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    * PYRO *
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    The camera pans around the sold out 2300 arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many signs are up in the crowd saying &#8220;I <3 Batti&#8221; and &#8220;Babies <3 Tony&#8221; and &#8220;Girl Power&#8221;.

    Copeland: Welcome to the go home show of Meltdown before we hit Apocalypse.

    Cohen: That's right folks, we have a fun show ahead of you tonight with the first Mayhem title defence in many a year. In addition we also have the brand new Logan McAllister taking on Flex Mussel.

    Copeland: Throw in an epic with Lynx, Manicni and Kagura and that leaves one match. Titus Avison takes on Wren.

    Cohen: Indeed, lots of rumours are swirling backstage about what is going on with Titus. I know the legend will be just fine.

    Copeland: Right on cue.

    The EurAsian champion makes his way out to the ring, the arena boo him as he smiles. He's suited, with the EurAsian belt on his shoulder.

    Titus: Call me Ishmael!

    The crowd boo and then a chant starts for Kagura. The arena is electric with abuse being shouted at him.

    Titus: I am here to address something. I have heard rumours that has questioned my commitment and resolve. You know what I say to that?

    Titus picks the EurAsian belt above his head, he laughs at the crowd baying for him.

    Titus: For 503 days I have been YOUR champion!

    A not my champ chant starts thrown in with &#8220;we want Ka guuuu ra&#8221;.

    Titus: You stupid people. You say that Titus has lost it and I am not putting any effort in. Let's look at the titantron.

    The titantron shows a picture which has Logan McAllister tapping out to the Boston crab. You can see Hayden and Brittany visibly upset in the shop.

    Titus: If that is me not putting any effort in then...

    Titus Avison laughs an evil laugh.

    Titus: then what will become of your Kagura?

    Another Kagura chant starts up.
    Titus: At Apocalypse I will show you what I can do to her. She'll regret her pursuit of MY belt.

    A chant from the crowd shouts out &#8220;Titus fears Kagura&#8221;.

    Titus: Shut up! I fear no man!

    You can hear someone shout &#8220;She's not a man!&#8221;

    Titus: I'll prove I fear no woman tonight by destroying Wren.

    The Titus fears Kagura chant is ridiculously loud and is obviously getting to Titus.

    Titus: I'm done with you lot.

    Titus walks off, clearly in a sulk.

    Cohen: Where's the damn respect?

    Copeland: Yeah where is Titus' respect? Up next Flex vs Logan.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!


    As the familiar chords of Flex's entrance theme begin playing through the arena, it is immediately greeted by a huge wave of booing from the assembled fans. They are already on their feet and booing as he makes his way through the curtain with a sly and smarmy look upon his face. He stops on the stage for a moment, sucking in the hatred from the fans and loving every moment of it. He nonchalantly takes a sip from his protein shake and begins walking down the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, Flex Mussél!

    Copeland: Here is a man who has set everyone on notice in WZCW lately, Jack. Since seemingly retiring Matt Tastic as Kingdom Come, he has set about propelling himself to the top of the card. Wins over former World Champions has put Flex Mussel into a whole new level of arrogance too.

    Cohen: He's got every right to be arrogant, Seabass. Matt Tastic, Mikey Stormrage and Garth Black have all fallen to Flex Mussel in recent weeks and months. If he doesn't get his shot at the Heavyweight Championship soon then it's a damn travesty.

    Flex continues making his way down the ramp, rolling his eyes at the fans who give him abuse or who want to touch him. He continues down the ramp until he reaches the ring and mounts the steps. He takes one final sip of his protein shake before tossing the bottle into the fans and soaking them mercilessly. He smiles widely as the outrage deepens and the lights go out again.


    Suddenly, the hatred from the fans soon turns to a warm reception for The Son of Boston. The tron spells out the name L-O-G-A-N as the beat continues to set the hairs on the arms of the fans on end. After a few more seconds of waiting, Logan finally makes his way out onto the stage for a thunderous reception from the assembled masses. He offers them a massive smile and a small wave before heading down the ramp, Mr Goldman walking behind him intently.

    Harrys: And his opponent, accompanied by Mr Goldman... Weighing in at 275 pounds... The Son of Boston, Logan McAllister!!

    Copeland: What a reaction for Logan here tonight. Who, for the record, remains a firm fan favourite despite falling on hard times recently. The no-show at Kingdom Come might have really shaken the confidence of the Son of Boston. But a win over Flex Mussel would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons once more.

    Cohen: This guy? I doubt it! Logan is struggling for confidence and for wins. And now he goes up against someone who is taking this company by storm? There is only going to be one winner in this match and he drinks protein shakes on the way to the ring! Logan will be lucky to make it out of this match alive if current form is anything to go by.

    Logan finishes his descent down the ramp until he reaches the ring. He gives Flex a stoic look from outside the ring before rushing up the steps and into the ring. The fans offer him another warm reception as he mounts the turn-buckle and does his signature taunt. He drops to the canvas and looks intently at the challenger that faces him on the other side of the ring.


    As the bell rings, both men stare through each other &#8211; daring the other one to make the first move. The fans are on their feet in anticipation of the match that is about to come and the tension between the competitors is palpable. McAllister begins circling the ring but Flex doesn't seem to be interested in making the same move. Suddenly, Flex rushes McAllister and nails him with a swift knee to the gut. McAllister hits the canvas for the first time in the match as Flex stands over him with a look of determination on his face. Grabbing McAllister by the hair, Flex pulls him back to his feet and nails him with a few stiff punches &#8211; backing him up into the corner and absorbing some of the hate from the fans as he does. Once in the corner, Flex nails his opponent with a crushing back elbow to the jaw that sends him recoiling out of the corner. Flex lies in wait as McAllister tries to regain his senses. One the right time arrives, Flex pounces &#8211; nailing McAllister with a punishing reverse DDT that takes both men down. Flex immediately covers McAllister for the first pin fall of the match but the referee is no sooner on his knees and counting the fall than McAllister manages to get his shoulders off the mat. Mr Goldman jumps in the air as Logan's shoulder comes off the mat, an expression of sheer relief on his features.

    Cohen: An amazing start right out of the blocks for Flex. He has certainly shown us lately that he can mix it with the best there is and tonight looks to be another great performance.

    Copeland: No doubt about it, Jack, Flex has been on fire so far tonight. He looks fiercely focussed and is really putting the screws to McAllister early on in this match. McAllister is going to have to find his feet in this match, and fast, if he is to stand any chance at all.

    Flex looks absolutely raging with the actions of his opponent and immediately tries to continue his advantage. He pulls McAllister to his feet and immediately backs him into the ropes. Flex nails him with a few chops to the chest and then whips him across the ring. McAllister hits the far ropes and rebounds towards his opponent. But Flex's chances of making his advantage count more are put on hold as McAllister fires back, launching himself through the air and catching Flex with a beautiful flying shoulder block. The crowd comes to life as the playing field is levelled beautifully. McAllister gets to his feet and looks around the baying audience, drawing in their support and using it to spur him on. He hits the ropes one more time as Flex gets to his feet. Once more, he tosses himself through the air and nails Flex with another beautiful shocker block. McAllister fires back to his feet and immediately drops a stunning leg drop across the throat of his opponent. The crowd come alive as McAllister goes for the cover and the end of this match. Mr Goldman yells encouragement for him from outside of the ring as the fans get to their feet. But, similar to before, he is only able to catch a count of 1 before his opponent powers out. McAllister knows that he has to make his advantage count, now that he has levelled this match and immediately begins pounding away on his opponent, nailing him with a few right hands to the jaw as he lies on the canvas. Flex absorbs a few punches before finding the ropes and rolling under them to exit the ring.

    Copeland: It looks as though Flex needs a quick break to get this thoughts together in this match. And you can see why, McAllister has been red hot since getting the wake up call in the form of that early pin fall attempt.

    Cohen: This is something that only the best of the best can get away with or have the ring presence to know about, Seabass. If things aren't going you way, you get the hell out of there and derail the momentum of your opponent. Flex continues to show his veteran instincts and you have to give him some credit for that.

    The crowd give Flex a piece of their mind but it is for naught as he continues to pace around the ring, staring a hole through McAllister. After a few seconds of pacing, Flex knows that he needs to get back into this match. He steadies himself with a deep breath in before rolling under the bottom rope and getting back into the ring. No sooner has he accomplished this feat than McAllister is on him, landing clubbing blows to his back and head. Somehow, however, Flex is able to absorb the blows and manages to find his way back to a vertical basis. In the middle of the ring, the two men fight for supremacy &#8211; exchanging right hands as the fans boo and cheer with every single shot. It is McAllister who manages to get the better of the exchange, albeit surprisingly. Flex throws one final desperate punch towards his opponent but McAllister manages to duck underneath his flailing arm and get his back. Almost immediately, McAllister locks his arms around the waist of Flex and punishes him for his mistake with a beautiful German suplex that sends his shooting across the ring. Flex clutches at the back of his head as he gets back to his knees. But McAllister is not finished with him by a long shot. McAllister gets to his feet quickly and runs at Flex, nailing him with a running knee right to the side of his head and sending him crumbling to the canvas one more time. McAllister wastes no time in going for the pin fall. But he is only able to pick up a 2 count at this time of asking as the match rumbles on!

    Goldman: Stay on him, Logan! Stay on him!!

    Copeland: What a turn around we have seen in this match, folks! Flex came out of the blocks like a greyhound but all of his early momentum has been put on hold as McAllister really begins taking control of this match. If Flex doesn't get back in this match soon, we could see this one in the books.

    Cohen: Please, Seabass! Let's give Flex a little bit of credit. He controlled this match in the beginning and it has been turned on it's head. He has all of the skills to turn this match back in his favour and you would be doing him a massive favour by writing off his chances of doing so.

    McAllister knows this his opportunity to claim victory in this match is not far away and he knows that he needs to follow up on his whirlwind offensive. McAllister gets back to his feet and begins stomping away on Flex viciously. With every boot that falls onto the torso of The Son of Boston, the fans come even more out of their seats. After a few more stomps, McAllister wheels away, looking for inspiration on ways to put this match beyond the control of his opponent. McAllister makes his way back to the broken body of his opponent and begins picking him up until he is back on his unsteady feet. The Healthiest Man Alive looks in the eyes of his weary opponent before hoisting him into position for the brainbuster. But, somehow, Flex manages to find the will to begin wriggling free of the hold. McAllister tries his best to execute the move but, before he can help it, Flex manages to wriggle free and falls to his knees on the canvas. McAllister tries to reclaim the advantage by grabbing Flex in a headlock &#8211; perhaps even looking for the DDT. But the desperation in the actions of Flex is plain for everyone to see. He manages to twist the arm of McAllister and pull him towards his frame, eventually nailing him with a stunning belly to belly suplex that plants McAllister perfectly to the canvas. The fans are stunned at what they are seeing but they are powerless to help The Healthiest Man Alive. Flex quickly goes for the pin as the fans quickly get to their feet. The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... Kick out by McAllister with no time to spare at all!

    Copeland: Wow! That belly to belly was full of impact but the fight in McAllister is obvious for everyone to see. This match continues and, given the way it has gone so far, who knows what way the momentum is going to swing.

    Cohen: I can tell you this, Seabass, Flex seems to be right at home in a match like this. You may not like him but you can't argue with the level of heart he has, or the level of fight that he continually shows.

    Flex sits up from the cover attempt and slaps his hands on the canvas in frustration; a look of rage and disgust creeping it's way across his features and giving an insight into his true feelings. Getting to his feet, Flexpaces across the canvas, trying to calm himself and come to terms with a way of putting this match to bed. As McAllister begins getting up, Flex finally settles into the corner of the ring. He lies in wait, just waiting for the moment that McAllister reclaims his vertical base. As McAllister finally gets to his feet and turns around, Flex runs at him, looking to nail him with a running big boot. But McAllister manages to duck under the flailing leg as the crowd get out of their seats once more in anticipation. As Flex's feet land on the canvas once more, McAllister grabs him and immediately nails him with a stunning German suplex. The fans are on their feet! It looks as though McAllister is looking to nail Flex with the Boston Suplex Party! The first suplex connects beautifully as Logan keeps his hands wrapped around the waist of his opponent. Logan struggles to pull Flex back to his feet but, somehow, manages it on weary legs. For the second time, he nails Flex with the German and keeps his hands wrapped. On the face of Flex, a dreamy glaze crosses his eyes as he is pulled back to his feet one more time. But as McAllister looks to finish off the move, Flex manages to grab the top rope. McAllister hoists at his opponent with all of his might but Flex manages to hold on. The referee urges McAllister to let go of the hold because of the rope break but it falls on deaf ears. He tries to get in between the two men to split it up but, as he does, Flex raises his foot backwards in a kicking motion, catching his opponent with the low blow! McAllister wheels away in sheer pain as Flex turns around to him. Logan staggers towards Flex but is immediately nailed with FLEXICUTION!! Flex covers his opponent for the 1... 2... 3!

    Cohen: And that is that, Seabass! Didn't I tell you that Flex would be the winner?

    Copeland: You sure did Jack. But take nothing away from Logan McAllister here tonight. He was right up against it from the off and handled himself like the champion he is. Flex was just too sly for him tonight. That low blow really changed the match.

    Cohen: What low blow? Come on, Seabass! That's slanderous!

    Flex immediately rolls out the ring to a chorus of abuse from the fans and starts up the ramp. He raises his arms in celebration as Logan stares at him from the canvas, knowing that he had him where he wanted him before it all slipped away. He is soon joined in the middle of the ring by his disappointed manager. Logan shakes his head towards Goldman but there is nothing either of them can do to change the outcome.
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    Backstage, Leon Kensworth catches up with Logan McAllister after his stunning loss to Flex Mussel earlier in the night. Logan still has sweat running over his brown and a towel over his shoulder. He has a grimace on his face as the thoughts of his poor luck earlier seem to haunt him.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, I am now joined backstage by Logan McAllister. And Logan, I guess I have to ask you how you're feeling about what just went on out there? Flex used the low blow to good effect and stole the match.

    Beside Leon, Logan nods his head in agreement before towelling of his brow. He takes a deep breath in and releases it with a sense of disappointment in it.

    McAllister: You know something, Leon, it would be easy for me to come back here and hate Flex for using such a cowahdly technique to win that match. But he only used the oppahtunity bettah than I did. Truth be told, I should have put that match away earliah and he wouldn't have had the chance to bend the rules. It just annoys me that my son had to see such a bad example as that.

    With that, suddenly, Tony Mancini saunters into the shot for some reason, Tony is clapping his hands and nodding his head in agreement as Logan is cut off in his prime. He stands at the other side of Leon as Logan looks right through him.

    Mancini: You know, Logan, you're right. I have a daughter now and I'd be damn disappointed if she had to see me go down like that. No offence intended...

    Logan looks annoyed at Tony's interference in his interview just as he was getting onto it. Tony raises his hands in the air innocently as Logan shakes his head in anger.

    Mancini: I can tell I'm working your last nerve, amico, and that's the last thing I want to do. Seriously, I'm glad I ran into you here. I just talked to Vance and he said that he'd give me a match with you at Apocalypse. I mean, after what went down out there tonight, we both want to set a better example to our bambino, right?

    Logan continues to stare though Mancini as he tries to sum up whether the former mob boss is serious or not. Undeterred, Mancini continues to talk.

    Mancini: People like Flex have been getting away with that sort of stuff for too long and it makes me sick. But at Apocalypse, we get to go out there and show the world that you can be a successful Wrestler and do it the right way. I'm looking forward to sharing a ring with you, amico.

    With that, Tony offers Logan a wry smile and walks off. The look of confusion shock on the face of Logan is plain to see as his eyes follow Tony down the corridors and out of sight. Suddenly, Logan's manager, Mr. Goldman wonders into shot with a cup of coffee in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. He hands the bottle of water to Logan, who keeps the same quizzical look on his face.

    Goldman: What's happened?

    Logan ignores his manager as he continues to stare down the corridor, perhaps thinking of what awaits him at Apocalypse.

    Copeland: Well you heard it here first ladies and gentlemen. At Apocalypse, Tony Mancini and Logan McAllister will do battle.

    Cohen: Listen, Seabass. If these guys think that there's no room in this sport for a little bit of cheating, then they're definitely wrong. That's why they're languishing in the mid card and Flex Mussel is motoring towards the Heavyweight Championship!
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    The lights go down as a video showing the atrocities going on in the world are shown on the Tron. Soon a spotlight shines down on the challenger Vox before he starts walking down the entrance ramp, reaching out to certain fans in the crowd, yelling towards them to be the change. He soon makes it to the ring, walking up the steps and into the ring, removing his jacket and sunglasses and tossing them aside, fully focusing on the task at hand.

    Copeland: Vox has a very determined look on his face, even forgoing his usual spiel for donations.

    Cohen: I don't even have a snarky response for you Seabass. He's going against one of the best in Constantine, and his focus needs to be on the champion.


    Constantine makes his way out, the Mayhem Championship buckled around his waist as he paces back and forth on the entrance stage before standing in the middle as a spotlight shines down on him before he throws his head back and lifting his arms up high into the air to boos from the crowd. The Vis Imperium member marches down to the ring, staring down Vox in the ring before scanning the crowd as if for someone in particular before he unbuckles his title and walks up the steel steps, climbing to the top rope and holding the Mayhem Championship high.

    Copeland: Constantine is clearly wary of the possibility of The Hollow Ones hiding in the crowd.

    Cohen: Hiding is the key word their Copeland. They're known for sneak attacks and our Mayhem Champion is all too aware of it.

    A spotlight shines down as Harrys steps into the center of the ring, as does challenger and champion.

    Harrys: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WZCW Mayhem Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Dublin, Ireland,
    weighing in at 225 pounds, Vox!

    Vox bows to the crowd as they serenade him with boos, but Vox shrugs it off as he stares down the champion.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 265 pounds, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion, Constantine!

    Constantine steps forward and raises the Mayhem Championship up high into the air as he gets right in the rookie's face. The crowd boos the champion loudly, who merely soaks in the negativity. He finally takes a step back and hands the belt off to referee Elizabeth Prince, who holds it up high as the lights come back up normally. Prince calls for the bell as the two competitors circle around one another.

    Copeland: This match of course is being contested under Mayhem Rules. No disqualifications, no countouts, anything goes. Constantine of course won the Mayhem Championship over his Vis Imperium teammate Mark Keaton after the Tag Team Titles were retired.

    Cohen: Vox has never been in a match of this brutality Seabass, let's see if he can acclimate himself fast enough tonight.

    Constantine tries to force the lock up, but Vox immediately backs off into the ropes, dropping down and rolling to the outside where he immediately goes under the ring apron, producing a chair as he looks up at Constantine in the ring. Constantine, ever the veteran, simply motions for Vox to get back in. Vox slides back in and swings wildly with the chair, but Constantine ducks under and delivers a stiff right jab, followed by a hard left as Vox is rocked backwards, dropping the chair. Constantine steps on the chair as Vox drops to a knee trying to pick it up as Constantine shakes his head. He quickly kicks Vox in the face, sending him backwards into the corner. The champion presses his foot against the face of Vox before stomping down hard on his chest. Constantine follows up by pulling Vox to his feet, pushing his arms over the ropes before delivering a stiff right hand chop. Vox grimaces in pain as he holds his arm to his chest, but Constantine doesn't let up, delivering another stiff chop. He quickly whips Vox across to the other corner, following up with a clothesline but Vox grabs him at the last second and switches position, delivering stiff successive right and left jabs.

    Copeland: Vox tried to go for the kill shot early with the chair, but Constantine shows his experience, and made Vox pay. Vox has the upperhand for the moment however.

    Cohen: Vox does not want to get into a brawl with Constantine. Few in WZCW history have lived to tell the tale of trading hands with him.

    Constantine covers up in the corner but Vox is able to get an upper cut him, dazing the champion. Vox quickly goes back for the chair, setting it up in the center of the ring. Vox goes to whip Constantine, but gets reversed and Constantine delivers a drop toe hold, sending Vox head first into the chair! The crowd cringes as Vox bounces off to the side, a stunned look on his face as Constantine doesn't go for the cover, simply taking his time to walk over to Vox, kicking him to the outside. Constantine follows him, kicking Vox hard in the ribs as he tries to crawl to his feet. Vox crumbles into the barrier, but is able to pull Constantine head first into the barrier. Constantine slows, allowing Vox to roll away and get his bearings back. After getting to his feet he moves to Constantine, lifting him up in a back suplex and dropping him down hard onto the barrier. Constantine yells out and holds his back as Vox waits for him to get up. He rushes forward and uses a double leg takedown to get Constantine to the ground. He sits up and delivers stiff punches, forcing the champion to cover up again. Vox quickly gets off and goes under the ring again, this time pulling out a kendo stick! He spins it in his hand a couple times before bringing it down hard across the lower back of Constantine. Constantine grits his teeth as Vox starts teeing off, bringing the kendo stick down hard across the lower back over and over again. Constantine keeps trying to get to his knees but each strike knocks him back down. Vox waits for Constantine to get up, and cracks the kendo stick across the side of his head. Constantine remains on his knees, stars in his eyes as Vox looks at the broken kendo stick, a sick smile forming on his face as he tosses it to the side. He runs to the time keeper's area, grabbing the ring bell before walking back over to the champion. He lines up for the shot but Constantine gets his hands up, blocking the ring bell as the two struggle for control. Suddenly Constantine pulls it from Vox and delivers a shot to the midsection with the wood end before raising up and connecting with a hard shot to the face! Vox crashes to the the ground as Constantine falls to a seated position, tossing the ring bell aside as he holds his lower back, still grimacing from the kendo stick shots. Vox lifts his head up slowly, blood dripping down his face as the consequences of a Mayhem match become very apparent for him.

    Copeland: Vox has been busted wide open right here in front of here at the announcer's table!

    Cohen: Now we get to see what type of fortitude Vox has in him. Some men wilt at the sight of their own blood, others only become more violent.

    Constantine regains his footing and grabs hold of Vox, slamming him head first on to the announce table before spinning him around, delivering closed fists to the cut over the eye of Vox, trying to open the wound even more. After a few fists he even delivers a stiff headbutt, causing Vox to be sprawled out over the announce table. Constantine grabs him off the table and sends him flying shoulder first into the steel steps. Constantine looks incensed at the rookie before going under the ring, pulling a table out to the delight of the crowd. He lifts it up and slides it into the ring, sliding in behind it and begins setting it up. He finally gets it set up center of the ring before rolling back out to retrieve Vox, who has yet to really cover from the onslaught. Constantine lifts him up and drags him over, tossing him into the ring before climbing up onto the ring apron. Vox however suddenly gets up having grabbed the chair in the ring and blasts Constantine across the head with it! Constantine crashes to the outside as Vox hangs on the ring rope, the blood still flowing from his head as he stares down at Constantine. An angry look forms on his face before he tosses the chair away. He climbs to the top turnbuckle, the crowd buzzing loudly as he lines up a downed Constantine. He jumps off and connects with a big time Double Foot Stomp! The crowd pops at the incredible jump, Vox lying on his back while Constantine yells out in pain as the stomp landed on the again targeted lower back.

    Copeland: Incredible top rope attack from Vox, connecting with the Double stomp all the way to the outside!

    Cohen: Vox is going toe to toe with the Mayhem Champion here tonight, giving it everything he's got!

    Constantine drags himself away from the scene of the crash, pulling himself up slowly on the steel steps, his lower back hurting tremendously. Vox wipes away some of the blood from his face when suddenly a black baseball bat lands right in front of him, seemingly coming from the crowd. Vox looks around, a confused look on his face before reaching out and grabbing the bat. Constantine continues to struggle to his feet as Vox rushes forward, swinging right for Constantine's head! Constantine is able to duck out of the way and the bat hits the ring post, the wood shattering!

    Copeland: Where did that baseball bat come from?

    Cohen: Only one man makes use of that baseball bat, Tyrone Blades is trying to cost Constantine the title!

    Vox drops the bat but Constantine suddenly delivers a low blow from behind! Vox falls to his knees in immense pain as the champion tries to clear the cobwebs out. He limps over to Vox, grabbing the challenger and throwing him back in the ring. Vox remains on his stomach, his blood staining the mat. Constantine grabs what remains of the baseball bat, staring down at it as he grows even angrier. He throws it away before grabbing the chair from outside, slamming it shut and entering the ring. He slams the chair down over Vox's back, over and over again as Vox cries out in pain. Constantine drops the chair on the mat before lifting his challenger up once more, staring him in the face before yelling at the rookie to show him the proper respect. He lifts him up and delivers The Axis right onto the chair! The crowd boos loudly as Constantine goes for the first cover of the match, 1....................2..............

    The following announcement, has not been paid for, and is being broadcast illegally on Meltdown.

    The crowd erupts as The Hollow Ones suddenly appear on the Tron. Mr. Jones puffs away at a cigar as Tyrone has his hood up and his bandanna covering his face. A large table sits behind them, a pile of cash on top of it.

    Tyrone: John boy! I hope I'm not interrupting anything too important tonight for you. Man I just wanted to thank you so much for what you've done for me.

    Constantine quickly gets to his feet as he stares at the Tron, a confused look on his face at the words of The Hollow One. Tyrone claps his hand sarcastically as he bows mockingly towards the camera.

    Tyrone: You see Johnny, I had an epiphany last night! What better way to take away control of WZCW over me, then to start selling my own merchandise! After all the money I left on the table, I'm sure Banksy wouldn't mind if I sold some of my own to make up the difference! A man's gotta eat after all, but my first Hollow Ones distributed shirt is dedicated to you John!

    Tyrone turns around and grabs a black shirt off the table, turning around and showing the front, with the words CONSTANTINE IS A..... before flipping it over to reveal the back saying, BITCH MADE COWARD. The crowd pops wildly as Constantine flips inside the ring, screaming out if Tyrone thinks this is all fun and games. Mr. Jones and Tyrone can't help but bust up laughing as Tyrone tosses the shirt to Mr. Jones who holds the front up while Tyrone grabs another and holds up the back.

    Tyrone: Remember fans! If it ain't got the Hollow Ones special cross hairs insignia, then you bought from a fraud like Mr. Banks. These shirts are going for $14.99 and you can only find them on our website! We ship worldwide, get one before they sell out and spread the message. Constantine is a bitch made coward. All day every day. Hey Johnny, thanks for the cash cow, oh....and may wanna turn around.

    The feed cuts out as Constantine looks confused when suddenly Vox comes up from behind and connects with a low blow of his own! Constantine's eyes pop wide open as he falls to the ground in the fetal position, as Vox struggles to his feet. The crowd begins chanting bitch made at Constantine, who can't even bring himself to show the disdain he has towards the fan from the amount of pain he's in.

    Copeland: The Hollow Ones have made their presence felt, but not in the way most expected!

    Cohen: Mr. Banks needs to sue for copyright infringement! Blades can't go selling his own merch outside the WZCW shop!

    Vox pulls himself up as he grabs hold of Constantine, suddenly seeing his championship reign slipping through his fingers. Vox pushes Constantine against the table in the center of the ring still, rolling him on top as he climbs up himself. He pulls Constantine up and hooks both his arms against his legs, setting him up for World Pieces! He lifts him up, but Constantine struggles against it, before suddenly getting his feet back and lifting Vox up and delivering Collateral Damage through the table! Constantine weakly hooks the leg, 1..........................2...........................3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, and STILL WZCW MAYHEM CHAMPION, CONSTANTINE!

    Copeland: Despite the distraction from The Hollow Ones, Constantine was able to turn back a very game Vox and retain the Mayhem Championship.

    Cohen: Vox was this close to dethroning Constantine, but the future Hall of Famer, yes you heard me right Seabass, reversed World Pieces into Collateral Damage.

    Constantine slowly rolls over onto his back, his breathing labored as he slowly sits up. Prince hands him the Mayhem Championship again as he slowly gets to his feet, lifting the title high into the air, though still in tremendous pain, leaning against the ropes as he holds the title close to him. as the referee checks on Vox.

    Copeland: Don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen, we still have the Eurasian Champion Titus squaring off with Wren in our main event!
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    For the second time tonight, Flex Mussel emerges at the top of the stage and makes his way down to the ring. He walks with a sense of authority, ignoring the fans and heading straight for the ringside crew where he rips a microphone from the hands of a young female crew member.

    Copeland: What does he want? Haven&#8217;t we already seen him tonight?

    Cohen: Don&#8217;t hate, Seabass. Flex Mussel is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he&#8217;s about to share his wisdom with us. You could learn a thing or two. Listen up!

    Flex climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, the crowd booing him loudly. The atmosphere is thick with loathing and Flex feels it, holding his head high and soaking in all the hatred from the audience.

    Mussel: Keep booing me, fatties. It&#8217;ll be the most exercise you people get all year. Unless you count running from responsibility, jumping to conclusions or eating. Philly is full of fatties who love to eat those cheesesteaks. Disgusting things and it&#8217;s no surprise I can&#8217;t tell the women from the dogs at the local shelter.

    Another rush of boos from the crowd and this time Flex reacts, his eyes go wide.

    Mussel: Touch a nerve, did I? I&#8217;m surprised you people can still feel anything considering how fat you all are. Look at you. Pigs!

    After amusing himself and irritating the crowd, Flex steps forward and begins to pace around the ring.

    Mussel: I did not come out here tonight to talk about you. No, I&#8217;d have a cheeseburger before I voluntarily spent my night talking to you people. I came out here for a much more important reason. I came out here to talk about me! The biggest travesty in the entire world is occurring right now, people all over the world are freaking out about it, the United Nations are holding meetings and President François Hollande is seeking to deliver an executive order any day now.

    A dramatic pause is taken by Flex. He rubs his head and looks up.

    Mussel: I am of course speaking about the exclusion of Flex Mussel from the World Championship contest at Apocalypse. A grave miscarriage of justice and one that must be fixed. For the integrity of this company it is only fitting that I, Flex Mussel, be added to the match immediately. I defeated Justin Cooper before Kingdom Come and I beat Garth Black, along with former World Champion Mikey Stormrage, just last week.

    With his right hand Flex holds up three fingers and raises his voice.

    Mussel: I have beaten the last THREE World Champions! Do you know that Garth Black is 0-3 against Justin Cooper? I&#8217;ve never lost to Justin. I beat him just over a month ago and yet I&#8217;ve been discriminated against!

    The crowd boos again and Flex leans over the top rope as he shouts.

    Mussel: Garth Black doesn&#8217;t deserve the shot more than I. Nobody in this damn company deserves the title shot more than Flex Mussel. I&#8217;ve beaten everybody. No matter who has been put in my way. Who is there that can compete with me? I&#8217;ve been left off the pay-per-view card like some jobber. Discriminated against and disrespected when I should be in the main event. Who is there? Who dares say they can compete with me and that they deserve a World Title shot more than I?


    Whiplash may have occurred in the ring as Flex whips his head around in an instant when the music hits. He begins grind his teeth as the roar of the crowd takes over when Eve Taylor walks onto the stage. She has a microphone in hand and signals for the music to be cut off. Inside the ring, Flex is pacing back and forth even before Eve says a word he looks furious. She smiles, waves to the crowd and raises the microphone.

    Taylor: You sound like a spoilt child, Flex. First you abuse Becky on Ascension last week for a decision that wasn&#8217;t entirely on her and now you rant against the fans. What did they do to you? You seem angry. Are you angry, Flex? Is it little man syndrome? If it is, I get it. You act tough on television because secretly, behind closed doors, little Flex Mussel is just as insecure as the people he makes fun of.

    Mussel: What do I have to do to get you out of my life? Go away! I&#8217;m finished with you. Cerberus is dead. I sick of you and being linked to something that died over a year ago.

    On the stage, Eve places a hand over her heart.

    Taylor: I&#8217;m hurt. You don&#8217;t share the same love as I do for our time together. How will I survive?

    The crowd laughs as Eve pretends to wipe tears from her eyes.

    Taylor: Believe me, you&#8217;re not the only one who has no wish for any Cerberus reunion. I&#8217;m not out here to join up with you or to have a friendly chat. What I want is rather simple and I&#8217;ll be upfront about it. I want the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. That is what I want more than anything, Flex.

    Mussel: Well get in line.

    Taylor: Oh, I&#8217;m in line so to speak and I like to believe that I&#8217;m right near the top. I&#8217;ve done rather well for myself lately and I would love a rematch against Justin Cooper or Garth Black with the title on the line. Would you people like to see me challenge for the World Championship?

    A loud cheer echoes throughout the arena.

    Taylor: Unlike you I actually have people who want to see me succeed. Now, I can&#8217;t lie, you have been very successful lately and just like me you&#8217;re right at the apex. You and I are battling for that next spot. However, history states that I get the first spot over you. I beat you once at Kingdom Come and that makes me the next challenger. No matter who walks out of Sunday as World Champion they&#8217;ll have to deal with me.

    Flex has nearly gone red with rage; his face is shaking.

    Mussel: You&#8217;re next? In what messed up world are you next? I&#8217;m next, damn it!

    Taylor: How about we ask the fans? Do you want to see Flex Mussel compete for the World Championship?

    Boo! The crowd rejects it and Flex is losing it inside the ring, stomping all over the place.

    Taylor: Or would you rather see... I dunno... me become World Champion?

    Huge cheer from the crowd and Eve smiles.

    Taylor: I think it&#8217;s pretty clear who they want to see in that spot and they do pay the bills. It&#8217;s the fans who have the greatest influence and Flex I think you might be out of luck. It&#8217;s a rough business but hey, look on the bright side, at least you can say you worked hard and never gave up. You know what, once I win the title I&#8217;ll even let you take a picture with it. Not actually hold it though... I wouldn&#8217;t want fingers on it or anything.

    Mussel: It&#8217;s easy to talk all that nonsense from up there. You afraid, Eve? Come down here and say that!

    Without hesitation Eve Taylor begins walking down the ramp and towards the ring. The crowd rises and chants her name as Eve climbs through the second rope and gets right up in the face of Flex Mussel. Both are trash talking and are standing their ground.

    Taylor: I&#8217;m next. You&#8217;re a never was.

    It looks like punches are about to be thrown until...


    The fans turn their attention to the entrance ramp where Vance Bateman, the General Manager of Meltdown, hobbles out onto the stage. He gives a reluctant smile and raises his left hand as he talks.

    Bateman: Calm down. Both of you need to relax. None of this need get out of hand.

    The fans are intrigued as are Eve and Flex.

    Bateman: Both of you have performed at an extremely high level as of late and as a result we at WZCW have taken notice.

    He pauses.

    Bateman: As a result, Flex Mussel will face Eve Taylor at Apocalypse where the winner will be named as the number one contender for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

    Most of the time that would be the end of it and Bateman believes so as he leaves through the curtain. Inside the ring however neither Flex nor Eve has backed down. They are inches from each other and the crowd wait for the next sequence in this encounter. They have their confirmed date, a match with the winner facing the World Champion at a later date.

    Taylor: Nervous?

    Mussel: No.

    She smiles.

    Taylor: You should be.

    Mussel: You shouldn&#8217;t even be in this position. You don&#8217;t deserve it half as much as I do. I&#8217;ve been waiting so long for this and yet here you are to try and steal what is mine.

    Taylor: Afraid of the challenge, are we?

    Mussel: CHALLENGE?!

    Flex throws his head back and almost laughed at the notion. His voice echoing throughout the arena as he turned back to face Eve.

    Mussel: You think you&#8217;re a challenge to me? Listen here you stupid, stupid, girl. I see no challenge before me. I don&#8217;t think your some tough competitor because I know better. I know better than all these idiots in this building who buy into this fable that you&#8217;re deserving of a World Championship opportunity. Hell, some of these idiots have the nerve, the disrespect, to sit there and say you deserve it more than me.

    The crowd cheers and begins to chant &#8216;Eve&#8217; and this only infuriates Flex further.

    Mussel: Well you don&#8217;t! You never did. Nobody deserves it more than me. I&#8217;ve waited long enough for my shot and I&#8217;m sick of waiting. I&#8217;m sick of sitting on my hands like some child in timeout waiting to be allowed to play again. No more! You don&#8217;t deserve this more than me, Eve. You never did. You&#8217;ve been paraded around like you were the leader of Cerberus but you and I know the truth of it.

    Flex and Eve lock eyes as Mussel slowly approaches. Eve refuses to move an inch as he gets closer, raising his arm up in the air.

    Mussel: Cerberus took this company to new heights. Not on your leadership but on mine! It was Flex Mussel who broke records, holding the tag titles for the longest time and defending them over and over again. I did it all the while carrying a man who is so inept that he&#8217;s now a damn cripple!

    A wave of boos rush the ring but Flex ignores them and continues on.

    Mussel: You were stuck as a mediocre diva before Cerberus rose to the top. Without Cerberus you&#8217;d be nothing! You didn&#8217;t make Cerberus, Cerberus made you and I was the leader. I carried that team on my back. I broke records. There was never three heads. It was always one and you&#8217;re looking at him! I was the head of Cerberus and without me you&#8217;d be NOTHING!

    Eve just shakes her head. Flex raises an eyebrow and laughs.

    Mussel: As arrogant as always, Eve. We will see how arrogant you are at Apocalypse when I kill this little fable you&#8217;ve let grow. Just like Showtime, Slaughter and Tastic found out, I bring so called &#8216;legends&#8217; crashing back down to earth. I&#8217;ll prove once and for all that I was the only head of Cerberus and that you were nothing more than the tits and ass of Cerberus.

    Before even Eve can react Flex moves forward and gets right in her face. They go forehead to forehead and Flex raises the microphone and yells at the top of his lungs, full of venom and pure hatred for Eve.

    Mussel: You should be on your hands and knees, girl. You should be thanking me that you have gotten so much attention and love from these fools. Yet here you are trying to take what I EARNED! I am the next World Champion, not you. I AM CERBERUS! Without me that group was nothing. If you were a real woman, someone who knew her place, you&#8217;d move aside and let me claim what I DESERVE! You hear me, huh? I made you! STEP ASIDE YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH!

    Eve punches Flex right in the face and sends the microphone flying. They go to the ground as Taylor tackles the fittest man on earth and is hammering away with strikes. Flex struggles free and escapes through the bottom rope, hurrying away and up the entrance ramp while Eve screams at him to get back in the ring. He places a hand on his face and feels the warm oozing of blood from his nose. The duo stare each other down as we cut to commercial.
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    Backstage, we see Constantine matching through the halls of the arena. Shocking, he finds himself on his own but he shows no fear as the Mayhem Championship hangs over his shoulder. Constantine loos beat up from the Mayhem match only a while ago but a sly smile still adorns his features. Suddenly, WZCW rookie, Lynx, bursts through a nearby hall and into the Mayhem Champions path.

    Constantine: Hey! Watch where you're going kid!

    Lynx comes an immediate and sudden halt as he looks up at Constantine. With a look of utter and sheer confusion.

    Lynx: Anthony Michaels... Mayhem Championship!? Oh dear! What year is this?

    He grabs Constantine by the shoulders and worryingly looms deep into his eyes. There is a fear in Lynx that cannot be put into words but Constantine simply pushes him away and shakes his head aggressively. Lynx allows Constantine to barge past as he brings a finger to his chin, pondering time and space.

    Cohen: That kid is all types of messed up in the head, Seabass...

    Copeland: Be that as it may, Jack, he seems to be very talented. He beat Gabi Clark on his debut and now locks horns with Tony Mancini and Kagura a little later on. He may be confused out of the ring but he definitely knows what he's doing inside of it.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a triple threat match and is scheduled for one fall. During a triple threat match, there are no count-outs or disqualifications!

    Copeland: Well, folks, this should be a cracking match all things considered. All three of the competitors in this match have something to prove to everyone here tonight. But, perhaps, none more so than Kagura.

    Cohen: Absolutely, Seabass. I mean, we have gone beyond day 500 of the EurAvison era now and it looks like it shows no signs of slowing down at all. It seems as though all of the words between the Champion and challenger have no finished. All that is left is doing their talking in the middle of the ring and, more importantly, building some momentum before Apocalypse.

    After a few seconds of Tony's music being played, he makes his way through the curtain with Gino in tow. Gino offers some of the booing fans a choice gesture but soon, the booing fades away and cheers are all that remain for the former mob-boss. Tony gives the fans a nod of approval as he looks around the vast arena.

    Copeland: Well, as we heard earlier, folks, Tony Mancini has managed to get the powers that be to sign off on a match with Logan McAllister at Apocalypse. Tonight, he goes up against Kagura and Lynx in a triple threat match. If he wins, who knows what could happen for Tony.

    Cohen: It's a bold move from Tony to try and find a match for himself but he knows that he needs to start making moves up the card and soon. You said it, Seabass. A win here would accomplish that and the match against Logan would be the icing on the cake.

    Tony turns to Gino and the two exchange a warm embrace before Tony sends Gino away. No standing alone on the stage, Tony allows a look of determination to sweep across his face. He makes his way down to the ring as his music stops and another begins.

    Lynx walks out onto the entrance ramp looking down at the ground for a few seconds as a countdown clock ticks down 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.... Then he looks into the audience and pyro goes off as the fans cheer. Blue, purple, and green lights flash throughout the arena

    Copeland: Now here is a young man who is going to be very full of confidence heading into this match. His first match ending in his first win last time out. But tonight represents a significant rise in the challenge that Lynx goes up against.

    Cohen: No doubt about it, Seabass. A triple threat match is always a challenge, given that you are going up against two other people who have the same idea as you. You need to keep your head on a swivel and your concentration tight. This is going to be a tough match without even thinking about who he is going up against!

    Lynx soaks in the amazing crowd reaction from the fans for a moment, putting his fist into the air and getting another loud pop from the crowd. He gives the fans a smile before heading down the ramp towards the ring. His music stops as he reaches the bottom of the ramp and another theme begins.

    As her music plays, the lights in the arena dim as pink lights begin to swirl, but they quickly change to gold and then to gray-white, representing the decay in the life of the cherry blossoms as snow falls. As the lights turn white Kagura makes her way out onto the stage. Kagura gets a decisively mixed reaction from the assembled fans but it doesn't seem to bother the number one contender for the EurAsian Championship one bit.

    Copeland: Well, as we pointed out a little earlier, folks, Kagura has a lot to prove to everyone here tonight. With Titus on the horizon for her, she can't afford to take her foot off of the gas pedal, even for a second.

    Cohen: Because Titus definitely will not, Seabass. He has been EurAsian Champion for longer than I can even remember at this point and it is going to take something special to dethrone him at Apocalypse. A win here though, and who knows if Kagura could be that person to accomplish such a feat.

    As Kagura begins making her way down towards the ring, a blurry figure appears behind her, obscured by the sharp lighting on the stage and the tron. But it soon becomes clear that it is the EurAsian Champion who stalks his challenger. The crowd boo loudly but it is no good as Titus makes a run at Kagura and nails her, mercilessly, with a clubbing blow to the back of her head. Kagura hits the floor immediately as Titus towers over her. Knowing that he has to make the advantage count, Titus begins stomping Kagura angrily – the features on his face shifting to a venomous expression. Stomp after stomp, Titus punishes his Apocalypse opponent as the fans look on a mixture of horror and shock. Picking Kagura up to her feet, Titus looks deep into the eyes of his adversary before launching her into the security barricade – her back colliding with the metal fence and sending her back to the floor. As Titus' plan come to fruition and Kagura lies hurting on the floor, a wide smile appears on the face of the EurAsian Champion. He lies in wait as Kagura struggles to get back to her feet, the fans still booing from beside him and the two other competitors looking on from inside the ring.

    Copeland: God damn that man! He has no business to be out here right now!

    Cohen: Hey, I don't like it either, Seabass. But the fact of the matter is that you don't get to reign as EurAsian Champion for 500 days by playing nice. It seems as though Titus has had enough of Kagura's name being mentioned in the same breath as his and he is showing her who is the real talent.

    Copeland: Still, this is shocking! Why are Tony Mancini and Lynx just standing there?!

    Cohen: Well, first of all, you have to remember that Kagura is their opponent tonight and with her out of the running, it increases their chances of winning the match. And second, I wouldn't like to get in between Titus and his prey. If you feel so bad about it, why don't you go stop him, Seabass?

    As Kagura struggles to get to her feet with the toils of the attack showing in her weary legs, Titus waits for the idea moment, The fans go strangely quiet as Titus eyes up his opponent before nailing her with THE TIT DROP that sends her crashing back to the floor. The fans boo loudly as Kagura lies motionless on the ramp and Titus gets back to his feet quickly – a wider smile than ever adorning his face. Suddenly, a few referees and officials make their way out onto the stage and get between Titus and Kagura. Titus, infuriatingly, raises his hands innocently as he laughs at Kagura's state. The fans boo even louder as Titus is ushered through the curtain and out of the view of the fans.

    Copeland: Shocking! That is an utterly heinous and vile attack from the Hall of Fame superstar on his Apocalypse opponent, Jack. Someone should be taking Titus in an office and stripping him of that great Championship.

    Cohen: That might be the only way that you get it from his hands, Seabass. It doesn't look like Kagura will be able to do it anyway. Hell, we can pretty much rule her out of competition for a few weeks at least after that brutality.

    Inside the ring, Lynx and Mancini look at each other, unsure of what to do. The referee for the match goes over to both men and whispers in their ear, trying to pass a message on in the midst of some serious booing and hate from the fans in the arena. As the referee leaves both men, they nod their heads in approval and the referee signals for the bell to start the match. On the outside of the ring, some medics and officials see to the third competitor in the match.


    Copeland: Well, the silver lining of this situation is, folks, that we are still getting some level of action after that savage beating from Titus. The show must go on and now Lynx and Tony Mancini get an opportunity to show everyone what they are capable of in a singles match.

    As the sound of the bell signals the start of the match, Tony Mancini and Lynx get to business. Both men begin circling the ring, eyeing each other. Quickly, however, Tony leathers Lynx with a hard right hand that sends Lynx reeling backwards. Not one to be outdone, however, Lynx rallies back and nails Tony with a hard shot in return. The two trade blows as the crowd roar for their favourites. After some horrific shots, it is Tony who gets the better of the rookie, turning him around and tossing him into the corner. There, Tony begins to unload, hammering the sternum and head of his opponent with some pretty devastating fists and elbows. Tony is like a man possessed in the early going as the referee gets between the two men and forcing Tony away from his opponent. The hold is broken for a second but Tony is in no mood to give Lynx an early reprieve. Once more he is upon the Guardian of the Space-Time Continuum, nailing him with a back elbow to the side of the head. Tony follows this up by whipping Lynx across the ring and then nailing him with a big splash in the corner. The crowd are undoubtedly behind the former mob-boss as he allows Lynx to stumble out of the corner and then punishing him with a glorious clothesline. He covers Lynx for the first pinfall of the match. 1... 2. Kick out!

    Copeland: A blistering start from Tony Mancini here tonight, folks. And one has to assume that vigour is brought on with the announcement that he will be taking on Logan McAllister at Apocalypse, Jack?

    Cohen: It very well could be, Seabass. Make no mistake, fighting for your family is like nothing else you can ever imagine. Tony made it clear to Logan that he would be dedicating his performance in that match to his daughter and, perhaps, he wants to show Logan what he can expect in a few weeks time.

    Mancini knows that he is in the driving seat and immediately gets to work on inflicting more punishment on his opponent. He picks Lynx up by the hair and moves across the ring and into the corner once again. He delivers a head-butt to the skull of Lynx that scrambles the thoughts of the the rookie. Going around his back, Mancini goes back on the offensive as he launches a German Suplex, the back of Lynx's head colliding with the turn-buckle. The crowd gasp as the impact rings around the arena. But Mancini knows that he needs to capitalise on his advantage. He pulls Lynx away from the ropes and covers him again, the referee doing his best to keep up with the action. 1...2... Lynx manages to get a shoulder up! Mancini sits up, cursing his luck but keen to press on. Getting to his feet now, Mancini moves across the ring, studying his rookie opponent and weighing up his next attack. Crouching in the corner, Mancini lies in wait as Lynx finally begins to get to his feet; the ropes being used to support his ailing body. As soon as Lynx is on his feet, Mancini runs at him; looking to put him away with a big splash in the corner. But at the last second Lynx moves out of the way; causing Mancini to collide unceremoniously with the turn-buckle. Lynx pounces upon the opportunity to turn the tide of this match as he lands a swift clubbing blow to the back Mancini's head and then tosses him to the outside.

    Copeland: Mancini looked very good and had started the better in this match. That was until that little piece of brilliance from The Guardian of the Space-Time Continuum. Lynx may have found himself on the defensive for most of this match so far but he seems to have a fighter's heart and he showed it right there.

    Cohen: Lynx really needs to make this moment count, Seabass. Tony Mancini is as tough as old boots and he doesn't often make mistakes. The rookie needs to use any chances he gets to turn the tide in his favour.

    Some way up the ramp, Kagura is finally coming to her senses and is trying to push the officials off of her and stagger towards the ring. The fans are on their feet for the fighting spirit of the number one contender but she looks weary already. The officials try to tell her that she is no fit state for the match but she seems disinterested in their opinions. She stops on the ramp for a while, trying to catch her breath as the match continues without her.

    Cohen: You can't be serious!? Kagura wants to get involved in this match after everything that Titus just put her through? I guess I have to commend her on her spirit but Tony Mancini and Lynx will make light work of her if she dares.

    Copeland: Don't count her out yet, Jack. Kagura has shown, many times in fact, that she has a huge fighting spirit and she wont allow this match to pass her by if she has it in her to compete. That notion, however, might be foolish and far off. She looks hurt.

    Meanwhile, Lynx takes a moment for himself before joining Mancini on the outside of the ring. Catching his breath somewhat, Lynx looks down at the fallen Mancini. Lynx takes a deep breath as the fans give him a quick cheer in only his second match. He grabs Mancini by the head and pulls him back to his feet. Without mercy, Lynx lifts Mancini into the air and brings him down on the edge of the apron. Lynx may be a rookie but he shows the ring sense of a veteran as he drags Mancini to the edge of the mats before picking him up and nailing him with a suplex - Mancini's back connecting with the security barrier. The crowd are on their feet again as Lynx slowly gets to his feet and raises his fist into the air. The referee remonstrates with Lynx to bring the match back inside the ring but Lynx seems so dialled into his work that he takes no notice. Lynx goes back to his opponent again, getting on top of him and nailing him with a flurry of punches. Lynx finally gets back to his feet and pulls Mancini to his. Lynx goes to nail Mancini with an extra clothesline but the former mob-boss ducks under his arm and goes for a punch of his own. Lynx, somehow, manages duck under that, in the midst of a back and forth flurry – before nailing him with the Kick To The Future! The crowd are on their feet as the signature move connects and Lynx is feeling it!

    Copeland: This could be it, folks. Lynx caught Mancini flush on the chin with that super-kick. He needs to get Mancini back into the ring and get the fall!

    Cohen: That stint on the outside of the ring has worked very well for the WZCW rookie. He showed an edge to his game that this company demands of you. It might not be the prettiest of ways to win a match but he got the results and now Mancini is like putty in his hands.

    Lynx grabs Mancini's body and tries picking him – lifting him with all of the strength he has left in him. He finally gets Mancini to his feet and tosses him under the bottom rope and into the ring. The crowd are on their feet as the closing stages of this match are upon them. Lynx quickly follows suit and gets in the ring, scurrying to cover his opponent and pick up the second win of his WZCW career. He drops an arm over his opponent as the referee counts the fall! 1... 2... Suddenly, Kagura leaps from behind the fall with a clubbing blow and saves the match for herself!

    Copeland: I don't believe what I am seeing here, folks! This match was started without Kagura in the ring after that assault from Titus. Lynx and Mancini have fought this match brutally and Kagura has had the chance to recover. Now she enters this match, beaten but not broken!

    Cohen: Amazing heart from Kagura, I have to agree with you! It would have been too easy for Kagura to throw in the towel and save herself for Apocalypse but she's well and truly in the match now! But is this a mistake on the part of the number one contender? She might do herself a damage on the eve of one of the biggest fights of her life!

    After the lunge from Kagura, she slumps to the canvas, the sweat dripping from her forehead. Lynx runs his hands through his hair as he lies on his back on the canvas. He cannot believe that he has not managed to pick up the win there and then. However, Lynx knows that he needs to get back into the match and make his advantage count before it is too late. He gets to his feet slowly and grabs the head of Kagura – pulling her back to her weary feet. He backs her up into the corner and lands a few stiff shots to the head. Kagura wobbles on her unsteady feet as the crowd watch on in stunned silence. Lynx whips Kagura across the ring and watches as she collides with the corner. Lynx gives the fans one final taunt before running across the ring and jumping at her. But Kagura, somehow, manages to get out of the way at the last second. He recoils thanks to the impact but is soon tossed to the outside of the ring by Kagura. Suddenly, however, Tony Mancini is upon her. He grabs her with a full nelson hold but Kagura drops to the canvas and rolls Mancini onto the canvas. Mancini shoots back to his feet and looks for a big boot. Suddenly, Kagura drops to the canvas again and avoids the impact. Tony spins on his heels and is met with THE FIFTH DANCE! Kagura falls on top of her opponent and the referee begins the count. 1... 2... 3! Just as Lynx gets in the ring, he sees the hand come down for the three count! This match is over!!

    Harrys: Here is your winner... Kagura!!

    Copeland: I don't believe that, ladies and gentlemen. Kagura started this match absolutely broken on the outside of the ring. But as Tony Mancini and Lynx played this match out together they, undoubtedly, forgot about Kagura. That decision was their ultimate downfall as Kagura got back into this match and showed her immense spirit.

    Cohen: It truly was something to behold, Seabass. She may have found the win here tonight but big dance with Titus is on the horizon. The damage done to Kagura was swift and plentiful. It remains to be seen how this will affect her going forward.

    Copeland: And you have to feel sorry for Tony Mancini and Lynx. Those two competitors left it all in and around the ring tonight. There's unfinished business between those two for sure and on another night, one of them could have been leaving with the big win.

    Lynx looks distraught as Kagura rolls from the ring and stumbles up the ramp. He allows a look of disappointment to cross his features as he watches Kagura leave with the victory.
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    The camera pans around the arena and a video package promoting the upcoming pay-per-view event comes to an end. The crowd cheers, showing their excitement, and the camera now focuses on the announce table. The announcers are prepared to discuss the event when a loud cheer echoes from a far-off section of the arena.

    The camera scans the arena and finds a man forcing his way through the crowd. Security tries to stop him but the man shoves them to the side and jumps the barricade. He grabs a microphone and rolls under the bottom rope of the ring, throwing his head up and the camera gets a clear shot of him.

    Cooper: Garth, you gutless son of bitch! Get your ass out here right now. You said Meltdown was the place to be and I&#8217;m standing right here. Come on!

    The World Champion has a wild look in his eyes and turns towards the entrance ramp. Nothing happens, the crowd begin to chant his name and Cooper speaks to the arena whilst turning.

    Cooper: I don&#8217;t think he heard me. Can you guys help me out? Can we get a &#8220;Garth Sucks&#8221; chant going? Let me hear you!

    &#8220;GARTH SUCKS&#8221;
    &#8220;GARTH SUCKS&#8221;
    &#8220;GARTH SUCKS&#8221;

    Still nothing. The entrance ramp is free of any movement and Cooper is getting frustrated inside the ring. He begins to scan the arena, noticing that the security team is regrouping around ringside.

    Cooper: I don&#8217;t know how much longer I&#8217;ve got. I&#8217;m not cleared to compete tonight but I&#8217;ll be damned if some official is going to stop me from showing on wherever the hell I want. I want my damn belt back and I&#8217;ll run through everybody to get it back.

    Loud cheer from the crowd. Cooper takes a few steps back and climbs the far-right turnbuckle, facing the entrance ramp he yells.

    Cooper: Get out here you coward! I whooped your ass three times, let me do it for a fourth time. You wear that belt like you&#8217;re a champion but you don&#8217;t have the balls to step out here and face me. You are and forever will be my bitch, Garth. You hear me? You are my bitch boy!

    The crowd cheers again as Cooper steps down off the turnbuckle. He runs his hand through his hair and is very frustrated. Cooper shakes his head in disbelief that Black has refused to answer the call after promising to be here tonight. Suddenly, the titantron lights up and Garth Black appears on the screen... on a boat with beers surrounding him and various party guests in the background. Huge heat from the crowd, boos washing over the arena, as Black adjusts his sunglasses. Yes, Garth Black is wearing sunglasses at night time.

    Black: I guess you&#8217;ve finally showed up. I&#8217;ve been waiting for you, Justin. Where have you been? Ah, I don&#8217;t care. I can&#8217;t believe you actually thought I&#8217;d be there. Me, the rightful World Champion just show up on Meltdown. Unlike you I have better things to do than parade around for those idiots sitting in the arena.

    Mega heat from the crowd but Black just laughs and takes a sip of his beer. The crown jewel is unseen until this point when Black reaches out of camera and pulls the World Championship over and onto his lap.

    Black: Such a pretty thing and I&#8217;ve taken loving care of it. Since it&#8217;ll be mine in just a matter of days. I&#8217;ve cleaned the leather, shined the gold, made the jewels sparkle, rest assured that I&#8217;ve done an excellent job maintaining the beauty of this title.

    In the arena, Cooper is going red just standing and listening to his rival. His most prized possession being shown on the big screen, out of his reach, is infuriating to Cooper.

    Black: Except for one little bit.

    Garth glides his finger down the title belt until he reaches the nameplate. Scratched heavily, like someone attacked it with a blade, the nameplate is barely readable anymore. The name &#8216;Justin Cooper&#8217; nearly completely removed with only a hint still surviving.

    Black: An accident of course. Must&#8217;ve happened during my travel. Fear not, once I defeat you on Sunday I&#8217;ll have the nameplate restored to the condition it should be. I&#8217;ll have your name permanently scratched away and my forever stamped in the history books!

    Another laugh from Black as he takes a long sip of his beer before throwing the bottle in the ocean with a splash.

    Black: I&#8217;ve manipulated you like a puppet, Justin. I told you to show up on Meltdown and you did. I am the one in control now. Three wins means nothing anymore because I have the power to make you bend to my will. I am in control now and you are my puppet. I pull the strings and I&#8217;ll make you dance just for laughs. I&#8217;ll slap you down time after time just to make myself laugh before putting you down for the final ten count. I am the puppet master now, Justin.

    The camera shows Justin in the arena and he rolls his eyes.

    Cooper: You might be the puppet master but you&#8217;re still dull as a woodshed, mate. Look, I don&#8217;t know where you are but I&#8217;m standing in the middle of this ring waiting with closed fists to kick your ass tonight. How about you do us all a favour and put that tail between your legs and scurry over here and we give these people a fight to remember?

    A thunderous ovation from the audience but Garth Black is less excited about the idea. He shakes his head and slaps the World Title; a smirk comes across his face afterwards.

    Black: I don&#8217;t answer to you or anyone at WZCW. I do what I want and I&#8217;m not feeling like coming to Meltdown. No, in fact I&#8217;ll be spending my night here on this boat relaxing as a World Champion does. If you want to come find me you&#8217;ll have to wait until Ascension when I dismantle that ignorant little fool, Vee. Thinking he could&#8217;ve beat you last week without my help or that he can even compete against me. I suggest you watch what I do on Ascension, watch as I break Vee and stand over him for a count of ten. It&#8217;ll be a preview of the beating coming your way this Sunday. See you then, Justin.

    The feed cuts out and focuses back on Justin Cooper in the ring. Security has surrounded the ring and officials begin ordering Justin away since he is not cleared to compete. With the crowd chanting his name, a look of disappointment remains on his face as once again he is without his most prized possession and the title he fought so long to hold.

    Copeland: A frustrating encounter between Justin Cooper and Garth Black. All week we&#8217;ve been building to this confrontation and it turns out that Black never had any intention of being in the building. A cowardly act to say the least.

    Cohen: Nonsense, Seabass! Garth was testing to see how easily he could control Justin and it worked perfectly. Justin is being played and he is going to let his anger get the best of him which will allow Black to defeat him this Sunday. I&#8217;m telling you it&#8217;s a brilliant plan.

    Cooper exits the ring and makes his way up the ring, security surrounding him and the thought of Garth Black firmly in his mind.
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    The following contest is the main event, a non-title match scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds , Wren!!

    Wren makes her way down the aisle, a single spotlight shines over her but as she gets closer and closer to the ring, lights illuminate the aisle behind her.

    Copeland: This is by far Wren's biggest match. The main event of Meltdown against the most dominant Champion in all of WZCW history. Though at the same time, he's been accused of taking it easy.

    Cohen: If you ask me, she's pretty much fresh meat for Titus. She stands no chance here. Man, woman or..... dog, that man is the most successful wrestler in history.


    Her opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, he is the longest reigning Champion in WZCW history, the WZCW Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison!!

    Titus makes his way down the aisle with his coveted title around his waist as he stretches his arms out, as if a deity walked among men. As he marches slowly, large chants of "Not My Champion" echo through the arena.

    Copeland: The biggest thing about Titus is that he had a Hall Of Fame career long before this impressive Championship run. Inducted years before it in fact. Look at him now. Bigger than ever, you could say. However, he has a problem with overconfidence. It could cost him when he meets Kagura Joheki at Apocalypse.

    Cohen:At this point, they should erect a statue and build a monument in his honor just because he's achieved so much more than anyone else AFTER he was already honored. Kagura may be great, but Titus is simply the greatest.

    Both combatants prepare themselves, Titus taking his time as he stops to stretch several times after feigning that he's ready. Eventually, he settles in and it's time to start.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    They both circle the ring, but Titus stops, dropping his stance and simply walks out of the ring. He saunters around ringside as Wren looks on in the ring frustrated. The referee begins his 10 count as Titus simply kills time arguing with fans trying to heckle him. He seems to get back on the apron after a while when the referee reaches 7, making him stop counting and Titus begin to get in, but he stops and gets out again. Wren tries to reach out for him but the referee interjects, keeping her at bay as Titus once again saunters about. He returns to the ring, this time Wren wastes no time and goes right for him, grabbing him by the head, but Titus latches on to the ropes, demanding she be restrained. The referee tries to interject again, but it's only when he administers a mandatory 5 count that Wren stops.

    Titus isn't gonna win by killing time like this.

    Cohen: He's a mayor figure. Wren is a newbie. He really doesn't have to sweat this.

    Wren backs off at the referee's orders, the frustration mounting and Titus slowly gets out of the ropes. As soon as he does, Wren once again lunges at him, but this time she whips the Champion away from the ropes. He dashes across but grabs the ropes at the other side of the ring to stop himself. Wren chases after him but is catapulted over the ropes and to the ground, Titus dusting his hands and sauntering in the ring, boasting with confidence. Wren, not pleased, rolls back in the ring and hits a pair of chops, attempting to whip Titus again. This time however, he's prepared and kneels down to halt the momentum. He reverses and whips Wren across, catching her in a Sleeper Hold. The referee checks on her and even though she says she's not giving up with her hands, she slowly starts to fade, dropping to her knees as Titus puts his weight over her back. The referee checks her hand to see if she responds, she does, but it still drops rather slowly. Instead of just waiting it out though, Titus decides to play a little, freeing up one hand to play with one of Wren's arms. He has her wave to the crowd but Wren does revive. She throws her legs upwards and manages a Victory Roll. 1.......... 2.- But Not long before 2, Titus gets out of it, him lipping "Not Tonight" to the crowd slowly for them to catch.

    * Not My Champion! Not My Champion! Not My Champion! Not My Champion! Not My Champion! *

    Cohen: Look at him. Such greatness in that ring.

    Copeland: I'm not denying he's all time great, but tonight his hubris has gotten to an all time high.

    503 days as Champion. Would you not brag about that?

    Titus continues his showboating, mocking Wren but she's not willing to stay down, punching him in the gut. She gets to her feet and begins to mount a comeback. She hits a series of Clotheslines and a Spnning Wheel Kick, knocking Titus down. Surprised, he gets back up and is hit right away with Huracanrana. Laid prone on the canvas, Wren climbs the ropes and hits a Moonsault, hooking the leg for a cover. 1............. 2............. 3-But Titus kicks out. Right away, Wren covers again. 1.......... 2......-But Titus again kicks out. Wren hooks both legs, 1........ 2.- But Titus yet again kicks out to her frustration. She points to the referee in frustration but doesn't let up, the second she sees Titus getting up, she's on the attack with forearms. Titus shoots back with one of his own but Wren overwhelms him. She hits an Enzuigiri, knocking him down.

    Copeland: I can understand Wren's frustration. This can be a career making win for her and it took a lot of effort to mount any sort of offense.

    Cohen: Losing your cool is the first step to losing a battle, Seabass. Wren should know that coming from a Japanese school.

    Wren takes her time, this time picking her spot rather than desperation take her. Titus staggers and she measures the ropes, flying and connecting a Springboard Stunner. Rather than hooking the leg this time or going for a cover, she goes for the ropes and climbs. Waiting for Titus but he rolls outside, he grabs his title and getting away from Wren. He makes his away around ringside but Wren is on the top rope waiting for him. Titus thinks about crossing to make his way up the ramp, but he decides against it. Instead deciding to go through the crowd. The referee has started his 10 count as Titus goes through the barricade but as he steps over it, Kagura appears.

    *Ka-gu-ra! Ka-gu-ra! Ka-gu-ra! Ka-gu-ra! Ka-gu-ra! Ka-gu-ra!*

    The crowd cheers loudly for her appearance as Titus stands, not knowing what to do. The referee counts 2 to 5 as Titus freezes but the lapse of attention costs him as Wren takes the opportunity to attack him and drag him back to the ring, breaking the 10 count. Wren sees Titus begging off and not waiting to fall for a trap, she hits him with a Shinning Wizard and once again hooks the leg. 1.......... 2............. 3-But Titus kicks out.

    Cohen: This is an outrage! Kagura interfered in the match!

    How so? She was in the crowd. We have vouchers for workers and family. All she did was just be there. Titus is the greatest wrestler of all time. He outta know better than to get distracted.

    Titus starts to fight back, not pleased at all with whats happened, he mounts his comeback, hitting a pair of Kesagiri Chops and a DDT. The fun and games are over as Titus' face shows, turning into a very large frown. he yells at Wren and slaps her in the back of the head, then pulls her back up. He hits a pair of European Uppercuts and a Northern Lights Suplex, refusing the bridge, he once again yells at Wren about respecting him. He rolls her over and screams at her to stay down. He climbs the ropes, looking for The Red Comet but Wren, defiant and not giving up, starts to get up.

    *Fight, Wren, Fight! Fight, Wren, Fight! Fight, Wren, Fight! Fight, Wren, Fight!*

    Titus sits in the corner, looking on. Not at all pleased. Downright angry. He gets down and knees Wren in the gut and ges for the Tit Drop, but Wren avoids it. Titus bounces off the mat, right on his tailbone, dramatically selling the impact of his fall. Wren looks over him, Titus look up to her. Not at all happy with how this match has gone, Titus simply looses his patience. And hits a low blow.

    Copeland:Is Titus trying to get himself disqualified? What's he doing?

    Cohen: I think his patience may have run thin.

    Titus looks at the referee, expecting a call to be made but he doesn't seem to know what to do. Titus' arm, trapped between Wrens legs, she's not letting it go. She hits a trio of forearm shots at Titus, grabs the trapped arm and hits a Wristclutch Exploder. She quickly goes up the ropes and flies, connecting the Skytwister Press. From East With Love. The crowd reacts greatly to it, Wren makes the cover, 1............. 2.............. 3!!!

    Here is your winner, WREEE~EN!!
    Copeland:Oh my God! What an upset!! That is without a doubt, the biggest win of Wren's life! A hard fought victory, never giving up!!

    Cohen: I cannot believe this at all!

    Wren's arm is raised as Titus staggers, not believing what just happened. A cut shows Kagura in the crowd applauding as she walks away, letting Wren have her moment. Wren celebrates on the top rope as Titus rolls away, beside himself.

    Copeland: It happened. No one is taking that away from her. Titus let his ego get the better of him and Wren was able to take advantage of it. Even the greatest man alive can be tripped by even the seemingly smallest detail.

    Cohen: I guess it's true what they say. Anything can happen in the world of WZCW.

    Wren celebrates with the crowd as the closing credits appear at the bottom of the screen, everyone cheering her on. Titus, clutching his title, walks up the aisle beside himself. He can't believe what's happened. But as he arrives at the top, Kagura Joheki appears waiting for him. He turns around and receives a hard kick to the side of the head, knocking him down and winning the crowds attention. She grabs the Eurasian Championship and lifts it high above as Titus lays knocked down on the floor and the show fades to black.
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    Meltdown 139

    Titus Avison vs Wren - KJ
    Constantine vs Vox - Ty
    Flex Mussel vs Logan McAllister - Dave
    Lynx vs Anthony Mancini vs Kagura - Dave
    Opening - Lee
    Segments - Prophet, Dave

    We are working on Ascension so stay tuned. Hope you liked the show!
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