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    For the first time since the incredible Lethal Lottery event we are live with Meltdown once again from Charlotte, North Carolina. The fans cheer wildly as graphics appear on the big screen of the match ups for later tonight including WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Mikey Stormrage vs. Austin Reynolds. A selection of signs are shown “1/10 higher than the average man, retest that!” and “Pay the damn light bill” are some of the more humorous options. The camera pans over the arena and comes to a stop at the announce desk with Sebastian Copeland and Jack Cohen calling the action.

    Copeland: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the hottest show in the world! I’m Sebastian Copeland and we are hot off the heels of Lethal Lottery. It was an event for the ages and now we find ourselves on the road to Kingdom Come. We crowned a new World Champion and had one of the most shocking Lethal Lottery victories in the history of this company. I don’t think anybody saw Justin Cooper winning Lethal Lottery, especially with the field that we had going into the match. I’m joined by my partner, Jack Cohen.

    Cohen: Damn right, Seabass! Cooper pulled off a major upset but so did the new World Champion, Mikey Stormrage. He had never beaten Garth Black but managed to finally dethrone the man who had gotten the better of him for months. Truly a shocking moment and it makes for a very interesting road to Kingdom Come with a lot of questions yet to be answered.

    Copeland: We hope to answer some of those questions here tonight because coming right up we will hear from Mikey Stormrage and get his thoughts on his World Championship victory. We are also set to have the Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison in action as he approaches the one year mark for his title reign. He came away with the victory yet again but merely seconds before Blackjack Theron would have been crowned as the new champion.

    Cohen: It doesn’t matter because Titus Avison walked out as the champion. He’s going to make the one year mark and he may very well break the record for the longest reign in company history. He’s reached heights we could never dream of and yet Titus continues to get better each and every day. I don’t see anybody taking the title off him.

    Copeland: Finally we will announce the first inductee into the WZCW Hall of Fame for the 2016 class. I’m so excited to discover which deserving superstar is getting the honour of a place in the Hall of Fame.

    Cohen: I heard it was going to be me! Ha, you watch, Seabass! It’ll be good ole, Jack Cohen.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NEEEEEW WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Mikey Stormrage!


    Mikey Stormrage appears on stage with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. The crowd gives him a huge round of a applause and Stormrage begins walking down to the ring, he waves to some fans and high fives some of them along the way. Upon entering the ring Stormrage climbs the turnbuckles in each corner and holds up the championship and poses so the fans can get a picture of him.

    Copeland: He’s extremely proud of what he did last Sunday. Mikey Stormrage becoming one of the very few to ever hold the World Championship for a second time and he did it all within a single year. He’s quickly becoming one of the best and it’s hard to deny him while he stands at the top of the mountain once again.

    Cohen: I still don’t like it. He’s joking around and so very fat. He isn’t what a World Champion is supposed to look like. I can’t believe he’s going to main event Kingdom Come. Him? That’s what is going to happen. I cannot believe it.

    Copeland: Believe it partner because you’re looking at the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion and his name is Mikey Stormrage.

    Inside the ring Mikey is handed a microphone and he places the championship on his shoulder. He waits a moment for the crowd to relax, letting the cheers slowly fade away and then he begins speaking.

    Stormrage: You know I honestly thought that I might never get to hold this again. After fighting so hard to become World Champion I had it snatched away by Garth Black. The man I could never beat. He had my number each and every time we faced and going into Lethal Lottery I doubted myself. I wondered if I was able to compete at this level. Did I deserve it or was I out of place? Well now I can say for sure that I deserve this, I earned this and I am the two time WZCW World Heavyweight Champion!

    The crowd cheers and Mikey holds the belt up and walks around the ring.

    Stormrage: Very few have been able to say they have held this title and even fewer have held it for a second time. I’m truly blessed and have to thank all of you for the support through the good times and the bad. You never gave up on me. You guys make this the most fun I’ve ever had. Thank you!

    Once again the crowd cheers and Mikey returns to the centre of the ring with the World Championship in his hand.

    Stormrage: It never stops however. The battle for this never comes to an end and I found that out the first time I held it. I reached the top of the mountain and thought it was over. I thought my journey was done and I could relax but what I didn’t realise was that there are guys in the back who are just as hungry as I am. I know right, unbelievable. Guys who are still searching for their first title win and that is what cost me the first time. I relaxed. I took my foot off the gas but not this time. I know what to expect. I know that the challengers are going to be coming at me fast and hard. I’m not running away or going to be caught out ever again. I’m ready!

    Mikey turns towards the entrance ramp and holds up the gold.

    Stormrage: Justin Cooper, you made history last Sunday and I respect that. I respect what you have done and the man you say that you’ve become. We’ve never faced each other or stood in the same ring. I say we change that. I say we make history so come on down because I’m ready and I know that you are to.


    With an air of arrogance upon him, Mark Keaton makes his way out to the ring. He has his WZCW Tag Team Championship on his shoulder and shows it off as he walks down the ramp. People are reaching over the barricade to touch him but Keaton only laughs and refuses to go near them. He enters the ring, grabbing a microphone on his way, and delivers a slow clap for Mikey Stormrage.

    Keaton: Very touching. Almost made me cry but let’s be honest about what is happening right now. You’re a placeholder for the real champion. You’re nothing more than a washed up tag team wrestler who can’t hang with the big boys. You get that? You don’t look like what a champion is supposed to be. Take a look at me. Take a look at the gold around my waist and the gold on my leather jacket, the diamonds in my ears and all the women who beg to meet me. I’m what a champion looks like not some video game loser like you. Justin Cooper is what a champion looks like. A man made in the image of a warrior. A titan amongst men and the next WZCW World Heavyweight Champion!

    Stormrage: Hold it, kid. You’ve been here five minutes and I’ve never met you but don’t go crowning people before they’ve even had a shot. Justin is a strong competitor, I’ve seen what he can do but he’s never faced me before. He’s never had the chance to test his strength against mine and while I may not look like the image you have of a champion, my heart is as strong as any of you.

    Keaton laughs and stumbles back a little.

    Keaton: Heart? You don’t even have the most heart in this ring. I came back from 2-1 against Vis Imperium. I made history just like Justin. He won Lethal Lottery and I become a two time WZCW Tag Team Champion. I’m the greatest tag wrestler of all time!

    Stormrage: Nope. That would be me. Three times.

    Keaton: Hey, you don’t disrespect Mark Keaton like that. Nobody gives a damn about what you did. In fact you weren’t even the top story coming out of Lethal Lottery. All the newspapers, television and radio went to us. They came to Cooper and Keaton because we stole the show. We are the biggest names and you aren’t even on our level. So let me give you some advice. Just hand over that title right now because you don’t stand a chance against Justin with me by his side. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he walks out champion.

    Stormrage’s eyes pop and he is seemingly taken back by that last comment.

    Stormrage: Wait a second. What the hell do you mean by you’ll do whatever it takes?

    Before Keaton can answer the music begins playing over the arena.


    The tension in the ring is high but the attention turns towards the stage where Meltdown General Manager, Vance Bateman appears. He is wearing a fine suit and holds a microphone in his hand. He nods to the crowd who offer him some cheers.

    Bateman: Gentlemen, if I could have your attention for a moment. I’d like to offer my congratulations to both of you for your victories at Lethal Lottery. A wonderful achievement and I hope that it is a sign of things to come.

    Stormrage mouths “thank you” while Keaton holds up his championship belt and yells “Hell yeah, baby!”

    Bateman: I have two pieces of business to conduct at this time. Now I know we have had a lot of speculation around WZCW regarding the main event of Kingdom Come VIII. Many believed that Eve Taylor was the favourite going into Lethal Lottery and her shocking elimination has caused many to question whether or not she should be placed into the main event. The same can be said for former champion Garth Black who gave Mikey Stormrage a rematch after he lost the title the first time. Decisions have to be made and it is my job do make those decisions.

    A long dramatic pause takes place with all the fans leaning forward. Bateman lifts the microphone up to his mouth and speaks.

    Bateman: I can officially confirm that the main event of Kingdom Come VIII will see WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Mikey Stormrage compete against Lethal Lottery Winner Justin Cooper in a singles match!

    A massive roar from the crowd goes up and inside the ring Mikey looks very pleased. However none are more pleased than Mark Keaton who jumps around the ring.

    Keaton: Wooooo! Yeah, baby! That’s right. Nobody else gets to ruin his title shot. It’s all Cooper, all day and he’s your next World Champion. Get ready fatty because you’re about to lose twelve pounds of gold very soon.

    Bateman: Ah, Mr. Keaton. Yes, I have some news for you also. Seeing as Justin Cooper is going to compete for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship I’m sorry to inform you that he cannot hold another championship at the same time. Seeing as you are without a partner and we must have a WZCW Tag Team Championship Match at Kingdom Come, you cannot remain a champion. Therefore it is my duty to strip you of the WZCW Tag Team Championships immediately!

    The crowd are stunned as Bateman vacates the titles but Keaton is shaking his head in the ring and climbs onto the second rope.

    Keaton: No! Wait a second. I can find a partner. I can do it. Give me a chance, boss. Just a small chance and I’ll do it.

    Bateman looks down the ramp and sees Keaton now on his knees begging for a chance. The tag title pressed against his chest as he pleads for a chance to find a partner.

    Bateman: Okay, I’ll give you one week. Next week on Meltdown if you don’t have a tag partner than I’ll have no choice but to strip you of the gold. That is my decision and it is final.

    The boss exits the stage and the camera zooms back in on Mark Keaton who is thanking his lucky stars over what just occurred. Mikey Stormrage exits the ring and begins making his way up the ramp whilst Keaton pulls himself to his feet and stares at his beloved tag title.

    Cohen: Did you just get all that? Stormrage vs Cooper is confirmed as the main event and Mark Keaton has one week to find a partner otherwise he’ll be stripped of the tag titles. What a start to the show.

    Copeland: We had several questions and many of them have been answered. It will be a singles match for the World Championship between Stormrage and Cooper. We will not have anybody else added to the mix which makes you wonder where the likes of Eve Taylor and Garth Black will go.

    Cohen: I really want to know who Mark Keaton is going to find as his partner. Could it be a new superstar or possibly a returning star of the past? Is it you, Seabass? That would be brilliant.
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    Cohen: Thursday is Thanksgiving and I'll be giving thanks because Titus Avison will have made it to a year as EurAsian champion. The EurAvison era is in full swing despite the best efforts of the men in tonight’s match.

    Copeland: At Lethal Lottery both Blackjack Theron and Xander LeBelle had a chance to end the reign of Titus Avison.

    Cohen: They failed.

    Copeland: The match ended in controversial style. Let's take a look.

    The instant replayed is checked and it seems after Xander hit the curb stomp Titus bounced right on top of a laid out Mancini. The ref noticed and made the cover just a second before Theron draped his arm over Xander. Theron is dejected at the news and Titus barely conscious as his arm is raised and championship draped over his body. All four men are on the ground and the crowd boos as the announcement. Titus eventually comes to and despite being in pain delivers a devious smirk to a fatigued Theron before sliding out of the ring and being helped up the ramp.

    Cohen: Both men have something to prove tonight, that they can actually win something.

    Copeland: I would not be surprised to see either men challenge for the belt at Kingdom Come.

    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring from Stephenville, Texas being accompanied by Tiffany Wyatt at a weight of 190lbs he is “The Natural 21” Blackjack Theron.

    Theron makes his way down the ramp with Tiffany Wyatt. The light and pyro spectacle ignite the crowd. He climbs in the ring wit Tiffany staying outside. The usual d20 roll gets things ready but not before he throws a jack from his cards to the crowd. The cheer then suddenly start to boo as they know what they're about to be asked.

    Truman Harrys holds the microphone to their face. "We ask you all, at this time for near perfect silence so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance."

    With a lit cigar in his mouth, and gold tipped cane in his hands, Xander enters the arena hands tucked to his side. He leans against the wall scanning the crowd. He takes another few puffs as he makes his way down to the ring with Adrian Adonis.

    Harrys: And his opponent from Paris, France being accompanied by Adrian Adonis at a weight of 215lbs...Xander LeBelle.

    Copeland: My money is on Blackjack, he's got a lot to prove and has some pent up rage after Tiffany was thrown out of the Lottery.

    Cohen: She shouldn't have been in the match, nor would she have won. A favour was done. A smart man would bet on the smartest man. Xander LeBelle with Adrian Adonis will be one hell of a partnership and will take WZCW by storm.

    Both men are stood facing each other in the ring. With only an inch in height difference they look each other in the eyes as referee Keith Morse calls for the bell. DING. Theron is straight in with a shove to LeBelle but the 25lbs difference allows Xander to keep his feet. A shove in return makes Theron step back a few steps back.

    At the side of the ring Adrian Adonis is already giving instructions to Xander who uses Theron's imbalance as the perfect opportunity to give some Stiff Knife Edge Chops to Blackjack. The natural 21 steps further back to the ropes as Xander grabs him and goes for a Turnbuckle face smash. Theron stops! An elbow to LeBelle's face stops the attack.

    Copeland: Genius move by Theron there.

    Cohen: It is still early days.

    The elbow smash has caused the crowd to wake up with a huge chant for Theron echoing round the arena. Tiffany Wyatt is joining in the crowd and has somehow acquired a prop sword from someone in the crowd. Blackjack smiles to see his Kirilah Heart enjoying herself. Another elbow smash has allowed Theron to now get behind LeBelle. He waits for Xander to turn and hits a dropkick. Xander is flat on the floor. A quick cover means LeBelle kicks out at one. Adonis is smashing his hands on the apron.

    With Xander still down Theron goes for a knee drop. The crowd like this so he does it again. Again the crowd cheer and Theron goes for a third. It connects and you can feel the pain on Xander. Theron looks at the turnbuckle and decides that he will go for it rather than the pin.

    Cohen: Silly man. He should have gone for the cover.

    Copeland: He's signalling for the Dragoon Jump which may be able to end this.

    Sebastian Copeland is right, the signal sounds the crowd red hot. The former world champion climbs the turnbuckle and soaks it in. Though the crowd are not the only thing red hot, Adrian Adonis jumps up and bounces the ropes. Theron slips and falls down into the ring. Xander is now on his feet.

    Cohen: See, I told you so.

    Copeland: Though look, it seems like payback is on the cards.

    Outside the ring Tiffany Wyatt runs round with her prop sword and hits Adonis square on the head. He collapses into a heap but the action in the ring has things turned around. Theron is laid out as Xander picks him up and smashes his face on the turnbuckle. The crowd boo. He does it again. Xander falls back to the middle of the ring as Theron turns to face him. He steps forth but is obviously exhausted. He drops to his knees.

    Xander uses this as an opportunity and takes it. He runs and smashes Theron in face with his knee. LeBelle goes for a second and somehow Theron ducks out the way. The crowd go nuts for this as he gets a second wind. He jumps to his feet and grabs LeBelle. He bounces Xander off the rope and hits a dropkick on the rebound. LeBelle has collapsed again and Theron signals for the Dragoon Jump. He climbs to the top rope and leaps.

    Cohen: Come on Xander.

    Copeland: He's hit it! Game over!

    After hitting the Dragoon Jump Theron catches the eyes of Wyatt and instead of the cover goes for the Ace of Spades. Yet out of nowhere Xander somehow counters into a rollup. Keith Morse counts. 1..2.. Theron counters the counter into another roll up. 1..2..3.

    Harrys: The winner of this match as a result of pinfall. Blackjack Theron!

    Cohen: He was robbed!

    Copeland: Another win for Theron, some great resilience by Xander but that was not to be tonight.

    Xander and Adonis leave the ring as Tiffany joins Blackjack Theron in the ring to celebrate.
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    We fade back in to see that Theron is still in the ring. He asks for a mic and is handed one by the officials. Tiffany is standing next to him.

    Cohen: Oh, now what? Is he going to brag about how much experience points he just gained from winning this match or something?

    Copeland: There is no doubt that Theron has something big on his mind. I would take him a little more seriously if I were you, Jack.

    The Natural 21 paces back and forth in the ring for a bit, holding the microphone. He stops in the center of the ring and begins to speak.

    Theron: Tidarthian! I've had it up to here with your sneaky tactics and the lack of respect you have shown the other gladiators. You walk around and claim you're the best? Your recent actions say otherwise!

    He goes over to the ring ropes and looks out into the fans, who are listening to him, then at Tiffany, and then back at the fans again.

    Theron: Things would have ended quite differently had it just been you and me in there at the Risky Raffle. I should have won that Four Elements match and should be standing here as the Global Champion. You know it, I know it, even Excalibur and Antonio know it! The fans here tonight definitely know it!

    The crowd cheers for this. He points out to the section of fans just in front of him. A fan in the front row can be seen holding out a blue Jack of Diamonds card.

    Theron: The worst thing of all was what you did in the Risky Raffle itself, when you put your hands on Kirilah Heart. NO ONE mistreats her and gets away with it.

    A loud "Titus sucks" chant breaks out amongst the fans.

    Titus sucks! ** Titus sucks! ** Titus sucks! ** Titus sucks!

    Blackjack laughs to himself in agreement with the fans, and let's the chant continue for a moment, then he speaks again. Tiffany remains silent.

    Theron: You want to call yourself the greatest champion? Prove it by entering a true battle! Let's see who the better warrior is once and for all. I am challenging you, Tidarthian! You and me, one on one, for the Global Championship at the biggest battlefield of them all.... at Empire Rally 8!!!!

    He hands the mic back to the officials and steps out of the ring with Tiffany following him.

    Cohen: Titus already proved he's the greatest. Just look at his accomplishments.

    Copeland: Blackjack makes a valid point though. Theron didn't get a chance at Titus alone. It was a Fatal Fourway.

    Cohen: Or Four.... whatever it is Theron calls it.

    Copeland: I believe it's Four Elements, Jack. Anyway, let's go backstage where Leon has an announcement to share.
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    We return from commercial break to see Leon Kensworth standing in front of the camera backstage.

    Leon Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for me to announce the first inductee into this year's WZCW Hall of Fame. This is person is someone with multiple achievements in this company and a fan following that is unparalleled within the last couple years. He was once known as the ultimate underdog and now he's one of the most decorated superstars to ever set foot in the ring. The first inductee is...."The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

    The crowd roars as Matt Tastic walks on screen with a huge smile. He tries to hold back his joy but he is very proud and everyone knows it. Tastic then shakes hands with Leon before addressing the live crowd.

    Tastic: Thank you Leon, it means a lot to me that the WZCW universe sees fit to induct me into the Hall of Fame that houses only the greatest of WZCW competitors. It is an incredible honor to now call myself a Hall of Famer but I wanted to let you and everyone know that my legacy doesn't stop here, it will only continue-

    Tastic stops his speech as he notices in the corner of his eye Flex Mussel walking into frame.

    Flex: Congrats Matt, you deserve it. Sorry to interrupt but I couldn't get a hold of you over the phone so I thought I'd do it here.

    Tastic: Not the greatest timing but what's up?

    Flex: I know we're not the greatest friends but I need to know I can count on you tonight.

    Tastic: We've both been tag team champions before, albeit I am the one that ended your tag team reign, I'm sure we'll be able to coexist.

    Flex: ....Glad to know that the past is behind us.

    Tastic: Of course man, now I want you to follow my lead. I'll show you how a Hall of Famer embarrasses jerks like the Hollow Ones.

    Matt gives Flex a heavy pat on the back before walking off. Flex seems a little perplexed by Matt's confidence but he shakes it off and begins stretching as go back to commercial.
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    Harrys: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Copeland: Oh boy, this is going to be interesting.


    Harrys: On his way to the ring, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, "The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

    Copeland: The Hollow Ones have targeted those who they feel are unduly entitled within WZCW but it’s no surprise that Matt Tastic was willing to stand up to them.

    Cohen: Do you really think that Matt is going to be able to the lead the fight against them? He can lead them in an army of two; I don’t see anyone else looking to stand up to him.

    Matt comes out on to the stage to a massive response. He plays to the crowd before making his way down the ramp, high fiving fans on the way down.


    Copeland: But this guy has the biggest motivation of all.

    Harrys: And his tag team partner, from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, “The Healthiest Man Alive” Flex Mussél!

    Cohen: You know I’m fed of hearing about poor old Ramparte.

    Flex emerges on stage in his Flex Fitness tracksuit and holding his duffle bag. Fans continue cheering as he walks down the ramp. As he enters the ring he poses on the turnbuckle before ripping off the tracksuit and puts it in his duffle bag. Flex goes over to Matt and they bump fists.

    Harrys: And at a combined weight of 448 lbs, the Hollow Ones!

    Flex and Matt decide to be proactive and move to the bottom of the ramp to meet their vicious opponents.

    Cohen: Oh boy, they’re moving the frontline to outside the ring.

    Copeland: Yeah that doesn’t appear to be the best idea.


    As Flex and Matt are psyched up and ready to greet the Hollow Ones on the ramp but they are ambushed at the base of the ramp as Phoenix and Blades fly over the side barriers at great speed! They both have baseballs bats and drive them into the back of the heads of the opponents. The ref speeds out to ringside to try and break up the chaos. Grinning with evil intent, Blades and Phoenix allow themselves to be ushered back to their corner, satisfied with their first efforts as the referee checks on Flex & Tastic after the assault.

    Copeland: I hate being right. Look at this, another surprise assault by The Hollow Ones!

    Cohen: But now we know who they are. They’re not concealing their identities in the shadows any more. We know who they are now and that makes them so dangerous.

    Both men are dazed but seem intent to carry on. Tastic has appeared to bear the brunt of the assault and is really struggling and Flex helps him back to their corner. Phoenix is in the ring and is revelling in the suffering that they have inflicted. Flex makes sure Tastic is OK before rolling into the ring, the referee rings the bells and before Flex can even stand, Phoenix is all over him with some vicious stomps and kicks to the mid section. Flex tries to push him away but can’t do it. Phoenix forces his boot across Flex’s throat and immediately the ref begins a five count.

    Cohen: The Hollow Ones have made their impact by imposing their will and look at how Phoenix is doing that right now. The sole of his boot, right across Flex’s larynx!

    1...2...3...4....Phoenix just about relieves the pressure in time and the ref pushes him all the way across the ring. Both he and Blades are in the refs’ face, arrogantly reminding him that it’s a five count, not four and a half. Tastic flies across the ring, colliding forcefully with Blades and sending him to the ringside flooring. In the same impact Phoenix is squashed in the corner and the ref takes some of the impact too but Matt Tastic could care less! He lays into Phoenix with a flurry of punches in the corner and Phoenix can’t escape! Tastic backs off, sees Flex using the ropes to get to his feet and checks on his tag partner. They have a quick chat and Flex gestures something. With Phoenix still struggling to get his bearings in the corner, Tastic whips Flex into a hard splash that crushes Phoenix and sends him crumpling to the mat.

    Copeland: Tastic was desperate to get into the match and the Super Saiyan is getting right in Phoenix’s face right now.

    Matt then goes flying through the middle rope to take out Blades!

    Copeland: Flex and Matt are working well together.

    Cohen: Desperate men make mistakes Seabass. Tyrone and Phoenix just need to endure it and they’ll find a moment to capitalise on a mistake.

    Tastic lands well on his feet and runs back around to his corner. In the meantime Flex has Phoenix on his shoulders and drops him onto his right knee with a gut buster! He tags in Tastic and as Phoenix recovers, Tastic runs in off the tag and lands a hard kick to the face! He follows it up with a step up enziguri! Cover! 1....2..... Phoenix kicks out. Blades was practically in the ring but the shoulder comes up early enough. Tastic glares at him as he goes through the ropes to stand on the apron before launching himself over with a tope atomic but Phoenix gets the knees up! Tastic screams on impact the impact crushes his spine. Phoenix crawls over to Blades and makes the tag. Blades sprints across the ring and grabs Matt’s ankle before he can do the same. Even so Matt gets agonisingly close and Flex is left devastated as the devious Blades drags his partner away.

    Cohen: Spectacular strategy by Blades.

    Copeland: Love him or hate him, that is the mind of a legend at work.

    Somehow Matt gets a spinning kick to the face to stun Blades, the tag is on and both legal man and partner are reaching desperately. Phoenix comes in as the tag is made! Flex comes in and lays out Ty straight away but the ref is tied up with Phoenix who swiftly makes his exit before he can be targeted! The ref then grabs Flex by the waist and tells him to exit the ring?!

    Copeland: Oh come on!

    The ref didn’t see the tag thanks to Phoenix’s involvement!

    Cohen: And now Phoenix, showing all his tag team nous and experience, has made a crucial impact.

    The ref admonishes Flex as the ref makes it very clear that he cannot allow the tag. Blades sit in the corner, aware of what has transpired. Tastic is on his haunches trying to get his breath back. Both men consider going for the tag but these warriors know that it’s not a realistic option and the time to fight is now.

    Copeland: Listen to this crowd!

    Cohen: Tyrone Blade has a look on his face that we have seen before so many times. It looks like he is ready to kick Matt Tastic’s face off!

    Tastic charges first and Blades is rocked backwards by a flurry of chops and strikes, Feet and hands hits Blades from all angles. Blades is able to survive enough to push him away, Blades goes for the Click Clack but Tastic sidesteps it, Blades comes back off the ropes and hits a springboard flash kick that puts both men down. Phoenix shouts for the tag and Flex is stomping up the apron, drumming up support for his partner. Blades crawls slowly to Phoenix and makes it but as he enters the ropes, Tastic dives across the ring and in comes Flex!

    Copeland: He did it! Flex is in!

    Immediately Phoenix is greeted by Flex’s Body Breaking Diet! The clothesline sends him crashing to the mat, the uppercut leaves him dazed and the running forearm puts him on the mat, Flex takes a second, measures him for the shotgun kick and the impact sends Phoenix out to ringside. Flex spies Tyrone still in the ring and shifts his focus to the legend across the ring from him.

    Cohen: Flex, back off while you can.

    Copeland: It’s much too late for that now. Flex can pinpoint everything down to Tyrone’s return to WZCW. He is the answer to the questions that Flex has been asking about the Hollow Ones.

    Blades is still on the mat in the corner, Flex pulls him up. Blades fights it and tries a kick to the gut but Flex catches it. Flex shakes his head as Blades tries to steady himself, he swings a desperate one legged punch but Flex ducks it, grabs his neck and launches him with an overhead throw!

    Cohen: The one legged man just got his ass thrown across the ring!

    Copeland: Tyrone, run while you still can!

    Tyrone is in trouble and Flex signals his intent to finish the match with his signature power move. Flex puts him in position for the Mussel Bomb, lifts him and launches him into the turnbuckle! Meanwhile Phoenix has crept around to the opposite corner and sneak attacked Tastic, pulling him down from the apron and sending him crashing in to the ringside steps.

    The crowd roars as Flex keeps hold of the grip but he is unaware of the ringside events and slams Tyrone down to the mat with a second powerbomb! Phoenix grabs the wrists of his team mate and tries to pull him out of the ring but Flex keeps his grip still. Flex shakes his head and Phoenix is concerned; it’s clear that Flex wins the tug of war and in one gesture, Blades is pulled away and dead-lifted into the air once more.

    Copeland: What strength this is, phenomenal!

    Flex keeps him up, then spins Blades around and hits one more devastating sit-out power-bomb! Phoenix then slides in the ring and nails a wicked penalty kick to a seated Flex! The tag team veteran then makes the cover! 1...2....the ref is pulled out-by Tastic?! The ref is confused as the now hall of famer pulls out the ref telling him to check on his injured head.

    Cohen: Come on ref what are you doing?!

    Copeland: I think Tastic may be injured.

    Phoenix turns his attention to outside and begins to yell at the ref to get back in the ring. Eventually the official sees nothing particularly wrong with Tastic's head so he enters the ring. Phoenix then turns around right into a Flexicution nearly taking his head off! Tastic then leaps back on the apron and tags himself in! Flex is confused as Tastic dives on Phoenix for the cover! 1....2...3!

    Harrys: And here are your winners! Matt Tastic and Flex Mussel!!

    Cohen: The Hollow Ones were robbed!

    Copeland: Those were some surprisingly questionable tactics by Tastic but regardless Flex and Matt have seemingly gotten their vindication from the Hollow Ones.

    The ref raises both Matt and Flex's hand but the celebration is short lived as Flex begins to question why Matt tagged himself in. Tastic attempts to brush him off but Flex won't let it go. Eventually Matt shoves Flex away and continues to celebrate on the turnbuckle. The bodybuilder then exits the ring and begins to walk up the ramp very irritated. Meanwhile in the ring Blades has now recovered and attacks Tastic! Phoenix eventually gets to his feet and both men begin stomping away on Tastic!

    Copeland: Turn around Flex! Matt needs your help!

    The crowd attempts to tell Flex to turn around but the monsieur of muscle is already on his way backstage! Phoenix holds Tastic up and Blades nails the Click Clack! Officials rush down to the ring make sure no more damage is done but Tastic is already holding his head in pain as referees back the infuriated Hollow Ones away.

    Cohen: That's what Tastic gets, the Hollow Ones aren't going to let injustices like that stand!

    Copeland: Despite all that both Tastic and Flex have some questions to answer.
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    In the backstage area Stacey Madison is standing by with a microphone in hand. She looks unimpressed by this latest assignment and rolls her eyes as Batti Otaku bounces into the fame of the camera. Stacey shakes her head but proceeds with a look of disdain on her face.

    Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, Stacey Madison coming to you live from Meltdown and tonight I’d joined by one of the newest members of the roster, Batti Otaku.

    Batti continues bouncing up and down, a huge smile on her face and gives the camera a wave.

    Madison: Tonight is a big night for you. After competing in the Lethal Lottery last Sunday, what made you want to join WZCW?

    Batti stares into the camera and continues waving and smiling. Stacey looks to her producer and taps the young lady on the shoulder.

    Madison: I asked you a question.

    Otaku: Pardon? Sorry, I’m just so excited for my match tonight. Did you know I’m facing Titus Avison? He’s kind of a legend I hear but he’s never seen somebody like me. Nope. One of a kind they always said. Did you want to see the drawing I did of Action Saxton and I? It’s in blue pen though, it’s all I could find.

    Her eyes go rolling once again and Stacey throws up her hands in disgust.

    Madison: No I don’t want to look at your drawing. Just answer this final question so I can get out of here. How do you plan on defeating Titus Avison when you’re so new and he’s a Hall of Famer and a champion that has reigned for almost one year?

    Otaku: A whole year! Wow, that’s impressive. That’s like... so many days. I bet he’s going to be really surprised when I win tonight.

    From the left hand side of the screen Titus Avison walks in with the Eurasian Championship on his shoulder. He looks at Batti with a puzzled look on his face.

    Avison: Seriously? This is what we’ve come to. I’m approaching the one year mark for my title reign and they send me a girl to try and defeat me? Did you all not see what I did to three other men at Lethal Lottery? I outsmarted all of them and walked out STILL the EurAvison Champion of the world.

    Batti gives Titus a wave but he does not return the favour.

    Avison: Stacey, you shouldn’t be wasting your time on rookies such as her. This time is better spent on me. I’m the biggest name in this company, the most successful champion in this company and that makes me the best damn wrestler in the world. Nobody has been able to beat me. For the past year I’ve dominated everyone and now they dare send a girl to try and dethrone me? Give me a break.

    Madison: While I have you here, did you catch what Blackjack Theron had to say earlier in the night? He has challenged you to a match at Kingdom Come for the Eurasian Championship. What are your thoughts on the challenge?

    Titus arrogantly laughs and throws his head back.

    Avison: I caught some of it but I had to have one of the lackeys around here go online to figure out most of what he was on about. I can barely understand a word he says and honestly it’s a waste of my time to even deal with him. I already beat Theron at Lethal Lottery. I tossed his little friend over the top rope and embarrassed him. What’s he going to do to me? You’ve got to show that you deserve another shot at my beautiful championship, the most important championship in the entire world. He hasn’t done that. He hasn’t proven a damn thing against me. He can get to the back of the line, get down on his knees and beg me for another chance.

    The champion adjusts the title belt so the nameplate is visible.

    Avison: I’ve held this title for almost a year. I’m calling the shots now. I decide who I face and when I do it. I’m not going to be called out by anybody. Theron had best roll his dice again because right now he’s got nothing but snake eyes.

    Titus Avison walks off leaving Stacey Madison and Batti Otaku behind. Stacey hands the microphone to a producer and raises one of her hands which Batti slaps.

    Otaku: Patty cake, patty cake. Are you sure you don’t want to see my drawing?

    Madison: Argh! Leave me alone.

    Unable to take it anymore Stacey storms off and Batti turns back to the camera. She smiles, waves and skips off down the hall.

    Cohen: Are we just letting anyone join the company now? I can't wait to see Titus Avison send this little girl crying back home. You don't step into the ring with the greatest champion of all time as a rookie. You just don't do that.

    Copeland: She might be new but Batti has got the surprise element which might be enough to shock Titus. You've got to wonder about this challenge from Theron. I think Titus might be a little worried about it.
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    We transition to a locker room where a pair of boots are being laced up. The right one is done first and then the left. Slowly the camera pans up to reveal Austin Reynolds sitting on a chair finishing preparing himself for the main event against Mikey Stormrage. He takes a sip of water from the bottle sat next to him and prepares to start wrapping tape around his fists. Suddenly the door to the locker room opens and Reynolds looks over to see fellow Vis Imperium members; Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt enter. It’s a cold greeting from all three men as Reynolds lowers his head and returns to his tasks without saying a word.

    Constantine: It’s a big match for you tonight. The main event spot and it just so happens to be against the reigning WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. Try to comprehend what a win over such a competitor would do for Vis Imperium. Try to understand how important a victory would be for all of us especially with Kingdom Come on the horizon and the woeful results that Lethal Lottery spun towards us.

    Reynolds looks up and shrugs at Constantine. Hunnicutt remains silent standing behind Constantine and just stares at Reynolds without breaking his gaze.

    Constantine: Something amiss? I put a lot of faith in you at Lethal Lottery and somehow walked in with the Elite Openweight Championship and WZCW Tag Team Championships and yet we walked out with nothing. How you allowed it to happen I’ll never truly understand but please, for the team, try and not embarrass us out there against Mikey Stormrage.

    A slight laugh echoes from Reynolds, he bites the tape and finishes wrapping one of his hands.

    Reynolds: Didn’t Mikey Stormrage beat you to become World Champion? Not this time but the one before that? I seem to recall you losing to him at least once.

    Constantine: A misguided official often makes foolish decisions and unfortunately I was cursed with an ignorant referee on that occasion as I have been several times throughout my career.

    Austin shakes his head and concludes wrapping his other wrist. He stands up and looks Constantine directly in the eye, Hunnicutt keeping his unbroken and silent gaze on Reynolds.

    Reynolds: Look, things didn’t go our way on Sunday. I’ve been around long enough, as have you, to know that if you stick around complaining and focusing on what went wrong you’re never going to move past it. I don’t have time to stick around and play ‘what if’ or the blame game. I’m here to wrestle and tonight I’m going to beat Mikey Stormrage and then you’ll have to start looking elsewhere for somebody to blame about the losing your title.

    Constantine’s bottom lip is quivering as Reynolds stands his ground.

    Reynolds: We’re a team, right? Vis Imperium forever as you preached. I’ve got a match tonight so I assume you two are here to support me?

    Constantine chuckles and turns to Hunnicutt who is still unbroken with his gaze. A second wind of laughter hits Constantine and he turns back to Reynolds, who has a puzzled look on his face.

    Reynolds: Care to share what is so funny? I love a good jest.

    Constantine: Ah, unfortunately we’ll be unable to join you out there tonight. Such a shame but I have something very urgent to attend to. A matter which has just come to my attention and is vital to the team. Surely, you must understand. No single member comes before the team.

    Reynolds turns his back and picks up his water bottle and takes a sip.

    Reynolds: Sure. If that’s the case I need to prepare, alone.

    Constantine: As you wish. Good luck, Austin.

    He heads for the door and exits with a smirk on his face. A few moments pass and Abel Hunnicutt has not moved or taken his eyes off Reynolds. His unbroken gaze never leaving the former Ratings Winner since the moment he walked into the room. Reynolds steps up and locks eyes with Hunnicutt and neither man says a word. Silence falls over the locker room as Reynolds stares into the eyes of the monster, he is not afraid. Without warning Hunnicutt takes a step back and exits the room quietly, leaving Reynolds alone to prepare for his match.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Neo Japan, Batti Otaku!

    As Batti's music hits, the crowd cheers as beach balls rain from the ceiling. A few seconds later Batti comes running onto the stage. She kicks a couple of the balls into the audience before she strikes a clumsy pose at the top of the ramp. She sprints to the ring, sliding in, before she dances to her music and awaits her opponent.

    Copeland: An absolute ball of energy, Batti Otaku. After a memorable debut at Lethal Lottery, she is looking to knock off the EurAsian champion here tonight in non title action.

    Cohen: Batti is an absolute disgrace to to the sport. Who the hell plays patti cake in this day and age?


    And her opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is the reigning EurAsian Champion, Titus Avison!

    Boos rain heavy as Titus makes his way onto the stage. He has his trademark smile and his EurAsian Championship around his waist as he takes a few steps toward the ring. He unhooks his belt and raises it high, before he makes his way to the ring. He climbs into the ring and takes the nearest turnbuckle and points to the crowd to a chorus of boos.

    Cohen: Soak it all in Seabass. Titus Avison, the top champion in our company has graced us with his presence. Surely he will make short work of Batti and rid the ring of that pest.

    Copeland: No denying the historic reign of Titus as EurAsian champion, but there are those of us still in shock that he turned his back on us all. I for one hope Batti gives him a taste of his own medicine tonight.

    Referee Katie Prince takes the belt from Titus and hands it off to the timekeeper before he rings the bell, signaling the start of the action.


    Titus stalks around the ring, looking for an opening as Batti just seems happy to be in the ring. She bounces around, giving Titus no opening to start the festivities. As Batti hops from foot to foot, Titus shows his veteran know how and manages to cut the ring off and force Batti back into a corner. He connects with some vicious knife edge chops, the sound echoing throughout the arena. Batti grabs her chest and jumps up and down from the pain as Titus relents just long enough to Irish whip her across the ring. Batti hits the corner, and Titus charges and connects with a running European Uppercut. He pulls Batti away from ropes and goes for the quick cover...One!...One is all he gets as Batti kicks out with little trouble. Titus tries to grab a chinlock, but Batti grabs the ropes and forces a break, allowing her to get to her feet. She charges at Titus, but Titus puts his arm out and puts his hand on the head of the four foot eleven inch Batti, and forces Batti to just swing wildly at air.

    Cohen: Haha I love it.

    Copeland: Not the most orthodox strategy from Titus, but still effective.

    Titus laughs as Batti swings her arms wildly. Soon he tires of the game and kicks Batti in the gut before planting her with a DDT. He hooks the leg...One!...Two!....Kick out at Two by Batti. Titus wastes little time, pulling Batti to her feet. He connects with a couple of short right hands to soften up Batti before he Irish whips her across the ring into the ropes. Off the rebound Batti ducks a clothesline and connects with a springboard clothesline for her first offense of the match. She is quick to her feet and starts to hammer away with body shots to the champ. She backs Titus into the ropes before she turns and runs, rebounding off the ropes. Titus throws his hands up to stop Batti, who stops in her tracks. He offers a hug to Batti, who can't resist. She goes in to hug Titus, but ever the devious one, Titus tries to suplex Batti. Suddenly, as if she weighs five hundred pounds, Batti holds her ground and locks in a bear hug on Titus. He screams in pain but manages to reach out and grab the top rope. Batti, before the referee can step in, spins Titus and slams him with a belly to belly. She hooks the leg and the referee slides into position...One!...Two!...Kick out at two by Titus.

    Copeland: The tables sure have turned.

    Cohen: Just a temporary blip for Titus.

    Batti throws some punches to the face of Titus, who rolls away and under the bottom rope and takes a break. Batti climbs to the top rope though and leaps at the champion, connecting with a spear. GLOMP! She jumps to her feet to the roar of the crowd and quickly rolls Titus back into the ring. She looks to go for the pin but the roar of the crowd distracts her.


    Batti begins to dance around the body of Titus.

    Cohen: This is a damn disgrace.

    Copeland: She is just having fun Jack.

    Cohen: She is making a mockery of our entire business!

    Just as Batti finishes dancing she dabs, before connecting with a big elbow drop. She quickly gets into the cover...One!...Two!...Titus kicks out as the hand was on the way down. Batti slams her hands on the mat in frustration, believing she had Titus beat. She goes to lift him to his feet, but Titus rolls her up...One!...Two!...Three!

    Cohen: Yes! Titus wins.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the EurAsian Champion, Titus Avison!

    Copeland: Titus hand a handful of tights! The referee didn't see it!

    Titus is quick to roll out of the ring and grab his EurAsian title. As he walks back up the ramp, the replay shows that Titus indeed did have a handful of Batti's tights on the roll up. Batti looks frustrated, almost crying from the loss as we go to commercial.
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    There is something in this world that is worse than pain, agony, and misery combined, and that’s nothingness. Pain is at least tangible. So is happiness. The absence of feeling that I’ve experienced since Unscripted has left me hollow inside. In the end I got to keep what I had stolen, the voice of Cerberus, the now neutered hound of hell. To replace what I had lost, but in the end I didn’t feel happy. Nor did I feel remorse. Or sadness. Or pity. This wasn’t what I wanted…

    …what has happened to me?


    A woman’s voice fills the air. It sounds empty and emotionless, like a zombie marching on without a purpose.

    “For months now I have stumbled into the darkness trying to find something to justify my existence. I can’t. I thought I’d be happier, but with this voice I now find myself whole. It’s not even mine. It’s rejecting me. Like a bad heart transplant. But I have no right to complain. This was the choice I made after all.”


    The woman’s voice picks up. She sounds arrogant, unfazed by her apparent depression.

    “I hope none of you forgot about me. I have always been here, waiting in the shadows. Though my appetite may be slated at the moment, who knows when I may desire something else from any one of you. My body is far from perfect; perhaps I might try to steal something else. This is a warning, none of you are safe.”


    Demented laughter fills the air as the woman suddenly slams the book shut. A black raven flies past, leaving a single feather on the surface of the cover. She picks up the feather and holds it up to eye level.

    “This is my declaration. For as many sleepless nights that I have had waiting for the moment to stretch my wings and fly once more, I will not let anything hold me back this time. For as long as I have stared into the abyss waiting for it to swallow me alive, I have realized that I have unfinished business here…”

    “…And soon I will be unleashed once more.”
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    Backstage a bunch of production workers are hurrying around and dodging past each other. One of the young members of the crew is running at near full speed past a door when it is shoved up and knocks the man down. From behind the door appears Tyrone Blades and Phoenix, the Hollow Ones, and neither of them even spares a glance down to the injured man. Blades carries his black baseball bat with him and runs it along the cold grey floor of the backstage arena, the sound flowing down the long and winding hallways.

    Blades: The hell do you want?

    A drop of sweat passes down from Blades’ forehead to his nose as he spies Leon Kensworth approaching. Blades taps the bat against a wall and Phoenix slides behind Leon as Tyrone encloses on him from the front.

    Blades: Hurry the fuck up with your questions, Leon. You saw what we did to Matt Tastic earlier. I know you think yourself to be some well-travelled journalist but you’re just as useless as the rest of these idiots in this company.

    Phoenix: We don’t have the time to play your games, boy. Speak your words and be done with it otherwise you’ll be speaking with a pencil and pad after we’re done with you.

    Leon nods and raises a microphone up to Blades’ face.

    Blades: Not so fucking close!

    He pushes the microphone down while Phoenix keeps Leon stepping closer to Blades.

    Kensworth: Tyrone, you came so close to winning Lethal Lottery but fell just short. What’s the plan now for not only you but Phoenix and the Hollow Ones?

    Phoenix: Ha, he wants to know our plan. Why would we tell you our plan or any of those sheep out there in the audience? What benefit do we gain by acting like puppets and begging for their approval? We’ve shaken this company to the core without them and without telling you anything. Our plan is our business, next question.

    Blades: I’d say that about answers it. As he said, next question.

    The baseball bat slides up and down as Tyrone leans back against the wall. Phoenix remains behind Leon and the interviewer asks the second question.

    Kensworth: Well nobody really knows why you guys are here or what your agenda is. The world wants to know what is next for the Hollow Ones. Kingdom Come is approaching, where do you two see yourselves on the card?

    Blades shakes his head and raises the baseball bat to poke Leon in the chest.

    Blades: You don’t get it. Our place is wherever the hell we please. You or anybody else doesn’t get to tell Phoenix or myself where we belong. We show you where we belong and if I decide I want the World Championship than I’ll take the fucking thing right out from Mikey Stormrage’s hands. You think he can stop me? You think anybody in this whole company can stop us? They haven’t done so yet.

    Kensworth: Well technically Justin Cooper stopped you at Lethal Lottery. And you guys did lose tonight...

    Before he can even cry out for help Phoenix grabs Kensworth from behind as Blades shoves the baseball bat to his throat. Leon tries to call out but Blades presses the bat against the throat so hard that his speech is cut off.

    Blades: Don’t you dare mention those bastards name around me. Cooper didn’t stop shit. He pulled a rope down and that’s it. And Tastic realized what happens when you try to cheat us You got that? Huh, I can’t fucking hear you, Leon? I can’t hear you, apologize!

    Phoenix: I’d do as he says. You best apologize rather soon otherwise that bat is going to find a new home in that pretty little face of yours, old friend.

    The pressure of the bat is released a little so Leon can speak. He coughs and his face is a shade of red now.

    Kensworth: I... I’m sorry.

    Phoenix lets go and Leon goes to a knee, continuing to cough. Blades begins walking away, as does Phoenix, and he runs the bat along the wall again. The sound of the ball colliding with door frames echoes down the hallway each time while Leon rubs his throat.
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    Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall and is your main event of the evening!

    The camera spins around the arena as the crowd cheers loudly for the big time match. Standing inside the ring already is Austin Reynolds, he tosses his shirt to the outside of the ring and leans back against the turnbuckle. He inspects the crowd, turning his head to hear them boo, and the former two time Elite Openweight Champion shakes his head in disgust.

    Harrys: Introducing first from New Jersey, weighing 240 pounds, Austin Reynolds!

    Reynolds remains in the corner and taps his boot on the canvas. He stares coldly at the entrance ramp, waiting for Mikey Stormrage to enter the battlefield. Unmoved by the audience’s reaction; Reynolds stands with his hair wild and untamed.

    Copeland: It was a rough night for Austin Reynolds at Lethal Lottery. He lost the Elite Openweight Championship to Logan McAllister after being pinned by Mark Keaton, he came so close to winning Lethal Lottery and then we saw some inner turmoil within Vis Imperium between him and Constantine.

    Cohen: Reynolds was screwed! How can McAllister become Elite Openweight Champion when he was eliminated? That’s not fair at all to Reynolds. He’s the rightful champion and if Noah Ryder had any sense he’d hand the title back to Austin Reynolds immediately.

    Copeland: Those were the rules that Vis Imperium agreed to. The numbers game finally caught up with them and they couldn’t bend the rules this time.

    Cohen: Ah, ridiculous as ever Seabass. Vis Imperium will return stronger than ever. If you think they’re going to let Kingdom Come pass them by then you’re an even bigger fool than I thought you were. Vis Imperium will find a way to reclaim what was taken from then and I suspect it’ll be by any means necessary.


    Harrys: And his opponent from San Francisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 325 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Mikey Stormrage!

    Green strobe lights flash in rhythm to the music until Stormrage makes his way onto the stage, throwing a single hand into the air as the top of the ramp. He slaps hands and interacts with fans on his way to the ring. The WZCW Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, Stormrage has a massive smile on his face. He rolls into the ring and makes his way to a turnbuckle, climbing to the second rope and yelling out and performing his "Game Over" taunt.

    Cohen: I can’t believe he’s going to main event Kingdom Come as the World Champion.

    Copeland: Hard work pays off and Mikey Stormrage has been fighting his entire career for this. The dream has come true and he’ll be in the main event of Kingdom Come 8. He finally beat Garth Black on Sunday and now he has his sights set on Justin Cooper.

    Cohen: Cooper or Stormrage? Where is the third option? Gary Johnson!

    Stormrage steps down from the second rope and steps toward Austin Reynolds. They exchange a glance and Mikey holds up the WZCW Heavyweight Championship to the roar of the crowd. The official steps in and takes the title from Mikey, quickly handing it to a ring worker and then steps back into the middle of the ring and calls for the bell.


    The bell sounds and both men begin circling the ring. The crowd in clear support of the World Champion, they tie up in the centre of the ring and Stormrage is able to use his strength advantage to apply a headlock. He pulls Reynolds over to the ropes and releases the hold and connects with a combination of strikes whilst the former Ratings Winner tries to cover up. He stumbles away from the ropes, Stormrage aims and charges forward and grabs Reynolds throwing him over with an exploder suplex! Stormrage rolls Reynolds over and hooks the leg for the cover. 1... Kick Out! Still early on in the match and the champion slides over back into the headlock position. A few words are exchanged, Mikey smiles at the crowd as they chant his name but the smile evaporates as Reynolds struggles to his feet. An elbow to the ribs creates separation, Reynolds slips out from the grip of the champion and takes out his knee with a chop block. Stormrage collapses to the ground and Reynolds unloads with stomps and drops his knee into the joint of Stormrage. The crowd boos as Reynolds grabs hold of the leg and drives his elbow into the joint, working to keep the big man off his feet in this contest. He continues to attack the leg, placing it on the second rope before jumping high in the air and coming down on it with double knees! Mikey yells out in pain and tries to scurry away but Reynolds comes back immediately with a kick to the back of the head. He goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Cohen: Reynolds is dissecting Mikey Stormrage. He’s so smart, taking the big man off his feet and keeping him grounded will surely see him gain the win tonight. I think we might have to rethink the main event of Kingdom Come should he defeat Mikey here tonight.

    Copeland: It’s an effective strategy by Austin Reynolds but this match is only just beginning. We’ve seen Mikey fight through so much and I don’t think he’s going to give up after regaining the World Championship at Lethal Lottery.

    Cohen: He might not give up but Austin Reynolds may end up putting Mikey Stormrage out if the assault continues.

    Reynolds is on his feet and surveys the scene. Mikey is on the ground but is pulling himself off the canvas with the help of the ring ropes. He is clearly having trouble with the leg and that may have taken some of his power away and limited his offense. Reynolds moves in with a great deal of confidence. He strikes Mikey with a punch to the head, followed by a knee to the stomach before whipping him into the corner. Stormrage smacks the turnbuckle and the ring nearly shakes at the force of the big man hitting the corner. Quick as he can Reynolds charges and connects with a backsplash. The champion is dazed as he comes stumbling out of the corner, Reynolds grabs him from behind and in a mighty feat of strength lifts the 300 pounder off his feet and connects with an Atomic Drop! The champion is on his knees, Reynolds stomps the back of his head to flatten him out and quickly ascends the second rope. He wastes no time and leaps delivering a diving elbow drop from the second rope. Reynolds rolls the champion over, 1... 2... Kick Out! Sensing that the advantage is still his Reynolds grabs Mikey by the head and pulls him to the centre of the ring. A kick to the gut bends Mikey over and Reynolds runs off the ropes looking for the swinging neckbeaker but the champion counters into the Live Más Slam! The crowd goes wild as Stormrage hooks the leg for the cover off the massive belly to belly. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Copeland: I thought he had it. Mikey Stormrage looked to be in all kinds of trouble but he was able to counter that neckbreaker and turn it into one of his most powerful moves. You’ve got to wonder what that will do to the leg that Reynolds has been working over.

    Cohen: Reynolds got a little too arrogant. He should have kept Mikey on the ground. You saw how well that was working for him. Now he’s handed the World Champion an advantage.

    With the sound of the fans cheering him on echoing throughout the arena, Mikey Stormrage stands up and leans against the ring ropes. He watches as Austin Reynolds rolls to the ring apron and begins to pull himself up. Stormrage moves in and tries to grab Reynolds but a shoulder to the stomach sends Mikey retreating. The crowd watches on as Reynolds enters the ring again and punches Mikey directly in the face. He is met with a solid left by Mikey. They go back and forth with the crowd counting each and every shot that these two warriors throw at each other. At the count of ten Reynolds begins to wobble as does Mikey. Both men look like they are about to fall and suddenly Mikey blocks Reynolds’ punch and lifts him up for a Samoan Drop. He goes for the cover and hooks the leg. 1... 2... Reynolds rolls him up in a crucifix pin! 1... 2... Kick Out! Just inches away from the canvas. Mikey had laid back on Reynolds with his back against the chest of his opponent allowing for the quick counter. The World Champion is the first to a vertical base but is soon grabbed by Reynolds. Mikey is kicked in the knee but he uses pure power to shove Reynolds away, sending him tumbling over himself to the corner. Again Reynolds comes charging at him but Mikey greets with a short arm clothesline, bouncing Reynolds’ head off the hard canvas to a loud thud. Quickly Mikey picks his opponent up off the canvas and connects with a Sidewalk Slam. He hooks the leg for the cover, 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Cohen: This match could be one big move away from being over. All that weight of Stormrage has to be draining Reynolds every time he has to kick out.

    Copeland: Neither man is giving an inch in this match. A win for Reynolds would be huge as he would be defeating the World Champion but at the same time Mikey Stormrage doesn’t want to lose after just regaining the World Championship. Just think what that would do to him mentally?

    The support of the thousands clearly behind him and his opponent is down on the canvas. Mikey Stormrage eyes the top rope and possibly the big shot he needs to finish off this match. He does a double take back to Reynolds who is fighting back to his feet, showing his will and determination. Stormrage approaches and connects with a knee to the back before grabbing the wild hair of Reynolds. He slings Austin into the ropes and goes for the Headshot on the rebound but Reynolds ducks, goes behind Mikey and nails the Backslide Driver!

    Cohen: Oh my god! That’s got to be it. Reynolds just slammed Mikey Stormrage down on his own freaking head.

    Reynolds rolls Mikey over and hooks the leg for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Mikey appears out of it when the camera catches his eyes. He is gone but somehow he kicked out and Reynolds cannot believe what just happened. He hit the move perfectly but somehow Mikey Stormrage kicked out. Reynolds pounds the canvas and approaches the official, pushing him against the ropes and yelling that the count was slow. The official shakes his head and pleads with Reynolds that the count was correct. He is having none of it but turns back to Stormrage and stomps on his head. The crowd have nearly gone silent as Reynolds ponders his next move. The World Champion still looks to be in major trouble. Reynolds grabs him by the wrist and pulls Mikey to the centre of the ring. A chop to the chest has Mikey left with a bright red mark stained on his body and now Reynolds slings him into the corner once again. Just as before Reynolds charges, looking for the backsplash but this time Mikey ducks out of the way. Reynolds’ back smacks the corner and he remains wounded against it. Mikey returns the favour and leaps through the air and delivers a splash of his own into the corner, Reynolds is groggy coming out of the corner and he falls right into the grasp of the World Champion - GAME OVER! Mikey hooks the leg, 1... 2... 3!

    Cohen: No! Damn it. Reynolds had the match won. It was clearly the referee’s fault for his slow count. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

    Copeland: It may not be the result you wanted but the proof is in the pudding. Mikey Stormrage has defeated Austin Reynolds and has made a huge statement going into the main event of Kingdom Come. If you or anyone else had doubts about his place they have to be gone now. He just beat one of the very best this business has to offer.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Mikey Stormrage!

    Mikey Stormrage is handed his WZCW Heavyweight Championship by the referee and has his hand raised proudly for all to see. Reynolds meanwhile rolls to the outside and begins making his way up the ramp to avoid sticking around for the post-match celebrations. The crowd cheers as Mikey climbs each corner of the ring individually and raises the championship above his head whilst greeting them with a smile after a hard fought match.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, that right there is one half of the main event of Kingdom Come 8. He will be World Champion going into the event and now the question remains; can he successfully defend it? Mikey has never been able to defend the World Championship but he’s going to get his chance to make history when he goes one on one against Justin Cooper. The world will be watching when for the first time in their careers Mikey Stormrage faces Justin Cooper. I can’t wait to see it.

    Cohen: It’ll be huge for sure. We don’t often get many first time ever matches on such a big stage between two guys who have been around as long as Stormrage and Cooper. They’ve never fought each other whether it was in singles or tag team matches.

    Copeland: That is a long way away still, partner. We have a lot of shows left before Kingdom Come and you best be ready for some exciting times. This has been Meltdown and we thank you for joining us once again. Until next time, goodbye.

    The show comes to a close with Mikey Stormrage kneeling in the middle of the ring with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship held tightly in his hands. The logo flashes and we fade to black.
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