotional. Constantine nods his head in approval as a chant of his name begins to ring out through the arena. On and on it echoes until the arena is shaking with the name of Constantine.

    Constantine: Thank you all for that. But as I was saying, I had a plan for coming out here to tell you how much I appreciated everything you all did for me over the last few months. Honestly, without all of you, there is no way that I could have did what I set out to day. And without all of you, we would all be listening to Justin Cooper right now - talking about how he controls this place and how everyone else should bow down at his feet.

    Suddenly, a wave of booing flows through the arena, replacing the massive cheer that came before.

    Constantine: But Justin Cooper is not here right now, ladies and gentlemen! Justin Cooper and his band of merry men are not FUCKING HERE!

    Soon after Constantine stops, another massive cheer goes around the arena. He has them eating out of the palm of his hand.

    Constantine: And I'm not going to bore you with all of the details of what went down between Justin Cooper, Vis Imperium and myself. All of that is in the past and tonight is the night that we mark our march towards the future. After Kingdom Come, I will leave this company as a wrestler knowing that I did my part for it. Knowing that I didn't leave it in the hands of Vis Imperium and Mr Banks. Tonight, we look forward to the future. And what what better way to do that with the Roulette Rounds, huh?

    Copeland: Wait a minute, folks. It's the new GM of Meltdown herself, Becky Serra!

    After a few seconds, Becky makes her way out onto the stage to a chorus of cheering from the assembled masses. She takes them all in before setting her sights on the man down the ramp from her – the WZCW Heavyweight Champion.

    Serra: John, I want to be the first one to tell you congratulations on the big win at Unscripted a few weeks ago. I didn't have a horse in the race, in all honesty. I still turned up to work every day and did the best I could. I put having the number one show at the top of the agenda and at the heart of everything I did as a GM on Ascension.

    Another cheer.

    Serra: And that, now that I am here, is something I plan to keep on doing. So hold onto your hats, everyone. Because Meltdown is going to hit all of the right spots and leave Ascension in it's dust. And all of the action, chaotic as it may be, starts with none other than the Heavyweigth Champion himself! So let's get right to it, shall we?

    With that, Becky offers Constantine a wry smile and then coyly turns on her heels and disappears.

    Copeland: Well, you heard it here first, folks. The Heavyweight Champion kicks off Meltdown tonight. But will it be a title defence? We are just about to find out!
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    Harrys: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Puerto Rican Street Fight! Introducing first, from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion...Constantine!

    Copeland: What a reaction for our champion Jack!The man who was able to tackle Vis Imperium and Justin Cooper and come out the other end with the title. What a Hell in a Cell match he had with Cooper at Unscripted.

    Cohen: I'm surprised the champion is still in any shape to even walk down that ramp. He can only hope that he has a tough tag team partner here tonight because this street fight could shave another few layers off of his career!

    Constantine stands alone in the ring waiting for his partner.

    Harrys: And his tag team partner.....


    Harrys:....from Yonkers, NY being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, weighing 275 pounds...The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

    Tony walks with swagger out to the stage, he points to Constantine then elbows Gino and says a few words of instruction. They make their way down the ramp to a staggered reaction of cheers and chants. Gino gives Tony a pat on the shoulder and then Tony rolls in the ring. He walks by The Champion without saying anything. He takes off the Cornicello Charm his mother gave him, kisses it for luck and hands it to a ringside worker.

    Cohen: How lucky is Constantine to have a tough as nails tag team partner like Tony Mancini! This is a guy with street education that The Champion better pay attention to.

    Copeland: Tony Mancini seems to be really confident here tonight, it must be because he's tagging with the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. These guys can do some serious damage here tonight!

    Harrys:And introducing their opponents....


    Harrys: Introducing first from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    The fans cheer as Wren walks out to the darkened stage. She enters a darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena. She then slowly enters the arena and climbs up each turnbuckle, bowing to the audience with her arms spread across. She jumps off of the last turnbuckle and trips, she falls on her side but jumps up really fast as if nothing happened.

    Copeland: Here is a competitor that has been around for awhile and we really STILL don't know a lot about her! The ever mysterious Wren is a super agile fighter who you just can't train for Jack!

    Cohen: That's right Seabass! She can jumpkick your face and switch to a technical ground game in a snap of your finger, she can win a match in an instant. We saw her defeat Titus Avison before and she gave him fits for that Eurasian Championship! It won't be long before we see her name in that title hunt again!

    Harrys: And her tag team partner...


    Harrys:...from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 145 pounds, she is the Queen for a Day, Kagura!

    As her music plays pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. She walks down the ramp through the mist, and ascends the stairs, entering between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the side of the hard camera, she hands her briefcase off to a ring worker and gives Wren a head nod.

    Copeland: Here is the Queen for a Day Jack!She's coming off a brutal chain match with her new rival Batti in a losing effort.This rival is one of the hottest quarrels in WZCW right now.

    Cohen: But how is she going to fair in a street fight scenario against Constantine and Tony? It's always interesting to see Kagura change her strategy to suit these specialty matches. She's been in a lot of them this year!

    Referee Akiyama signals for the bell.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    All four wrestlers launch into each other in the center of the ring, a flurry of punches and kicks are thrown by all and the fans erupt at the fast start to the match. Kagura catches Tony with a shuffle side kick sending him sprawling through the middle ropes. Constantine unloads with lefts and rights to Wren, she's in big trouble on the ropes as she tries to block the big strikes, Kagura gives The Champion a full nelson and Wren fills him in with kicks and chops to the chest. They both hook an arm and toss Constantine right over the top ropes to the floor outside the ring. Gino slides in the ring with a pool cue, he runs at both women but Kagura kicks the pool cue out of his hands nails him in the face with a flying knee strike! Wren hits him with a dropkick sending him rolling out of the ring. Tony slides in the ring, he does some shadow boxing moves but Akiyama gets in his face and tells him to go into his corner, Tony reluctantly steps through the ropes and grabs the tag rope. Wren does the same on her side. Kagura turns around but Constantine floors her with a clothesline. He stomps on her head a couple of times then drops a rolling knee to her head. He hooks her leg for a cover...


    Kagura kicks out and Constantine wraps her head in a tight headlock. The Power Trip hauls her to her feet then plants Kagura back down hard with a sidewalk slam. He hauls Kagura over to his corner and tags in Tony Mancini. Constantine picks up Kagura in a side suplex move and Tony finishes it off with an elbow drop. He hooks her leg....


    Kagura kicks out. Tony picks her up, he attempts a vertical suplex but Kagura slips out the back door and dropkicks him in the back of the knees and wraps her legs around his head as he falls back. She applies hard pressure and the Italian Stallion starts screaming, Constantine jumps in to break it up. Wren runs in but trips on the rope and does a face plant on the canvas.

    Copeland: Now I'm convinced Jack, something seems a little bit off with Wren tonight. Her execution isn't nearly as flawless and she seems to be clumsy.

    Cohen: Who knows? Perhaps she was concussed in her last match, she should probably see a doctor after this match. Or just go ahead and quit now before she gets really hurt.

    Constantine nails Wren with a clothesline sending her flying over the top ropes. Kagura hits The Champion with a throat thrust and five really fast palm strikes to the chest! Slap-Slap-Slap-Slap-Slap! The crowds react in awe at the blinding speed of her attack. She follows it up with a flying knee sending Constantine rolling to the outside of the ring. Tony runs with a clothesline attempt but Kagura does a Matrix lean back avoiding the attack and responds with a side kick to his knee. Tony hops around holding his knee and Kagura throws him quickly with a judo hip toss. Wren calls out from her corner, Kagura hauls Tony to their corner and she makes the tag to Wren. Wren jumps in the ring and kicks Tony in the stomach, then twist flips over his back,she lands behind him then hits him with a running bulldog. But she lets go a little early causing Tony to fall awkwardly on his side. Wren punches the mat. Kagura taps Wren on the back, tagging herself in the match. Wren doesn't leave the ring. She gives Kagura a shove and points to herself then Tony. Contantine flys into both woman with a double clothesline sending them sprawling over the top ropes to the outside of the ring! The fans cheer and The Power Trip poses, raising his arms. He roughly grabs Tony by the arm and hauls him back to their corner. He tags himself in the match using Tony's shoulder.

    Wren is the first to roll back in the ring, she staggers as she half runs but Constantine is ready, he scoops her up and hits Isolation fallaway slam! Constantine jumps to his feet, energized. Kagura sneaks up on him and sprays red mist! But he blocks it with both arms! Constantine scoops up Kagura and hits Isolation right on to Wren! Constantine throws Kagura off of Wren and drops down to pin Wren.



    Wren kicks out! Constantine gets to his feet, he grabs Kagura by the hair, then Wren and bashes their heads together causing them to fall on their backs immediately. He yells at Tony to get in the ring. Tony steps through the ropes. Constantine jumps on Wren and hits Recompense mounted punches!

    Tony picks up Kagura,he punches her hard with a right, then a left. Kagura fights back with palm strikes and forearm shots, Tony fights back with more lefts and vicious right haymakers sending Kagura to the canvas. He yells outside the ring to a recovering Gino. Tony catches a chair thrown by his pal. Kagura spits red mist in Tony's eyes! Tony staggers around the ring, he drops the chair and starts wiping the red mist off of his eyes. Constantine hits Kagura with a flowing DDT right on to the steel chair! He quickly hooks her leg....



    Kagura barely kicks out!

    Copeland: As much as referee Akiyama tries,there's just no controlling these wrestlers here tonight in this street fight!

    Cohen: Well what did you expect Seabass!? They did follow the tag rules for a hot minute, but that's been effectively thrown out the window and we have a tornado tag street fight on our hands, I love it!

    Wren leans on the rops as Constantine argues with Akiyama's count speed. She watches Tony try to get his sight back by rubbing his eyes on the turnbuckle. She takes a breath....Tony steps back, he turns around....

    Reverse Roundhouse Kick! drops Tony instantly and the crowd respond with awe at the blindingly fast kick by Wren!

    Constantine runs over and hits Wren with a high knee to the head, dropping her to the canvas. Kagura rolls up Constantine from behind....



    Constantine kicks out, he scrambles to his feet, he runs and swings a lariat at Kagura but she does another Matrix lean to avoid it, but Constantine stops quickly and swings another hard lariat with his other arm, catching Kagura as she stands up, right in the back on her head sending her face down to the canvas. The Power Trip yells at Tony to get up, but The Italian Stallion hasn't moved much since getting decked by Wren.

    Constantine is nailed with a missle dropkick off of the top by Wren! He falls to his back. The Champion scrambles to his feet but Wren hits him with a springboard stunner right into Kagura with Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami the two fisted heart punch sends Constantine tumbling right over the top ropes to the outside.

    Tony gets to his knees, he climbs the ropes to get to his feet. He wipes some remaining red mist off of his face and turns around right into....

    Reverse Roundhouse Kick! by Wren sending him knocked out on his feet and bouncing off of the ropes into Kagura's Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami sleeper hold with body scissors! Tony is already out and it won't take long for Akyama to stop the match, Wren runs and dives through the ropes at Constantine but he catches her and spins into a Collateral Damage! right into the barricade!

    Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

    Copeland: Wow! What impact! She nearly went right through that damn barricade with that move by The Champion! We may never see Wren again after that!

    Cohen: If she wasn't acting uncoordinated before she'll really be messed up now!

    Constantine gets to his feet, he slides in the ring but it's too late. Tony has been out in the submission too long.

    Referee Akiyama calls for the bell.



    Harrys: The winner of this match by submission, the team of Kagura and Wren!

    Copeland: Referee Akiyama gave Tony the benefit of the doubt for a long time and it almost allowed Constantine to save him.But he really made the right call there stopping the match, Kagura had her special submission locked in there tight.

    Cohen: Tony will live to fight another day, this match got out of control many times, this turned into a tornado street fight and in the end it was the speedy, strike happy Wren and Kagura would would prevail. Wren used a new special reverse roundhouse kick that looked really scary Seabass! I think that move will get banned here in the coming weeks.

    Copeland: I'll ban you here in a minute. The Queen for a Day rolls on here, as hot as ever in WZCW. Do you think she'll be cashing in that QFAD any time soon Jack?

    Cohen: If things went a little differently in this match,she could have cashed it in after Tony got knocked out! Imagine it Seabass,Tony is out, Wren didn't get plastered on the barricade, Kagura strikes a deal with Wren to decimate the champion and cashes in! New champion and Wren could get a title shot for helping the new champion!

    Copeland: Anything can happen here in WZCW!

    A recovering Wren and Kagura walk up the ramp in celebration, Kagura holds her Queen for a Day briefcase high over her head and points at Constantine, who's in the ring now with his title clutched in his hand. Tony is still recovering in the corner. Constantine gives Kagura one final stare as he exits the ring.
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    We show transitions to the backstage area, a neon sign reading ‘Love Shack’ flickers on and off as the camera pans around the room. A waterbed is in the middle of the area, pink mood lighting and Randy Studd struts into the shot, dressed in a silk robe as he positions himself on the edge of the bed, holding a single red rose.

    Studd: Welcome back, lovers. Tonight, I have requested this time for myself and will not be interviewing a guest. A selfish act, one that I am not proud of, but we must take the time to pleasure ourselves, otherwise we cannot pleasure those around us.

    The lighting changes to a calming purple as Studd continues.

    Studd: As I’m sure you all have seen by now, I was robbed of the Mayhem Title at Unscripted. A travesty not only to the wrestling world, it was a travesty to love! The way that title looked around my waist, I saw women fainting in the stands as I made my entrance at Unscripted. You all loved it. Posters, pictures and private cams of myself merely walking with the Mayhem Title was the hottest ticket in town.

    The rose is crushed within his fist, Studd sits up and drops the rose petals at his feet.

    Studd: I feel bare without my title! The finest silk in the world, the most comfortable bed money can buy and all the beautiful women I could ever want. It does nothing to fill the void created by Vox when he stole the Mayhem Title.

    A group of beautiful women walk onto the scene, one massages Studd’s shoulders, another hands him a glass of wine, and a third rubs his biceps.

    Studd: See, I feel nothing! It’s all because of Vox. You took my title and now I cannot enjoy the fruits of my labour. Most of all, the brutal reality is that you have robbed the women of the world of my passion! I cannot deliver the sweet love I once was known the world over for, books were written about my techniques, these women here lust over my body and yet all I can do is think about the Mayhem Title!

    A look of sadness appears on Studd’s face, he stares at all three women and shakes his head.

    Studd: Fear not, ladies. I promise, in this sacred place that is my Love Shack, I will get the Mayhem Title back. Then, the world will know passion unlike anything it has ever experienced before!

    With a smug smile on his face, Studd lays back on the bed as the three women continue to adhere to his every want and need. The camera fades out with a shot of the neon sign which bares the name ‘Love Shack’ on it.

    Cohen: Did you see those women, Seabass? I think they were Victoria's Secret Models!

    Copeland: I was paying more attention to the words spoken by Randy Studd. He has made it clear he is coming for the Mayhem Title after losing it at Unscripted. Vox had better watch out now that he is the hunted.
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    Boxes are still being unpacked in the office of the new Meltdown General Manager, Becky Serra. We find the woman herself standing by a tumbler with Backstage Bob twirling the handle around. A few moments later Matt Tastic walks into the office, his newly won Elite Openweight Title on his shoulder, and he receives a huge pop from his hometown fans.

    Serra: Thank you for joining us, Matt. Congratulations on winning the Elite Openweight Championship once again. I’m very pleased to have a guy like you representing Meltdown. This is a new era, a fresh start for everyone, including me, so I hope you’re ready to be the fighting champion that Meltdown needs.

    Tastic: This right here is validation, Becky. Have you ever known me to hide from a challenge? You’ve hung around here long enough to know better. Maybe if I hid half as much as some of these other champions than I’d have longer reigns.

    Bob stops twirling, Becky instructs Tastic to reach in and grab a ball. He hands it to Becky, she cracks it open and winces.

    Tastic: Did I win the showcase? There is no electricity down here, STILL. So, no washing machines, I’d like the car.

    Serra: Unfortunately, not. It seems luck is on your side, Matt. You will not have to defend the Elite Openweight Championship tonight. I’d have loved to see it defended but that’s the way the ball bounces. Good luck, you’ll know your opponent when they make their entrance during the main event.

    Matt shakes his head and holds up a hand, the live crowd booing loudly at the announcement that the hometown hero will not put the title on the line. He grabs the ball from Becky’s hand and throws it over his shoulder.

    Tastic: Wait a minute, Becky. You’ve spent all night talking about this new era of Meltdown. Kicking things off with a bang as you the new General Manager. You to put a show together that people are going to remember forever? As I said, I’d have longer reigns if I was a coward like some of these other champions. The fact is that I’m not! I do the unexpected and I refuse to let down the people in my hometown.

    Cheers begin to build in the arena, Matt glances at the title on his shoulder and then back at Becky.

    Tastic: Screw the tumbler, screw luck and screw the non-title match. Tonight, I’ll defend the Elite Openweight Championship against whichever name you draw out of the tumbler next! Book it, Becky.

    Serra: Are you sure? You don’t have to do this, Matt.

    Grinning from ear to ear, Tastic nods and taps the title belt with his hand.

    Tastic: Oh, I’m sure. I’m going to give my hometown a show they have never seen before. It’s time to deliver Deliver Kickassery!

    The announcement is confirmed, Matt Tastic will defend his title belt by request after drawing a non-title match. Tastic is pumped up, the crowd cheers wildly, and he leaves the office. Becky remains with a big smile on her face, she does a little clap and turns towards Backstage Bob.

    Serra: I have a good feeling about this, Bob.

    The new GM of Meltdown is all giddy, telling Bob to spin the tumbler some more as we begin to transition back to ringside.

    Copeland: A major announcement from Becky Serra and Matt Tastic. Let me get this straight, Matt drew a non-title match originally. He did not have to defend the title. By his own request Matt Tastic has demanded to defend the Elite Openweight Championship in his hometown. We know things haven’t been great for the people in this area, Tastic is clearly trying to give them a break from that reality, give them something to be inspired by in these hard times.

    Cohen: He’s an idiot, Seabass. Why would you offer to defend the title? Screw your hometown fans. Champions make more money than everyone else. Tastic is risking it all because he wants to inspire these fans? He doesn’t even know who his opponent is going to be. Dumb!

    Copeland: Tastic’s decision is about more than wrestling. If he can give these people hope than I say go for it. Not everything is about money and fame, Jack.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is schedule for a single fall…


    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down. She slowly lifts her head, and slowly looks around the entire arena, before bursting out from the spotlight and amping up the crowd. She marches confidently down the ramp, still in her model strut. As she hits the end of the ramp, she jumps onto the apron, and heads over to the closest turnbuckle. She ascends it Rocky-style, and once again the arena goes dim, with a bright light over Eve Taylor. She slowly holds her hand out, trying to reach for the heavens. As the chorus kicks in, she grabs hold of the spotlight, and the arena comes back to life. Eve is seen standing atop the turnbuckles, holding her arm in the air, with her eyes closed, taking a deep breath. After a second, she opens her eyes, and pumps up the audience, before jumping off the turnbuckle, pointing to everyone in the arena.

    Harrys: First, making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    Copeland: Eve Taylor is coming off a huge victory at Unscripted over Logan McAllister. Can she keep her momentum going?

    Cohen: Eve is a fierce competitor. It doesn’t matter who she faces tonight, she’ll be ready.

    Silence fills the arena, as Eve and the crowd eagerly await to see just whom her opponent will be…


    Lynx walks out onto the entrance ramp with his hooded robe covering his face. He is looking down at the ground for a few seconds as a countdown clock ticks down 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.... Then he looks into the audience and takes the hooded robe off as pyro goes off as the fans cheer. Blue, purple, and green lights flash throughout the arena. He enthusiastically asks a fan when he passes them down the entrance ramp if they know what time it is. He then yells something about his opponent into the camera and continues down the entrance ramp into the ring where he poses at the top of the turnbuckles.

    Harrys: And her opponent, from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, he is.... The Melanistic Jaguar.... Lynx!

    Copeland: Lynx is also coming off a huge victory at Unscripted over Triple X. This should be a great match between these two great competitors, but I wonder what the stipulation’s going to be?

    Cohen: Bah, Lynx stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, and Triple X had to suffer. Hopefully Eve Taylor shows him the pecking order tonight.

    The two grapplers stand in the ring, eyeing each other as the referee checks both for any illegal weapons. The tron buzzes to life as the new Meltdown general manger Becky Serra appears on the screen. The tumbler sitting next to her. She spins the contraption until a ball falls out into the tray. She grabs it and cracks it open and pulls out a slip of paper. She holds it up in front of the screen…

    Copeland: An Embarrassment match? The object here is to humiliate your opponent by using their own signature maneuvers against them.

    Cohen: But it must be a certain designated maneuver, or else it won’t count.

    The screen flashes again. It reads…

    Both Eve and Lynx seem to understand the match stipulations. Lynx extends his hand as a sign of sportsmanship, which Eve reluctantly accepts. The referee calls for the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two wrestlers go to lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, but Eve Taylor kicks Lynx in the gut. She tries to hit him with Dimensional Vortex immediately, but Lynx, just out of instinct, shoves her down to the canvas. He rolls away frantically, as if he’s been shocked by a jolt of electricity. He looks at her in disbelief and then smiles. Eve smirks, as the two competitors lock up for real this time. Lynx takes her down with an armdrag. He grabs a wristlock and really cinches in the pressure. Eve cries in pain, but rolls through the hold and reverses it. She wrings his elbow and pushes his knee down with her foot, forcing the man to the canvas. Lynx reverse the hold and traps Eve in a headlock, wrenching away as he tries to wear her down with brute force. He flips her over to the mat and keeps the hold applied. Eve struggles against his grip and fights her way to a seated position.

    She gets to her feet and elbows Lynx in the gut. He tries to take her over again, but she blocks the takedown by spreading her feet wide. He can’t get the leverage. She escapes his grip and takes him over with a Saito suplex. Lynx quickly recovers, but Eve kicks him in the gut and tries to hit the Dimensional Vortex once again, but he sees it coming and rolls away. Eve makes a “this close” gesture with her fingers as Lynx just smiles and nods. The referee restarts the action and the two competitors lock up again. Lynx takes Eve down with a dragon screw, and immediately controls her left leg. Eve kicks herself free and stands, only to walk right into Lynx’s arms. He tries to drive her face first into the mat with the Extreme Makeover, but she recognizes the setup and elbows herself free, driving her arm into the side of her opponent’s head. Startled she drops to the mat and rolls over to the ropes. Stunned, she stares at Lynx who gestures at her to bring it. Frustrated, she pounds her fist into the mat.

    Copeland: Both competitors have each other well scouted, but that might not be enough. There’s pride at stake here.

    Cohen: Oh course, Seabass. No wrestler wants to be beaten by their own signature maneuver. I’m impressed that idiot Lynx even knew what Eve Taylors signature moves were. I bet he cheated.

    Copeland: What are you saying Jack? You think Lynx cheated, how?

    Cohen: He probably used his time travel ability to go into the future and warn himself about this match.

    Copeland: Lynx can only travel into the past, Jack. He can’t see the future.

    Cohen: Whatever; if Lynx wins I’m calling shenanigans.

    Back in the ring a fired-up Eve brings the fight to Lynx with knife edged chops to the chest that stun the larger man. Eve hammers him with forearm smashes until Lynx blocks one of her strikes, and retaliates with some chops to the chest of his own. Eve stumbles back in pain, and Lynx finishes with a forearm smash that knocks her down. He snapmares her down to the mat, runs to the ropes, bounces off and nails her with a knee drop across the face. He floats behind her and grabs her arms before forcing them behind her back. Eve grimaces in pain, as Lynx forces his knee into her back for extra leverage, applying a surfboard stretch. Eve tries to get to her knees, but Lynx cuts her off by slapping her hard across the shoulder blades. He applies a rear chinlock and continues to wear her down.

    The crowd seems to be split behind both wrestlers, simultaneously cheering his efforts, while willing Eve forward. She counters and flips him over her shoulder and onto the mat. Lynx pounces up as quick as a cat and grabs her, once more looking for the Extreme Makeover, but Eve sees this coming. She blocks the maneuver with her leg, frees herself from his grip, and spins her body rapidly. She takes him down with a drop toe hold, floats over, and immediately applies A Lynx to The Past! Lynx’s signature seated submission armbar. Lynx’s cries out in pain, as the crowd gasps. Eve wrench’s in the hold. But in the process, she becomes too overeager as her hair dangles too close to Lynx’s flailing arm. Knowing that he can’t tap, he reaches back and grabs her golden locks, and yanks them back as hard as he can until she lets go. The referee sees this and immediately forces him to break the hold on her hair. Lynx backs away and rubs his arm, while Eve shouts at the ref while massaging her scalp.

    Copeland: Eve had Lynx trapped in his own signature maneuver, probably to rub salt in his wounds!

    Cohen: Cheater! Someone call the state athletic commissioner. That man should be fined! He could have yanked all of Eve’s hair out.

    The two gladiators tie up, and Lynx traps Eve in a headlock. He wrenches and pulls, trying to suck as much stamina out of the smaller girl as he can. He backs up against the ropes behind him as Eve launches him forward. He charges in and floors her with a shoulder tackle. He runs and bounces off the ropes, while she drops down and then leap frogs over him. Eve turns and nails him in the side of the head with a jump knee strike, staggering the larger man. She traps him in a headlock of her own, but instead of trying to wear him down, she forces him into the corner, driving him headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. Lynx collapses to the canvas as Eve begins to stomp him repeatedly in the chest with her boot. She chokes him against the ropes as the referee begins to usher a five count. She breaks the hold, and knees Lynx in the face for good measure. Using the ropes as leverage, she slingshots herself into the air and nails him in the chest with a dropkick. She pulls him out of the corner and plants him with a leg trap sunset flip powerbomb!

    She tries to go for a cover, but the ref refuses to make the count, informing her that the only way she can win is to use Lynx’s designated finisher against him. She curses and lifts the man to his feet, she kicks him in the gut, and tries to drop him face first across her shoulder, but Lynx pushes her away. She turns only to be met with the Dimensional Vortex! Eve’s body crashes against the mat, as Lynx just sits there eyeing her. He knows he can’t go for a cover. He stands and shrugs, “force of habit” he mouths. He pulls her to her feet, and nails her with her own Eight by Ten headbutt! He positions her for another attempt at the Extreme Makeover, but Eve blocks the maneuver once more with her leg and sweeps his out from underneath him.

    Copeland: The Embarrassment match is not an easy bout. While trying to wear your opponent down, it’s easy to forget that you’re supposed to be using their own moves to beat them. It messes with your head, and throws off your rhythm.

    Cohen: Honestly, I can’t tell if Lynx really is an idiot or a genius at this point. Eve had no idea that stunner was coming.

    With a primal scream, she mounts him and starts pummeling him with forearm strikes. Lynx protects himself from the blows the best he can, while wrapping his legs around Eve’s body. He squeezes hard and begins crushing her ribs. Eve screams and nails him with another forearm shot, trying to get free, but Lynx has the hold locked in tight. Eve hits her own Eight by Ten headbutt, but the python-like pressure doesn’t let up. Lynx nails her with a forearm shot of his own, and rolls his body, trapping her in the vice like grip of his legs. Eve is starting to fade, but Lynx knows that he can’t win the match this way. He releases the hold. He slowly drags Eve to her feet, who is still struggling to breathe. He hooks her arms and prepares to drop her on her head. Out of pure instinct her body goes limp in his arms, and slumps forward, knocking him off balance. He can’t complete the maneuver.

    He muscles her back into a standing position, and tries again when suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his arm. Eve is biting him! She’s got her jaw locked onto his forearm. And the ref doesn’t see it! Lynx lets out a yelp, and releases his grip. Eve knees him in the gut, driving the wind out of him. She rears back and knocks him loopy with a discus elbow smash. She grabs his arm and suddenly nails the Fashion Statement out of nowhere! Lynx is stunned as he falls to the mat. He shakes the cobwebs loose and gets to his feet, but Eve has him measured. She kicks him in the gut and nails him with his own Dimensional Vortex! She covers him…




    Harrys: Here is your winner by pin fall, Eve Taylor!

    Copeland: Oh my god, Eve cheated to win! How did the referee not catch that? Lynx had the match won. I don’t know if she baited him at the end there by playing possum or not, but she can’t be proud of that one.

    Cohen: Of course she can, Seabass. Lynx cheated first. It was only fair. Eve dug down deep and pulled out all the stops to pull off that win.

    Copeland: Eve better hope she’s not the one receiving a fine.

    The referee raises Eve’s hand as the crowd gives her a mixed reaction. Lynx inspects his forearm, before slamming it into the canvas in frustration. “Where is Josh Browning? I need to speak to Josh Browning, now!” He screams frantically, as he rolls out of the ring. As Lynx makes his way back up the ramp, Eve stays put. She grabs a microphone and address the crowd.

    Taylor: Last year I was known as the most dominant woman in this company. I had no equal. I defeated the great Celeste Crimson at Kingdom Come! I was primed to become the first woman to fight for the world title and win. That was my destiny! Or so I thought. But then, I began to choke. I… squandered… opportunity after opportunity. To the point where I had to eventually embrace what I had become. A choke artist. A failure. A has-been.

    She clenches her fist in embarrassment and rage. Nearly choking on her words.

    Taylor: I watched as I was surpassed by Kagura Ohzora, a woman that I had defeated soundly in the past. Over and over. And if that weren’t bad enough, Batti Otaku surpassed me too. I didn’t even make it into the King-For-A-Day chamber. I had to watch on the sidelines as these two women became more successful than I was. I watched, as they defeated world champions – legends – while I had to fight in the preliminaries for scraps. I felt so hurt, angry, and humiliated… that I forgot who I really am. I’m Eve Taylor, dammit! I’m the longest reigning Elite Openweight champion this company has ever seen! I’ve defeated legends. Former world champions. It’s about time that I stop feeling sorry for all the mistakes that I made in the past, and finally remember just how talented I really am.

    The crowd cheers, as Eve pours out her soul.

    Taylor: Tonight, I am going to formally announce my participation into this year’s Lethal Lottery. And I vow to right the wrongs of my past. I vow to win! And at Kingdom Come, I will finally become your world champion.
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    Returning once more to the office of Becky Serra, most of the boxes have been cleared and Backstage Bob is still twirling the tumbler merrily. They are in a conversation when the door to the office swings open, banging against the wall and in storms Callie Clark.

    Clark: What the hell are you doing here?

    Serra: I could ask you the same question. This is my office! Don’t come storming in here and cursing at me, Callie. I will not have it.

    Clark feigns fear, screwing up her face in annoyance.

    Clark: Are you going to screw me out of another title, Becky? Here I was looking for a fresh start on Meltdown, away from you, and then I find out that you’ve been given the job as General Manager of Meltdown. Are you obsessed with me, Becky?

    Serra: Far from it.

    Clark: I think you are. I think you’re jealous that you aren’t as pretty as I am. That I was the most gorgeous woman on Ascension, I was the queen! You took that from me by allowing the fans to vote for a Mayhem Rules Match with my precious title on the line. You had no right!

    Serra: I had every right! I was the General Manager of Ascension and the Elite Openweight Championship fell under my rule. I did what was best for the fans, I made an unbiased decision and it produced a fantastic match at Unscripted. You lost, I understand you’re angry, but do not think you can walk into my office and yell at me.

    Becky stands up to Callie, both women holding their ground and each with a hardened look on their face.

    Clark: Just stay out of my way. Got it?

    The former champion turns and heads for the door, making it halfway out when she is called back.

    Serra: Oh, while you’re here. Pick a ball. Now.

    Clark: Let me guess, that tumbler is filled with barbaric match types. Mayhem Rules, Barbed Wire, Three Stages of Hell, whatever it takes to please those bloodthirsty vermin in the audience, right?

    Serra: Just pick a ball, Callie.

    Callie Clark reaches into the tumbler, she picks a ball and holds it out to Becky. The GM goes to grab it but Clark drops it, the ball rolls under the table and Clark smirks.

    Clark: Oops, my mistake. Ha!

    Laughing as she walks away, Clark exits the office and leaves Becky fuming. Bob picks up the ball from under the table, handing it to Becky, and it is cracked opened. Becky looks at it, she lets out a sour chuckle.

    Cohen: Those two women are not on the best of terms. Callie clearly holding Becky responsible for her losing the Elite Openweight Championship.

    Copeland: Callie doesn’t want to accept responsibility for her defeat against Matt Tastic. It wasn’t Becky who forced Callie to climb a ladder and jump off it. Callie made that decision and she has to live with the results.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    The lights are out and as the music hits a spotlit Beard is standing there with a towel over his head. Beard flings the towel off his head as he bounces up and down and draws the crowd in for more noise with his hands. The lights fly on and Beard throws his hands in the air encouraging the crowd to chant "Beard! Beard! Beard!". He hurries down the aisle slapping hands with all the members of The Beard Nation. He slaps the stairs as he charges up them before leaping himself over the top rope and dropping to one knee as he bobs his head to his music and the chants of the crowd. He stands up and throws himself chest first into the ropes and throws his arms out as a smile comes across his face.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Beard City, USA, weighing 285 pounds, The Beard!

    Copeland: Very excited to see The Beard in action again. The fans here tonight appear to agree with me on that.

    Cohen: You never know what to expect with the Roulette rounds, Seabass. Let's see who his opponent is.


    Studd walks towards ring, wearing waistcoat. He takes a rose out of the pocket and hands it to a fan near the entrance ramp as other fans nearby are boo'ing at him.

    Harrys: And his opponent, residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Cohen: Now there's a competitor who I'm excited to see. He's got my full support!

    Copeland: I'm not sure that's going to be a popular opinion. Especially with our female fans.

    Cohen: Studd is a great wrestler. It doesn't matter to me what the fans say.

    The bell rings to start the match. Both competitors walk to the center of the ring. Studd quickly hits four consecutive knife edge chops on Beard. He then grabs Beard to apply a headlock. Beard tries to break free as Studd punches him. Studd successfully hits six punches before Beard is able to break free of the headlock. He grabs Studd and does a Belly to Belly Suplex! Studd gets back up, only to be hit by Beard's Spinning Heel Kick! He waits for Studd to get up and attemptes to hit a second Spinning Heel Kick but Studd avoids it and uses a Drop kick on Beard! Studd covers Beard for a pin. The ref starts counting. 1.... 2.... kickout by Beard! Beard pushes Studd away, then gets up. He grabs Studd and drags him into the corner of the ring. Studd slowly stands up. Beard goes over to the corner on the opposite end of the ring. Beard runs at Studd and does a Corner Splash! Studd grabs the ring ropes and pulls himself up, only to get hit by another Corner Splash from Beard! Studd stumbles into the center of the ring. Beard goes to grab him and does a Belly to Belly Suplex! He covers Studd for a pinfall and the ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Studd!

    Copeland: Beard is showing great offense. Almost got him the win.

    Cohen: It didn't get the job done though.

    Studd gets up. Beard is also starting to stand back up. Studd goes over behind Beard and jumps up onto his shoulders from behind. He grabs hold of Beard's head, jumps back down and does a DDT! Beard shoves Studd off of him before he is able to attempt to make a pin. Studd approaches Beard but is hit with a Snap Suplex. Both get up. Studd tries to do another DDT but Beard reverses the hold and pushes Studd away, then hits Studd with a Jumping High Knee. Beard goes over to the ropes and Jumping Elbow Drop from the middle rope but Studd evades the attack. Beard is down. Studd laughs and goes over to Beard. He kicks him five times and then laughs some more as the crowd boo's this. Beard rolls himself out of the ring and stands up out at ringside. Studd runs to the opposite end of the ring and then runs forward, hitting Beard with a Baseball slide. This knocks Beard down to his knees, he is able to quickly stand back up. He gets into the ring again. Studd steps backward toward the center of the ring. Beard goes up to him and uses a Backbreaker. He covers Studd for a pin and the ref starts to count. 1.... 2.... kickout by Studd!

    Cohen: Good! Randy Studd is still in this match!

    Copeland: Luck has been on both competitors' sides so far. Someone has to win though.

    They have each stood up from the pinfall attempt. Beard tries to do a Snap Suplex but Studd reverses it. Studd pulls Beard closer to him, picks him up as high as he can and does a Inverted Atomic Drop. He waits for Beard to get up and then does a DDT. He covers Beard for a pin as the ref begins to count. 1.... 2.... kickout by Beard! He pushes Studd off of him and they both are back on their feet. Beard runs for the ropes and springs off of them. Studd ducks just in time to avoid Beard, who makes it to the ropes on the opposite end of the ring. Beard springs off of the ropes again and Studd jumps over Beard, missing Beard's maneuver. Beard springs off the ropes a third time, Studd grabs Beard and does a Hip Toss. Beard rolls out of the ring. Studd sees the opportunity and immediately does a Baseball slide to hit Beard as he stands at ringside. Both are down and out of the ring. Neither respond for a moment and the ref starts to count. The fans are cheering for The Beard. Both competitors are able to make it back into the ring before the ref counts them out.

    Cohen: These fans should show Randy Studd a little more respect. I for one am very impressed by how he was able to get back in. His evasion as well.

    Copeland: Studd evading Beard by jumping and ducking like that was indeed impressive. The fans show Beard their respect for a reason though. He earned their respect.

    The crowd has begun a "Let's go Beard! chant". Beard acknowledges this and waves to the fans smiling. Studd makes faces at Beard mocking him. Studd sees a couple of female fans in the front row. He gets out of the ring and goes over to hit on them. They both give him a thumbs down gesture and boo him loudly. Beard is laughing in the ring at this. Studd makes his way back into the ring, where Beard is still laughing at him. He hits Beard with a Drop kick. When Beard gets up, Studd uses one of his signature moves, the 10 Punches! The fans count along as Studd punches. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10! Beard is down. Studd climbs up to the top rope and uses another signature maneuver, the Money Shot! He crashes down on top of Beard and then pins him. The ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Beard! Studd sits up in disbelief. Beard gets up and does a Jumping Elbow Drop from the middle rope. He looks out into the arena as his fans cheer for him. Studd begins to get up and Beard unleashes his finisher a Cross Rhodes called the Poetic Justice. He covers Studd and the ref begins counting. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: And here is your winner.... The Beard!

    Copeland: A good ending to a hard fought match.

    Cohen: Not an ending I agree with, but an ending nonetheless. More action to come later tonight on Meltdown Madness.
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    We cut backstage to Lynx walking through a hallway. He passes Tony Mancini.

    Lynx: Tony! Have you seen Josh?

    Mancini: Who?

    Lynx: Josh Browning. The guy who made all the random matches for tonight's show.

    Mancini looks very confused. Lynx raises an eyebrow.

    Lynx: You sure you haven't seen him? They told me he would be at the show here tonight.

    Mancini: I have no idea who that guy is.

    Lynx groans and keeps walking. He sees The Beard further down the hallway.

    Lynx: Beard! Do you know if Josh is back here anywhere?

    Beard: Josh Young? He's been gone for years, man.

    Lynx: No, not THAT Josh. I was talking about Josh Browning!

    Beard: Who the heck is that?

    Lynx: The guy who randomized all of our matches for the Roulette!

    Beard: Nope. Sorry, man. I don't know anyone by that name.

    Beard walks off. Lynx sits down in a chair. Backstage Bob enters the hallway.

    Bob: Lynx. So, I heard a rumor that you may be interested in about your future.

    Lynx: Is it about where Josh Browning went?

    Bob: Who!?

    Lynx: Never mind. What did you hear?

    Bob: You probably know anyway since you are from the future but you may be getting an Elite Openweight Championship shot. You didn't hear it from me.

    Lynx: Really? Hmmmm....

    Bob leaves. Lynx ponders on this new insight into his own future, and then gets up from the chair to exit the hallway in the opposite direction.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall....

    The arena goes dark....

    A small chime plays through the arena followed by little girls singing...


    Callie's coming for you....


    Harrys: Introducing first from New York, New York, weighing 100 pounds, Callie Clark!

    A ball of flame erupts from the stage, Callie appears from the smoke dressed as Freddy Krueger, complete with striped red shirt and dark brown fedora. She poses at the top of the ramp and reveals her hand, she has a glove on that has knives for fingers, she playfully claws at her own face as she starts her strut to the ring. She jumps in the ring and takes off her glove and throws the fedora far into the fans.

    Cohen: Well nothing says Merry Christmas like Freddy Krueger! I always say!

    Copeland: Callie Clark ready to fight here on Meltdown! She has been in a sour mood ever since losing her Elite Openweight Title to Matt Tastic in a Mayhem Rules match at Unscripted,one can only imagine that she'll get another shot at that belt down the road.

    Harrys: And it is for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship!


    Harrys: Making his way down the aisle, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, weighing 235 pounds, the WZCW Elite Openweight Champion - Matt Tastic!

    The fans erupt as the hometown hero walks out on to the stage without his entrance mask on, he has the Elite Openweight Championship draped over his shoulder and he takes in the ovation for a moment. He says a few words to himself and marches down to the ring, he slides in then holds up the belt as the fans are still cheering. He climbs the turnbuckle and raises both arms to get the crowd going more.

    Copeland: Look at this Jack! The immediate rematch from Unscripted right here on Meltdown! This is why I love The Roulette Rounds so much!

    Cohen: And nobody is more deserving of a rematch than the former champion herself Seabass! I can't believe it! Callie got the luck of the draw and we have a Pay Per View match here, right now for free!

    Referee Akiyama holds the Elite Openweight Title up in the middle of the ring, he hands it off to a ring worker then checks both wrestlers for illegal objects, he is satisfied with the results and motions to the timekeeper....


    Matt and Callie walk to the center of the ring, Callie is doing a lot of jawing at the champion and pointing around the arena, she motions at her own waist that she'll be wearing the belt. Matt makes a face then looks to his fans, Callie takes the moment of distraction to slap him in the face. Matt holds his look at the fans and shakes his head in disappointment. Callie attempts to kick Matt in the stomach but he catches her foot, she's hopping and pleading for him to take it easy. Matt spits right in her face, Callie screams out in disgust then gets hit with a lariat neckbreaker followed by a fast elbow drop. He drops down and hooks her leg for a quick pin attempt, she kicks out a zero and jumps to her feet. Callie starts screaming at the referee about Matt spitting on her. Akiyama shrugs. Callie and Matt get into an elbow an collar tie up, Matt falls to a knee to get her back, he lifts Callie for a suplex but she reverses and catches him with a forearm shot to the face. Callie gives Matt an Irish whip to the ropes, but he catches the ropes and sits on them, he looks at Callie with a bored expression as he drapes his arms lazily over the ropes, the fans cheer again. Callie runs but he jumps at her with a dropkick, she rolls to one side and Matt crashes to the canvas hard. Callie quickly applies a headlock to slow the pace down.

    Copeland: This important match will test out both Callie's and Matt's endurance for sure, we know from Matt Tastic's history how much of a beating the man can take and keep fighting. Callie has impressed the WZCW Universe with her durability in her time here as well.

    Cohen: You have to factor in that Matt has the home field advantage here as well. Every move he makes ignites the energy in this building, you can cut it with a knife!

    Matt elbows his way to his feet, he Irish whips Callie to the ropes, he misses a lariat and she catches Matt on the rebound with a tornado DDT bouncing the champion's head off of the canvas. Callie jumps to her feet, she starts laying in fast kicks to a downed Tastic until the ref hauls her off, warning her to watch her ruthless aggression or she'll be DQed. Callie hauls Matt to his feet, she hits a double backhand chop followed by a slingblade. She quickly scrambles to the cover...


    Matt kicks out. Callie goes to cover him again but he rolls her over into a small package....



    Callie barely kicked out!

    Copeland: That small package out of nowhere really surprised Callie and she nearly lost the match right there!

    Matt punches the canvas and curses at the referee. Akiyama says something back that gets under the champion's skin. He slowly stalks the Akiyama and stands right in his face, Akiyama points to his referee logo and warns him that he'll get DQed if he doesn't watch it. Callie rolls up Matt from behind.....



    Matt kicks out! Callie quickly grabs him in a headlock but he pops out of it and presses her into a tight arm bar on the canvas. He turns and curses loudly at Akiyama again.

    Cohen: I think Matt Tastic is deliberately trying to get disqualified Seabass! Listen to the language he's using with our senior official!

    Copeland: On behalf of WZCW I apologize for the graphic language he's using folks! But I don't think he's trying to get disqualified Jack! Come on! This is one of, if not THE greatest of all time in the ring AND he's fighting in front of rabid hometown fans!

    Cohen: Big whip! If that was me I'd be doing the same thing, you still go home with your title!

    Callie manages to crawl to the bottom rope, breaking the armbar. But Matt won't let the hold go! Referee Akiyama yells at him to let her go and starts his count....





    Matt releases the hold and backs up with his hands in the air as Akiyama scolds him. When the ref turns back to Callie, he gives him the finger. The ref is checking on Callie, Matt inches closer but she LOW blows him with a back boot out of his eye range! She climbs to the top ropes. Matt staggers to his feet, trying to shake the cobwebs after the low blow. Callie jumps and spins in the air catching Matt with a fist, dropping him to the canvas!

    Copeland: Wow! What a move! Spinning backfist off of the top!

    Callie hooks the leg.....



    Matt kicks out! The fans still cheer for him as he kicks out of the pin attempt. But his expression has changed drastically from the start of the match, he still seems in a state of anger. Matt quickly stands up, he throws a right and left at Callie, she swiftly dodges both strikes and hits Matt with a Pele kick to the face! Matt staggers back and falls through the second ropes to the outside of the ring. Callie watches in the ring, she waits for Matt to get to his feet, she bounces off the ropes and runs fast, suicide dive over the top ropes but Matt rolls out of the way! Boom! Callie lands flat on her back and bounces on the padded mats!

    Matt takes a breather. He walks along the barricade, a young fan offers him his cup of Coke. Matt takes the Coke, he drinks it but his expression doesn't change, he's still in a mood, he spits the Coke right on Callie and throws the empty cup in the crowds.

    Akiyama is in the ring counting....



    Matt picks up Callie and gives her a belly to belly suplex right into the barricade, she bounces off of it and lands on the padded mat awkwardly.




    Matt fakes getting in the ring, then does a finger wave to the crowds. He starts strolling around the ring, uncaring about the count. Some fans laugh and he rolls in and out to break the count. Callie staggers to her feet, holding her neck in pain. Matt runs with a lariat set up...Callie ducks the lariat attempt and kicks Matt in the gut and she quickly rolls Matt back in the ring and rolls in after him. Matt meets a charging Callie with a hurricarana. He picks her up, then hits a fast vertical suplex, but he holds on and rolls through it, he hits another one, then rolls through it, then another vertical suplex! The fans cheer for that set of moves. Matt runs to the turnbuckle, he climbs to the top rope. He jumps in the air and does The Frog Splash! but Callie rolls out of the way at the last second! He eats canvas hard! He rolls to his back looking knocked out, Callie rolls over and hooks the leg....



    Matt kicks out! Callie hooks both legs....



    Matt kicks out again! Callie stands, she hooks a foot in his armpit and flips him over while hooking his leg with a half bridge.....



    Matt kicks out! Callie punches the canvas in frustration but she accidentally punches Akiyama's red shoe! The referee hops around the ring in pain! Callie is profusely apologizing while following him around. She turns her focus back to Matt....

    Seismic Toss! (Pumphandle cutter)!

    Matt covers her! But Akiyama is still nursing his toes in the corner!

    Cohen Look at this! Talk about Karma coming back to bite you! Ha ha haa! Kick out Callie!

    Matt screams at the referee who finally notices what is going on, he runs and jumps into the cover....



    Callie rakes Matt's eyes to break the pin attempt!

    Matt is wiping his eyes as both are laying on the canvas. Callie crawls up the ropes, she makes it to her feet, Matt makes it to his feet. Callie sets him up....

    Lights Out! ( Small Package Driver) but NO! Matt flips out the back door and springboards off of the middle ropes for a spinning wheel kick, but Callie ducks that move and springboards the same middle ropes for a springboard DDT followed by a standing moonsault double knee drop! Callie wobbles, tired from the match, she slowly climbs to the top ropes. She turns facing the fans then jumps high in the air.....

    Calliesault right on to Matt's waiting knees! He slowly rolls her over and hooks her leg....



    Callie reverses and rolls Tastic over.....



    She grabs the bottom ropes for leverage!!!



    Copeland: Wait just a second! Highway robbery here!

    Harrys: The winner of this match, and NEW WZCW Elite Openweight Champion - Callie Clark!

    Cohen: Call it what you want Seabass! Callie did what she set out to do here, cheating or not, she has won this match and I love it! History has been made! Callie Clark is the first woman to ever hold the Elite Title, in any incarnation, twice!

    Loud booing and paper cups litter the ring area as Akiyama raises Callies arm in victory, she grabs the Elite Openweight Title and rolls under the ropes, she holds the title over her head in exhaustion right in front of the barricade as nearby Tastic fans boo her loudly. Matt recovers in the ring. He starts screaming at Akiyama and showing him what Callie did by holding the rope to pin him. He wants the match restarted but the referee points to his own eyes and explains he didn't see anything.

    Copeland: They should restart this damn match right now! That was no way to lose his title Jack! He was robbed by Callie here tonight on Meltdown and we have a new champion, I can't believe what I'm seeing here!

    Callie makes her way up the ramp, polishing her new title with her forearm and taunting the fans. Matt is standing in the middle of the ring with his fists pressed firmly into his hips, staring at Callie with a look of pure hatred on his face.
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    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us tonight. As the show is wrapping up we are going to head to the parking lot where Leon Kensworth is going to try and get a word from WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Constantine.

    Cohen: I’m picturing Leon running through the hallways with his two left feet.

    In the parking lot we see Leon running towards Constantine, a microphone in hand as the World Champion waits for his car to arrive.

    Kensworth: Excuse me, John? I understand you’re done for the night, the show is almost over, but do you have anything to say about your loss earlier tonight?

    Constantine is dressed in a suit, a bag with his belongings over his shoulder, and the World Title safely in the bag as well. He nods, signaling Leon to come closer and welcomes him with a handshake.

    Constantine: No problem, Leon. It’s the nature of the business. You win some and you lose some. It’s not the first time I’ve been on the losing end, and likely will not be the last as my career reaches the final stages. You have to take what you can from it and move on.

    Kensworth: You were in the ring with Kagura and got to experience the skills of the reigning Queen for a Day up close. What did you make of her?

    Constantine: Kagura is a fine wrestler. She is someone who has earned her spot and has aspirations of holding the title I am lucky enough to hold at this time. Make no mistake, the title isn’t going anywhere. I waited years to get it back and I’m going surrendering it anytime soon.

    A horn is beeped in the parking lot, Constantine steps forward thinking it’s his car, when suddenly a black SUV speeds directly at the World Champion! Constantine dives out of the way, the car barely missing him, skid marks across the cement floor of the parking lot, the smell of burnt rubber spilling into the atmosphere.

    Kensworth: Oh my god!

    Copeland: Leon! Leon is everyone alright? Can you hear us, Leon?

    Cohen: What the hell was that?

    Copeland: A black SUV nearly hit the World Champion is what just happened, Jack. Somebody needs to check on Constantine, the man could be seriously hurt.

    Back in the parking lot, Leon and the cameraman rush towards Constantine. Grabbing at his ribs from the fall and the previous punishment they had taken in recent weeks, Constantine appears to have escaped any other major injury. The car narrowly missing him, it has fled the scene, unmarked and into the night.

    Kensworth: Everyone is alright. A black car just sped directly at Constantine. I swear it missed by an inch. The windows were tinted, I turned to see what the horn was and by that time the car was speeding up and heading straight for John.

    Constantine gets to his feet, in a state of shock, holding his ribs and looking around the parking lot in disbelief.

    Cohen: Questions are going to be asked about this incident, Seabass.

    Copeland: Somebody just attempted to run the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion over, Jack. You’re damn right questions are going to be asked and I expect we will get some answers. We are out of time tonight, folks. I’m sorry that we cannot stick around longer to get some answers, hopefully we’ll have an update on the situation on Ascension.

    Cohen: The question is… who was driving the car?

    The show cuts to black as soon as Cohen asks the final question. The last thing we see is Constantine looking stunned, struggling to comprehend what the hell just happened and how close he came to a serious incident.
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    Lethal Lottery 2018
    *Matches to be announced*

    Confirmed matches:

    Lethal Lottery Match
    Winner will face the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion at Kingdom Come IX
    Competitors TBA: Eve Taylor


    Callie Clark vs. Matt Tastic – Elite Openweight Championship – Standard Rules - Jeff
    Tony Mancini/Constantine vs. Wren/Kagura - Puerto Rican Street Fight - Jeff
    The Beard vs. Randy Studd – Standard Rules - Dagger
    Eve Taylor vs. Lynx – Opponents Finisher To Win - Ech
    Segments - Prophet, Dave, Ech, Dagger

    Sorry that this is a bit late. The Christmas season is a packed time for us all. Hope you enjoy!
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