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    Real Name: Logan McAllister

    Gimmick Name: Logan McAllister

    Announced As: "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister

    Height: 6'5

    Weight: 275lbs

    Hometown: Lowell, MA

    Billed From: Boston, MA

    Alignment: Heel

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

    Appearance: McAllister looks like just a normal man. Coming from a childhhod with little money, McAllister is content wearing loose jeans or basketball shorts, with a simple T-Shirt.(usually of a Boston sports team) Always has on his Red Sox hat wherever he goes

    ----------------Hair Colour/Length Short Dirty Blonde hair that always looks as if he's just woken up

    ----------------Eye Colour Bright Blue with a Silver tinge

    ----------------Facial Hair patchy stubble, looking like he needs a shave

    ----------------Ring attire McAllister wears Blue jeans, sneakers, a Boston sports team tshirt and a custom MCALLISTER Sox jersey, unbuttoned. Taped wrists n hands, no elbow or knee pads.

    ----------------Backstage Attire Attire Same as ring attire, plus a Sox hat

    ----------------Physical Features At 6'5 275, McCallister is considered far from ripped. He has no six pack, but rather a noticeable gut. Don't let the appearance fool you however, as he is very agile, with an unseen amount of cardio for a man of his "pudgy" appearance

    ----------------Tattoos: Has his son's name "Hayden" in cursive on his right forearm, with the Sox logo over his heart

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:

    Main Gimmick: Logan is no longer pretending to be a bully, and is now embracing being who he is...A Dad just trying to provide for his son. Relates to the common fan as he grew up struggling and appreciates what he now has. Strong street fighting exp with a amateur wrestling background

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Logan is just a common man. He has strong Boston pride and enjoys hanging with the "regular" folk before and after WZCW events

    -Embraces fans, yet is still cautious around fellow WZCW performers, based on what he's seen in his short time employed

    Brief Bio/History: MccAllister is from a broken home. Alcoholic father. Drug addicted mother. Due to this, Logan preferred spending as much time away from home as possible. This led to him getting into many fights, and over time, McAllister would eventually come to be feared in his part of Boston.
    Logan was convinced to try out for the high school wrestling team, and found himself to be very successful at it. Using his street fighting mentality, McAllister would earn a full scholarship to Boston College.
    It wasnt meant to be however, as he would eventually be kicked from the team due to being described as too sadistic by his coaches.
    Shortly after, Logan was told he was going to be a father. Logan was ecstatic about this, but there would be no "happy ending" as the child's mother would not survive the birthing process.
    McAllister knew he was now alone with a newborn to take care of. McAllister went back to what he knew. The streets.
    Currently, McAllister and his son travel around the Northeastern United States, with McAllister doing whatever is necessary to provide his son with the life he wished he had as a boy growing up. Now fully employed, Logan is out to not just provide for his son,but to leave his legacy in WZCW

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: As the bells hit the lights go dark, before green lights begin pulsating to the beat of the song, the letters L-O-G-A-N slowly appear on the video screen. At roughly 30 seconds in, we see Richard Goldman strut out with a big smile on his face as he stops at the ramp and turns towards the now emerging Logan McAllister. Logan walks out, going to the left on the stage and doing the same thing on the right side before coming back and walking with a purpose down the ramp. When he approaches the steps he runs up them, before walking slowly to the middle of the ring edge, leaning back on the ropes and staring out into the crowd. Logan then enters the ring posing in the center of the ring, jersey open and arms outstretched(ala bret hart) while Mr. Goldman simply applauds and smiles

    Fighting Style: Vicious street fighter with ample amateur wrestling background.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Due to being in many street fights, McAllister has a strong tolerance to pain. Only care is to provide for his son and is quick to get into anyone's face if he feels they've wronged his boy. Focused on cementing a legacy in WZCW so his son can live comfortably

    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    Boston Massacre(End of Days)

    The Logan Lock(Edgecator)​

    Signature Moves (3 max):
    B.S.P. (Boston Suplex Party) (Multiple German Suplexes ala Benoit)
    McAllisault(Moonsault, used on rare occasions)
    Boston Strong (Stinger Splash)

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Fallaway slam
    Short arm clothesline
    multiple knee strikes(corner only)
    Exploder suplex
    Release German Suplex
    High Knee(Harley Race Style)
    T-Bone suplex
    Ground and Pound Strikes
    Northern Lights Suplex
    Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker

    Sample RP.

    Its barely dawn, and Hayden McAllister climbs from the backseat of his dad's '07 Toyota Corolla to the passenger seat.

    "Dad!! Wake up!!" Hayden shakes his dad awake. "Lets go dad. Before the parking lot starts to get busy." Hayden open the glove compartment, pulling out a package of pop tarts and beginning to eat.

    "Im up son, im up." Logan McAllister adjusts the driver seat and tosses the pillow and blanket into the backseat. He looks at his son eating his pop tarts and lets out a sigh. "Shall we start our day buddy?" he asks, turning the key and starting the car....no real destination in mind.

    "Yea dad. You gonna beat up some more people today?" Hayden asks in a matter of fact tone

    "Most likely Hayden. If we're lucky, we'll be sleeping in a hotel tonight." Logan was getting tired. Tired of constantly driving, looking for unsanctioned street fights for meager pay. He needed more. Not for him. Logan was fine. But for Hayden.

    "Why dont you try to get hired by WZCW dad? You'd get to still hurt people....and we can stop sleeping in parking lots." Hayden looks at his dad and smiles. Even though they had very little, Hayden never for once doubted his dads love for him. He had previously suggested WZCW, mainly because Hayden loved watching it whenever they had an oppurtunity. But also because he believed his dad could be successful.
    Hayden knew his dad was a bad man. His dad ENJOYED making people scream, and took pleasure in doing so. He always told Hayden he did it to provide for him....but deep down Hayden knew it was also because his dad liked seeing others suffer.
    "I've seen you beat people way bigger and scarier than most of the current roster...all we gotta do is film a promo dad. I can even be the cameraman!"

    "Ok. Ill do it for you buddy....now lets go find somewhere i can make us some money this evening"

    *Its now early evening and Logan has found a victim*

    "Dad!" Hayden whispered. "Let me film you beat this guy down. Then turn and cut a promo. WZCW will HAVE to accept you!!"

    "I suggest you turn on the camera then pal." As Hayden powered up the camera, Logan attacked the tall man walking in the alley. A hard chop block to the man's knee dropped him instantly as Logan followed up with stiff kicks to the downed man's ribs. This was no fight. This was a mauling. Logan continued to beat the man to a bloody pulp until Hayden broke his concentration.

    "Ok dad....i think hes done." cutting the camera off he looks at his dad. "Ready for the promo?" Hayden smiles and turns the camera back on.

    "WZCW.....'The Premier Place for Wrestling' Ive seen your product. There are many viable people in the organization. But none like me. None like Logan McAllister.
    Nobody on the roster has the purpose and motivation that i have. I fight for what matters. My boy."
    Logan delivers yet another knee to the now moving man, dropping him again.
    "Coming to WZCW will allow me to give my son the childhood i lacked. The kind of childhood he deserves. Anyone in my way is nothing more than another obstacle i get to destroy on the path to happiness for him.
    WZCW....are you ready? Are you ready for a sadistic, evil man whose solle purpose is to provide for his family?? I don't think you are."

    Logan grabs the bloody man by his hair, showing the camera the massacre that took place. "I did this to an innocent man. I hurt him, just to show WZCW the things ill do to make my son happy."

    Logan drops the man and looks into the camera.

    "im coming WZCW. Im coming and i will hurt everyone in my way. The way i see it....Its either you or my son. And ill never choose anything over him.
    See you soon WZCW....."

    Hayden turned off the camera and smiled. He knew that they struck gold. All that was left was to edit the video and send it in.

    Then theyd wait.........
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