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    Backstage we see balloons and streamers of all sorts of colours hanging from the ceiling. A table is set up with several different kinds of pop and snacks and candies. There are toys like trampolines and basketball hoops on the ground as we turn to a large crowd of people singing.

    Crowd: "Happy Birthday dear Hayden! Happy Birthday to you!"

    Hayden is sitting in the centre surrounded by many of the WZCW wrestlers who are competing tonight. In front of him is a massive cake in the shape of a wrestling ring. Beside him is his father, Logan McAllister, smiling proudly. Hayden blows the candles out and everyone cheers loudly.

    Elizabeth Prince: What did you wish for Hayden?

    McAllister: Hey now, ya don't wanna tell nobody about dat. Then it won't come true.

    Batti Otaku: Let's open presents while we wait for the cake to be cut!

    Hayden: Yeah!

    McAllister: Well alright I suppose. But I want to staht-

    Mancini: Open mine first Hayden!

    Mancini drops his present right on Hayden's lap. Hayden opens it and it is an action figure of Anthony Mancini.

    Veejay: Wait, did you really just give Hayden an action figure of yourself.

    Mancini: Well, I am his favourite wrestler.

    McAllister: Second, maybe.

    Vee A.D.Z.'s present is next and Hayden opens it up and finds a book, to some disappointment.

    Vee A.D.Z.: Now son, don't be so down about it. This book has instructions on how to perform hundreds of different wrestling and submission holds. Study hard and in a few years time you'll be able to take down your old man.

    McAllister: I'm not that old or broken down yet. Okay everybody, I have something very special that I want to give to Hayden now and-

    ?????: Hey everyone! What's going on here.

    The crown turns around and sees Noah Ryder standing in the room. Everyone is silent. Logan's smile has turned into a snarl as he steps in front of his son.

    McAllister: You got some kind of nerve t-

    Mancini: It's Hayden's birthday! Logan McAllister's boy.

    Logan glares at Mancini who gets an elbow to the ribs from Vee.

    Ryder: It is! Well Happy Birthday kid.

    Ryder steps forward and puts his hand up for a high five from Hayden. The boy is not interested and clings to his dad, scared and angry. Ryder mistakes it for shyness and scratches his head.

    Ryder: You know I'm really sorry. I didn't bring a gift or anything. Boy do I feel like a heel. Hey, I do got something I can give you.

    Ryder takes the Elite Openweight title off his shoulder and extends it towards Hayden.

    Ryder: I don't know why I have this belt. Somebody just handed it to me when I walked into the building. It looks legit awesome. I think you should have it.

    Hayden forgets that he hates Ryder for a few minutes and takes the belt from him.

    Hayden: Oh my gawd, oh my gawd. Thank you so much.

    Ryder: No problem kid. Who knows, someday maybe your dad will win a belt like that.

    Logan looks about ready to deck Ryder when he slowly starts to back out.

    Ryder: Well I got to get ready for a match tonight. You have yourself a great party.

    Ryder leaves the room, Logan stands there with his fists clenched and his arms shaking.

    Hayden: Dad! Dad!

    Logan snaps out of it and looks to his son.

    McAllister: Right, your surprise. Let me just get that.

    As Logan goes to get his son's surprise the screen fades to black and the opening credits for Ascension begin to play with the sound of the crowd roaring in the background.




    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    Pyro goes off all around the arena and the fans cheer wildly as the camera spins around the arena. The birthday celebration creating a warm atmosphere in the arena as we are welcomed by our broadcast team; Cat Connor and Jack Cohen.

    Connor: Welcome to Ascension and we are live here tonight with this sold out arena. The fans getting a special treat with Logan McAllister hosting a birthday party for his young son. What a special moment to kickoff Ascension on the road towards Kingdom Come VIII.

    Cohen: I hate birthday parties. Always ended up getting the worst gifts. I'm here to see some wrestling and we've got a great show coming up tonight. I'm sure you've heard partner but tonight the opening contest will be Justin Cooper vs Eve Taylor. That's what many believe could be a pay-per-view main event and we're having it at the start of the show.

    Connor: It's an action packed night and we will also decide the number one contenders to the WZCW Tag Team Championships. After crowning new champions on Meltdown with Mark Keaton joining Vis Imperium alongside Constantine the challenge to dethrone them as champions will be extremely difficult for any team that wishes to face them. I look forward to that tag match later on between four tough competitors.

    Cohen: We also have the contract signing between Mikey Stormrage and Justin Cooper for their main event match at Kingdom Come. After what happened on Meltdown we all want answers as to if Justin knew about the attack. How will Mikey react when those two get into the same ring? I can't wait to find out.

    Connor: Stick around ladies and gentlemen as coming right up we our opening contest.

    The camera once again shows the fans and then move towards Anderson who standing by for the introductions of our opening contest.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Making his way to the ring from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, he is the 2016 Lethal Lottery winner.... Justin Cooper!

    Cooper makes his way out to the ring with a smile on his face as the crowd cheers him on. He bounces back and forth on his feet, hyping the crowd up with a focused look on his face, and then Cooper waves to fans on the aisle as he proceeds to the ring. He slides into the ring and mounts the turnbuckle, shouts and points up to the sky. His grin only widens as he takes a final bow before sitting down and examining his fingernails.

    Cohen: Cooper may not be my favorite competitor, but there is no doubt in my mind that he will be victorious here tonight.

    Connor: I wouldn't say that. He is up against an opponent who will prove a worthy challenge for him tonight.


    Anderson: And his opponent.... Making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down, almost as if she is doubting herself. She slowly walks step-by-step down the ramp, treating it like a fashion runway, with her head slowly rising. As she gets halfway down the ramp, and the chorus kicks in, Eve Taylor raises her head, and shoots her arm into the air. Flames shoot out from behind her as she stands with her hand raised, looking directly towards the ring. Then, Eve heads to the ring, climbing up onto the ring apron, and ascending the turnbuckles, throwing her arm into the air again. She looks out to the audience, pointing around the arena, showing her support for the fans who support her.

    Connor: The fans are showing their support to both competitors. What a match this could turn out to be.

    Cohen: It's also a chance for Justin Cooper to prove yet again that he's better than Eve Taylor.

    The two competitors are standing in opposite corners of the ring. They walk toward each other before stopping in the center of the ring a few feet apart. The bell rings to signal the match has started. Both Eve and Cooper walk circles around the center of the ring, still making eye contact. A few cheers are heard from the audience and these cheers get louder as Eve grabs Cooper and pushes him into the ropes. Cooper tries to regain balance at the ropes. Eve rushes at him and hits a Big Boot knocking Cooper down to the ground outside the ring. Eve looks down to see Cooper is trying to get back up. She runs to the ropes and springs off then runs forward. She dives out of the ring just as Cooper has gotten to his feet, knocking them both to the ground. Both competitors are down and the fans cheer for this.

    Connor: What a risk by Eve! That was incredible!

    Cohen: Yeah but she failed at the Lethal Lottery, she will fail here too.

    Both Cooper and Eve are trying to get up. Eve is the first to stand on her feet. She begins to make her way to the ring, then looks back at Cooper who is partially up. She goes over to the other side of the ring to climb in from there. Cooper is up now. They each climb back into the ring from opposite sides. They walk toward one another and Eve tries to hit a Thesz Press but Cooper evades it, hitting a Hammerlock Legsweep DDT! He covers Eve for a pin. 1....2.... kickout by Eve! Eve pushes Cooper away. Cooper gets up and looks to the corner of the ring. He starts walking to the corner but Eve hits a Thesz Press on him, followed by a Mounted Elbow Strike. She turns him around to attempt to cover for a pin but Cooper is able to push Eve away before she could pin him. A dueling chant breaks out amongst the fans.

    Jus-tin Coo-per! ** Let's go Eve! ** Jus-tin Coo-per! ** Let's go Eve! ** Jus-tin Coo-per! ** Let's go Eve! ** Jus-tin Coo-per! ** Let's go Eve!

    Cooper and Eve both look out into the audience as the fans are chanting heavily for them both, then make eye contact with each other. Cooper grabs Eve and pushes her into the corner of the ring into a seated position and Cooper stomps on her. The fans count out loud as he stomps her a total of five times. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! He tries to stomp a sixth time but Eve pushes him off and stands. Cooper hits her with a Fisherman Suplex. Eve is down. Cooper goes over behind her and applies a Boston Crab. Eve tries to get to the ropes but Cooper holds on even tighter. She tries once more to get to the ropes, they are right at the ropes and Eve reaches out to grab the ropes but they are not within reach. After a third attempt she is able to grab the bottom rope. The ref taps Cooper on the back informing him he must break the hold, which he does.

    Cohen: I thought Eve was going to tap for a moment there.

    Connor: Not a chance. Eve is not one to give up.

    The ref continues to explain to Cooper why he had to break the hold, while this is going on Eve gets up onto the top ropes. The ref sees Eve, moves out of the way, and Eve hits a Forearm Smash on Cooper, knocking him into the corner. She hits a Running Double Chop as Cooper gets up still in the corner. Eve covers Cooper for an attempt at a pin. 1.... 2.... kickout by Cooper! They both get to their feet and Cooper hits a Hammerlock Legsweep DDT. He covers her. 1.... kickout by Eve! Eve reverses the cover with a roll and now Cooper's the one being covered for a pin. 1.... kickout by Cooper! Cooper pushes Eve away. He stands up and is able to successfully dodge an attempt by Eve at hitting a Big Boot. She tries again and Cooper grabs her to hit a Scoopslam. Eve is down. Cooper gets into position and waits for her to stand back up. He hits his finishing move, the Remix! He covers Eve. 1.... 2.... 3! The fans cheer for this.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match.... Justin Cooper!

    Connor: That was a great effort by Eve here tonight.

    Cohen: I told you so. She was in there against one half of the main event of Kingdom Come, what did you think was going to happen?

    Connor: We still have plenty more in-ring action tonight here on Ascension. Stay tuned!
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    We cut to Becky Serra sitting behind her desk at her office. Xander LeBelle is sitting across from her in a chair.

    Serra: What do you mean you won't compete tonight!?

    Xander: I refuse.

    Serra: The match was already booked. You WILL compete!

    Xander: No. The thought of a gentleman like myself fighting women is preposterous!

    Extremely irate, Becky Serra takes a deep breath, trying to avoid getting angrier.

    Serra: Even if you were in a place to be making these kinds of demands at the last minute, which you aren't, it is too late to change the match now.

    Xander: Ah, but that is where you are wrong. I most certainly will not fight Batti Otaku and Kagura, but I do know of a suitable replacement.

    Serra: And who would that be?

    Xander: My manager. Andrew Adonis shall wrestle my match in my place. Banks already approved it. Just make sure they get Andrew's name right this time.

    Serra: Fine. Leave.

    LeBelle nods at her and exits the room. Serra groans showing her frustration.
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    In the locker room we find Stacey Madison standing by some lockers awaiting her cue.

    Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Stacey Madison and currently I’m backstage in the locker room with two men who will compete in the main event of the evening. Please welcome, Veejay and Vee A.D.Z.

    Veejay steps into the frame on the left side and Vee A.D.Z. is on Stacey’s right. Both are dressed in their ring gear with Veejay sipping on a bottle of water.

    Madison: Gentlemen, tonight you have a major opportunity to not only compete in the main event but also secure your spot on the Kingdom Come card. The winner of your match will challenge the newly formed Vis Imperium combination of Constantine and Mark Keaton for the WZCW Tag Team Championships. What’s going through your mind?

    She turns to Veejay and extends the microphone. He takes a final sip and places the water bottle down.

    Veejay: Nobody wants to be left off the Kingdom Come card. You can become the punchline to a joke or simply forgotten and that isn’t what I’m about. I don’t get passed over. I take the spotlight. I demand the spotlight and tonight we’re going to show the entire world that the spotlight should be on the two of us.

    Madison: Vee, you’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the past year. You had a great match with Titus Avison back at Unscripted for the Eurasian Championship but ended up being the first person eliminated from the Lethal Lottery Match. How are you feeling and what does this match mean for you?

    Vee steps forward and points at Veejay.

    A.D.Z: This right here is new. We don’t know if it’s going to be a long term thing or something just for the next few weeks. What I can tell you is that this is a must win for both of us. Veejay said it, we don’t want to be left behind. We have to seize this opportunity and make our claim to deserving the privilege of competing at Kingdom Come. I’ve had a year full of highs and lows but now is the time to put all that aside and step my game up.

    Veejay: We cannot lose this match.

    Veejay and Vee A.D.Z. both shake hands and they exit the locker room for further preparations. Stacey turns to the camera and smiles.

    Madison: You heard it here, folks. Those two are determined to not be forgotten and to make their mark on Kingdom Come this year. Good luck to them and be sure to stick around for their main event match against the Salvific Knights where the winner will fight for the tag titles.

    The screen fades to black as Stacey begins to lower her microphone.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way down to the ring, from Last Chance Saloon, weighing in at 15 stone.... Garth Black!

    Garth walks down to the ring purposefully, carrying a bottle of water. On the way down to the ring he looks into the camera and says "I should be having my rematch!". On the way down to the ring, he takes his shirt off and gives it to a fan in the audience. When he gets to the ring, he slowly climbs in, and looks at Cooper as the crowd mostly boo's him.

    Cohen: Phoenix has a lot to prove, with the Hollow Ones running riot this is the perfect opportunity.

    Connor: You still believe they're not in cahoots with Garth Black? Come on.


    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring weighing in at 223 pounds, trying to escape from the gutter... Phoenix!!

    As the music hits darkness surrounds and the spotlights search. The spotlight keeps searching. The crowd grow more and more restless.


    On the screen appear The Hollow Ones. Tyrone Blades speaks with Phoenix stood behind him.

    Tyrone: Fucking hell Banks. Is this what you want? To split us up? It takes a lot more than that to break us!

    The crowd boo and Garth Black looks livid.

    Tyrone: Tonight there won't be a second coming as we refuse to allow the suits in WZCW destroy the alliance. Phoenix, therefore, forfeits this match.


    Anderson: The winner of this match due to forfeit, Garth Black.

    Not impressed Black leaves the ring, furious at the insinuation of the alliance.

    Cohen: Smart move there, Tyrone planting seeds for the number one contenders match.

    Connor: He pretty much said that Garth Black is in the Hollow Ones.

    Cohen: No he didn't.

    Connor: Yes he...Join us after commercial break folks as we look forward to some real girl power. A triple threat with Batti Otaku, Kagura Joheki and Xander LeBelle thrown into the mix.
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    Stacey Madison is standing by with a microphone in hand.

    Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, Eve Taylor.

    Eve Taylor, who is still in her ring gear from her match with Justin Cooper, walks up to Stacey, with a quick smile, waiting for her to begin the interview.

    Madison: Last time you were on Ascension, you made an address to the entire crowd about how you were disappointed with losing the Lethal Lottery, and how you were going to use your remaining time in WZCW to give the fans nothing but great performances. Why the sudden decision to abandon the fans because you didn't get what you wanted?

    Eve is taken aback by the question, hesitating to answer. She takes a deep breath.

    Taylor: In a sense, I could see how my reaction to losing one match after such a stellar year is akin to throwing a tantrum. However, the years of being a supermodel diva are behind me. Wrestling in WZCW has matured and humbled me, and I've learned that if you want anything in life, you've got to earn it and prove you deserve it. Like any wrestler who didn't win the Lethal Lottery, I was upset. I was probably more upset than everyone else because of the enormous pressure I placed on myself, and believing in the hype of everyone predicting I was the only true Lottery winner. After wrestling Justin Cooper tonight, I can definitely see why he's the competitor to be challenging Mikey Stormrage for the World championship.

    Madison: Yes, but that still doesn't explain why you're leaving WZCW because of this loss. Your philosophy of being the best changed the fan's perception of you, and when you get to the height of your popularity, you decide to leave.

    Eve let's out a quick laugh.

    Taylor: I haven't left yet, Stacey. As of right now, I'm still under contract with WZCW, and I intend to keep my promise of putting out great performances until my contract is over, which happens to end shortly after Kingdom Come. Without the win of the Lottery putting me in the main event to compete for the World title, there really isn't anything for me to do. Austin Reynolds isn't the Elite champion any more, so there isn't any reason to ask for a rematch. Inserting me into the number one contenders match for the World title would feel like it's a move by the company to keep me on the payroll, and not something I've earned.

    Madison: So, what are your intentions for Kingdom Come?

    Taylor: I want to find out if I truly deserve to be here in WZCW as a professional wrestler. I want to challenge myself against an opponent who is going to test my skills, and put more pressure on me to succeed than any match I've ever competed in before. I want to prove to not only the entire world, and myself, that I am the best female competitor in WZCW... and there is only one person on the entire roster that can test my abilities, and give the fans the performance they've always wanted to see... the mother of WZCW, the person who inspires me to be a better wrestler every single day, and my dream opponent.

    Eve Taylor looks directly into the camera and grabs the microphone from Stacey, who lets Eve have the spotlight.

    Taylor: Celeste Crimson!

    She points at the camera.

    Taylor: I challenge you to a match at Kingdom Come.

    She lowers her finger.

    Taylor: For me to become the best female wrestler in this company, I must defeat you. You paved the way for women like myself to even stand a chance, and you were the first to show that women can be true champions. Before I can go any further with this company, our paths must cross, and I must prove to the entire world that I am the best, by beating the best - you, Celeste Crimson - and what better stage for our battle to occur than at Kingdom Come?

    Eve takes a step back.

    Taylor: Celeste, I know you're listening... so the next time Meltdown or Ascension goes live, I will be in the middle of the ring, and I will be waiting for an answer. I will be expecting you to give me one.
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    We cut to a backstage hallway where Batti Otaku is walking down the hall with a very irritated look on her face as she stares down at the ground. Backstage is walking toward her from the opposite direction. He sees the look of sadness and anger on her face and he attempts to cheer her up.

    Backstage Bob: Hey Batti! I just wanted to say I'm sorry about what happened to Ramparte. I mean I know it happened weeks ago, but I'm sorry it turned out it was Flex who delivered the final blow.

    Batti: .....

    Backstage Bob: Um, how is Ramparte taking the news?

    Batti: .....

    Battis just continues staring out the ground with no response

    Backstage Bob: okay?

    Batti finally looks up at Bob with a look of pure range he's never seen before.

    Batti: You tell Flex, that whenever I see him, and I don't care if it's today, tomorrow, next week, or next year, I will hurt him for what he did to Ram-senpai!

    Batti shoulder checks Bob as she walks by and heads toward the ring for her match.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a triple threat match!


    As her signature beach balls begin to fall from the ceiling a noticeably off Batti Otaku emerges from the stage to kick beach balls into the crowd. However, her usually cheerful demeanor is nowhere to be found as she begins aggressively kicking the beach balls into the crowd. And instead of having fun with the crowd she seems to be intentionally trying to hurt some of them with her vicious punts of the balls. After a few moments she makes her way into the ring and begins pounding away on a turnbuckle as she waits for her opponent.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Neo, Japan, Batti Otaku!

    Connor: One has to wonder how Batti must feel after the revelation on Meltdown that it was Flex Mussel who attacked his former best friend Ramparte possibly ending his career.

    Cohen: Honestly I think the footage was doctored, I mean can we even trust Matt Tastic? You know how his kind are!

    Connor: Jack!!!!

    Cohen: I meant liars! His kind are liars!


    The lights in the arena begin to dim but they quickly become a gold and greyish white as Kagura Joheki emerges from the stage. She makes her way down to a mix of boos and cheers. She stares down Batti before entering the ring due to her history with her close associate Ramparte.

    Connor: Kagura is making her return to WZCW tonight and with Kingdom Come on the horizon she’s surely looking for win to step her in the right direction.

    Cohen: Maybe another name change will do just that.

    Anderson: And her opponent, from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing Kagura-

    Before Anderson can even finish his introduction he’s interrupted as Batti immediately attacks Kagura upon entering the ring. Her rage and anger takes Kagura by surprise as she forces her into the corner and gives her a barrage of elbow strikes stunning her. The ref tries to pull her off as the match has not officially started but before he can she delivers a blood curdling scream that can be heard all throughout the arena. From there on the ref decides to keep a distance and instead ring the bell.

    Connor: Well it seems this match is going to start despite the abrupt introductions and one of the competitors not even being in the match yet!

    Cohen: I’m kinda starting to like this new Batti, I like my women short and aggressive!

    Connor: I understand Batti is upset but this isn’t how a match should be starting off. The official has to do something!

    Kagura does her best to cover up but they give her no real protection but the rage of Otaku as she continues her vicious assault. As she continues to deliver strike after strike her attention begins to be drawn toward the entrance ramp as the sound of Michael Buble can be heard throughout the arena.


    Xander Lebelle makes his way onstage with microphone in hand.

    Xander: I regret to inform the WZCW universe that you will not have the honor of seeing me perform tonight. I don’t fight women, especially ones who are unstable caricatures of Japanese culture.

    This enrages Batti even more and she exits the ring and to head up the ramp to confront of Lebelle but as she does someone comes from under the ring and blindsides her from behind! After a closer inspection the figure seems to be Andre Adonis. He picks up Batti and proceeds to Irish whip her straight into the steel steps!

    Xander: So therefore, taking my place in this match will be my manager, Andrew Adonis!

    Lebelle smirks as the crowd boos and he begins to walk backstage.

    Connor: Is that allowed?!

    Cohen: I think it’s incredibly gracious of him to not want to hit a woman, especially one as mentally troubled as Batti.

    Adonis looks to continue his assault on Batti but is interrupted as Kagura catapults over the top rope onto him with a crossbody! She’s able to get him but she’s still shaking the cobwebs out from Batti’s previous assault. Once she does her attention goes straight towards Otaku as she picks her and repeatedly delivers knee strikes to the head body before throwing her head first into the barricade! In the corner of her eye she sees Adonis beginning to stir and before he can get to his feet she delivers a running knee drop to the side of his head putting him back down. She then grabs Batti again and chucks back inside the ring. She deadlifts her small frame for a Saito suplex and then goes a cover 1...2...Batti kicks out! The former elite champion doesn’t let up as she puts Batti in a Trapezius claw to make her suffer. Adonis then gets on the apron but quickly hops off at Kagura tries to knock him back down. The wild swing and a miss allows him to yank her leg first down to mat and under the bottom rope. He gives her a double leg takedown and begins trying to deliver multiple elbow strikes but Kagura is very skilled in martial arts as well leading to a stalemate of sorts on the outside. Meanwhile Batti is beginning to recover on the inside and looks around wondering where everyone is. She begins to hear the power struggle happening on the outside and before she knows it she’s up on the top rope getting ready to jump. With both Adonis and Kagura still interlocked on the outside Batti leaps high into the air and delivers a picture perfect dabbing elbow drop on both her opponents! All three competitors are down on the floor trying to recover. Despite delivering the maneuver Batti is still hurting from the previous assaults and struggling to make it up. Being the least hurt of the three Adonis makes it to feet first but he’s still clutching his midsection in pain. Batti makes it her feet next and Adonis charges at her looking to hit a high knee but she catches him in mid-air! In the power bomb position! She quickly throws him back first into a steel pole, catches him before he hits the ground, and throws him under the bottom rope inside the ring. She gets back on the top rope, Adonis gets back to his feet clutching his back in pain, and Batti nails him with a GLOMP! The top rope spear is nailed perfectly! She hooks the leg! 1...2...Kagura breaks up the pin!

    Connor: Despite her uncontrolled rage Batti is on fire tonight. But Kagura isn’t looking to return tonight with a loss on her record.

    With both women now on their knees they both begin trading shots in the middle of the ring. They go back and forth continuously with both in pain but neither willing to let up and let the other take an advantage. The crowd cheers for Batti with every shot and boos for Kagura for her every advance. Neither has any intention of stopping until a downed Adonis wraps his legs around Batti locking her into a heel hold, and then proceeds to yank Kagura down by her arm and puts her in a wrench!

    Cohen: Adonis simultaneously has both of his opponents and deadly submission moves, just brilliant!

    Both women are in extreme pain as Adonis only applies more pressure to his submission holds with every second. In their weaken state both women seem to be firmly trapped by their opponent. They both look like they’ll tap until their eyes meet. And in that moment an unspoken alliance of sorts seems to be formed as both proceed to use their free to stomp away on the face of Adonis! The manager and MMA specialist tries to hold on for as long as possible but he’s forced to let go of both submission holds as his opponents repeatedly smash his face with their feets. He rolls to the bottom rope for solace and attempts to get up but she’s met with a double clothesline by both Batti and Kagura sending him to the outside of the ring. It only takes a second after that however for Kagura to roll up Batti for the pin! 1...2...Thr-Batti reverses the cradle into a bear hug! Kagura is screaming out in pain and the ref is asking her if she wants to submit. She refuses but Batti just continues to apply more and more pressure! It looks as if Kagura might be just about to give up until Adonis grabs Batti by her injured leg and delivers a kick to the back of her shin! The weeaboo is forced to release the hold as Kagura back away towards the center of the ring. Adonis gets back up on the apron and grabs Batti by the hair. Kagura charges at Batti but she bites Adonis’ hand forcing him to let go and she narrowly avoids Kagura who nails a shuffle side kick straight to Adonis’ face knocking him down the floor. Batti gets right behind Kagura and nails a devastating backbreaker! She then gets her into power bomb position and delivers a Bakka Bomb! 1...2...THR-NOOOOO! Kagura gets her foot on the ropes!

    Connor: What is it going to take to put any of these three competitors away!

    Batti pounds away on the mat in frustration, but then a devious look comes across her face. She then sticks out her tongue, crosses her arms, and delivers the rock on sign in a pose that is met with massive cheers from the crowd! She then exits the ring and grabs a steel chair near ringside and proceeds to enter the ring and set it up.

    Cohen: What is she doing?! She’s completely lost it!

    Connor: Batti is definitely unhinged but she knows it’s no DQ in a triple threat match!

    Batti finishes setting up the chair and proceeds to place Kagura’s head on it. Batti takes off her boot, she’s looking to hit the Sooo Kawaii kick! She bounces off the ropes, leaps into the air for the scissors kick-but Kagura moves out the way! Batti misses with her bare leg landing smack dab on the chair causing a nasty sounding thud that slightly dents it! She yells out in pain but Adonis slides in the ring and delivers a high knee to Batti knocking her down the mat. Kagura tries to hit the two fisted heart punch but Adonis reverses into another devastating arm wrench! Adonis continues to crank back on Kagura’s arm with all his strength and looks like she has no way out! She’s too far away from the ropes and she can’t crawl with Adonis’ weight on her. She’s just second away from tapping until Batti smacks Adonis on the back with the steel chair! Batti’s hopping on leg as she delivers another steel chair shot to Adonis causing him to break the hold. She then turns her attention to Kagura and looks to strike her down but the former champion sprays red mist in her eyes at the last second! Blind and on one leg Batti drops, the chair, stumbles backwards, and falls to the outside! Kagura struggles to her feet but sees a helpless Adonis rolling around in pain on the floor. She notices the steel chair and grabs it looking to finish the job! Adonis gets to one knee but he can’t defend himself. Kagura attempts to raise the chair to swing but she drops it clutching her arm! It’s too damaged to lift, Adonis notices the momentary weakness and uses his last bit of strength to pop up and deliver a straight right hook! Kagura is knocked right to the mat! Adonis fall into the cover! 1...2...3!

    Anderson: And here is your winner, Andrew Adonis!

    Connor: Wow, what war! All three competitors desperately wanted that win tonight, but in the end Adonis who wasn’t even scheduled to be in this match came out on top.

    Cohen: Despite the antics of an enraged Batti and diabolical Kagura Adonis came out victorious. Xander must be so proud.

    Adonis rolls to the outside of the ring and falls to one knee as his body is aching in pain. He gets his arm raised in victory before yanking it away and proceeding to exit up the ramp. The ref then goes to check on an unconscious Kagura and blinded Batti.
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    We cut to the parking lot where Vis Imperium are entering the building. Constantine is front and centre with Abel Hunnicutt and Mark Keaton following close behind. They approach the door to the arena when Stacey Madison appears with a microphone.

    Madison: Excuse me, would I be able to get a quick comment?

    Constantine: Fine. What would you like to ask?

    A few moments pass as Stacey gathers her thoughts and approaches Abel Hunnicutt.

    Keaton: Better watch out, Stacey. He’s a lively one.

    Madison: On Meltdown you viciously assault your former friend Austin Reynolds. Why did you do that?

    The monster looms over Stacey and slowly tilts his head down. His eyes looking completely black from Stacey’s perspective under the dimness of the parking lot lights.

    Hunnicutt: No. Rey-nolds was no friend. He was weak. Weak-ness cannot survive in this life. Only Viz Im-peer-ium survive. Rey-nolds fall. Rey-nolds break. I break him and now he bleedin’ and we have Kea-ton.

    Keaton: I agree with the big scary guy.

    Madison steps away from Hunnicutt and approaches Constantine.

    Madison: You three not only attacked Austin Reynolds but you assaulted the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. Why?

    Constantine: Because it was in the best interest of Vis Imperium. We do what is best for us and Mikey Stormrage had the nerve to insult Mark Keaton last week. Our newest member and a man ten times the competitor that Mikey Stormrage ever has been or ever will be. We weren’t going to let him insult one of our own.

    Madison: So you’re saying the assault on Mikey Stormrage was not done under the orders of Justin Cooper?

    Constantine: I don’t take orders from Justin Cooper. Now or ever.

    Vis Imperium begin to walk away but Stacey asks one more question.

    Madison: Did Justin Cooper have any knowledge of the attack against Mikey Stormrage.

    Keaton: We’ve had enough of your questions. No comment.

    Vis Imperium enter the building and Stacey Madison’s face shows a look of confusion and suspicion.
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    We cut backstage to Leon Kensworth who is prepared to begin his next interview.

    Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time are a new tag team hoping to make a big impression here tonight.... Tony Mancini and Xaitlyn Serpiente!

    Mancini walks onscreen from the right, with Xaitlyn behind him.

    Leon: Tony, this is your first match together as the newest official team on the WZCW roster. A win here could be your route to Kingdom Come. What is on your mind going into this match?

    Tony: Tonight we prove wrong all those who thought I was gonna go nowhere after losing the Eurasian Championship match at the Lethal Lottery. I found a partner who shares a common goal with me. We both wanna get to get to Kingdom Come.

    Leon: Any other thoughts?

    Mancini looks over at Xaitlyn, then back at Leon.

    Xaitlyn: The Salvific Knights are ready.

    Tony: Yes! It's a great opportunity. We're both ready and I for one, am excited to be rising up the card!

    Tony and Xaitlyn both exit the room.

    Leon: Tony Mancini and Xaitlyn Serpiente face Veejay and Vee ADZ in tag team action later tonight.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Connor: Time for our Openweight Champion to see action here tonight as we return to Ascension. But I gotta wonder how he can focus without his title belt.

    Cohen: That Logan can play keepaway with that title all he wants, hide behind the kid, whatever. The fact at the end of the day is that Noah Ryder is the Champion. Belt or not. Now, personally, I think the way he won it was cheap and that he got what's coming to him. But that a Championship being treated as a Christmas gift.

    Introducing first from Dead Horse, Alaska, weighing 267 pounds, Abel Hunnicutt!

    Abel makes his way down the aisle at a slow, plodding pace as the crowd boo's him.

    Cohen: Abel's gotta be feeling the pressure here tonight. His buddy, if I can call him that, isn't doing well for failing at Meltdown. Vis Imperium is deserving of winners, but I know he can get the job done. Steven Holmes didn't pick him for nothing.

    Connor: He may very well have the edge if Noah is focused on other stuff, but right now that doesn't seem to be the case.


    His opponent, he is the WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 222 lbs, "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder!

    Noah makes his way down to the ring, saluting fans to a good reaccion as the match gets set to start.

    Connor: You say Abel is the favorite here based on size, but Noah proved he's extremely crafty by how he cashed in his King For A Day contract. In the midst of the melee in Lethal Lottery, he walked out with gold.

    Cohen: That's the cowards way out. He settled to take the prize no one was fighting for at the time. He loopholed his way to that title. And if Abel beats him here, he could very well take the title too.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Ryder goes on the attack, right at the bell. Knowing full well he's at a disadvantage against the half foot taller man. He shoots a flurry of punches, varying between blows to the temple and to the ribs. Abel has to at least cover up to avoid an errand blow to the face. Like a bee Noah stings, but Abel finds an opening and tosses Noah to the outside, leaving him cringing in pain at ringside before pacing the ring with a blank stare. The referee checks on Noah as he tries to get back to his feet. Abel paying no heed to him, choosing to simply wait it out. Noah shrugs off the referee and gets back in the ring. He catches Abel with his back turned and jumps on it, locking a Sleeper Hold. As Abel tries to fling the body on his back desperately, Noah holds on. Bit by bit, Abel is brought down to one knee, his oxygen slowly exiting his body. Noah seems to have the upper hand as little by little, Abel is subdued. But the Alaskan springs up and backsteps with Noah en tow and sandwiches him against a corner. Abel presses himself against it, pinning down Noah and blowing the air right out of his body and making him release his grip.

    Cohen: All that tenacity isn't gonna save him if he's just overpowered like that.

    Connor: It can't be denied that Abel is also very tenacious. Noah tried the fast approach. If didn't pan out.

    The referee orders Abel to back away from the corner, letting Noah tumble down to his knees as he catches his breath. Noah tries to get up but Abel is right on him with a pair of clubbing blows to the back. Abel pushes Noah against the corner and presses him against it. Abel starts to attack Noah with fists and forearms. Abel lifts Noah up on his shoulders and drops him on the corner for the Snake Eyes. The powerhouse doesn't stop there and off the rebound hits a Swinging Neckbreaker, slamming the Openweight Champion on to the back of his head. Abel makes the cover, taking advantage. 1...... 2...... 3-But Noah manages to kick out. Abel pulls Noah up by the hair but Noah brushes off Abels grip and just slaps him. Abel is surprised and turns back to Noah, only to get another slap across the face, making the big man take a couple of steps back. Noah doesn't waste time and dashes across the ring, leaping onto the ropes and bouncing off them for a Springboard Elbow. Abel is taken aback by the move, being stunned by it. Noah see's he has something so he attempts the move again, hitting another Springboard Elbow. Abel is losing balance but still not down yet. He hits a running knee to he hunched over Abel and continues to run the ropes, he goes for a Clothesline but Abel catches him, raising him up in the air and driving him back to the canvas with a Flapjack. Abel pulls Noah up and applies an Abdominal Stretch.

    Cohen: Noah tried. But I told you. Size. Noah has nothing to get around that.

    Connor: Noah showed fire and has brought the fight to Abel. I'm not denying Abel can't dominate with that size, but Noah's managed to slow him down twice.

    Abel applies the Abdominal Stretch in the center of the ring tightly. It seems Noah has no way of escape. He fights to get out of the hold but he's too far from the ropes. He tries move Abel's arms in order to get out of the hold, it's a hard time but he's able to create an opening and Hip Tosses Abel off him. Noah runs at Abel and elbows him in the back of the head. Noah keeps running as Abel gets up giving Noah the perfect opening to hit the Slingblade. Abel is down but is quick to get up. Noah is right on him, hitting chops and fists on to the big man. He kicks him on the gut and hits an impressive Snap Suplex. Right off, Noah makes the cover. 1....... 2....... 3-But Abel gets the shoulder up. Noah argues with the ref in awe but gets back up before Abel who is having a hard time getting up. Noah measures him and locks on the Cravate, looking for the Pass Out but Abel pushes him off. Noah rebounds off the ropes and is hit with the Superiority Reflex. Abel makes the cover. 1....... 2........-But Noah gets the shoulder up. Right away, Abel pulls him up by Noah's own face with a Clawhold. He attempts the STO but Noah manages to get out of it with a Snapmare.

    Connor: Told you he's resourceful. Noah refuses to stay down. The question is if he can finish him off.

    Cohen: Yeah? Well with what is he supposed to finish him up?

    Noah goes back on the attack, trying to soften Abel up. He kicks him right in the head and runs the ropes, following the kick with a Swinging Neckbreaker, driving the big man down. Abel crawls to the corner and Noah see's his opportunity, dash across the ring and hitting a Dropkick to Abel as he turns to hoist himself up. Noah has Abel set up and stalks him from the same corner, waiting for him to get up. He goes for the Blow Ryder but Abel elevates him and drops him on the ropes for the Flapjack in to a Hangman. Abel stomps on Noah's back several times before stretching him out to apply the Aristocracy Reigns but Noah slips out before its too late. Noah puts Noah in a headlock, as Abel gets back to his feet, Noah changes it to a cravate. Abel gets to his feet but is driven back to the canvas face first with the Pass Out! He hooks both legs. 1....... 2....... 3!!

    Here is your winner, the WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Noah Ryder!

    Connor: Looks like he found what he needed to win, Jack.

    Cohen: Apparently. I guess he did win. Boy, I don't think the rest of Vis Imperium can be happy with this.

    Noah has his arm raised. He raises both arms up in the air in victory as Abel is deep in the background not pleased. Noah stands on the turnbuckles, celebrating his victory but he gets down fast and leaves, possibly to search for his title belt.

    Connor: Well, it seems Noah was able to fend off Abel Hunnicutt. But he still has other people coming after his title. Matter of fact, other people have his title.

    Cohen: I honestly did not think he'd win. He got what he deserved, but at the same time, he lost valuable WZCW property. He needs to get it back and defend it properly.
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    With the Hall of Fame logo behind him, Leon Kensworth is standing backstage.

    Leon: What a night is has been on this incredible road to Kingdom Come. The biggest event of the year which draws in legends and new superstars from all across the world. The excitement of the fans is at an all-time high level.

    Leon pauses for a moment.

    Leon: One of the reasons people love this time of year is because we remember the legends of this business. This year three superstars will enter the WZCW Hall of Fame, we already know Matt Tastic will be enshrined, and tonight it is my honour to announce the second inductee.

    The fans in the arena can be heard shouting names of legends.

    Leon: Many superstars claim to live in the darkness or perhaps even travel through it. However only one was truly born in the darkness. By one name or the other this man was feared like no other during his reign of terror over WZCW. Ladies and gentlemen, the second inductee into the Hall of Fame... Vengeance!

    The screen transitions into clips highlighting Vengeance’s career in WZCW.


    Noah Ryder is walking around backstage holding the back of his head. He stops for a moment to collect himself and then something catches his eye.

    Ryder: Hey!

    The camera turns and we see Hayden standing by himself holding the Elite Openweight title.

    Ryder: Hey kid, I've been looking around for that belt. I'm gonna need to take that from you.

    Hayden: But, you gave it to me.

    Ryder: No I'm pretty sure I'd remember something like that. Look I was just told that I'm the Elite X champion. They said I came in here with it. Here it is now, thank you for finding it, but I'm gonna need it now.

    Hayden: No!

    A tug of war ensues between Noah and Hayden. Hayden is shouting and the commotion causes Logan to come running out and he quickly gets in between the two. Noah gets his belt back, but Logan violently shoves him, knocking Noah backwards onto the floor.

    McAllister: You keep your damn hands off my kid!

    Noah slowly gets up to his feet, Logan's arms are shaking as he is ready to fight.

    Hayden: Dad!

    McAllister: Hayden head back to the pahty. Me and Mistah Rydah need to talk.

    Hayden turns around and heads back towards the room. He pauses at the door for a while, Logan not taking his eyes off Noah. Logan looks back for a few seconds and sees Hayden enter the room.

    McAllister: Now, Noah.

    Logan turns his head back and is met with a Blow Ryder kick from Noah. Logan hits the floor hard as Noah bends down and looks over him. He takes a pen and paper out of his pocket and writes something down on it as he stands up and walks away.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is your main event of the evening. It is a tag team contest, set for one fall, where the winners will be named the number one contenders and challenge for the WZCW Tag Team Championships at Kingdom Come VIII!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    Vee walks out onto the stage receiving a loud cheer from the crowd. He rotates around on one leg followed by a somersault on the floor and bounces up and down raising his both hands. Fans all over the arena are waving so Vee gives them a wave back and awaits his tag partner at the top of the stage.

    Connor: A massive opportunity for all four competitors in this match. We’ve heard from both teams but the time for talking is over. Only one team can win this match and face off against Vis Imperium, the newly formed version and the reigning WZCW Tag Team Champions - Constantine and Mark Keaton. All three teams in this division are new so experience isn’t on the side of anyone. It’s all up in the air and the titles are in prime position for the taking.

    Cohen: Oh please. Vis Imperium has proven that they are still the strongest force in this business. They removed Austin Reynolds and replaced him with Mark Keaton who I’ve always said was a star in the making. I don’t know which of these two teams can win but they’re going to have a hard time defeating Vis Imperium at Kingdom Come.


    Anderson: And his partner from Bollywood, India, weighing 251 pounds, “The Showbiz himself” Veejay!

    Wearing his classic robe Veejay steps out onto the stage with his arms spread wide. He soaks in the atmosphere of the arena and turns to his partner. They exchange a few words and begin making their way down to ringside. Veejay quickly enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle while Vee A.D.Z. circles the ring, high fiving some of the fans.

    Cohen: Two competitors who I’m sure are looking to lock in their spot on the Kingdom Come card. As of right now neither has a secured spot so I wonder how that will play during this contest. The amount of pressure that is on all the wrestlers. You don’t want to be left off the Kingdom Come card like Armando Paradyse.

    Connor: It’ll be devastating for whichever team fails to win tonight. You just never know in this business whether or not you will get another opportunity. So many are fighting to get a chance and when you’re given one but fail to deliver it can be heartbreaking for you and the fans.


    Anderson: And their opponents at a combined weight of 450 pounds, Anthony Mancini & Xaitlyn Serpiente... Salvific Knights!

    Lights go out. The theme starts playing as lights come back. We see Xaitlyn standing on the entrance ramp. The crowd cheers her but the cheers convert into mild boos when Anthony appears on the ramp with Gino. Xaitlyn and Anthony both start walking towards the ring. Gino follows Anthony while making some rude Italian gestures until Anthony notices it and stops him from doing so. Anthony then proceeds to pose on the turnbuckle while Xaitlyn stands still on the adjacent turnbuckle with her sight set on her opponents.

    Connor: A new duo here in WZCW. Mancini and Serpiente have clashed many times inside the ring so it’ll be interesting to see how they do as tag team partners. Could the constant battles between the two of them make a perfect situation where they both know each other so well? It’s a big opportunity for this young team and they’ll need to work extremely well together if they want to overcome Vee A.D.Z. and Veejay to even get a chance at facing the reigning WZCW Tag Team Champions; Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: They’ve got a funky name, CC. Look, Mancini has been hungry for an opportunity for a long time and the first time he got a chance he won and challenged for the Eurasian Championship. He’s thirst to rise up the card is legendary! I don’t know if it’s going to be enough to win tonight however.

    All four competitors step into the middle of the ring and the crowd give a wild cheer. The main event is finally here and one of these teams are going to Kingdom Come to challenge for the belts. The referee backs them into their respective corners, Vee A.D.Z. exits the ring and stands on the apron leaving Veejay to start the contest for their team. On the other side Mancini bounces back and forth on his feet while Serpiente takes her place on the ring apron. The official moves into the middle of the ring and signals for the bell!


    Mancini and Veejay move into the middle of the ring and try a test of strength. Using his raw power Mancini is able to push Veejay back against the ropes and quickly strikes with an elbow. Veejay tries to retreat but Mancini grabs hold of his arm, pulls him back and knocks his down with a clothesline. Clapping his hands together Mancini stalks his opponent and drives a knee into his back before applying a headlock. The power game has left Mancini with an advantage and he begins to drag Veejay over to the corner where Serpiente is standing with her arm stretched out for the tag. Mancini reaches out but Veejay slips free and delivers the Pelle Kick. Down goes Mancini and he collapses into the corner, falling to the bottom of it. Serpiente tries a blind tag however she’s knocked off the apron by a flying dropkick from Veejay. With the crowd watching on Veejay backs up, aims at Mancini who is still rocked off the Pelle Kick and charges forward connecting with an European Uppercut on Mancini while he’s sitting down in the corner of the ring. A violent scene as Mancini’s head snaps back and Veejay quickly pulls him away from the corner and goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Veejay uses all his strength to drag Mancini over to the opposite corner and makes the tag with Vee A.D.Z. who enters the ring via a springboard splash! He hooks the leg for another cover on Mancini. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Connor: Mancini showing a lot of heart as he was hit with two big moves in quick succession. He needs to make a tag to his partner. The speed of Veejay was just a little too much for the big man to handle.

    Cohen: Veejay had to go right to one of his signature moves. He knew that if Mancini kept control that this match wouldn’t last very long. You’ve got to go for the home run instead of playing it safe in this match.

    Vee stands up, grabs Mancini by the head and connects with a reverse hook kick. Mancini stumbles backwards and Vee rushes him but the big man ducks a clothesline, rings off the ropes and catches Vee on the rebound for the Tilt-a-whirl Slam! He goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! On the apron of the ring Xaitlyn extends her hand yet again and this time Mancini whips Vee into the corner, connects with a splash and makes the tag as their opponent drops to a knee and tries to scramble away. Xaitlyn enters the ring and pulls Vee to his feet by the arm and sends him into the corner. Full of energy Xaitlyn sprints towards the corner and leaps through the air with a jumping high knee which connects to the head of Vee. He is rocked in the corner and now Xaitlyn fires off a combination of punches and kicks all at lightning speed and ends with a vicious back fist. With Vee almost about to drop Xaitlyn steps back and unleashes Death Bell, a vicious cartwheel kick. She goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! A few moments pass as Xaitlyn ponders her next move. She tries to send Vee into the ropes but he counters, sends her flying into the ropes and takes out her leg with a dropkick to the knee. Now on her knees Xaitlyn is unable to protect herself as Vee makes the tag to Veejay, he comes in and lifts her up connecting with a delayed vertical suplex. Veejay hooks the leg for the cover. 1... 2... Broken up by Mancini.

    Cohen: Mancini wasn’t able to risk losing this match. He jumped right into the ring at the first sign of trouble for his tag team partner. She needs to make a tag to the big man.

    Connor: Xaitlyn is still fighting but Mancini looks ready to explode on the ring apron. He wants to get back into the ring and now it looks like Veejay and Vee A.D.Z. have found their groove. They are aiming to keep Xaitlyn isolated and stop Mancini from entering this contest.

    That is in fact that plan as Veejay cuts off half of the ring and forces Xaitlyn towards Vee A.D.Z. on the ring apron. Xaitlyn tries simply rushing forward but Veejay gets the underhooks, twists Xaitlyn around and nails a backbreaker. He makes a tag to Vee A.D.Z. who springboards in from the apron and lands with his leg smacking Xaitlyn in the face. Vee turns back around and tags in Veejay who climbs the top rope and drops an elbow. He goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! On the other side of the ring Mancini is pacing back and forth screaming for a tag. Xaitlyn cannot get away as Veejay drops her again with the DDT. Another tag sends Veejay to the outside and Vee A.D.Z. enters the ring. He waits until Xaitlyn is halfway up, pushing herself off the canvas and then goes for the Shining Wizard but she moves out of the way! Xaitlyn is crawling on the mat trying to get to Mancini but Vee grabs her by the leg and pulls her right back to the corner. She begins to stands with Vee still holding her leg and suddenly Xaitlyn flips backwards connecting with a Pele Kick of her own. Vee stumbles back into the corner and Xaitlyn staggers into the middle of the ring with her arm stretched out to Mancini. He’s calling her to make the tag and jumping up and down as the fans watch on. Just a few inches away now and Veejay makes the blind tag on Vee and he tries to stop the tag but it’s too late!

    Connor: Xaitlyn made the tag! Mancini is back in this match and he looks ready for a fight.

    Cohen: Here comes the big man. He’s rising up the card and nothing is going to get in his way. A major error by Veejay and Vee A.D.Z. as they had to keep Xaitlyn isolated. Now they have to deal with the fresh man in this match.

    Indeed it is a problem as Mancini comes in like a house on fire. He lifts Veejay up and hits an Atomic Drop which sends Veejay running towards the corner. Mancini cuts him off and hits a few punches before sending him into the ropes and on the rebound tossing him into the air with a back body drop. A loud thud echoes throughout the arena as Mancini backs into the corner and appears to be aiming for his finisher the Il Siluro Italiano. With everything on the line this could be what needs to be done to send his team to Kingdom Come for the tag titles. Veejay is slow to his feet and begins to turn, Mancini charges looking to gore him into two pieces but at the last second Vee A.D.Z. rushes into the ring and nails the Mawashi Geri! Mancini crumbles and rolls towards the ring apron as the official orders Vee out of the ring. Before that happens Xaitlyn comes into the action and takes out both Veejay and Vee A.D.Z. with running knees. The crowd is going wild for this action as Xaitlyn lifts Vee up, he pushes her away and goes for the Mawashi Geri again... she ducks and spins around connecting with Serpiente Stroke! Down goes Vee and he is knocked to the outside of the ring.

    Cohen: The Serpiente Stroke connects on Vee A.D.Z.

    Connor: This match has become so hard to keep up with. I don’t even know who is legal at this point. So much action inside the ring.

    As Xaitlyn is soaking in the atmosphere she is blindside by Veejay who lifts her up into position for Victory Lap. He struggles as she fires elbows but Veejay adjusts and shakes out the cobwebs. With a look of determination on his face and a date at Kingdom Come on the line Veejay spins Xaitlyn around... she counters! Xaitlyn lands on her feet and goes for the Serpiente Stroke but Veejay ducks underneath and lifts Xaitlyn back on his shoulders. He wastes no time and quickly delivers Victory Lap on Xaitlyn. When Veejay stands back up he is about to make the cover when he is smashed by Mancini with Il Siluro Italiano! Out of nowhere and Mancini hooks the leg - Mancini is the legal man and so is Veejay. The referee slides into position and begins to make the count. 1... 2... 3! Mancini has scored the pin over Veejay and as a result he and Xaitlyn are going to Kingdom Come VIII to challenge for the titles.

    Cohen: If somebody would have told me this team was going to be challenging for the WZCW Tag Team Championships at Kingdom Come VIII I wouldn’t have believed it. Tonight they pulled off one of the most shocking victories I’ve ever seen. Don’t be fooled however because Mancini and Xaitlyn are going to have a hard time against the reigning champions; Constantine and Mark Keaton. Vis Imperium isn’t likely to just hand the titles over.

    Connor: What a match we have just seen with all four competitors going for the big shot to win but at the end of the day it was Mancini who nailed the big shot that really mattered. Congratulations to our winning team.

    Anderson: Here are your winners and number one contenders to the WZCW Tag Team Championships, Anthony Mancini & Xaitlyn Serpiente... Salvific Knights!

    Inside the ring Mancini is on his knees and raises his arms in the air. He is helped to his feet by the referee and climbs onto the turnbuckle where he points over to Gino who is celebrating. Xaitlyn enters the ring and she climbs the other turnbuckle. They begin to make belt signs around their waists and the crowd cheers.

    Connor: I wonder what that team must be feeling. The excitement, the pressure and all the dreams of being called champion. They have a chance and in this business you only need one good day to become a champion.

    Cohen: It’ll have to be a great day to overcome Constantine and Mark Keaton. Vis Imperium is stronger than ever and I don’t know if these knights can stand against them.

    Mancini and Xaitlyn continue to celebrate in the ring and they stare up at the Kingdom Come sign knowing that they have a date with destiny. They will challenge for the gold and they could very well be the next WZCW Tag Team Champions. Meanwhile Veejay and Vee A.D.Z. look heartbroken on the outside of the ring with their futures much more uncertain.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, standing in the ring at this time the General Manager of Ascension, Becky Serra!

    Inside the squared circle stands Becky Serra with a microphone in her hand. The ring has been covered with carpet for this contract signing and in the middle is a large wooden table with chairs on both sides and a clipboard at its centre.

    Serra: The time has finally arrived. The moment you have all been waiting for which I promised to deliver. I don’t see any point in holding this off any longer so ladies and gentlemen please welcome the challenger, the winner of Lethal Lottery 2016, Justin Cooper!

    Becky Serra turns and motions to the entrance ramp as the lights dim and the music begins to play. A loud cheer is heard throughout the arena.


    To a warm reception Justin Cooper, wearing a black suit, steps out onto the stage with a smile on his face. He waves to the crowd and begins to make his way down to the ring and goes over to some of the fans in the front row. He is followed by Mark Keaton who emerges from behind the curtain a few moments later and he begins to make his way down to the ring.

    Cohen: Well look what we have here. I told you that Cooper was in on the attack against Mikey Stormrage. He’s bringing Mark Keaton down to the ring and it’s been said that Keaton will be at ringside during the main event of Kingdom Come. It’s all a plan by Cooper!

    Connor: I don’t want to believe it. The relationship between Cooper and Keaton is strong. They’re friends and until we have confirmation I’ll continue to trust that Cooper had no idea about the attack. People can change and I believe him.

    Cohen: Don’t be a fool, CC!

    Inside the ring Cooper shakes hands with Becky Serra and takes a seat in the chair facing the entrance ramp. He picks up a microphone and begins to twirl it around in his hand. Behind him stands Mark Keaton, one half of the WZCW Tag Team Championships hanging over his shoulder. The duo begin talking and share a laugh while they wait for the arrival of the World Champion.

    Serra: And his opponent, the reigning WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Mikey Stormrage!


    Just as on Meltdown the arrival of the World Champion is delayed. This time his music does not need to be played a second time however as Mikey Stormrage comes limping out onto the stage. He’s in his wrestling gear with the World Championship firmly on his shoulder. His body covered in bruises and his head has a large cut with has been stitched together from the attack by Vis Imperium. Mikey is only looking towards the ring, directly at Justin Cooper, and slowly begins walking towards him.

    Connor: We have a wounded WZCW World Heavyweight Champion after Vis Imperium left him torn to pieces on Meltdown. Something is wrong with Stormrage as we saw Tyrone Blades defeat him within 30 seconds this week. Do you think it’s the pressure of the moment or is something else going on with him?

    Cohen: Cooper has been saying that Mikey has no friends. I believe it is true. He’s got nobody who supports him. All his friends have left and now Mikey stands at the top of the mountain alone. Some guys just aren’t made for that.

    Connor: I feel for him because you don’t want to go into the biggest match of your career not being one hundred percent. He’s physically wounded and very well might be mentally wounded at the same time.

    Mikey enters the ring and approaches the table. He grabs a microphone and remains standing. Serra looks to shake his hand but Mikey has not stopped looking at Justin Cooper. He is furious, his body nearly entirely shaking, his lip quivering and his free hand clenched into a fist. As Mikey stands, looking down on Cooper, his opponent chuckles and continues to twirl the microphone until he softly places it upon his lips.

    Cooper: Let me just say, let me just say that I nothing to do with what happened on Meltdown. Honestly I did not know that Vis Imperium was going to attack you. I did not know that you were going to get absolutely destroyed by Mark and the rest of them. I did not know that you were going to get your ass handed to you by a rookie. No offense, champ.

    He turns to Mark and the rookie nods his head confirming Cooper’s version of the events. On the opposite side of the table Mikey is still standing and he slams his fist down onto the table.

    Stormrage: Liar! You knew exactly what was going to happen on Meltdown. You knew they were going to jump me and leave me bloody inside this ring. You knew and you did nothing! You let that happen and yet you come out here every week and preach about being a changed man. You’re not a change man, you’re the same old coward you’ve always been. You hide behind lies and trick these people into believing that you’re more than you are but in reality you’re not worth the dirt on the bottom of my boots.

    Again Mikey slams his fist into the table and the title belt falls onto the table. Stormrage adjusts the belt so it is standing up and turns back to Cooper.

    Stormrage: Admit it. Admit that you were in on it. You organized the attack on me by Vis Imperium and now you’re set to pick the bones of the wounded champion. Oh, its right out of the villain playbook but you made one big mistake. You made one major error in your plan.

    The challenger laughs and leans forward with a smirk on his face.

    Cooper: This will be good. Go on. Tell me, oh wise one, what was the mistake that you believe I made in this plan that I had nothing to do with and is simply created in that paranoid mind of yours. Go on, share it with the rest of us peasants what the mighty Mikey Stormrage has figured out about this so called masterplan of mine.

    Stormrage: Only a coward wouldn’t admit his own actions. Very well, if you want to play this game and act like a hero so be it. The flaw in your plan is that you did it to me. I don’t stay down and if you think that one attack by Vis Imperium is going to stop me from defending my title than you're more of a fool than a villain. Don’t doubt me. Don’t think that you are going to just walk into this match and take what I worked my entire career to get. I will not be screwed out of the title by you or any of the wolves you are working with.

    Stormrage turns to Keaton who is shaking his head. The crowd boo as Keaton is shown on the big screen and the rookie can’t help by blow them a kiss.

    Stormrage: I’m not finished with you either. You might think you’re invincible and that Constantine cares about you. You might even think that Justin cares about you but they don’t. They are using you to get what they want and the sad thing is that you don’t see it. You don’t see that you’re a pawn in this game and you think that you’re something more. You’re a footnote in this business, Mark.

    Cooper: They called me a footnote once but now look at me. Take a look around this building and you’ll find fans of the great Mikey Stormrage and fans of my own arguing about who is going to win at Kingdom Come. You see, you act like I’m the Pied Piper and that I’m leading all these people into some falsehood but really it’s you. You have convinced these people, these good people who come to wrestling for something to believe in, that you’re a hero. You’re not. You’re toxic and paranoid and you hate that the fans have embraced someone new.

    The clipboard on the middle of the table is picked up by Keaton who passes it to Justin. He looks over the contract and picks up a pen.

    Cooper: My name never left your lips until the moment they embraced me. You fear that I will expose you. That I will show these people what you really are and that is a man who is so paranoid that he turns all his friends away. You hate sharing the spotlight, you hate not being alone at the top of the mountain and I see that. Where is James Howard? Where is Matt Tastic? Why did they not save you on Meltdown? If it was Mark in trouble I would’ve helped him. I would do anything for this man and he would do anything for me... even if I don’t ask.

    Cooper signs the contract and throws it over to Mikey.

    Cooper: You turn anyone who gets close to you away. They all leave and never return. Why? What does that make you? I here, I’m honest, and I promise you that I don’t need Mark Keaton to beat you.

    Stormrage: Then why have him at ringside during our match? If he’s not going to be involved why should he be there at all? You’re a liar. You can’t beat me alone so you’re going to organize attacks, use cheap tactics and try to steal the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship away from me. I will not let that happen. You want a promise? Well, I promise that if Mark Keaton or anyone else gets involved at Kingdom Come then you will not walk out of Kingdom Come at all. I may lose everything but so will you.

    Cooper: You and what army? You’re alone, Mikey. You have nobody. That’s the problem with you. You’re so convinced I need help that you are blinded by a simple fact. I’m better than you. I don’t need help. Mark Keaton isn’t the key to me becoming World Champion. You are.

    Stormrage: What do you mean?

    The challenger eyes the World Championship and goes to touch it but Mikey pulls the title back.

    Cooper: It’s beautiful. What I mean is that the key to me winning is how paranoid you get. We’ve never had a match. It’ll truly be a first time ever and at Kingdom Come when the pressure mounts you’ll start making excuses. They all do. Just like Eve did tonight.

    Stormrage: Don’t you mention her name. Don’t you ever mention her name again!

    Cooper: That’s good. Get angry. At Kingdom Come you’ll lose focus when the paranoia takes over. When you become the same toxic pathetic little boy that you are. You’re not a man. You don’t deserve to be WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. When your focus breaks and the fear of failure floods into your mind I’ll be there. I’ll be ready and I’ll become World Champion.

    Mikey stares over at his title, running his fingers over the nameplate which shares his name. He turns to the clipboard with the contract and picks up the pen. He finds the section that needs signing and quickly does his signature before sliding it over to Becky Serra.

    Stormrage: I’ve heard you talk for long enough. I’m not paranoid. I’m not toxic. I’m the reigning, defending, undisputed WZCW Heavyweight Champion of the World! I am the best professional wrestler in this business and at Kingdom Come I’ll prove it. You might be on a roll but you’ve never been at this level before. For the past year I’ve been the hunted. I’ve been the guy who everyone has been chasing and you have only just caught up. Hero or villain in the end it doesn’t matter. You've beaten everyone else on this roster but you've never beaten me. I know what you are. I know you had something to do with Vis Imperium attacking me, deny it all you want but I don’t believe you.

    Cooper: How many times to do I have to tell you? I didn’t organize any attack.

    Stormrage: Liar!

    Cooper: You either don’t listen or you’re just that stupid. No wonder Eve left you.

    The table is flipped over and Becky Serra, with the contract in hand, scatters out of the ring. Mikey clotheslines Cooper down to the ground and blocks a right hand from Keaton. The rookie is shoved into the corner and Mikey unloads with heavy strikes. With a hand full of golden hair Mikey tosses Keaton to the outside and throws a microphone at him. Quickly Vis Imperium, Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt, rush down the ramp and join Keaton. The rookie takes off his jacket and goes to enter the ring, leading the charge against the World Champion once again but Constantine grabs him by the arm. Keaton pleads that they have to do something but Constantine and Hunnicutt begin dragging Keaton away. He’s kicking and screaming, trying to save Justin Cooper but his fellow Vis Imperium members are dragging him backstage away from the chaos inside the ring.

    Cohen: Vis Imperium has just refused to save Justin Cooper. Constantine would not let Mark Keaton return to the ring to save his mentor. Was Justin Cooper telling the truth? He must not have had anything to do with the attack.

    Connor: I think that says a lot about this entire situation. Vis Imperium walked away from Justin Cooper. With Kingdom Come approaching I don’t think Constantine wanted to risk injury.

    The crowd are going wild as inside the ring Mikey Stormrage has pushed the table to the side. He stands up and looks towards Justin Cooper who is pulling himself up using the ropes. It takes a moment for him to realise what is happening but slowly Cooper pieces together that he is no longer with his best friend. He is isolated and not in his wrestling gear but Mikey Stormrage came prepared for a fight. Mikey is in his gear and now he grabs Cooper and begins hammering away with punches sending the number one contender into the corner. It’s a total beat down as Cooper struggles to protect himself. Stormrage grabs his suit jacket and tears it, Cooper’s shirt goes flying also and he crawls into the middle of the ring.

    Connor: Mikey has snapped. He believes Cooper had something to do with the attack on Meltdown and he’s unleashing like we’ve never seen before.

    Cohen: Cooper might not make it to Kingdom Come at this rate.

    Cooper gets to his feet but is immediately dropped with a hard elbow from Stormrage - Headshot! The crowd explodes and even more so when Mikey pulls the table into the middle of the ring, setting it up for something special. Cooper is totally out of it and has no idea that this is about to happen. His watch is smashed, his suit is ruined and his head is ringing from the elbow. Mikey lifts Cooper to his knees and looks down at him, his eyes glazed over, before placing Copper in his arms and sending him crashing through the table with GAME OVER!

    Cohen: He put Cooper through the table! Mikey Stormrage has found another level tonight and he’s gone insane. Cooper mentioned Eve Taylor twice and it sent Mikey off the deep end.

    Connor: This main event just got a whole lot more personal after tonight. Next week will be a must see as this rivalry continues to heat up. Until next time, thank you for being with us. Goodnight everybody!

    Bits of wood are all over the ring as Cooper is out cold amongst the broken table. Mikey picks up his World Championship and surveys the damage he has done. The fans give a cheer as Mikey holds up the belt for all to see while standing next to his fallen challenger as the credits begin to roll.
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    Read the show first so as to not spoil anything, hence the tags.


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    Segments - Prophet, Dagger, Dynamite
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    We hope you enjoyed this round of shows, as always send some green rep our way if you liked the shows. :)
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