MD 145 - Kagura versus Logan McAllister

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    Logan McAllister has made no secret of his ability to align with Vis Imperium when needed. He is a shark in waters infested by fish according to him. With no need for friends in WZCW, McAllister has taken to doing some of the dirty work for the feared stable. After attacking Eve Taylor, Logan left Kagura at a massive disadvantage during the main event of Meltdown. This week Kagura gets her chance for revenge. Will Kagura be able to get retribution for her tag partner last week or will McAllister finish off the job that Vis Imperium couldn’t?

    RP Deadline Tuesday 24th October 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Kagura considered herself to be an insightful person. She had no problem speaking her mind. A straight shooter in any situation. Though she had come to know the value of saying quiet and simply listening. That harkened back to her training at her grandfather’s temple in Ise, Mie as a young girl. She had to learn how to meditate. Watch. Look. Listen. Feel the energy around her. She still did that, even in the chaotic world of WZCW. She considered herself pretty good at being able to read others. Many people still treaded lightly around her, citing an eerie calm present whenever she was around. She was dangerous. And she knew it. And she didn’t feel guilty about that. To her that was a strength. Nobody could hide anything from her, and she had the confidence to speak in front of anyone. Yet her poker face was indecipherable.

    Take a person like that, and give them the proverbial “keys to the kingdom,” she glanced down at the briefcase that she carried in her right hand, and a lot of people were going to be on edge. Most people seemed to have the “who” or “what” pinned down. But there was one thing that still wasn’t clear. There was still one question for her that everyone wanted to ask, “when?” One word. When…

    …She didn’t know.

    She’d always answer with a smile, or a little smirk. Or sometimes even a scowl. But each time her expression gave away nothing. Unless WZCW had a mind reader on the payroll, her thoughts remained a steel trap. Yet today, she planned to give everyone a glimpse into her psyche, and try to at least give a hint that might help answer that question.


    Another fight. Another city. She was on her own. And really, it didn’t matter. After two and half years of constant travel, she was used to the routine. She had seen much of the US by now; many of the major cities. Sure, she wasn’t a permanent resident of any one place, but she’d seen enough to curb her culture shock. That was a thing of the past. She now viewed herself as an American resident and not like a foreigner, even though technically she still was. She had to admit, the US was a great country, and she even wrestled with the idea of moving there permanently, but those were thoughts for some other time.

    Minneapolis, Minnesota. By the Kami, it was cold here. Really cold. Forecasters were already predicting snow for the week after. Meaning she’d likely be stuck in the airport after the show. She sighed. It was just another part of the job. Derrick was due back from Japan soon, and he had planned a small trip to New York for them to visit an old college buddy before the PPV. That made her smile.

    Though it immediately transformed into a frown as soon as she saw her translator. She was an arrogant and somewhat lazy girl in her early twenties fresh out of college. The brass had hired her directly out of school to translate for Kagura once she had lost her voice, and her ability to speak English. The thing that Kagura disliked is that she swore she wasn’t translating her words properly. Even though she no longer spoke the language fluently, she had the memory of being able to. Certain words and phrases were familiar to her, like a muscle memory in the brain, even if she didn’t know the meanings. And the translator’s words felt off. Like they weren’t having the full effect Kagura desired.

    And her tone and emotion were often all wrong. She might manage to translate Kagura’s words correctly, but not the tone. She likened it to having a child threaten you in a cheery voice. Kagura swore that the next time she fucked up an interview she was going to pound her head into a table. Repeatedly. And she wasn’t going to stop until she could do the job right. The girl greeted her, but Kagura only responded with a grunt. It was going to be a long night.


    Kagura made her way into the conference room. Stacey Madison was playing hostess this time. Kagura could remember a time when Stacey used to intimidate her. When they had first met, she just exuded an aura of professionalism and power. Having gained experience herself, Kagura saw Stacey as little more than a nuisance now. She still respected her professionalism, but that was it. Kagura took a seat, and immediately leaned back in her chair, giving the impression that she really didn’t want to be here. And truthfully, she didn’t. The whole interview was stupid. The ‘big’ question was stupid.

    ‘Yeah, like I’m really going to say “when,”’ she thought.

    Kagura strapped the microphone to herself, as Stacey greeted her with a smile. Kagura didn’t return it, giving her the aura of being all-business like. The blond simply brushed it off.

    “Welcome WZCW fans. Stacey Madison here with the first ever Queen for a Day with an exclusive interview. You all wanted to hear from her, and now she’s here to answer the big question that everyone has on their mind.”

    She turned to Kagura, “But first let me say how great it is seeing a woman finally reaching into the upper echelons of the company. Good for you, Kagura.”

    The young girl translated the message, as Kagura forced a smile. She knew Stacey was bullshitting her, even if her sentiment was genuine. Kagura didn’t care about that. She won the briefcase for herself. No one else. As far she was concerned, fuck all the other women in the company; this was her spot. She knew she was selfish in thinking that way, she had to ruthless from this point forward. This was the path she wanted to follow.

    Stacey continued, “Most people have had their eyes on your ever since you won that briefcase at the Anniversary show. And after defeating the world champion last Meltdown, I’m sure Justin Cooper can’t afford to ignore you now. Is that still your goal; to be world champion?”

    Kagura spoke and the girl translated, “Of course it is, Stacey. What wrestler doesn’t dream of becoming world champion? Regardless of age, sex, race, or gender. This company has given all of us that opportunity. However, this briefcase has given me to opportunity to win any title I want. I do want to win the world title. Though I could cash in on Titus instead; end his remarkable run as Eurasian champion. Or maybe Callie Clark. Become a two-time Elite Openweight champion. Or even Randy Studd. Any title is mine for the taking…”

    Something felt off. Her words were firm, but Stacey still had that shit eating grin on her face. She wasn’t being serious at all. Kagura shot her translator a fierce, threatening look before continuing.

    “…And because of that, I know that every champion is on edge. Looking over their shoulder. Even if I am not their top priority, I am on their mind. The moment they sleep. The moment they wake. Every time they polish their belts and make sure that the whole world can see their name on the tag. Because they know, that I might be coming for them when they least expect it.”

    “And many people, personnel and fans alike, now see a change in you. Are you ready to be world champion, if that is what you really desire?”

    “Of course. I wouldn’t have fought so hard in that cell if I didn’t. I’ve been a champion in WZCW before, I know what it takes to win. Winning is the easy part. Losing is hard. Keeping that belt around your waist knowing that you have a massive target around your waist. That’s why Justin Cooper has surrounded himself with so many allies. It’s easier. Titus, I respect. He’s been untouchable. I couldn’t stop him. At least, not fairly. But with this…

    She tapped the briefcase on the floor, before hoisting it up onto the table.

    “…I don’t have to play fair. And that’s my right as Queen for a Day. I can wait until the exact moment when my opponent is the most vulnerable, and then I’ll strike. I realize that it’s not the most honorable way to win a championship, but I went through Hell to get this opportunity, Stacey. I’m not letting it slip through my figures. The world champion has big shoes to fill. As the main event, it is their name on the marquee. They must carry the business side of things, and I’m ready to do that. The fans are back on my side. My appeal has never been higher with them than it is right now. There’s a change coming, and they know it. And they also know that I am the catalyst. If John Constantine dethrones Cooper for the world title, or if Titus drops the Eurasian, it won’t matter. Nothing will change until I cash in this case. That’s what people really want to see.”

    Stacey nodded, “Indeed. We can all speculate on “when,” but I suppose we’ll all just have to wait and see, won’t we? In the meantime, you’ll have your hands full with Batti at Unscripted and Logan McAllister at Meltdown 145, anything you want to address to them?”

    “I don’t have much to say on Batti right now. On paper, it’s shaping up to be a big deal. I made Justin Cooper tap out. She pinned Tyrone Blades. We’re both forging paths that ironically began with the same man. Maybe it’s fate. If the Kami will it, maybe WZCW will see Kagura versus Batti for the world title sometime in the future. Wouldn’t bother me. I respect the girl, but I’m not willing to give up my spot to her. Not now; not ever. Logan though, I know his game plan. He wants a trophy, but I’m not going to be his bitch. It was unfortunate what happened to Eve at Meltdown 144. I feel for her. And I don’t blame her for the circumstances. We still won despite Logan McAllister’s interference. I’m not going to fight Eve’s battle for her, but at the same time I’m not going to lay down either. It’s Logan’s choice if he wants to make this fight personal, but I don’t care either way. He’s not on my radar. He wouldn’t even be a notch on my belt. It’s a harsh thing to say, but it’s the truth. Let him step up his game, if he can.”

    Stacey chuckled as the translator spoke. Kagura raised an eyebrow. Nothing was funny about what she had just said. She listened and caught the translators tone. It was wrong! This was the reason why she hated having a translator. What good was speaking if no one took the words seriously? She’s was being made to look like a fool. She held up her hand to try and stop the translator. When that didn’t work she felt a vein pop in her forehead.

    “Shut up!”

    Her words cut through the conference room startling both women. Stacey starred opened mouthed as Kagura stood and grabbed the briefcase. She spoke, this time in English.

    “Words fail here. Let us stop.”

    She looked at both women with intense eyes before continuing, “You want to know my big question, ‘when will I cash in?’ Answer is simple. No one will see it come.”

    With that she abruptly turned, and spat red mist into the camera. The feed fading to black.
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    Backstage post AS121
    Quicken Loans Arena
    Cleveland, OH

    There was a commotion coming from inside Logan McAllister's locker room. Logan was attempting to destroy another venue's facilities. Richard Goldman was trying, no practically begging Logan to stop and calm down. As of yet no damage had been done, but things can change in an instant with an angry 6'5 man armed with a steel chair. Logan lifted the chair and slammed it against the floor, the chair beginning to bend from the repeated strikes.

    Goldman: Logan! You need to stop this! WZCW won't let you keep destroying locker rooms, with only a fine to show. Do not ruin your career over a worthless arena in Cleveland.

    Logan lets the chair drop to the floor, taking a seat and regaining his composure. Richard walks over to him, not yet finished speaking.

    Goldman: Look, I understand the frustration. The old man pulled a fast one and got you. That's what these vets do, and why they can stay on top. Next time, you'll be ready when someone tries to pull that stunt again. It's not too late to get yourself a prime spot on the card for Unscripted. You know which competitor I'm talking about.

    Logan looks over at Richard and smiles. They'd had talks over who they should target next, and it looked like it was time to make it known. Logan started to gather his belongings, ready to leave disgusting Cleveland behind him. The two men began their walk to the parking lot, no words spoken as each got into their respective cars and left. Logan was gonna be heading straight to Minneapolis, where he'd wait word on his next appointment.

    Loews Minneapolis Hotel
    Three days until MD145
    Minneapolis, MN

    Logan McAllister had just finished reading the message from WZCW about his next opponent. He'd be facing Kagura at Meltdown. Logan couldn't help but wonder if this was a subtle punishment for not successfully ending Constantine previously. The one person that has consistently given him problem after problem, ever since Logan started here. Sure, the story sets up nicely, Logan having attacked her tag partner, Eve Taylor. Which of course left Kagura to get double teamed during the match. Still, Logan had to wonder if had he collected the bounty, would he have gotten Obi Okafor's corpse instead of the continous roadblock Kagura has become?

    As Logan started looking up his previous encounters with the shrine maiden, Richard Goldman entered the room, the smile on his face indicating he had done something he was proud of and couldn't wait to tell his client.

    Goldman: Logan! I'm sure you've seen your opponent for Meltdown yes? Kagura is no slouch, that's for sure. She took a beating due to your attack of her model partner, so I'm sure she has some frustrations to let loose your way. She's not invincible Logan. You can beat this woman, she is not a roadblock in your career, I mean, Logan, you're from BOSTON!! The city of champions, the city of curse breakers. You go out there focused, ready for anything and you pummel her. You ground her and whittle away at her until she makes a mistake out of desperation, and you strike. Put her down and we may just get what we want come Unscripted.

    Logan, nods in agreement, before loading up his most recent run in with Kagura. Logan was indeed taking this seriously and going in focused, pen and notebook in hand, already jotting down notes. Richard let himself out silently and began heading thru the hotel lobby when he heard a commotion. Now normally, Richard would continue on his way without a look, yet when you hear the name of your client being thrown around, it might be wise to take a gander.

    Woman: The fuck do you mean I can't go see "Mr. McAllistah"? I told you, I'm his fiance, and I need to talk to him now. I'm trying to keep calm and not smack you upside your head wicked hahd! LOGAN MCALLISTER! His room numbah now please!

    Richard watched as indeed, Logan's fiance was here causing a scene. He couldn't let her up to Logan's room. He needed to continue focusing on the match. Family can wait. Richard had a star to continue building. He decided to act upon the situation and rescue the poor hotel attendant.

    Goldman: Excuse me, Ms. O'Shea?

    The look that she shot towards Richard was chilling. In an instant she turned her rage upon him.

    Brittany O'Shea: You! It's your fault my Logan has shut his family out! "All visitahs must get approval from Richahd Goldman first"? The fuck kinda bullshit is that Richard? You really think you can stop me from going up to see my fiance? He hasn't seen his son, or me since he took up with you. You will let me see him, or Logan will need to find a new managah, cuz his old one is gonna be all over this hotel lobby!

    Goldman: (slightly amused) Logan makes his own choices Ms. O'Shea. I assure you I wouldn't keep a man from his family. Logan however, knows and understands what he's doing. He's doing this all for you and Hayden. Maybe you are why his career was almost ruined, and he needed someone like me to make him see his true purpose. Don't cast the blame on me for why your man doesn't want contact from you, now I have things to do, and I cannot have you causing problems. I have the video of you threatening me from a few moments ago, with witnesses. Shall I call the authorities? Or will you just scoot on back to Boston and raise his kid?

    Brittany looked at Richard through tears of disgust and hatred, before slapping him across the face, making full contact.

    Brittany: I'll leave for now, but you, Mr. Goldman, are an evil man. Wicked evil and you will not take my Logan from me, and this is not over.

    Richard watched as Brittany finally turned away, a truly evil smile appearing across his face. She can have the worthless leftovers of a flamed out Logan. After Richard makes him a star, he'll bleed him dry til he again becomes nothing, casting him aside for his next reclamation project. As for this occurrence? Logan won't ever even know she was here. His star needed to focus.

    He nodded at the hotel attendant, who sheepishly nodded back before exiting the hotel, all while Logan continued his film study.

    Backstage at MD145
    Target Center
    Minneapolis, MN

    Logan and Richard were walking through the arena, going over tonight's plan of action, as Leon Kensworth caught up to the duo, trying to get a few words from Logan, well from Richard on behalf of Logan.

    Leon: Logan! Richard! Mind if I ask a few questions before tonight's Ascension?

    Logan and Richard stop near where some WZCW merchandise is being sold, Richard whispering to Logan, Logan nodding in agreement to what was being said.

    Goldman: Make it quick Leon.

    Leon: Keep it simple. Is Logan ready tonight?

    As Richard prepares to answer, a fan has seemingly begun trying to get Logan's attention, the security guards keeping the woman back for the moment.

    Goldman: Is my client ready? Really Leon? Of course Logan is ready. Tonight he steps over the crumpled body of what used to be his roadblock Kagura, and will step towards his next victim at Unscripted.

    The woman is now yelling, still too far to audibly be heard as Leon continues on.

    Leon: Apologies, but Logan isn't scheduled for Unscripted at the moment. Or do you have breaking news you'd like to share?

    Richard chuckles as he prepares his response before the fan slips thru, hollering as loud as she can before security tackles her.


    Logan turned to look at Richard before looking back at the commotion, the security already escorting the woman away, Logan catching a glimpse of her before she's gone from sight.


    The look from Leon was one of pure joy at this unexpected piece of news being dropped in front of him, as Richard looked mortified, before regaining himself and ushering his client on their way.

    Goldman: Of course not Logan, just some crazed fan who wanted to see the amazing Logan. I'm sorry Leon, but the conditions here are obviously not conducive to my client as he prepares for later tonight. Watch what we do to Kagura tonight.

    Richard and Logan head down the hall, with Logan still glancing back to where he swore he heard Brittany's voice. He eventually chalked it up to the crazed fan like Richard said. Fans can't distract him tonight. Kagura is next, and Logan is bout to go '04 Red Sox on her.
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