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    The camera pans around the Target Center in Mineappolis, Minessota where thousands of fans have packed into the building ready for an exciting night of wrestling. Several signs are shown, fans are cheering, waving to the camera and the odd few are still rushing to their seats. The camera transitions to a shot of the announce table where our famous team is standing by.

    Copeland: Hello and welcome to the final Meltdown before the most unpredictable pay-per-view of the year. I’m Sebastian Copeland and joining me as always is Jack Cohen. Tonight we’ve got an action packed line-up which is headline by a champion versus champion match where Eurasian Champion Titus will face off against the reigning World Champion, Justin Cooper.

    Cohen: That’s a pay-per-view main event right there, Seabass. Meltdown always delivers the biggest matches and that’s exactly what the wonderful Mr. Banks has provided. Even with these fans not appreciating his greatness, Mr. Banks has given them an amazing card tonight.

    It’s a mixed reaction for the Eurasian Champion, mostly due to his recent support of Tyrone Blades and Constantine in their effort to protect WZCW from Vis Imperium. He still carries himself with the same level of arrogance as he has become known for and the Eurasian Champion is proudly displayed around his waist. Titus begins making his way down to the ring, some cheering and others still unsure of the correct response, but even the timidest of supporters’ pop when Titus climbs the turnbuckle and points up to the sky.

    Cohen: Listen to these sheep giving this man any kind of cheer, Seabass! He was one of the most hated men in the company just a month ago and now he has them wrapped around his finger. I’ve called Titus Avison the greatest champion I’ve ever seen but this crusade against Vis Imperium is casting a dark shadow on what has been an amazing title reign.

    Copeland: He’s not my favourite person because of what he has done in the past two years but Titus Avison saw an injustice and he stepped up. He wasn’t going to let WZCW die at the hands of Vis Imperium and for that I’m damn proud. I’m damn proud to know that one of the legends of this company is willing to risk it all in the name of WZCW!

    Cohen: I don’t see you running into that ring to save WZCW! All talk and no action, Seabass. Just wait, that’ll be the same for these rebels come Unscripted.

    Inside the ring, Titus Avison walks from corner to corner, looking out at the crowd and nodding his head as they make a mixture of cheers and boos.

    Titus: It seems we’ve got some people who are still uncertain of how they should react to me. Not surprising, I get it. I’ve spent nearly two years defending the Eurasian Championship by hook or crook. I’ve done whatever it takes to keep my title and that has included taking out some of your favourites.

    The fans aren’t happy at being reminded of how Avison’s reign has been at the downfall of some of the most popular stars in WZCW history.

    Titus: I don’t expect all of you to support me. I don’t want it and I don’t need it. I’ve taken my game to another level without any of you. Keeping the Eurasian Championship is a task that I only need one person on my side; myself!

    A small pause from Titus as unclips the title belt and places it over his shoulder.

    Titus: Well, that was true until now. This Sunday the Eurasian Championship is on the line and I don’t need to be involved in the decision for it to be taken from me. That’s a weird feeling and one I’ve not had to deal with since Lethal Lottery. Not only is this Sunday different in terms of the title match but it’s about more than that. It’s about protecting this company from those who would wish to destroy it.

    The fans cheer; Titus nods his head.

    Titus: We don’t have to agree on everything but we can sure as hell agree that Vis Imperium absolutely sucks! And if they think that this Sunday, Tyrone and I are just going to lay down while they put the final nail in the coffin of WZCW, then they’ve got a rude wakeup call coming at Unscripted! I’ve spent nearly two years fighting for myself but at Unscripted, when I step into the ring against Vis Imperium, I’m fighting for W-Z-C-freaking-W!

    Huge pop from the crowd. Titus looks raises the microphone to continue when all of a sudden, the lights dim and the big screen lights up.

    Copeland: This cannot be good.

    Walking out onto the stage to a chorus of boos are three out of four members of Vis Imperium. Leading the pack is Mark Keaton, twirling a microphone in his hand at the top of the ramp. Behind him stands both Xander LeBelle and Andrew Adonis, both dressed to perfection in fine suits.

    Titus: If it isn’t the three blind mice. Three idiots who don’t know they’re walking to their doom at Unscripted.

    Keaton: As brash as ever, Titus. Such a shame that this Sunday your arrogance will come to an end just like the career of Tyrone…

    From Keaton’s left, Adonis leans in and whispers something.

    Keaton: Ah, yes. Thank you. As I was saying, it’s a shame your arrogance will come to an end just like the career of Ty Burna. I’ve rather enjoyed you as a fixture of this program, Titus. You provided a kind of senile old man quality that we need. That old fool who thinks he can hang with the young guns but in reality, is nothing more than a pathetic washed up loser clinging to the memories of the past. At Unscripted, when we win, that façade comes crashing down!

    Titus: I’m just waiting for the day when you don’t have a group behind you, Keaton. Ever since you first showed up, you have crawled into bed with multiple stars trying to leach as much success off them as you could. After Unscripted, when Vis Imperium is forced to disband, you’ll be on your own and I think that scares you. I think you’re afraid of everyone realising that Mark Keaton is not half as remarkable as he claims to be.

    On the ramp, Keaton throws his arms up in the air in a wild motion.

    Keaton: I’ll show you remarkable this Sunday when I put a remarkable ass kicking on you, old man! Just wait, Vis Imperium will live on forever. We are the best and nothing you or any of these people do can stop us.

    Xander LeBelle steps forward and eases the microphone out of his teammates hand.

    LeBelle: Your games will not phase us, Titus. I nearly bested you once before and at Unscripted I will succeed where once I failed. I know the counters to your best moves. I know what to expect when the mighty Titus Avison is desperate and in a bind. I’ve seen your best stuff Titus and I know how to defeat it.

    Titus: Eleven have done their best to take the Eurasian Championship from me. All eleven have failed and at Unscripted, Mark Keaton will become the twelfth.

    LeBelle: In what reality can a makeshift team of enemies defeat a well-oiled machine like Vis Imperium? We are cannot be defeated by two men who have little experience teaming together. We are the most dominant force in the history of WZCW. This year has been our year, Titus. We are the story and you are just a jealous man lost in the shuffle of an era ruled by superior talent.

    Before Titus can return an answer, Vis Imperium rush down to the ring and surround it on three sides. Keaton, LeBelle and Adonis looking like sharks who smell blood in the water. Titus drops his title belt and scans around the ring. He makes for the unmanned side but Vis Imperium shift and force Titus to stay inside the ring. Slowly, Vis Imperium climbs onto the apron of the ring. Keaton is shouting orders, his eyes wild at the thought of getting at Titus.

    Cohen: He had a lot of words when they were on the ramp but Titus looks outmatched now! Go get him, boys!

    Copeland: This is three on one, damn it. Titus doesn’t stand a chance. The Eurasian Champion is about to get destroyed days before his title defence. This cannot happen.

    With all three men on the apron, Titus looks to be in major trouble until the lights go out. It’s pitch black and nobody can see a thing. The fans are cheering loudly, they suspect something is up.

    Copeland: The lights have gone out in the arena. Vis Imperium were just about to send a message to Titus but this blackout has cut them short.

    Cohen: It will not be long now, Seabass. The lights have to come on soon and when they do, Titus is going to get what he deserves.

    The lights come back on, Vis Imperium is still on the outside of the ring on the apron. It takes a few seconds for everyone to comprehend what they are seeing but when they do, the arena explodes with cheers from the fans. Titus armed with a steel chair and he’s not alone inside the ring. Standing side by side, ready for a fight, is Titus Avison and his partner at Unscripted, Tyrone Blades! They charge towards the three men surrounding the ring, LeBelle ducking a baseball bat shot by Blades but Titus nails Keaton is the side with a chair shot. Adonis scatters, joining his teammates running for safety up the entrance ramp.

    Copeland: Ringside has been cleared of Vis Imperium. Tyrone Blades has come to the aid of Titus Avison days before they team up at Unscripted.

    Cohen: A lucky night for the rebels. Don’t expect it to happen at Unscripted, Seabass.

    The arena is going nuts; Titus and Blades have sent Vis Imperium running for the hills rather than fight. On the entrance ramp, far away from any threat, Vis Imperium are huddle together and looking furious. Keaton rubs his side, right where Titus cracked him, and spits fury at the sight of the Eurasian Champion raising his title high in the air. As Vis Imperium flees backstage, Titus and Blades climb opposing corners and take in the support of the crowd.
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    Harrys: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

    The lights go out as soon as the music starts playing. A dark-orchid colored light starts flickering around all over the entire arena. After a while, it converts into a single spotlight on the entrance ramp when Yemrez runs towards the ring. She then removes her hoodie after entering the ring and makes a "heart" sign with her hands to the audience which results in a cheer from them. She sits on the lower rope with crossed legs and anxiously waits.

    Copeland: Yemrez looks ready to go. It will be interesting to see how she does in this tag team match.

    Cohen: I'm more interested in her opponents will bring to the table against her.


    Harrys: And her tag team partner, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 228 pounds, the American Warrior, Ace Stevens!

    Ace waits for the opening bars and comes through the curtain as the beat kicks in. As he walks toward the ring, Ace struts, adjusts his hair, jacket, slaps five with fans who are sitting in the front row looking very cool.

    Copeland: The fans sure love Ace.

    Cohen: Not sure why. He needs to take this more seriously.


    Harrys: And their opponents. From The Pentagon, weighing 308 pounds, War Zone!

    The lights go out as the song plays. The monstrous figure slowly walks his way to the entrance and a spotlight dims on him. The lights come back on and he slowly walks his walk to the ring; all eyes focused on the ring. He glares at a fan in the front row and then enters the ring. He puts a fist on his right hand as to simulate an atomic weapon; he turns to his opponents.

    Cohen: This man is the one who should be getting called The American Warrior. Not Ace.

    Copeland: I think our fans here in attendance tonight would disagree.


    Harrys: And his tag team partner, from The Dark Carnival, weighing 220 lbs pounds, 'The Great' Milenko!

    The music starts to the pulsing of black strobe lights. After a couple minutes with no sign of Milenko on the stage they stop, plunging the entire arena into darkness. When they turn back on Milenko is in the ring behind his opponents.

    Copeland: Tonight War Zone teams with Milenko. What kind of dynamic will this team have?

    Cohen: A dynamic that helps them win the match would be my guess.

    Both teams are seen talking amongst themselves in opposite corners of the ring. War Zone steps out from his corner of the ring. Yemrez and Ace finish talking. Yemrez steps into the center of the ring. It will be Yemrez and War Zone starting the match out. The bell is rung to signal the match beginning. War Zone mocks Yemrez and laughs. Yemrez responds by kicking War Zone in the stomach. He is caught off guard by this and she shoves him with all her might down to the center of the ring. Yemrez grabs War Zone and uses a Gator Roll. The fans are cheering for this. War Zone breaks free and gets up. He picks up Yemrez and does a Double Underhook Facebuster. He covers her for a pinfall. The ref starts counting. 1.... 2.... kickout by Yemrez! The fans cheer for Yemrez. Ace from his ring corner encourages the fan support and the cheering gets louder. War Zone gets up. He goes to grab Yemrez again but she rolls out of the way to safety and gets up. She runs for the ropes and springs off. She jumps at War Zone but he catches her and does a Sit Out Spinebuster. War Zone tries to cover Yemrez again but she successfully pushes him off. She punches him four times. They both get up and Yemrez grabs onto War Zone by his neck She uses a Chokehold STO. Yemrez covers War Zone for a pin. The ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by War Zone! They each sit up. Yemrez is visibly frustrated.

    Copeland: The frustration must be setting in for Yemrez at this time.

    Cohen: Not that it would do her any good against the true American Warrior. I said it before and I'll say it again. I still think he should have gotten billed as that instead of Ace.

    War Zone gets to his corner and tags in Milenko. Yemrez is in the center of the ring and Milenko tries to kick her in the head. Yemrez does a Matrix Evasion and dodges the kick. She stands up in time to hit a kick of her own to Milenko in his stomach right as he turns around. She follows this with fierce punch. Yemrez tries to punch again but Milenko grabs her by the arm and hits her in the gut with his knee followed by six consecutive Head butts. The fans do not like this and are boo'ing. After the sixth head butt Milenko picks up Yemrez and does a Samoan Drop. Yemrez is down. Milenko goes to the ropes and climbs up to the top rope. Yemrez slowly gets up, but is hit by a Top Rope Flying Clothesline from Milenko. He covers her for a pin. 1.... 2.... kickout by Yemrez!

    Copeland: Yemrez needs to get Ace tagged in as quickly as possible.

    Cohen: I'd rather see War Zone get tagged in.

    Yemrez tries to make her way to her corner to tag in Ace, but Milenko drags her into the opponents' corner. War Zone tags himself back in. War Zone picks up Yemrez and he attempts to do a Running Powerslam, but Yemrez is able to break free! She leaps into her corner to tag in Ace Stevens and the crowd erupts into cheers. He quickly proceeds to hit War Zone with five Knife edge chops. War Zone grabs Ace and shoves him into the direction of the ropes. Ace springs off the ropes and does a Facebreaker knee smash on War Zone. Ace goes over to cover War Zone for a pin and the ref has started to count. 1.... 2.... kickout by War Zone! They each get up and War Zone immediately hits Ace with an STO. Ace gets up and they are both in the corner of the ring. Milenko is standing by the turnbuckle watching his teammate. War Zone goes for a Big Boot but Ace is able to dodge the maneuver. Milenko tags himself in. War Zone looks unhappy about this, as Milenko jumps into the ring. War Zone goes and stands at ringside.

    Copeland: That might not have been the best idea. They are supposed to be working together.

    Cohen: Milenko knows what he is doing. I'm sure War Zone will notice that shortly as well.

    Milenko tries to punch Ace in the face twice, but Ace dodges each attempt at a punch. Ace responds with two Knife edge chops. Yemrez tries to get the fans behind her team, from her ring corner. The fans react to this and are cheering for Ace's team. Ace hits three European uppercuts on Milenko, making Milenko back into a corner of the ring away from both Yemrez and War Zone. Ace then drags Milenko diagonally into the other empty ring corner, hitting a European uppercut on Milenko there. War Zone starts making his way toward that same corner down at ringside but Yemrez rushes there before he can intefere with the action going on in the ring. The two of them start brawling outside the ring. Milenko is still getting hit by European uppercuts from Ace while being dragged diagonally between the corners. After the fifth uppercut, Ace tries to hit a sixth one but Milenko rolls out of the way. Ace looks out at the brawl going on outside the ring between the other two competitors. Yemrez uses one of her signature maneuvers outside the ring on War Zone, a Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam and Moonsault combo called the Eerie Blitz! Both Yemrez and War Zone are down. Milenko has gone to the corner diagonal of where Ace is standing. He waits for Ace to turn around and attempts a Spear! Ace jumps out of the way and Milenko almost hits the turnbuckle. Ace grabs Milenko and applies his submission finisher, a Cross armbreaker called the Winged Eagle! Milenko is holding on trying to break free but cannot and he taps.

    Harrys: And here are your winners as a result of a submission.... Yemrez Reqonic & Ace Stevens!

    Copeland: What a great team Ace and Yemrez were this evening.

    Cohen: If Milenko and War Zone had been on the same page then things would have gone completely different.
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    Transitioning backstage, Kagura is seen standing just before the steps leading up to the covered side of the entrance ramp. In just a few minutes she’ll be walking through the curtain and stepping through the ring ropes in front of millions around the world. She carries with her the Queen for a Day briefcase, and a chance at any championship she desires within the next year.

    Batti: Good luck at there tonight.

    The camera spins around revealing Batti leaning against a wall with a playful look on her face. She skips closer to Kagura, circling her before coming to a stop with her hands firmly place on either side.

    Kagura: I didn’t see your name on the list tonight. Did you just come to wish me luck or perhaps your plans are more devious than they appear, Batti? Do not take me for a fool. I know, for all the teddy bears, beach balls and laughter, that you are as dangerous as any other in this company.

    A sly smile comes over the face of Batti. She responds by shaking her hand and wagging a finger.

    Batti: Oh please, why would you say a thing like that? I’m just here to enjoy the show and cheer you on!

    Kagura: You forget, I’ve been inside the elimination chamber with you. I’ve seen just how far you’re willing to go when everything is on the line. Inside the chamber I saw Flex Mussel break before you did. A man with muscles larger than half your body but without even a third of the heart. I saw Mark Keaton waltz into the chamber entering last, disrespecting the structure itself. I watched as he threw a fit like a spoilt child when he was eliminated when you maintained your spot. The point is, men bigger, stronger, faster, and who were supposed to last longer than you or I, failed inside the chamber. It takes someone dangerous to survive that hell. I don’t buy this childlike act for a minute. I’ve seen the real you and at Unscripted, I know which version I’ll be preparing for.

    The two women get closer to each other; Batti looks down at the briefcase and brushes her hand against it which causes Kagura to pull it closer to herself.

    Batti: If just one thing had gone different than I’d be the one holding that briefcase. I’d be the first ever Queen for a Day. This Sunday, I plan on proving that to the world. I should’ve taken my shot earlier and put you out of the chamber. I made a mistake, just one! It cost me but not this time. At Unscripted, in my second chance, I won’t be blinded by your surprises. I know what is coming. I’ve felt the sting of your red mist in my eyes and this time I will not fall for it. You better be prepared, Kagura. Otherwise, you’re in for a rude awakening when I show the world who is the real Queen of WZCW!

    Kagura: I’m counting on it.

    The tension between the two stars is high. Both ready to prove that they are the very best WZCW has to offer. After a few moments of silence, Batti steps away leaving Kagura alone. Kagura holds the briefcase close, her biggest achievement, and turns to face the curtain awaiting her entrance music.

    Copeland: A huge showdown is coming this Sunday at Unscripted when Kagura and Batti collide. You saw it there; both women believe they are the best and it just so happens we have the perfect way to settle that dispute. It’s been going on ever since the Anniversary Show and Batti finally gets her chance to gain redemption for her second-place finish inside the elimination chamber.

    Cohen: It has a chance to steal the show, Seabass. These two women have put on some fantastic performances this year and if their time inside the chamber is anything to go by, we are in for a real treat at Unscripted.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 145 pounds, she is the Queen for a day...Kagura Ohzora!

    As her music plays pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. She walks down the ramp through the mist, she has the Queen for a Day briefcase in her hand and hands it off to a member of the WZCW staff then ascends the stairs, entering between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the side of the hard camera, and awaits her opponent.

    Copeland: Here is our Queen for a Day Jack! Kagura has been an unstoppable force in the last while, winning the KFAD match, defeating V.I after Eve Taylor was attacked and taken out of that tag team contest.

    Cohen Let's not twist the facts here Seabass! Kagura CHEATED to beat V.I with that highly illegal regurgitation maneuver. I think referee Akiyama should be putting her through an X-ray machine before the match here to see if she has any of that red liquid in her stomach!

    Copeland: What?! An X-Ray machine? Will you be serious?

    Harrys: And her opponent....

    Harrys: from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

    As the bells hit the lights go dark, before green lights begin pulsating to the beat of the song, the letters L-O-G-A-N slowly appear on the video screen. At roughly 30 seconds in, we see Richard Goldman strut out with a big smile on his face as he stops at the ramp and turns towards the now emerging Logan McAllister. Logan walks out, going to the left on the stage and doing the same thing on the right side before coming back and walking with a purpose down the ramp. When he approaches the steps he runs up them, before walking slowly to the middle of the ring edge, leaning back on the ropes and staring out into the crowd. Logan then enters the ring posing in the center, jersey open and arms outstretched(ala bret hart) while Mr. Goldman simply applauds and smiles.

    Copeland: Logan McAllister, a new vicious attitude since joining with Richard Goldman. We saw last week, just how dominating he can be in that ring as he controlled most of the match vs Constantine.

    Cohen: Who cares about last week!? Tonight we are in for a treat, these two have some educated striking abilities and this thing WILL get ugly fast! I can't wait to see these two clash right here on Meltdown!

    Referee Akiyama checks both wrestlers for illegal objects, he seems satisfied with the results and points to the timekeepers area....


    Logan lets out a primal roar and charges across the ring, Kagura steps to one side and hooks her arm under his elbow and flips him over. She calmly walks to the corner of the ring, she stretches her shoulders. Logan jumps to his feet, angry at being easily flipped, he charges again like a rampaging bull but Kagura does a front flip right over the big man and he crashes face first into the turnbuckles and falls on his back. She jumps on Logan and gives him some elbows and palm strikes to his head, he pushes her off and jumps to his feet again. Logan charges but Kagura catches him hard in the chin with a jumping knee strike making the man stumble for a moment, she hits him in the gut with a spinning heel kick, he leans forward, Kagura turns and does a backflip, landing behind McAllister, snap saito suplex! The german-type back suplex floors Logan. She rolls over and hooks his leg...


    Logan pushes her off.

    Copeland: Look at this start by Kagura Jack, showing her striking abilities and speed against the much bigger opponent!

    Cohen: This is why she's holding that briefcase Seabass! A very smart wrestler, quick and no wasted movements in there. She knows how to use an opponent's weight and momentum against them.

    Kagura hauls Logan to his feet, she hits a shuffle side kick followed by a chop to the back of the neck followed by a throat thrust, spinning back fist combo! Logan staggers back to the ropes, Kagura is quickly on him, back chop to the chest, right punch, left palm thrust to the chest, right palm thrust right to the face..THWACK!


    The camera zooms in on an elderly man covering his face from the brutality going on in the ring. Richard Goldman grabs Logan's leg and trips him, McAllister falls on his face and scrambles to get out of the ring and away from Kagura with Goldman clawing and pulling on Logan's trunks to help him. Logan takes a breath as Goldman rubs his back. Kagura looks focused, she calmly walks to a corner and waits. Logan stretches his neck while checking for blood in his mouth, referee Akiyama is doing his job and counting...he reaches 5 before Logan climbs the apron and steps through the middle ropes. Goldman screams about intensity and Logan nods and says something to himself. Logan makes his way across the ring, cautious about approaching the dangerous woman. He throws a left that’s easily dodged and blocks a right thrust by her, he swings a hay maker right and she ducks and kicks him in the knee, then spins with a chop right to the neck! Logan staggers back, he takes a chop to the chest, throat thrust, palm strike to the cheek followed by a blindingly fast forearm strike to his other cheek, he falls to his back fast. Logan rolls over and scrambles to get to his feet, surprise pasted on his face at this attack. Kagura attacks again, left, right, left palm strikes, chops and forearms….BOOM!!! Vicious right hay maker floors Kagura, she rolls and jumps to her feet.…SMACK!!! Hard clothesline sends Kagura backflipping in the air and landing on her stomach. Logan drops an elbow and hooks the leg….



    Kagura kicks out!

    Cheer! ​

    Copeland: Wow! Two big moves by Logan and he’s in control now. Kagura looks to be dazed by that punch and clothesline!

    Cohen: That was just wicked Seabass! A punch like that could kill a person!

    Logan is on his knees next to Kagura, he leans on Kagura on the mat and lays in some hard left hands to her head, she tries to block the shots but they make it through. Logan switches to forearm and elbow strikes, over and over again! Kagura’s arms are beat red now and the ref jumps in, he warns Logan to stop striking. Logan roars at him, he grabs Kagura by the neck and hauls her to her feet in an instant, he sends her across the ring with an exploder suplex. He does a kip up and starts hopping on his toes, he has a smarmy smile on his face as he waits for Kagura to make it to her feet, he runs over and grabs her in a wastelock into a german suplex! She lands hard and bounces. Logan jumps to his feet and bounces on his toes again, super happy at how the match has turned. Kagura makes it to her feet but Logan charges at her, he pushes her into the turnbuckle and starts laying in the knee strikes to her rib cage, over and over again, she staggers out of the corner, he picks her up and whips her to the mat with a spinebuster! Logan switches positions and grabs her in a crossface submission move. Kagura claws at the canvas and makes it to the ropes, but he won’t release it! Akiyama is mad and starts the count…1….2…3…4…..

    Logan releases the submission hold, he grabs her foot and hauls her to the center of the ring, he drops an elbow on her back, then jumps to her other side and applies another crossface submission hold! Kagura kicks and presses the mat, rolling both of them over, pinning him…



    Logan rolls them back over right into the submission hold. Referee Akiyama is right in Kagura’s red face, asking her if she’s had enough, she tries to roll them over again but is too weak. She’s fading…Akiyama can see it, he lifts her arm….it falls to the mat…


    Akiyama calls out one to the timekeeper. He lifts her arm again, it falls to the mat…


    Akiymama calls out two. He lifts her arm, it drops!!! But she holds it an inch off of the canvas…she bites into Logan’s arm! He screams and releases the hold. Logan punches Kagura in the back of the head with a hard right hand. He grabs her by the hair and hauls her to her feet, Kagura elbows Logan in the stomach and quickly gives him a backfist to the face, he punches her with a left, she answers with a chop/backfist combo! Logan with a right that staggers Kagura, she bounces off of the ropes with First Dance of Arawara no Mikoto (shining wizard) drops Logan, he bounces and rolls out of the ring. Kagura takes a moment to catch her breath on the ropes.

    Cheer!! ​

    Copeland: That shining wizard dropped the Son of Boston like a bag of potatoes!

    Cohen: Logan has Richard Goldman rubbing his back again, giving him some words of wisdom, I can only imagine its stuff like - Don’t get hit by her dance moves- or something like that!

    Logan climbs the steel steps, he’s breathing heavy and covered in sweat, he climbs through the middle ropes but Kagura gives him no time at all, she attacks him with a kick to the thigh and a knee to the head, dropping the big man to the mat! Kagura jumps on him, firing forearms and palm strikes to his chest and head, over and over again, referee Akiyama hauls her off. Logan grabs the middle ropes and hauls himself to his feet, he throws a punch that Kagura blocks and fires back with a palm strike and a hip toss, followed by a side headlock, she starts drilling the top of his head with punches while she squeezes as hard as she can with the headlock. Logan pushes his legs and arm and forces both of them to get to their feet, he suddenly switches behind her and nails a german suplex, he keeps his hands locked and rolls through as they make it to their feet again, another german suplex, then another german suplex….then another release german suplex this time. Suplex party! Both remain on their backs, the fatigue settling in. Logan rolls over and hooks her leg…



    Kagura gets her foot on the rope!

    Logan starts punching the canvas in frustration. Goldman is yelling for his client to calm down, he won’t listen though as he grabs the referee by the shirt and starts roaring in his face. Akiyama gets his shirt free and warns him that he’ll disqualify him if he keeps it up. Logan hauls Kagura to her feet, he gives her a hard Irish whip into the turnbuckle, she slams in there and lets out a loud groan. Logan charges and hits Boston Strong (Stinger Splash) in the corner! Kagura staggers out, Logan picks her up for Boston Massacre ( End of Days) but Kagura slips around to his back and locks in Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami (Reverse Sleeper hold with Body Sciccors) !! Logan is staggering around the ring, Kagura holding on for dear life, squeezing with everything she has! Logan, desperate, runs and jumps through the middle ropes with Kagura on his back! They both crash right into Richard Goldman!

    Cheeeeer!!! Holy shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! ​

    Copeland: Unbelievable move by Logan! What a way to get out of that hold! That was a fantastic move!

    Cohen: A great move, but I think he just accidentally ended Mr.Goldman’s career!

    Copeland: Like I said, fantastic move!

    Logan and Kagura are layed out on the outside of the ring, Richard is barely visible under the hulking mass of McAllister and Kagura’s legs and torso. Akiyama starts his count….







    Logan claws at the barricade to get to his feet…..Kagura stirs….



    Logan runs and rolls into the ring….


    Kagura rolls into the ring but Logan is ready, he picks up Kagura and nails her with a fast brainbuster suplex! He hooks both of her legs…..



    Kagura kicks out!

    Cheer!! ​

    Logan has another fit, he punches the mat. He hauls Kagura to her feet, she quickly grabs Logan and puts him in a small package….



    Logan reverses it….



    Kagura reverses it….



    Logan reverses it…..



    Kagura reverses it…..



    She hooks her arm on the bottom ropes……!!!



    Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!! ​

    Harrys: The winner of this match, by pinfall, Kagura!

    Copeland: Kagura and Logan locked in a series of small package reversals and Kagura had enough and hooked that bottom rope to get the final leverage for the pinfall!

    Cohen: Are you kidding me Seabass?! She CHEATED again! The Queen for a Day CHEATED and these people are cheering! I don’t blame Logan for going crazy here!

    Logan has lost it, kicking the bottom turnbuckle and screaming, red faced. Kagura rolls out of the ring and grabs her briefcase, she makes her way up the ramp, holding her fist high in celebration of her victory. Logan rushes Akiyama but he jumps through the middle ropes to evade the Son of Boston before he can tear him to pieces. Logan kicks the ropes. He screams about how Kagura hooked the ropes to pin him. Goldman slowly rolls in the ring, his suit jacket is ripped from the impact earlier, he tries to calm down his client, but Logan gives him the finger and climbs out of the ring, he stomps his way up the ramp, yelling at nearby people to shut up.
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    Backstage in the interview area, Stacey Madison is standing by with Triple X.

    Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m joined by WZCW superstar, Triple X who has been near unstoppable since returning to WZCW just a few weeks ago. What has been the key to your success?

    Triple X: When I was first here I cared what the people in the arena thought. I worried about how the millions of fans around the world would react if I did something. My mind was filled with the hopes and dreams of all the young fans who looked up to me. I could barely think with all that crap running around in my head and that’s why I failed to gain the World Championship all those years ago. Now, I’m free of that. I don’t care what the fans think and you’ve seen the results. I’m the hottest star in this company since my return.

    Pausing for a moment, X holds up two fingers on his right hand.

    Triple X: I’ve ended two careers in a matter of weeks. My first night back and I shocked the world when I destroyed the former number one contender to the World Championship. A guy who was one second away just a few weeks earlier from becoming the champion. I broke him with ease and now, I get the chance to break another contender. Tonight, I will defeat Constantine and cement my spot at the top of this industry. I am back, Stacey. I’m back and I want what I deserve. I want the World Championship and nobody is going to stop me from getting it!

    From across the hall we hear snickering and the sound of people approaching. Vis Imperium appear, all four of them, and Cooper leads the charge with the World Championship around his waist. Keaton holds the briefcase containing the bounty, LeBelle and Adonis watch on from the left.

    Cooper: Is that so, Xander? Continue taking out contenders all you want, in fact I have a handsome bounty waiting for you should you inflict sufficient punishment onto John, tonight. However, don’t kid yourself into thinking that you can walk off the street and in a few weeks step into the ring against the greatest of all time!

    Triple X: You just be thankful I didn’t come back sooner. Listen, I don’t give a shit about who holds the belt. You or Constantine, in the end I all care about is the title. Enjoy what time you have left with it. Either Constantine will beat you this Sunday or eventually you and I will be standing across from each other and I’ll gladly be the one to kick your ass.

    Keaton goes to make a comment but Cooper raises a hand for him to remain silent.

    Cooper: Your ambitions will prove worthless, Xander. What are you, a three-time WZCW Award Winner? How exciting, I have one of those and I use it as a doorstop. It seems that people around here have a problem knowing their place as of late. I am the World Champion and you are a forgotten name in a long list of nobodies who thought they had what it took to be the best. You couldn’t even beat Ricky Runn. Now that is pathetic.

    X and Cooper get closer, their eyes meeting and both ready to fight.

    Cooper: Just do your job tonight. Take John out and I’ll give you more money than you’ve made in the last three years. Got it, kid?

    Triple X: Oh, I’ll take him out. Then I’m coming for that title, Justin. Now, piss off.

    Vis Imperium begin to step away, Justin leaving first with a smirk on his face. LeBelle and Adonis follow afterwards, leaving Keaton by himself for a few moments. He and X exchange looks as Keaton pops the briefcase open and shows the stacks of cash making up the bounty. A few moments later, Keaton clips the briefcase back together and chases after the rest of Vis Imperium. Meanwhile, X ponders what he is going to do tonight.
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    Elsewhere, we find Ace Stevens and Yemrez Reqonic walking through the halls and into the locker-room. It’s mostly empty with a few superstars minding their own business as the two of them enter.

    Reqonic: We were a strong team out there tonight, Ace. I told you that our strength and determination would help us defeat War Zone and Milenko. They live in the darkness and light will always overcome the shadows.

    The camera turns to Ace who has a confused look on his face.

    Stevens: Pretty sure that War Zone guy is from Pittsburgh.

    Ace takes a seat and opens a bottle of water, taking a sip thereafter before looking up at Yemrez.

    Reqonic: We make a good team, Ace. I was worried for a moment but I see now that you are a noble competitor and one I can trust. That is hard to find in a place like WZCW. Especially with the likes of Vis Imperium running around.

    Stevens: Look, this isn’t a thing. We won tonight, great! But this Sunday it’s everyone for themselves. I’m not here to be in a team. WZCW no longer has a tag division. I didn’t return to make friends. I’m back to win championships. This Sunday, I’ll be going just as hard on War Zone and Milenko as I will on you.

    Yemrez nods her head and extends a hand.

    Reqonic: I will do the same. At Unscripted, we will battle it out to find out who is the very best. I know the winner of the match will be either you or I. Of that I am certain. Good luck, Ace.

    They shake hands and Yemrez walks away. Ace takes another sip of water and begins removing his wrestling gear.

    Copeland: An alliance for tonight but this Sunday those two will be ripping each other to pieces. They’ve both made it clear that they will not take it easy on the other come the fatal four way.

    Cohen: With a title shot on the line they’d be idiots to do anything else.
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    Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall!

    Harrys: Introducing first from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

    As the intro begins playing, the arena falls into complete darkness. With every smash of the drum, a few golden lights flash through the darkness. As the music begins and the guitar begins playing, the arena is bathed in an ocean of golden lights. After a few seconds, a spotlight shines down on the centre of the stage, revealing Constantine with his chin dipped to his chest. He raises his chin as he raises both of his arms out to his side, soaking in the reaction of the fans - both positive and negative. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs the steps into the ring. Once in the middle of the ring, he dips his chin again and raises his arms out one more time.

    Copeland: He is the number one contender to the most respected championship in professional wrestling. Constantine is less than a week away from not only getting a World Title opportunity but he will, for the first time ever, wrestle Justin Cooper one on one. We’ve been waiting years for this and it’s finally here.

    Cohen: I’ll give you a spoiler, Seabass! Justin Cooper will remain World Champion just like he has remained champion since 2017. Constantine has way too much on his mind. He is part of this rebellion against Vis Imperium which has taken away his focus from the real task; defeating Cooper. All of this saving WZCW crap has become the main focus of Constantine when he should be focusing on the man who holds the title he so desperately craves.

    Harrys: And now, from Hells Kitchen, New York, weighing 210 pounds, The X-Rated Superstar, Triple X!

    The lights go out in the arena as I Hope You Suffer begins with the quiet, uncomfortable opening. As the song kicks into gear with guitar and drums, white lights flash and pulse all around the arena. Triple X appears on the stage, looking out to the audience in attendance with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. He walks down the ramp with purpose, eyes forward.

    Cohen: This is a future champion, I’d bet my house on it. We’ve seen Triple X hold gold before but I can see him holding the World Championship in the near future. He has it all. He has the focus which Constantine lacks, he isn’t held down by these idiot fans. X is exactly the star we need around here!

    Copeland: A man once celebrated by the fans. He was beloved in his first run in WZCW but since returning he has ended the careers of both Vee ADZ and King Mussel. Now, he stands a loner, a man willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goal of a future World Champion. Winning tonight, against Constantine, would go a long way into putting X’s name in the title hunt leading into Lethal Lottery.

    He gets to the ring and hits the apron, facing the hard cam. When the music hits the chorus, he throws his hands up in the air forming an X, before entering the ring and squaring off against Constantine.


    The match begins with a lock up in the middle of the ring. Constantine gains the advantage, applying a side headlock and wretches on it hard as he directs his opponent around the ring. With control, Constantine transitions and slings X into the corner across the ring. Rushing in, Constantine clobbers X with a hard lariat to send the former fan favourite to the canvas. He pounces onto X and hammers away with a flurry of punches to the head. The fans count them out, reaching nine before X scrambles out of the situation and to the outside of the ring. A loud chorus of boos are heard as X shakes his head, gathering his thoughts on the outside and refuses to get back in the ring.

    Not wanting to give up his advantage, Constantine slides to the outside but misses X as he returns to the ring. Constantine tries to follow but X drops a knee across the back of Constantine’s neck. He hammers away, holding the top rope and dropping multiples knees down hard across the neck area. Constantine is half in and out of the ring, forcing the official to apply counts of five when X attacks. Triple X grabs Constantine, pulling him completely into the ring and explodes with a Release Tiger Suplex! X hooks a leg and goes for the cover. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Copeland: The first pinfall attempt of the match and Constantine powers that shoulder off the mat. He had firm control until X slipped to the outside and used his speed advantage.

    Cohen: I told you, Seabass. Constantine isn’t focused on actually winning matches lately. This Vis Imperium versus WZCW nonsense has clouded the once great mind of the Hall of Famer.

    X is back to his feet first and stalks his opponent, waiting for him to rise before reacting. With a burst of speed, X runs towards the ropes and rebounds with a spinning roundhouse kick which connects to Constantine, who had only just returned to a vertical base. Constantine drops to his knees, X bounces on his feet and charges forward with a stiff forearm smash which buckles Constantine over onto his back. X hooks both legs and screams at the official to make the count faster. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    The world must be spinning for Constantine has X pounds away with some more strikes to his head. Staying on the attack, X grabs Constantine’s arm and drags him into the middle of the ring. A stomp to the head is all that X delivers before moving to the ring apron and taking aim, watching as Constantine pushes himself to his feet. The crowd stand as X springboards himself into the ring and looks for a Tornado DDT but Constantine ducks out of the way. X crashes onto his knees, Constantine grabs his head and nails a hard Flowing DDT. Both men are down as Constantine catches his breath before going for a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Cohen: If Triple X had hit that move we could’ve seen an end to this contest.

    Copeland: Constantine doesn’t want to lose this match. He would hate to give Cooper any type of blueprint for how to beat him with Unscripted on the horizon.

    Speaking of the man, Constantine is on his feet first and he picks X up, delivering a vertical suplex perfectly. No cover, instead Constantine maintains a lock on the head and brings X back up before connecting with a swinging neckbreaker. This time he goes for a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! The fans give a loud cheer for Constantine as he uses the ropes to stand up. He rubs the back on his neck, obviously sore from the knees earlier, and prepares for his next move. Across the ring, X stumbles to his feet and turns around to see Constantine charging forward with another lariat however this time X counters and fires off a sit-out Gordbuster!

    X falls into a pinning combination and the referee slides into place for the count. 1… 2… Kick Out! X scurries away into the corner and shakes his head as he watches Constantine push himself off the mat. Both men are on their knees, X fires off a forearm which smacks the number one contender in the face. Constantine returns a stiff right hand which lands right on the jaw. Back and forth they go, the competitors rising to their feet as they trade strike after strike. X goes for a big forearm to finish it off but Constantine blocks and counters with a drop toe hold, he steps over and applies an STF!

    Copeland: Here we go! STF is locked in by Constantine and X has nowhere to go. This could be the match.

    X is in a world of trouble as Constantine pulls tightly on the hold and the place is going wild. The pain in the eyes of X speaks volumes. He is scratching like a mad man at the canvas and is inching forward towards the ropes. The fans are chanting “tap” but X refuses to quit, he is trying to reach however the ropes are just out of reach. With the match on the line, X reaches up and digs his fingers into the eyes of Constantine! The hold is broken as Constantine rolls away blinded. X gets back to his feet, he sees Constantine in the corner rubbing his eyes and runs at full speed as Constantine steps back a little.

    Rushing right past Constantine, X jumps up the turnbuckle and leaps backwards with Whisper in the Wind! It connects, Constantine goes down hard as X goes for the cover with a confident look on his face. 1… 2… Kick Out! No, this match is not over and X is stunned. X approaches the official, grabbing his shirt and screaming that it was a three count. The fans boo this behaviour from X who cannot believe he didn’t win the match right there.

    Cohen: This is a bogus referee, Seabass! That count was slow.

    Copeland: X better focus rather than arguing about past calls.

    X stomps his feet in frustration as he turns back to Constantine. Grabbing his opponent, X goes for another Release Tiger Suplex but Constantine elbows out of it – Fallaway Slam! The pop is huge as Constantine hits one of his signatures out of nowhere. X spent way too much time arguing with the official and has allowed Constantine to recover. Back to his feet, Constantine grabs X and slings him into the ropes. On the rebound he goes for back body drop, which sends X flying high but X lands on his feet.

    The roundhouse kick from X is caught by Constantine, he spins X around and lifts him up for the Axis! Suddenly, X headbutts out of the finisher and shoves Constantine backwards – knocking down the referee! Immediately, X delivers a punt kick to the groin. Constantine drops to his knee and is knocked completely to the canvas by a vicious X-Rated Superkick! The referee begins to stir, X approaches him and shakes his body waking him up some. X quickly climbs the turnbuckle, he gives the crowd two middle fingers before leaping into the air – Singularity – with the 450 Splash! X hooks the leg for the cover as the official shakes off the cobwebs. 1… 2… 3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Triple X!

    Cohen: I told you. I told you, Seabass! Constantine has lost all focus and can’t win on Meltdown let alone in the main event of Unscripted.

    Copeland: Don’t give me that nonsense. Did you not see Triple X intentionally pushing Constantine into the referee? What about the illegal kick below the belt? This isn’t a victory, this is a damn robbery.

    The fans are livid as the referee raises X’s hand in the air. With a smug look on his face, X shoves the referee away from him and demands that he leave the ring. Looking across the ring, X focuses in on Constantine who is just now coming to his senses. Slowly, X steps toward the ring ropes near the entrance ramp. He appears to be leaving when all of a sudden, Triple X darts back and hammers away with punches to Constantine's head.

    Copeland: What the hell is he doing now? The match is over, damn it!

    Cohen: Bounty! The bounty is still out there and Triple X has been out of work for several years. He wants that money, Seabass.

    With evil intentions on his mind, X slips to the outside and looks underneath the ring. From within X pulls a steel chair and smacks it against the steel steps as he climbs onto the apron. The fans watch on as X enters the ring, a sick smile on his face and he points the steel chair at Constantine. He raises it up to smack Constantine, who is still down on the canvas.


    Copeland: Thank goodness, I thought nobody was going to stop this madness!

    Cohen: Ah, this idiot sticking his nose in business that doesn't concern him.

    From the top of the entrance ramp, Lynx comes sprinting down to the ring with a steel chair on his own. X wastes no time in finding out who would win that fight, dropping his chair and diving out of the ring. By the time Lynx has claimed the ring, standing next to Constantine with the chair in hand as protection, X is in the crowd and cursing loudly that his chance to claim the bounty has been ruined.

    Cohen: Triple X does not look happy, Seabass. Lynx just cost him fifty-thousand dollars.

    Copeland: Lynx did the right thing, Jack. He did what was right and saved Constantine from a brutal beating. Thank heavens he stepped up when he did.

    Lynx remains inside the ring as Constantine begins to stand up. They exchange a handshake, Constantine grateful for the save. From the crowd, X is still irate that Lynx showed up and can be heard yelling that this isn't over between them.
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    We return to the backstage area and find Logan McAllister alongside his manager, Richard Goldman. McAllister shoves past a few crew members who get in his way, knocking one of them directly across a table covered in food. As they approach the exit to the building they are approached by Leon Kensworth.

    Kensworth: Gentlemen, a quick word before you leave?

    Goldman: What is it you want, Leon? Can’t you see that my client is in no mood to talk and neither am I. You saw that injustice earlier tonight. Logan had that dastardly woman right where he wanted her but she used her tricks to steal the victory from the superior athlete! That’s the problem around here, Leon. People like Kagura and Eve who are given opportunity after opportunity while my client is left fighting for leftovers.

    Logan remains silent as Goldman points towards him.

    Goldman: This man is at the top of his game. The true definition of a professional wrestler and ever since Kingdom Come he has been unfairly punished. He was held down, the weight of the world on his shoulders before I took him under my wing and showed him how to become the star you see now. Now it is time for him to be presented opportunities. We demand opportunities, Leon!

    Kensworth: What is it exactly you’re looking for?

    Goldman: Well, as I mentioned earlier, we’ve sat back and seen Eve Taylor get multiple chances to become a champion and fail each time. Meanwhile, Logan has run through the competition but continues to get overlooked. I think it’s clear that if he is ever going to get a chance at a top prize than the likes of Eve Taylor must be dealt with, promptly.

    Logan clenches his fists as Leon brings the microphone back to himself.

    Kensworth: Are you laying out a challenge for Eve Taylor?

    Goldman: That’s exactly what we’re doing. It’s time to put an end to the favouritism that she has received. At Unscripted, how about we see if Eve Taylor can stand by herself against the mighty Logan McAllister? What say you, Eve? We expect an answer very soon because if you keep us waiting, Logan may just show up and put you down anyway.

    With that said, Goldman taps his client on the shoulder and heads for the exit. Logan lingers for a moment, looking into the camera with his eyes overtaken with rage. Suddenly, he turns and nearly rips the exit door off the hinges as he leaves.

    Cohen: Talk about a man who is motivated. Logan McAllister wants a piece of Eve Taylor at Unscripted and he’s looking to do more than pin her inside the ring. He wants to destroy her!

    Copeland: The challenge has been made for Unscripted. Will Eve Taylor accept the match and step into the ring with the man who assaulted her last week during a tag match? I think she’s a proud woman and nobody scares her, Jack. Eve will take this challenge head on and Logan is in for a surprise if he thinks this will be an easy fight.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event. This match is scheduled for one fall…


    Titus comes out to the stage. He looks around and smiles. The crowd is cheering him. He lifts the Eurasian title up, and walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and does his point, motioning to the belt and then to the crowd.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is the WZCW Eurasian Champion… Titus Avison!

    Copeland: Titus has really gotten underneath Cooper’s skin, ever since it was revealed that he was the masked man. This has become a grudge match between the two top champions in WZCW.

    Cohen: Titus is now the longest reigning champion in company history. It’s a monumental feat fitting of perhaps the greatest performer in WZCW history. However, he isn’t the world champion, he isn’t this man…


    Bright lights flash across the screen, the arena bursting with colour and slowly it begins to drain out like a hole has been punched through the bubble. Standing on the stage, amongst a sea of colour swirling underneath him, large serpents battling, fangs piercing the flesh, is Justin Cooper. The battle beneath his feet comes to an end, a single viper slithers forward, Justin drops to his knees and raises his arms to the boos of the crowd. They hate him but their reaction means nothing to him as Justin smiles. The viper coiled around him now, Justin whispers to it and orders it forward, he follows soon after and makes his way to the ring. Once inside, Justin climbs onto the top rope and begs the crowd to react, spitting at them both literally and with his words acting as pure venom. He jumps down, removes his robe and places it in a corner of the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, he would like to be announced as the greatest WZCW World Heavyweight Champion of all time... Justin Cooper!

    Cohen: …As much as I respect Titus, he isn’t the world champion. That man right there represents the pinnacle of excellence in this league. And I’ll bet the house that he proves it tonight.

    Copeland: Indeed, the world champion looks to be in top form tonight. However, Titus is no slouch. For over 700 days he’s been Eurasian champion, defying all the odds. Even yours Jack.

    *Ding Ding Ding!*​

    Neither competitor gives the other any sort of greeting or sign of respect as they immediately go to lock up. Justin Cooper beats Titus to the punch, and knees him in the gut, before taking him down to the mat. He gets on top of him and begins raining down heavy shots to the back of Titus’ head. The Eurasian champ does his best to defend, but he finds that it’s difficult to do so on his back. Realizing that Cooper is using illegal shots, the referee stops him and allows Titus to recover, and get to his feet. He shakes the cobwebs free and goes to lock up with the world champion once again. This time Titus reacts first. He grabs Coopers arm and applies pressure at the elbow, forcing his opponent to the mat back first. Titus begins to work over Cooper’s wrist, as the world champion screams in protest. The Eurasian champ rakes his boot across Cooper’s face, earning himself a warning from the ref, while keeping his opponent’s wrist under control. Titus drops a knee on Cooper’s ribs, before transitioning from a wrist hold to a cross armbar. Cooper, thinking quick, repositions his body and moves his foot underneath the rope, prompting the ref to break the hold. Cooper recovers and gets to his feet.

    Copeland: No love lost between either man here. Both Titus and Cooper show a lot of technique; a lot of skill. They both have the same goal. Strike hard. Strike fast.

    Cohen: And as we’re seeing, Titus isn’t afraid to play dirty. He doesn’t care. Cooper knows this. He has to be on guard at all times.

    Cooper shakes the numbness from his wrist and left arm, as the two foes size each other up once more. Titus lunges forward but Cooper grabs him and scoops him up, before slamming him down to the mat hard. Titus doesn’t stay down for long, as he practically jumps to his feet and retaliates with a scoop slam of his own, sending the world champion reeling. Cooper begs off and signals for time out, as Titus taunts him and tells him to bring it. Cooper taunts back by making the belt gesture around his waist, reminding Titus of his status as the world champion. The two gladiators eye each other, before lunging forward once more. This time Cooper drops down and gets behind Titus, using his grappling skills to take him down to the mat. He floats over and applies a front face lock before thrusting his knee into Titus’ skull, causing the Eurasian champ to buckle. He repeats the process over and over until Titus’ body goes limp. Cooper then displays a bit of power by grabbing the slightly larger man by his waist and deadlifting him off the mat, taking him up and over with a Karelin style suplex. Not finished, he grabs Titus’ leg and takes him up and over a second time with a fisherman suplex with a bridge. The referee counts…



    But Titus gets the shoulder up without much trouble. Cooper grabs Titus by the air and starts to drag him to his feet, but Titus throws him off and nails him a European uppercut. He hits another. And then a third, as Cooper wobbles. Titus grabs him and takes him over with a northern lights suplex. Instead of bridging into a pin attempt, he flips backwards and delivers another one. And then another one. Showing off his own strength and endurance, he flips over and lifts Cooper’s body off the mat and spins it 360 degrees before taking him over with a fourth suplex! This time he goes for the cover…



    But the world champion gets the shoulder up. Titus plays to the crowd. He’s fired up now, while Cooper looks disoriented.

    Copeland: Both competitors are really showing their strength tonight. I would almost call it a game of one-upmanship, if there wasn’t such animosity between these two men.

    Cohen: Deep down inside, it’s proof that both men at least respect each other’s abilities. If either one of them half ass any attempt to put down the other, they will lose.

    Cooper slowly starts to get to his feet, when Titus suddenly grabs him and plants his head straight into the canvas with a DDT. He then makes the belt gesture around his waist, screaming “I’m still the top dog around here! You’re a paper champion.” He then runs and bounces off the ropes, before delivering a stiff looking knee drop right on the world champs face. Cooper rolls away towards the ropes as Titus plays up the crowd. He moves forward to capitalize, but Cooper rolls out of the ring to collect himself. Titus debates on whether to go after him, but after receiving a cheer from the crowd, he throws caution to the wind and rushes out after his foe. He blindsides Cooper from behind and tries to throw him into the barricade, but the world champ uses Titus momentum against him and sends the Eurasian champ crashing back first against the side. Cooper begins to merciless pound the hall of fame superstar into submission, as the referee continues to count. The world champion grabs his foe and sends him back first against the ring post, as Titus screams in pain. He then rolls his opponent back into the ring, breaking the count, and then following him in. Cooper grabs Titus, and lifts him up for the Mic Drop; the back of his head landing straight on Cooper’s knee. He goes for the cover…



    But Titus kicks out. Cooper growls in frustration, and hits Titus with several stiff looking MMA style forearm shots to the head. He lifts the Eurasian champion to his feet, before flipping him over his shoulder onto the canvas and into a seated position. He delivers a stiff looking kick to the back of Titus’ head. And then another. Followed by a third. He runs, bounces off the ropes and delivers a devastating looking dropkick that sends Titus’ body flying towards the ropes. He marches forward, grabs his opponent, and swiftly plants him with a Devil Lock DDT. Cooper falls into the cover…



    But Titus kicks out again! Cooper looks stunned.

    Copeland: Titus won’t die! Not that we should be surprised. How much and how often have we seen Titus take a beating and then come back for more?

    Cohen: Countless times, Seabass. Cooper got a little cocky; it comes with the territory. But he’s quickly getting a reminder why Titus has been Eurasian champion for so long. It might just take everything he has in order for Cooper to win.

    He eyes Titus as the Eurasian begins to recover, and signals for the end. He steps back towards the turnbuckles and looks to blast his opponent with the Remix. Cooper lunges forward, but Titus sidesteps the maneuver and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Cooper gets to his feet, but is met with the Tit Drop out of nowhere! Titus makes a cover…



    But Cooper kicks out! Titus looks flabbergasted. But then his veteran instincts take over as he drags his opponent’s body over to the turnbuckle, looking to finish the match properly. He climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and positions himself, looking to hit the spectacular Red Comet. He propels himself through the air, his body contorting and twisting. He extends his elbow, and finds nothing but the canvas as Cooper has rolled out of the way at the last second. Cooper looks mad. Like a man possessed. He begs; pleads as Titus gets to his feet. He lunges forward and hits the Remix! He falls into the cover…



    But Titus somehow kicks out! Cooper is beside himself. He leaps up and begins to argue with the referee over the count. He has no idea how Titus got the strength to kick out of that.

    Copeland: Cooper kicks out of the Tit Drop! Titus survives the Remix! What’s it going to take to win this match?

    Cohen: An act of God, maybe? But then again this is the type of tenacity we should be expecting from our top two champions. I hope everyone in the back is watching and taking notes.

    Cooper exits the ring and throws two chairs into the ring in frustration. He chases the timekeeper from his chair and brings it back into the ring with him. He reigns blasting Titus with it, who is still recovering, but the referee prevents him. Cooper slams the steel onto the canvas, before begrudgingly handing it to the ref, feigning resistance as the ref grabs the weapon out of his hands. As the ref disposes of the chairs, he doesn’t see Cooper suddenly grab Titus by the hair and lift him to his feet. He low blows him, as Titus screams in pain! Cooper shouts at the ref, as he quickly hits another Remix. He falls into the cover as the referee counts…




    Harrys: Here is your winner by pin fall, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper!

    Copeland: What a blatant cheater! Justin Cooper is disgusting. He had to ruin this match because he couldn’t defeat Titus with his own efforts. How typical…

    Cohen: Yes, it IS typical…because it shows how much smart Cooper really is than everyone else. Titus clearly has gone soft recently. 6 months ago, he probably would have pulled something even more dastardly out of his hat to win.

    Justin tries to beat up Titus some more. Not satisfied with this victory. He ignores the ref’s protests, and grabs one of the chairs that he didn’t dispose of. He brandishes the steel and looks to cave in Titus’ skull, but the Eurasian champ ducks, as the chair bounces off the ropes and whiplashes back into the world champs face! Titus rights himself, and plants Cooper with another Tit Drop! Cooper lies motionless on the canvas as Titus grabs his title and leaves. The referee goes to hand Cooper his belt, when suddenly…


    Copeland: Oh my! Is this it? Is Kagura going to cash in? Cooper is down and out. Titus is gone. Vis Imperium aren’t here.

    Cohen: No please God, no! Cooper at least should be conscious first. This isn’t right. Isn’t this against your moral code of honor, Kagura?

    Copeland: I don’t think she cares, Jack. We might be seeing a new world champion tonight!

    Kagura Ohzora makes her way out to cheers, briefcase in hand. She slides into the ring and eyes the world champion. She looks at Cooper’s body, then at the crowd. She turns right, and then left. The crowd is giving her a huge ovation. She looks at the referee and holds the briefcase in the air before grabbing it and thrusting it forward.

    Before he can accept it, the remaining members of Vis Imperium sprint down the ramp to thunderous boo’s. Keaton and Lebelle pull Cooper out of the ring, before the trio escapes through the crowd. Kagura smirks, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before she gets what she wants.

    Copeland: What a night we have had on the road to Unscripted. Kagura has come just seconds away from cashing in that contract for a title shot and would have if not for Vis Imperium saving Justin Cooper. This Sunday, we could see the end of that relationship.

    Cohen: We could but I doubt it. We just saw Titus Avison fall to a member of Vis Imperium and I have no doubt that come Unscripted he'll fall again.

    Copeland: Thank you for being with us and remember to tune into Ascension tomorrow night. Good night, everyone!
  10. Da Prophet

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    *Matches to be announced*

    Confirmed matches:

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Justin Cooper (c) versus Constantine

    WZCW Eurasian Championship
    If Vis Imperium win whoever scoes the pinfall becomes Eurasian Champion and Blades will be forced to retire from WZCW; if Titus/Blades win than Vis Imperium must disband forever
    Titus (c) and Tyrone Blades versus Vis Imperium (Keaton/LeBelle)

    WZCW Elite Openweight Championship
    Callie Clark (c) versus Matt Tastic

    WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Randy Studd (c) versus Vox

    Kagura versus Batti

    Fatal Four Way
    Winner receives a title shot at either the Mayhem, Eurasian or Elite Championship
    Yemrez Reqonic versus War Zone versus Milenko versus Ace Stevens


    Titus versus Justin Cooper - Ech

    Constantine versus Triple X - Prophet

    Kagura versus Logan McAllister - Jeff

    Yemrez Reqonic & Ace Stevens versus War Zone & Milenko - Dagger
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