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    * PYRO *
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    Copeland: Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to Meltdown 133 and we're promising a great show, as ever. A lot happened at Kingdom Come. Questions will be asked for sure. How will Banks cope with the Hollow Ones? Will Vis Imperium expand? Is Justin Cooper about to cement a legacy? What next for Eve Taylor and...

    Cohen: How will OUR champion celebrate his historic win. It seems like we're about to find out.

    The crowd boo heavily as Truman Harrys anticipates what is coming next.

    Harrys: Please welcome your EurAsian champion... Titus Avison!!

    The crowd go crazy booing and shouting abuse at the champion. The #NotMyChamp banners are on fall display around the arena including one banner that is being passed over the head of people.

    Titus Avison steps out from the curtain. He's dressed in a suit, a rarity, and has the EurAsian championship around his waist. He walks down the ramp, mix in hand, and takes in the abuse of the crowd.

    He steps in the ring, the boos get louder and a few people start throwing trash towards the ring.

    Copeland: Quite the reception here in The Royal Farms Arena for Titus.

    Cohen: Did you really expect the people of Baltimore to show him some respect?

    Copeland: Aren't you from Baltimore?

    Cohen: Shh, he's about to speak.

    Titus: For Four Hundred and Sixty Two days I have been YOUR EurAsian champion.

    The crowd begins chanting...


    Titus: You know, it is really nice of you to have those not my champ banners. It's really swell of you to chant the slogan and heck there's some of you with the t-shirts on saying the same.

    The chants get louder...


    Titus: You are, however, right. Theron Daggershield, Blackjack Theron, Shawn Daggers is NOT YOUR CHAMP.

    Titus leads the crowd in another "NOT MY CHAMP" chant.

    Titus: Johnny Scumm is not your champ. S.H.I.T. Is not your champ. Flex Mussél is not your champ. Twice. Vee ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ is not your champ. Anthony Mancini is most definitely not. Xander LeBelle is some sort of champ now, so I'll let him off. Bruce Irwin isn't. Who is?

    Titus laughs.

    Titus: It is me! There's not one man you've thrown at me who I've failed with. Every single man I've defeated. So I need you to be quiet, I have a story to tell.

    The crowd obviously boo at this but Titus Avison doesn't budge, he puts his fingers on his lips.

    Cohen: Shut up you cretins, show him some respect.

    Titus: Over five hundred days ago I returned to WZCW after filming some more movies. I'll not mention that as I'm sure you saw the video tribute they did to me at the Oscars last night. Mr. Banks approached me and asked me what I wanted, and that was the one thing that eluded me..this.

    Titus points to his belt but the crowd have quietened down slightly.

    Titus: But Titus, why not go for the world championship? They all asked and I said I will reinvent the championship. It will be seen as the biggest prize in WZCW and it is. For Ten years the legends of Titus Avison have been written. For Ten years I have entertained people and fought for what is right. The Davison era will expand that and I'm going to be honest here. I could not have done it without you!

    The crowd sounds confused as they realise what has happened. Then a small Titus chant starts up until the full arena chants...


    Titus: You bunch of idiots. You keep me going because you're so gullible. You pay for tickets to see me lose, I don't. You boo me whilst wearing a t-shirt you spent $30 on where I get the royalties. You pay me to do what I do and you hate it.

    So I end on this. It's been 462 days. No man can stop me.

    The crowd boo worse than they have done all night as the EurAsian champion walks out full of confidence.

    Copeland: Strong words to get us started on Meltdown tonight, folks. But I promise you that it wont be the last of it. We have some stunning action to bring you tonight as we begin the new WZCW calendar year.

    Cohen: But what a way to start the new WZCW calendar, Seabass! Mark my words, Titus will still be EurAsian Champion this time next year too.

    Copeland: Whilst that may or may not be true, Jack, let's take you backstage for a moment. Where, I believe, Johnny Klamour is greeting a WZCW superstar...
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    As we go backstage, a car pulls up into the parking lot of the arena. The engine shuts off and out pops Logan McAllister. Logan goes to the rear of the car and opens the trunk. He collects a couple of bags from the trunk and shuts it, before heading towards the arena. Suddenly, Johnny Klamour is upon him like a predator upon prey.

    Klamour: Hey, Champ! How's it going?

    Logan shoots an incredulous look at Johnny as he begins trailing him into the arena.

    Klamour: Nice of you to turn up this week. How you feeling?

    Logan stops suddenly and begins walking slowly towards Klamour, shutting up the loud-mouth interviewer in a matter of seconds. As he gets close to Johnny, he stares him down before allowing a smile to appear on his face.

    McAllister: You know something, Johnny? You're right. It is good of me to turn up this week. I know I let everyone down last round when I couldn't make it to Kingdom Come. But you know something? Family is all I've ever been about. You know that as well as anyone.

    Logan takes a moment as the thoughts of Hayden's car accident come flooding back to him.

    McAllister: Yeah, I did let everybody down at Kingdom Come, I'm not making any excuses about that. But more than anything, I let myself down. That won't happen again, Johnny. I need to show Hayden that I am strong for him. And tonight, that walking telethon, Vox, gets to be the human punching bag that I take my frustration out on.

    With that, Logan gives Johnny one more smile and makes his way inside the arena.

    Copeland: A very pumped up Logan McAllister getting here tonight, folks. He takes on Vox a little later. But it's time for the first match of the night.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    The arena lights all go out other than a single spotlight at the entrance ramp as the music plays. Wren elegantly walks out onto the entrance ramp. She walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with the rest of the arena's lights turning back on, soaking in the energy of the arena. She then slowly enters the ring and climbs up each turnbuckle, bowing to the audience with her arms spread across.

    Copeland: Wren had a good showing at her first Kingdom Come. Tonight she faces another newcomer, Callie Clark.

    Cohen: The end result is what matters in the end. She failed at Kingdom Come. I doubt she has what it takes to overcome Callier and her tremendous online fanbase.


    Copeland: Callie posted the other day a poll for her fans to select her outfit tonight. I believe the options were Supergirl, Sub-Zero, and Harley Quinn.

    Cohen: And she could pull off a great impression of any of those characters, Seabass.

    As the music kicks up Callie struts out onto the stage, dressed up like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat and strikes a pose. As she walks down the ramp she sees a fan who has a Wren sign. She grabs the fan's sign, rips it in half and throws the broken sign parts back at the fan while laughing at them. Callie walks to the ring, walks up the steps, and enters the ring through the middle rope while posing in the middle of the ring.

    Copeland: Looks like the fans have spoken and they chose for Callie to portray a Sub-Zero costume this evening.

    Cohen: Smart choice by Callie and her internet fans. Then she will prove she is a better wrestler and also look more impressive while wearing a similar outfit.

    The bell rings to start the match as Callie continues posing at the edge of the ring by the ropes. Wren runs up to Callie, who stops posing just in time to turn around to notice Wren. Callie steps out of the way and makes her way to the opposite side of the ring. Wren is unable to stop herself and springs off the ropes headed toward Callie to attempt another attack. Wren tries to use a dropkick but Callie evades it by ducking and rolling out of the way into the corner of the ring. Wren ends up falling out of the ring due to her leap from the attempted dropkick. Callie gets up and looks out into the ringside area. Wren is down on the ground. Wren is noticeably in pain from the fall and she is slowly starting to get back up. Her back is to the ring. Callie goes over to the opposite end of the ring and runs toward the ringside area where Wren is. Callie leaps out over the ropes in a Suicide Dive on top of Wren just as Wren gets up on her feet. Both women are down.

    Cohen: The reward will be worth the risk. Callie willing to take such risks will lead to great success for her here in WZCW.

    Copeland: It's not over yet. Wren is easily the favorite of the fans here at the arena tonight in this match and their support could turn things around for her.

    A few moments pass and both women are still down on the ground outside the ring. Wren is the first to begin moving. She slowly stands up as the fans begin cheering for her. Wren climbs back into the ring and the cheering gets louder. Callie now begins trying to get up. The cheers from the fans die down and boos are heard. She stands up straight and poses to taunt some fans in the front row who continue to boo her. Wren is in the middle of the ring prepared to resume the battle. Callie climbs back into the ring and goes over toward Wren who is quick to strike with a Low Dropkick! Wren immediately covers Callie. The official begins to count. 1.... 2.... Kickout by Callie! Clark pushes Wren off of her, into the corner of the ring. Callie hits Wren with a Double Backhand Chop. Callie then goes over to the ring corner on the opposite side while Wren sits down, still in the same corner. Callie climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Wren gets up and goes over in Callie's direction. Callie jumps off the top rope and does a midair Dropkick on Wren, knocking them both down in the center of the ring. Callie makes her way over to cover Wren and the official counts. 1.... 2.... Kickout by Wren!

    Cohen: I cannot believe that was not 3!

    Copeland: This could be the opportunity Wren needed.

    Callie is the first to get up. Wren quickly follows and they stand in the center of the ring. Callie goes to grab Wren but Wren dodges her and hits an Enzuigiri, which Callie gets up from quickly. Wren hits a Reverse Roundhouse Kick. She tries to cover Callie for a pin, but Callie shoves Wren off of her before the official can begin counting. Callie stomps on the back of Wren's neck. Six times. Callie goes over to the ropes and climbs up on the turnbuckle. Wren gets up and follows her, Wren makes it to the corner as Callie reaches the top of the turnbuckle. Callie hits a Tornado DDT from the top rope. Callie makes her way back to the ropes to climb up once more. Wren has not gotten up yet. Callie gets to the top of the turnbuckle and attempts a Dropkick from off the top rope but Wren is able to roll out of the way. Wren gets up on her feet and hits Callie with a Shining Wizard. Wren covers Callie. 1.... 2.... Kickout by Callie!

    Copeland: Another near fall. What will it take for Wren to overcome Callie?

    Cohen: The fans might like Wren, but the better wrestler is the one who is going to win.

    Both women get up and Callie shoves Wren in frustration. Wren shoves back in response and knocks Callie down. She gets down and applies her signature hold From East, With Love on Callie. The fans cheer for this and the cheers grow louder as Wren applies more intensity to the hold. The official goes over to see if Callie wants to tap, she shakes her head no and tries to break free. Her attempt to break free is unsuccessful. Wren keeps the hold applied which the crowd vocally shows their support for. Another attempt to break free by Callie and this time she is able to reverse the hold and get out. She goes over to the corner and quickly climbs up to the top rope, as Wren also stands up. Callie leaps off performing her finishing maneuver the Calliesault she then covers Wren and the official counts. 1....2....3!

    Harrys: The winner of this match.... Callie Clark!!

    Copeland: What a win. Callie Clark has shown her potential as a singles competitor here tonight despite having joined WZCW as a tag team specialist. There may be more to her than we originally thought, Jack.

    Cohen: I could have told you that. The Clark Sisters don't need tag team matches in order to become stars here.

    Callie begins making her way out of the ring back up the entrance ramp while posing and mocking the fans along the way as they boo her. When she gets to the top of the ramp her sister Gabi walks out dressed as Supergirl. The two pose together and take selfies as the crowd continues to boo.
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    In the backstage area, several people are hurrying around when the camera focuses in on Vee A.D.Z. lacing up his boots. He looks up and spots Backstage Bob carrying a large box and waves to him.

    Vee: Hey, what you got there?

    Bob: Just… some… equipment.

    Thud! Bob drops the box down onto the ground narrowly missing Vee’s foot. He is breathing heavy as carrying the box has taken a lot out of him.

    Bob: Sorry. That thing is much heavier than it looks. You wrestling tonight?

    Vee: Yeah. Got a match against Kagura and I think if I win it’ll put me in the contender’s race for either the Eurasian or Elite Openweight titles. Big name like her, it’d do wonders for me. That’s all I need, Bob. A chance. An opportunity and I’ll show the world that they can believe in me. That I am deserving to be in this company.

    Bob nods his head and Vee stands up proudly.

    Vee: Just last year I knocked out Justin Cooper. Do you remember that, Bob? I defeated the reigning World Champ and it wasn’t that hard. I had control the entire match and he could barely keep up. That was an opportunity given to me and I took it. I got the most out of it and I just need another break like that. Then I’ll show the world what I truly am. I could beat Justin Cooper again without a problem. No doubt, I have his number. Bob? Are you alright?

    The colour has drained out of the face of Backstage Bob and he is slowly backing away from Vee. His box left on the ground unclaimed.

    Vee: Wonder what was wrong with him?

    Cooper: Probably ate some bad Chinese food.

    Almost instantly, Vee spins around and discovers that Justin Cooper was standing behind him the entire time he was talking. Vee shutters and forces a smile.

    Vee: Champ! How are you? Congrats on the win at Kingdom Come. I was just saying to Bob that you put on a great performance last Sunday.

    Cooper: Well thanks for that, buddy.

    The Champ slaps Vee on the back, rather hard, and wraps his arm around his shoulders. A huge grin comes over Justin’s face.

    Cooper: You know, I’ve got a couple extra perks since winning the title. I redid my contract and I asked for some new additions. Got the video game cover, travel expenses are covered and all that good stuff. It’s funny, I put in a certain request as a little joke to see if they’d do it and you’d never believe it but they gave it to me!

    Vee: Really? What was it?

    Cooper: Oh, just a little thing really. I get to pick one match. Just one against any competitor on the entire roster for next week. Pretty cool, right? I thought so. Anyway, I was just looking for the guy when I ran into you and Bob. It was like I was being guided exactly to where I needed to be.

    Vee: Well, I’d hate to keep you.

    Cooper: No, it’s fine. I was interested in that last part of your conversation. The part about opportunity. Turns out today is your lucky day because opportunity has come knocking, pal. Next week, live on Ascension, you’re going to get a chance to prove yourself. Because you have a match with me! Out of everyone on the entire roster I picked you. Sounds great, right? You’ve spent over a year talking about how you beat me and now it’s time to see if you can do it again. You against me, one on one, the rematch and I can’t wait!

    The Champ laughs and slaps Vee on the back again before walking away. Vee just stares out into nowhere, realising that he may have bitten off a little more than he can chew. After knocking out Cooper a year ago he’ll step into the ring against him to see what happens in the rematch.

    Copeland: What have you done, Vee!?

    Cohen: Looks as though he just talked himself into a match with the Heavyweight Champion next week, Seabass. Can't blame the guy for a lack of industry. Hell, if he wins, it might put him in the Championship picture. Well, should he even make it to next week as the Champion! Ha!

    Copeland: Very true, Jack. Justin Cooper has his hands full with Garth Black on a very special edition of Aftershock in two days time. But right now, it is Vee who ought to be focussing on the match at hand. He goes up against Kagura Joheki right now!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!

    After a few moments of Vee's music playing to signal his arrival, the man himself appears on the stage. Vee looks deathly focussed on the task at hand as he bounces up and down on his heels in preparation. Vee fires off a few punches and kicks into the air before raising both of his hands into the air in celebration. The fans in the arena give him a cheer as he begins making his way down to the ramp.

    Copeland: Vee, obviously, was one of the men who came up short in the battle royal at Kingdom Come, Jack. Kagura Joheki, as you may all recall, came out of that match with a guaranteed shot at any mid-card Championship as a reward for coming second. A win here would put the cat amongst the pigeons, surely?

    Cohen: You'd think that was the case, Seabass. It just goes to show you how your luck can change in an instant in WZCW. Vee has toiled in the mid-card for a while now. But going up against the number one contender and picking up a win certainly wouldn't hurt his chances of claiming some gold in the not so distant future.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 185 and hailing from Crawley, England... VEE A! D! Z!!

    Vee continues down the ramp as he slaps a few hands on the way. Vee reaches the bottom of the ramp and looks around the arena before mounting the steps. Going through the ropes, he moves towards the corner of the ring and mounts the turn-buckles. To the delight of the fans in the arena, he goes all the way to the top before performing a beautiful backflip into the middle of the ring and landing on his feet perfectly. Suddenly, the lights go out and an altogether more sinister atmosphere descends upon the arena.

    As her music plays, the lights in the arena dim as pink lights begin to swirl, but they quickly change to gold and then to grey-white, representing the decay in the life of the cherry blossoms as snow falls. As the lights turn white she begins to slowly walk to the ring. She clutches the book to her chest with one arm, looking around the arena.

    Copeland: Kagura has been utterly renewed since Kingdom Come, Jack. Coming second in the battle royal means that she has her pick of opponents in Xander LeBelle or Titus in the coming weeks. For the former Elite Openweight Champion, this could not be a bigger thing.

    Cohen: You are right, Seabass. Kagura seems to be renewed with more passion and determination to get herself to the top of the mountain since that stipulation was announced. We still don't know who she will pick to challenge but there is no easy match out there for her. Given how she has been, however, she wont be an easy defence for any Champion either. She looks great tonight!

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 160 pounds and hailing from Ise, Mie, Japan... Kagura Joheki!!

    She ignores the fans attempts to cheer or boo her and walks around the ring to the timekeeper’s area. She hands the timekeeper the book for safekeeping before sliding into the ring and offering Vee a knowing smile that is only intended to get right under his skin. Vee snarls a little as the referee brings them both together to tell them what he expects and then signals for the bell.


    Copeland: Well, this match is underway. And with so much on the line, given the bigger picture, there is no way that either of these competitors can afford to lose.

    Cohen: Especially if Kagura is trying to build some momentum heading towards a title shot at Apocalypse, Seabass!

    Surprisingly it's Vee who goes for the first move as he ends up locking up with Kagura. She puts up a fight herself as the lock stays in place. Both wrestlers circling each other are already throwing a lot into this. The lock up breaks as Vee A.D.Z steps back and once again assesses the situation.

    On cue Joheki restarts the lock-up. This time she is in charge as Vee almost drops to his knees. He fights back to even up. Kagura breaks the hold but Vee gets it back in place. Kagura begins to drop to her knees but breaks it. Vee steps back, Kagura stands up and she looks furious.

    Copeland: There's only one person in control of this match, and it's not Vee.

    Cohen: She terrifies me. She really does.

    Vee A.D.Z pushes Kagura in the shoulders. She steps back twice and Vee laughs. Kagura doesn't, however, and her cold stare cuts throw Vee. She delivers a swift punch then a second, she goes for a third and Vee is able to step back. Kagura goes for a fourth again Vee moves away from her. He hits the ropes and brings Kagura down by grabbing her by the legs.

    Cohen: Vee now in charge, this will surely change things.

    Vee clambers over Kagura and goes to punch her but Kagura is able to roll over. She's on top now as a few punches to the face. Kagura is in control and she stands up. She grabs Vee by the head and goes for a headlock but Vee is slippery as he gets her in the headlock.

    Kagura is able to get out by picking Vee up and she drops him on her back. Vee gets straight up but Kagura knocks him down with a half clothesline and half punch. She goes for the cover, kick out and 2.

    Copeland: Close!

    Cohen: Vee with the lucky escape.

    Kagura picks up Vee and looks ready to slam him to the mat. Vee, as he has done all match, is able to escape. A punch to Kagura knocks her back. He grabs her and throws her in the corner of the turnbuckle. He runs towards her. Splash.

    He grabs her and throws her to the other corner. Again he goes for another splash but misses, he smashes straight onto the turnbuckle. He steps back, confused and Kagura grabs him from behind. A roll-up pin. 1..2..3!

    Copeland: She's done it. Made it look easy too.

    Cohen: Indeed she did but lets not undersell Vee. He also looked ruthless and one simple mistake cost him.

    Harrys: Here is your winner Kagura Joheki

    In a very rapid fashion, Kagura exits the ring by rolling under the ropes and out onto the floor. She grabs her book at ringside and begins making her way around the ring, laughing to herself as she does. Inside the ring, Vee looks pissed with himself and how the match ended. He slams his hands down on the mat in frustration as he watches Kagura make her way up the ramp with a smile on her face.

    Copeland: I don't want to make excuses for Vee here tonight, folks. But perhaps the altercation with the Heavyweight Champion put some doubts into the mind of the man from Surrey? It just goes to show you that you need to be on top of your game at all times in WZCW or you can be rolled up and finished just like that.

    Cohen: Well, if losing like that wasn't bad enough for Vee, he goes one-on-one with Justin Cooper next week and he will need to find a new level of focus for that match.

    Copeland: Absolutely, Jack! But next up, ladies and gentlemen, we have an exciting match for you. Johnny Klamour caught up with Logan McAllister earlier tonight and Logan promised that tonight would signal the start of his rise to glory. He goes one-on-one with WZCW new-boy, Vox. And that's when we return!
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    As we return from commercial, Truman Harrys is in the ring and the action is about to begin.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Dublin, Ireland weighing in at 225 LBS this is Vox!

    The Fly by U2 hits the Speakers and on the Titantron the audience sees everything from starving children in Africa to desolate landscapes in war torn countries as the music plays. After a few seconds a spotlight shines center stage to show Vox in his backstage attire and a microphone in his hand. He searches the audience for anyone with an outstretched hand. When he finds them he walks up to them and asks them their name.

    Fan: Courtney.

    Vox: Courtney, God bless you! Let us be the change.

    Saying that he leaves Courtney with her mouth hanging open and finishes his walk to the ring but instead of quietly waiting for his opponent he puts the microphone up to his mouth again.

    Vox: I would like to take this time to tell all of you about something that plagues this country. In every city there are homeless men & women everywhere. It's disgusting that people in America just turn a blind eye to this epidemic. It's a tragedy that the people who run this country pump billions of dollars into the military while there are thousands of hungry people right here in their own backyard. That seems a little bit backwards to me.

    The audience gets bored as Vox talk and talks so they start booing him and chanting for his opponent to come out and shut him up. Vox just goes on talking like nothing is happening.

    Vox: If they put even half the money into affordable housing that they put into the Military-industrial complex then no one would be homeless. All you need to do is text in your donation amount to #SaveUsVox and you will have done your part to end this horrible problem. Thank you beautiful people, God bless you all!

    Vox puts down the mic and takes his jacket off as he waits for his opponent to come out.

    Harrys: And his opponent from Boston, Massachusetts weighing in at 275 lbs The Son of Boston, Logan McAllister!

    I Am by Godsmack starts playing as the lights turn red before the flicker to blue and pulse in time with the music. As the lyrics start Logan steps onto the stage without Hayden and Brittany with him. He walks to the ring, stopping to talk to some of the younger fans. After patting them on the head he continues to the ring and throws his hands to the side showing off his number 12 Terry Rozier jersey as he shouts out to the crowd. He looks out to the corner, expecting to see his family but is a little disappointed to see the corner empty.

    Copeland: Logan is dejected by the fact that his family can't be with him today but I know for a fact that they're watching from their home in Boston.

    The bell rings and as if he heard him Logan rushes at Vox and backs him into a corner before pummeling him with right and left hands until the ref physically pulls him off Vox.

    Cohen: Come on ref disqualify McAllister, that was completely uncalled for!

    Copeland: He has until the count of five to break Jack, you know that.

    Logan backs up but as soon as the ref backs off he runs at Vox again and flattens him into the corner with Boston Strong. As he goes for a second Vox instictivly hits him in the face with a vicious forearm smash to the side of the head. As Logan staggers back Vox hits a big double leg take down before applying a grounded sleeper.

    Copeland: Vox acting on instinct here and he actually has Logan on the ropes a bit here.

    Cohen: You sound surprised Seabass. Vox used his superior intelligence to sucker him in and McAllister fell for it, it's as simple as that.

    The ref check to see if Logan is still conscious. His hand drops twice but on the third one he manages to keep it up to the roar of the fans. He slowly gets to his feet with Vox on his back and simply falls backwards, knocking the breath out of Vox's lungs in a rush as he lets go of Logan's neck. Logan staggers to his feet and falls against the ropes as he coughs and rubs his throat.

    Copeland: There's still some life left in Logan McAllister! He has to be thinking about his son watching at home while he recovers. Now all he needs to do is capitalize on a downed Vox and he may very well win this match.

    Cohen: Not gonna happen Seabass. This is just as small bump in the road for Vox, once he gets up McAllister won't know what hit him.

    Still leaning against the ropes he sees Vox clutching his ribs and decides to go over to him climbs on top of him and starts laying into him with the ground and pound strikes to Vox's head and midsection. After a bit Logan's arms get tired so he picks Vox upa nd pulls him in for a hard short arm clothesline, sending him right back down. He picks him up again fast and irish whips him into the corner and goes for another Boston Strong but when he goes to flatten Vox a second time Vox goes limp and runs chest first the turnbuckle before falling back onto the mat in pain. Vox uses this time to survey the situation and he picks Logan up and gets him in position and hits a huge brainbuster before going for the pin.

    1...2..2 ½...Kickout by Logan!

    Copeland: Logan able to kickout at the last second. This match will continue to the displeasure of Vox.

    Cohen: I'd be upset too if a blind official cost me a match. Vox clearly had him down for the three and should have won this match!

    Vox grabs Logan by the hair, picks him up and puts him in position for another brainbuster but Logan is able to slide out and hits Vox with a German Suplex, folding him up like an accordian. He gets up, screaming with his thrown out to the side. He picks Vox up in the same way he got picked up and nails the B.S.P. as the fans chant out loud.

    Fans: Ain't no party like a suplex party 'cause a Suplex party don't stop!

    Copeland: The fans getting behind Logan here but will it be enough to get this very important win against this newcomer?

    After letting go of the third german suplex he crawls into the cover and drapes an arm over his chest as the ref falls to the mat and counts the pinfall

    1...2..kickout by Vox!

    Cohen: I knew that wouldn't be able to put Vox away. His future in WZCW is to bright to be snuffed out by someone like Logan McAllister.

    Logan punches the mat in frustration and slowly pulls himself to his knees while Vox does the same. The both lean against each other for a second before laying into each other with more lefts and rights. They give up when they finally see that the other won't go down and slowly get to their feet. Logan goes for a wild knockout punch but Vox sees it coming and barely ducks in time to send Logan spinning around. With Logan's back to him Vox quickly slaps on the Difference Maker and drags Logan down to the mat.

    Cohen: I knew Vox could do it. Logan should save himself and tap out now.

    Copeland: There is no quit in Logan McAllister If anyone can find a way out of this devastating Crossface Chicken Wing it's Logan.

    Logan reaches and claws for the ropes but Vox continues to wrench on it. Logan stares at the corner Brittany and Hayden are usually in. As he reaches his hand out to that corner it falls to the mat. The ref checks his hand and as it falls for the third time he calls for the bell and makes Vox release the hold.

    Harrys: Your winner by Knockout, VOX!

    Copeland: WOW! What a huge win for the Irishman, Vox! And on his WZCW TV debut no less! I don't think anyone expected that after such strong words from Logan earlier tonight. But Vox has really put himself in the picture now!

    Cohen: Absolutely, Seabass. A huge win for Vox here tonight. He goes from strength to strength as Logan looks to reclaim some of the momentum that put him in the Elite Openweight Championship picture. He needs to reclaim it soon.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, our next contest-
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    As Seabass is cut off, we cut backstage to where Tyrone Blades is making his way through the halls of the arena. Blades looks utterly pissed off about something as he searches for something that is still unknown. The camera follows him as he pops his head in and out of different rooms but carries on down the hall – not finding what he is seeking out.

    Blades: Where is that rat bastard?

    Finally, Blades comes to a door with a star on it. He looks at the star and reads the name of Vance Bateman. He screws up his face before bursting into the office to confront the General Manager of Meltdown. As the door opens, Bateman jumps to attention and takes his feet off of his desk.

    Blades: Where is he, Bateman?

    Bateman: Uh... Who?

    Blades shakes his head in anger and menacingly makes his way across the floor towards Bateman.

    Blades: You don't want to piss me off tonight, Bateman! Just tell me where that asshole Banks is and I'll be on my way. Don't tell me and I'll break your damn neck.

    A visibly shaken Vance Bateman holds his hands up innocently as Blades puts both of his balled up fists on his desk.

    Bateman: Listen, Tyrone, I don't know where he is tonight and that's the truth. I promise you! All I know is that he is not scheduled to show up tonight. And listen, I have every sympathy for you and Phoenix tonight. After everything that went down at Kingdom Come, it is totally out of line. Phoenix should be recovering and coming back stronger. Hell, I don't even know if he'll even make it tonight.

    Blades studies Bateman as he talks.

    Bateman: But Banks isn't here tonight, Blades. As far as I know, that's the truth!

    Bateman tries to convince Blades with every fibre of his being, realising the consequences of the alternative. Suddenly, Blades lets out a snarl and turns on his heels, exiting the room and slamming the door behind him.
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    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, the next match is going to be something very personal.

    Cohen: Yeah, if the competitors even turn up!

    Copeland: Very true, Jack. The Hollow Ones have made themselves somewhat of a target for the highest authority of WZCW in recent times, with many saying that Tyrone Blades even bound and gagged Mr Banks in the run up to Kingdom Come! All we know is that Blades now has to take on Phoenix in a few moments. If either of the men don't turn up or participate, they will be fired from WZCW!

    Cohen: And about time, too! They've caused enough disruption around here.

    Copeland: Well, before the match gets going, let's take you back to Kingdom Come and an attack that no one seen coming...

    Copeland: Absolutely sickening! I don't know how Phoenix can be in any state to wrestler after that.

    Cohen: I think that's the point, Seabass...

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall. If either member of The Hollow Ones does not show up or does not take part in the match, they will be fired from WZCW on the orders of Mr. Banks!

    The camera searches for Blades amongst the fans in the arena. Finally, it picks out him out deep in the crowd. Blades pulls down his bandana to reveal his face as he spins his trademark baseball bat in his hands. The crowd almost seem pleased to see The Hollow One after everything that has come to light over the last few days. Ty soaks in the reception of the fans before making his way through the swarms of people and towards the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds... Tyrone Blades!!

    Copeland: Just what is going through the mind of Tyrone Blades right now, Jack. His partner and Mr. Jones were laid out at the hands of Vis Imperium at Kingdom Come. And now, Blades has to inflict yet more damage to a tag team partner that will, undoubtedly, be in no shape to wrestle in the first place.

    Cohen: Mr. Banks is teaching The Hollow Ones a lesson, Seabass. Everyone needs to realise that the guy who pays the cheques is the guy who decides what is going to happen. The Hollow Ones tries to lean on Banks and not they are paying the price for it. They made their beds...

    Blades finally reaches the security barrier and leaps over it. He turns to face the crowd for a moment, spinning around on his feet and taking everything in. He then rolls under the bottom rope and gets into the ring. He puts his baseball bat onto his shoulder and shakes his head in disbelief. He stares up the ramp as his music stops playing.

    Phoenix's music begins playing but there is no sign of The Hollow One. Blades steadies himself in the ring for his tag team partner but as time passes, it becomes pretty clear that Phoenix is not going to be able to compete tonight.

    Copeland: Well, no shocks there, folks. Last we heard, Phoenix was holed up in a hospital somewhere trying to recover from a serious concussion and 8 staples in his skull. This was a trap all along and-


    Suddenly, Phoenix makes his way through the curtain and out onto the stage. He has a bandage around his skull and looks a little worse for wear as he falls to one knee. Some referees make their way out behind him and help him back to his feet. The officials try to tell him to go back out of the arena but Phoenix tells them that he wants to go down the ramp and into the ring. They have no choice but to help him.

    Copeland: I don't believe what I am seeing, folks. I didn't think that Phoenix would have anything left in the tank to be able to come out here tonight. But here he is. What heart, grit and determination from the veteran.

    Cohen: Yeah, but what lies ahead for Phoenix? He still has to go through a match with Tyrone Blades!

    The referees continue to help Phoenix down to the ring and, upon reaching it, help Phoenix roll under the bottom rope and into the ring. There, Blades gets to his knees and puts his arms around his partner. He helps him to his feet and puts his arm around his waist, helping him to stay upright. The referee signals for the bell and this match is underway.


    Phoenix turns to Blades and whispers something in the ear of his tag team partner. Blades shakes his head in refusal but Phoenix seems adamant that he is right. Phoenix takes Blades' arm from around his shoulders and slowly gets to his knees and then onto his back. He lies in the middle of the ring as the crowd look on in a mixture of confusion and anger. Phoenix signals for Blades to cover him and put this match in the history books. But Blades is adamant that he is not going to do it. Blades gets to his knees and pulls Phoenix back up into a seated position. Blades orders someone at ringside to give him a microphone, which comes a few seconds later.

    Blades: I won't do it, Banks. We won't do it! The Hollow Ones are more than your dancing little puppets on a string. We are warriors and if we are gonna go down, then we're gonna go down swingin'.

    Copeland: You're kidding me!?

    Suddenly, the owner of WZCW, Mr. Banks, makes his way out onto the stage. Banks almost seems a little concerned about what is going on in the middle of the ring. The crowd seem relieved to see him, given the state that Phoenix finds himself in.

    Banks: You know, I sat in the back watching all of this go down and perhaps I was a little out of line. What happened to Phoenix at Kingdom Come was nothing to do with me, I can assure you that, Blades. It's obvious that he is in no state to wrestle tonight.

    The crowd cheer in relief that Mr Banks seems to be coming to his senses.

    Banks: Not a lot of people know this but Tyrone Blades burst into my office a few days before Kingdom Come and bound me to a chair. He tortured me and verbally abused me to get what he wanted. But should I really sink to his level after everything I went through? Maybe not.

    Copeland: Thank God.

    Banks: I am the owner of a Fortune 500 company after all. I can't be sinking to these depths and making everything so personal. But then again, I am the OWNER of this company and I can do what I damn well please!

    Mr. Banks offers the fans and Blades a huge smile as his intentions soon become clear.

    Banks: Blades! After everything you put me through, you honestly think that I would come out here and spare you the misery of this match!? Think again! I didn't have anything to do with Phoenix's attack at Kingdom Come but I made the most of the opportunity. You may well try and dodge this match but if I don't see some action very soon, the action that all of these people deserve...

    Mr Banks raises his right hand and pans it across the booing crowd.

    Banks: Then both of you are fired! A little bit of action and a little bit of recompense and you will both be employed tomorrow! It's as simple as that...

    Blades looks utterly distraught in the middle of the ring as he helps his tag team partner to his feet. Phoenix is out on his feet but Blades seems stuck in two minds. Suddenly, Blades hits Phoenix with CLICK CLACK! Blades quickly gets on top of his tag team partner and apologises to him. Blades seems utterly defeated but the referee counts the fall regardless. Through a wave of booing, the count comes. 1... 2... 3! The match is over!

    Harrys: Here is your winner... Tyrone Blades!!

    Copeland: Wow! What a position Blades found himself in there, folks. He didn't want to do it but, deep down, he knows that he had to pay some price for his actions towards Mr. Banks. With that win, at least, both men get to remain with the company. It was for the best.

    Cohen: And Mr Banks got some revenge for what Blades and The Hollow Ones did to him. It might have been painful but it was a necessary evil for Blades.

    On the stage, Mr. Banks claps his hands slowly as his massive smile re-appears. He points towards Blades in the middle of the ring in appreciation. But the fans are not letting him live it down as they continue to boo.

    Banks: You see, Blades? I am the boss around here. You may have thought that you were in control of your little games but, at the end of the day, this is my company and I have the final say on everything. Let this be a lesson to you!

    Banks turns on his heels and begins walking towards the curtain. Suddenly, however, he turns back towards the ring.

    Banks: Oh! One more thing, Blades! In all of this confusion, I almost forgot to mention that I had added a stipulation to this match before it started. I guess you could call it a perk of owning the company. This match is a loser leaves town match. I guess, to that end, Phoenix is fired anyway!

    Mr Banks lets out the most maniacal laugh ever heard on WZCW TV as he turns towards the curtain again. The fans are on their feet and booing loudly as Blades gets to his feet. Blades looks utterly pissed off and exits the ring, running up the ramp towards Banks. But suddenly, Constantine and Keaton comes through the curtain and smash Blades with a double clothesline. Banks smirks and laughs as Vis Imperium continue the assault on Tyrone Blades. Stomps and punches, knees and forearms rain down on The Hollow One. Amid a flurry of booing, some cheers begin to emerge as Mr Jones jumps the barricade at the ring with a lead pipe in hand and runs towards Blades on the ramp. Vis Imperium spots him and immediately take to their heels. They help Banks out of the arena and disappear as Jones checks on Blades on the ramp.

    Copeland: Wow! What have we just seen, Jack? Blades annihilated Phoenix with the Click Clack to save both of their jobs. But Banks moves the goalposts and fires Phoenix anyway. Then, after all of that, Blades is assaulted by the Tag Team Champions! What is going on?!

    Cohen: Well, this ought to teach everyone in the back something, Seabass. You don't cross the boss!
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    We are backstage where Eve Taylor is walking down the hall moments before her main event match against Titus Avison. She turns a corner, adjusting her tape at the same time, when Stacy Madison approaches holding a microphone.

    Madison: Eve, quick word? You performed extremely well at Kingdom Come and truly gave us one of the most memorable moments when you forced Celeste Crimson to submit. What has been going through your mind since then about your future?

    Taylor: For a time I thought my future could very well be outside of WZCW. That may still be the case but in the very distant future. My goal right now is to continue my journey towards the thing I want more than anything and that’s the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. It’s what keeps me up at night and beating Celeste, a great warrior and icon, only confirmed that my place is right here in WZCW.

    Stacey smiles and the two keep walking down the hallway.

    Madison: Just one more question before you go, what would a victory over Titus Avison mean to you?

    Taylor: We’ve been the two-people debated for who has been the best wrestler in WZCW for the past year. It was neck and neck between the two of us for a long time but he kept his title while I lost mine. I’ve had to hear him gloat about that for months. It’s time to see who truly was the very best.

    Eve pauses and a slight smile comes over her face.

    Taylor: After I beat Titus tonight, I know one thing for sure and it involves my future. The near future will see me sitting backstage on Aftershock watching the World Championship match. I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat like all the fans across the world. The only difference is that when the match is over and a champion is decided, sooner or later I’ll be making the long walk down the aisle and taking the gold belt for my own.

    With that said, Eve disappears through a curtain and the sound of her music playing in the arena slowly rises.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening and it is set for one fall!


    Harrys: Making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down. She slowly lifts her head, and slowly looks around the entire arena, before bursting out from the spotlight and amping up the crowd. Her left-hand glides behind and rubs her lower back, still aching from the battle with Celeste Crimson, and Eve then begins to walk down to the ring.

    Copeland: Perhaps the greatest performance of her career occurred at Kingdom Come. Eve Taylor and Celeste Crimson absolutely performed to the best of their abilities on Sunday and it was one of the matches everyone was talking about afterwards.

    Cohen: Eve really had to fight through a lot of pain. She doubted herself going into the match and now we have seen her climb to the top of that mountain. We’ve seen her overcome whatever doubt she had about herself. She not only beat Celeste but she made the legend tap out in the middle of the ring. It was incredible and something I never thought we’d ever see.

    Copeland: A truly amazing moment with Celeste almost breaking the submission but Eve would not give it up. Now her focus turns to the match tonight and her chance to take on who many believe to be the greatest champion in the business.

    Eve enters the ring and begins to climb up onto the top rope for her usual threatrics but suddenly the lights go out and see is unable to be seen by the camera. The shot changes to the ramp where a spotlight has fallen and standing in the middle is her opponent; Titus Avison!


    Harrys: And her opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is YOUR Eurasian Champion… Titus Avison!

    With an air of arrogance to him and with the crowd booing loudly, Titus smirks under the spotlight. The entire arena is pitch black except for the light on him. It’s his night and his time for celebration and he has cut Eve Taylor’s entrance short and put all the attention on himself. Titus unclips the Eurasian Championship from his waist and holds it proudly into the air, more boos from the crowd, before making his way down the ring.

    Cohen: A true champion! This man has defied all the odds and overcome more than any other champion in the history of WZCW. He has beaten ‘em all, Seabass! You cannot name a superstar who has entered the ring with Titus Avison and walked away the victor. He has defended that title repeatedly against the very best in the world but none of them can touch Titus.

    Copeland: It was an impressive showing from Titus Avison at Kingdom Come where he successfully defended the Eurasian Championship yet again. He is the longest reigning champion across all titles in WZCW history and I’ve been hearing rumours he is setting his sights on breaking the title defence record. He loves making history and tonight is another chance for that as two big superstars collide.

    Cohen: I keep telling you, Seabass. Titus Avison has taken the Eurasian Championship to the next level. It’s the most important title in the company. One guy has held it over the past year while every other title was passed around like a bowl of chips! Titus has added a whole new respect to the title and I’m proud to call him my champion.

    Copeland: The hashtag not my champion was trending over the weekend during Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: Fake news, Seabass. Nothing but fake news.

    Titus climbs into the ring and ascends the turnbuckle with his classic smirk still shining brightly. His title sparkles under the lights and Eve Taylor has her eyes locked on him. After a moment of parading around the ring Titus hands his title belt over to a ring crew member and turns to face his opponent. The referee steps out of the way and calls for the bell.


    It starts off with Titus Avison and Eve testing strength and the champion getting the advantage. He switches to a headlock and laughs at how easily he is control Eve. As if on cue, Eve explodes out and delivers a combination of knife edge chops to the chest of Titus, sending the champion stumbling into the corner. She charges forward and hits a jumping knee strike to the head, a strong shot which blurs Titus’ vision for a moment. Eve slips onto the apron of the ring and cracks Titus with a forearm to the back of the head. This knocks him down and the crowd are quick to their feet as Eve goes up to the top rope and points down at the prone Eurasian Championship. With the support of the crowd Eve dives off the top rope looking for the Stiletto Stomp but Titus rolls out of the way! The Eurasian Champion rolled towards the corner, causing Eve to miss but she tucks and rolls stopping any major damage to herself. Quickly, Eve advances looking to make up for the miss but Titus pokes her in the eye. The official is not happy but Titus moves in and connects with the reserve DDT. He hooks the leg. 1… Kick Out! Titus shakes his head a little, his jaw sore from the knee strike, and begins pulling Eve by the hair. He applies a sleeper hold for a moment but when she struggles he shifts into a swinging breaker. Again, Titus Avison goes for a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Cohen: Eve went for her big moves too earlier, Seabass. Now Titus has control and he’s going to teach her a lesson.

    Copeland: Two strong competitors and two people you can never count out of a match. I’d keep an eye on Eve and Titus would be wise to put this match away early if he has that chance.

    First back to their feet is Titus and he drives his knee into the ribs of Eve. From their he pulls her by the arm over to the ropes, lifting her up and hanging Eve over the middle rope. The crowd watches on as Titus moves to the turnbuckle, climbs onto the top rope and dives, delivering a knee drop onto the back of Eve’s suspend neck. He hooks the leg for a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! Frustration comes over Titus now as he approaches the official. He begins to argue that it should have been a three and takes so long that Eve rolls him up! 1… 2… Kick Out. Springing to his feet off the surprise roll up, Titus turns and is hit with a vicious headbutt from Eve. It nearly knocks out a tooth of the Oscar Winner and that’s not all as Eve sends him into the ropes and on the rebound, hits a big boot! He tries to sit up but Eve is already sprinting against the ropes and nails a sliding forearm smash to put Titus down. He goes for the cover now. 1… 2… Kick Out! The crowd groan as Eve throws up her hands in disbelief that Titus kicked out. With momentum now on her side, Eve steps around Titus and begins stomping all over his body. She flicks her fair, points to the crowd and taunts Titus all the while stomping his exposed body delivering Facial Treatment. Once Titus has wormed his way over to the ropes he begins to pull him up. Eve allows this and waits for her chance, she moves in but an elbow stuns her and Titus goes for the European Uppercut only for Eve to counter with an Arm-Trap Neckbreaker. Another cover from Eve. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Copeland: This match has turned in favour of Eve who is looking to put Titus away with just one more big move.

    Cohen: Titus is just waiting to explode. He’ll stay in this match until the moment, the perfect chance, presents itself and then he’ll be crowned the winner.

    Eve is the first to her feet and she kicks Titus in the stomach before striking with a chop. With her opponent stunned, Eve runs and pulls off an incredible looking hurricanrana. The crowd cheers again and Eve signals for the end as she slaps her leg. As Titus stumbles to his feet Eve goes for the High Heel Kick – Titus ducks and grabs the ankle for the ANKLE LOCK! Screams of pain shoot through the arena as Eve struggles to get to the ropes. Her injured ankles from model a huge target and Titus is taking advantage of her weakness. He has a sick smile on his face as he twists the ankle and is laughing at Eve’s attempts to get out of the hold. Suddenly, Eve rolls forward and Titus goes crashing into the corner. Eve rubs her ankle, fights to her feet with a slight limp, and goes for the double axe handle smash in the corner. Titus spins out of the way and slams her head first into the, nobody seems to know how, exposed turnbuckle! Even the referee doesn’t see it and Titus flips the cover back over the metal before any investigation can take place. He dives into the cover on Eve. 1… 2… Kick Out! Somehow, she kicked out again and Titus is furious. His cheating didn’t work. He begins punching Eve in the face and shouting at her to stay down. His mind working overtime now for a way to put this match away and he turns to the top rope. Titus gets up and climbs the corner, the crowd wondering what is coming next and he stays perched until Eve begins to stand.

    Copeland: High risk territory for Titus as he feels this is what it is going to take to beat Eve Taylor. Back and forth this match goes with neither competitor giving an inch.

    Cohen: He can do it all, Seabass. Not just a brawler, submission expert, high flying superstar or a martial arts guy. Titus Avison is the perfect professional wrestler.

    Flying clothesline off the top rope connects by Titus and he scrambles into the pin. 1... 2… Kick Out! Eve gets the shoulder off the mat but Titus cannot believe it and begins arguing with the official. Replays are shown and the move hits perfectly and yet somehow Eve Taylor got her shoulder off the mat just in time to keep this match going. She is motionless on the canvas as Titus is still demanding it was a three count. When the referee refuses to concede that point Titus gives him a little shove, not enough for a disqualification, but it gets a warning from the official not to do that again. Titus simply laughs and yells “I don’t need this. See ya later, losers!” and begins exiting the ring. He approaches the ring crew worker who is holding his title, rips it from his hands before shoving the young man off his chair. The crowd boo loudly as Titus shrugs it off and walks past the ring and up the ramp. The official has started the count, it means nothing to Titus however as he clips the Eurasian Championship around his waist. He is nearly at the top of the ramp when music blasts over the arena and a loud cheer echoes throughout, stopping him dead in his tracks.


    Cohen: Kagura! What in the world is she doing out her? She has no business to be at ringside during this contest. Get that woman out of her, right now.

    Copeland: Look at the look in the eyes of Titus Avison. He has been cut off by Kagura and now he has nowhere to run. She is forcing him back into the ring!

    Indeed, Kagura begins walking down the ramp and Titus slowly back peddles. He takes a backwards step each time and cannot believe how unlucky he is. The title belt still clipped around his waist and Kagura approaching quickly. A fire in her eyes, a look of determination and soon enough Titus reaches something which stops his movement.

    Eve Taylor is standing on the outside of the ring and nails him with a punch to the jaw. The crowd erupt with cheers as she throws him back into the ring where he stumbles around. Titus is spinning and quickly tries to run directly at Eve but she ducks, punches him again before hitting a thunderous Fashion Statement. She hooks the leg and the referee slides into position, Kagura watches on from the outside, as the count begins. 1… 2… 3! Eve Taylor has pinned Titus Avison live on Meltdown.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Eve Taylor!

    Cohen: She cheated, damn it! Kagura had no reason to be out here tonight. She got involved in a match that Titus clearly had won. Replay this, I want to see an investigation into the actions of Kagura tonight.

    Copeland: You may want to think again partner because Titus Avison has fallen. He has been defeated by Eve Taylor and it seems his future contains another female competitor; Kagura Joheki.

    Cohen: This was supposed to be his night of celebration. Now it has turned into a nightmare!

    Eve Taylor has her hand raised by the referee and she waves to the fans. A huge smile over her face for what has been an amazing couple of weeks. Two major victories back to back and a win that puts her firmly in the mix of the elite in WZCW. As Eve is celebrating she notices Kagura on the outside and gives her a nod of thanks before exiting the ring. All the eyes in the arena are upon Kagura who slowly climbs the ring steps and enters the ring. The arena is chanting her name as she approaches the body of Titus Avison, he lay knocked out cold, and the Eurasian Championship still clipped around his stomach.

    A moment passes by and then Kagura leans down and rolls Titus over onto his stomach. She runs her hand along the metal buttons of the title belt and clips them one by one until she lifts the belt up into her own hands. Her focus on the title now, it’s almost as if it is the only thing in the world that matters at that moment and even the fallen champion is a distant thought. Kagura looks up, directly into the camera, and holds the Eurasian Championship high in the air to a wave of love from the audience.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen at Kingdom Come, Kagura won a championship opportunity against either the Eurasian or Elite Openweight Champion. It seems that tonight we have got her decision. Kagura has made it clear that her sights are set on Titus Avison. She will challenge him for the title belt and this could very well spell the end for the longest reigning champion in the company.

    Cohen: She attempted to weaken him tonight but be sure about one thing, Titus will be back and he will overcome this cheater. Titus will not fall to Kagura and she will be the next on his long list of defeated competitors.

    Copeland: As we say goodbye tonight I’d like to just say one final thing. Titus Avison is the greatest champion of all time, he has been incredible over the past year, breaking records and setting the benchmark. However, he has beaten many men on his journey as Eurasian Champion but Titus has never beaten a woman with the title on the line. We’ve been asking which man would defeat him and for over a year they have all failed, maybe it was because a man was never supposed to beat him? Goodnight everybody.

    No man has been able to defeat Titus Avison but now his next challenger will be a woman. Will this mean the end of his historic reign? As Kagura stands in the ring holding up the belt, the logo of WZCW flashes on screen and that question burns in the mind of everyone as Meltdown comes to an end.
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    Lee – Opening, Vee versus Kagura
    Dagger – Clark versus Wren
    Dave – Logan segment, Blades versus Phoenix, Blades segment
    Prophet – Vee/Cooper segment, Titus versus Taylor, Taylor segment
    Milenko – Vox versus McAllister
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