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    The camera shows off the arena as it spins around, almost bringing on severe disorientation. As it steadies, some fireworks and pyro shoots out from atop the ramp, bringing the crowd further to life. The fans are on their feet and holding their signs high in the air. Some of the signs in the crowd read “Once you go Black, you never go back”, “Marry me Becky” and “We are The Hollow Ones”. Ultimately, the camera settles on the announcers at ringside.

    Connor: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, once again to WZCW Ascension! My name is Cat Connors, the voice of Ascension. And tonight, I am once again joined by Jack Cohen to bring you some hard-hitting action in the name of WZCW. What a night we have planned, Jack.

    Cohen: No doubt about it, Cat. The Roulette Rounds are in the bank and Meltdown last night proved to be somewhat of a spectacle. Tonight, Vis Imperium reigns with all 3 members of the stable in action. What a treat for these wholly undeserving fans.

    Connor: Well, speaking of Vis Imperium, folks, let's send you up into the ring to where Vis Imperium are already on the canvas. Brace yourself...

    The camera shifts to reveal a static shot of Vis Imperium in their entirety. Austin Reynolds stands in the corner of the ring with his Elite Openweight Championship over his shoulder. Steven Holmes stands with his arm around his monster Abel Hunnicut: who has the Tag Team Championship slung over his shoulder too. In front of him, the mouthpiece of the stable, John Constantine stands with his Championship over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand.

    Constantine: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a night of imperious talent... No pun intended.

    Immediately, a loud and unforgiving chorus of boos crashes down on the Championship-laden stable. Undeterred by the crowd reaction, Constantine presses on with a smile etched upon his features.

    Constantine: Tonight, all of you people will bare witness to something that will represent nothing less than the future. They say, almost too frequently, that strength lies in numbers. And standing in in front of you is the strongest stable that has ever graced WZCW. But what is our strength, you might ask? Could it be the agility and talent of the Elite Openweight Champion, Austin Reynolds? Or could it be the cohesive and dynamic mix of experience and brutality in your Tag Team Champions? Or could it be the utter distinctive tact and sublime strategy of Steven Holmes?

    Constantine pauses for a moment, allowing the fans to really think about his question, even though no one in the crowd seem bothered by his words and only by his unnerving presence.

    Constantine: The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is all of those talents. In the ring stands the most individually successful stable of all time. Championship, accomplishments and rewards have been a permanent fixture in our still-short wrestling careers. Tonight, we leave absolutely no doubt in anyone's minds just how good we are. And with the Lethal Lottery on the horizon and closing in fast, may tonight also serve as a reminder to everyone in the back that Vis Imperium have set their sights on nothing less than ultimate glory and control of this great company. All 3 of the wrestlers in this ring will grind the roster down through tremendous talent and skill until no one stands in our way. And as the three of us stand tall in the middle of the ring, no one will be in any doubt that Vis Imperium have been the past, we are the present, and we are the fut-

    Constantine allows a look of venom to appear on his features as the familiar tones of Logan McAllister's entrance music begins to blare out in the arena: almost drowned out by the sudden surge of cheers and applause that greet the Son of Boston.

    McAllister: Do us all a favah, John... Shut the hell up!

    Another massive cheer goes around the arena as Logan lets a smile appear on his face.

    Holmes: Now listen here you snivelling little twerp. Do you have-

    Logan cuts him Holmes off this time.

    McAllister: I hate to cut you off in your prime there, Steve. But ain't nobody in here want to hear you go on any longer. I am doing these fans a favah right now and shutting you all up before all of these fans are sleeping before the first match...

    Holmes: How dare you! Do you kno-

    McAllister: Yada, yada, yada! Listen, Steve, I'm gonna make this one short and sweet for you to undahstand. Tonight, me and your boy, Austin Reynolds, are gonna go one on one in the middle of the ring. You may have had a hand in our last match not getting off the ground. But that ain't gonna be the case tonight. Tonight, I get my chance at Austin Reynolds and that Elite Openweight Championship. And when I am done with Austin, and I'm raising the Championship above my head to send Ascension off the air, your numbahs will count for nothing.

    With that, Logan drops the mic and turns on his heels. In the middle of the ring, Steven Holmes looks utterly seething with the interruption. But Constantine merely laughs and puts an arm over the shoulder of his Vis Imperium compatriot. After giving him a few words of encouragement, Holmes seems to calm down but never takes his eyes off of the ramp from where Logan just stood.

    Connor: Well, ladies and gentlemen, that certainly was something. The spotlight time that Vis Imperium thought they had was soon cut off by Austin Reynolds' opponent for tonight and challenger to his Elite Openweight Championship, Logan McAllister.

    Cohen: Absolutely scandalous, Cat. Vis Imperium hold 3 quarters of all of the Championship that exist within WZCW. When they want to come out here and talk for 15 minutes, then the people in the back better sit up and take notice. Steven Holmes and John Constantine do not take too kindly to being cut off by anyone and Logan McAllister will definitely pay for that one.

    Connor: As bad as it sounds, Jack, you might be right. You don't want to mix it with the collective force of Vis Imperium by any means. He's either very brave or very stupid. Tonight, in our main event, we will find out which one it is exactly.

    With that, Vis Imperium raise their Championships in the air as smiles begin to re-appear on their collective faces. Leaving the ring, Constantine leads them up the ramp to a chorus of booing from the fans.

    Connor: Well, ladies and gentlemen, as the shadow of Vis Imperium looms over Ascension here tonight, we move onto the first match of the evening.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, Flex Mussél!

    The crowd cheers at Flex makes his way onto the stage. He pumps himself up before he starts down the ramp. He slaps hands with some fans before getting into the ring. He removes his tracksuit and tosses it to the fans before he shakes hands with referee Keith Morse.

    Connor: Flex Mussel, considered by some, a dark horse to win Lethal Lottery, will be looking to build some momentum here with a win over Xaitlyn.

    Cohen: I've been hearing some rumors that his out of the ring affairs are getting in the way of his in ring work. We will have to see if that plays out here tonight.

    Suddenly the lights in the arena go out. When they come back on, Xaitlyn Serpiente is standing in the ring, her snake around her neck. Flex looks a little freaked out.

    Connor: You got this tonight girl, tonight you get in the win column.

    Cohen: Show some professionalism Cat. We aren't supposed to show favoritism at the booth.

    Xaitlyn hands the snake off to her manager and referee Keith Morse calls for the bell.


    Right away Flex tries for Flexicution, but Xaitlyn ducks and manages to get behind Flex. She connects with a dropkick that sends Flex into the ropes. From there she runs at Flex, but Flex ducks and drops her over the top rope. She lands on the apron, and kicks Flex in the back of the head. She leaps to the top rope and springboards in. She connects with a roundhouse kick, Dead End. She crawls into a cover...One!...Two!...Kick out at two by Flex.

    Connor: Xaitlyn and Flex both looking to hit big moves early to put this one away.

    Xaitlyn keeps the pressure up by kicking Flex as he tries to stand, putting him on his back. She leaps and connects with an elbow drop. She gets in position for a cover again...One!...Two!...Again a kick out at two by Flex.

    Cohen: Flex is tough, but can he withstand the pressure from Xaitlyn?

    Xaitlyn stomps away at Flex as he crawls to the ropes, causing the referee to step in. He uses the ref break to get to his feet. Xaitlyn charges and again Flex drops over over the top rope, and again she lands on her feet on the apron. She leaps to the top rope again, but this time Flex is quick to push her, and she takes a nasty spill to the outside. Flex almost looks concerned, but the veteran takes little time to exit the ring. He drags his opponent to her feet and slides her into the ring before the referee can begin his ten count. In the ring he lifts Xaitlyn and slams her to the mat with a simple scoop slam. He then takes her by the legs and begins to spin her around, the Spin and Win. The crowd counts along.


    Xaitlyn looks to be distressed as she is spun around.


    Suddenly Flex stops his spin and drops Xaitlyn.

    Cohen: What the hell is going on? What is Xaitlyn's manager doing?

    Xaitlyn's manager, Brendon Stokes is on the apron and throws the snake inside the ring. Flex does his best to avoid the snake, hopping around the ring. Soon the referee corrals the snake and gets it outside the ring. Xaitlyn, who has recovered, sneaks up from behind Flex and rolls him up...One!...Two!...Flex just manages to kick out. On their feet and Xaitlyn misses a wild headkick, allowing Flex to spin and hit a big lariat. Flexicution!

    Connor: It's over!

    One!...Two!...Three! Xaitlyn is unable to kick out of the devastating move.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Flex Mussel!

    Cohen: So maybe Flex is able to keep his focus despite what is going on in his personal life.

    Connor: It appears that Flex has something he would like to say.

    Flex shakes the hand of Xaitlyn, who rolls out of the ring holding her head. A ringside tech hands Flex a microphone and he begins to speak.

    Flex: Last week, we all saw a couple of unknown assailants take out my friend and former partner Ramparte.

    The crowd boos.

    Flex: In the last few days, a group known as The Hollow Ones has come forward to claim responsibility for the attack.

    The crowd boos again.

    Flex: I'm here to say that starting tonight, I won't rest until I find out who is responsible for this unprovoked and cowardly attack. I will find out who was behind the masks and I will make sure they pay ten fold for their crimes. Hail Cerberus!

    Flex drops the mic and rolls out of the ring to a round of applause from the New Mexico faithful.

    Connor: So stunning news, Flex Mussel has just vowed to find out the identity of those who attacked his friend Ramparte. I for one wish him luck on his journey.
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    Justin Cooper enters the locker room and finds Mark Keaton sitting on a bench putting tape on his wrists. Cooper takes a seat next to him and begins going through his bag, pulling out his wrestling gear for later tonight. His partner is already dressed for competition and sits up straight after completing wrapping his wrists.

    Keaton: What did the trainer say?

    Cooper: The knee is holding up alright for now. I’ll have to start wearing a knee brace soon just to be safe. It’s like I told the trainer; if I put a knee brace on what do you think the boys are going to do? They’ll attack my damn knee! I mean, it hurts like hell but adding a massive target to my knee is something I’m trying to avoid if I can.

    Keaton: Hey, if guys start going after the knee I’ll crack ‘em upside the head. That’s what partners are for, buddy. I got your back.

    They exchange a laugh together. Cooper pulls himself to his feet, rubbing his knee, and begins unbuttoning his shirt.

    Keaton: Are you going to be fine out there tonight?

    Cooper: I should be. I can handle Phoenix and you can beat Tyrone. No matter what the odds are against us. Doesn’t matter if my knee is hurt or if you’re the underdog. Tonight we are going to get back on track and cement our position as the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Tonight we are going to send a message to Vis Imperium that we’re not dead yet.

    Keaton stands up throwing on his black leather jacket.

    Keaton: We may have lost the titles but that was after I hadn’t competed for over a month. This time, when we face Vis Imperium, I won’t have been in a hospital bed just a few days before. If they think the rematch is going to be some walk in the park they’re wrong. I’ll prove to everyone that I’m no weak link in this team. I’m back, baby! I’m Mark Keaton and this time I’m going to be prepared, focused and hungry to get those titles back.

    Cooper smiles, patting Keaton on the back.

    Cooper: I know you’re not the weak link. I wouldn’t be here without you. Tonight you go out there and show everyone that Tyrone Blades needs to respect you. When you’ve got something to prove you prove it against the biggest dog in the yard and there is no bigger dog than Tyrone. We’ve beaten him before and he threw a temper tantrum as a result when we took the titles from him. I believe in you. I know you can do it again.

    Keaton nods and exits the locker room. Cooper sits back down and has a look of concern on his face as he stares down at his knee.
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    Anderson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Ryder walks out on stage pounding his chest. He’s about to cup his hand yell before remembering he’s missing something. He eagerly runs backstage and then quickly comes back out holding the King for a Day briefcase. Fans pop as he holds it high in the air as he begins making his way down the ramp and to the ring.

    Anderson: Introducing first from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 222 lbs, "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder!

    Connor: The King for a Day has been on quite a roll in recent weeks. Defeating multiple championship caliber competitors as well as gaining a second chance in the Lethal Lottery match means Ryder may be on his way to main eventing Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: If he even remembers he has that second chance. And let’s not forget one of the men he recently defeated is this man.

    As Ryder gets into the ring his music abruptly stops.


    Tastic appears on the stage to a massive response. He begins to play to the crowd before making his way down the ramp and high fiving fans on the way down.

    Anderson: And his partner. from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, "The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

    Cohen: Hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for Mr. Tastic. Failing to capture the World title and now having to team with an amnesia ridden imbecile who defeated him.

    Connor: Tastic is an honorable individual. I highly doubt he has any ill will toward Ryder after beating him fair and square.

    As Tastic enters the ring he and Ryder share a look. They seem to be on the same page but certainly aren’t cozying up to each other. They turn their focus toward the ramp as their opponents music begins to play.


    As Verdi begins, lights begin flickering through the infinite darkness of the blackened arena. As the music begins to settle,Constantine appears through the curtain. He stretches his arms out to his sides as the music continues; the drums crashing like thunder through the lightning. Soon after, Abel (With Steven Holmes) soon appears. Whoever is tagging in the match then stand united on the stage before making their way down the ramp.

    Anderson: And their opponents, accompanied by Steven Holmes, the WZCW World Tag Team Champions, Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt, Vis Imperium!

    Cohen: Now this is what a real team looks like.

    Connor: Quite formidable is the team of Vis Imperium but they have no easy task in front of them tonight.

    Cohen: A past his prime Tastic and amnesia stricken Ryder. Seems simple enough.

    The ref rings the bell as Tastic and Constantine start off the match. Both men are incredibly familiar with each other they edge toward a test of strength. Constantine is able to force Tastic into a corner. He goes for a wild swing that Tastic is able to duck and begins to pound away on his longtime nemesis. He then Irish whips the tag champ but Constantine reverses sending Tastic into the other corner. Instead of landing back first on the turnbuckle however Tastic is able to quickly scale to the top rope and then nails a flying crossbody on Constantine! He goes for the cover but only gets a one count. Sensing his partner is in trouble Abel enters the ring and goes for a clothesline that Tastic ducks. Ryder then enters the ring with as straight kick to Abel’s head. The big man is now dazed. Ryder and Tastic know what they have to do and both deliver a drop kick sending Abel through the second rope and to the outside of the ring. Both Tastic and Ryder begin playing to the crowd as the fans start to hype them up. Constantine gets to his feet however and shoves Tastic into Ryder sending the King for a Day to the outside and one half of the tag champs begins going to town on Tastic.

    Cohen: Now that’s the sign of a true ring general.

    Constantine stomps away on Tastic in his corner before tagging in Abel who is fuming after the last exchange. Both men stomp away on Tastic before picking him up, Irish whipping into the ropes, and hitting a double flapjack. Abel goes for the cover 1...2...Tastic kicks out. Abel picks up Tastic and hits repeated European uppercuts stunning the former World champion sending him stumbling into a corner. Abel corners and begins delivering repeated fists and forearms in the corner. He then runs to go bounce off the ropes and goes for a big boot on Tastic but he rolls under and then hits a spinning heel kick stunning Abel not knocking him down. As Tastic gets back to his feet Abel goes for a European uppercut but Tastic reverses it into a back body slide pin. Abel powers out and as both men get to their feet Tastic hits a leaping back kick that once again stuns Abel. Knowing that he needs to get the big man off his feet Tastic bounces off the ropes and charges at Abel for a crossbody but the big man catches him! Abel then uses his strength to pop Tastic high into the air looking for the Superiority Complex! Tastic is able to avoid the uppercut however and reverse it into a DDT planting Abel in the middle of the ring!

    Connor: What a counter! Both men are down!

    Each man starts to crawl to their respective corners. Constantine yells for Abel to hurry up and Ryder begins to get hyped up by the crowd. Both men are inches away from their partners. They both get the tag! Constantine and Ryder charge into the ring and Noah ducks a clothesline and nails a snap suplex on Constantine! Ryder then picks up and begins delivering punch and chop combos backing Constantine up on the ropes. He Irish whips him but Constantine reverses sending Noah into the ropes but Noah hits a springboard back elbow taking Constantine down! Ryder hooks the leg! 1...2...Abel breaks up the pin! Tastic comes back into even the odds but Abel chucks him right out of the ring. Ryder then hits a swinging neck breaker on Abel and then pops right back up into a sidewalk slam from Constantine! The champ hooks the leg! 1...2...Ryder kicks out!

    Cohen: That had to have been a slow count!

    Constantine quickly signals for Abel to get him as he chucks Ryder his way. The champs are in sync as Abel gets Ryder into tombstone position. Constantine is getting to the top rope. Vis Imperium is getting in position for Elimination but as Constantine is ready to jump Tastic scales the top rope and hits a hurricanrana sending him to the floor. Ryder wiggles his way out of the tombstone and uses all his strength to lift up Abel and hit the Blue Thunder bomb! Constantine is dazed and as he gets to his feet Ryder hits knee to the head and bounces off the ropes for a devastating clothesline! Ryder hooks the leg! 1...2...Holmes pulls out the ref!

    Connor: Damnit! Holmes getting involved again!

    Cohen: The ref was counting properly, Holmes is just showing him how!

    The ref is arguing with Holmes but Tastic hits a running baseball slide sending Holmes into the barricade. He gets up and walks right into a Superiority complex from Abel! Ryder then goes to hammer away on Abel but Constantine comes from behind and the two beat Ryder down and pummel him into the ground. The champs are in complete control. Constantine hits repeated back breakers to a seemingly lifeless Ryder. He then signals for the Axis as fans begin to boo. The ref urges Abel to go to the outside and while the ref’s back is turned Tastic gets in the ring and hits a pop up gut buster and slides back out! Abel is shocked once he’s on the apron to see his partner down. Ryder begins crawling toward Tastic but Constantine is holding his gut and unable to move. Ryder tags in Tastic and as Constantine gets to his feet Tastic hits a clothesline and then a low drop kick to Abel causing his face to land on the apron. Tastic hits a belly to belly suplex on Constantine and follows it up with a Northern lights suplex with a bridge! 1...2...Constantine kicks out! Tastic is frustrated but he knows what he must do. He begins sizing Constantine up for the headache Driver. Out of nowhere Abel comes in and nails a big boot on Tastic! Ryder attempts to help but just runs into a devastating clothesline. Abel drags Constantine to his corner and tags himself in. He then goes to get Tastic up for the piledriver but Tastic wiggles out goes for the rollup! 1..2...Abel kicks out! As both men pop up Abel hits a European uppercut stunning Tastic. Ryder goes to help again but gets hit with an uppercut. This sends Ryder backwards into a pendulum between the ropes, he comes back up and then uses al his strength to nail Abel with a clothesline knocking him down!

    Connor: Ryder showing incredible strength in this match!

    Constantine gets back in the ring and nails a Lariat on Ryder. He goes the Axis on Tastic but he reverses right into a Headache Driver! Constantine rolls out the ring to recover and Tastic charges at Abel and hits a full body splash on him in the corner. As Abel is stunned and walks toward the center of the ring Tastic hits a picture perfect Screw Attack! The fans go crazy but before he can make a cover Ryder tags himself in! He then picks up Abel hits the Pass Out on Abel! He hooks the leg! 1...2...3!

    Anderson: And here are your winners! Noah Ryder and Matt Tastic!

    Connor: Wow what a performance by both Tastic and Ryder defeating the tag champs.

    Cohen: Crooked ref strikes again.

    Tastic gets his arm raised along with Ryder but he doesn’t seem too pleased about the ending of the match. Ryder doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong as he gets his briefcase and exits the ring to celebrate with the fans. Tastic begins to celebrate slightly as well as the tag champs regroup outside the ring.
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    Constantine and Abel lurch through the curtain and into the production behind the scenes. Soon after, Steven Holmes can be seen matching towards the pair with a concerned look on his face. He maintains that look until he finally reaches Constantine and Abel; giving Abel an exasperated look in the process.

    Holmes: Abel, can you hear me? Are you okay, my boy?

    Abel shakes loose the cobwebs from his senses before giving Steven Holmes a small nod. Holmes opens his eyes wide as he peers into the glazed eyes of his protege and student. Turning on his heels towards Constantine, Holmes gives a grave look.

    Holmes: What the Hell happened out there, John? I thought we had everything under control and then this happens?

    Constantine, still exhausted from the match earlier, merely gives Steven Holmes a shake of his head and lets out a deep sigh. Holmes seems frustrated by Constantine's lack of answers but quickly turns back to Abel and talking him through his hurt. Suddenly, a voice comes booming down the corridor behind them.

    Mussel: Answers!

    All three present members of Vis Imperium turn their heads as Flex wanders into shot, a baseball bat in his hand and pointed towards the stable-mates. Flex has a crazy look in his eye and his actions seem to match that description.

    Mussel: Answers is what I need from you all. Right now.

    Constantine wanders towards Flex but is suddenly alerted as he brings the bat down on a production trolley only feet away from where Constantine is standing. The Power Trip gets the message and begins walking backwards until he is nestled into his stable once again.

    Mussel: Where were all of you when Ramparte was attacked? I want answers and I want them now.

    Holmes raises both of his arms in a surrendering movement and begins walking towards Flex with a look of fear in his eyes. Flex turns the bat towards him but Holmes keeps walking forwards.

    Holmes: Listen here, Flex. I realise that you are hurt about your friend's fate but you have to realise that none of us had anything to do with it. Not only do we have a solid alibi that we were in another country at the time, you only have to look at what we stand for. Do you really think that we would do something like that and not take the credit for it? Right now, all three of us could attack you and you would be powerless to resist. But that is not the way Vis Imperium do things, my boy. When Vis Imperium attack, we leave no doubt that it was us. Search yourself for knowledge, you know this to be true.

    Flex takes in everything Holmes is saying as he points the bat at all three of the members of Vis Imperium. Suddenly, with a snarl, Flex drops the bat and storms off.

    Connor: I guess the inquest continues for Flex Mussel.

    Cohen: That guy is an utter psychopath, Cat. He can't just go around attacking other wrestlers and threatening them. Someone needs to protect our best wrestlers from him...

    Connor: Well, suffice it to say, Vis Imperium are licking their wounds backstage. But right now, more wrestling action is coming your way.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring weighing in at 223 pounds, trying to escape from the gutter... Phoenix!!

    The flames shoot out. The arena is plunged in darkness. More flames to every bass beat as the light is on and Phoenix makes his way to the ring. The crowd are still unsure how to take him with a few boos echoing round.

    Cohen: Phoenix makes his triumphant return to WZCW and what better place than Ascension? A decorated past, he's a former tag team champion and surely wants to make a name for himself.

    Connor: After all this time? Why now?

    Cohen: Oh come on Cat. No one wants to be the Ace David of the team, Phoenix won't want to be forgotten. Especially when his former partner is non other than the current champion Garth Black.

    Connor: Another potential weave in the story! Phoenix needs to prove himself first and what better than against Justin Cooper?

    Cohen: You think Cooper's a vet of the fed? Phoenix made is debut in Meltdown 18!


    Anderson: And his opponent from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, Justin Cooper!

    Cooper makes his way onto the stage, with a huge reaction from the crowd. He takes a moment to psych himself up before he walks to the ring, his focus on Phoenix, He climbs into the ring and looks around at the fans.

    Connor: Huge reaction for Cooper and his buddy Keaton backstage shouting him on.

    Cohen: He's not going to be focused on Phoenix. Lethal Lottery is round the corner and I'm sure he'll be wanting his belts back from Vis Imperium.

    Connor: Or winning the thing.

    Cohen: Don't be silly.

    Both men look at each other, Cooper almost with a smile on his face. He's enjoying the reaction from the crowd, rightly so. Phoenix is looking on intently as the bell goes. Phoenix goes to grab Cooper in the mid section as a quick evasive technique means Phoenix misses. Cooper grabs Phoenix and throws him into the corner turnbuckle. Phoenix stumbles backwards as Cooper picks up Phoenix for a scoop slam.

    Connor: Great start by Cooper there.

    Cohen: Not quite.

    Phoenix bounces straight up from this as if nothing has happened delivering a number of swift kicks to Cooper's left knee (currently in a brace). Phoenix is full stood up now as he whips Cooper into the other turnbuckle. Phoenix looks and runs towards Cooper giving a Liger kick in the corner.

    Cohen: It's been some years since we've seen that.

    Connor: The crowd liked that move, though Phoenix has a lot to do to win them over.

    Phoenix, once again, focuses on the left leg of Justin Cooper. He grabs Justin and bounces him of the ropes. Phoenix jumps and hits Spinning heel kick to the chest of Cooper. He goes down and Phoenix makes the cover. 1...2. Kick out for Cooper.

    Phoenix looks frustrated at this as he begins to pace the ring. Cooper can see this and rolls out to buy himself some valuable time.

    Connor: Great start by Cooper there.

    Cohen: A cowards move if you ask me.

    With that the crowd begin to rally round.

    **Let's go Cooper**Clap Clap Clap ** **Let's go Cooper**Clap Clap Clap **

    Cooper stands up on his feet as the referee signals for four. Phoenix has made his way to the outside and both men begin brawling outside. FIVE. Phoenix grabs Cooper and goes to slam him into the post but it's reversed as Phoenix smacks right into it. SIX. Phoenix stumbles back and another scoop slam. SEVEN. Cooper rolls in the ring but is holding his braced up knee.

    Cohen: Seems he put too much effort on that there, it may cost him.

    EIGHT. Cooper is lay on the ring as Phoenix makes his way to his feet. NINE. Phoenix manages to make into the ring before the TEN count is made. Cooper is still lay out holding his knee. Phoenix bounces of the ring ropes and does a baseball slide. You can hear the scream from Cooper as he connects. Phoenix goes for it again but the crowd are chanting for Cooper and manages a kick square to face. Cooper gets to his feet and walks around the ring, first with a major limp then it seems to get better.

    Phoenix makes his way to his feet and charges at Cooper. Cooper evading as both men bounce off the ropes, they pass each other in the middle. On the return Cooper manages a flying shoulder Block. Phoenix crumples. The crowd chant.

    Cooper locks in the Boston Crab as the crowd goes nuts. It's obvious from his face he's in great pain due to his knee but sticks at it.

    Connor: This could be it, Phoenix looks in agony.

    Cohen: So does Cooper. Phoenix is crawling to the ropes, it's far from over yet.

    Phoenix goes to grab the ropes as Cooper manages to bring him back. The Boston Crab is giving Cooper a rush of adrenaline as the crowd go crazy for this. Phoenix goes for another rope break, or is he ready to tap? It's a...Phoenix manages to grab the ropes as the referee forces Cooper to stand back.

    Cohen: See Phoenix has a fight in him. He's defeated Garth Black enough times so Justin Cooper should be easy enough.

    Phoenix grabs Cooper and lays a few punches, Cooper returns the favour. The crowd join in the **Yay**Boo**Yay**Boo** as it continues. Phoenix grabs Cooper by the arm and goes to clothesline him in the face, Cooper ducks and it lands Phoenix perfectly into the Remix.

    Connor: That was out of nowhere!

    Cooper goes for the cover. 1...2.. Phoenix kicks out but it's too late. The three count had been called and the bell rung.

    Cohen: That was a two count!

    Connor: That was definitely a three. The bell has gone. A very hard fought match by both men.

    Anderson: Here is your winner...Justin Cooper.

    Backstage you see Keaton clapping his partner and mentor on the screen as Phoenix leaves the ring very dejected. We go to commercial.
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    We cut to a backstage area where Leon Kensworth stands prepared for his next interview.

    Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time.... Logan McAllister.

    Logan walks onscreen from the right and stands next to Leon.

    Leon: Logan, tonight you will be facing Austin Reynolds for the Elite Openweight Championship. What are your thoughts as you head into this match?

    Logan: Well, I defeated Dorian Slaughtah and James Howahd when no one expected me to do it, but I did it. It would not surprise me if Austin undahestimates me just like Slaughtah and Howahd did. I have worked so hahd to get here, it is the most important match I have evah had.

    Leon: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

    Logan takes a deep breath before answering.

    Logan: I entah the ring tonight not only as a top contendah for the Elite Openweight Championship, but also as a providah for my family. I have to win. It is my only option.

    Logan walks offscreen as we fade out.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a singles match and is set for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first from Detroit City Michigan, weighing 225 pounds, Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    The letters RMK appear on the screen as the music starts, when the heavy guitar kicks in, Mark Keaton struts out onto the stage. His golden blonde hair wet and water drips down his face as Keaton shakes his entire body around the stage. The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos for the cocky youngster. He throws up the devils horn signal and begins head banging whilst playing air guitar at the top of the stage before making his way down to the ring.

    Connor: One half of the former tag team champions competing here tonight against the man who was pinned to win those titles. Back at Gold Rush it was Justin Cooper who pinned Ty Burna to win the titles for Cooper and Keaton which ultimately led to the suspension of Tyrone Blades for over a month. Keaton has been very vocal about that victory so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when the two men collide here tonight.

    Cohen: I like Mark Keaton. He’s got an edge to him unlike Justin Cooper. If Keaton was the leader of that team, if Justin listened more, than they would still be the World Tag Team Champions. However after what I saw last week from Tyrone Blades, the impressive performance has me wondering if anyone can stop this guy.

    Connor: Mark Keaton put up a strong fight against Elite Openweight Champion, Austin Reynolds, also a member of Vis Imperium, last week. He was unsuccessful in winning the title but that experience can only help Keaton as he prepares to regain the Tag Team Championships. They do say that iron sharpens iron. Stepping into the ring with Tyrone Blades could be very useful for Mark Keaton in the long run.


    Anderson: And his opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds, Tyrone Blades!

    The cameras all begin to spin around, searching throughout the arena for the arrival of Tyrone Blades. The entrance ramp remains empty as the music plays. In and out the camera zooms all over the arena but nothing is found. Tyrone Blades is nowhere to be seen at the moment. Inside the ring, Mark Keaton climbs onto the second rope and yells for Blades to “get his punk ass in ‘ere” but even the loudmouth youngster doesn’t draw him out just yet. The cameras continue to search and the crowd becomes restless, a slight booing begins to pick up. It becomes louder the longer they are made to wait and Mark Keaton is going mental inside the ring. He waves his arms around shouting that he’s a former champion and he demands some respect.

    Connor: Mark Keaton obviously not happy with the mind games being played by Tyrone Blades. This young man is rather impatient and Tyrone knows it. He’s fought him before and this is a wise move on his part to get Keaton off his game.

    Cohen: It’s brilliant. A perfect plan by Tyrone Blades. Look at Keaton, he’s jumping out of his skin to get at Tyrone and he isn’t even in the arena just yet. He’ll explode by the time Tyrone shows up for this contest and he’ll be easy pickings.

    Connor: We are waiting for the arrival of Tyrone Blades - hey! Watch it!

    From behind the announcers desk Tyrone Blades emerges from the crowd carrying his black bat, his hoodie over his head and black bandana covering his face. He climbs onto the barricade and steps over Cohen and Connor, landing on the announce desk. The crowd is loud for the legend. Blades unwraps the bandana and throws it to the ground and removes his hoodie. Keaton demands that Blades hurry up but that only causes the legend to take even longer, slowly stepping down from the announce desk. He walks up to the steps and climbs them, leaning around the ring ropes on the apron and waves Keaton away so he can enter. Keaton steps back, Tyrone enters the ring but suddenly Keaton rushes forward so Tyrone fakes the superkick! Keaton falls onto his backside and scurries away into the ropes as Tyrone can’t help but shake his head. The official gets both men to a corner and rings the bell.

    *Ding, Ding, Ding*

    When the bell sounds Keaton rushes forward and seemingly expecting such an action, Tyrone Blades slips to the outside of the ring. Keaton presses his chest against the turnbuckle and is knocked off balance by Blades. Tyrone grabs both his legs and attempts to crotch Keaton on the ring post but Keaton pulls him forward and causes Tyrone’s head to smack off the steel post. The legend collapses to the side of the ring, Keaton wastes no time and exits the ring to go after his opponent. He nails Tyrone with a quick combination of jabs and then slams him face first into the side of the ring apron. Stumbling away now is Blades, trying to create separation but Keaton is fired up and hungry for a fight. As Tyrone passes the steel steps, Keaton runs, gets elevation off the steps and hits him with a windmill head banging uppercut. The crowd roars as Keaton stands up and throws up the devils horn. He then grabs Tyrone by the jeans and throws him back into the ring for the first cover of the match. 1... Kick Out. Not even close in the early stages of this match. Keaton brushes his golden hair out of his face, looking down at Tyrone and pulls him back to his feet. A knee to the stomach keeps him subdue and Keaton follows up by sending him into the ropes. On the rebound Keaton goes for a clothesline but Blades ducks, hitting a running high knee of his own on the return trip.

    Cohen: Did you just see that? Tyrone Blades was getting roughed up in the early stages of this match and manages to get into a dominant position. This is why he’s one of the best of all time.

    Connor: Blades proving that he’s still got what made him one of the most feared competitors in WZCW. Perhaps Keaton is a little brash by rushing in on Tyrone? The mind games at the beginning of the match may have a long term benefit to Tyrone as this match continues.

    Tyrone goes for a cover off the knee shot to the head. 1... 2... Kick Out. The veteran doesn’t waste time arguing. He rolls over onto his knees, checks the corner and peels Keaton off the canvas. The youngster is thrown across the turnbuckle, his shoulders on one half while his legs are on the other so he is elevated on the second turnbuckle. The crowd waits with anticipation as Blades wipes his brow; Blades rushes forward, jumping up and connecting with a double foot stomp across the mid-section of Mark Keaton. Crashing down to the canvas goes Keaton but it’s not over just yet as Blades proceeds to run on the back of his head, delivering vicious stomps to Keaton’s skull. Tyrone steps off him, pulls Keaton away from the ropes and hooks the leg confidently. 1... 2... Kick Out! This time Tyrone isn’t as quick to concede that it was a two count. He sits up, looks at the official and just stares him down. The match continues; Tyrone pulls Keaton up, he’s almost dead weight and pushes him against the ropes. He lifts Keaton up and drops him down across his knee for the backbreaker and keeps him held there, driving the knee into the middle of Keaton’s back. The official asks if Keaton wants to quit, he screams in pain but does not quit. Tyrone drives his elbow under Keaton’s chin to add pressure to the contortion of his body. “Tap, boy!” yells Tyrone Blades as the backbreaker causes Keaton intense pain. Running through his whole body, Keaton begins to twist and turn. The pain, the adrenaline; both at the same time.

    Connor: He’s not giving up! Keaton is fighting. He’s refusing to give up to the backbreaker by Tyrone. Look at the heart of this kid. I don’t always agree with his attitude but just look at the fight he is putting up tonight.

    Cohen: You can’t let a kid like Keaton get out of trouble. He’s wild and you never know what move he is willing to try and use for the victory.

    The crowd watches on as Tyrone begins to lose his hold over Keaton. A wild knee to the head breaks the hold and Keaton scrambles free. He clutches at his back, his face showing the pain of the submission hold. Tyrone is stunned for a moment and quickly returns to regain control but is hit by a right hand. A second connects and then a third. Tyrone fires a shot of his own but Keaton grabs hold and throws him over with an arm drag. Following up quickly is Keaton as he connects with a dropkick which knocks Tyrone down to the canvas. It’s not for long however as Blades is back to his feet almost at the same time as Keaton and gets the first shot off - a kick to the stomach which is caught by Keaton and he twist it and locks in a single legged Boston crab! Blades tries to reach the ropes but Keaton steps away from them and pulls as tight as he possibly can. His hands tightly grasped around one leg as he tries to rip the knee from the socket. Blades scrambles on the canvas, his hands digging into the mat as he pulls himself ever so closer to the safety of the ropes. His fingertips are almost there - Tyrone makes it! Keaton is forced to break the hold and falls forward to do so, taking a moment to regather his breath. The crowd cheers as both men get back to a vertical base. Tyrone tries to approach quickly but his knee is in all sorts of pain which allows Keaton to scoop him up for a scoop slam. Keaton jumps up in the air and delivers a hard elbow, hooking the leg for the cover afterwards. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Cohen: Back and forth this match goes. Keaton is really hanging in there with Tyrone Blades tonight.

    Connor: Both men putting on a great match. Each looking for that big move to put this match away.

    Keaton sits in the corner of the ring. He watches Tyrone Blades slowly get to his feet. No doubt his knee is on fire with pain. Yet still he stands. Keaton has a look of disbelief on his face. He rushes forward but gets hit with a hook kick with the bad leg! Tyrone grits his teeth, turning towards the ropes and connects with a springboard flash kick. Upon landing Tyrone collapses, and it just so happens to be into a cover on Mark Keaton. 1... 2... Kick Out! Bad leg and all but somehow Tyrone Blades with pulled out some explosive offence which could be the difference in this match. He grabs the top rope and yanks himself off the ground, rubbing his knee at the same time. Tyrone limps over to Keaton and punches him into the back. Keaton rolls towards the ropes as Tyrone wanted; he lifts him up and slings him across the second rope with the back of his head facing downwards towards the canvas. The official starts to count and at a four count Tyrone pulls back hard and nails Keaton with a rope hung reverse DDT- Desolate Roads. He grabs both legs and makes sure they aren’t touching the ropes as he goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! “No way!” says Tyrone Blades to the official. Limping over he demands that it was a three count. Keaton looks to be out cold but this match will continue. Tyrone hobbles back over to him and begins to pull Keaton up - rake of the eyes! That sneaky Keaton just stuck a thumb into the right eye of Tyrone Blades.

    Cohen: Ah! What a move by Keaton. That’s a veteran trick right there.

    Connor: You’ve got to think that working with a veteran like Cooper has taught Keaton a thing or two about bending the rules.

    Keaton lifts Tyrone up onto his shoulders and spins him around for the airplane spin and then drops him down for a Samoan Drop. He goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Immediately off the cover Blades rolls away and into the ropes. His vision has returned as Keaton grabs him by the hair, pulling him back into the ring through the middle rope. Keaton lifts him up and connects with the inverted atomic drop and twist Blades around looking for The Very Rude Awakening! Blades keeps spinning and turns it into Mo Murda! The facebreaker DDT leaves Keaton hurt on the canvas as Tyrone backs up into the corner. He focuses in on his opponent and prepares for the big shot he’s been waiting to hit all match.

    Just like last week, Blades aims and goes for the superkick but his knee! Blades can’t get it up fast enough and Keaton hits superkick of his own! Blades stumbles back into the corner, Keaton roars and rushes forward whilst leaping into the air for the knee - Blades moves out of the way and Keaton is hung up in the turnbuckle. His legs are over the second rope while his arms lay over the top rope. Blades pushes his hands off the canvas, turns and fires a superkick to the back of Keaton’s head. It cracks hard and Keaton drops out of the turnbuckle to the floor. He lands facing the corner still, barely sitting up but still slightly elevated. Blades doesn’t hesitate as he drives his knee into the back of Keaton’s skull - Click Clack! As Keaton crumbles, Blades falls into the cover while holding his wounded knee. 1... 2... 3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner... Tyrone Blades!

    Connor: What a match between these two former champions. Both men put everything on the line tonight and Tyrone Blades comes out on top with the victory.

    Cohen: That superkick and knee combination is quickly becoming one of the most terrifying sequences in professional wrestling. For the second week in a row when Tyrone Blades hits that combination it’s a victory. I don’t know if we’re ever going to see someone kick out of it.

    Connor: Tyrone Blades continues to impress since his return from suspension. The leg became an issue late in the match but Blades found a way to overcome it. Keaton got a little too arrogant by trying to steal Blades’ finisher and it cost him.

    Cohen: That’s why people like this kid. He does crazy stuff and you never know what he’s thinking about doing next. He hit Tyrone with his own superkick tonight. He was going for the knee to end it. Mark Keaton attempted to beat Tyrone Blades with his own move. How many guys on the roster would dare do that?

    Meanwhile Tyrone Blades grabs his gear and bat before exiting the arena the same way he came in. He does so a little more gingerly after the match but still manages to climb over the barricade. He turns back to look at his handy work one last time, watching as Keaton slowly comes to realise what happened.

    Cohen: That right there ladies and gentlemen may be the most dangerous man in professional wrestling. Who can stop Tyrone Blades? I couldn’t answer that.
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    The following contest is your main event of the evening and is for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship!


    Logan walks down the ramp and to the ring, motivated he goes straight to the ring where he awaits his opponent.

    Connor: Big night for Logan who could very well win his first WZCW title here. He's had various big matches on PPV, various wins and it all leads to this. Can he pull it off?

    Cohen:Yeah, but he is facing a man who since coming back has been nothing short of dominant. Logan has faced big challenges, but I don't believe any of them were on the roll Austin is in.

    Austin makes his way slowly down the ramp with the title draped carelessly over his shoulder with nothing but a light over him. The crowd boos loudly, augmented by the lack of theme music.

    As usual, no fanciness from the Champion here. He just marches down ready for business.

    Connor: It's pretty easy to say he's on a roll when he's constantly getting help on his matches.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your main event! And is for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship!

    The referee Jurou Akiyama raises the title high indicating its on the line.

    Introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing 275, he is the challenger, "The Son Of Boston", Logan McAllister!!

    Logan raises his fists in the air triumphantly as the crowd pops for him.

    His opponent, he is the reigning and defending WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, representing Vis Imperium, "The Former Ratings Winner", Austin Reynolds!

    Reynolds does not react to his name as the crowd loudly boos Austin. The match now set, both men meet in the center and Jurou Akiyama gets things started and has the bell rung.
    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Right away Austin gets out of the ring right away and simply paces outside, killing time. 1! 2! Logan looks on realizing what Austin is doing. 3! 4! Logan thinks about it for a bit but decides to go after him. 5! He charges and Reynolds takes the chance and pokes him in the eye. 6! Logan stops having been jabbed to the eye, the referee not being able to do much being in the ring but counting. Austin throws him against the barricade outside and returns to the ring. 7! 8! Logan struggles dragging himself back to the ring after being thrown. 9! He pulls himself up the ring apron and just barely makes it back in. Austin right away starts stomping away on Logan now having his open spot to attack. Logan is barely able to cover himself and is pulled up to his feet. Austin hits a Chop Block breaking down the leg of Logan and now Austin stomps on it.

    That's a very reprehensible way to start this match. Baiting Logan out of the ring where the referee couldn't see that poke.

    Cohen: You gotta do what you can to win and Austin is just going straight to the point.

    Austin uses the ropes now for leverage which leads to the referee Jurou to pull him away, pointing his finger sternly at him. Austin backs away as Logan pulls himself up. His leg being slightly limp as he stands. Austin shoves the ref and goes for Logan but gets a hard slap stopping him flat. Logan hits a series of short Clotheslines, gaining momentum. After 3 of them, Logan hits a Brainbuster, his bump elevated to avoid harming it. He makes the cover, 1....... 2......... 3-No! Austin kicks out, now in trouble. Logan keeps the pressure and tosses Austin overhead with an Exploder. Logan has barely moved from his spot, avoiding any unneeded pressure on his bad leg. He drops and hooks the leg for another cover. 1...... 2......... But Austin gets out.

    Cohen: You talk about taking cheap shots, look at what Logan is targeting. The neck!

    Connor: Is poking the eye legal, Jack? That was my point.

    Logan tries a German Suplex as Austin gets up but putting pressure on the leg becomes troublesome. Austin turns and clubbers Logan in the back before he kicks the bad leg again. Logan's wheel gives in and he drops to his knee and Austin pushes him to the ground with a headlock. He uses his free legs to pull on Logan own bad leg for added pain. He cranks the head as Logan struggles to get free. The referee checks to see if Logan wants to give up but he says no. He reaches out to see if he can reach the ropes, Austin pulls back more on the headlock to try and keep him away, but Logan manages to reach them, making Jurou Akiyama force Austin to break the hold. Logan manages to pull himself up and Austin goes for another Chop Block but Logan pulls the leg up, making Austin drag himself across the canvas. Logan mounts Austin and hits several blows. Austin gets back up and right away Logan hits a German Suplex. Logan keeps the grip on the waist and drags him up as Austin desperately tries to reach for the ropes but can't. He gets a second German Suplex. The seemingly giving him no trouble. Or at least, he's able to ignore it. He lifts Austin up again, who is now much more subdued in reaching for the ropes. Logan hits a third German Suplex.

    Connor: Logan seems to have managed to turn things around with these German Suplexes.

    Cohen: How disgusting. How this man is targeting a surgically repaired neck. Look! He's still going!!

    Logan, still holding Austin by the waist, pulls him back up. At this point, Austin is just trying to pry his way out with very little power. Logan tosses him overhead with another German Suplex. At this point, all Austin can do is clutch his neck after all the Suplexes. Logan however, is still holding on. He pulls Austin up for a fifth and manages to hit it. Austin is totally limp and Logan has trouble to get to the cover. The leg giving him trouble and the exhaustion from the 5 German Suplexes setting in, it takes him a while to cover. 1........ 2....... 3-But Austin is just barely able to get the shoulder up.

    Cohen: Look at the heart on Austin Reynolds, kicking out after all that unfair abuse. That's heart, Cat.

    Connor:Sure. I won't argue that Austin is in fact putting up a fight here.

    Logan starts to come about and slowly gets back to his feet, he takes a limp step but stands upright now, grabbing Austin and pulling him up. He attempts to go for the Boston Massacre but Austin uses the momentum and Floats Over into a standing position with a front facelock. He underhooks an arm going for End Of but Logan hits Austin in the gut and gets out. He charges Logan across and bumps into the referee who is knocked against the corner. Sensing the opportunity as the referee is stunned by the blow, Austin kicks Logan low. He follows it up with the End Of, dropping Logan on the top of his head. Austin follows it up locking on the Silence. He pulls the leg, putting the pressure on the back and the bad leg. Logan has no choice but to tap out.

    Here is your winner and STILL WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Austin Reynolds!

    Are you going to say that was fair? A low blow? That's how he managed to turn things around?

    Cohen: He is a true fighter finding a way to win after all that abuse his surgically repaired neck had to endure. A truly gripping comeback story, Cat.

    Austin takes his title as the referee presents it to him. Costantine, Abel Hunnicutt and Steven Holmes all walk down to the ring to celebrate with their retaining associate. All four stand with their arms raised as Logan staggers, clutching him pained parts. The group then turns around and begins to stomp on him. The referee tries to stop it but Abel stand in front of him prompting him to back away.

    Are you kidding me!!??

    Cohen: OK, I can't condone this. The match ended.

    They continue to attack but Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper dash down to the ring. Steven Holmes gets out right away with help of Abel as a big brawl breaks out between the two parties. Constantine and Austin get out of the ring mocking the men inside as they regroup outside. Cooper and Keaton help Logan as they stare at their adversaries.

    Connor: I fear war is on the horizon here. This is not the end of Logan and Austin and clearly the former Tag Team Champions are not letting Vis Imperium off the hook.

    Cohen: I can't help but agree with you on this one. Keaton and Cooper are a little too rowdy to stay put. And I doubt Logan is done trying to hurt Austin's neck.

    The logo appears as Vis Imperium stand on the ramp triumphantly with their titles and Logan being helped by Cooper and Keaton as we fade to black.
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    Austin Reynolds vs. Logan McAllister - Elite Openweight Title - KJ
    Keaton vs. Tyrone, Segments - Prophet
    Cooper vs. Phoenix - Lee
    Vis Imperium vs. Tastic/Ryder - Non Title - Dynamite
    Flex vs. Xaitlyn Serpiente - Yaz
    Segments - Dagger
    Opening, Segments - Dave

    Hope you enjoyed the show! Rep us if you liked it :) We'll start on the boards for the following round next.
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