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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    Throughout the arena fans are cheering as beach balls begin to fall from the roof. People knock them all over the place as they fall, kids are shown trying to get one for themselves and it’s a party atmosphere in the arena. Our broadcast team is shown; Jack Cohen is hit in the head by an incoming beach ball which causes Cat Connor to smile.

    Connor: We are on the road to Gold Rush with five matches in the annual Gold Rush tournament already taking place on Meltdown. We have three more tonight and the field of sixteen will officially be cut down to eight. I’m Cat Connor and tonight we have an action packed card for you fine folks around the world. In the main event we will see every WZCW Champion compete when World Champion Justin Cooper teams with Eurasian Champion Titus Avison against Mayhem Champion Tyrone Blades and Elite Openweight Champion Batti. It’s going to be a blockbuster main event for sure!

    Cohen: You mentioned Batti, CC. It’s her fault we have all this nonsense out here right now. Look at the ring, it’s got glitter all over it. What kind of world are we living in? She shouldn’t even have the title! LeBelle was robbed and I expect Mr. Banks will put it right sooner or later.

    Connor: Don’t forget that later tonight we will see Flex Mussel, the man who will challenge Justin Cooper for the World Championship at Gold Rush, compete against the two newest superstars on the WZCW roster. After the attack from Vis Imperium on Meltdown it’ll be interesting to see how he competes tonight.


    Huge reaction from the crowd as Batti skips onto the stage with the Elite Openweight Championship in her hands. She kicks some of the beach balls down the ramp and then lifts the title up above her head. The people love her, Batti rushes down to the ring and high fives some of the fans before sliding underneath the bottom rope.

    Cohen: That’s our champion, CC! Look at her. She is not mentally stable.

    Connor: I don’t know if she is ‘normal’ but Batti won that title fair and square and what an ovation for the new Elite Openweight Champion. She worked hard, she never gave up and she got the chance by pinning Xander LeBelle last week on Ascension. She has beaten him twice in a row. Batti has earned that title and this celebration.

    Standing inside the ring, Batti soaks in the applause from the crowd with a huge smile on her face. Her Elite Openweight Championship slowly slipping from her shoulder as she walks around the ring, running up the turnbuckles to interact with the fans. She grabs a microphone and bounces up and down.

    Batti: I WON!

    Another big cheer from the crowd and it lights up Batti’s face even more.

    Batti: I won the title and you all cheered which was the best. When I pinned Xander last week, right here on Ascension, I wasn’t sure I could do it again. I thought maybe I got lucky but you guys believed in me. You really did!

    Batti ducks to the outside and runs over to hug one of the fans.

    Batti: I wish I could celebrate forever with all of you so that’s why I decide to throw this party. Look at all the beach balls! Oh, they even remembered the glitter. Because you’ve got to celebrate. You can’t be serious all the time, it’s what I keep telling my new buddy Tyrone. He is such a grumpy man but I know, deep down inside, he wants to come out here and have some cake with me!

    Shock, horror, disaster! They forgot the damn cake (or did they?) and Batti quickly spins around when the realization occurs.

    Batti: Oh no! They cake has been stolen.

    In fact, right outside the ring is a stand which says “Batti’s Super Awesome Strawberry Marshmallow Chocolate Double Stack Cake” and it is empty except for a few crumbs.

    Batti: Did any of you see who stole the cake? Who would do such a thing?


    Marching with a sense of purpose, Titus Avison steps out onto the stage with his Eurasian Championship firmly around his waist. However, that’s not the eye catching sight. It’s what is in the hands of Titus Avison - A PIECE OF CAKE!

    Avison: Mmmm, I don’t know about any of these beach balls or this glitter but at least this waste of time gave me a chance to enjoy this cake.

    Titus takes another small bite out of his oversized slice of cake as he enters the ring. Crumbs drop from his mouth as he pushes past Batti and takes control over the middle of the ring, stamping on a beach ball and causing it to pop as he does so.

    Avison: Now, this has been fun for you I’m sure. Perhaps even some of these idiots in Chicago got an oddly arousing thrill out of it but playtime is over, child. Exit the ring because the real champion has arrived and we don’t open shows with the likes of you when I’m around. I need to tell the world how I continue to defeat with ease whoever challenges me. The world needs to hear about how I once again defeated another challenger and how the mighty Kagura, the woman who was supposed to dethrone me, was thrown in the trash just like the rest of them. We don't need to waste time listening to you, Batti.

    Batti looks flustered as she eyes Titus taking another bite of the cake.

    Batti: But this is Ascension. I’m the Elite Openweight Champion and it’s my show now. My banner is in the ceiling, look!

    The camera looks up and we do in fact see Batti’s bright pink banner hanging from the rafters of the United Center.

    Avison: Indeed but if you look closer you’ll also see MY banner. As I said, this is my show now and it’s time for you to get lost. I don’t play second fiddle to anybody. I have held the Eurasian Championship for over 500 days, I have defended it more than any other champion in the history of this company, I have defeated everyone they have put in my path and I will not share the ring with a foolish child!

    The crowd are pleading with Batti to not back down. She doesn’t look up as Titus gets right in her face, lowering himself so he can stare up into her eyes.


    Batti: NO!

    Major applause from the crowd as Batti has fire in her eyes and refuses to be bullied. She is nearly shaking as Titus begins to back up and is clearly a little surprised.

    Batti: I am the WZCW Elite Openweight Champion. I get to open Ascension with my celebration with the fans. I promised them. I am not going anywhere. You came down here and stole my cake, you stole OUR cake and now you are not invited to the party! You leave.

    A small smirk comes over the face of Titus as he walks around Batti a few times. He comes to a stop behind her.

    Avison: I’m sorry, Batti. Please, forgive me for my actions. I shouldn’t have taken the cake. I was jealous because I didn’t get to have a celebration tonight. You know what, I’ll give you all the cake I have left.

    Batti turns around and is smashed in the face by the piece of cake Titus was holding. She is dropped to the canvas as Titus clips his title belt and hammers away with punches. Batti tries to escape but Titus grabs her by the hair and pulls her face first through the glitter and it gets stuck to the mix of frosting, cream and marshmallow on her face. With the crowd booing loudly, Titus pulls Batti up into position for the Tit-Drop but Tyrone Blades comes sprinting through the crowd with his baseball bat in hand.

    Connor: Thank heavens for Tyrone! Batti has been sucker punched by Titus and who knows how worse things would have gotten if he hadn’t arrived.

    Cohen: How’s that cake taste now, Batti? Ha, Titus Avison had every right to open the show tonight and don’t let your personal feelings cloud your judgment, CC. Don’t go having a bias around here.

    Titus flees the ring, picking up his title, and escapes to the entrance ramp as Tyrone Blades checks on Batti. The young lady was blindside and is clearly upset that her celebration has been ruined. Titus couldn’t be happier as he licks a bit of cream off his finger from the crowd and has a huge smile on his face.

    Tyrone stands up and points the baseball bat towards Titus. A warning of things to come and we see the two legends raise both their respective titles as we head to our first commercial break of Ascension 117.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a First Round Match in the Gold Rush Tournament!!

    Anderson: Introducing first from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, Lynx!

    The countdown comes on and pyro shoots to the ground as Lynx is on stage, he marches down to the ring set for his match, posing in the corners for the crowd.

    Connor: The man of tomorrow has his big shot here tonight to make a name for himself.

    Cohen: Far be it for me to judge people by their look but this guy needs to eat a bit of protein if he wants to make it through this thing.

    Anderson: His opponent, from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    Wren's music plays as the lights dim. As she begins to walk down, the lights come back on right behind her.

    Cohen: Ah. Go figure. Skinnier. And it's a girl. Also, didn't realize Parts Unknown was such a hotspot this time of year.

    Connor: You say that, Jack. But Wren comes off a mayor win not long ago defeating Titus Avison just before Apocalypse. She has a lot of traction and this could be the platform to move forward.

    Both competitors circle the ring, set for battle as the bell is rung to start things.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    They lock up to start things off, quickly wringing their arms over in search of an advantage. Wren cartwheels her way out, counters but is met with Lynx using the ropes for a reverse flip. Lynx tries the Knuckle Lock to one hand, Wren bridging backward to try and reverse pressure. She turns around, placing him in a Hammerlock. Lynx tries to power his way out of the hold but ends up Armdragged to the canvas. Wren tries to apply an Armbar but Lynx is quick as a cat and gets up, taking Wren to the ground with a Side Headlock. He tries to hold on but Wren uses her legs and Headscissors Lynx. She tries to hold him but using a Forward Roll, Lynx gets back to his feet where both try Dropkicks at the same time. Neither connects and they stand at a standstill to a pop from the crowd.

    Connor: These two starting out feeling each other out, looking for that opening. You can't say they aren't athletically gifted.

    Cohen: They aren't athletically gifted. Not sure who was supposed to stop me. I can say they are quick as cats out there. Fitting given one of the wrestler's names. Not sure if Wren is also some type of Parts Unknowing cat.

    Both competitors stand staring each other down. Lynx pumps his fists in the air to excite the crowd and gets a good reaction. Wren does the same, getting a slightly bigger reaction. Probably because she's a cute ninja girl, but the two get right back at it with the collar and elbow tie up, trying to find the advantage. Wren goes behind with a waistlock, but Lynx breaks out with an elbow right to the temple. He runs the ropes for momentum but Wren reacts with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Lynx sees it coming, however and manages to duck and slide under it. Wren lands on her feet and as soon as she does is met with a Dropkick. She gets back up quickly, but is met with a second one. She loses pacing but doesn't stand down, Lynx quickly goes off the ropes, hitting a Swinging Neckbreaker and hooking the leg. 1............. 2..........3-But Wren gets the shoulder up. Lynx doesn't give her an inch however and hooks a headlock, but it doesn't last long as Wren gets back to her feet. She elbows her way free but Lynx lets her go and surprises her with a Forearm Smash, knocking her down. Seeing his opportunity, he goes up the ropes, measures her and leaps with a Moonsault but Wren rolls out of the way and Lynx crashes and burns.

    Connor: These two a hustling in there, moving as fast as possible. Though it seems Lynx is the first to make a mistake and it may cost him this match.

    As Lynx tumbles, trying to get back up after the Moonsault, Wren leaps over him, taking him down with a Sunset Flip for a cover. 1.......... 2......... 3-But he gets the shoulder up. Wasting no time, Wren dashes across the ropes, hitting a knee straight across Lynx' face with a Shinning Wizard. Wren trips up on the rebound, hurting the knee.

    Cohen: Speaking of mistakes. Going too fast may have just cost Wren dearly there.

    She recomposes herself and tries to dash across the ropes but a kink can be seen in her running, slowing her down. Lynx its a pair of Chops and hits a Falcon Arrow. Not skipping a beat, he gets on the corner again and measures before leaping for the Phoenix Splash but Wren gets the knees up. While it does stop the impact of the incredible attack, it also hurts Wren's knee. She clutches it as Lynx clutches his ribs. She tries to get to the ropes to hoist herself up, Lynx turns around as is met with a Reverse Roundhouse Kick and Wren follows it with a Huracanrana, pinning Lynx. 1........ 2............3-But he gets out. The panic sinks in as Wren has trouble standing. She see's Lynx standing up and attempts a Running Bulldog but the knee gives her trouble. She stops running but slowing down costs her as Lynx hits a second Falcon Arrow. Right away, Lynx goes up the ropes and hits the Phoenix Splash, this time with no issue. He makes the cover off that. 1.......... 2.......... 3-But Wren kicks out.

    That knee has made Wren fall behind in this match.

    Cohen: They call it high risk for a reason.

    Wren rolls out of the ring clutching at her knee as Lynx readies himself inside the ring, taking aim for a moment. With the crowd on their feet, Lynx runs off the ropes and launches himself over the top rope with a forearm smash! However, at the last second Wren ducks out of the way causing Lynx to crash onto the hard floor outside of the ring. Replays are shown repeatedly of the hard fall and Lynx is not moving after flying over the top rope. Wren, still dealing with the hurt knee, grabs Lynx by the arm and pushes him back into the ring. Pushing with all her might, Wren gets him back into the ring and slides in soon after for the pin. 1... 2... Kick Out! A stunned audience cannot believe that Lynx had the ability to kick out. Wren hooks the leg this time and goes for another cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! This time a little sooner and now Lynx begins to roll towards the middle of the ring, his eyes open but nobody appears to be home.

    Wren slaps the canvas in frustration, rubs her knee to get some feeling back in it and then stands up gingerly. This is her big chance to advance in the Gold Rush tournament and Wren feels that momentum is on her side now. Lynx has to pull himself up using the ropes, his head still spinning and he walks right into the Michinoku driver! Unfortunately, Wren’s injured knee sends a needle like pain throughout her entire body as she lifts Lynx and this causes her to hesitate just a split second on the cover. Clutching at her knee, Wren scrambles over to Lynx for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! No doubt that slight loss of time between making the cover cost Wren the victory right there.

    Connor: The knee really just cost Wren right there. Lynx was done off the Michinoku driver.

    Cohen: This is what the Gold Rush tournament is about, CC! Fighting through the pain and doing whatever you can to get the victory. A great performance by both competitors.

    Once again, Wren stands up and is hobbled by the injured knee. She punches Lynx a few times in the head before slinging him into the ropes. On the rebound, Wren ducks down but Lynx grabs onto the ropes stopping himself from returning. Wren runs forward and is hit with a boot to the face which stuns her for a moment as Lynx comes forward with a knife-edge chop! Blocking a punch from Wren gives Lynx the opportunity to hit a forearm which stumbles Wren before hitting a dropkick to send her into the corner. This time Lynx charges forward with another forearm smash but Wren spins out of the way, leaps into the air and goes for a Tornado DDT!

    Lynx holds Wren in the air as she tries to complete the move but Lynx is about to power through and push Wren away. When she lands the knee gives out for a split second and this small window of opportunity allows Lynx to connect with the Kick to the Future! Wren is knocked backwards into the ropes and on the rebound is hit with the Dimensional Vortex [Stone Cold Stunner] and Lynx falls into the pin. 1... 2... 3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner and advancing in the Gold Rush tournament... Lynx!

    Cohen: A back and forth match between these two competitors but in the end it was the knee of Wren which cost her. She landed awkwardly off the Tornado DDT which allowed Lynx to hit that superkick followed by the stunner.

    Connor: I’m sure Wren is going to be replaying that moment for a long time after this. Injuries happen and the knee just gave out tonight. A tough loss for Wren but Lynx has got to be happy with his performance.

    Cohen: He made a big mistake with the dive to the outside but he recovered and managed to advance in the tournament. A strong effort no doubt.

    Wren is helped from the ring by some of the medical team as she struggles to put any weight on the knee. Her opponent remains inside the ring, he looks around as the fans cheer him. Lynx motions for a mic. The officials hand one to him per his request.

    Cohen: Now what?

    Connor: Lynx must have a lot on his mind now that he has advanced to round two of the Gold Rush Tournament. Let's listen.

    The fans cheer for Lynx has he paces around in the ring a little, with a microphone in hand.

    Lynx: Ever since the dawn of time there have been fixed points in time between the beginning and the end. That final endpoint of course being, The Apocalypse. No, not that show that I beat Vox at, but the real one. The one I'm here to prevent.

    The fans continue cheering.

    Cohen: Oh, not this again.

    Lynx: The timeline we are currently on has been on a set path. As far back as 65 Million BC, up until my win tonight and beyond. It was written in the fabric of time and space. However, now is the time to fight for a better tomorrow and STOP the impending final destructive endpoint of that timeline from coming. In order to further prevent the disaster, I must ensure that the right results happen in the Gold Rush Tournament.

    The cheers from the fans get louder and Lynx has a big smile on his face.

    Lynx: I'd go into further details about how my advancing in the Gold Rush Tournament will keep us off of the timeline that ultimately leads to destruction, but that might disrupt the time space continuum. Just know this.... I'm doing everything I can to prevent that disastrous day from taking place. There's still time....

    He puts the mic down in the center of the ring and climbs out, then walks up the entrance ramp.

    Cohen: Sometimes I wonder about what strange people we let wrestle here.

    Connor: There is nothing strange about wanting to make a better future. I even heard Lynx set it up to where all proceeds from his official WZCW merchandise go toward funding a non-profit organization that he founded called The Grand Dream.

    Cohen: Well, anyway, we still have lots of in-ring action awaiting you later this evening. The remaining Gold Rush Tournament matches, our champions tag team main event, and more.
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    Amidst a sea of backstage employees, Logan McAllister is walking through the halls with a water bottle in hand. He takes a few sips as he approaches the trainer’s room. When he arrives the door flings open and out walks Obi Okafor, dressed in a brightly coloured dashiki and his open ended crown upon his head. Two rose bearers appear, seemingly out of nowhere, and drop some petals as King Okafor steps out into the hallway. McAllister looks very confused at what stands before him as he continues to slip his water.

    McAllister: Who the hell ah you?

    Okafor: You haven’t heard? I am King Obi Okafor, one of the newest additions to the WZCW family. I recognize you, friend. You are Logan McAllister. The man from Boston and a former Elite Openweight Champion.

    As King Okafor continues to take a few steps and the rose bearers drop petals wherever he walks. McAllister just shakes his head at what he is seeing.

    McAllister: WZCW family? This isn’t a family. This is a cut throat business and these people will spit you out as quickly as they’ll embrace you. One minute you’re the best and the next your some gahbage the fans don’t want anymore. The only family I’ve got is the one waiting at home for me. Don’t think for a second that this is some wahm fuzzy place where you can pahrade around with your stupid crown and roses. What ah you here for?

    Okafor: I am here to achieve my dream. I was born to do this.

    A short grunt from Logan is his first response.

    McAllister: Your dream is just like the othah twenty guys on the rostah and all of them would stab you in the back real quick to get it. I’m here to fight and to provide for my family. Not to entahtain the fans or get along with anyone in the lockah room. I’m here for my son, Hayden. I do whatevah I have to so that he can have the best life possible.

    Suddenly, Logan pushes past and knocks some of the rose petals out of the rose bearer’s hands.

    McAllister: This crap, I don’t have time for. This place is for fighting, not some place where you can play dress up.

    He walks off and proceeds to the locker room. King Okafor’s rose bearers begin picking up the petals that were knocked to the ground and Okafor leans down to help also. As they gather all the rose petals, Kagura walks past them but stops to look at the crown on Obi’s head. He gives her a smile and nudges the rose bearer, who then drops some rose petals on the ground in front of Kagura. She gives no response, just walking off on top of the petals laid at her feet.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a Triple Threat Match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.....


    Anderson: He is from Rochester, MN, weighing in at 190 pounds...Will McKay!

    As soon as the music hits, a clock starts ticking on the Titantron. Will comes out after the clock ticks for about 5 seconds​. He walks down firmly staring at the ring. He gets into the ring and runs between the ropes a couple of times and waves at a few fans applauding him.

    Connor: One of our newest wrestlers to WZCW, can you imagine the impact he can make here tonight Jack? A big win to start his career.

    Cohen: Man, I haven't seen such a handsome man since....well...ME, Connor! Will is going to kill the ladies in this capacity crowd!

    Anderson: Introducing next......


    Anderson: He is from New Angola, Africa, weighing in at 250 pounds...King Obi Okafor!

    A couple of rose bearers step out onto the stage, basket of roses at the ready as Obi Okafor steps out from behind the curtain, raising his arms high in the air as some fans clap. The rose bearers move forward and start to place the roses from the basket down the ramp, Okafor following behind, pointing and smiling at some of the fans before staring at the ring in a focused manner. The rose bearers step to the side as they get to the end of the ramp and Obi hypes himself up before sliding into the ring and hopping onto the nearest turnbuckle to get the crowd into it. He removes his crown and his dashiki to a nearby official before hopping down from the turnbuckle and wait for the bell to start.

    Connor: (Laughing) Quite an entrance from our second newest wrestler here...King Obi Okafor!

    Cohen: Who does this guy think he is? Coming out wearing a crown...come on! The only king around here is coming out next....

    Anderson: And their opponent....


    Anderson: He hails from Paris, France...weighing in at 220 pounds....The healthiest man alive...FLEX MUSSEL!

    Flex walks out slowly in his black track suit with his hood covering most of his face. Charles "The Cheescake" Chesterfield is close behind Flex with a tight muscle shirt on and red work out shorts straight out of the 80's. Charles takes out a T-Shirt gun and starts shooting T-shirts into the crowd, one hits Flex right in the back, causing him to turn and growl at Charles. Will and Obi are watching all of this while stretching. Flex takes his time getting in the ring, doing quick push ups on the outside and checking his pulse. Charles attempts a push up but fails, causing the crowd to laugh. Flex growls at him again.

    Connor: (laughing) Well...there's Charles..

    Cohen: (trying to hold in laugh) What in the hell is Charles wearing tonight? Looks like something I wore in the 80's when Dancin to the Funk was on T.V.

    Connor: All joking aside, this is the number one contender to the WZCW Heavyweight Championship...Flex Mussel. He won that honor after defeating Eve Taylor at Apocalypse in a close fight.

    Referee Akiyama wags his finger at the time keeper....


    All three men slowly circle each other. Flex holds up a finger, he offers a handshake to Will. The youngster gladly lunges forward and vigorously shakes Flex's hand, the healthiest man alive quickly pulls Will into a bear hug then a high belly to belly suplex, Will bounces off of the canvas and rolls under the ropes to the outside. Obi takes a swing at Flex but it is blocked and Flex gives the man a huge power push, causing him to fall and roll out of the ring. Flex takes this time to do one handed push ups in the middle of the ring to the loud boo's from the capacity crowd. Charles does some exaggerated claps outside the ring and jumps down to do three sit ups.

    Connor: I'm learning alot here Jack, Flex and Charles are a great fitness team.

    Will catches Flex with an elbow drop to the back, stunning the muscular man. Obi runs over and lays some stomps to Flex's arms and legs. Will and Obi nod and start working together, stomping away at Flex Mussel.

    Will: Watch this!

    Obi takes a step back as Will seems to be setting up something, he waits for Flex to get to his feet, Will walks over and gives Flex a facewash! Obi gives him a golf clap for that effort. Will climbs the turnbuckle and tries to get the crowd behind him with claps, it doesn't quite work out. Obi shouts instruction to him and they both grab Flex in a front facelock...a double suplex! NOOO! Flex blocks it! He hoists both men up for a verticle suplex! But he HOLDS both men in the air while the crowd counts away.....1....2.....3.....4.....5.....6.....7.....8......9.....10.....11....12....13...

    S-SLAM! Flex falls back with both men for a double suplex! He puts his hands behind his head and does a round of sit ups while waiting for them to recover.

    Cohen: Wow! What a display of strength there Cat! Cooper better be watching this...that was just scary!!

    Connor: I don't think ANYONE else could have pulled that off in WZCW!

    Obi gets to his feet but Flex punches him in the face, sending him staggering to the turnbuckle. Will smashes Flex from behind with a forearm then runs and dropkicks Obi in the corner, he turns around and Flex grabs Will in a firemans carry into a gutbuster, he hoists him back up into a firemans carry and quickly into the gutbuster again, back up to the firemans carry into a gorilla press, Obi boots Flex in the gut sending Will to crossbody Obi to the mat....1....2..... Flex breaks up the pin. Flex grabs Will's legs and flings him through the middle ropes in a half giant swing. Obi kicks Flex in the knee, distracting him enough to grab him in a front facelock. He picks up Flex and hits a hard fisherman suplex into a holding pin.....1....2..... Flex kicks out!

    Connor: That was close! I thought Obi had him there!

    Obi is stomping away at Flex, Will tries to get in the ring but Obi boots him right in the face sending him falling right on his back on the padded mat. Obi locks Flex up in a Texas Cloverleaf submission hold! Referee Akiyama is checking closely on Flex, asking him if he wants to quit. Charles is yelling and trying to get Flex to dig down deep. Will staggers and bumps into Charles on the outside, by reflex he rolls up Charles in a pinning move.

    Charles kicks out! The fans laugh, but then laugh even more when Charles gets up and half of his pasty ass is showing for the world to see.

    Connor: No, no ,no, no, no, noooo. I'm not seeing this right now!

    Cohen: Charles really has to work more on his ass muscles Cat.

    Will jumps in the ring and breaks up the submission move. Obi and Will start trading rights and lefts much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Each shot getting more and more vicious and little cuts opening on each man's lips as the smacking noises got louder and louder! Will leaned on the ropes and mouthed to Obi that he couldn't knock him down...Obi winds up and clobbers Will, who went flying over the top ropes, Obi makes a dusting motion with his hands and smiles, he turns around.....

    FLEXICUTION!! ...the spinning powerful clothesline by Flex Mussel dropped the man immediately. Flex jumped through the ropes, he threw Will back in the ring, off the ropes ....FLEXICUTION! ...Will smacked his head hard on the mat. Flex covered him...




    Anderson: The winner of this match...Flex Mussel!!

    Flex ripped his hand away from the ref, he was still really mad. He picked up Obi and powerbombed him right over the top ropes to the padded concrete on the outside of the ring! The crowd booed really loudly.

    Connor: Oh my god! What was the point of that? What is he trying to do here? These are new wrestlers Jack!

    Cohen: All I have to say is...Welcome to WZCW! Hah ha haa! It's punishment time Cat!

    Flex grabs Will and powerbombs him over the top ropes to the outside...smack!! Right on the padded concrete. Will let out a scream of pain. The healthiest man alive jumps through the ropes. Charles gives Flex an energetic fist pump as they make their way up the ramp. Flex stops and puts his hands on his hips. He looks back over his shoulder and flares his nostrils.

    He runs over and rips the protective casing off of the commentary table and picks up Will. Connor and Jack make a quick exit from the area. He powerbombs Will right on the padded concrete and powers him back up...he extends his arms in a last ride motion and Mussel Bombs Will right into the table....CRACK!!! Will crashes inside the broken wood and plastic, causing T.V monitors to fall on top of him as well. Flex stands over Will, giving every booing fan a death stare.

    Connor: We're going to need medical to take a look at Will after that.

    Cohen: That move is dangerous, CC. Just think of the damage it could do to our World Champion! If Flex Mussel can connect with the Mussel Bomb at Gold Rush he is sure to be World Champion.
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    Inside the locker room of Vis Imperium we find all four members; Justin Cooper, Xander LeBelle, Andrew Adonis and Mark Keaton. The latter is applying makeup to his face for a special entrance he has planned later on in the night and is focused on a mirror. The remaining members all see to their own tasks within the locker room.

    Keaton: I don’t get it, dudes. How the hell did Tastic still get the win on Meltdown? I had him in the Canadian Clutch! Damn it, it must’ve been that woman’s fault. Gabi must’ve messed up. Not covered him quick enough. It’s the only explanation for why he survived these biceps being wrapped around his chicken neck.

    From across the room Cooper throws LeBelle a sly smile.

    Cooper: I don’t like him much either but we can’t go thinking that Matt’s some second rate talent. He’s a Hall of Famer, Mark.

    Keaton: Oh please! You said it yourself, we’re the future. This is our time and I’m not about to sit here and just let this so called ‘legend’ come after us. We aren’t sitting ducks. We’re not the hunted, we are the hunters and I’ll strike first before anybody even thinks about firing a damn shot at us.

    Xander and his manager, Andrew Adonis, finish preparing for his match and begin heading for the door.

    LeBelle: Gentlemen, I wish you luck in your matches tonight and hope that I will receive the same glory as I hope you both receive. I do agree with Mark. What we are is the future. It is time for the names of the past to be forgotten. You simply cannot progress to greatness while shackled by your past. Trust me, I know better than most.

    Cooper stands up and shakes Xander’s hand, patting him on the back afterwards.

    Cooper: Good luck.

    LeBelle: I am the greatest mind in all the world, Justin. Luck is something I never seek but seem to have grown accustom to receiving it. Anyway, after tonight this tournament will be down to eight and as luck may have it we could very well see myself facing John next round. Let the sheep think I’d run from that or that any of us here fear the man who formerly claimed leadership over us.

    He scoffs, shaking his head.

    LeBelle: Nonsense of course. In fact, I welcome it. Let John Constantine be matched up with me next round. Then, I’ll defeat him and make sure another name of the past is forgotten. I have a sneaking suspicion that this time next week, John will not be the only name scratched from the history books at the hands of Vis Imperium.

    Keaton: What does that mean?

    Adonis: That is what they call the cliff-hanger, Mr. Keaton. You’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

    Together, LeBelle and Adonis exit the locker room leaving Cooper and Keaton alone. Keaton finishes applying his makeup and joins Cooper by his locker.

    Keaton: It’s good to have you back, brother.

    Cooper: You’ve done well without me, Mark. I thought you might not want me back.

    Mark rolls his eyes and laughs.

    Keaton: Never! You’re my brother from another mother, my mentor, my best buddy in the entire world and one half of the best damn tag team of all time. The band is back together! You know what this means? We are gonna party, Coops! Oh, we gonna party like never before after tonight. You’re back and this means we’re stronger than ever.

    The two men embrace in a hug; Cooper smiling at Mark as they meet. Keaton has a huge smile on his face also but when the camera turns around to show Cooper it’s a stark contrast. The smile has faded, replaced with a vacant look. He pats Keaton on the back.

    Cooper: Yeah, it’s good to be back.
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    In the middle of the ring, Selena Anderson stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone in her hands. She looks pleased to announce the next match in the Gold Rush Tournament.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for a spot in the quarter finals of the Gold Rush tournament.

    Connor: This is the first Gold Rush match of the night, folks. Logan McAllister and Xander LeBelle have a lot to prove here tonight. But more than that, they need to pick up a W to move themselves into the next round of this great competition. But who, if anyone, has the most pressure, Jack?

    Cohen: I'm not sure, Cat. Logan needs to shun the title of midcard talent and winning Gold Rush would be the prime way to accomplish that feat. But Vis Imperium are riding a high right now, there is no doubt about that. LeBelle wont want to derail that momentum and face the consequences. Just look what happened to Constantine after all! Ha!

    As the bells hit the lights go dark, before green lights begin pulsating to the beat of the song, the letters L-O-G-A-N slowly appear on the video screen. At roughly 30 seconds in, we see Richard Goldman strut out with a big smile on his face as he stops at the ramp and turns towards the now emerging Logan McAllister. Logan walks out, going to the left on the stage and pointing out to his fans, doing the same thing on the right side before coming back and walking with a purpose down the ramp, stopping to occasionally high five some kids on the way to the ring.

    Anderson: Introducing first, weighing in at 275 pounds and being accompanied by Richard Goldman... The Son of Boston, Logan McAllister!!

    Connor: Well, this is the chance for Logan to make a big name of himself. Truth be told, he has struggled in recent months after the devastating results of the Lethal Lottery. But this seems like a new Logan and Xander is going to have his hands full, that's for sure.

    Cohen: Maybe so, Cat. There is no doubting from me that Logan has what it takes to go all the way into this tournament. But Vis Imperium cannot be denied.

    When he approaches the steps he runs up them, before walking slowly to the middle of the ring edge, leaning back on the ropes and staring out into the crowd. Logan then enters the ring posing in the centre of the ring, jersey open and arms outstretched while Mr. Goldman simply applauds and smiles

    Anderson: At this time ladies and gentlemen, Xander LeBelle has asked for complete silence so as to make his entrance to the ring.

    With a lit cigar in his mouth, and gold tipped cane in his hands, Xander enters the arena hands tucked to his side. Leaning up against nearest back wall, he stops to take a few puffs of his cigar while scanning the arena through his bottle glasses. After dropping his cigar ash to the floor, he puts the cigar back in his mouth and strolls to the ring

    Cohen: Now here is a man with a lot of class, dignity and potential. He might not be the Elite Openweight Champion anymore, Cat. But he has his sights set on locking up that Heavyweight Championship scene for Vis Imperium and a show-down with Justin Cooper eventually.

    Connor: Maybe so, Jack. But have you ever thought about what would happen to Vis Imperium if Xander did get to the final of the thing? I'm sure it would cause more tension than it would relieve any stress. Perhaps it's even a poison chalice.

    As Xander gets to the ring, he leans his cane on the top rope and walks up the steps into the ring. He hands the referee his cane and his glasses before offering the fans in the arena a flash of his beautiful smile. The referee makes his final preparations before signalling for the bell to get tis natch underway.

    DING! DING!​

    As the bell rings, both men stare through each other – daring the other one to make the first move. The fans are on their feet in anticipation of the match that is about to come and the tension between the competitors is palpable. McAllister# begins circling the ring but LeBelle doesn't seem to be interested in making the same move. Suddenly, LeBelle rushes McAllister and nails him with a swift knee to the gut. McAllister hits the canvas for the first time in the match as LeBelle stands over him with a look of determination on his face. Grabbing McAllister by the hair, LeBelle pulls him back to his feet and nails him with a few stiff punches – backing him up into the corner and absorbing some of the hate from the fans as he does. Once in the corner, LeBelle nails his opponent with a crushing back elbow to the jaw that sends him recoiling out of the corner. LeBelle lies in wait as McAllister tries to regain his senses. Once the right time arrives, LeBelle pounces – nailing McAllister with a punishing reverse DDT that takes both men down. LeBelle immediately covers McAllister for the first pin fall of the match but the referee is no sooner on his knees and counting the fall than McAllister manages to get his shoulders off the mat and keep this match alive

    Cohen: An amazing start right out of the blocks for LeBelle. He has certainly shown us lately that he can mix it with the best there is and tonight looks to be another great performance.

    Connor: No doubt about it, Jack, LeBelle has been on fire so far tonight. He looks fiercely focussed and is really putting the screws to McAllister early on in this match. McAllister is going to have to find his feet in this match, and fast, if he is to stand any chance at all.

    LeBelle looks absolutely raging with the actions of his opponent and immediately tries to continue his advantage. He pulls McAllister to his feet and immediately backs him into the ropes. LeBelle nails him with a few chops to the chest and then whips him across the ring. McAllister hits the far ropes and rebounds towards his opponent. But LeBelle's chances of making his advantage count more are put on hold as McAllister fires back, launching himself through the air and catching LeBelle with a beautiful flying shoulder block. The crowd comes to life as the playing field is levelled beautifully. McAllister gets to his feet and looks around the baying audience, drawing in their support and using it to spur him on. He hits the ropes one more time as LeBelle gets to his feet. Once more, he tosses himself through the air and nails LeBelle with another beautiful shocker block. McAllister fires back to his feet and immediately drops a stunning leg drop across the throat of his opponent. The crowd come alive as McAllister goes for the cover and the end of this match. But, similar to before, he is only able to catch a count of 1 before his opponent powers out. McAllister knows that he has to make his advantage count, now that he has levelled this match and immediately begins pounding away on his opponent, nailing him with a few right hands to the jaw as he lies on the canvas. LeBelle absorbs a few punches before finding the ropes and rolling under them to exit the ring.

    Connor: It looks as though LeBelle needs a quick break to get this thoughts together in this match. And you can see why, McAllister has been red hot since getting the wake up call in the form of that early pin fall attempt.

    Cohen: This is something that only the best of the best can get away with or have the ring presence to know about. If things aren't going you way, you get the hell out of there and derail the momentum of your opponent. LeBelle continues to show his veteran instincts and you have to give him some credit for that.

    The crowd give LeBelle a piece of their mind but it is for naught as he continues to pace around the ring, staring a hole through McAllister. After a few seconds of pacing, LeBelle knows that he needs to get back into this match. He steadies himself with a deep breath in before rolling under the bottom rope and getting back into the ring. No sooner has he accomplished this feat than McAllister is on him, landing clubbing blows to his back and head. Somehow, however, LeBelle is able to absorb the blows and manages to find his way back to a vertical basis. In the middle of the ring, the two men fight for supremacy – exchanging right hands as the fans boo and cheer with every single shot. It is McAllister who manages to get the better of the exchange, albeit surprisingly. LeBelle throws one final desperate punch towards his opponent but McAllister manages to duck underneath his flailing arm and get his back. Almost immediately, McAllister locks his arms around the waist of LeBelle and punishes him for his mistake with a beautiful German suplex that sends his shooting across the ring. LeBelle clutches at the back of his head as he gets back to his knees. But McAllister is not finished with him by a long shot. McAllister gets to his feet quickly and runs at LeBelle, nailing him with a running knee right to the side of his head and sending him crumbling to the canvas one more time. McAllister wastes no time in going for the pin fall. But he is only able to pick up a 2 count at this time of asking as the match rumbles on!

    Connor: What a turn around we have seen in this match, folks! LeBelle came out of the blocks like a greyhound but all of his early momentum has been put on hold as McAllister really begins taking control of this match. If LeBelle doesn't get back in this match soon, we could see this one in the books.

    Cohen: Please! Let's give LeBelle a little bit of credit. He controlled this match in the beginning and it has been turned on it's head. He has all of the skills to turn this match back in his favour and you would be doing him a massive favour by writing off his chances of doing so.

    McAllister knows this his opportunity to claim victory in this match is not far away and he knows that he needs to follow up on his whirlwind offensive. McAllister gets back to his feet and begins stomping away on LeBelle viciously. With every boot that falls onto the torso of The Son of Boston, the fans come even more out of their seats. After a few more stomps, McAllister wheels away, looking for inspiration on ways to put this match beyond the control of his opponent. McAllister makes his way back to the broken body of his opponent and begins picking him up until he is back on his unsteady feet. The World's Greatest Mind looks in the eyes of his weary opponent before hoisting him into position for the brainbuster. But, somehow, LeBelle manages to find the will to begin wriggling free of the hold. McAllister tries his best to execute the move but, before he can help it, LeBelle manages to wriggle free and falls to his knees on the canvas. McAllister tries to reclaim the advantage by grabbing LeBelle in a headlock – perhaps even looking for the DDT. But the desperation in the actions of LeBelle is plain for everyone to see. He manages to twist the arm of McAllister and pull him towards his frame, eventually nailing him with a stunning belly to belly suplex that plants McAllister perfectly to the canvas. The fans are stunned at what they are seeing but they are powerless to help The World's Greatest Mind. LeBelle quickly goes for the pin as the fans quickly get to their feet. The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... Kick out by McAllister with no time to spare at all!

    Connor: Wow! That belly to belly was full of impact but the fight in McAllister is obvious for everyone to see. This match continues and, given the way it has gone so far, who knows what way the momentum is going to swing.

    Cohen: I can tell you this for a fact, LeBelle seems to be right at home in a match like this. You may not like him but you can't argue with the level of heart he has, or the level of fight that he continually shows.

    LeBelle sits up from the cover attempt and slaps his hands on the canvas in frustration; a look of rage and disgust creeping it's way across his features and giving an insight into his true feelings. Getting to his feet, LeBelle paces across the canvas, trying to calm himself and come to terms with a way of putting this match to bed. As McAllister begins getting up, LeBelle finally settles into the corner of the ring. He lies in wait, just waiting for the moment that McAllister reclaims his vertical base. Slowly but surely, McAllister gets to his feet as the tension inside the arena rises along with him. Crouched over and flailing, Logan doesn't even notice that LeBelle has superbly set him up for THE ROSE'S THORN (Curb Stomp)! LeBelle goes to execute the move but McAllister moves out of the way at the very last second. LeBelle falls to the canvas after missing the move and McAllister takes advantage. He pulls LeBelle back to his feet and nails him with the BOSTON MASSACRE (End of Days)! Both men hit the canvas but Logan is struggling to make the cover in his exhausted state. Suddenly...

    Connor: God damn it! Can these guys not stay out of the business of others for just one night? This is the Gold Rush Tournament for God's sake! Let them fight it out!

    Logan rolls over as the lights in the arena go down. The new theme of Vis Imperium, under Justin Cooper, begins playing throughout the arena. Logan looks raging as he rolls towards the ropes and begins trying to pull himself back to his feet. The music continues to play as the fans continue to boo. But there doesn't seem to be any sign of Vis Imperium. Logan continues to look at the stage as the music continues but he soon realises that they are not coming. He turns back to LeBelle, who is on his feet and quickly nails him with a stiff kick to the gut. LeBelle hits the nearby ropes and nails Logan with THE ROSE'S THORN after all! He quickly falls on top of his opponent and the referee makes the count! 1... 2... 3! It's over!

    Connor: Absolutely typical, Jack! Different leader of Vis Imperium but the same old dirty tricks that have plagued this company for far too long now. When is this going to stop!?

    Cohen: Stop, Cat? This is just the beginning of what will come to shape the new WZCW. You better get on board with the movement before you are left behind. Justin Cooper's Vis Imperium is here to stay and they are, once again, proving why that is. An amazing performance from Xander right there. He moves on!
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    We cut backstage to where we see the EurAsian Champion, Titus Avison, walking through the halls of the arena. He has a bag tossed over his shoulder and his hair thrown up in a man-bun. He allows a smile to appear on his face as Leon Kensworth approaches him with a microphone pushed in his face.

    Titus: Yes, Leon, it was I who attempted to get into Meltdown last night. Go on, get your laughs in now.

    Leon: You don't say?

    Titus offers Leon an incredulous look as he removes the bag from his shoulder and pulls the EurAsian Championship from the bag. He raises it so that it is in eye-level for Leon and right in the shot of the camera. Titus looks at it glimmering in the arena lights as he goes somewhat quiet for a moment.

    Titus: Last night I was made to be a joke but I'm willing to be that person, Leon. People want a Champion who can entertain them no matter what. And at the end of the day, the fine fans on Meltdown deserved to see their great Champion on that show. They are deserving of someone like me. But the masses who come in their droves to the second best show don't deserve any entertainment from me at all. In fact, I am here to make the most of the vacation, serve the punishment and reclaim my Meltdown throne next week.

    Leon: It's that easy, huh?

    Titus laughs a little before relaxing his arm, so that the title falls to his side.

    Titus: Easy? That doesn't even do it justice. I have the biggest and best locker room in the arena reserved as is my right. So, if you don't mind getting out of my way, I'll be taking up residence and getting ready for my match. Thanks, Leon.

    With that, Titus pushes past Leon and makes for a nearby door. The sign saying Champion on the door brings a smile to the face of the EurAsian Champion. But as he tries the door, it seems jammed shut. He tries it again and again as a look of determined rage crosses his face. Suddenly, the door opens to reveal none other than Batti! Batti looks Titus in the eye, gives him a knowing smile and then slams the door shut on his face unceremoniously. Titus is raging as he turns back towards Leon.

    Titus: What the Hell is going on here, Leon!? That's my dressing room! It's always reserved for the mid-card Champion!

    Leon: Well, in case you didn't know, this is Ascension. And that dressing room is reserved for the Ascension mid-card Champion. That, in case you need reminded, is Batti.

    Titus studies Leon with a shake of his head in denial. Titus lets out a deep sigh before making his way down the hall. Suddenly, Will McKay is wheeled past in a wheelchair – coming to a halt as notices Titus walking towards him.

    McKay: Thee Titus Avison! I mean, it's thee Titus Avison!! 5 time Oscar win-

    Titus storms past McKay – who is looking very star-struck as he finishes his sentence.

    Titus: Save it, kid! No autographs!

    With that, Titus blows past the upstart and turns around the corner. McKay, however, looks more than pleased with his interaction with the EurAsian Champion.

    McKay: He talked to me! He actually talked to me!!
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a first round match in the Gold Rush Tournament!


    Anderson: Introducing first from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing in at 160 pounds Kagura!

    After a few moments she makes her way to the stage admist pink lights that look like a thousand falling cherry blossoms. She stands there looking out at the audience before she slowly walks down the aisle, stoping occasionally to bow to her fans out of respect. When she she steps into the ring she gives the ref a small bow and waits for her opponent.

    Connor: Kagura seems to be in good spirits after what had to have been a crushing loss to Titus Avison at Apocalypse.

    Cohen: It's because she knew she had no chance to beat the longest running champ in WZCW today. Titus Avison has beat multiple people at once when his title has been on the line so a single person is a walk in the park.

    Connor: Be that as it may someone somewhere will have to beat him for that title. His luck can't last forever.


    Anderson: And her opponent from the Deepest Part of Hell weighing in at 225 pounds Superbeast Mark Keaton!

    The lights dim as blood red smoke rises from a hole in front of the titantron. Superbeast by Rob Zombie blasts through the United Center as Keaton slowly rises from the hole. He stands in the red smoke with his head bowed as if praying, showing of the huge spike on his black cloak as they sparkle in the low lighting. As the vocals kick in he whips his head back and spits a black mist into the air. Droplets fall onto his red painted face as he stares at the audience with completely white eyes and a sneer in his lips. He walks down the ramp but before he reached the ring the lights flicker off and back on again and he is suddenly in the ring, staring at Kagura with a sick evil smile on his face. Then he throws his cloak off and stretched his shoulders as he scowls at the ref who tells him he needs to do a weapons check before the match starts. He leans back into the corner as the ref runs his hands up his right leg, but has he runs his hands up Keaton's left leg he stops suddenly and gets in his face. They argue back and forth as Kagura paces and waits for them to get done. Keaton finally stops arguing and just rolls his eyes as he reaches into his tights and pulls out an ice pick that he gives to the ref. The ref gives it to a ringside attendant and finally rings the bell.

    Connor: The nerve of Mark Keaton trying to bring an ice pick into this match!

    Cohen: When you're a member of Vis Imperium you can do whatever you want, they rule WZCW.

    As the bell rings both Kagura and Keaton pace back and forth in front of each other, both looking for an opening. When neither find one Keaton lunges at Kagura who manages to side step and hits him with a vicious chop to the back of the neck. Keaton whips around and manages to catch her with a quick jab before she can do anything else. He goes for another jab but again Kagura manages to dodge but this time she slaps on an armbar and cranks on it until it looks like 'Superbeat' is scratching an itch between is shoulder blades.

    Connor: It doesn't look like Keaton is enjoying himself very much Jack. If he thought he was going to be able to walk through Kagura and into the second round he's finding out now that's not the case. She is a former Elite Openwieght Champion for a reason.

    Cohen: This is all part of Keaton's plan. He's lulling Kagura into a false sense of security before he strikes hard and wins the match.

    As the announcers are talking Keaton manages to squirm his way out of the hold and scoop Kagura into the air and hit a hard body slam. Instead of going for the pin however he picks her back up and hits a classic neckbreaker before finally going for the pin.

    1...2...2 ¾

    Connor: Kagura is barely able to kickout in time.

    Cohen: It's all part of the master plan, just you wait and see. Keaton one of the best to ever step foot in a WZCW ring. He's beaten countless top names and won the Tag Team Titles all in his rookie year.

    As Keaton argues with the ref, saying that was a 3 count Kagura is able to get to her feet and start hitting the 'Superbeast' with rapid fire palm thrusts that back him into a corner before hitting him with a thrust to the throat that leaves him coughing and gagging. Before he can catch his breath she runs at him and hits a running knee strike to the midsection that is immediately turned into a bulldog out of the corner which leaves lying on the mat clutching his stomach.

    Connor: Keaton spent to much time arguing with the ref and the veteran in Kagura took advantage, completely changing the scope of this match.

    Cohen: Come on Keaton, Cooper and all of Vis Imperium are counting on you to win and knock Kagura out of the tournament.

    Keaton slowly get to his feet while Kagura paces in front of him like a caged animal waiting to pounce. She gets tired of waiting and goes to lift him to his feet but as he gets up he rakes her eyes and hits a beautiful standing dropkick that knocks Kagura flat on her back.

    Cohen: I told you! Keaton is to smart to let a few simple moves like that take him out of this match.

    Connor: It took some underhanded tactics to get the momentum back in his favor Jack. That's not something I would be proud of.

    Cohen: As long as he gets the win that's all that matters.

    As Kagura rolls over onto her back in order to puch herself up Keaton is right on top of her and slaps on a Single Leg Boston Crab. He wrenches on the knee as Kagura screams and claws her way to the ropes. The ref is right there asking if she wants to give up but the entire time she is clawing her way to the ring she tells him no over and over again.

    Cohen: She tapped, did you see that! Kagura gave up, Keaton wins!

    Connor: No she did not, she was pulling herself closer to the rope so she can break the hold. Kagura would never give up in a match this important.

    After what seems like forever Kagura makes it to the ropes and the ref demands that Keaton breaks the hold. When Keaton ignores him he starts the 5 count.


    Keaton lets go at 4 and turns around, taunting Kagura as she pulls herself up using the ropes. When she is to her feet he spins her around but before he can do anything else she hits the First Dance of Awarawa no Mikoto a beautiful Shining Apprentice that rocks Keaton and sends him to one knee. Before he can get up she locks in a Trapezious Claw that causes Keaton to scream in pain. He powers his way to his feet but before he does anything she switches to the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami a sleeper hold coupled with a body scissor that brings Keaton to the mat. He does his best to get to the ropes but unable to use his feet he finds himself quickly fading. The ref is right there to check and see if he's still concious. The fans count with him has Keaton's hand hits. The mat.


    Cohen: Come on Mark get out of this, you can do it.

    Connor: I don't think so Jack, not this time. This is Kagura's finishing move and she has it in tight.


    The ref calls for the bell as Kagura let's go and pushes Keaton away from her. She pushes herself to her feet as the ref raises her hand in victory.

    Anderson: Here is your winner and advancing in the Gold Rush Tournament, Kagura!!!

    Cohen: Keaton got robbed! He had this match won half a dozen times!

    Connor: He only robbed himself Jack. He took Kagura lightly and she showed him just why she is one of the favorites to win this entire tournament.
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    We transition to the depths of the arena where Tyrone Blades is by himself warming up, punching the air for a moment until he picks up his black baseball bat and taps it against the wall. He begins walking towards a large steel door, pushing it open and discovering a set of steps. Dragging the baseball bat, allowing it to smack the steps as he walks up, Tyrone climbs the steps and reaches another door which is yanked open - from the other side.

    Batti: There you are!

    Standing on the other side is Batti, her face cleaned up from either in the night and her smile has returned. The Elite Openweight Championship around her waist as she pulls Tyrone through the door.

    Batti: Come on, we’re going to be late.

    Blades: Relax, kid. It’s fine.

    The smile on Batti’s face slowly fades and she becomes a little more serious, her hands on her hips.

    Batti: You saw what that bully did to me earlier tonight. Titus has to pay for that. The cake was in my hair and even up my nose!

    Blades: Yeah. That was rough, kid. Look, I’ve got my own goals in this match. You do your thing and I’ll do mine, okay? This is one of the few chances I’ll get to get my hands on Justin Cooper and I’ve been waiting for this chance since Lethal Lottery. Just don’t mess up, kid.

    The smile returns to Batti’s face as he begins bouncing on his feet.

    Batti: We won’t mess up! We’re the best team around. Last time we won and I got to face Xander for the title and now look!

    She unclips the title and waves it around in the air.

    Batti: We’re basically best friends!

    Blades: No.

    Without another word Tyrone walks off down the hallway with his baseball bat dragging on the ground and the Mayhem Championship around his waist.

    Batti: Hey, wait up!

    Batti quickly chases after her tag team partner, and self-proclaimed best friend, as they prepare for the main event tag match.
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    Inside the production truck people are running around, a large screen shows several camera angles and one fat assistant is eating a donut in the corner of the room. Suddenly, the door flings up and Flex Mussel with Charles barges into the room.

    Mussel: Move it, now! I need to see this without having to deal with any of idiots in the back bothering me.

    Several members of the production team are pushed across a table as Flex makes his way over to the main area.

    Mussel: This is just right. Come on, we don’t want to hold up the show, play the music.

    Another production worker rushes up and takes a seat at the large desk with several computer monitors surrounding it. Flex puts his feet up and leans back in his chair while Charles is left standing by the door.

    Mussel: You guard that entrance, Charles. Let me know if there is any funny business. Justin has his lapdogs running all over the place. You stay focused now, Charles. It’ll help burn those calories.

    The graphic for the main event begins to appear on the monitors.

    Mussel: Perfect. Let us see how good you truly are, Justin.

    He leans forward and prepares to scout his competition and the man who stands as the only thing between Flex and the World Championship. We cut to a commercial break as Flex waits for the main event to begin.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event. This match will be scheduled for one fall.

    Connor: Lots of star power in this match. The very best that WZCW has, will go head to head right now in this tag match made by our GM Becky Serra last week.

    Cohen: This should be one for the ages folks…


    Beach balls drop from the ceiling, as Batti comes out running with her newly won title in her hands. She kicks one of the balls into the audience before holding the Elite championship high above her head proudly. She runs down the runway and slides in. She headbangs to her music, and waves enthusiastically at everybody in attendance. She points giddily to her belt; letting everyone know that she’s the new champion.

    Anderson: First, from Neo Japan, weighing 115 pounds, she is the new Elite Openweight Champion, Batti!

    Connor: That was one heck of a mountain that Batti climbed at Apocalypse, but she managed to turn back the challenge of Xander Lebell.

    Cohen: Everyone’s gunning for Vis Imperium now, this is just more fuel on that fire.


    The crowd goes crazy as Tyrone appears at the top of the arena, with the Mayhem championship around his waist. He pauses to take in the atmosphere, before making his way through the crowd. He walks down the steps, making a bee line straight to the floor. He hops over the barricade and slides inside the ring, spinning his black bat around. He slowly pulls back his hood back and tears off his bandanna, before nodding to his partner. He takes of his belt and holds it above his head.

    Anderson: And her partner, weighing in at 225 pounds, he is the new Mayhem Champion, Tyrone Blades!

    Connor: At Apocalypse yet another chapter was written in the epic rivalry between Constantine and Tyrone Blades.

    Cohen: Constantine’s loss was Tyrone’s gain, only now there shouldn’t be any question who the better man was.


    Titus comes out to the stage. He’s met with thunderous boos as the crowd chants “Not my champion!” over and over. He looks around and smirks. He lifts his Eurasian championship belt high and walks down the ramp with a wry smile on his face. He climbs into the ring and cockily points at the belt. He turns and talks a bit of trash to his two opponents.

    Anderson: And their opponents, introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is the Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison!

    Connor: At Apocalypse, Titus defeated his toughest challenger to date; Kagura. His record Eurasian title run continues.

    Cohen: It was a tough loss for her, and she earned my respect, but in the end Titus is still champion.


    Bright lights flash across the screen; the arena bursting with color. Slowly it begins to drain out like a hole has been punched through the bubble. Standing on the stage, amongst a sea of lights swirling underneath him, large serpents battling, fangs piercing the flesh, is Justin Cooper. The battle beneath his feet comes to an end, a single viper slithers forward, as the world champion drops to his knees and raises his arms to the boos of the crowd. They hate him but their reaction means nothing to him as he smiles. The viper coiled around him now, Justin whispers to it and orders it forward, he follows soon after and makes his way to the ring. Once inside, he climbs onto the top rope and begs the crowd to react, spitting at them both literally and with his words acting as pure venom. He jumps down, removes his robe and his belt and places them in a corner of the ring.

    Anderson: And his partner, from Sydney, Australia, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper!

    Connor: Not only did Cooper retire Garth Black at Apocalypse, but he was revealed to be the real leader behind Vis Imperium all along

    Cohen: Justin Cooper has a lot of enemies here tonight. Tyrone Blades wants his blood, and I’m sure Batti doesn’t like him either, given her history with Xander Lebell.


    Senior referee Jurou Akiyama presiding. The two teams convene to see who fights first. Cooper and Titus seem to be argumentative, while Batti and Blades seem to be on the same page. Cooper and Blades exchange trash talk, while Batti seems eager to start. Eventually, Titus walks out to the center of the ring to start for his team, and he’s immediately met with more deafening “not my champion!” chants. Titus turns and taunts the crowd, as boos rain down on the Eurasian champion. Batti scrunches up her face in frustration, as she doesn’t like being ignored. She charges forward, hitting Titus with his back turned, and drives him into the corner. She unloads with a flurry of fists, as Titus covers up and ducks his head in between the top and middle ropes, prompting Akiyama to drag her away.

    The two combatants begin circling each other, when Titus suddenly takes her down to the mat. Using his superior technical skills, he grounds her while Batti screeches in protest, trying to get to her feet. Batti rolls through his guard and gets to her feet, but Titus wheels around and slaps her hard across the face. Batti stumbles back, stunned. The crowd gasps and angrily protests, as Titus mocks her. Batti turns to her partner, who shouts some words of encouragement. “Get that son of a bitch!”

    Connor: Titus doesn’t seem to be taking Batti very seriously tonight.

    Cohen: Batti needs to stop playing games and focus. Her opponents are arguably the two top wrestlers in WZCW today.

    With a war cry, Batti charges forward again, but Titus gets behind her and grabs her by the waist. He lifts her up and dumps her onto the canvas. He floats over and grabs a headlock and takes Batti over onto the mat on her back. She gets to a seated position and reverses out of it, grabbing a hammerlock in the process. Titus reverses out of that, and promptly hits a swinging neck-breaker. He applies a rear chinlock and wrenches in the pressure. Batti gets to a knee and reverses the hold into a headlock of her own. Titus lifts her off the mat, trying to drive her backwards onto her back, but Batti holds on and uses the momentum to take him over onto the mat this time. Titus works his way into a seated position, and manages to climb to his feet. Without warning he flips Batti up and over with a Northern Lights suplex. He bridges into a cover…


    But Batti gets a quick shoulder up. Wasting no time, Titus follows up with a DDT, dropping her head into the canvas. He grabs her by the wrist and drags her over to his corner and tags in Justin Cooper. Cooper immediately goes to work by stomping her face in with his boot. He grabs the rope and pushes his weight forward as she screams in protest. He scoops her up into his arms, turns, and slams her down behind him. With Batti stunned, Cooper kicks her in the back three times before running off the ropes and hitting a low drop kick, which sends her flying across the canvas. He taunts Blades in the corner, who feigns getting into the ring, but the ref stops him. Cooper slaps his knee brace and hits a knee thrust, knocking her down. He grabs her from behind and nails a Devil Lock DDT before going for a quick cover…



    But Batti kicks out. Showing no signs of hesitation, Cooper picks her up and applies a hammerlock. He drives her head first into the turnbuckle. He nails her with a nasty looking European uppercut, following by some knees thrusts to the gut. He tags out to Titus, who continues to work her over with European uppercuts and knee strikes of his own.

    Connor: The world and Eurasian champions seem to be isolating Batti from her partner.

    Cohen: It’s smart strategy. Batti is the physically weakest competitor of the four. Logic says that those two can wear her down a lot faster than they could Tyrone Blades.

    Batti collapses into the corner, as Titus tags out again. Cooper nails her with a flapjack, driving her back first into the canvas. He transitions into a single leg Boston crab. He wrenches it in as Batti cries in protest, but she suddenly rolls through it. The world champ quickly gets to his feet, but Batti grabs his head and nails him with an inverted backbreaker. She quickly scrambles to her corner and tags in the mayhem champion.

    Connor: And there’s the hot tag! Listen to that ovation.

    Cohen: Blades has been wanting to get his hands on Cooper in the worst way possible ever since he revealed himself to be the mastermind behind Vis Imperium.

    Cooper holds out his hands and pleads for a time out, but Blades flattens him with a running high knee. He follows that up with a hook kick, which sends the world champ to the ground. Blades grabs him and hits a double underhook backbreaker. Instead of going for a cover, he wraps Cooper around his knee and applies pressure to his lower back. Blades talks trash as Cooper writhes in pain. He shoves him to the mat and holds his left forearm against his face, while pushing his shoulders to the mat with his weight. With his right fist, he begins to punch him in the gut as the referee counts…


    But Blades pulls his head up, clearly not satisfied with the beating that he’s given Cooper. The fans cheer in agreement. He drags the world champion to his feet, synchs in a half nelson, and drills him with a sick looking pumphandle driver. This time he makes a cover…



    But Cooper kicks out. Blades drags him towards his corner and tags in Batti, who eyes him devilishly. She chokes him in the corner with her foot until Akiyama forces her to break the hold. Batti backs away and signals to the crowd.


    Connor: Batti’s about to go wild here! There’s no intimidation in her eyes at all.

    Before running forward and nailing Cooper with a bronco buster. Not satisfied, she runs and bounces off the ropes before hitting a baseball slide dropkick right to the side of his head. Cooper’s skull jerks back as he lies motionless as Batti tags Blades back in.

    Cohen: Batti and Blades are employing the same strategy. Isolate one man from his partner, and wear him down. I don’t know how smart it was to isolate the world champion though. Cooper has that title for a reason. He’s damn tough.

    The mayhem champion drags him out of the corner and hits the Mo Murda [facebreaker DDT.] He goes for the cover…



    But it isn’t enough, as Cooper gets his shoulder up. Titus engages Blades in a game of trash talk, distracting him long enough for his partner to recover. He grabs the mayhem champ’s legs and takes him down to the canvas, before mounting him and raining down some vicious looking forearm blows. Cooper snakes his arm behind his opponent’s neck and locks in a keylock armbar, as Blades struggles to find a counter. Cooper plants his knee in his opponent’s gut, making it next to impossible to wriggle free. With his free hand, Blades reaches across and claws at his opponent’s exposed eye, eventually forcing himself free. Cooper reels back as he’s met with a knee strike to the face. Titus complains about the dirty maneuver and feigns entering the ring, forcing the referee to hold him back. With the officials back turned, Cooper nails Blades with a low blow. He grabs his head and places it between his legs and lifts him up high before slamming him down with a sit-out crucifix powerbomb. He goes for the cover…



    But Blades kicks out.

    Connor: What a dirty play by Titus and Cooper! I don’t see how either one of these guys can live with themselves.

    Cohen: This is tit for tat, Cat. Blades could have torn his eye out with that counter. No one said that this match was going to be fair. It’s all about proving one’s superiority however possible.

    Cooper positions Blades for the Final Verse [reverse STO] but this time it’s Batti that tries to interfere. Blades counters, and in one swift motion throws Cooper over the top rope. What follows next is chaos. Blades follows Cooper to the outside, while Titus drops down from the apron and tries to interfere, but Batti suddenly flies through the middle rope and sends them both hurtling backwards into the announcers table.

    Connor: Holy heck, bodies are flying everywhere now. The mayhem and world champions are brawling on one side, while the Elite and Eurasian champions are battling on the other.

    Cohen: Get them away from our table! Go bother the Spanish announcers!

    With no other option, referee Akiyama begins to count…


    Blades pushes Cooper back first against the ring apron, before pummeling him with his fists. He hits a high knee strike, as Cooper crumbles to the floor. One of the fans shouts “Kill him Blades! Kill him!”


    Batti and Titus begin to stir.


    Cooper recovers and fights back, slamming Blades head against the barricade, before hitting several stiff looking kicks to his torso.


    Titus slams Batti’s head into the announcers table, before belting her with European uppercuts.


    Cooper tries to whip Blades into the steel ring stairs, but he reverses, sending the world champ crashing into the steps back first.


    Batti tries to fight back by swinging wildly, but Titus cuts her off by nailing her with a Kesagiri chop to the skull. He grabs the smaller girl and throws her viciously into the barricade.


    Connor: My god, just when I had thought that Cooper had hit the stairs hard, Titus throws Batti into the barricade even harder.

    Cohen: It’s all about pride tonight. All four are putting on a demonstration on what it takes to hold a title in WZCW.


    Blades rolls Cooper back into the ring and quickly drapes his body by the feet on the middle rope. He pulls him back and plants him on the back of his head with the Desolate Roads [rope hung reverse DDT.] Blades begins to measure him for the Click Clack as Cooper gets to his feet. Blades hits the superkick, followed by a swift running knee strike straight to the head. Cooper crumbles in a heap as Blades makes the cover…



    But Titus breaks up the pin, having dispatched Batti on the outside. He softens Blades up with a springboard bulldog before hitting the Tit Drop [leg drop bulldog!] Quickly realizing that he’s not the legal man, he tries to wake Cooper. The team takes too long as Batti recovers on the outside and slides into the ring. She spears Titus down with the GLOMP! before nailing Cooper with an axe kick to the back of the head. She rallies the crowd and begins to measure the legal man for the Kawaii Kick, but Akiyama forces her to the corner, finally restoring order to the match. Cooper whips Blades into the ropes, but he ducks and swiftly plants him with another Mo Murda [Facebreaker DDT.] He tags in Batti, who rallies the crowd once more. She looks to finish Cooper when she’s interrupted by a blast of music.


    Connor: What the heck is Flex Mussel doing here?

    Cohen: Maybe he’s after Cooper?

    Connor: Doesn’t he know that there’s a match going on right now?

    The number one contender walks down the ramp, now dressed in his signature tracksuit, with his admirer turned protégé, Charles Chesterfield, in tow. Batti doesn’t look to happy to see him, but Flex holds up his hands and points at the world champion. “I want him!” he shouts. He passes Titus on the apron and stands in front of the announcers table. Back inside Batti finally wears down Cooper long enough to hit the Kawaii Kick [scissors kick] to the back of his head. She falls into the cover…



    But Titus again breaks up the pin fall. He screams at Cooper to pull himself together, as Akiyama forces him back to his corner. Blades jumps down from his corner and crosses the outside of the ring. Fed up with the Eurasian champion, he pulls Titus off the apron and slugs him. A brawl erupts between the two WZCW hall of famers, as the referee shouts for order. Blades and Titus star throwing bombs back and forth on the outside as the crowd goes wild as they continue the fight around the ring.

    Connor: Look at this, Titus and Blades! Titus and Blades! I guess he couldn’t handle anymore of Titus’ interference.

    Cohen: Neither man is going to give an inch here!

    Flex takes this opportunity and moves closer to the action inside of the ring. Cooper recovers and hits the Mic Drop [over the shoulder belly to back piledriver] slamming Batti down hard across his knee. He notices Flex on the outside, and the two begin to trash talk each other. Cooper grabs Batti and looks to hit the Final Verse, but with a burst of adrenaline, she recovers and plants him with a belly to belly suplex. Meanwhile Titus has knocked Tyrone into the steel steps on the outside and has made his way back to the ring apron in his corner. Batti takes off her boot, looking to put Cooper away for good, but Flex slides into the ring as Charles distracts the referee.

    Connor: What is he doing, is he trying to force a DQ?

    Cohen: Flex doesn’t care about this match; he only wants to get at the world champion.

    Batti gets in his face, and shouts at him to leave. He holds his hands up and starts to back away, as Cooper gets to his feet. Batti goes to kick him in the gut, but he blocks her foot and shoves her down. Titus suddenly reaches over the ropes as Cooper stumbles back and gets a blind tag in! Cooper looks back at Titus but gets dropkicked by Batti to the outside! Batti turns towards Flex and begins yelling at him but Titus sneaks into the ring, springboarding off the ropes and connecting with a bulldog on Batti. Flex throws his hands up as he rolls to the outside, stalking Cooper who is still down on the outside. The crowd boos loudly as Titus sets Batti up for the Tit Drop [Fame Asser], but as he jumps, Batti suddenly catches him and delivers the Bakka Bomb [spin out powerbomb]!

    Connor: We have action going on all over the place as Batti counters Titus, but Cooper seems to be in the crosshairs of Flex!

    Cohen: Cooper needs to get back in the ring and help his partner!

    Batti and Titus are both slow to stir, but suddenly Blades climbs back up in his corner, yelling and motioning for Batti to make the tag. Batti crawls towards her corner as Titus shakes the cobwebs out, looking back towards Batti before crawling towards his own corner. Cooper meanwhile on the outside has slowly started to pull himself up to one knee as Charles gets in view of him. Flex motions for the Flexicution while Cooper angrily looks at Charles. However, with one final jump Batti makes the tag as the crowd erupts! Titus reaches his hand out, not realizing until the last second that Cooper is nowhere to be found. Titus turns to the outside, seeing Cooper dealing with Charles and Flex as an angry look forms on his face. He suddenly turns but walks right into a super kick from Tyrone! Titus drops to one knee and Blade delivers the Click Clack [Kinshasa]! Tyrone quickly goes for the cover.




    Anderson: Here are your winners, the Elite Openweight Champion Batti, and the Mayhem Champion Tyrone Blades!

    Connor: Titus was left high and dry by Cooper, but perhaps for good reason!

    Cohen: That loss shouldn't count for Titus it was a handicap match at that point!

    Cooper, having grabbed hold of Charles, looks back into the ring, his eyes growing wide before catching Flex in his peripheral view. He drops Charles as Flex rushes towards him, swinging with the Flexicution [Discus Clothesline] but Cooper ducks under the way and connects with a stiff right, and the brawl is on between the challenger and champion. Charles rushes to the aide of his mentor but that only serves to distract Flex momentarily. Cooper drops him with a stiff forearm shot before turning and hitting the Remix [short arm lariat] on Charles! Cooper looks over the two of them for a moment before walking over to the time keepers table, grabbing his world title and walking towards the ramp, but not before yelling at Titus who has yet to move in the ring. He turns and stares at Flex while holding up the World Title.

    Connor: Cooper avoided disaster tonight, but this has just begun between Flex and him.

    Cohen: Flex and Cooper are on a collision course for an epic encounter that's for sure Connor.

    Meanwhile in the ring Tyrone and Batti have their hands raised by Akiyama. They go to opposite corners and lift their respective titles high in the air, Batti staring down at Flex, while Tyrone points out at Cooper before slapping his Mayhem Championship.

    Connor: The drama is clearly not over between everyone involved here tonight, but we are out of time here on Ascension! For Jack Cohen, I'm Cat Connor, goodnight!

    The camera cuts between all four champions and Flex before fading away to a final shot of Batti and Tyrone clinking their titles together and the copyright logo comes on screen.
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