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    * PYRO *
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    Copeland Hi all, welcome once again to the premier wrestling company...WZCW! I'm Sebastian Copeland and I'm joined by Jack Cohen live from Boston Massachusetts.

    Cohen: Apocalypse is around the corner and tonight we see who Kagura will challenge for the EurAsian championship. My money's on Titus Avison but I'm told I'm too impartial so go Logan!

    Copeland That's right, homeboy Logan gets a chance at ending the 483 day EurAvison era. We also have a brand new Mayhem champion in action as Constantine takes on Eve Taylor and his Vis Imperium partner takes on Mark Keaton. Throw in the debut of the mysterious Lynx and we're in for a good show.

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen I have been notified by Logan McAllister to ask you to stand. This tradition is usually saved for the eight innings but tonight he wants you to join him in singing along.

    Harrys: Making his way down to the ring, being accompanied by his son Hayden. He is the son of Boston. Logan McAllister.

    The crowd go nuts at this. They're all singing along to Sweet Caroline, there's Logan banners all over. This is one of the biggest cheers you can imagine.

    Copeland Where is he?

    Cohen: He's really milking this for what it is.

    Copeland How come Harrys announced Hayden when he's sat at ringside with Brittany?

    At that moment Titus Avison steps out of the curtain, he's dressed like Logan but seems to have stolen Mancini's I <3 NY t-shirt. He signals behind the curtain and out steps Macaulay Culkin.

    Cohen: Oh this is hilarious. I must say though Culkin looks a lot like Hayden.

    The crowd have picked up what is happening as Titus Avison and 'Hayden' make their way to the ring. Titus is egging the crowd on by moving his finger in the air like a conductor. Macaulay Culkin stops to look at Hayden and copies his mannerisms like a mirror. Brittany slaps him and he joins in the ring.

    'Hayden' Hey Daddy, why are the people booing us?

    Titus I don't know son. This is Boston, the friendliest place in the world. Why would the boo me? Their own son. It upsets me.

    The crowd boo again, the camera shows Hayden and Brittany shouting abuse at the two men in the ring.

    Titus I have with me the grandest prize in WZCW and tonight, it will be mine.

    'Hayden' hands Titus the Eurasian championship. He holds it above his head.

    Titus I will hold this prize with high asteem. People will look at Boston holding this championship and will remember fondly the untainted wins of 2004 and 2007!

    The crowd boo again at this.

    Titus Best of all MY SON will get to see it!

    Titus hugs 'Hayden' as the crowd suddenly cheers. Logan McAllister's music hit and he rushes down to the ring. Culkin is quick out and leaves but Titus is stood in the ring.

    Copeland This is a new look for Logan, he's here to show Titus that you can't mock his city or his family.

    Logan rushes Titus who ends on the floor, a few swift punches to his face causes the crowd to his electric levels. Logan picks up Avison and signals for the B.S.P. Titus manages to escape this, and the ring. He grabs his belt and makes his way to the back. Logan is stood in the ring, hands in the air. He climbs the turnbuckle and mocks Titus' point pose. The crowd are a mix of cheers for Logan, boos for Titus and laughter at the embarassment that just happened.

    Copeland Well that was quite the start. Boston are clearly behind Logan tonight!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a singles match and is set for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds, Wren!

    She enters a darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena.

    Copeland: The women&#8217;s revolution in WZCW continues with another all-female match on Meltdown. A lot of women have made their way through WZCW throughout the years but I don&#8217;t remember a time when we had so many on the roster, even going back to the days of the Vixen Division. It&#8217;s great to see such a wide range of performer.

    Cohen: Wren made waves at Kingdom Come with a somewhat surprising performance. I don&#8217;t think many people believed she had a chance but Wren held her own. Her match last week was a tough encounter and I bet she is looking to get a win here tonight.

    Copeland: It&#8217;ll be a tough fight against the number one contender to the Eurasian Championship. If Wren wants to move up through the ranks a win against Kagura would be huge.


    Harrys: Making her way to the ring from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 160 pounds, Kagura Joheki!

    As her music plays, the lights in the arena dim as pink lights begin to swirl, but they quickly change to gold and then to grey-white, representing the decay in the life of the cherry blossoms as snow falls. As the lights turn white she begins to slowly walk to the ring. She clutches the book to her chest with one arm, looking around the arena.

    Cohen: The next victim of Titus Avison! Did you know people believe she can compete with the Eurasian Champion, Seabass? It&#8217;s ridiculous! What has Kagura ever done compared to the greatness that is Titus Avison? I see this match being nothing than a training drill for the G.O.A.T. Titus Avison!

    Copeland: I made the point last week that no man has been able to defeat Titus. No man. Kagura is not a man and I truly believe she is the biggest threat he has ever faced. As a woman, she will be underestimated by Titus as we have already seen. His attitude towards her could very well cost him the match.

    Cohen: Titus Avison has beaten EVERYONE put in front of him. No woman is just going to come into the mix and beat him.

    Copeland: He lost to a woman last week.

    Cohen: You mean he was cheated out of a victory! I&#8217;m still waiting on a review of that incident. Somebody call the authorities!

    Kagura enters the ring and locks eyes with Wren, the crowd standing up as the anticaption reaches its peak. Wren and Kagura are then separated by the referee, he checks that everything is set and calls for the bell.


    The bell sounds, Wren rushes forward and gets behind Kagura, her arms wrapped around the waist of her opponent. Wren attempts to lift Kagura but a solid elbow sends her stumbling back into the corner. The action speeds up as Kagura goes for a running knee strike in the corner, Wren spins out and shoves Kagura to the outside of the ring. The fall is far and hard as Kagura smacks against the ground, quickly the referee ducks to the outside and checks that everything is okay. Wren is immediately on the scene thereafter, punching and kicking at Kagura as her body is pressed up against the guardrail. A distant ten count is heard, Wren not paying much attention as she connects with a running bulldog to Kagura on the outside

    At a count of seven, Wren slides in and out of the ring before heading back to Kagura. Her opponent has crawled over to the steel steps, Wren attempts to use them by slamming Kagura head into the steel but it&#8217;s blocked. Kagura gets both her hands down, punches Wren in the stomach and slams her head into the steel instead. After the hard shot, Wren is in a sitting position against the steps. A quick look back to the referee alerts Kagura to break the count, which she does, before connecting with a vicious knee strike to Wren&#8217;s head as it lay against the steel steps.

    Cohen: That&#8217;s going to hurt tomorrow. Both these women using whatever they can to win this match. It shows how tight the rankings and competition is in WZCW.

    Copeland: Every win and every loss means something to your career.

    Wren is thrown back into the ring and Kagura scurries in afterwards for the cover. 1&#8230; 2&#8230; Kick Out! A shoulder is lifted off the mat just in time. Kagura is motivated, lifting Wren up and hitting a Saito Suplex. She executes the move near the edge of the ring, the hardest part of the canvas, for maximum impact and hooks the leg for another cover soon after. 1&#8230; 2&#8230; Kick Out! With shocking speed Kagura unloads a bunch of punches and palm thrusts onto Wren. It causes her to cover up and roll to the apron of the ring. Kagura moves in and pulls Wren by the hair, remaining on the apron, and hits a forearm. The excitement in the arena rises as Kagura steps back and goes for the spinning back elbow! However, Wren ducks and drives her shoulder into Kagura&#8217;s stomach.

    This sends the former Elite Champion backwards, clutching her ribs, and Wren attacks with a springboard clothesline. Down goes Kagura! Not for a long time however as Kagura pops right back up, Wren is right there though and hits a Hurricanrana. The crowd pops as Wren gets to her feet and eyes Kagura looking dazed and confused, clutching for the ring ropes. No time is wasted as Wren rushes forward and hits a shining wizard, going for the pin straight away. 1&#8230; 2&#8230; Kick Out! So close.

    Copeland: Wren is putting it on now. Kagura had her under control earlier in the match but her comes Wren.

    Cohen: Kagura is crumbling under the pressure. This is what is going to happen against Titus Avison.

    Both women get to their feet and Wren remains in control for the moment. She goes for a running bulldog again but Kagura counters, pushing her into the corner. Wren turns and is smacked in the face by a running knee strike. Kagura then drives her elbow into Wren&#8217;s head multiple times before jumping down and hitting a side shuffle kick! No cover, Kagura pulls Wren into the middle of the ring and goes for an armbar but Wren spins out from her grasp, hits a low dropkick to send Kagura to her knees and nails an Enzuigiri! A cover is made by Wren. 1&#8230; 2&#8230; Kick Out! It seems that Kagura could be seeing stars right now, her eyes are glazed over and Wren is closing in on a victory. She moves in, picks Kagura up before hitting a reverse heel kick, stunning Kagura and then executing the Michinoku driver!

    A loud pop from the crowd as Wren hooks the leg for the win. 1&#8230; 2&#8230; Kick Out! Shock is the only way to describe the look on Wren&#8217;s face. She just hit one of her signatures, her best moves, and it didn&#8217;t put Kagura away. Wren looks very frustrated and turns to the referee, not saying a word of course, holding up three fingers. The official shakes his head and Wren pushes herself to a vertical base. Kagura is below, searching for an escape but Wren is all over her with strikes.

    Cohen: I sense the end is near. Kagura is crumbled under the pressure as I said.

    Copeland: It does look like Wren is moments away from winning this match.

    Tension rises as Wren whips Kagura into the ropes and ducks down &#8211; Kagura counters with a kick to the face and tackles her to the ground, ARMBAR! Wren is stunned as out of nowhere Kagura has locked in an armbar late in the match. Her limbs dart all around the ring trying to reach the ropes to break the hold. Right now, they are far away from the safety of the ring ropes. Kagura is pulling with all her might for the submission. Suddenly, Wren begins to sit up and applies pressure by leaning over the top of Kagura, forcing the referee to begin a pin count. 1&#8230; 2&#8230; Kick Out! Kagura was forced to break the hold and Wren hurries free, holding her arm. Sensing a real chance, Kagura runs forward looking for the Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex! Wren evades the move, elbowing her way free with the good arm and jumps into the air with a knee strike of her own.

    Kagura stumbles and falls to a knee. The eyes of Wren light up, she shakes her bad arm and throws one last quick look at her opponent. Wren runs towards the ropes, jumps up and flies backwards with a Springboard Stunner. It&#8217;s on target however at the last second Kagura catcjes Wren by the neck, wraps her arms around the neck and applies the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami! The legs go around the body and Kagura begins choking the life out of Wren. The struggle is brief, the match was a back and forth contest but Wren is forced to tap out.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Kagura Joheki!

    Copeland: You thought she&#8217;d crumbled under the pressure of being the number one contender but Kagura kept her spot tonight. She had to battle back tonight and managed to get the win. It was impressive from Kagura yet again.

    Cohen: I guess. Kagura still doesn&#8217;t stand a chance against Titus. She may have stepped up tonight but you must be perfect against Titus. I can&#8217;t see her being perfect.

    Copeland: Only time will tell but I am excited to see what happens when Kagura steps into the ring with Titus Avison. We&#8217;ll be in for some history either way. Either Titus continues his epic reign or Kagura finally defeats perhaps the greatest champion of all time.

    Kagura is standing on the middle rope and signals that she wants the title belt. The crowd cheers her on, Kagura smiles and jumps down before exiting the ring. Her date with destiny only a few weeks away now. Can she defeat Titus Avison or will she be yet another failure in this EurAvision era?
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    Backstage Bob is walking backstage (where else would he be).

    Bob: So Logan's checking on Hayden.

    He passes by Mr. Banks office.

    Bob: Banks and VI in there. There's Titus' room.

    He passes the hall of famers locker room, passed the female locker room.

    Bob: The girls and...what the hell is that?

    You can hear a massive crash and bang coming from the male locker room. A flash from under the door can be seen, Bob covers his eyes and decides to open the door.

    He looks to the left, no one. To the right, no one. There in the middle of the huge empty male locker room is Lynx.

    Lynx: Am I too late?

    Bob: What?

    Lynx: Where are all the wrestlers?

    Bob: The room's all yours, buddy.

    Lynx: What year is this? Who's the president?

    Bob: Donald Trump is the president.

    Lynx: It's not his third term is it?

    Bob: Third term? You can only have two. It's 2017 man.

    Lynx: Oh of course it is. My name's Lynx by the way.

    Bob: I'm Bob, I'll leave you to wake yourself up. You've clearly been napping.

    Lynx: Yes, Lynx awakening.

    Bob closes the door and wanders off as we cut to a commercial break.
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York City, she is Gabi Clark!!

    Gabi makes her way to the ring in a mage's cap and red dress, waving a wand as fans seem curious.

    Cohen: Great. One geek who plays dress-up seems to leave and right after we double down on it.

    Copeland: At least they're easy on the eyes. Can't say that about Matt.


    And his opponent, from Times Unknown, weighing 204 lbs, Lynx!

    A clock appears on screen counting down as Lynx stares at it before turning to the crowd and pyro going off.

    Copeland: There's a new cat in town and his name is Lynx. He says he's here from the future to save us from the Apocalypse.

    Cohen: "New cat". I see what you did there. And what's he talking about? We've had like 5 Apocalypses at this point, he's kinda late. And I mean, we've had robots and aliens. I guess a guy from the future isn't the weirdest thing. Also, why denim? Isn't that like 90's fashion?

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Both wrestlers are set to go and right out of the gate, they go to the collar and elbow tie up. Lynx manages to get the arm and work it a bit, twisting it and navigating Gabi across the ring. She wringles her way out and works in a hammerlock as now Lynx tries to find a way out of the hold. Using the ropes, he flips himself free and chops Gabi across the chest. He tries a whip but its reversed and he runs the ropes. He tires a Sunset Flip but Gabi holds on a bit before going down. 1....... 2......-but Gabi backrolls to her feet and hits a Dropkick. She pulls Lynx to the mat with a headlock, trying to squeeze the air out of him as the referee checks.

    Copeland: Interesting match-up here with Lynx being much taller than Gabi but at the same time, despite his size, he's far less defined muscly than Gabi. She's capable of keeping him down despite his size because he kind of lacks the weight.

    Cohen: It's seeming a bad draw for the newbie going literally against the only wrestler in the company who can be both smaller but physically stronger than him. It's a question of whether he has, dare I say, the agility of a cat.

    Lynx' arm goes limp and the referee checks on it, but he comes back to life, trying to push himself back to a vertical base. He hits a Back Suplex, getting him free from Gabi's headlock. He hits a pair of shoulder tackles to mount some offense, then Snapmaring Gabi and locking a Bow & Arrow hold, wrenching back on her arms. Gabi tries to fight out of it, and manages to get to her knees, using the leverage to break free and Arm Drag Lynx off her. He runs the ropes but coming back is met with a surprising Powerslam, Gabi quick to make the cover. 1........ 2......... 3.-But Lynx gets the shoulder up. Gabi doesn't waste time and places Lynx in the corner, charging at him for a Stinger Splash but Lynx gets out of the way with a roll and runs the ropes, surprising her with a Swinging Neckbreaker.

    Copeland: Lynx is employing his speed. That might be his meal ticket here.

    Cohen: Remember that Apocalypse where Ricky Runn beat Barbosa for the World title? Maybe Lynx was supposed to stop that.

    Lynx keeps the pace fast, hitting a Slingshot Senton and following it up with a Moonsault off the ropes, once again going for the cover. 1............ 2............ 3-But Gabi kicks out. She gets back to her feet and stops Lynx with a knee to the gut but he forearms her. Then running the ropes but is met with a Sidewak Slam. She hooks the leg, 1......... 2.......-But he kicks out. Gabi looks a bit frustrated and pulls him back up, trying to hoist him over her shoulders but Lynx gets down. Hitting a Falcon Arrow. Right away, Lynx runs up the ropes and goes for a Phoenix Splash but Gabi gets out of the way. Lynx rolls, avoiding a crash but is quickly hoisted onto Gabi's shoulders and dropped with an Electric Chair. She measures Lynx and goes for her finishing move, the Double Play, but Lynx counters, pushing her away and hitting a Dropkick. He goes for a Superkick, but his foot is caught by Gabi. She swings him around and hits a Flapjack, planting him head first to the mat.

    Gabi may have him now. All she has to do is seal the deal.

    Cohen: Yeah, but it seems Lynx has been pretty slippery for her.

    Gabi once again measures Lynx, but he gets out of the way. She goes toward him but is kicked on the ear as Lynx kips up. He attempts a secon Falcon Arrow, but Gabi floats behind him, tossing him overhead with a German Suplex. Quickly she locks a Cravate, attempting her Double Play again, but Lynx shoves her off again, meeting her with a Superkick. The Kick To The Future. She bounces off the ropes and is met with a Stunner, dubbed the Dimensional Vortex, laying her out and Lynx hooks the leg. 1............ 2............. 3!!

    Here is your winner, Lynx!

    Copeland: A good win for the newbie here at WZCW, showcasing a nice, athletic style and overcoming the more unorthodox style of Gabi Clark here, wouldn't you say?

    Cohen: Do you say her style is unorthodox because she's a girl that does power moves? That's sexist, I thought better of you, Seabass.

    The referee raises Lynx' arm in victory before he asks the referee some questions. He seems awfully distressed. The referee more so after the questions are asked.
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    Backstage we see Kagura Joheki walking. She stops and the camera pans to reveal Titus Avison.

    Titus: Oh it's you. Well done on beating Wren.

    Kagura does not move, she doesn't blink nor does the answer the EurAsian champion.

    Titus: Tonight I will defeat Logan McAllister and at Apocalypse, I'll defeat you.

    Kagura shakes her head as if to say no.

    Titus: Just say something! What's wrong with you? I've beaten countless men and even a robot for this title. I will not let a woman stop me!

    Titus walks off furious at Kagura but she just stands there, a smile on her face.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Making her way to the ring, from Neo Japan, weighing 115 pounds... Batti Otaku!

    Beach balls drop from the ceiling and land into the crowd and the ramp. Batti comes out running back and forth and kicking the balls into the audience. She looks excited as she tries to strike a pose but does so clumsily. Batti runs down the runway and slides in. She headbangs to her music and waves enthusiastically at everybody in attendance.

    Copeland: I really enjoy the level of enthusiasm we are seeing in Batti. Always so happy to be here and the fans are very much in support of her.

    Cohen: Enthusiasm doesn't get the job done, Seabass. Wrestling does.


    Harrys: And her opponent, residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 225 pounds, Remarkable Mark Keaton!"

    The letters RMK appear on the screen as the music starts, when the heavy guitar kicks in , he walks out and gives a casual devils horn signal to the crowd. He starts headbanging and playing his air guitar as he rocks his way down to the ring. Mark does fake high fives with fans and brushes his fingers through his hair. He displays his impressive biceps in the ring and the fans boo.

    Cohen: Remarkable in every sense of the word. Batti has no chance against this man.

    Copeland: The fans surely disagree with that statement.

    The bell rings to start the match. Keaton heads for the corner of the ring and attempts to climb the ropes. Batti follows him and applies a Turnbuckle Foot Choke before he is able to get up on the ropes. The fans cheer for this as he keeps the Foot Choke applied for four seconds before kicking Keaton into the corner. She kicks him two more times while he is down. Batti gets up and takes a few steps back. Keaton gets up on his knees and looks up. Batti runs at him and hits an Axe Kick! She covers him for a pin and the official begins counting. 1.... Kickout by Keaton! Visibly frustrated, Batti gets up. Keaton, still down, laughs to himself at the failed pinfall attempt.

    Cohen: What was Batti thinking there? It's way too early for a pinfall.

    Copeland: You cannot blame her for trying, Jack.

    Batti tries to hit another Axe Kick as Keaton gets up, he successfully dodges the kick and rolls out of the way, making Batti hit nothing but the canvas. Keaton grins and makes his way to the ring corner again. This time he is able to climb up. Batti is down in the middle of the ring. Keaton climbs up to the turnbuckle and jumps at Batti doing a Lucha Elbow from the top rope! Keaton gets up and goes to return to the turnbuckle. He takes his time and is facing away from Batti so he does not see her slowly get up. Keaton gets to the ring corner and Batti hits him with a Baseball Slide Dropkick, knocking Keaton through the ropes outside the ring to cheers from the fans in the arena. Batti sticks out her thumb, index, and middle finger and places them across her face all mysteriously. It is her Dio's Villain Pose! The fans cheering gets even louder. Keaton gets up and climbs the apron to get up to the ropes but is immediately hit by another Baseball Slide Dropkick from Batti knocking him back off the apron. He lands on his feet and goes back to re-attempt getting into the ring. Batti does her Dio pose taunt again as Keaton gets inside the ring. Batti goes for a punch but Keaton dodges and grabs her. Keaton does a Delay Piledriver! He covers her for a pin as the official counts. 1.... 2.... Kickout by Batti! Keaton quickly gets up.

    Copeland: Batti lucked out there. I thought that would be a 3 count.

    Cohen: All that posing nearly cost her the match. There's plenty of time to pose after she wins. Which she won't. Not against Mark Keaton.

    Keaton begins punching Batti as she tries to get up. He punches her a total of three times. Instead of a fourth punch Keaton heads over to the ring corner to climb up the ropes again. Batti follows him and pulls him down before he can get to the top of the turnbuckle. She kicks him into the corner and attempts a Bronco Buster but Keaton rolls out of the way just in time. He grabs her and applies his signature submission hold, a Figure 4 Leg lock. Batti tries to grab the ropes to force a break on the hold but Keaton moves them toward the center of the ring away from the rope. Keaton intensifies his hold. The fans boo at this. The official goes to see if Batti will submit and she shakes her head "no". She is trying to break free but Keaton keeps the lock applied.

    Cohen: It's over. She'll have to give up at this point.

    Copeland: Batti has a lot to prove here tonight, Jack. I don't think she's going to quit just yet.

    Loud chants for Batti are heard from the crowd as she tries with all her might to break free. Another attempt, and she is able to break the hold, rolling over to safety. Both competitors are down. Several seconds pass before either is able to stand up. They each begin slowly getting up. Keaton gets up first and tries to hit Batti with a standing dropkick, but she dodges it and unleashes her finishing maneuver the Kawaii Kick! She covers Keaton for a pinfall and the official counts. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: The winner of this match.... Batti Otaku!

    Batti is ecstatic about her win and does victory poses in the ring after having her hand raised.

    Copeland: Batti did not give up tonight and that desire to keep on fighting could lead to greatness for her.

    Cohen: Pure luck, Seabass. Keaton should have won and you know it.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Mikey Stormrage!


    Mikey Stormrage makes his way out as the fans cheer for the former World Champion. Mikey waves to the crowd and slaps hands with a few fans as he makes his way down to the ring. He walks up the steps and enters the ring, grabbing a microphone along the way.

    Mikey: What's up Boston?!

    The crowd cheers once more as Mikey can't help but break out in a wide smile.

    Mikey: Last week, I went to Mr. Banks' office, fully intending on cashing in my rematch clause against Justin Cooper, but I got told that I wasn't championship material any more.

    The crowd boos as Mikey nods his head looking out at the crowd as he flips the mic around in his hand, pointing out to the crowd.

    Mikey: See I don't care if I'm championship material in Banks' eyes, as long as I'm championship material in your eyes. See you guys are the life blood of WZCW, without you there is no Mikey Stormrage, and there sure as hell is no company for Mr. Banks to run roughshod over. So I'm out here to ask for your support. To get one more shot at being WZCW World Heavyweight Champion again! You scream loud enough for me, and he'll have no choice but to honor my rematch clause!

    The crowd cheers loudly, as they begin chanting his name. Mikey holds the microphone up as the crowd gets even louder.

    Cohen: Oh lord, now he's resorting to pandering to these idiots for a title shot.

    Copeland: Mikey does have a point, he should have gotten his contractual rematch clause, instead he was denied by Mr. Banks!


    Mr Banks makes his way out, with the Mayhem Champion Constantine and Mark Keaton flanking him on both sides. Mr. Banks simply shakes his head, anger crossing his face as he stares down the ramp at Mikey Stormrage.

    Banks: Mikey Stormrage. You couldn't just let bygones be bygones. You should have just left it at that. The fact is I don't need you around MY World Heavyweight Title. I told you to walk away last week Mikey. Take my advice and do that right now!

    Mikey: Actually I'm done listening to you Banks. I'm done taking orders from someone like you. Whether you like it or not I'm going to get my title back, and I'm doing it my way.

    Mikey yells out at Banks, who sighs and looks over at Constantine and then over at Keaton, simply motioning for Vis Imperium towards the ring. Soon the attack dogs rush down the ramp, sliding into the ring as Mikey prepares for them. He takes down Keaton and gets a few strikes in until Constantine pulls him off Keaton and delivers rights of his own, staggering Mikey back into the ropes. Mikey suddenly grabs him and delivers the Live Mas Slam! Mikey gets up and looks down at Constantine when suddenly Keaton slams a chair into the back of Mikey, forcing the former world champ to his knees until Keaton delivers blow after blow as the crowd boos loudly.

    Copeland: This has got to stop! Is Banks just going to have Vis Imperium do all his dirty work for him?

    Cohen: As a matter of fact Seabass, yes, yes he is!

    Constantine slowly gets to his feet and the beat down is on as he and Keaton begin delivering stomps to Mikey. Mikey tries to cover up to no avail as the damage has been done. Constantine motions for Keaton to get him up. As he does so he shoves him towards Constantine, who picks him up and delivers Collateral Damage! Mikey is laid out as Constantine stares down at him, Keaton getting in Mikey's face, talking trash before the two step away from Mikey, posing as Mr. Banks simply claps at the top of the entrance stage. The crowd continues to shower Vis Imperium with boos, when suddenly a bat seemingly falls from the sky! It bounces against the mat and lands in front of Mikey. Mikey stares out at his incredible stroke of luck as he reaches out and grabs the bat. He staggers to his feet as Keaton turns around and Mikey delivers a huge swing of the bat to the midsection! Keaton doubles over, a look of surprise on his face as Constantine slowly realizes what's happened. Mikey swings for the fences but Constantine quickly ducks under, grabbing Keaton by the leg and pulling him out of the ring as well!

    Cohen: Wh.....where the hell did that bat come from?

    Copeland: It seemingly fell from the rafters, but I have no idea what a bat would be doing up there!

    Mikey looks up at the ceiling for a moment before turning back to Vis Imperium, motioning for them to get back in the ring and fight! The crowd begins buzzing however, and suddenly Mikey is blindsided from behind with a strike to the back of the head with a weapon! The man stands over Mikey, holding up a golden cane and revealing himself to the Elite Openweight Champion Xander LeBelle! The crowd boos loudly as an evil smile forms on Xander's face as Constantine and Keaton watch for a moment as Xander begins deliver shot after shot to the head with his cane. Soon Constantine and Keaton enter the ring and lift Mikey just slightly off the ground as Xander comes off and delivers The Rose's Thorn, driving Mikey's face right into the mat!

    Copeland: What in the world is Xander LeBelle doing here now? He's supposed to be exclusive to Ascension!

    Cohen: I don't think rules matter when you have the boss paying you Seabass! Xander just put Mikey's lights out!

    The crowd boos as Xander LeBelle looks at Constantine and Keaton, holding his hand out and Constantine obliges, the two men shaking hands as the boos rain down more as Vis Imperium stands over a down Stormrage, holding their arms up as the battle is won. Mr. Banks watches for a moment more before retreating to the back.

    Copeland: It appears we have a new member of Vis Imperium, and it's the Elite Openweight Champion Xander LeBelle no less!

    Cohen: Mr. Banks has certainly surrounded himself with the best, and now has yet another elite talent working for him. The whole locker room should take notice of what happens when you cross the boss!

    Referees and trainers rush down to check on Mikey as Vis Imperium slowly exit the ring.

    Copeland: Constantine shouldn't get too comfortable in the back, he squares off with Eve Taylor, and that match is next!
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    The camera cuts to the backstage area. Batti is running down the hallway clapping her hands in celebration of the earlier victory.

    Batti: I won again! Did you see it? It was so much fun.

    Several crew members throw confused looks at each other as Batti gets uncomfortably close to them before skipping off down the hall.

    Batti: Now if only I could get one of the pretty belts. Hey! Eve, good luck!

    The camera pans over to reveal Eve Taylor making her way in the opposite direction.

    Taylor: Thanks, Batti. Good job out there earlier.

    Batti: You really think so? Oh jeez, that&#8217;s just great! Excellent! Superb! Did you wanna hang out? Draw some pictures. Slumber party? I love slumber parties.

    Slowly, Eve begins to step away without breaking eye contact.

    Taylor: Kind of busy at the moment. I&#8217;ll... um... I'll get back to you.

    Before Batti can reply Eve disappears around a corner. Batti stands in silence for a moment, breaks into a smile and continues skipping down the hall.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    As the arena goes dim a single spotlight shines upon the entrance ramp. Fans quickly come alive as they&#8217;re well aware that Eve Taylor is about to emerge. She steps into the spotlight with her head bowed down. But only seconds later she lifts her head and bursts out from the spotlight as the arena lights up and the fans begin going wild. She confidently strides down the ramp before hopping on the apron and entering the ring. She pumps up the audience who continues to cheer for her as she ascends the turnbuckle and enjoys the energy of the crowd.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    Copeland: Eve Taylor has a had a massive string of wins as of late. Some are even saying she may be in line for a title shot.

    Cohen: Well she&#8217;s about to face a champion tonight, and if he has his way she won&#8217;t be getting a title shot anytime soon.


    The music plays until Constantine finally emerges onstage. The champion paces from side to side until he finally stops in the middle of the stage. A single spotlight shines on the Power Trip as he raises his arms in the air and begins to head down the ramp. He completely ignores the fans only focusing his attention on his opponent in the ring. He enters the ring via the steps and mounts the turnbuckles. He unstraps his championship from around his waist and holds it high in the air one last time before the match starts.

    Harrys: And her opponent, from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion, Constantine!

    Cohen: It&#8217;s about damn time we finally had a champion that could bring some class and respect to a once looked down upon title.

    Copeland: A superstar of Constantine&#8217;s level does do that but one has to wonder if him winning may have caused some inner turmoil in Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: Oh shut up Seabass, Vis Imperium 4 lyfe!

    As the bell rings both Eve and Constantine stand across from each other on opposite sides of the ring. Anticipation begins to build as both competitors walk towards each other and stand face to face in center of the ring. They each seem to be saying something to each other that is inaudible to the crowd. Before long Constantine completely pie faces Eve leading to fashion model to slap the champion straight across the face! The crowd lets out an big &#8220;OH&#8221; and the Mayhem champion attempts to retaliate with a wild strike but is met with a knife edge chop from Eve! She follows up with another, then another, and again! She continues viciously until Constantine is backed into a corner. She then attempts and Irish whip but Constantine reverses sending her back first into the opposite turnbuckle. Constantine charges at her but she gets a boot up to block, but Constantine catches it! He yanks her leg first right into a sidewalk slam! He quickly goes for the cover but Eve kicks out at one. He then follows up with a few knee drops to a downed Eve. He then picks her up and goes for a vertical suplex. As he has Eve in the air though the fashion model is able to use her knees to strike Constantine while she&#8217;s in the air! The strike causes Constantine to be a bit wobbly but he refuses to release his grasp. Eve then hits more knee strikes finally causing Constantine to put her down. The champ is dazed and Eve follows up with a running hurricanrana that sends Constantine rolling under the bottom rope to the outside.

    Copeland: Eve seems to have the upper hand so far.

    Cohen: Things can change in an instant, and I expect them to.

    Eve slides under the bottom rope and picks up Constantine but he shoves her back first into the apron. He then proceeds to hammer away on her before Irish whipping her straight into the barricade! Eve clutches her back in pain as Constantine quickly stomps on it and chucks her back inside the ring. As he enters he once again tries to knee a downed Eve but she manages to roll out the way, Constantine clutches his knee in pain and Eve bounces off the ropes and hits a sliding forearm smash! She hooks the leg! 1...2...Constantine kicks out! Eve wastes no time in trying to lock in the Extreme Makeover! Constantine flails and wiggles around doing his best to avoid her locking in the submission hold fully. He elbows and elbows until Eve is forced to let go. He then quickly rolls to the bottom rope looking for solace but Eve has no intention of letting up. Constantine then pulls the referee in front of him to block Eve. She then pulls the referee out of the way and Constantine quickly thumbs her in the eye! A blinded Eve is completely vulnerable and Constantine backdrops her over the top rope and she lands back first on the floor!

    Copeland: A dirty cheap shot by Constantine leads to a nasty spill for Eve.

    Cohen: Don&#8217;t sully that tactical maneuver Seabass!

    The ref gets in Constantine&#8217;s face warning him about putting his hands on him again and then quickly notices Eve on the outside. Eve is clutching her back once again as she definitely seems to be in even more pain than before. Constantine begins yelling at him to do his job and the referee has no other choice to but to start counting. The fans attempt to will Eve back into this as she clutches back and attempts to stand up. The referee is almost halfway through his count as Eve is able to use the barricade to stand up. She&#8217;s clutching her back as the ref hits a count of eight. He gets to 9, and right before he counts her out she dives under the bottom rope breaking the count. Constantine wastes no time getting on the attack and stomps on Eve&#8217;s now injured back. He picks her up and pulls her in for a nasty short arm Lariat, bounces off the ropes and nails a knee drop right on her head! Constantine gets to his feet and much to the dismay of the fans he begins to size Eve up. She uses the ropes and struggles to her feet and Constantine quickly swoops in for the Axis! Eve is able to slip out and hit a northern lights suplex that bridges into a pin! 1...2...Constantine kicks out! Both competitors pop up and Constantine is met with a jumping knee strike from Eve! She then bounces off the ropes and nails a running big boot! She looks the leg once again! 1..2...Thr-NO! Constantine kicks ou-Eve transitions it into the Extreme Makeover! The crowd is on their feet cheering on Eve not to let go as she clutches the submission hold! Constantine is in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go!

    Cohen: Don&#8217;t tap Consty! Don&#8217;t tap!

    It looks as if there is nowhere for Constantine to go so he attempts to roll through the submission hold onto Eve&#8217;s back. Her injured body part causes her to relinquish the hold. Both of them struggle to get to their feet but Eve quickly nails a side kick to the stomach and then the head. This causes Constantine to stumble back into the corner. Eve charges at him but he gets an elbow up and she falls backwards. As the ref checks on Eve Constantine rips one of the pads off only leaving the metal. He then turns his attention to Eve trips him into a drop toe hold! She picks him up and attempts the Fashion Statement but Constantine uses all her strength to shove her backwards into the exposes turnbuckle! Constantine then follows up with the Axis! He hooks the leg! 1..2..3!

    Harrys: And here is your winner! Constantine!

    Cohen: Pride and perseverance will always win through!

    Copeland: Yeah, that and less than fair tactics gets Constantine the win tonight. Regardless of that however Eve put up one hell of a fight, and she could easily get into title contention at any point.

    Constantine gets his arm raised and is handed his championship as the referee checks on Eve.
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    Leon Kensworth is standing by with Logan McAllister in front of the WZCW interview area.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest, your hometown boy, Logan McAllister. Logan, it&#8217;s been a rough ride for you since Lethal Lottery. A few poor performances, lost opportunities and disappointment in not being able to compete in your match at Kingdom Come. What&#8217;s going on with you now? Are you back to being the Logan of old or has your prime come and gone?

    Logan: I&#8217;ve had to ask myself the same questions, Leon. I&#8217;ve made a lot of mistakes recently. That&#8217;s it. Shooting it straight with you. I messed up. I let a lot of people down. I let the fans down, I let myself down and what hurts most of all is I let my family down. I don&#8217;t know if my prime is done. The only way we can find out is to compete. To go out to that ring and see what happens. I&#8217;m here. I&#8217;m ready to wrestle in my hometown for the Eurasian Championship. We&#8217;ll have to see what happens but I believe I can be a champion again.

    The crowd in the arena cheers. Leon smiles, letting the audience get their chance to react, before proceeding.

    Kensworth: What would winning the title here tonight mean for you?

    Logan: It would be a dream come true. People say that all the time but I mean it. You can talk about wrestling in Madison Square Gahden all you want, a lot of wrestlers do, and they view that as their dream arena. My dream has always to main event shows in Boston. I don&#8217;t care if it was in this arena, at the local high school or in the pahking lot of a supahmahket. I love this city! I love these people and I have fought to get to the point where I can stand in that ring, with these fans cheering me on, in Boston and hold a title proudly. I&#8217;m going to bring another title to the city of champions.

    Huge reaction from the live crowd and Logan turns towards the camera, a smile on his face.

    Logan: We don&#8217;t give up in Boston. I&#8217;ve been beaten up a lot over the past few months. I&#8217;ve faced it all but now destiny has arrived. We are Boston Strong! We don&#8217;t give up. This is our city. Tonight, I bring us another title. Tonight, we stand togethah and Titus Avison will fall!

    With a look of intensity Logan stares straight down the camera. He slowly turns to Leon and pats him on the back before walking away.
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    We cut backstage inside Mr. Banks' office, a pleased look on his face as he places his fingers together, looking directly at the three members of Vis Imperium.

    Banks: I appreciate you taking care of Stormrage tonight. I feel as if this business relationship has benefited all of us. And despite a bat somehow falling in front of Mikey, we were able to utilize our ace in the hole and shut him up. Xander, you have proven worthy of holding that Elite Openweight Championship.

    Xander nods his head as Constantine crosses his arms, the Mayhem Title draped across his shoulder.

    Constantine: It's a privilege to make sure these fools fall in line behind your vision Mr. Banks. Vis Imperium will gladly continue to be your sword arm.

    Tapping can suddenly be heard outside the office door, forcing Vis Imperium and Banks to look over at it.

    Banks: We are in a meeting here, go away!

    There is no response, only the tapping becomes louder against the metal door. Banks looks irritated but shrugs it off, turning back towards Xander.

    Banks: Xander, tomorrow night I have you facing Tyrone Blades. Are you prepared to finish the job and rid WZCW of this thug?

    Xander goes to respond but suddenly the tapping becomes loud banging, as if something is slamming into the door. A sudden look of fear crosses Banks' face but he collects himself, motioning for Mark Keaton to open the door. Keaton looks towards Constantine and Xander before moving towards the door, swinging it wide open to reveal no one there. He swings his head back towards Banks.

    Keaton: Ain't no one there boss!

    Constantine shakes his head as Banks becomes livid. Keaton looks back at the door, revealing a spray painted cross hair right over Mr. Banks' name. Banks stands up and points towards the hall.

    Banks: Don't just stand there! Go get him!

    Vis Imperium quickly files out of the office, leaving Banks to himself as he stares off when a bat slowly rolls into the office. Banks walks over and picks it up, turning it in his hands with a single sentence wrote on it.

    Banks: Mr. Banks is a.... oh how disgusting!

    Banks throws the bat away as he sits back at his desk, the bat rolling away as we cut to commercial.
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    The Boston crowd erupts as the hometown boy Logan McAllister makes his way out to the top of the entrance ramp as the lights flicker red before turning to a green color. Logan lifts his hand up to his head and looks out to the crowd before popping his Boston Celtics jersey with his Boston Red Sox hat on as well. He walks briskly down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans who embrace their fellow Bostonian immediately. He walks around the ring, soaking in the ovation before leaning against the barrier into the fans as he yells out in excitement. He slides into the ring before spinning to a standing position, holding his hands out as the crowd cheers on loudly.


    Copeland: Logan McAllister has returned home to Boston, and now looks to bring the Eurasian Championship home tonight!

    Cohen: Will these people just shut the hell up already? I can barely hear myself think!


    The booing starts immediately and becomes deafening the moment Titus slowly makes his way out to the entrance ramp, the Eurasian Championship wrapped around his waist. He looks around at the crowd, a cocky smirk forming on his face as he unstraps the belt, lifting it high in the air for all of Boston to see as he makes his way down the ramp. He takes his sweet time walking up the steel steps, entering the ring before holding the title up high again, screaming out that he is their champion!

    Not my Champion!
    Not my Champion!
    Not my Champion!

    Cohen: Listen to these idiots Seabass! The delusion runs so deep in this town they think Titus isn't the champion!

    Copeland: Titus certainly is at a disadvantage walking into Logan's home field, but it's as if he's feeding off the boos here tonight.

    Harrys: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Eurasian Championship!

    The crowd cheers loudly once more as the lights dim down, a spotlight shining down on the center of the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 275 pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, LOOOGAAAAN MCALLISTER!

    The arena erupts as Logan steps into the spotlight, looking up at all the fans as the ground almost begins to shake with the thunderous response. Logan lifts his hand up and peers out at the crown once more before motioning he's taking the title. He takes off his Celtics jersey and Red Sox hat, setting them on the ring apron as he backs up into the corner.

    Harrys: And his opponent, he is the Eurasian Champion, and the longest reigning champion in WZCW history, weighing 235 pounds, from Keystone City,
    this is Titus!

    Titus steps into the spotlight this time and holds the title up high for everyone to see, the boos raining down heavy around the Eurasian Champion. He turns towards Logan and holds the title up in his face, yelling he'll never get to touch the title. Titus hands the title off to referee Jun Akiyama, who holds the title up high as the lights come back up. He takes it over and hands the belt off to the ringside assistant before signalling for the bell.

    Copeland: The electricity is palpable right now Jack!

    Cohen: It doesn't matter how hard they cheer Seabass, Titus is going to send them all home crying into their Tom Brady jerseys tonight!

    Titus and Logan circle each other in the ring, sizing each other up before they lock in the ring, the crowd roaring in support of Logan as he's able to get Titus in a side headlock. Titus quickly reverses it into a hammerlock, wrenching the arm back as Logan stumbles forward a bit. He throws an elbow back towards Titus but the champion ducks under and applies an arm wrench, before pulling Logan forward and delivering a standard snapmare, flipping Logan forward. Titus grabs an arm bar, digging his elbow into the collarbone of Logan. Logan slaps at Titus' arm, before getting to his knees. He suddenly grabs Titus and rolls forward with a small package! 1.............2...........3! NO! Titus kicks out at the last second! The crowd gasps as they thought it was three, Logan looks at the ref holding up three fingers, as Titus holds the back of his head, realizing he almost lost the title in the opening moments of the match. Akiyami confirms to the ringside that it was just two as Titus pulls himself up as does Logan.

    Copeland: Logan was almost pulled off the stunning victory with that small package! This place would have erupted!

    Cohen: That was almost a disaster Seabass! For Titus to lose the Eurasian Championship on a small package would have been a terrible way for his title reign to end.

    Logan holds his fingers up, indicating how close it was with a wide smile on his face. Titus shakes his head as he quickly drops down trying to gain leverage but Logan quickly delivers an elbow to the back of the neck, using his larger frame to withstand the take down attempt by Titus. He lifts Titus to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Titus bounces off the ropes, and ducks a clothesline attempt from Logan. Titus bounces off again but eats an elbow to the face. Titus drops down and immediately rolls out of the ring, a look of frustration on his face as Logan motions for Titus to get back in the ring to another loud cheer from the crowd. Titus walks back and forth outside, as Akiyama starts the ten count. Logan doesn't want to wait and starts to exit the ring to go after Titus but he's suddenly caught by Titus, pulling him down throat first across the rope. Logan bounces back, holding his throat as Titus slides in slowly under the ropes back into the ring. He immediately stomps away at Logan's ankle, moving up to his lower back as it's clear what he's targeting. He lifts up Logan's leg and drives it knee first into the mat, forcing the Bostonian to flip over, holding his knee in pain. Titus kicks him square in the face, slowing the pace of the match down to his preferred speed. He backs up and delivers a knee drop right to the back of Logan's knee.

    Copeland: Titus is showing his Hall of Fame knowledge here right now. He's taking the crowd out of it, and not letting Logan get up off the mat.

    Cohen: This is the difference between Titus and Logan. Logan is eating right into the narrative. Titus has been a champion longer than anyone else. He's going to wrestle smart.

    Titus continues the assault, dragging Logan by the leg over to the rope, draping his ankle across the bottom rope as he jumps up and stomps down hard on Logan's ankle. Titus keeps his foot on Logan's ankle, not allowing him to move before dropping another jumping stomp to the ankle. Logan is able to crawl away, holding his ankle now in pain as Titus immediately taunts the Boston crowd, eliciting deafening boos from the crowd. He saunters over to Logan and grabs him by the hair, yelling at him before slamming him face first into the mat repeatedly. He then grabs Logan's leg, driving his knee into the back of the knee again. He doesn't let go and drags Logan over to the corner. Titus slides out under the ropes to the outside, pulling Logan's legs around the ring post and applying a Figure Four Leglock! Logan yells out in pain as Titus drops back, applying as much pressure as he can to the bad knee of Logan. Akiyama yells out at Titus to release the hold before he starts the five count. Finally at four Titus let's go and sits on the outside, a vindictive smirk on his face as Logan crawls away from the corner still holding his knee. Titus looks down and sees the Celtics jersey, grabbing it before sliding back into the ring. As Akiyama checks on Logan, Titus holds the Celtics jersey up before ripping away at it, stretching it out before it rips right down the middle as the boos become even more deafening as Titus throws the remains of the jersey out into the crowd. He turns back towards Logan who is struggling to his feet. Titus runs and bounces off the ropes, coming off with a spinning heel kick, but Logan catches him in midair! Titus' eyes goes wide as he tries to get away but Logan shifts him in his arms and delivers a huge fallaway slam, sending Titus flying across the ring!


    Copeland: A huge opportunity here for Logan McAllister! He's created some space and perhaps some valuable recovery time!

    Cohen: Logan finally gets one offensive maneuver and this crowd acts like he just won the World Series. Pathetic!

    Titus holds his hand against his back, as Logan grabs hold of a rope, pulling himself up as Titus does the same in the corner. Titus runs forward and goes for a clothesline but Logan ducks under and delivers a German Suplex! He holds on and lifts Titus back up, delivering a second German Suplex! The Boston Suplex Party is on as Logan delivers a third one and bridges for a pin attempt! 1...........2.......Titus kicks out! Logan is heavily breathing as he lays back on the mat, Titus rolling away to the outside. Logan sees Titus escape and rolls under to the floor. He limps over to Titus and lifts him up, driving him back first into the edge of the ring. Titus gasps in pain before eating right hands from Logan. Titus tries to cover up and get away as Logan continues the attack. Akiyama has started the ten count in the ring as Titus is able to kick at Logan's bad knee, forcing the challenger off of him as Titus stumbles against the corner barricade. Logan kicks his leg trying to get the blood going again before he runs forward and launches himself off the steel steps, crashing into Titus with the Boston Strong Splash! The barricade collapses from the force of the splash as the two are sent sprawling into the crowd.

    Copeland: Logan is putting everything on the line, including his own body here tonight for the Eurasian Championship!

    Cohen: Someone get Titus the number of that truck that hit him! But Titus has the advantage right now! Logan must beat him in the ring, and the count continues!

    Akiyama's count is up to three as Logan and Titus are both laid out on the concrete, the Boston crowd trying to cheer Logan back to his feet. He lifts his arm up with his hand in a fist as the crowd erupts once more. He slowly gets to his knees as Akiyama's count is now to five. Logan grabs Titus and drags him away slowly from the wreckage and back towards the ring. He tries to throw Titus back in but Titus dead weights him, falling back to the ground as the count is now up to eight. Titus holds onto Logan's leg, but Logan simply dead lifts Titus up and rolls him into the ring and gets in just before the count of ten! Titus scurries away from Logan and into the corner. Logan loads up in the opposite corner and goes for another Boston Strong splash but Titus counters with an European Uppercut! It forces Logan back and Titus this time connects with the spinning heel kick! Titus slowly gets up to his feet as he waits for Logan to get up. As the challenger gets up to his knees, Titus runs forward and goes for the Tit Drop and it connects! Titus goes for the cover, 1..............2..............

    NO! Logan kicks out of the Tit Drop! The crowd cheers loudly as Titus looks on in disbelief that Logan kicked out of his go to finisher! The crowd's cheer begins shaking the arena once again as Logan rolls onto his stomach,
    grabbing hold of the bottom rope as the sweat pours down his face. Titus argues with Akiyama that it was a three count to no avail.

    Copeland: Titus connected with the Tit Drop, a move that has one him championships before, but Logan dug deep inside and was able to kick out!

    Cohen: How is he doing this? He's on one leg, he's getting outclassed,
    and yet McAllister is hanging around with the Hall of Famer!

    Titus grabs his hair in frustration, but quickly rushes forward and grabs hold of Logan's bad ankle, pulling him into the middle of the ring and applying hte Ankle Lock! Logan yells out in pain as he tries to scratch and claw to the ropes, while Titus wrenches hard on the ankle. Logan cries out as he lifts one hand up, the thought of giving up seemingly crossing his mind as the crowd pleads with him not to. He balls his hand into a fist and screams out no as Akiyama asks if he wants to quit. He begins pulling himself towards the ropes,
    reaching out desperately! Logan gets a finger tip along the ropes but Titus grabs a firm hold and pulls Logan by his leg back towards the center. Logan spins and pulls his leg forward, sending Titus stumbling into the corner and causes him to release the hold! Logan tries to get to his feet, standing on one foot as Titus rushes towards Logan, but Logan catches him and delivers the Boston Massacre! The crowd jumps to their feet as Logan hooks the inside leg,
    barely laying on top of Titus as Akyama counts the pin! 1................2................3! The crowd begins cheering at a deafening pitch but Akiyama quickly waves off the pinfall as it's revealed Titus got his foot on the ropes! The air is let out of the building as Logan can only roll over onto his stomach, his body completely spent as Titus rolls under the ropes, trying to clear the cobwebs.

    Copeland: Titus just barely got his foot on the rope to keep the Eurasian Championship! Once more this match Logan was this close to bringing the title home!

    Cohen: The ring awareness of Titus is second to none! He knew exactly where he was in the ring, and used it to his advantage.

    Logan tries to get to his feet, as Titus has yet to stir under the ropes. He gets to his feet, stumbling as he can barely stand on his bad leg. He sits against the corner as he stares at the champion, his mouth open as he tries to catch his breath. He walks slowly over to Titus and grabs him, trying to drag him up but Titus grabs hold of the ropes, trying to pull himself to the outside again. Akiyama gets inbetween the two competitors, trying to push Logan back. He's able to separate the two but Logan pushes Akiyama to the side, causing the ref to fall to his knees, and rushes towards Titus, only to get punched square in the balls! Titus quickly drops to a knee as Logan falls to the mat, Akiyama completely unaware of the low blow! The crowd boos as Titus stares at the fallen Logan, a sick smile on his face as he grabs hold of Logan's ankle once more, locking in the Ankle Lock! Logan yells out in pain as he tries to hold on once more, desperately reaching out for the ring ropes for salvation once more. The crowd cheers him on desperately, but Titus lifts Logan's leg up and drives his knee into the mat again before quickly spinning around, and locking in a deep Boston Crab! He keeps the bad ankle slightly twisted for good measure as he pulls back deep into the submission hold in the center of the ring!

    Cohen: This is genius Seabass! Titus has Boston's son in the Boston Crab!

    Logan tries to drag himself towards the ropes again, inching ever so slowly as Titus continues to pull back into the submission. Logan's eyes begin to flutter as he holds his hand up meekly above the mat, the will of the challenger slowly wilting away. The crowd yells out for Logan to fight through the pain, but his hand drops to the mat. Akiyama lifts his arm up, and it falls to the ground. Logan appears to be out. Akiyama lifts it again, and it falls a second time. He lifts it a third time but Logan is able to keep it up! He pushes up on his forearms as the crowd goes crazy as a look of determination forms on his face. With a ferocious yell he pushes forward and reaches out for the ropes!! But he comes up just inches short, and soon it's clear that was his last gasp. Akiyama checks on Logan before getting up and motioning for the bell!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, by Submission, aaaaaaaannnnnnnd STILL THE WZCW EURASIAN CHAMPION, TITUS!

    Copeland: Titus has retained in an incredible match here tonight, spoiling the homecoming party for Logan McAllister!

    Cohen: And he did it no less with the Boston Crab! That'll stick it to these morons in Boston!

    Titus slowly let's go of the hold, falling to his knees as Jun Akiyama brings the Eurasian Championship over to him. Titus grabs it away from Akiyama, draping it over his shoulder as he falls back onto his back, the effects of the match still weighing heavily on the champ. Titus slowly gets to his knees and lifts the title into the air, yelling out "I did it Boston!" to deafening boos around the arena. Akiyama checks on McAllister who still has yet to stir. Titus slowly rises to his feet and climbs up slowly to the second turnbuckle in the corner, holding the Eurasian Championship into the air as he points at the Boston crowd, quickly filing out of the arena as one could hear a pin drop, the silence telling the whole story of disappointment.

    Copeland: Titus continues his record breaking championship reign, will anyone be able to take the title from him? Perhaps we find out next week as we are out of time! For Jack Cohen, I'm Sebastian Copeland, goodnight!

    The camera pans out as Titus continues to celebrate his victory in the ring as McAllister slowly stirs outside the ring, the sheer look of disappointment on his face before the camera cuts to one final shot of the Eurasian Champion before we fade to black.
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    Titus vs Logan - Ty
    Keaton vs Batti - Dagger
    Eve vs Constantine - Dynamite
    Kagura vs Wren - Prophet
    Clark vs Lynx - KJ
    Segments - Prophet, Ty Lee

    Apologies for the tardiness folks, a bit of a rough week for creative but look for Ascension coming soon, hope you enjoyed the show and rep the folks for their hardwork!
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