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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    As the pyro finishes going off and the smoke drifts away, a thunderous ovation carries over the arena as we are sold out in the United Center in Chicago. Thousands have packed into the arena and the camera shifts over, getting a look at the men, women and children, who have come out for tonight’s show. On the big screen we see several of the matches which will take place tonight including Constantine versus Vox and the in-ring return of WZCW Hall of Famer, Matt Tastic.

    Copeland: Thank you for joining us once again as WZCW presents Meltdown 140! We’re closing in on the 150th edition of Meltdown but to get there we have to go through an action packed event right here, tonight. Sebastian Copeland broadcasting like from the United Center and as always I’m joined by my broadcast partner, Jack Cohen.

    Cohen: About damn time you introduce me, Seabass! Tonight is sure to be one hell of a night with all five matches happening being in the Gold Rush tournament. Sixteen competitors, men and women, fighting for a chance to take on the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion at Unscripted. It’s a huge opportunity and one that these superstars will not want to let slip.

    Copeland: Remember to stay up to date with all the Gold Rush tournament news you have to check out WZCW dot com. It’s the only place to get the latest news regarding everything to do with WZCW.

    The camera switches over from the announce desk to the ring where Harrys is standing by himself.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Xander LeBelle, Andrew Adonis, Mark Keaton and the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper - they are Vis Imperium!


    The music begins to play, louder than any other, drowning out the crowd and piercing their eardrums. Throughout the arena, the lights have dimmed and now spray gold and red as they spin. The steel of the entrance ramp now golden as Mark Keaton emerges onto the stage, his hair matching that which lies beneath his feet. A smug smirk appears on his face as he is soon joined by Xander LeBelle, accompanied by Andrew Adonis, and the three men stand proudly. The heat is bad, fans are shouting and cursing, and the announcers have to almost shout to be heard.

    Copeland: In all my years I haven’t heard anything this bad. These are some of the most hated men in the history of not just WZCW but professional wrestling as a whole. Listen to this crowd!

    Cohen: They should shut up and be thankful that Vis Imperium is even bothering to come here tonight. None of them have matches on this card and it’s an honour to have them open the show.

    Last to appear is their leader, Justin Cooper and his appearance boils the blood of the fans, yet he shows no sign of giving a damn. His eyes trace the outline of the arena, a huge smile on his face, and he begins to laugh at how thousands curse his name. Cooper unclips the World Championship from around his waist, he is dressed in full ring gear which is unexpected seeing as he has no match. His new robe, a rainbow metallic material glistening under the lights and a large viper (being created by the lights shining down from the roof, it’s a golden viper) slithers under their feet towards the ring.

    Cohen: What’s with the viper, Seabass? I’m loving the new outfit by Cooper but I don’t get the snake.

    Copeland: From what I have been told it’s a creature from Indigenous Australian spirituality, it’s the creator. I think the idea is that Cooper is seeing himself as the creator of this new Vis Imperium. It’s a symbol of his power kind of like he is a God and this is all his work, it’s his desire and by his will this is happening.

    Vis Imperium begins their slow walk down to the ring, fans shout and throw things at them, yet throughout their walk they remain united. Keaton reacts, the only one, shouting back at fans while the remaining members ignore the taunts. Once in the ring, Cooper stands in the middle of the ring, Keaton to the left on the turnbuckle and LeBelle on the right, with Adonis in the background. They all cross their arms as a burst of pyro, golden sparks, goes off behind them. Cooper grabs a microphone from ringside and takes centre stage, the World Championship over his shoulder and so much on his mind.

    Cooper: For nearly a year I’ve played your game. I did whatever you people asked of me like I was a child with no say in the matter. In fact, that’s the perfect way to describe what the last year has been like for me. I have been a child who had no say in where he went, what he did or with whom he could play with. I was stuck under your thumb and you people sat happily by as I remained powerless in my own career. Well, that charade is dead.

    Inside the ring, his fellow Vis Imperium members nod their heads in agreement.

    Cooper: Last Sunday, amidst the bloody battle of a Last Man Standing Match where I vanquished Garth Black once and for all, I took my final step out of the prison you people put me in. I freed myself and now I stand before you liberated. I no longer have to do what you idiots want, I don't have to play friendly with the likes of Logan McAllister or Eve Taylor. I can look them right in the eyes and spit in their face because I do give a damn what any of you people think; I never fucking did!

    The crowd boos heavily as Cooper paces back and forth.

    Cooper: My decision was based on my own interest. I didn’t have to think about what you people wanted. I was free to make my own choice and I choose to take the power which I always wanted. The power which you people held from me! I was never going to get it being your lapdog but now, with Vis Imperium stronger than ever, I can achieve whatever I want.

    He turns to Keaton and places a hand on his shoulder.

    Cooper: We’ve come a long way, brother. I thank you for staying strong and keeping the faith as I walked down a path which will forever stain my legacy. For that I am sorry but now, as we stand here, our control over this company greater than we could have ever dreamed, I say thank you. I say, it was all worth it to get the WZCW World Championship.

    Justin turns back to the crowd.

    Cooper: From the ashes of the old will rise a new. Vis Imperium unbound by the old, all of them tossed aside and in their place stands the future and the now. The past is dead and it will stay buried no matter how hard Constantine and Tyrone Blades try to resurrect their pathetic careers.

    From behind, LeBelle steps forward and taps Justin on the shoulder.

    LeBelle: Constantine and Tyrone Blades are two fools playing the same game and it’s such a shame to see because they could’ve been part of this. You all could’ve been part of this wonderful achievement.

    The remaining three members clap their hands.

    LeBelle: We stand here not by luck but by choice. We sided with Mr. Banks, we chose to win the war instead of fight for some convoluted sense of justice. There is no justice in WZCW, only strength, only power and they reside with those who have the numbers.

    The crowd continues to boo, some throw rubbish with Keaton swats at with his hand.

    LeBelle: Numbers which we have! Nobody can match us in terms of bodies. We can anybody who dares challenge us just like we crushed Constantine. We cast him aside and now where is he? Soaking in his misery while Vis Imperium evolves, while we take the spotlight and soak in our glory for the future. John spends his time soaking in the disappointment of the past and that’s why he no longer fits in our plans.

    LeBelle smirks, Adonis right by his side.

    LeBelle: He became everything that we have fought against. He became just like Tyrone Blades, Mikey Stormrage and Garth Black. They all were consumed with the past and two of them no longer have a future. Tyrone is just the next name to fall when the future arrives. We are the future, we are the now and there is nothing anybody can do to stop us.

    From across the ring, Keaton climbs up onto a turnbuckle and begins shouting into a microphone.

    Keaton: Nobody! You hear that, bitches? Nobody can stop us because we have the numbers. Four men, a two time Tag Champion and Rookie of the Year, the former Elite Openweight Champion, the greatest manager in the world and the reigning and undisputed World Champion, united under the guidance of Mr. Banks.

    The mention of the WZCW Owner gets a big wave of heat from the crowd.

    Keaton: This isn’t Star Wars. Do not think that rebels are going to fly some ship thingy and blow us up. Oh no, we are unbreakable. We are stronger than any version of Vis Imperium that you idiots have ever seen. Believe it! You’re seeing the greatest stable in the history of this damn business standing in front of you.

    He jumps down off the turnbuckle and runs around the ring, his free arm spinning wildly.

    Keaton: VI! VI! VI! VI!

    As Justin sticks out his arm Keaton comes to a halt. He ducks underneath and stands next to his brother.

    Keaton: Last Sunday, I broke the back of Mikey Stormrage. Anybody who wants to stand up against Vis Imperium will get the same result.

    Cooper: Thank you, Mark. Now, this is a long show and my good friend Mr. Banks has an agreement with the television networks so allow me to end our little introduction. I wanted control and I’ve got it. I control my own fate now and as much as our peers will curse our names, deep down they wish they were us. They wish that they could do what they wanted and that’s the saddest thing because instead of praising for doing what they couldn’t, they will try and tear me down because I'm brave enough to stand up against you fans and spit in your faces.


    It’s a mixed reaction from the crowd mostly because of the hate for Vis Imperium. They aren’t keen on Flex but the fittest man on earth steps out onto the stage shaking his head, looking perplexed.

    Mussel: You four do understand that this show is on a time limit, right? We don’t have all night for you four jackasses to run your mouths about how great you are and all this nonsense about control. You wanted control? Well, you’re now the official bitch of Mr. Banks so how are you enjoying your control, Justin?

    Inside the ring, Justin curses under his breath.

    Mussel: You talked about yourself, Constantine and Tyrone but you failed to mention the biggest problem standing in your way. Me! I am the number one contender and at Gold Rush I’m going to take that championship away from you. It doesn’t matter if it’s one on one, one on two, one on three or one on four. I will kick the crap outta all four of you because I’ve waited, I’ve waited a long time for this chance and no third rate boyband is going to keep me from the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Vis Imperium are not happy at all; Cooper hands the title to Adonis and takes off his robe leaving his golden boots, white pants and wrist tape all that he is wearing. Keaton and LeBelle are discussing things to the side as Cooper picks up a microphone.

    Cooper: You and what army? I don’t know if you’re intelligent enough to understand this but you’ve ended careers, Flex. You’ve caused people to never wrestle again and now when you need help nobody is going to answer the call.

    Mussel: That’s where you’re wrong, Justin. I don’t need help to beat you. I can do it all by myself.

    Cooper: How about we find out right now? Gentlemen, if you would exit the ring. I have a lesson to teach Flex about who holds the power in our little relationship.

    The other three members of Vis Imperium exit the ring take a few steps away. Cooper stands alone and shouts for Flex to bring it. A few moments later, Flex Mussel charges to the ring. He slides in but the moment he does so, Cooper rolls to the outside and the other three members of Vis Imperium pounce!

    Copeland: Oh, come on! Justin said he wanted to see how it would be one on one but this coward just set a trap for Flex. I thought we were going to see how Flex measured up against Justin. This is disgusting!

    Cohen: It’s brilliant, Seabass. Flex has nobody to help him. He has caused so many issues in the locker room that nobody will ever come to his aid. It’s perfect. Flex is outmanned in this feud. He cannot possible defeat Vis Imperium!

    The attack continues as LeBelle drives his knee into the face of Flex. It’s a total mugging by Vis Imperium as Justin Cooper watches from the outside of the ring. Keaton holds an arm, Adonis another and LeBelle picks up the cane and cracks it across the ribs of Mussel. Try as Flex might, he is unable to overpower three men.

    Slowly, Justin Cooper walks up the steps and enters the ring. He holds his World Championship proudly and sticks it right in the face of Flex. Their eyes meet, for a moment nothing is said until Cooper whispers.

    Cooper: Even the fittest man on earth can’t beat four men. At least you’ll have the answer ready after I beat you at Gold Rush because there is only question left to ask, Flex. What’s your excuse?

    A moment later, Cooper spits in his face and slams the World Championship into Flex’s head leaving him knocked out cold in the middle of the ring. Vis Imperium form a line, raising their hands in the arm as the crowd boos heavily. Vis Imperium reborn under new leadership and possibly even more dangerous.
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    As we return from a brief commercial, the lights in the arena are slightly dimmed and there is no sign of Vis Imperium or Flex Mussel anywhere. Truman Harrys stands in the middle of the ring.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first round match of Gold Rush Tournament and is scheduled for one fall!

    [youtube]uGcsIdGOuZY [/youtube]​

    Harrys: Introducing first from Yonkers, NY being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, weighing 275 pounds...The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

    Hero hits the PA system and Tony walks out onto the stage by himself. He listens to the majority of fans cheer for him while there are still a few boos. He high fives a few fans as he walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring, takes off the Cornicello Charm his mother gave him and hands it to a referee. He waits for Vee, kneeling in the corner and with his head on the middle turnbuckle saying a small prayer.

    Copeland: Tony looks very determined tonight. This is going to be a big night for him.

    Cohen: Absolutely. The change in his attitude, however, doesn’t make me confident about his chances.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    He rotates around in one leg followed by a somersault on the floor and bounces up and high raising his both hands. Then he goes to the audiences on the barricade for some fan fair, gets to the ring and Springboards his way in with another somersault on the mat. Once he is in the ring, he sets his eyes on Tony who has been waiting patiently.

    Copeland: Vee has been making some big waves lately. Wins over the likes of Justin Cooper and Garth Black give him a tremendous amount of momentum coming in here.

    Cohen: Which came to naught when he lost to a returning, ring rusted, Beard. Still, no one can deny that he is the odds on favorite coming into this match.

    There are cheers across the arena as the referee Keith Morse checks both of them for any foreign objects.

    Copeland: The crowd is really hyped for this match.

    Cohen: It’s not just the match. This is Gold Rush. Careers are made in this tournament!

    Referee signals for the bell.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Both competitors circle each other to before tying into an elbow and collar and jostle for advantage. Vee forces Mancini to the turnbuckles and the referee is forced to break the hold. The circle each other again and lock in another elbow and collar tie. This time Mancini forces Vee to the corner and the referee is forced to break the hold again. Seeing no advantage, both of them circle each other and lock in another Collar and elbow tie. Vee this time is able to modify it into hold from behind, but Mancini counters it into a head lock. Vee fights out of it and the initial exchange turns out to be a stalemate.

    Copeland: Both seem to be very cautious to begin with.

    Cohen: Understandable. It’s an opportunity of a life time and nobody wants to lose the advantage this early in the match.

    Vee and Mancini lock up again. This time, Mancini uses his size to his advantage, overpowering Vee and irish whips him into the ropes. Vee bounces off, ducks the outstretched arm of Mancini, bounces of the opposite ropes, and drops Mancini with a single legged high dropkick to the face. Mancini hits the mat hard and clutches his jaw, wincing in pain. Before Vee could come in with more, Mancini bails to the floor, catching his breath. Vee is having none of it and goes out of the ring to chase Mancini. As he runs towards Mancini sidesteps him, and Vee crashes into the steel steps with full force. Mancini rolls into the ring as Vee lays at ringside, writhing in pain. There are slight boos across the arena, while some people are egging Vee to stand back up. The referee sees no choice but to start the count.





    Vee makes it back to his feet, still in great agony, clutching his shoulder which has taken the brunt of the collision.


    Vee steps back into the ring. Mancini has no intentions of giving any space to Vee and unleashes a flurry of closed fist punches on Vee’s head, forcing a weak one handed block from Vee as he’s forced to buckle in the corner. The referee forces a separation while Vee tries to catch his breath and composure.

    Copeland: Seems like Vee really hit the steel steps hard. He looks to be in some pain.

    Cohen: If Tony is wise, he’d make sure he takes advantage of this situation.

    Mancini drags Vee from the corner and locks on a bear hug. This puts a lot of pressure on Vee’s ribs, which are already hurting due to earlier collision. Vee gasps for breath, but Mancini isn’t letting up. He tightens his grip on Vee. Vee seems to be fading away.

    Copeland: Could this be it?

    Cohen: It certainly seems so!

    As referee checks on Vee, Mancini applies even more pressure on Vee’s sore ribs. Vee, conjures up some strength in his weakening arms and tries to separate the arms that are holding him tightly. Not seeing any way out of it, in a last ditch attempt, Vee plants an elbow right on the bridge of Mancini’s nose. Mancini screams in pain, letting Vee go. Before Mancini could gain a sense of what happened, Vee connects with a reverse hook kick, dropping Mancini to the mat.

    Copeland: Wow! What a move from Vee! This could be the end of Mancini.

    Vee drops into a cover. Referee starts counting



    Mancini kicks out to great disappointment of Vee. He had mustered all he had into this kick. Both lie on the mat, but slowly start moving. Mancini still doesn’t have any idea of where he is. Vee gets behind Mancini, stalking him, waiting for him to get back to the feet. Gino tries warning Mancini of the impending doom that’s waiting, but it falls on deaf ears. As soon as Mancini turns around, he is greeted with Mawashi Geri. He not only hits the mat, but the sheer force of the kick rolls him out of the ring as Vee sees in dismay.

    Copeland:This could’ve been it! I don’t know if it was his luck or his will, but rolling out of the ring might be the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

    Cohen: May be, but I’m sure Vee would take a countout win because a win is all that matters in this tournament.

    The referee starts the count.







    Tony starts moving around a bit. Vee spots it and steps out the ring.

    Cohen:What is he doing? He could easily win via countout. Why does he need to go and fetch him?


    Vee catches hold of Vee, trying to lift his 275 pund frame so that he can drag him to the ring. However, Mancini lifts him and smashes him against the barricade in a desperation move. Vee collapses to the ground, wincing and writhing in pain.


    Mancini rolls inside to break the count before stepping out again. Gino tells him something, but he doesn’t seem to take notice. He picks Vee up and hits him with a barrage of hard forearms to the head before rolling him inside. Mancini follows him in.

    Copeland: It seems like Vee has exhausted everything he had. He already had hit the steel steps, but now the barricades. It’s just matter of time.

    Cohen: It sure seems like that. Mancini should finish this while he has the chance.

    Vee seems to moving gingerly. Mancini waits for him behind. As soon as Vee turns, Mancini hits him with one of the hardest Lariats which turns Vee 360 degree before he hits the mat. Mancini covers as the referee gets into the position.



    3.. NOO!! Vee kicks out! The crowd that seemed to be silent suddenly springs into life.

    Cohen: How the hell did he kick out of that?

    Copeland: I don’t know, but I know this match is not over.

    Mancini sits there in disbelief. He thought he had the match won. The crowd starts chanting for Vee.

    Let’s go Vee! Vee ADZ! Let’s go Vee! Vee ADZ!

    Mancini tries to pick Vee up, but before he could do that Vee hits him with a high drop kick, forcing him into the corner. Mancini clutches his jaw, and before he could even recover, Vee hits him with a shining wizard.

    Copeland: It seems like Vee has suddenly got a second breath of life.

    Cohen: He seems to be working on fumes, but it is working.

    Vee hits Mancini with a few forearms while he props him up on the ring apron. Vee seems to be ready to deliver a super reverse Frankensteiner, but Mancini somehow counters. Both fight it out, precariously positioned on the top of the apron. Mancini pushes Vee of the top, but in the hara-kiri, Vee catches hold of Mancini’s hair, forcing him down the rope before hitting the mat himself. Due to this, Mancini his perched on the apron in a tree of woe. Vee looks at him and then looks around the arena, the audience clearly cheering and egging Vee on as victory now seems in sights. He soaks in all the cheers from the crowd and then goes to the top rope on the other side. Everybody in the audience knows what’s coming next.

    Copeland: Vee has his sights set on the prize. Vee might just have sealed his ticket to the quarterfinals of the Gold Rush.

    Cohen: Whatever he needs to do, he should do fast. He is wasting precious time.

    As Mancini struggles to get up, Vee sets his sights on exactly where he wants to go. He takes a deep breath and leaps to deliver a thunderous Coup de grâce. The arena is shaking with crowd anticipation. As Vee turns to pull Mancini off the apron, his foot, however, seems to have stuck in the apron.

    Copeland: Oh my god! Tony may just have been saved by the ring apron.

    Cohen: This could be luckiest escape ever!

    After a good struggle, Vee finally manages to get Mancini’s lifeless foot off the apron, drags him away from the corner and covers him.



    3.. MANCINI KICKS OUT! Vee can’t believe it! Gino can’t believe it! The crowd can’t believe it!

    Copeland: I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Both have hit each other with everything they have. Vee just hit Tony with his best shot and it was still not enough to put him away!

    Cohen: As we said earlier, being hung up upside down on the apron might just have saved Tony!

    Vee, now clearly frustrated, looks around for something, anything for inspiration. Even after kicking out, Mancini doesn’t seem to be moving or getting up. Vee decides to do what he knows best and starts climbing the corner again. He sets his sight on Mancini, and flies to hit Airborne End, but nobody’s home! Mancini had moved out of the way, forcing Vee to awkwardly land on his leg. Vee tries getting back up, favoring his right leg, and as soon as he turns around, Mancini hits him with Il Siluro Italiano! The crowd gasps, waiting for what’s coming. But Mancini doesn’t cover him.

    Copeland: If Mancini covers him, he wins. Why is he not covering him?

    Cohen: Oh, he’s going to cover him alright. I see something more coming from him.

    Mancini looks at the lifeless body of Vee. He picks him up, looks around the arena, and delivers a mat shattering Riposa in Pace! Mancini covers.




    Harrys: The winner of this match and proceeding to the next round of Gold Rush…Tony Mancini!!

    The referee raises Tony’s hand in victory. Gino rushes in to raise Tony’s other arm up. The crowd acknowledge his hard work and victory by applauding in unison.

    Copeland: Wow! What a match! Both the competitors gave it their all. We all thought it was over when Vee hit Mancini with that Coud de Grace, but wasn’t to be. Congratulations to Tony for proceeding to the next round!

    Cohen: That’s why WZCW is so great! You never know how things are going to go!
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    In the hallway of the arena, Eve Taylor is walking with her gear and is about to enter the locker room when Gabi and Callie Clark put their arms across the door. They slide in front of Eve, both were a mocking look on their faces as Callie chews gum.

    Taylor: Can I help you two?

    Callie: Nah. Just standing here. You know, cause we can.

    A smirk comes over the face of both Clark women and Callie pulls out her phone as Gabi looks over Eve.

    Gabi: I didn’t know you cosplayed, Eve.

    Taylor: Pardon?

    Gabi: Callie, did you know that? She has been cosplaying as a contender for months!

    The Clarks laugh out loud, Callie nearly falling over and having to have Gabi hold her up. She kicks her legs wildly and a few shots hit Eve’s bag.

    Callie: Oops, sorry ‘bout dat. My bad, honest.

    Eve just shakes her head and proceeds to push through but comes to a stand when Gabi Clark grabs her arm.

    Taylor: Take your hand off me, now. You two had your fun now move along before this gets bad, for you two.

    Gabi: Don’t think you can threaten us. Who are you anyway?

    Callie: I know. She’s the talentless hack who was supposed to win Lethal Lottery but failed. You were supposed to main event Kingdom Come but you failed. You were supposed to beat Flex Mussel but you failed. And guess what, tonight when you face me in the first round of Gold Rush you’ll fail yet again.

    The sisters’ laugh as Gabi lets go of Eve’s arm. A red mark has appeared and Eve shoots both women daggers.

    Taylor: You’re right. I lost but here I am still fighting to get that one chance. That’s all I need. I can fail over and over because I only need to be successful once. I just hope you wrestle better than you cosplay, those rags look cheap as, girls.

    The Clarks are furious as Eve Taylor enters the locker room. Callie stomps her feet violently and lets out a scream. Gabi has to calm her down and the two walk off down the hallway.
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    As we return from backstage, Truman Harrys is, once again, in the middle of the ring to make the announcements for the Gold Rush Tournament.

    Copeland: Well, we already know that Tony Mancini is through to the final 8 of the Gold Rush Tournament, folks. In the next contest, we will see who will the next competitor to join him in that company.

    Cohen: And what a match it ought to be. Randy Studd is a kid that no one knows anything about and will be known as the unknown of this tournament. But Reqonic has been here long enough to start making some sort of impact. She knows that winning the Tournament would accomplish that and more. But does she have what it takes to beat the upstart?

    Harrys: The following contest is a First Round Match in the Gold Rush Tournament!!


    Introducing first, from Talinn, Estonia, she is "Ms. Unorthodox", Yemrez Reqonic!!

    Yemrez appears on stage with her country's flag covering her face. Which she lowers to reveal herself painted with the colors of said flag, Navy, Black and White as she marches down the aisle. The fans are receptive to her.

    Copeland: The proud former weightlifter, she's got the golden opportunity to reach for the top in an instant, granted by the annual Gold Rush tournament.

    Cohen: Maybe you buy into it, but she does not strike me as a weightlifter at all.

    Copeland: Jack, she was in the Olympics. She was on TV. They gave her a medal. You can't fake that.


    And her opponent, from Venice, Italy, "The Ladies Man", Randy Studd!!

    Studd makes his way down the aisle, fans don't know what to make of him as he enters and hands a rose to his opponent. Yemrez just looks confused as he takes off his waistcoat.

    Copeland: A debut here for Mr. Studd. A well toned, muscleman. He has an incredible opportunity in this tournament.

    Cohen: See, I can believe he's a weightlifter. Look at those striations! WOW!! He'd look right at home in the WBF.

    Copeland: The what?

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The bell rings and the action begins. Yemrez remains serious and focused but Studd just seems to be posing, trying to impress her. None of that by the Estonian who grabs a hand for a Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock. A complex name for what is basically a test of strength, she twists the wrist but Studd responds to the torque applied to his wrist and knuckles by grabbing his foe by the waist, pulling her close in. After an awkward pause, Yemrez having to process what's going on, she Armdrags the much larger Studd overhead. Lays on the mat sure of herself but she realizes she's still holding on and in the other end of her hand is the Studd. Prone on the canvas like her. Staring right at her with a rather creepy smile, unfazed by the clearly impressive strength of his opponent.

    Copeland: Does he not realize he was tossed overhead by a girl a 100 pounds lighter?

    Cohen: Yemrez may be a champion at benchpressing. But Randy Studd is a champion at love.

    Yemrez kips up, Studd also gets up as she tries to escape his grip. Working her way out, Randy catches and traps her with a Full Nelson, easily locking his fingers in to keep a tight grip. Yemrez struggles to get herself free but can't. The position, grip and mass of her opponent making it hard. Studd holds on tight begging for a submission, creepy as that sounds, but Yemrez shows her resilience, kicking off the ropes, she loops overhead, bridging herself but in doing so is in a better position to escape the hold and does so. Quickly, Yemrez dashes and Body Checks herself, hitting Randy by the legs and knocking him down. She locks a front chancery and begins to Gator Roll around the ring but Studd seems to find the rolling rather pleasant. She releases the hold wondering what to do now and that gives Studd the chance to pounce, tossing Yemrez overhead with a Back Body Drop. He applies an Armbar, holding Yemrez down, giving her little room to escape. She reaches the ropes to little avail.

    Cohen: You know, chickhunting should be an Olympic Sport. Because only the elite can do it best.

    Copeland: Well with Dressage, Curling and Racewalking being official, I actually wouldn't be shocked.

    Yemrez manages to drag herself to the ropes, forcing the ropebreak. Studd obliges, but takes the time to pose, swiveling his hips at the ladies in the crowd. Yemrez looks at him confused but sees her opportunity. She hits a couple of shots to the back, catching the Studd-Muffin by surprise. She turns him around and avoids a Clothesline, Matrix-style, dashing across and leaping off the ropes for a Bulldog. As Studd is on his knees, she hits a Double Palm Thrust. She leaps into the air for a Double Footstomp but Randy rolls out of the way, quickly getting up and getting more aggressive. He hits a pair of knee strikes to her and following it up with a Dropkick. He goes up the top rope where he swivels his hips some more. He leaps for the Money Shot, but Yemrez gets out of harms way as Studd spooges all over the canvas.

    Cohen: The Studd-Muffin suffers undeserved heartbreak there.

    Copeland: Will you stop?!

    Yemrez gets her bearings and mounts her offensive. She hits a Corkscrew Neckbreaker to Studd and follows it up with the Double Footstomp she missed earlier. Studd clutches his chest in pain but gets back up. He kicks her down and goes for a slow Neckbreaker, yet again stopping to swivel his hips, but Yemrez gets out and hoists the Studd-Muffin on to her shoulders, hitting a Rolling Slam with ease and transitioning into a Moonsault for two, the Eerie Blitz. She measures Studd as he gets up and attempts the Elogated Ride but Studd avoids it and grabs her leg, applying his submission hold, the Studd Muffer! He stretches Yemrez's leg across his own neck, dragging her across the floor but Yemrez stays strong and adjusts her legs. Wrapping around Studds arms, the weight being too much, he's locked in the Via Crucis and fights it, but with no escape in sight, he's forced to admit defeat.

    Here is your winner, Yemrez Reqonic!!

    Copeland: She did it! It was hard fought, but earned, Yemrez Reqonic moves on to the next round of the Gold Rush tournament!!

    Cohen: I can't believe it. Studd had his heart stolen.

    The referee raises Yemrez's arm in victory as fans cheer her on. She grabs her flag and poses with it in the corner, matching her facepaint as Studd rolls out.

    Copeland: That was just step one. There's still the Quarter Finals to be had. Who will her next opponent be? We'll find out.
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    Right away, the camera cuts to the backstage arena. The camera seems to show a large shutter being raised to reveal an unassuming car waiting to enter the arena from the car park. Slowly but surely, the shutter raises and the car begins to pull into the bowels of the arena. After a few seconds, Leon Kensworth makes his way into shot in an effort to get the first scoop on who is arriving so late in the show – probably with the hopes of getting himself a meaty exclusive. Suddenly, the car comes to a halt and a rather familiar looking person exits the vehicle. The face, however, is obscured by a very unconvincing moustache, plastic glasses and a skip hat.

    Leon: Uh... What are you doing here Titus? You're barred from the arena, you know?

    Titus – or not Titus as it may be – looks stunned at the accusation of being called the EurAsian Champion's name. He lowers his jaw, about to start roaring at Leon in typical Titus fashion but quickly stops himself before his cover is blown rather quickly.

    ???: Who is this Titus you speak of?

    The forced British accent does nothing to help the case of the man who looks a lot like Titus. Leon drops his microphone to his side and gives Titus a look of derision and confusion in equal measure.

    Leon: You're not fooling anyone, Titus. Seriously, what's this all about?

    The man who looks a lot like Titus in a disguise raises a smile as he begins rifling off excuses and reasons to the long time interviewer.

    ???: I don't know anyone by the name of Titus. But if I were him, I guess I'd be upset that I – I mean “he” - has been booted off his show and demoted onto the B-show of WZCW. Especially after everything I – err “he” - has done for this company. His EurAsian Championship reign will forever be known as one of the – if not the best – reigns of all time and-

    Suddenly, a voice comes booming from behind Leon that takes everyone by surprise. Everyone turns around as the voice of Vance Bateman fills the halls.

    Bateman: Avison! Get the Hell out of here before I strip you of the EurAsian Championship before anyone else even gets the chance!

    The man who looks suspiciously like Titus Avison tries to plead ignorance to the accusation that he is indeed the EurAsian Champion but his terrific disguise is soon ruined as Leon pulls the moustache from his face – revealing none other than TITUS AVISON!

    Titus: Yes, it was me all along! And mark my words, you'll all pay for moving me to Ascension! I'm the hottest property in WZCW and that privilege has earned me the right to be on the flagship show! You haven't seen the last of me!

    With that, Titus gets back in the vehicle he exited only seconds ago and reverses back into the car park. Leon offers Vance a confused look as Titus screeches his tyres and leaves.

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was certainly unique. Titus is, of course, banned from the arena tonight and moved to Ascension after the events of Apocalypse and his treatment of Cat Connor.

    Cohen: Blasphemy, Seabass! Titus was right! He is the best thing thing going right now and Ascension has gained a lot of viewers as a result. Vance is a shrewd businessman but he's made a mistake by sending the Champion away.
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    Elsewhere, Backstage, we find Tony Mancini walking through the halls with a smile on his face after achieving a victory in his first round Gold Rush match. Mancini turns the corner and comes to a stop, his smile turning into a look on cautiousness.

    Mancini: You did well out there tonight. Congratulations on making it through to the second round.

    The camera shifts over to look from Mancini’s perspective and across from him stands Yemrez Reqonic, still in her ring gear following her first round match.

    Reqonic: He underestimated me like a lot of people around here. I’m still new, unproven in the eyes of many but I work hard to put on the best performance possible; win or lose.

    A slight pause, Mancini nods his head in agreement.

    Mancini: I will not make that mistake. If we happen to meet in the second round or any round for that matter, I look forward to seeing the best out of you.

    Reqonic: Likewise, this isn’t my first big tournament and I’m ready to shock the world if people think that I’m just some rookie they can roll over.

    From down the hall a shout is heard.

    LeBelle: What utter nonsense!

    In unison, Mancini and Reqonic turn as Xander LeBelle and Andrew Adonis approach looking slightly disgusted. Adonis shakes his head while LeBelle can’t help but smirk.

    LeBelle: This is what the second round of Gold Rush contains? Nothing but third rate talent who couldn’t lace my boots on my worst day. How far this company has fallen. It’s no wonder Mr. Banks sought our help with Vis Imperium to build this once fine company up to its former standing.

    Adonis: You are a certain to advance into the second round. Logan McAllister is just like these two. Nowhere near the talent of you, Xander. A pity that two spots are wasted on you two. Perhaps Backstage Bob would’ve liked a try?

    LeBelle: That would’ve been a closer match than one of these two against Keaton or I.

    Mancini steps up and gets in the face of Xander.

    Mancini: You think I’m an easy fight? Well, how about you go tell Mr. Banks, since you’re best friends with him, that you want to face me in the second round? I’ll be more than happy to prove you wrong.

    Reqonic: We’re not afraid of you. Vis Imperium should be ashamed of what you’ve become. None of you are what champions are supposed to be. You are cheaters! We will bring you down, I promise.

    With that, LeBelle and Adonis take a few steps back but the smirk has returned to Xander’s face.

    Adonis: Making threats against the most powerful faction of all time, my dear. You’re either very brave or just really stupid. I’d ask the same question to Tony but I believe we already know the answer to that. You two may want to enjoy this moment, your victories are so important to remember because by this time next week you’ll likely be on the sidelines after losing just like you normally do.

    After a brief moment of silence, Adonis turns with LeBelle and they disappear down the hall. Mancini and Reqonic remain standing in the hallway as workers shuffle past quickly. Both with mixed emotions, the sweet thrill of victory but a feeling of incoming worry hovers over them as they start to think about the second round and possible opponents in the random draw.

    Copeland: Hmm! A very tense encounter there, folks. Vis Imperium think they have what it takes to keep this competition all sowed up. But there are a number of people that will look to take them to task given the opportunity.

    Cohen: An after the short break, we will find out if Eve Taylor or Callie Clark will be the third person into the quarter finals of the Tournament. Stay with us!
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    Harrys: The following is a first round match of the Gold Rush Tournament and it is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds.... Eve Taylor!

    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down. She slowly lifts her head, and slowly looks around the entire arena, before bursting out from the spotlight and amping up the crowd. She marches confidently down the ramp, still in her model strut. As she hits the end of the ramp, she jumps onto the apron, and heads over to the closest turnbuckle. She ascends it and once again the arena goes dim, with a bright light over Eve Taylor. She slowly holds her hand out, trying to reach for the heavens. As the chorus kicks in, she grabs hold of the spotlight, and the arena comes back to life. Eve is seen standing atop the turnbuckles, holding her arm in the air, with her eyes closed, taking a deep breath. After a second, she opens her eyes, and pumps up the audience, before jumping off the turnbuckle, pointing to everyone in the arena.

    Copeland: A first round match of this year's Gold Rush Tournament, ladies and gentlemen. Eve has to be one of the favorites to win the whole thing.

    Cohen: I disagree. Now, Eve's opponent on the other hand.... This could be her night.


    Harrys: And her opponent, from New York, New York, weighing 100 pounds, Callie Clark!

    As the music kicks up Callie struts out onto the stage and strikes a pose. She is dressed up as Killer Frost from The Flash. As she walks down the ramp she stops to taunt fans in the front row that boo her. She mocks them and continues down the ramp. She walks up the steps and enters the ring through the middle rope and poses once again in the middle of the ring.

    Copeland: A very cool choice for an outfit by Callie this evening.

    Cohen: Really, Seabass? A pun towards her outfit is the best you can do for a comment on the entrance of a great competitor like Callie Clark!?

    The two women approach each other and the bell is rung to start the match. Callie points at Eve, mocking her. Eve responds with a Knife-Edge Chop. The fans cheer for this. Eve grabs Callie and uses an Arm-Trap Neckbreaker. She covers Callie for an early pinfall attempt and the ref starts to count. 1.... Kickout by Callie! Both women get up. Eve hits Callie with six consecutive Knife-Edge Chops. Callie ducks before being hit by a seventh and then rolls out of the way. She quickly gets up and uses a Dropkick on Eve, who is now face down. Callie stomps on the back of Eve's neck. The fans are boo'ing this. She stomps five times before going over to the ropes to mock the fans in the front row who keep boo'ing her. Eve gets up. Callie turns around after taunting the fans only to get hit by a Big Boot from Eve! She covers Callie for another pinfall attempt. The ref counts. 1.... 2.... Kickout by Callie!

    Copeland: Callie should really be focusing on Eve more than on the fans. Taunting the fans almost cost her the match.

    Cohen: She knows she's better than all those fans, and she certainly knows she is better than Eve Taylor.

    Callie is the first to get up. Eve starts to get up and Callie kicks her in the back three times. Eve is down. Callie goes over to the corner of the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle. She jumps off the top rope hitting Eve with a Dropkick. She covers Eve for a pinfall and the ref gets ready to count. 1.... 2.... Kickout by Eve!. Callie waits for Eve to get up and then hits her with a Spinning Backfist. She grabs Eve attempting to use a Springboard Knee Smash but Eve dodges it. She grabs Callie, who tries to break free of the hold but fails. Eve turns Callie around and uses a Northern Lights Suplex. They both get up. Eve shoves Callie into the corner and tries to use a Running Double Chop, but Callie is able to evade the move. Callie uses a Double Backhand Chop on Eve, followed by a Pele Kick. Eve rolls out of the ring and is down at ringside. Eve slowly tries to get up. Callie runs to the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, springs off, and performs a Corkscrew Plancha! Both women are down.

    Copeland: Wow! What a risk that was. It could shift the momentum of this match!

    Cohen: That's probably why she did it, Seabass. It is only a matter of time before Callie proceeds to round two of the tournament.

    Both competitors are still down. Eve starts to get up and the fans cheer for her. She stands up, looks down at Callie, and grabs her. Eve drags Callie back toward the ring and pushes her in beneath the bottom ropes. Eve climbs back into the ring herself as the fans start a chant for her. The "Let's go Eve! Callie sucks!" chant is heard across the arena. By the time Eve is back in the ring Callie has gotten up. Eve hits Callie with a Side Kick to the stomach as well as a Side Kick to the head. She follows this with two Knife-Edge Chops and a Headbutt. She tries to hit an additional Headbutt, however Callie gets out of the way in time. She gets up on the top rope and uses her Signature maneuver, a Springboard DDT! Eve gets out of the way just in time, causing Callie to hit the center of the ring. Eve grabs Callie, lifting her back up. She unleashes her Inverted Stomp Facebreaker Finisher maneuver, the Fashion Statement! Eve covers Callie and the ref counts. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: Your winner, advancing to the next round of the Gold Rush Tournament.... Eve Taylor!

    Copeland: There was no stopping Eve tonight, but a great effort by Callie Clark as well. If only both could have advanced to the next round. However, Eve has made it past round one.

    Cohen: Eve did get the job done here but mark my words.... She won't win the Gold Rush Tournament. Everyone thought she would win the Lethal Lottery last year and look how that turned out.
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    We cut backstage, Vance Bateman is found in his office on the phone and fiddling with a fidget spinner.

    Bateman: Are you sure? He said no matter what that has to happen? We did have matches already planned based on results but if it’s a must...

    The person on the other end responds and Bateman begins to nod his head.

    Bateman: Okay, I understand. Yes, I’ve sent word that I want him to visit my office.

    A knock at the door.

    Bateman: I believe that is him right now. Tell Mr. Banks I’ve got it covered and his request will be dealt with immediately.

    He hangs up the phone, puts the fidget spinner in his second desk draw and straightens himself up a little.

    Bateman: Come in.

    Into the office walks Vee ADZ, looking a little deflated after his loss to Tony Mancini earlier in the night. He takes a seat in front of the Vance’s desk and is rubbing his left shoulder.

    Bateman: Everything all good, Vee? You had a very good match out there tonight. A tough result, no doubt. However, I’ve seen you fight back from worse and lately you’ve been on a bit of a roll. You’re match against The Beard was a personal favourite of mine last Sunday.

    Vee: Thanks, I’m fine but I landed a little hard on my shoulder. It’ll be right once I get some ice on it. Why did you want to see me? They said it was urgent.

    A long pause from Bateman as he places his hands on the desk.

    Bateman: Yes, sometimes in this business we have to do things that we have no control over. I for instance had a match planned for you for next week. One that I think the fans would’ve loved but unfortunately that will not be happening anymore.

    Vee: How come?

    Bateman: Because... listen Vee, this business is about who you’re friends with and who you’re not. For you, it’s the who you’re not part that is coming back to bite you. I’ve just had a call from the assistant of WZCW Owner, Mr. Banks. He has requested a specific match for you next week. I’m sorry but there is nothing I could do. He’s the owner and what he says goes.

    A concerned look comes over the face of Vee.

    Vee: I didn’t do anything to Mr. Banks! I’ve barely said two words to him. I mean, who am I even facing next week?

    Bateman: Excuse me for a second, I think it’s best if I shut this door.

    Nothing is said as Bateman stands up and approaches the door. He closes it and the scene goes black.
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    Copeland: Well, that was certainly intriguing. But the time for intriguing is over now, folks. This next match, the fourth of the night in the Gold Rush Tournament, will be entirely personal.

    Cohen: You said it, Seabass.

    Harrys: The following contest is a singles match, set for one fall, and is a first round match of the Gold Rush tournament!


    Harrys: Introducing first from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

    Lights go out, and a video shows of images of world atrocities in rapid succession for 8 seconds, then a spotlight shines on Vox. The natural lights come on as he begins walking. He walks out wearing his backstage attire and with a microphone in hand.

    Copeland: This is a rematch from Meltdown 139 but this time, instead of fighting for the Mayhem Championship, these two men will compete to advance in the Gold Rush tournament. It’s the first time we’ve had a sixteen man tournament for a long time and everyone involved is inching to get a shot at the World Champion.

    Cohen: You mentioned that this a rematch, Seabass. I predict a different result tonight. Constantine had the support and guidance of our legendary owner, Mr. Banks, last time they met. Now, Constantine has lost not only the support but also the respect of Mr. Banks, he has lost control of Vis Imperium and most of all, he has lost the Mayhem Championship. He is a lost man. It’s sad to see a once great wrestler, a favourite of mine in the past, fall so far. Vox is the future and I think tonight he’ll do Vis Imperium a favour and take out Constantine.

    Vox slowly walks down the entrance ramp, looking towards the crowd as he holds the microphone up to his mouth.

    Vox: Chicago, my people, please take a moment of silence as I enlighten you all. The world has taken a shocking turn these past few weeks but fear not because it is I who will guide you all from the darkness to the light.

    Many in the crowd shake their heads.

    Vox: If only your beloved Chicago Bulls would have had me in their corner, to enlighten them as they were up 2-0 only to lose four straight games, I could have SAVED them!

    The crowd boos heavily as Vox enters the ring.

    Vox: Do not be like your foolish Bulls! Embrace the cause, give not what you can but what you must! Get down on your knees and thank all that is holy, all that is right in this mad world, that I, Vox, continue to campaign for the good of us all.

    Inside the ring, Vox falls to his knees and stretches out a hand.

    Vox: Thank you, beautiful people. God bless you!


    Harrys: Introducing first from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

    After a moment or two of the music playing to the arena, Constantine finally makes his first appearance on the stage. Usually, Constantine paces side to side but not tonight. He steps out onto the stage, war wounds showing, bruises covering his body and small cuts everywhere from his mayhem match with Tyrone Blades. His mannerisms aren’t the only difference, the crowd still boos but some cheer. Only a small group but considering how Constantine is usually received it’s a noticeable change.

    Cohen: A fallen warrior. Such a shame to see one of the greats stick around that little bit too long, Seabass. I loved this man. I truly did. He was my favourite wrestler, he created the greatest stable I’ve ever seen in Vis Imperium. I tell you true, Constantine was the man but last Sunday I saw the light. I was exposed to the fact that this man is washed up. He failed to defeat Tyrone Blades and his leadership cost Xander LeBelle the Elite Openweight Championship.

    Copeland: I wouldn’t go that far, partner. Constantine, as we know, was forced out of Vis Imperium. Kicked to the curb by Justin Cooper and Mr. Banks which has seen every original member of Vis Imperium removed from the group. Now they stand born under new leadership and it appears that they are just as dangerous as ever before. Constantine wants to get his revenge however and winning tonight, advancing in the Gold Rush tournament, would get him one step closer to the man he wants most of all; Justin Cooper.

    Cohen: He just better hope he doesn’t run into Xander LeBelle or Mark Keaton in this tournament, should he luck out and win tonight. Those two would certainly put an end to Constantine’s silly dream of challenging Justin Cooper.

    Both competitors are inside the ring and stand in opposite corners as the referee moves into his spot. He waits a moment, Constantine rubs his ribs, Vox waves to the people, and then the bell sounds for the start of the contest.


    Right out of the gates, Vox is on the attack by charging forward and driving his knee into the ribs of Constantine. It drops him to his knees and Vox pummels away with punches to the back of Constantine as he is hunched over in the corner. The referee steps in as Constantine is pushed into the ropes and Vox backs away, but not before connecting with a sharp boot to the head. Vox takes the centre of the ring and stretches out his hands, he is showered with boos, and this causes Vox to shake his head in displeasure. Constantine pulls himself up in the corner, his body so weak from the match last Sunday, he can barely contain the pain. Almost immediately, Vox rushes over, lifts Constantine up off the canvas and charges forward with an elevated double leg takedown.

    Vox ends up in mount position and hammers away with forearm strikes to the face before forcing himself into a pinning position with a leg hooked. 1... 2... Kick Out! While his opponent rolls to the outside, Vox turns to the referee and shouts that it should’ve been three. Nothing comes of it as Vox walks over to the ring apron, leans through the ropes only to get a thumb in the eye! A veteran move by Constantine who then pulls Vox to the outside of the ring and nails a swinging neckbreaker. The thud is hard and both men lay on the ground for a moment as the referee begins the count inside the ring.

    Copeland: A strong start to the contest and Vox was in control until Constantine used a veteran trick to get the advantage. Vox has to watch out for that.

    Cohen: A cheap move by an even cheaper athlete. That’s what Constantine has become, Seabass. A parody of the champion that once stood proudly in the ring. Makes me absolutely sick.

    Constantine is the first man to stand up and he grabs Vox by the arm, twisting it slightly before slamming him head first into the apron of the ring. Only then does Constantine push Vox under the bottom rope and once inside, Constantine lifts Vox back up and nails a vertical suplex. He goes for a cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Not surprisingly at least for Constantine. He rolls over to the ring ropes and pulls himself up, his face etched with pain and his teeth grind together. He eyes Vox for a moment, the Irishman pushing himself off the canvas, and then Constantine charges forward with a hard knee to the side of the head.

    Down goes Vox, his eyes shut closed, and Constantine rolls him over for another pin attempt. 1... 2... Kick Out! This time, Constantine turns to the official and asks about the count but he receives the same answer as Vox did earlier. The crowd are curious, they appear to be cheering for Constantine and this distracts him for a moment. Constantine stands, looking around the arena as people, not many but a few, are even chanting his name for the first time since... he can remember. The distraction allows Vox to sneak up behind and hit a German Suplex. Constantine slams into the ring and Vox scurries over and applies a grounded headlock. The crowd boo as Vox digs his fingers into the eyes of Constantine, trying to use anything he can to defeat the man who got the better of him last time. Vox twists and turns the headlock, he screams out for Constantine to tap out but the former World Champion will not give up. He begins to push to his feet, elbows come later and separation is caused. Vox stumbles and is nailed with a lariat from Constantine which puts him down. Constantine falls into the corner, his chest resting against the turnbuckle.

    Copeland: What a rematch we are seeing from these two men. Constantine clearly still hurting from his Mayhem Championship match but he will not just give up. We are seeing how much the Gold Rush tournament means to these men.

    Cohen: I’m seeing a dead man walking. Any moment now and Vox will put this away.

    Vox’s head is spinning as he tries to find the ropes. Meanwhile, Constantine takes a moment to gather himself and then turns back to the action. He finds Vox across the ring, soon they engage again but Vox kicks at the knee of Constantine, hyperextending it for a second. Vox grabs the head and nails a DDT, hooking the leg for the cover soon after. 1... 2... Kick Out! Frustration now getting into the head of Vox as he grabs Constantine by the arm and drags him closer to the turnbuckle. Everyone is on the edge of their seat as Vox drops a quick elbow before pointing to the turnbuckle. He ascends to the top, takes aim and jumps - Double Foot Stomp connects! Right onto the back of Constantine and Vox rolls him over, laying back against him without hooking any legs. 1... 2... Kick Out! Again, Constantine refuses to quick and Vox is furious. He gets up, shouting that it was three but the shoulder was clearly off the mat.

    He looks around the ring and spots something, an idea perhaps as the referee moves to check on Constantine. Vox heads to the cover and begins undoing the cover of a turnbuckle, he exposes the steel and leans up against it to make sure the referee doesn’t see. Constantine begins to stir and is soon standing on his feet, his back aching as is the rest of his body, and he turns into an incoming Vox who nails him a combination of lefts and rights.

    Cohen: Vox is turning it on right now!

    Vox grabs Constantine by the arm and slings him into the ropes, on the rebound he goes for a clothesline but Constantine ducks and returns fire the Isolation - the Fallaway Slam! He doesn’t cover though as Constantine falls one way and Vox goes the other. That may have been his chance and Constantine knows it, crawling across the ring but those few seconds could be the difference as he gets an arm over Vox. 1... 2... Kick Out! Only one can advance, Constantine digs down deep and pulls not only himself but Vox up off the canvas and they lean against each other. He fires off a right hand, stumbling Vox and then goes for the Axis but Vox rakes the eyes! He slips free, hits a forearm into the lower back of Constantine.

    Then, Vox slings Constantine into the corner but Constantine counters and throws Vox into the corner. Not just any corner, it’s the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. As he flies towards the steel that he exposed, Vox’s eyes widen and he lets out an almighty cry for help but nobody answers. With a hard smack of flesh on steel, Vox goes head first into the trap that he himself set. From behind, Constantine grabs him and rolls Vox up in a pinning combination. 1... 2... 3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner and advancing to round two of the Gold Rush tournament, Constantine!

    Constantine is on his back looking up at the arena roof as the announcement his made. He is moving on in the tournament and now his body has a chance to heal before the next round. The referee helps him stand, the crowd still boo but a few more cheers are heard, as Constantine gingerly has his hand raised in victory.

    Cohen: He got lucky, Seabass! He won’t win the tournament. Not with Mark Keaton and Xander LeBelle in it. He’ll have to get lucky three more times before he can even think of challenging Justin Cooper. I cannot see it happening.

    Copeland: Every great journey begins with a single step and tonight Constantine took that step. I don’t know if this is leading him to challenge the men who have wronged him but I do know that next week eight competitors will face off in the second round of the 2017 Gold Rush tournament and you can be sure that one of them will be John Constantine.

    Cohen: And he’ll have to win this thing all by himself. He hasn’t had to do that for a long time.

    Inside the ring, Constantine stands alone as his music plays. One down, three to go on his journey back to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.
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    As a radical idea begins to form in the mind of Constantine, he makes his way over to the side of the ring and accepts a microphone from a stage hand at ring side. Constantine bides his time as he slowly walks towards the middle of the ring again. The fans give him a round of applause that seems to take him aback slightly. He nods his head in approval as he wipes a few beads of sweat from his brow.

    Constantine: I'm going to make this very short and sweet.

    With that, Constantine receives another warm applause from the fans packed into the arena.

    Constantine: At Apocalypse, I went to hell and back with someone that I have shared a massive history with. Let me tell you this right off of the bat, ladies and gentlemen, Tyrone Blades is the toughest son of a bitch that has ever taken to this ring. So many times I have thought that I had what it took to beat him and take his place as the legend of WZCW. But the sad truth of it all is that he is the very best that this business has ever seen. It was an honour, truly, to give you all the match that you deserved for the Mayhem Championship at Apocalypse.

    As Constantine stops his monologue, the fans give him a loud cheer. He swallows his pride for a moment before looking down at his feet – moving anxiously and perhaps even nervously. After a few more seconds, Constantine raises his head to reveal some moisture in the corners of his eyes.

    Constantine: And the truth is, ladies and gentlemen, that my time in WZCW is coming to an end.

    A shocked silence falls over the crowd.

    Constantine: The Mayhem Championship match was probably one of the finest matches that I have been in during my entire career. But along with the loss of my Championship, I also exacerbated an injury that I have been struggling with for well over 2 years now. My knee is all torn up and if I keep going the same way as I am, I wont be able to walk in 5 years. I need to start making smart decisions for myself and for my family...

    Constantine pauses for a moment as he contemplated the words that are clearly on his mind and about to leave his mouth.

    Constantine: That's why, it is with a heavy heart, that I am announcing my retirement from wrestling after the next Kingdom Come event. You-

    Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out and a very familiar entrance theme begins playing out to the fans in the arena. They already know who it is and they are on their feet in celebration.

    After a few seconds, Tyrone Blades makes his way through the curtain with his trademarked bat over his shoulder and the Mayhem Championship wrapped around his waist. Blades stands on the stage for a moment, soaking in the adulation of the fans and then giving Constantine a nod of his head.

    Cohen: Jeez! What is that waste of time doing here tonight? He's on Ascension this week. Maybe he should be thinking about his match against Titus and Cooper tomorrow night. Not trying to pick fights with Constantine.

    Copeland: Somehow don't think that is what this is, Jack. These two men too each other to the brink of hell at Apocalypse in what was one of the matches of the night. It'll be very interesting to see how this altercation shakes out.

    Blades finally makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He keeps his eyes on Constantine all the time but there seems to be an air of comfort between the two men that has never been seen before. Blades is handed a microphone from ring side but allows the fans to have their say as the two legends share the ring once more.

    Blades: So you're taking your ball and going home, huh?

    Constantine opens his mouth to speak but Blades puts a hand up to stop him unceremoniously.

    Blades: Save it, man, I'm not out here for a fight. I just want to say a couple of things before I get out of here., 'ight?

    Constantine studies Blades before nodding his head and giving the floor to Blades.

    Blades: At Apocalypse, you promised to beat me for the first time ever in a singles match and claim the throne that I've sat on for most of my career. You didn't manage to do it but there's no shame in that. Because the one thing you did accomplish that night was earning my respect.

    Suddenly, a massive cheer goes around the arena in response to the words of the new Mayhem Champion. Constantine offer Blades a smile as he continues.

    Blades: And now you're telling everyone here tonight and the world over that you're done with wrestling after Kingdom Come? Well, there's no shame in that either. But if you think that you don't owe these fans anything then you're wrong, motherfucker. You started Vis Imperium, the same stable that now controls this place at every turn. You owe it to all of these people to win this god damn Gold Rush Tournament and put it to rest once and for all..

    Constantine nods at Blades as Blades continues.

    Blades: LeBelle, Keaton and all the way up the ladder to Justin Cooper you go. Your time in WZCW is running short, man. You need to make these last months count. And you should know that I'll have your back in that fight.

    With that, Blades tosses his microphone out of the ring and extends a hand to Constantine to shake. The fans sound their appreciation for the moment. Constantine looks around the arena as Blades looks him dead in the eye. After a few seconds, Constantine reaches for the Mayhem Champion's hand and shakes it. Blades pulls him in and whispers a few things in his ear before the two finally part. The fans are on their feet and cheering as Blades immediately leaves the ring and out of the arena.
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    Leon Kensworth is facing the camera backstage with a large WZCW logo in the background.

    Leon: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, none other than Hall of Famer, Matt Tastic.

    Matt Tastic walks into the shot from the right with a distant look on his face.

    Matt: Thanks for having me, Leon.

    Leon: Tonight you face Gabi Clark in a round one match in The Gold Rush Tournament. How do you think you'll fair in your first match back in WZCW?

    Matt: I'm not going to lie, Leon. I'm pretty worried if I can still go here tonight. It'll be interesting to see if I still have the same fire I did before I left.

    Mark: Quick reply and SPOILER DON'T have the same fire, Crap Tastic!

    Mark Keaton walked in the shot from the left, with mirrored sunglasses on and chewing his gum in a cocky way.

    Leon: Mark Keaton, do you think....

    Mark snatches the mic off of Leon and stares at him until he leaves. He takes a step closer to Matt until he's right in the Hall of Famer's face.

    Mark: My turn to ask questions, man. What will you do Matt? What will you do when Gabi beats you tonight and I win the Gold Rush Tournament? Will you just go away again?

    Matt says nothing and stares at Mark.

    Mark: I'm going to make sure you lose tonight. We don't need old timers stinking up the place, I have the go ahead to observe The Main Event at ringside by Mr. Banks. That bother you dude? Eh? You don't deserve my spotlight!

    Matt: You're spitting out a lot of words, kid. Tonight you'll find out what speaks louder than words.

    Matt flares his nostrils and walks out of the shot.

    Mark turns to Leon....

    Mark: Well? What is it? What speaks louder than words man??

    Leon: The Main Event is next right after a word from our sponsor's!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, it is a Round One match in the Gold Rush Tournament and is the MAIN EVENT of the evening.....introducing first....


    Harrys: She is from New York, New York, weighing in at 170 pounds...Gabi Clark!

    Gabi strolls out to the top of the ramp with a confident smirk, she's dressed as Captain Cold with a tight leather jacket on with wrap around sunglasses. She holds up both of her hands and two diagonal jets of cold steam shoot to the ceiling creating the effect that she shot the columns of steam herself. She slowly swaggers her way down to the ring, she ignores the boo's and fans yelling at her. She jumps in the ring and continues posing on all the corners, blowing kisses and mocking the fans.

    Copeland: This is a huge opportunity for Gabi to take on a legend in this business. Not only a victory over Matt Tastic to brag about, but also moving on in this huge Gold Rush Tournament, Jack.

    Cohen: That's right Seabass! Matt has to be distracted from what Mark Keaton did to his friend Stormrage and the exchange they had moments ago. Gabi can beat him here tonight, it shouldn't be much trouble, he's only a four time Mayhem Champion, an Elite X Champion, Eurasian Champion, winner of the 2014 Lethal Lottery and has won the big one Seabass....

    Copeland: That's why we're here tonight, this tournament will crown an automatic number one contender for the WZCW Heavyweight Championship!


    Mark Keaton confidently strides out to the top of the ramp in his leather jacket and pants, his jacket open to show his abs, he's wearing mirrored sunglasses. He runs his hands through his golden locks as he makes his way down to the commentary area.

    Copeland: What in the world is he doing out here?

    Cohen: I heard Mark has been showing interest in commentating, he's here to steal your job!

    Mark: Jack is right Seabassman! Ha ha! I'm here to practice my commentary skills man! Who knows, when I get really old like Matt Tastic, I might want to continue my career here at the talking table instead of making a fool of myself in the ring like he's going to do tonight.

    Copeland: Strong words here by Remarkable Mark Keaton, who faces Kagura in round one of the Gold Rush Tournament. How do you feel about....

    Mark: Stop asking me stupid questions Copeland! Where the hell is Matt Tastic? Talk about delaying an entrance!

    Harrys: And her opponent.....


    Harrys: He is from Southwestern, Puerto Rico. Weighing in at 238 pounds....The Invincible One.....MAAAAT TASTIC!!

    The fans explode as Matt Tastic walks out from under the Titantron. He stands there for a moment, soaking in the loud applause from the fans in attendance. He does an appreciative head nod and slowly walks down the ramp towards the ring, high fives young fans and points to a Matt Tastic #1 poster. He stops in front of the commentary table and he gives Keaton a look, Keaton just smirks at him. Matt slides in the ring and does some fist pumps at the ropes, the fans still cheering loudly for their hero.

    Referee Akiyama shakes a finger at the bell keeper....

    Ding Ding!!!

    Gabi sneak attacks Matt from behind and starts laying in lightning fast punches and kicks to his shoulders and back! The fans immediately boo as she continues her assault. She hits a 1...2...3 palm thrust to his chest and face then leans on him, pressing him into the ropes, she irish whips him across the ring, she runs and attempts an axe handle that Matt ducks, he does a front somersault on the canvas then bounces off the ropes again, Gabi leap frogs him and he bounces off the far ropes, he attacks with a running spinning heel kick but Gabi ducks it and does her own somersault followed by a rebound off of the ropes, Matt catches her with a hurricarana but she arches her back and lands on her feet, she bounces off of the ropes and nails Matt with a flying crossbody attack but Matt quickly snaps her down with a powerslam into a cover.....



    Gabi kicks out and rolls out of the ring. The fans cheer for the opening action of the contest.

    Copeland: Wow! That was some impressive agility there on display from both wrestlers.

    Cohen: Gabi wasted no time getting this thing started! She showed some great fight there to open this match!

    Mark: She's not bad looking either Jack! I might ask her out after this match is over, oh yeah!

    Copeland: Will you stop?

    Gabi jumps back into the ring at the count of 3. Matt and Gabi get into a collar and elbow tie up. Gabi throws one of his arms up and quickly grabs Matt from behind, she heaves him up for a German Suplex but he rolls forward into a pinning flip! 1...... Gabi leans back and pins Matt 1.... Matt kicks out. She quickly rakes Matt in the eyes. The crowds boo and he is wiping and rubbing his eyes in the corner. Gabi smiles and does a quick pose for the booing crowd. She runs and nails Matt with a stinger splash in the corner quickly followed by a spinning flapjack right on the top turnbuckle followed by a school boy pin! 1.... 2....

    Matt Tastic kicks out. Gabi yells at the ref to count faster. She carefully watches Matt get to his feet, she does a spingboard off of the middle rope and hits him with a bulldog, bouncing his face right off of the canvas. She climbs the turnbuckle and starts blowing kisses at the capacity crowd. The crowd are reacting and booing her loudly. Matt quickly jumps to his feet, he dropkicks her in the back and she tumbles over the top ropes and to the outside of the ring! Her runs off the ropes and launches himself over the ropes into a frontflip right onto to Gabi laying on the mats! He lands hard and bounces off of her. He rolls over near the commentary table.

    Matt is awesome! Clap! Clap! C-C-Clap! Matt is awesome!

    Copeland: What impact by Tastic! As we watch the replay...

    Cohen: Ya! I'll handle the replays Seabass! Check out the height Matt gets here! Wow! That was a hard landing right on Gabi, we could have a double count out with this collision!

    Mark: Ya, it was cool. For an OLD guy! I'll see you dudes later. Mark removes the headset.

    Mark Keaton stands over by Matt with a big smirk on his face. The ref stops counting and jumps through the ropes. He holds Keaton back and shouts warnings to him. Mark acts innocent and holds his arms up. Matt gets to his feet.....GABI nails him with a low blow! Matt falls face first to the padded mat, groaning and holding himself. Gabi does a little bow for the young fans yelling at her nearby. She picks up Matt and rolls him in the ring. Mark starts laughing and tells the ref to pay attention to the action in the ring.

    Copeland: Come on! That was a low down, dirty trick there!

    Gabi is laying the stomps to Matt, who's still holding his groin area. She waits for Matt to get up, she hits him with a snapmare take down quickly followed by the natural selection....THE DOUBLE PLAY!! Matt's eyes go wide as the pressure is intense! He's clawing the air but he's nowhere near the ropes! His eyes go from really wide, to half almost completely closed! Referee Akiyama grabs his arm, he lifts falls to the mat...1... he lifts his arm again....the same result....2.... ...he picks up his arm and lifts falls but stops an inch from the canvas! He's clenching and unclenching his fist, he starts wailing her in the ribs until she finally can't take the elbows and releases the hold, the crowds cheer his efforts.

    Cohen: Stay on him! Gabi has this match under control now, she needs to stay on him so he won't mount a comeback!

    Gabi picks up Matt and hits him with a sideslam and pin....1........2... Matt lifts his shoulder. Gabi waits for Matt to stagger to his feet, she runs the ropes and uses a spinning heel kick! SHUTOUT! but Matt ducks and the kick hits Akiyama right in the chest! He flies through the middle ropes and out of the ring!

    Matt quickly grabs Gabi in a half nelson and starts laying in the knee strikes!

    Copeland: Akiyama took a really heavy hit there! We are going to need a new referee out here!

    Cohen: He's got to stop standing so close to these wrestlers Seabass! He just ate a Flexicution not too long ago!

    Mark Keaton slides in the ring, he drops Matt with a double axe handle between the shoulder blades. He then applies a cobra clutch and body scissors and falls back with him....The Canadian Clutch! He's roaring at Matt to go to sleep, Gabi recovers from the knee strikes and starts laying in boots to Matt's stomach. The crowds are booing loudly now. Matt lays limp. Mark releases the hold and flexes his arms for the irate crowd. Gabi is still laying in palm strikes and elbows to Matt's head. Mark picks up a limp Tastic and holds him there.....Gabi runs off of the ropes and NAILS Tastic in the head with a spinning heel kick SHUTOUT! He falls to the canvas. Mark asks Gabi for a kiss. She smiles in a flirting manner and strolls in close. He arches his head but she KNEES him right in the nuts! Mark falls and rolls out of the ring!

    Gabi: I totes don't need THAT creep!

    A smattering of laughter and cheers as a new ref slides into the ring. Gabi quickly waves him over, she hooks Matt's leg....1.... 2.....

    3!!! This one's over!! NOOOOOO!!!! MATT TASTIC lifted his shoulder at the last second! The crowds go wild!


    Copeland: He kicked out! He kicked out! Matt Tastic is still alive Jack!

    Cohen: I can't believe it! Matt Tastic took all that punishment! That referee took too long getting out here!!

    Gabi is kicking and punching Matt, he staggers to his feet, he takes another kick to the side and a palm strike right to the nose! He whips his head back and bounces off of the ropes, Gabi runs at him but he suddenly picks her up and spins her around in the air!! He falls back and drives his knees into her back sending her careening in between the second and top turnbuckle into the ringpost! DINK!!! she rebounds back into Emeral Flowsion HEADACHE DRIVER!!! Matt hooks her leg......




    CHEEEEER !!!!! CHEEEEER !!!!

    Harrys: The winner of this match and advancing in The Gold Rush Tournament....MAAAAT TASTIC!!!!

    Copeland: Matt Tastic prevails in a great match against Gabi Clark that wasn't short of questionable antics Jack!

    Cohen: I can't argue with that Seabass, you could clearly see Matt Tastic had a healthy hold of her tights during that pin there!

    Copeland: Give me a break!

    The crowds continue to cheer as Matt Tastic celebrates on the top turnbuckle, guzzling two soda pops. Mark watches in disgust from the top of the ramp as the show comes to a close.
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    Meltdown 140

    GR R1: Gabbi Clark versus Matt Tastic - Jeff
    GR R1: Constantine versus Vox - Prophet
    GR R1: Callie Clark versus Eve Taylor - Dagger
    GR R1: Randy Studd versus Yemrez Reqonic - KJ
    GR R1: Vee ADZ versus Tony Mancini - CyberPunk

    You know the drill by now. Rep and thank these fine gentlemen for their hard work. Ascension will follow shortly.

    Hope you enjoyed my first full show as Head of Creative :D
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