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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    The pyro comes to an end as the camera pans across the arena at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The fans are going wild as the road to Gold Rush continues and many of them are signs for their favourite superstars. Our broadcast team of Sebastian Copeland and Jack Cohen are standing by and we cut to a shot of them.

    Copeland: Welcome to WZCW Meltdown! We are so glad to have you with us for another night of action and what a line-up we have for you fans tonight. Before we get into that allow me to introduce my broadcast partner, Jack Cohen. How are you tonight, Jack?

    Cohen: I’m ready for some wrestling, Seabass! You mentioned this show having a great line-up, how about the main event? WZCW World Champion Justin Cooper is in action against The Beard. That’s a pay-per-view level match if I’ve ever seen one but we’re getting it tonight.

    Copeland: We also have a title match when Tyrone Blades defends the WZCW Mayhem Championship against Vis Imperium member, Andrew Adonis. Of course, Adonis is a manager so many have questioned why he is getting the title shot over an active competitor.

    Cohen: Losers! That’s who are questioning the brilliant mind of Mr. Banks. We know he personally put this match tonight and I think it’s fresh and innovative to say the least. Don’t get stuck in the mud like some of these viewers, Seabass. Embrace the new!

    Copeland: We’re kicking off Meltdown with some action tonight as Titus Avison, the Eurasian Champion, returns to Meltdown for the first time since retaining his title a few weeks ago!

    Cohen: The homecoming of a legend!

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall.


    Harrys: Introducing first from Rochester, Minnesota, weighing 190 pounds, Will McKay!

    As soon as the music hits, a clock starts ticking on the titantron. Will comes out after the clock ticks for about 5 seconds​. He walks down firmly staring at the ring. He gets into the ring and runs between the ropes a couple of times.

    Copeland: It would be the biggest win of Will McKay's career in WZCW if he somehow defeats EurAsian Champion Titus in this non-title match.

    Cohen: I agree but defeating a WZCW Legend like Titus in his second match itself can be attained only in his dreams. He might suffer a fate similar to his debut match where he was beaten very badly by Flex Mussel. I bet that he is nowhere near 100%.

    Copeland: I have the same doubts about his well-being. Still, as stated by Will himself in an interview with Leon Kensworth, this moment is surreal for him and he wants to make the most out of this golden opportunity.

    Cohen: Can't blame him. Facing a legend like Titus is surreal for everyone regardless of their opinions about Titus.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, He's the EurAsian Champion, Titus Avison!

    Titus comes out to the stage. He looks around and laughs at the crowd who boo him. He lifts his EurAsian Championship up and walks down the ramp slowly, much to the crowd's annoyance. He notices few "Not My Champion" banners and smirks while the boos get louder and louder. He shouts at the people with those banners.


    He climbs into the ring and does his point in cocky manner.

    Cohen: You have heard legends about this man! Now watch him.

    Copeland: Who's coming off a big loss from last week, I must add. Will McKay can take advantage of Titus' losing momentum in his favour and enter the title picture with a career defining win over Titus.

    Cohen: He lost due to cheating, dammit. For a legend like Titus, defeating Will shall be a very easy task. Stop talking pessimistic things about the longest reigning EurAsian Champion!

    Referee Elizabeth Prince signals for the bell after checking both wrestlers thoroughly.


    Will McKay immediately offers a handshake to Titus but the latter just kicks it away leading to McKay getting angry as well as upset. McKay charges at Titus aiming for a clothesline but Titus easily reverses into a Northern Lights Suplex. McKay clutches his back in pain after getting caught off guard. Titus doesn't even try to pin and mocks McKay as well as the crowd earning bunch of boos. Just when McKay is getting up, Titus nails him with a vicious European Uppercut sending him out of the ring. McKay gets up after a while but Titus hits him with a flying clothesline off the top rope to the outside. Titus mocks the crowd even more while McKay tries to recover from Titus' attack.

    Cohen: See! I already told you. Titus is one of the best WZCW wrestlers and defeating a newbie like McKay would be a walk in the park for him.

    Copeland: Titus took advantage of McKay's inexperience and is dominating the match now. But Titus should be careful about boasting too much. Carelessness can cost him a humiliating loss here.

    Cohen: That's not boasting. That's self-respecting. Humiliating loss? Well yeah, but McKay will be the one suffering a humiliating loss.

    Titus pulls McKay up grabbing his hair and sends him back inside the ring. He enters the ring but only after smirking at the crowd. Titus, upon entering the ring, is immediately hit by a Lou Thesz Press from McKay followed by punches to the face. As soon as Titus gets up, McKay hits him with a running dropkick. However, he doesn't try for a pin yet.

    Titus recovers from McKay's counter attack but McKay nails him with a Running Knee, which is one of his signature moves. McKay immediately covers Titus for the pin.


    Copeland: That was pretty close. McKay could've inserted himself straight to the title picture with this unexpected victory.

    Cohen: No way. Titus is just letting the kid be happy for a while but he'll soon defeat him.

    Copeland: Nonetheless, McKay has rebounded pretty well from the initial beat down.

    As Titus gets up taking support from the corner turnbuckle, McKay hits him with his another signature move, Enzuigiri, sending him face first into the canvas. McKay quickly tries to pin him but Titus acts smart and rolls out of the ring, much to McKay's chagrin. McKay doesn't let the frustration distract him and exits the ring.

    As soon as McKay comes in his Titus' range, the latter nails him with a nasty spinning heel kick, knocking the wind outta him. He brags about it to the crowd for a while and then sends McKay back in the ring and doesn’t waste any time in entering the ring. As McKay recovers from that hard kick, Titus grabs his hair again and pulls him up from back to execute a reverse DDT on him. The back of his head hit hard on the canvas and Titus still doesn't cover him for the pin.

    Cohen: That's the end of McKay's run today. I don't get why he isn't pinning him.

    Copeland: I wonder about the same as well.

    The crowd starts chanting "Not My Champion" while Titus measures him for his finisher Tit Drop. The Leg Drop Bulldog connects once McKay gets on his knees. Titus covers him for the pin.



    Titus raises McKay's hand himself for the kickout and smirks to the crowd who are confused but still boo him continuously.

    Copeland: What in the blue sky is Titus doing? It was all over but only if he didn't make McKay kick out on his own.

    Cohen: I don't get it either.

    Titus immediately climbs the nearest top turnbuckle and executes his another finisher, The Red Comet. The Shooting Star Corkscrew Elbow Drop is nailed on McKay's lifeless body with utter perfection. Titus covers him for the pin.


    Titus collects his EurAsian Championship while McKay is checked upon by the referee.

    Harrys: Here's your winner, EurAsian Champion, Titus Avison

    Copeland: That was another harsh loss for McKay while Titus regains some momentum after getting pinned last week.

    Cohen: Stop talking about the past when such a bright present is front of us. I did tell you that it would be an easy victory for Titus. He's just in a league above almost everyone. He's a genius as the end of the match proved.

    Copeland: Right now, I'm more worried about McKay's well being.

    Cohen: Can't blame Titus for it. It was McKay's fault. Also, stay tuned as Titus is still in the ring.
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    Titus: Ah Meltdown, where I should be. Have you lot missed me?

    The crowd boo heavily at this, Titus can only laugh.

    Titus: You mean you've missed being entertained?

    On cue the crowd shout “NO!” and boo the Hall of famer some more.

    Titus: You've missed seeing my dashingly handsome face?

    The boos are getting louder as you can hardly hear Titus' spiel. He's laughing all the way throughout.

    Titus: You've missed seeing the holder of grandest prize in WZCW?

    Of course this gets a “Not my champ” chant started.

    Titus: Five Hundred and Seventy Three days. Embrace it.

    The chant is loud and electric but Titus Avison puts his finger to his lips as if to tell the crowd to be quiet. They eventually do.

    Titus: You see, you love me really. If you truly hated everything I stood for you would not have gone quiet. So now you've shut your fat faces up I am about to announce who will be facing me at Gold Rush.

    Various names are shouted from the crowd including Vee, Beard and Gabi Clark.

    Titus: One thing that's been upsetting me is the last time I was on this great show I was defeated. By Wren.

    The crowd chant for Wren as Titus continues.

    Titus: It's what I call a fluke, a mistake. She was lucky. So Wren, Truman's got his phone there. Text him the response because you're not going to come and speak to me, are you? Not after that photo leak.

    Titus chuckles as Harrys hands Titus his phone. The phone beeps, he shows it to the camera.


    Titus: Good just as I expected. Though one thing to add, pinning me once won't do this job this time. That's right. At Gold Rush I'll be putting the grandest prize in WZCW on the line in a 2 out of 3 falls match! No luck for you this time Wren.

    Titus immediately switches the phone back and gives it to Harrys, not allowing time for Wren to reply.

    Titus' music hits as he makes his way up to the back to a plethora of boos.

    Cohen: A great start to Meltdown with Titus Avison returning to winning ways. Wren has a huge challenge in front of her.

    Copeland: Not as big a challenge as Lynx and Kagura have to get through to the Gold Rush Semi final. Before that we have a word from Andrew Adonis.
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    A beautiful sunny day outside, the sky is blue, the birds singing and a wide shot of the Georgia Museum of Art is shown. Stepping into the frame is Andrew Adonis and Xander LeBelle, both dressed in suits looking very professional. Adonis is just to the left of the entrance to the museum, he makes over the top gestures with his hands as he begins speaking.

    Adonis: Art! It is something that can only truly be appreciated by those with the mind to comprehend the hidden messages. To see beyond the first layer, the most obvious brush strokes, and look deeper into the mind, the soul, of the artist. Thousands will go through the front doors of the Georgia Museum of Art today but very few will understand what they are looking at.

    The duo begin to walk towards the museum as the camera stays just a few feet ahead of them.

    Adonis: Simple people, see only simple things and just like most professional wrestling fans, these patrons here today are ignorant to the greatness surrounding them.

    The shot transitions to Adonis and LeBelle standing near a large portrait of a man fighting a lion. A child is near the painting in awe of the piece.

    Adonis: Excuse me, child. What do you see here?

    Child: Ah, a tiger and man.

    With a look of contempt Adonis snorts loudly.

    Adonis: As I expected. Ignorance is wide here in the South. Not only the adults but it appears the children have been infected. Such a shame that art like this piece, the finest work done by the great Sully El’deleto, ‘A Fierce Bar Mitzvah’, will go unappreciated in this place.

    A flicker of sadness comes across the face of Adonis.

    Adonis: You people often fail to see greatness when it stands before your very eyes. My client, Xander LeBelle, is indeed the greatest mind in all the world! He has been nothing short of excellent since joining the wrestling federation last year. Tonight, he will watch as I, Andrew Adonis, step into the wrestling ring once again to remove a stain on this company. To cleanse the world of a tiny bit of ignorance, and it is my hope, that when I defeat Tyrone Blades, that greatness may start to be recognised when it stands before even the most ignorant.

    LeBelle: He wants to start a revolution. To draw not only the fans but the locker room into a war. Is that what you people want to see? This isn’t a war you can win and tonight is only the beginning of Tyrone’s fall. First we will take his Mayhem Championship and then I’ll put him down for good. No more mythical powers, no more lights flickering on and off, no more chaos to be had. Your time is up, Tyrone.

    The duo share a sly smirk. Adonis reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigar, he lights it and hands it over to LeBelle who enjoys a long drag.

    Adonis: You will recognise greatness tonight. All of you.

    LeBelle: With love.

    Adonis: From Vis Imperium.

    The segment comes to an end as LeBelle blows a puff of smoke at the camera, completely engulfing the shot and making it impossible to see either of the two men.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a SECOND round match in the GOLD RUSH TOURNAMENT! Introducing first.....


    Harrys: From Ise, Mie, Japan weighing in at 160 pounds....Kagura!

    After a few moments she makes her way to the stage admist pink lights that look like a thousand falling cherry blossoms. She stands there looking out at the audience before she slowly walks down the aisle, stoping occasionally to bow to her fans out of respect. When she she steps into the ring she gives the ref a small bow and waits for her opponent.

    Copeland: When you talk about fierce competitors in WZCW, you cannot look past the name Kagura, Jack.

    Cohen: No doubt about it, Kagura can defeat anyone in this company. The reason she's here in round two is no joke Seabass, she knocked off Vis Imperium slugger Mark Keaton in round one and she is on a roll in WZCW. Lynx better have a plan for this match or he won't be getting by her!

    Harrys: And her opponent.....

    Harrys: He is from Times Unknown, weighing in at 204 pounds...Lynx!!

    Lynx walks out onto the entrance ramp looking down at the ground for a few seconds as a countdown clock ticks down 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.... Then he looks into the audience and pyro goes off as the fans cheer. Blue, purple, and green lights flash throughout the arena. He enthusiastically asks a fan when he passes them down the entrance ramp if they know what time it is. He then yells "It's TIME to beat Kagura!" into the camera and continues down the entrance ramp into the ring where he poses at the top of the turnbuckles.

    Cohen: Listen Seabass, this guy is a guardian of the space time continuum, so obviously he's cheating.

    Copeland: What are you talking about?

    Cohen: Don't be fooled man, this guy is jumping ahead in time, seeing that he lost, then jumping back at the point where he lost the match and correcting his mistakes! There's no way anyone stands a chance with this massive cheater in WZCW!

    Copeland: I think you've been reading too many Dr. Trek books Jack.

    Referee Akiyama does a quick check for foreign objects on both wrestlers then points to the timekeeper....

    DING!!! DING!!!

    Kagura and Lynx circle each other slowly, both get in close and raise their hands for a lock up but Lynx turns it down to circle again. He takes a step towards her but she's ready with a hard stomp to Lynx's foot, he yells and when he bends over he's caught with a throat thrust! In one quick motion Kagura spins around and drops Lynx with a spinning leg sweep! Lynx immediately kips up but is dropped again with a side kick to the face! SMACK! Kagura bounces off the ropes and drops down with a falling knee drop but Lynx rolls out of the way and kip ups again. He rushes towards her and attacks with two quick punches, but she blocks both and counters with a hard chop that Lynx dodges by leaning back, he throws a front kick that Kagura corkscrew dodges sideways and nails Lynx with a spinning back fist, he bounces off the ropes and nails her with a dropkick right to her chest! She falls down hard and rolls out of the ring, much to the delight of the crowd.

    Copeland: Wow! What a quick start by these two here tonight! Not wasting any time with the offense!

    Cohen: What a hard dropkick by Lynx! I bet he's done that six times in this timeline and that's the first time it connected. I'm telling you Copeland, he's using that continuum to cheat here!

    Copeland: Kagura getting back in the ring here...

    Kagura stops the count at five as she slides back in the ring. She stretches her neck and gives Lynx a small bow of respect and a knowing smirk. Lynx doesn't offer a bow and runs with a missed clothesline and another missed punch, Kagura counters with a lightning fast palm strike to the face followed by two quick knee strikes to the stomach and a quick knee to his head! The crowd give a collective ooooh at the hard strikes by Kagura. Lynx staggers to the corner after getting another two hard knees to the stomach. Kagura runs to the other side of the ring then charges at Lynx, she flies through the air and CRACKS! him right in the face with another flying knee! Lynx falls face first to the mat. She covers him...



    Lynx kicks out. Applause from the crowd. Kagura wastes no time and locks up Lynx in a key lock armbar! He desperately wraps his legs around the ropes before the submission move can do any real damage. Kagura leaves the hold applied and stares at a young fan holding a - Lynx Rules- sign. She applies more pressure as ref Akiyama yells at her and starts counting for her to break the hold. 1....2....3...Come on Kagura! Break the hold! 4..... Kagura releases the hold and a smattering of boo's follows her heel-like actions. She jumps to her feet, she watches Lynx stand up and nails him with another hard knee to the stomach. He falls to the mat, she bounces off of the ropes and connects with a knee drop to his face! She quickly applies a head scissors! Squeezing his temples with her legs! Lynx is struggling and trying to break her grip but her legs are too powerful!

    Cohen: That looks really bad for Lynx Seabass! He better break that hold before he passes out!

    Copeland: How is he going to do it though? Kagura has really powerful legs! This could be the end for Lynx here!

    Referee Akiyama checks on Lynx's arms, they are starting to get noodle-like, he lifts his arm and it falls to the mat....1.....he grabs Lynx's arm and lifts it again......2..... he grabs it and lifts it...IT FALLS but it lands on her leg and he reaches around and grabs her knee!

    Let's go Lynx!! Let's go LYNX!!! Let's go LYNX!!!

    Lynx starts to shake and get blood flowing by kicking and pushing his legs, he twists both of them around on the mat, he jumps to his feet and breaks the hold by wrapping both arms around her legs, he does a reverse catapult throw RIGHT OVER THE TOP ROPES!! Kagura does a backflip and lands hard on her stomach on the outside of the ring! Lynx takes a moment to recover in the ring. Kagura rolls to her back, looking knocked out on the outside of the ring. Ref Akiyama starts counting.

    Copeland: That was a very hard fall Kagura took over the ropes, she could be injured here!

    Cohen: Look at this! Lynx is getting on the top rope! What is he planning here?!

    Lynx looks at the fans as they approve of him standing on the turnbuckle, he jumps and does a PHEONIX SPLASH to the outside of the ring right on to Kagura!!!! He bounces off of her and rolls around holding his ribs.


    Referee Akiyama looks bewildered at what he just witnessed, he remembers his job and starts counting...


    Lynx stirs and starts grabbing at the edges of the announce table, but his grip slips and he falls back to the mat holding his ribs. Kagura hasn't moved since getting thrown out of the ring.


    Lynx gets to his feet, he quickly rolls in the ring!


    Kagura rolls in after him! Cheer!!! The fans applaud her efforts after taking a huge hit from the Phoenix Splash. Lynx grabs her and pulls her into a small package... 1....2... Kagura kicks out. Kagura hits Lynx with a weak elbow strike, he fires back with a punch, she's too weak to block it so Lynx fires off punch after punch until she falls to the mat. He climbs to the top ropes. He jumps backwards into a beautiful moonsault!! Kagura raises her knees and catches him right in the chin, he rolls to the middle of the ring holding his face. Kagura has an evil expression on her face as she stands up, she marches over and digs her claws into the side of Lynx's neck and wraps her legs around his torso! He screams in pain as she digs in the nerve. His face immediately starts changing color.

    Copeland: Look out! What a combination of submission holds here, the body scissors and nerve grip! Lynx HAS to get out of this right now or he's in BIG trouble!

    Cohen: Don't worry about it Seabass! Lynx has been in this point of time already! He's had this hold applied numerous times in the continuum so he knows how to get out of this! The cheater!

    Copeland: Will you shut up with that already?

    Lynx rolls to his stomach but she still has the hold tightly applied, he uses his superior power to stand right up. He runs and desperately launches both of them right over the top rope! They crash to the floor on the outside and the crowd collectively gasp at another hard landing in this match.


    Both get to their feet at the same time and lean on the ring apron to balance themselves, the wear and tear of the match showing on both their faces...


    Both slowly roll into the ring. They stand in front of each other for a moment as the crowd start to cheer them on. Lynx reaches out his hand for a handshake. Kagura looks at the crowd for a response on what to do, they all plead for her to shake his hand. She smiles and ......

    Second Dance of Yamatohime no Mikoto – Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex

    Sends Lynx crashing to the mat! The crowd boo loudly! She picks up Lynx by the hair, she stands him up and watches him stumble on his feet. She smiles again and puts her hands together.....

    Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami – Two Fisted Heart Punch

    .....but Lynx swats both fists away with his forearms and connects with a Kick to the Future!! Superkick! Quickly followed by the pin...1.....2.....

    Kagura barely puts her foot on the rope! Lynx jumps up unaware and celebrates the victory by raising his arms. Referee Akiyama walks over and pulls down his arms, he argues with the ref, giving Kagura enough time to get her wits about her and get to her knees. Lynx steps away from the ref but takes a hard kick to the kneecap, he bends over and Kagura jumps over him and rolls him up in a sunset flip!! 1......2..... Lynx rolls back and lifts her legs, he quickly catapults her, she flies and LANDS right on the top rope using incredible balance, Lynx quickly dropkicks the rope, sending Kagura crashing straight down on the top of her head!!! THUMP!!!! Lynx immediately looks worried and looks at the ref.

    Copeland: (hushed) Oh my god! Oh my god Jack, that has to be the worst landing I've ever seen. She could have a broken neck here.

    Cohen: All joking aside Seabass, you're right. We need somebody out here right now. Get the paramedics out here! As we watch this replay....(replay shows the really bad landing right on the top of her head and her neck twisting in a weird angle) No, no this is a bad one Seabass! Somebody get out here right now!

    Lynx reluctantly covers Kagura for the pin. 1.....2......3! He doesn't celebrate and the match announcement isn't made as paramedics rush the ring and fill the inside of it in a panic. The ref moves aside so they can check on her.

    Lynx walks to the back with a concerned expression. The commentators are standing and the crowds are deadly silent as the paramedics do their jobs. After a few moments they bring the stretcher into the ring. Kagura hasn't moved. They put her on the stretcher. She suddenly cracks a medic in the neck with a chop! She throws another one with a quick judo toss! The crowds explode as a wash of relief is felt in the arena. She throws elbows and knees at the remaining medics as they clear the ring. She's holding the back of her head and the crowd are giving her a big standing ovation. She responds with a wave and a smile.
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    Backstage we see the Beard pacing around, he stops as he looks up. He sees Vee A.D.Z. And both look at each other intently. Beard offers a hand out.

    Beard: No hard feelings bud.

    Vee: Definitely not.

    Vee returns the hand shake back.

    Beard: Best of luck tonight man, I hate VI more than most people. I know you've got what it takes to upset Keaton.

    Vee: I was going to say the same to you about Cooper. Funny how things turn out.

    Beard: We can be part of this crusade, we can end them. Then you can do what you're made to do.

    Vee: What's that?

    Beard: Get some gold!

    Vee laughs.

    Vee: Thanks man.

    Vee walks off leaving Beard to pace once again.
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    We cut to a hallway backstage as Leon Kensworth is standing by a locker room door.

    Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time.... Lynx!

    Lynx walks onscreen and stands next to Leon.

    Leon: Lynx, you were victorious tonight against Kagura. Many of the fans had picked Kagura as one of the favorites to win the whole tournament. Your thoughts on this big win?

    Lynx: Well to be honest, Leon, I knew I was going to win tonight before I even came to WZCW.

    Leon: How so?

    Lynx: I'm not from this timeline. I came back from the future. The Gold Rush Tournament must proceed with the correct results still taking place, in order for me to watch over a fixed point in time at the Gold Rush pay-per-view. Otherwise we come closer to the disaster I was sent back to prevent. I'm just glad I was able to ensure that the right results took place.

    Kensworth is visibly shocked.

    Leon: What? What do you mean by that?

    Lynx: Let's just say my work here is far from being done.

    Neither speak for a moment.

    Leon: You stated you already knew you would win tonight. Does that mean you already know who will win the tournament? Is it Eve Taylor?

    Lynx: Come on now, Leon. You know I can't spoil that! The time space continuum is a very fragile thing. Trust me.

    Lynx pauses for a moment before leaving the hallway.

    Leon: Coming up next we have another Gold Rush Tournament match. Stay tuned.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a second round match of the Gold Rush Tournament!

    Harrys: Introducing first from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

    Lights go out as soon as the entrance theme starts playing. A dark-orchid colored light starts flickering around all over the entire arena. After a while, it converts into a single spotlight on the entrance ramp when Yemrez runs towards on the stage. The crowd cheers, Yemrez makes the belt motion with her hands and then sprints down to the ring. She then removes her hoodie after entering the ring and makes a "heart" sign with her hands to the audience which results in a cheer from them. She sits on the lower rope with crossed legs and anxiously waits for her opponent.

    Copeland: This young lady has embraced the good fight against Vis Imperium over the past few weeks. Now, she stands in the final eight of the Gold Rush tournament after joining the company not that long again. It would be an impressive feat if she were to upset former Elite Openweight Champion, Xander LeBelle here tonight. I for one, would love to see that occur.

    Cohen: Don’t be a fool, Seabass! This nosy woman put step out of place last week when she bad mouthed her superiors. LeBelle is going to set the record straight with this wannabe. She has no place in the final eight of the Gold Rush Tournament and certainly not in the Final Four. This will be over quickly, mark my words.

    Copeland: It’ll take a lot from the youngster but she believes that it can be done. We’ve all heard her talking loudly recently about helping drive Vis Imperium from WZCW. I don’t know if she can do it but a victory here tonight would be a step in that direction. A huge blow it would be if Yemrez knocked off LeBelle tonight.

    Cohen: Not going to happen, Seabass!

    Returning to the squared circle, Harrys steps forward with the microphone in his hand.

    Harrys: We ask you all, at this time for near perfect silence so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance.

    The crowd are hardly happy with that request and begin to boo very loudly and only get louder when the tron and music kicks in. The usual wait for the crowd to reach silence is extended but alas nothing changes and they maintain a consistent stream of boos.

    With a lit cigar in his mouth, and gold tipped cane in his hands, Xander enters the arena hands tucked to his side. Leaning up against nearest back wall, he stops to take a few puffs of his cigar while scanning the arena through his bottle glasses.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from The City of Light, and weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds, representing Vis Imperium… he is 'The World's Greatest Mind' Xander LeBelle.

    After dropping his cigar ash to the floor, he puts the cigar back in his mouth and strolls to the ring, dropping off his cane to lean it on the apron as he enters the ring. Yemrez looks to approach him but the official jumps between and orders her back to the corner. The crowd have reached a roar of boos now as LeBelle hands his cigar and glasses to the referee, never minding to share a glance with his opponent.

    Cohen: That is what a superstar looks like. If I were building a professional wrestler it may very well be an exact copy of the man you see standing in that ring. The former Elite Openweight Champion, the rightful champion, a member of Vis Imperium and a hero to those who know a damn thing about wrestling. He is exactly the type of person we need succeeding and moving on in this tournament. We should all be cheering him on tonight.

    Copeland: These fans in the arena and those at home would disagree with you, Jack. Some would say that new blood is exactly what we need at the moment. LeBelle and Vis Imperium have run riot over this company and the rebirth of the faction last week only strengthened the rebellion swelling her in the company. Fans and wrestlers alike will not sit by and be attacked at will by this group. Change is coming, Jack.

    Cohen: Oh please, those idiots couldn’t mount a resistance to Mr. Banks and Vis Imperium. What will happen tonight is that LeBelle will win and send Yemrez back to the undercard and serving drinks at the local bar. We will see how quickly people want to rise up after that happens, Seabass!

    Inside the ring, LeBelle has fully removed all unnecessary items and turns his attention to Yemrez. The two competitors exchange a look, Yemrez not backing down and she approaches the Vis Imperium member with her head held high and a bounce in her step. An arrogant laugh is all she gets from Xander as he takes a step backwards and asks the referee, rather politely, to ring the bell.

    *DING DING*​

    Xander begins slowly making his way around the outer edge of the ring while Yemrez holds her position. A man who has refused to fight women previously, it’s now fight one or be eliminated from Gold Rush. He extends a hand for a test of strength, Yemrez accepts and reaches out only for LeBelle to rake the eyes! Blinded, Yemrez stumbles and is hit with a couple of knife edge chops to the chest. Backed up against the ropes now is Yemrez, she rubs her eyes and regains her vision only to see a boot smack her in the face and send the lady to the outside of the ring. LeBelle throws his hands up in the air and smirks, the big boot connecting right on the money, and now he exits the ring to follow up. The fans at ringside shout some curses at Xander but he ignores them, picking Yemrez up and slamming her face first into the barricade. With the pace of the match in his control, Xander stalks his opponent and drives a boot into the side of her body.

    Wary of the referee’s count, Xander slides back into the ring and makes it so that Yemrez has to get her own way back into the ring. She does so at a count of eight and Xander is quick to pounce with a combination of elbows to the head. Completely feeling himself is the Vis Imperium member and he continues this assault by slinging Yemrez into the ropes. She stops herself from rebounding, grabbing the ropes before she went back and this forces Xander to charge forward with a clothesline. Yemrez counters, ducking with the matrix evasion, arching her back and returning to a vertical base before returning fire with a running body block which knocks Xander down to the mat. It isn’t for long as LeBelle bounces up in a huff, furious he let himself get knocked down, and he charges again but Yemrez goes low with a low-angle shoulder block and again LeBelle goes down. Before he can get up, Yemrez strikes with a leaping double foot stomp and hooks the leg. 1… Kick Out!

    Copeland: Xander is rushing into this match far too much if he wants to win. He had control when he was taking his time but now he is soon rushed that he is making mistakes.

    Cohen: Yemrez got lucky with a couple of shoulder blocks. Nothing to be worried about at all, Seabass. This is surely all in his master plan.

    Rolling away is Yemrez, getting to her feet across the ring and she waits for Xander to pull himself up to a vertical base. He is clearly flustered; Yemrez on the other hand is focused and runs forward executing a dropkick in the back which sends Xander into the corner. She springs back to her feet, stomps her feet to fire up the crowd sprints forward with a handspring elbow smash! Big pop from the crowd as Xander nearly falls out from the corner, his head now ringing from the stiff shot, Yemrez grabs him and lifts Xander off his feet before connecting with the Elongated Ride To Estonia (Spinning Backbreaker Rack)! The crowd counts along as Yemrez hooks the leg for the cover off the major signature move. 1… 2… Kick Out! Too soon to be counting chickens as LeBelle gets the shoulder off the mat and smartly rolls across the ring into a corner.

    This forces Yemrez to chase after him and when she bends down to grab him, Xander gets a handful of tights and yanks Yemrez hard towards the turnbuckle where she hits it face first. Xander slips out behind, turns around and lifts Yemrez up – Butterfly Suplex! Xander hooks both legs as he goes for the cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! Xander can’t help but question the referee after the count, only then does he drag Yemrez into the middle of the ring and deliver a few stiff kicks to her. Now on her knees, Yemrez is battered with kicks and tries to block one but Xander wiggles free, then shifts into delivering two hard knees – followed by a third at full sprint which smacks Yemrez in the head. Again, Xander goes for the cover. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Cohen: When there is something on the line Xander LeBelle can out wrestle a woman just as easily as he can a man.

    Copeland: Yemrez is going to have to shift the pace if she wants to win this match. She cannot allow Xander to control it.

    Back on his feet, Xander wipes his face and steps onto the body of Yemrez. He then leans down and picks her up, connects with a throat thrust followed by a snap DDT! It plants Yemrez down onto the canvas, Xander smirks and calls for the referee as he rolls his opponent over. 1… 2… Kick Out! Frustration building for Xander as he sits up on the canvas, slapping Yemrez across the face rather hard. A few moments later, Xander pulls Yemrez into the middle of the ring and goes for a hard shin kick but Yemrez grabs the leg and pulls him forward into a lariat! Her head still ringing from the DDT, everything a little blurred as Yemrez delivers a double palm strike to LeBelle while he looks up at her from his knees. She then runs back and rebounds off the ropes, LeBelle still on his knees and executes Nigh The Bliss (Running Double Knee Strike)! LeBelle is bowled over and could be out as Yemrez makes the cover. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Feeling momentum shift in her favour, Yemrez pulls Xander to his feet, he tries to take control with a knee but she blocks it with her forearm and counters with a corkscrew neckbreaker. Yemrez goes for another cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! The crowd now fully behind her and very vocal, Yemrez gets to her feet and moves over into the corner. She watches as LeBelle crawls towards the ropes, inching closer and pulls himself up off the canvas. Sensing this is her chance, Yemrez charges forward and hits Nigh The Bliss (Running Double Knee Strike) for the second time in the match! Xander tumbles to the outside of the ring however – thereby making it so that Yemrez cannot go for a pin which would have surely won her the match.

    Copeland: What a tough break for Yemrez to have hit one of her best moves for the second time but LeBelle fell to the outside of the ring.

    Cohen: It’s his brilliance, Seabass! I told you he wasn’t going to lose this encounter.

    On the outside of the ring, Xander rubs the back of his head. The knees stunning him badly and the fall causing a considerable amount of damage to his body. No rest for the weary as Yemrez exits the ring and grabs Xander, punching him into the face a few times before throwing him back into the ring. While Xander rolls further into the ring, Yemrez takes the chance to climb to the top rope and looks ready to fly. The crowd stand up and show their support as Yemrez goes for a splash but Xander gets his knees up! Yemrez crashes and burns as Xander gets to his feet, shakes his head clear, and pulls Yemrez into position for the STO – and transitions into the Koji Clutch!

    Cohen: I told you! I told you all! LeBelle is going to made this pretender tap out right here on Meltdown. You can kiss the second round goodbye.

    But the match is not over just yet as Yemrez struggles, refusing to tap out. LeBelle pulls with all he has trying to get this match to the finish. Yemrez’s hand is in the air and nearly comes down to the mat but stops just an inch away. With one last attempt, Yemrez twists and turns – breaking free of the Koji Clutch and surviving a near tournament ending situation. Both get to their feet at near the same time, Xander hits a right hand, Yemrez a kick to the stomach, Xander a hard shin strike and Yemrez shoves him back into the ropes before attempting a shoulder block. Suddenly Xander ducks out of the way, moves behind her and hits a forearm to the spine. He then pulls Yemrez close and executes a neckbreaker, gets back to his feet and lines up his shot as Yemrez pushes herself off the canvas – The Rose’s Thorn (Curb Stomp)!

    But Yemrez rolls out of the way and Xander stomps nothing but air. Quickly, he turns around and swings at Yemrez but she arches her back in matrix fashion to avoid every single shot. Xander yells at her to stop bloody moving but gets punched right in the jaw for a response. Yemrez runs towards the turnbuckle as LeBelle is stunned, quickly ascends the turnbuckle and leaps off towards her opponent – Upshot (Diving Corkscrew Stunner)! At the last second LeBelle shoves her away and Yemrez lands on her back, rolling over onto her stomach seconds later and Xander waists no time in running forward. He leaps into the air – The Rose’s Thorn! As he is in the air, Yemrez spins free and catches a falling Xander LeBelle, his arms flailing around in the air, in position for the Stunner! Yemrez hooks the leg. 1… 2… 3!

    Copeland: Unbelievable!

    Cohen: No freaking way.

    Copeland: We have seen the upset of the tournament tonight. Yemrez Reqonic has defeated the former Elite Openweight Champion and current member of Vis Imperium; Xander LeBelle. It was back and forth in the final moments but Yemrez caught him in a modified version of her finisher. That stunner can come out of nowhere, Jack.

    Cohen: What the hell just happened? Do you know what this means? No member of Vis Imperium has a chance to win Gold Rush!

    While everyone is in complete and utter shock, Harrys moves into position for the official announcement.

    Harrys: Your winner and advancing in the Gold Rush tournament Yemrez Reqonic!

    The world has been put on notice tonight as Yemrez Reqonic defeats Xander LeBelle fair and square in the middle of the ring. The unthinkable has happened and Yemrez will go into next week as a member of the final four. As the crowd cheer her on, Yemrez stands in the middle of the ring pondering what is to come.

    Her fight for the good guys leading her this far but can she complete the journey and claim the World Championship? Meanwhile, LeBelle scurries up the ramp, covering his face from the embarrassment as fans taunt him. A final shot of Yemrez standing proudly with her hands in the air is shown before we take a commercial break.
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    In the depths of the arena, somewhere down below, amongst the cold steel and dirty floors covered with gunk and grime, we find the WZCW Mayhem Champion leaning against a wall. His head pressed against the cold surface, his black baseball bat by his side and the championship hanging from his other hand. The camera zooms in on his face, the grizzled beard covering most of his face while the shadows engulf what is left uncovered.

    Blades: You can only speak about causing change for so long before the words become empty. Only so much talking I can stand to do anyway and even less that I care to listen to.

    The baseball bat is rattled against the floor as Blades slowly turns around.

    Blades: Vis Imperium, the time for talking has finally reached a conclusion. Four puppets and one master. Four little pigs and one big bad wolf. Four puppies and one bitch!

    He slumps down against the hard concrete, the bat spinning in his hands.

    Blades: Adonis, you speak of art like this is a painting. The only artwork you’re going to see tonight is your blood spilt on the canvas of the ring. When by bat cracks the side of your skull. You might stand on the sidelines as a manager. That might be how you justify it to yourself while you sleep. Thinking that just because you watch as Banks and his lap dogs do their bidding, attacking those who are unable to defend themselves, that you’re in the clear. That you are somehow untainted by their filth.

    Slowly, Blades lifts his head and his eyes burn with animosity.

    Blades: Your part in this mess, that has become WZCW, is just as corrupt as the others. You have sat by and let the crooks at the top of this business run wild like this is a dictatorship. No, around here you earn your spot by getting between the ropes and fighting. Not by sucking up to the boss and kissing ass while you have dinner at fancy restaurants.

    He pauses for a moment, lifting the Mayhem Championship onto his shoulder.

    Blades: Andrew, you will be the first to fall. Tonight, I deliver the first blow to the empire you lot have created. I begin the revolution. I call to arms everybody whoever has been wronged by the pathetic, cowardly and punk ass fuckers that call themselves Vis Imperium!

    Suddenly, Blades stands up and rushes the camera. He grabs it with his hand and brings it close to his face.

    Blades: The inmates are revolting, Banks! The riot is starting and you are not so untouchable as you believe. Tonight, Adonis falls and then I’m coming for Xander. Oh, I’m coming for LeBelle. Mark my words, after your manager is in hospital unable to piss, shit or eat anything without a straw, I’m coming for you!

    He steps back and then smashes the camera with a stiff shot from the baseball bat. The feed cuts out as we hear the sound of Tyrone’s foot steps.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a two-on-one handicap match, scheduled for one fall!


    The Remarkable One walks out onto the stage with the crowd booing his arrival. He does not seem fazed by the reception he receives as he breathes in the atmosphere with a big sneer on his face, before walking down the ramp. As he does so, he passes by with his air guitar, and whipping out some sick silent licks, much to the dismay of the crowd. Anybody who criticises his epic riffing skills gets a mouthful of insults from Keaton.

    Harrys: Introducing first, now residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 225 pounds... "the Remarkable" Mark Keaton!

    Cohen: Even after losing the first round of the Gold Rush tournament, Mark Keaton still remains his confident self. How does the man keep such a positive outlook on life? He certainly lives up to his remarkable moniker, because such optimism is indeed remarkable.

    Copeland: Maybe it has to do with the fact that Mark Keaton has been rewarded with a handicap match tonight, thanks to his connections with the World champion and the boss of the company?

    Cohen: What blasphemy is this? No need to be a Debbie Downer, Seabass. All Keaton wants to do is bounce back.

    Keaton takes his time walking up the steps, and entering the ring, making sure everybody soaks in the presence of the Remarkable One. He continues to air guitar, and gives lip to anybody who offends him in any manner. He catches eyes with referee Katy Shepard, the same referee who called his Gold Rush tournament match from last week, and warns her to do her job correctly.


    Gabi Clark paces very slowly to the top of the ramp, cosplaying as the powerful Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman. When she gets to the top, she kneels down on one knee, and bows her head down. She lifts her hands towards the sky, asking for guidance from Athena, before standing tall for everyone to witness her.

    Harrys: His tag team partner, from New York, New York, weighing 170 pounds... Gabi Clark!

    Copeland: Out of all the potential partners to assign Mark Keaton tonight, Gabi Clark was the last person I would expect. She's had her differences with Vis Imperium in the past, and it is very rare for Gabi to be seen without her sister in her corner.

    Cohen: Gabi Clark is coming out here making a statement by appearing as Wonder Woman, and all you can manage to say is that she isn't a great tag team partner? What about Gabi empowering herself tonight by showing everybody that she is as strong, and as difficult to defeat, as Wonder Woman?

    Copeland: I just find this pairing extremely odd, and I fail to understand why another member of Vis Imperium isn't in the corner of Keaton, especially after Mark's involvement in Gabi's match against Matt Tastic in the first round of the tournament. Doesn't that strike you as odd?

    Clark enters the ring, and poses for everybody, taking the spotlight away from Keaton. The Remarkable One does not take too kindly to Gabi being the centre of attention, and, in fact, finds the cosplay a little quirky. Gabi catches him out the corner of his eye, and stares him down. Keaton puts his hands up, showing he means no harm. Gabi is disgusted by Keaton, and waves at him to back off.


    The crowd lets out a large cheer for the arrival of Vee A.D.Z, who performs her signature taunt: he rotates around on one leg before completing a somersault in the air, bouncing up from the ramp and raising his hands high. The crowd continues to cheer after that display of athleticism as he stares down both of his opponents in the ring.

    Harrys: And their opponent, from Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds... Vee! A! D! Z!

    Cohen: I am looking forward to this match. Vee deserves this encounter for the crimes he has committed against the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Copeland: Crimes? What crimes? Since when has beating the World champion on two separate occasions warrant a handicap match? This is all because the World champion is Justin Cooper, who is in cahoots with Mr. Banks, and together, they created this punishment for Vee.

    Cohen: So many conspiracies with you, Seabass. No, Vee is being put in this handicap match because he has disgraced the World title. How dare Vee beat the World champion, then follow up by falling short in the first round of the Gold Rush tournament. Vee almost lowered the prestige of the title from his selfish actions, and deserves this as punishment. I am so glad Cooper is our champion, and is doing his absolute best to make the World title great again.

    Vee does not waiver in his approach to the ring, entering it whilst both Gabi & Mark stand their ground. Vee stands in the middle, darting eyes are both of his opponents with a look of determination. Gabi does her best intimidation stare as her cosplay of Wonder Woman, whilst Keaton can do nothing but laugh at Vee for being pathetic. Mark pats Gabi on the back, and instructs Gabi to head to the corner. Gabi's concentration breaks, and becomes disgusted by Keaton touching her. She warns Keaton not to do that again, but Keaton gives off a sneer. Gabi reluctantly turns to the corner, and referee Katy Shepard begins the match.


    Vee gets his hands up in a position whereby he is ready for a wrestling match, and ready for a fight. Keaton continues his sneering at Vee, almost laughing at Vee's stance. He walks towards Vee, reaching for his pocket, but before he can execute, referee Katy Shepard intervenes. She catches him with a foreign object on his person, rips it from him, and warns him about such usage. Keaton argues with the referee as she goes to remove the object, allowing Vee to capitalise with a standing high angle dropkick! Keaton is surprised, and knocked down to the mat. Keaton attempts to get up, scrambling to his feet, but Vee is already in position, and lands a 720 Guvyer kick right on the chin of Keaton. The Remarkable one falls to the canvas whilst Vee performs a kip-up, showing off his impressive feats to the crowd. Keaton looks at Vee in disgust as he backs away quickly to the corner. Vee smiles and throws his hands in the air, receiving more adulation from the crowd. Keaton blames the referee for his horrible start, and blind tags Gabi Clark into the match, much to her confusion. Keaton instructs Gabi to get into the ring to fight, as he gets on the apron.

    Copeland: Keaton wants none of what Vee is dishing out. Vee looks on fire.

    Cohen: If it wasn't for the referee's incompetence, Keaton wouldn't have been taken by surprise.

    Gabi gets in the ring, and she stands tall up against Vee. She wants to go with the traditional wrestling start, and she places a hand in the air for a test of strength. Vee obliges, and the two competitors look to battle it out with their power. Gabi begins losing the exchange as Vee bends her hands. Channeling her inner wonder woman-esque strength, Gabi manages to out-power Vee, and brings him to his knees. Vee does his best, but Gabi is just too strong for him to over power. She slowly traps both arms of Vee, and hits him with a serious of slow, methodical headbutts. After the fifth shot, Gabi lets go and leaves Vee in a daze. She runs the ropes, and comes at Vee with a running back elbow, knocking him down. She covers...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    and a kick-out by Vee.

    Vee attempts to get out of the way, but Gabi uses her strength advantage to grab the leg of Vee, and drag him into the corner. She brings him up to a standing position, and Vee is still a little woozy. Gabi backs across the other side of the ring, and nails Vee with a stinger splash. She asks Keaton for a tag, but he flatly refuses. Annoyed at Keaton, she insists on making the tag. Keaton continues to not accept getting into the ring. In his defiance, Gabi slaps Keaton across the back, and blind tags him in.

    Copeland: A little communication issues happening on the advantaged side.

    Cohen: Growing pains, Seabass. Gabi isn't used to a tag team partner that isn't her sister, and Keaton isn't used to a non-Vis Imperium member.

    Clark headlocks Vee and attempts to deliver a bulldog to finish off her combination, but Vee pushes Gabi away, launching her into the air. She lands backside first, and clutches at it as she rolls out of the ring. Keaton is arguing with the referee that he isn't the legal man, but Katy Shepard is having none of his attitude. Vee recovers, and grabs Keaton by the neck, bringing him into the ring the hard way. Vee waits for Keaton to get to his feet, and goes for a single legged dropkick. Keaton, however, manages to dodge the attack, and as Vee looks to get up, Keaton rakes the eyes of Vee blatantly in the vision of the referee. Shepard gets to a count of 4 before Keaton lets go. Vee screams in pain, checking his eyes, as Keaton taunts the crowd that are booing him heavily for his actions. Keaton's smirk comes back, and informs the referee he did nothing wrong. As Vee attempts to get up, Keaton hits him with some snap jabs. Every time Vee gets up, he gets a snap jab that brings him back down. Keaton tries one more time, but Vee goes to block; yet, Keaton feigned the snap jab, and quickly scoops Vee up for a body slam. Keaton points to his head, signalling he is the smarter person, before going for a cocky pin attempt...

    ... 1
    ... and a kick-out.

    Keaton looks at referee Shepard with disgust, before applying a headlock.

    Cohen: This ref Katy should learn to count at the proper speed. It felt like a long one count. I could have counted to three in that time she recorded one.

    Copeland: She's officiated more matches than you have, Jack. I believe Keaton expects Vee to not be any sort of challenge.

    The crowd gets behind Vee as he rises to his feet, deliver a few elbow shots to create some space between himself and Keaton, but Keaton manages a knee strike to Vee, stopping his offense. Keaton backs Vee towards the ropes, sending him across the ring. He bends over, looking for a back body drop. He launches Vee, but he manages to flip mid-air, land on his feet, and grab Keaton with a waist clutch. He pushes Keaton towards the ropes with forces, and rebounds off. Keaton manages a tag with Gabi before Vee rolls Keaton up in position, looking for a pin. Before referee Shepard can explain to Vee that Keaton is not the legal competitor, Gabi clocks Vee with an Axe Handle smash to the face. Keaton exits the ring, and Clark covers...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out by Vee.

    Copeland: No matter what Vee attempts, Gabi & Keaton find a way to stop him in his tracks.

    Cohen: The pressure of being in a two-on-one situation, with both members of the two team being tough competitors. I'm not sure a better competitor would do well, let alone Vee!

    Gabi, who is feeling a little more confident in this match with her tag team partner, begins to smile a little, and pose for the audience. They reject Gabi's ability to taunt as wonder woman, and this annoys Gabi. She turns to Vee, and delivers a palm strike to him, staggering him. She goes behind Vee, locks in her arms around his waist, and hits a German suplex! Gabi holds on, and does her absolute best to get Vee to his feet. It takes him a little longer than expected, for Vee isn't exactly co-operating with Gabi. She lifts him up again, and hits the second German suplex. Completely out of it, Vee lies on the canvas gasping for air. Clark tries lifting Vee up, but it is taking all of her strength to do so, bit by bit. Gabi darts a look to Keaton, asking him for help, but he feigns recovery, and tells her to do it. Gabi, annoyed, digs deep and brings Vee to a standing position. She takes a deep breath, and goes to lift... but Vee blocks. Fuming, Gabi tries again but Vee blocks again. She goes for one more time, but noticing that Gabi's arms are not positioned well, Vee charges the ropes with Gabi, and ducks at the last second, sending the Clark sister straight to the outside. Keaton tries to get into the ring, but Vee pops up, smacking Keaton with a southpaw spinning back fist, and a hard left punch, knocking Keaton to the floor. Vee catches his breath, and looks out to the crowd for support. They cheer as Vee notices that both his opponents are on the floor. Vee gets to his feet, pumps up the crowd, and runs the ropes. He rebounds off, and runs directly at Keaton & Gabi on the outside, performing a springboard moonsault to both competitors! All three are on the floor as the crowd goes nuts for the move.

    Copeland: Vee just pulled out a massive dive to the outside to take out both of his opponents, and it paid major dividends. All he needs to do is capitalise.

    Cohen: You're going to praise Vee for attacking the illegal person? Besides, he just knocked them out. He has to expend energy getting Gabi back in for a pin.

    Vee is first to his feet, and sees Gabi stirring. He picks her up slowly, and manages to throw her into the ring. Vee climbs up on the apron, and waits for Gabi to get to her feet. He pumps up the crowd, signalling for a springboard move, and as soon as goes to jump, Keaton grabs a hold of Vee's leg. Vee is brought down, but he lands on his feet, and kicks Keaton in the head. Vee quickly turns his attention to Gabi, and springboards off, jumping at Gabi... but she had enough time to recover, and catches Vee mid-air with a flapjack! Gabi has planted Vee in the middle of the ring, and both competitors are downed. Referee Shepard checks on them before starting a 10 count. Mark Keaton has gotten back on the apron, and looks ready for a tag. Gabi Clark begins crawling towards her partner. Vee, on the canvas, senses this danger, and looks to his corner. It is empty.

    Copeland: Vee does not have anyone else to help him. He needs to find a way back to his feet, or this is over quickly.

    The crowd wills Vee up as he desperately gets to his feet, whilst Gabi goes to the corner and tags in Keaton. The Remarkable One walks over to Vee with a cocky attitude, and slaps him across the head. He mouths off at Vee, and slaps him in the head again. Vee gets up and faces Keaton, who goes for another hit, but Vee blocks! Vee delivers a couple of shots to Keaton, with the final blow knocking him down. Keaton gets up, but he gets a dropkick for his troubles. Gabi is recovered and tries her luck, but she also gets a dropkick. The short distraction allows Keaton to hit Vee across the back, and pushes him to the ropes. Keaton sends Vee across the ring, and looks for a classic backbreaker. Vee, however, transitions into a tilt-a-whirl fujiwara armbar, bringing Keaton down to the canvas. Referee Shepard is in prime position to call the submission, as Keaton screams out in pain. He is looking for a way out, but Vee has it locked on tight. No reversals are possible. The ropes are too far away. Keaton continues to feel the pain... until Gabi Clark breaks up the submission. She grabs Vee by the waist, lifts him from the canvas, and delivers a German suplex to Vee, knocking him down. The crowd dislikes the break-up as referee Shepard tells Gabi to get to her corner. She ignores the ref, and tries to pick up Keaton. Offended that a person smaller than he is helping him up, Keaton rips away his arm from Gabi, holding it still in pain. Gabi isn't happy about Keaton's lack of respect, and the two begin to argue in the middle of the ring. Referee Katy Shepard does her best to resolve the issue.

    Cohen: This isn't the time to argue! You've got Vee right where you want him!

    Before the fight is resolved, Vee charges at both of them with a high speed dropkick, with one boot assigned for each opponent. Gabi and Keaton are both sent into the bottom turnbuckle, and Vee notices this, pointing directly at them. The crowd cheers as Vee runs, and goes for the shining wizard. Keaton evades, and allows Gabi to take the entire hit. Vee gets up, and stops for a second to question whether that was correct, as Gabi rolls to the outside. This allows Keaton to come from behind, and employ that classic back-breaker from earlier. Vee is down, and Keaton sneers as he looks to lock in the figure four leg lock. Vee cries in pain as Keaton has it locked in. He does his best to look for an escape, but he is a long way from the ropes. Vee looks to pull himself and Keaton towards the ropes, but the Remarkable One sees that he, himself, is fingertips away, and he grabs hold tight. Vee's cries turn into gutteral screams as Keaton pulls on the ropes, adding extra leverage to the submission. Referee Katy Shepard is shocked by the sudden outburst of pain, and looks around at the surroundings to find Keaton cheating! She orders Keaton to stop but he does not listen. Taking action, she kicks the ropes to force Keaton to let go and begins a 4 count to break the submission. Keaton, in disbelief, lets go at the 4th count, and gets up to his feet to argue. He can't believe that referee has intervened to such lengths, and defends himself, but Katy Shepard is having none of that.

    Cohen: What the hell is the referee doing? She can't do that!

    Copeland: Keaton has been causing problems all match, and he refused to let go of the submission, so she forced him.

    Cohen: But when Keaton was no longer on the ropes, the submission was legal, yet she gave him a 4 count! That's not in the rule books! That's not how you officiate!

    Copeland: It's the referee's discreti-... wait a minute!

    Gabi Clark, who is recovering on the outside and is leaning on the apron, interrupts the argument to warn Keaton. The Remarkable One ignores the referee, and yells at Gabi to be quiet. Clark tells him to look behind, but before he can, Vee manages to roll-up Keaton from behind with a pinfall attempt...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... 3!

    Referee Shepard awards the pinfall as Keaton kicks out at 3 and a half, and Gabi goes to slide in to break up the count! The bell rings, and Vee quickly goes to the outside. The crowd are cheering loudly as the match ends with Vee winning the encounter.

    Harrys: Here is your winner... VEE! A! D! Z!

    The crowd erupts at the official announcement as Vee does his best to create some distance between the ring and himself, holding his hands up high at him achieving the victory. Gabi Clark shakes her head at Keaton's actions, whilst the Remarkable One is in shock.

    Copeland: Vee did it! He beat the odds! He won the handicap match!

    Cohen: It wasn't a handicap match! The referee was on his side! She screwed Keaton out his victory with some horrible officiating!

    Copeland: The referee's rule is final, Jack, and she has declared Vee the winner. He managed to fight through the two-on-one advantage, survive it, and win the match by pinning Justin Cooper's right-hand man! What a sweet victory for Vee. I can't think of a bigger message to send to Vis Imperium, and the World champion, with that statement.

    Cohen: The message is loud and clear! This referee needs to be reprimanded, and to stay the hell away from all Vis Imperium matches. She is biased!

    Keaton looks over at Gabi. The Clark sister is not happy, and instead of pressing the issue, she tells Keaton this loss is on him, and this would have never happened if her sister was there. Gabi storms out at ringside, and up the ramp. Keaton, still in disbelief, gets up and complains to the referee. Katy Shepard begins a long argument with the Remarkable One, with Keaton threatening her job. Vee ADZ still remains at the top of the ramp, celebrating and happy about his victory. The crowd is chanting "A! D! Z!", and he thanks them for the support.


    The crowd cheer as they know what is coming. Tyrone Blades and Jones appear on the screen. Keaton's face drops like he has seen a ghost.

    Blades: Hey there buddy. Don't you look a bit scared?

    Jones laughs as Blades continues.

    Blades: Now, now, what to do with the Remarkable One?!

    The lights cut off. The crowd cheer.

    Blades: Good idea Jones!

    Jones: That erm, wasn't me.

    The light comes on to reveal a man in a mask is now in the ring. He's kitted in Hollow Ones attire and even has a bandanna over the top of his mask. He's stood behind Keaton and the crowd go crazy.

    Blades: Who the fuck is that?

    Jones: You tell me!

    Keaton turns round and is met with a Bionic Elbow. The theatrics to it are exactly the same as the Falcon Punch.

    Copeland: No way! It can't be.

    Cohen: Don't be so stupid. He's in hospital!

    The masked man then picks up Keaton. The world's strongest slam is given to him and the crowd shout "GAME OVER!". Keaton is left decimated in the ring. Blades and Jones look on in disbelief.

    Jones: That was interesting.

    Blades: Don't blame me!

    Both men shrug their shoulders as the static kicks in and the titantron is returned to normal.
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    Inside the office of the General Manager of Meltdown; the man himself, Vance Bateman, is sitting at his desk on the phone. He looks flustered, struggling to take a sip of his coffee and talk on the phone at the same time. He rubs the back of his head and leans back in his chair. The person on the other end talking so loud through the phone that Vance holds it a few inches from his ear.

    Bateman: Yes, I understand and will do everything in my power to find out who the masked man was.

    The yelling continues.

    Bateman: Fire all of them, sir? Is that really needed?

    More yelling from the other end. Vance shakes his head but begins writing something on a notepad.

    Bateman: I’ll get right on that, Mr. Banks. New security will be found. An attack like that on Mark Keaton will not happen under my watch ever again.

    Suddenly, the door to the office flings open and in walks Flex Mussel. He approaches the desk, rips the phone out of the hand of Bateman and slams it down causing it to break in the process.

    Bateman: Do you have any idea what you have just done? That was Mr. Banks! Owner of WZCW! My boss. What are you thinking?

    Mussel: I was passing by and thought I’d ask how the hell nobody on the security team thought to act last week when I was jumped by four guys? Instead, I got the crap beat out of me by the golden boys and for all I know they got rewarded for that by money bags himself, Banks. What? Are we supposed to just let these cowards beat the piss out of us like we’re nothing now? You forgot to mention they were untouchable.

    Bateman: I can only apologise for last week, Flex. You’ll be happy to hear that the security team is being replaced. A direct response to what happened last week.

    Mussel: Wouldn’t have anything to do with what just happened to Keaton, would it?

    Bateman: Perhaps. We value all our employees.

    In one strong swoop, Flex slams his fist down on the table.

    Mussel: Don’t try that shit with me, Vance! I know damn well I’ve got the world against me as number one contender thanks to Cooper being buddies with Banks and Vis Imperium being in his back pocket. Let them team up, bring all four if they want because I’m ready to send them all down to the mat with the Mussel Bomb. It only takes one! Just one and I’ll be World Champion. Then, we will see how powerful those cowards are.

    Bateman: Please, consider what you’re doing. Think before you act. It may save you a lot of trouble.

    Flex shakes his head and begins stepping away from the table.

    Mussel: You’re afraid of them, Vance. Just like everyone else. Too afraid to stand up for yourself. Not me. After last week I’m ready. I’ll catch them unaware this time. The next time I see Justin Cooper and his goons, it’ll be me standing tall and not them. They say war is coming to WZCW. You best pick the right side before the battle lines are drawn.

    He reaches the door and looks back over his shoulder.

    Mussel: I don’t know if WZCW is worth fighting for but if war is coming, I’d like to draw first blood not just by winning the title but by punching that smug bastard in the face over and over again. Seeing Cooper spread out on the canvas with the imprint of my knuckles on his face. That would be something worth fighting for.

    Flex exits the office leaving Bateman alone. He looks at his desk and picks up the broken phone which crumbles in his hand. A loud sigh is heard as Vance lowers his head to the desk and the scene comes to an end.
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall! And it is for the WZCW Mayhem Championship!


    The lights in the arena go out suddenly, with one spotlight on the stage. Adonis steps into it, shadow-boxing as he walks down the aisle. He makes sure to pose to the crowd before ascending the steel steps, climbing the turnbuckle, and posing for the audience by holding his fists in the air and then pointing at his bright grin.

    Copeland: Adonis does not wrestle often. But he has a big opportunity here tonight against Tyrone Blades. Though I gotta wonder if it's the best of ideas given for one, the styles, secondly him being a part of Vis Imperium and finally, his opponent is Tyrone Blades.

    Cohen: Do not be fooled for a single second Seabass. He is a decorated fighter and has the backing of Vis Imperium. You never bet against the house.


    Tyrone makes his way through the top of the lower bowl, hoodie overhead, he heads down the seats with his title overhead and the fans cheering him on. He leaps over the barricade and enters the ring, dropping the title as he comes in and....

    Introducing first, the challenger, representing Vis I-

    Copeland: Tyrone successful last- Oh, here we go!!

    Right away, Tyrone decks Adonis with his bat right in the stomach and the referee, Keith Morse, has no choice but to start early, taking the title out and clearing the ring to ring the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Tyrone hits several potshots to the stomach of Adonis and one to the back, leveling the gold-clad talent agent and dropping him to his knees. He dashes across the ring and hits a knee right to the abdomen of Adonis. Liking the results, he repeats the dosage as Adonis yells out in pain with each strike. He continues to lay a beating on Adonis who has little space to cover himself, trying hide in the ropes but to no avail given the rules of the match. He hits a Butterfly Backbreaker and stretches Adonis on his back, screaming obscene language at him as he punishes the man. Referee Keith Morse asks if he wants to give up but Andrew barely says no, the pain impeding his speech. Tyrone lets him go, not content with the punishment and fetches something under the ring. He finds a trash can lid as Adonis scatters about to recompose himself. Tyrone goes for him but as he enter the ring, Adonis rolls out, collapsing to the ground. Feeling confident, Tyrone stalks him. He approaches, but Adonis grabs a fans beer and throws it at Tyrone, then throws him over the barricade and into the timekeeper's area.

    Cohen: I told you. Resources. Adonis procured his own deterrent to wash Tyrone away and has now taken advantage.

    Copeland: I don't know why you worded it that way, but sure.

    Adonis catches his break. Exhausted after being pounded so heavily at the start of the match. He grabs a bottle of water and douses himself with it as Tyrone begins to move around over the timekeeper area. Adonis sees him and grabs one of the ringsteps, moving it to the middle of the ringside area and occasionally stopping to check on Tyrone. He seems content with it's placement and turns to be met by the Champion, who tries a kick but is dodged by the former MMA fighter who then picks the leg, tipping Tyrone down and crashing him face first against the steps. Adonis points to his head, Roll Safe-style, as if to say "I'm smart". With Tyrone prone on the ground, Adonis grabs the steps again, this time placing them right on top of Tyrone's legs, about to press down on them. Tyrone manages to get one free but the other is trapped as Adonis crushes it slowly with the weight of his own body.

    Cohen: Tyrone has talked about his injuries. His bad knees. Adonis is exploiting that now. How much can he last?

    Copeland:It's a major concern. He could very well not walk after this match, but Tyrone has been to hell and back. Some say literally given his dark past. Adonis had better not get confident.

    Adonis mocks Tyrone as he squishes the knee. Taunting the Champion who's seemingly defenseless as he screams in agony. The referee Keith Morse begs Tyrone to just surrender but Tyrone does not. Instead he uses his free leg and with the leverage of being down on the floor, propels the steps over, tipping Adonis to the ground and the steps falling right over him. Tyrone drags himself away, hoping to catch a bit of rest time as Adonis rather comically, seems pancaked by the steps he himself got. Using the ring apron, Tyrone manages to stand up while Adonis gets out from under the steps and gets up. Right away, the two slug it out with Tyrone getting the best of the exchange. They brawl around ringside for a bit but Adonis once again uses the environment, shoving Tyrone into the ringpost. Tyrone trips on his bad leg when pushed and falls sitting down. Adonis gets on one knee and begins to pummel the Champion with forearm shots right against the post. With seemingly no defense available the referee seems primed to make the call, but Tyrone manages to get out of the way and dodge a shot, causing Adonis to hit the ringpost with his forearm and fall down grimacing in pain.

    Cohen: Tyrone may have bought himself some time but he's a one legged man out there.

    Copeland: He was one legged man before that exchange. Adonis doesn't seem to have a very good grasp on that one legged man.

    Adonis screams in agony as Tyrone pulls himself back up, again with the apron. He grabs his challenger and flings him into the ring before dropping to one knee. He grabs his bat and slowly pulls himself to the ring where he's met with kicks to the leg, knocking him down. Adonis steps on the knee and applies a Half-Crab. Tyrone screams in agony as Adonis torques the bad leg. Tyrone tries to drag himself towards the ropes, there might not be a ropebreak but Tyrone still fights his way towards them. He grabs them and uses them to pull himself up as Adonis applies the submission hold. He doesn't let go of the leg as Tyrone gets to a vertical base and looking to finally cut Adonis loose, he hits Mo Murda, planting his opponent face first to the mat. Tyrone makes the cover off the move. 1.......... 2............ 3-But Adonis gets the shoulder up. Tyrone is hoping on one leg and tries a Clothesline but Adonis ducks He swings, attempting his Straight Right Hook bit misses it as Tyrone rolls out of harms way. He sees an open spot and goes for Adonis with a Superkick but Adonis pulls referee Keith Morse in the way. Tyrone stops, seeing whats coming and shoves the referee out of the way. Adonis taking advantage to hit a low blow on Tyrone. Obviously, Keith can't disqualify. Tyrone did not want the referee knocked out. But was tricked.

    Copeland: Talk about bending the rules. It may be legal in this type of match, but how underhanded does he have to be to need the referee for a distraction?

    Tyrone is the Champion. He should know the rules of his division better than anyone. Don't make excuses here for him.

    Tyrone grabs between his legs, dropping to his knees and seeing the downed official. Not a good sign with VI and Kenneth Banks against him. Adonis sees Tyrone's bat and grabs it. Tyrone almost seems like he's resigned to his fate as Adonis taunts him. Bat in hand. He raises it high, very high. The tension bursts awaiting it to come down. But instead, Tyrone punches Adonis right between the legs. The bat falls. As does Adonis, dropping to his knees in utter agony. His mouth agape, Tyrone gets up, little pressure on his knee but now its Adonis staring at him, seeming resigned. Tyrone taunts him and measures him. But before he can do anything, Adonis takes one last desperate shot. Mirroring Tyrone. Except it's caught. Tyrone stops Adonis' fist with his own hand. Slowly places it on the canvas and stomps on it with his good foot. He immediately hits the Click Clack and collapses on Adonis. Several seconds pass as referee Keith Morse makes the cover. 1..................................... 2................................................. 3.

    Here is your winner and STILL WZCW Mayhem Champion, Tyrone Blades!!

    Tyrone is handed his title as assistant come to the ring with ice bags. Tyrone turns his down, instead slowly being held up to his feet. Adonis on the other hand, quickly grabs the bag, placing it on his crotch. Tyrone has a mild celebration, holding his title up but also showing the signs of damage he's received.

    Copeland: Turnabouts, fair play. Adonis got a taste of his own medicine there. Tyrone still remains Champion.

    Cohen: I'm not happy, but you're right. Those were underhanded tactics used there. Tyrone should be ashamed having to go to such lows.

    Tyrone leaves through the same place he came in. The crowd.

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    Transitioning from ringside, we get a shot of Yemrez Reqonic walking with a towel around her neck fresh from getting changed. She approaches a table and grabs a bottle of water, unscrews the lid and takes a sip. As she enjoys the refreshment an unexpected guest arrives, his World Championship shining under the lights, Justin Cooper waltzes up with a cocky smirk on his face.

    Cooper: Out of the way, kid. I need a drink before my match.

    Reqonic: I’m not a kid.

    A sharp laugh erupts from Justin as he adjusts the title belt.

    Cooper: Well look here. This puppy has some bark to her. You’re the one Xander was talking about last week. Huh, and you beat him tonight. Impressive, in fact, I’d say a little annoying to be honest.

    As Justin reaches for a drink bottle, he inches closer to Yemrez.

    Cooper: I don’t like it when little pests start getting too big for their boots. Play in your own sandpit but the moment you cross into mine, we will have a problem. You get it?

    Reqonic: You don’t frighten me, Justin. Back off.

    Silence, Cooper and Reqonic lock eyes as the World Champion takes a sip of his water.

    Cooper: Pardon me, I didn’t realise I was meeting such a badass.

    He laughs again, stepping back as Yemrez proudly stands her ground.

    Reqonic: We’re not just going to let you bully us around any longer. Vis Imperium cannot force us to roll over and play dead while you lot claim the titles and cheat to win. We will fight back!

    As Cooper turns to walk away he throws a passing glance over his shoulder.

    Cooper: Fair warning, if you keep mentioning my name, eventually I’ll hear. Watch your back, kid. I don’t take kindly to being threatened. Just ask Mikey Stormrage.

    With that, Cooper heads off down the hallway and towards the entrance for his main event match against The Beard. Meanwhile, Yemrez picks up her water bottle and seems proud of herself for not giving in during the confrontation with the World Champion.

    Cohen: Everybody wanting to mess with Vis Imperium. Idiots, following Tyrone Blades into a war they cannot win.

    Copeland: Tensions are high here in WZCW. That man, Justin Cooper, is in action when we return!
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    Harrys: Ladies & gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Copeland: This is going to be one hell of a fight between two men who have reached the pinnacle of this company.

    Cohen: Wash your mouth out. One or two shared achievements do not mean that these two are the same!


    The lights are out and as the music hits Beard is standing there with a towel over his head engulfed by a spotlight. Beard flings the towel off his head as he bounces up and down. He draws the crowd in for more noise with his hands. The lights fly on and Beard throws his hands in the air encouraging the crowd to chant "Beard! Beard! Beard!”

    Harrys: On his way to the ring, from Beard City, USA, weighing 285 pounds, The Beard!

    He hurries down the aisle slapping hands with all the members of Beard Nation. He slaps the stairs as he charges up them, before leaping himself over the top rope and dropping to one knee. He bobs his head to his music and the chants of the crowd. He stands up and throws himself chest first into the ropes, and throws his arms out as a crooked smile comes across his face.

    Copeland: That’s an extremely positive reaction for the man who shocked the whole with his astronomic rise from the tag team ranks to the World Heavyweight Championship, thanks to the great opportunity known as Gold Rush.

    Suddenly, bright lights flash across the screen; the arena bursting with colour but at the same time it erupts with the negative reaction as standing on the stage, amongst a sea of battling serpents swirling underneath him, , is Justin Cooper. The battle beneath his feet comes to an end, as the world champion drops to his knees and raises his arms to the boos of the crowd. They hate him but he enjoys their vitriol. He soon makes his way to the ring. Once inside, he climbs onto the top rope and begs the crowd to continue to react, spitting at them both literally and with his words acting as pure venom.

    Cohen: And I’m sure you know this Seabass because you’re a geek but let me inform the masses. These two men have a surprising amount of history, not least a victory for Beard over Cooper in the same Gold Rush tournament that Beard would go on to win.

    Beard and Cooper both rise to their feet at the same time. Cooper will not be had and proceeds to retaliate. However, he walks right into the burly arms of Beard, who wraps him up. Cooper tries to flail free, but Beard is already pulling him in for a belly-to-belly suplex. Beard gets up from the belly-to-belly while holding his neck. However, upon rotating his neck he pops it. Beard then smiles as it seems he got the crink out. He beats his chest wildly as he backs up from Cooper, who is slowly stirring to his feet in a daze. The crowd is going absolutely nuts as Beard begins stomping his foot; hyping up the big boot he is about to place in the face of Cooper. Cooper finally staggers up to his feet as he slowly turns around to face Beard. Beard rushes in and goes for a colossal big boot, but no! Cooper ducks out of the way and gets behind Beard. Beard takes a moment to collect himself, but he walks right into the arm of Cooper going around his neck. Cooper is about to execute his finisher, Your Final Verse! Cooper gets ready to pull back, but he is stunned by an elbow into his neck from the aggressive Beard! Cooper loosens up the hold, and it allows Beard to roll behind Cooper and hook an arm in-between the former Elite X Champion’s legs! He pulls Cooper into a roll-up pin with the the roaring crowd behind him. The referee slides in for the count,

    Cooper wiggles his legs violently. Beard’s hand is open as he tries to press the pin down with his forearm.
    Cooper seems to be wiggling free and looks to break the count, but then suddenly we see the free-hand of Beard grab onto the tights of Cooper!

    Copeland: That’s right Jack. Ascension 68, the quarter finals. It’s clearly symbolic that we get this rematch at a time when the exact same stage of the Gold Rush tournament is happening right now.

    Justin jumps down, removes his robe and his belt and places them in a corner of the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Sydney, Australia, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper!

    Copeland: I really wouldn’t be surprised if Cooper has been sitting on this for some time. Now that Gold Rush is upon us and with Justin in this position of newfound power, he is going to abuse it by taking out Beard!

    Cohen: That’s ridiculous!

    Beard gets in Cooper’s face and begins to talk to him. Cooper raises his hand and goes to shush Beard but instead shoves him away. Beard takes a couple of steps back in shock and then immediately pushes Cooper to the floor.

    Copeland: Come on now, you know that a man who has the physical attributes of The Beard could be a threat to anyone in this business. The giant is using all of his seventy five pound weight advantage to physically intimidate the World Champ!

    Cohen: Justin is taking a calculated decision to not take The Beard on in a childish shoving match. I can understand that!

    Justin shakes his head disapprovingly from the floor while Beard is teasing him from the centre of the ring. Beard takes a step and Cooper coolly enters through the ropes. They circle each other briefly and Cooper takes the big man down, wrenching his arm over into a wristlock. Cooper pushes Beard’s wrist behind his neck but the big man forces himself to a sitting position. The crowd get behind Beard and start clapping to encourage him. Soon enough Beard is on his knees, fighting to his feet and then he begins to fight back. He begins to win the test of strength but Cooper rakes his eyes, Beard shakes it off with a stiff forearm strike to the face but Cooper responds by grabbing the long tangled hair of The Beard and slamming him down to the mat.

    Beard gets straight back up. Cooper looked happy with himself for a second but that soon changes when the giant charges at him. Cooper skips into the ropes but that doesn’t stop the big man, he charges into the World Champion, squashing him in the ropes! The champ is shaken, Beard pulls him back and shoves him into a headlock and drags him into the centre of the ring. Cooper pushes him into the other side of the ring and tries to break the hold but Beard keeps hold, laughing as he does. Cooper shoves him off, Beard bounces off the ropes and meets the champ in the ring with a huge cross body! Cover, 1....2....Cooper kicks out easily of the loose pin attempt.

    Copeland: Again, the size factor comes into it, these two are familiar to each but Cooper hasn’t been able to get to grips with the agile big man just yet.

    Cohen: It’ll come, of course it will. Justin will sort him out, on his own terms.

    Beard puts his foot on Cooper’s chest before hitting a hard leg drop, he goes for a second, then a third, Cooper flails around but can only try to protect himself from the repeated impacts. Beard goes for another cover; it’s a little tighter this time, 1.....2.... Cooper kicks out again. Beard never lets up and pulls the champion to his feet. He drags Cooper over to the nearest corner and backs off before charging. Cooper gets his feet up, the sole of his boot connecting with the cheekbone of his onrushing opponent. But Beard doesn’t fall, the impact does allow Cooper to recover and he hits a step-up knee thrust to the chin, knocking the big man over!

    Cohen: Aha, the sheer power of a man who has put every waking hour of the past two years to get to this level!

    The champion steps back to survey his work and is surprised to see the bearded one get back to his feet so valiantly. Using the ropes, Beard pulls himself up to a vertical base. Cooper chases his target once more but this time Beard is ready and meets him half way, flying across the ring and hitting a lunging forearm strike!

    Copeland: That is one hell of an impact!

    Beard is up quickly but Cooper is a couple of steps ahead. Cooper takes a deep breath and hits a big, impressive scoop slam. Justin covers arrogantly and gets a quick one count on his winded opponent. Cooper forcefully drags him up and moves him over to the corner and kicks him in the gut. The official tries to pull him out of the corner and Cooper immediately reacts, furious that he is not allowed to capitalise on his advantage. The ref gestures that he thought the kick was a little low.

    Cooper: “You won’t DQ me. We are running the show. Vis Imperium are the show. These people all came to see me!”

    Copeland: This is a man on top of his game.

    Cohen: It’s not just one man Seabass. It’s the whole group, they have become an entity that can function on a level. Cooper is the one who has brought them all together.

    Having spent plenty of time intimidating the official and bragging so confidently, Coopers turns to see Beard charging at him. Cooper just about sees him and dodges him. Beard rebounds off the ropes & Cooper kicks him in the gut to set up for the Mic Drop! As he lifts him up in an impressive show of strength, Beard drops down behind him, turns him around and catching him with a big exploder suplex in one smooth motion! Beard crawls over slowly but doesn’t hook the leg as he covers....1.......2......Cooper kicks out!

    Copeland: I don’t think Beard respects Cooper or Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: And I’m sorry about his damn luck, because Cooper’s default setting is to beat the respect into everyone who tries to face up to Vis Imperium.

    Beard is up quicker this time than Cooper who is suffering from taking the high powered assault from the Beard Nation representative. Beard lays into him again, this time with a series of stiff European uppercuts that leaves Cooper trying to cover up. Beard grabs Cooper and holds him in position for Poetic Justice but Cooper snaps his arm up and grabs Beard by the beard! That forces the big man to break up the potentially devastating finishing manoeuvre. Still holding the magnificent facial locks, Cooper pulls himself to a vertical base and pulls himself face-to-face with the giant.

    Cohen: Damn that’s an underhanded tactic! I love it, that’s inspirational!

    Copeland: That’s not even on the same page to what we saw at Apocalypse, Cooper orchestrated the most devious swerve that we have ever observed.

    Beard goes for a belly to belly but Cooper, now with two hands on the beard, hits a barrage of elbows to the nose! Beard has to break the grip and get a reprieve; Cooper goes on the attack and gets Beard on his shoulders before hitting a neckbreaker from the firemans’ carry!

    Cohen: That is damn impressive from Cooper. The man who lost to Beard in that Gold Rush match would not be able to pull that off. That is the level of personal growth that we have the privilege of witnessing.

    Beard comes down with a thunderous impact, folded up on his neck. Cooper goes for a cover, tying up Beard’s left arm and grabbing his leg. 1........2..........Beard just about beats the count and forces his shoulder up. Beard just about has enough about him to roll out of the ring. Cooper grins as he spots this and follows him. On the floor, Cooper sprints towards and redirects him face first into ring post! With Beard stunned by the impact Cooper takes a second, catching his breath and leaning on the announcers table.

    Cohen: These pigs have never understood true greatness, even when they are told to shut up.

    Copeland: Yeah who knew that our great fans don’t like being told what to think?

    Justin gestures to the World Heavyweight Championship on the nearby table and draws the wrath of the crowd for his arrogance.

    Cohen: They should appreciate what they have when it is right in front of them!

    Copeland: That’s why Cooper’s actions at Apocalypse were such an obvious sign of disrespect.

    Beard is still incapacitated from the impact but has turned and is standing upright, using the steel as support. Cooper grabs him, only for Beard to grab him and fling him towards the edge of the announce table. The table barely moves an inch and Cooper screams in agony, clutching his lower back. Beard rolls back in the ring and the referee begins to count.


    Copeland: That is just the break that Beard wanted!


    Cohen: Justin needs to eat up the seconds; he’s still got this in the bag.


    Cooper knows he cannot stay outside any longer and rolls into the ring. Beard is ready and waiting; he slaps his arms and yells. Cooper stands and is embraced immediately, engulfed in the large arms of the giant, Beard drops him with a big belly to belly!

    Copeland: No antics that time from Cooper!

    Justin is struggling now, he can’t even get to his feet right now and with Beard hot on his trail, he’s become the hunted. The big man is ready to hit another big move and end the match in his favour. Cooper is barely off of his knees when he goes for a big boot but he has enough about him to duck the tree-trunk of a leg from connecting with his face. Beard is a little off-balance and Coopers takes advantage, hitting something resembling a powerbomb on the big bearded behemoth.

    Copeland: Brilliant counter!

    Cohen: Now put him away! End it!

    Both men try getting to their feet eagerly. Cooper is a half-step ahead. He lunges at Beard, poking Beard in the eyes, with complete indiscretion but the deliberate exploit is hidden in the desperation of his actions!

    Copeland: Oh come on, enough with cheap tactics! Beard can’t do anything about that.

    Justin pulls Beard close and goes to hit Your Final Verse but Beard elbows him away from the side position. Beard shoves him away to get some space but Cooper stops himself on the ropes and flings himself forward. He goes for a crucifix, Beard is struggling to stay upright but he tries to hold onto Cooper who has no momentum! Beard pulls him around and drags him to the mat into a pinning combination, 1....2....Cooper flails around and kicks Beard in the crotch with his heel before reversing it

    1......Cooper gets his foot on the ropes!

    Cohen: Such a sweet counter wrestling move!


    Copeland: Justin Cooper steals one and it’s a twisted repeat what happened between these two at Ascension 68!

    Cohen: Your World Heavyweight champion, everybody!

    Harrys: Your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper!

    When he realises what is going on, with Cooper celebrating and his music playing, The Beard is furious. The crowd echo his frustrations.

    Copeland: I don’t know why I’m even surprised by the lengths that Cooper goes to anymore. The way he did it just leaves a thoroughly bitter taste in the mouth.

    Cohen: Maybe The Beard can use it to regain his former glories but this is Vis Imperium’s time, with Justin Cooper front and centre. Until next time, goodbye!

    The show comes to an end with Justin Cooper making his way up the entrance ramp, holding the World Championship high in the air and a huge grin on his face.
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    Justin Cooper versus The Beard - Numbers
    Tyrone Blades vs. Andrew Adonis (Mayhem Championship) - KJ
    GR 2 - Yemrez Reqonic versus Xander LeBelle - Prophet
    GR 2 - Kagura versus Lynx - Jeff
    Mark Keaton and Gabi Clark versus Vee A.D.Z - FalKon
    Titus Avison versus Will McKay - Kapu
    Segments - Prophet, Lee & Dagger


    Gold Rush 2017
    *Matches to be announced*

    Confirmed matches:

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Justin Cooper (c) versus Flex Mussel

    WZCW Eurasian Championship
    Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
    Titus Avison (c) versus Wren

    Gold Rush Tournament Final
    TBA versus TBA
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