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    The Amway Center in Orlando, Florida rises with applause here at the final stop before the biggest show in professional wrestling. Thousands of fans cheer wildly, packed into the building for not just Meltdown or Ascension but for a very special event: WZCW SuperShow 5! A host of graphics appear on the big screen showing some of the matches and special attractions we have on offer tonight including; WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Mikey Stormrage going one on one against the fearsome Abel Hunnicutt, a blockbuster triple threat between Eve Taylor, Tyrone Blades and Elite Openweight Champion Noah Ryder, and the main event which will feature two Hall of Famers, Matt Tastic vs Eurasian Champion Titus Avison. Not only does the screen show those matches but it transitions to show a graphic with three men and the words ‘The Show’ highlighted like the Hollywood sign.

    Copeland: Hello and welcome to the last pit stop on the way towards Kingdom Come VIII! I’m Sebastian Copeland, once again coming to you live here at the broadcasting booth and tonight as usual I’m joined by my partner, Jack Cohen.

    Cohen: I’m counting down the days until Kingdom Come, Seabass! It’s getting closer and closer and I can barely stand it. These fans, well I don’t agree with them often, but they are right on the money with the level of excitement they are showing. Did you see that blockbuster card they showed on the big screen? So many main event level matches, pay-per-view worthy even and WZCW is giving them away for free! I cannot believe it but it goes to prove that WZCW is the best wrestling company in the entire world.

    Copeland: You got that right, Jack. Just look at the main event of the evening, Matt Tastic vs Titus Avison. A legendary feud in the past, Tastic will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame before Kingdom Come this year so it’s literally two Hall of Famers competing against each other. You don’t see that often. What an honour it is going to be to call that match later on tonight.

    Cohen: Ah, Titus Avison has got it in the bag. He’s become the greatest champion of all time and tonight, just as he will at Kingdom Come, he will reign supreme and continue to show the world that the EurAvison Championship is the greatest title in all the land! Tastic is too busy worrying about what Flex Mussel is going to do to him if they cross paths. I’m telling you, Tastic better watch his mouth because Flex will shut it for him with a hard uppercut with those biceps.

    Copeland: We would be amiss if we did not touch on the huge return of “Showtime” Cougar. He will host ‘The Show’ live in the middle of the ring with Mikey Stormrage and Justin Cooper just days before they meet for the first time ever at Kingdom Come. They’ve never wrestled a match against each other - singles, tag team or any other stipulation you can name. Not once have they crossed paths but that will all change at Kingdom Come. What do you think is going to happen tonight, especially after how heated this match has become after Vis Imperium got involved and Stormrage putting Cooper through a table on Ascension?

    Cohen: Total chaos. We better have security out here because Justin Cooper isn’t going to just let Mikey Stormrage humiliate him and get away with it. Stormrage caught Cooper off guard on Ascension and I bet you that tonight we might see Cooper’s friends, Vis Imperium show up and get even. Stormrage better watch his back.

    Copeland: So you still think Cooper is involved with Vis Imperium and isn’t the changed man like he says he is? Come on, Jack. Cooper knew nothing about the Vis Imperium attack. He’s innocent!

    Cohen: Lies, Cooper knew all along. Just wait and see, Seabass. At Kingdom Come, when the moment arrives, Cooper will have to make a choice... I have no doubt that he will have a chance to cheat and when that time comes, cheat and take what you’ve been fighting six years to achieve or uphold your morals and possibly lose, well I know what I’d do.

    They continue to rundown the card, covering several of the other matches when the camera turns to the centre of the ring where the ring announcer is standing by. The crowd comes to a hush as he holds the microphone up to his lips.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall and is a tag team contest!


    Harrys: Introducing first from New York, New York, weighing in at a combined 270 pounds, Gabi and Callie Clark... the Clark Sisters!

    As the music kicks up Callie struts out onto the stage and strikes a pose, her sister follows soon after and they stand opposite each other. As they walk down the ramp fans are taking photos of them but both Callie and Gabi at random times move their hand back and forth to create a blur on some of the photos, laughing as they enter the ring.

    Copeland: We’ve got a few new names that have joined the company since we last joined you at home and this is one of the fresh new teams we have in the tag team division. Two sisters from New York who love to cosplay. Well, I’m sure you know all about the cosplay scene, Jack.

    Cohen: They’re so going to be crushed. Constantine may just break them with a stare. These women... no, these girls are not fit to be in this company. Look at them dressed up like fools. This is professional wrestling, not some dress up competition and tonight they’re about to come face to face with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time - John Constantine. How dare they do this! This is an outrage. Constantine is an elite athlete and they put him into the ring with girls.

    Copeland: You never know, they could surprise you and score the upset win over the reigning champions. Keaton and Constantine have not worked together before while the Clarks have known each other since birth. You may very well be in for a rude awakening during this match. Who knows, a strong performance in this win, win or lose and the Clarks could be challenging for the titles after Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: It’s that same kind of fairy-tale thinking that had people believe Eve Taylor was going to win Lethal Lottery. Look how well that turned out, idiots!


    Harrys: Making their way to the ring, weighing in at 490 pounds, they are the reigning WZCW Tag Team Champions, Constantine and Mark Keaton... VIS IMPERIUM!

    As Verdi begins, lights begin flickering through the infinite darkness of the blackened arena. As the music picks up once more, Constantine, wearing his championship around his waist, appears through the curtain. He stretches his arms out to his sides as the music continues; the drums crashing like thunder through the lightning. He is soon followed by Mark Keaton with his own title belt being played like a guitar, his tongue out and golden hair twirling as he spins his head. Constantine and Keaton stand together, the latter trying his best not to laugh at the two women in the middle of the ring.

    Cohen: That is what a team looks like! Champions and perhaps the best pair we have ever seen in this company. Mark Keaton last week shocked the world when he announced Constantine as his partner replacing Justin Cooper. A significant improvement if I do say so. Constantine promised to bring the titles back to Vis Imperium and he has done just that and removed the weak link in Austin Reynolds. Abel Hunnicutt nearly broke Austin’s neck last week and I bet he’s so fearful that he will never cross Vis Imperium ever again.

    Copeland: A strong looking team they are but let us remind you all that Constantine and Keaton have never teamed together. This is the first time ever for them after battling it out during the second half of 2016 in tag matches between Vis Imperium, Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt, against Cooper and Keaton. These two have destroyed each other in tag competition but now they are standing together as a unit. It’s a sight to behold.

    Cohen: And they’ll continue to remain a solid unit. They’ll win tonight and at Kingdom Come they’ll make quick work of that wannabe mobster and the snake freak. They cannot match the power of Vis Imperium. Not now that they are stronger than ever!

    Inside the ring the referee separates the two teams. Keaton will be starting for Vis Imperium and Callie will be starting for the Clarks. In the ring Keaton takes off his leather jacket, showing off his abs and points towards Callie Clark, telling her to come and feel them. Callie scrunches up her face, Constantine tells Keaton to stop playing around but Keaton shakes his head and laughs, “We’ve got this, John. Just chill, baby! You got Mark Keaton by your side now.” With that said, the referee signals for the bell.

    *DING DING*​

    Keaton struts around up and down the ring, a large smirk across his face, and runs his hand through his golden hair. Gabi Clark shakes her head in disgust and stomps her feet, lifting her hand in the air for a test of strength. A wild laugh from Keaton echoes throughout the arena as he points towards Gabi and almost falls over. Keaton takes a few steps forward and starts posing in front of Gabi. Much to his dismay, Gabi counters with a pose of her own and shows that her muscles are just as defined as Keaton’s! The Remarkable One shrieks in horror of being shown up by a woman and punches her in the mouth. Gabi is caught off guard, Keaton grabs her by the hair and slings the larger of the two women into the ropes. On the rebound Keaton leaps into the air and connects with a dropkick right to the face of Gabi Clark. With a skip in his step Keaton leaps to his feet and begins stomping Gabi Clark all over her body. He grabs the top rope for extra leverage, driving his knee into the back and stomach of the opponent. On the other side of the ring Constantine is shouting orders and Keaton turns, offers a nod before picking Gabi up and chopping her in the chest. A few moments later Gabi Clark is sent into the corner with Constantine, who grabs hold of her and Keaton rushes hitting a hard clothesline. A tag is made and Constantine enters the ring, a few punches connect before he executes a drop toe hold and slides forward to apply a side headlock. Callie Clark on the apron is extending her hand for the tag but the champions will not let up. Constantine tightens his hold and shouts out to Keaton who flings himself over the top rope and connects with a leg drop across the back!

    Copeland: He’s not legal! Keaton cannot just jump into the ring whenever he wants.

    Cohen: Constantine is one of the smartest minds we have ever had in WZCW. He knows how to breakdown a match and he’s shouting orders to the youngster. These girls don’t stand a chance against the mind of Constantine.

    The referee orders Keaton out of the ring, who leaves but not before kicking Gabi Clark one last time. The two legal participants are now standing as Constantine switches from the headlock to a hammerlock behind Gabi. He pushes her towards to the ropes and then picks her up with a Sidewalk Slam. Constantine motions for the referee to come over and he makes a cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Gabi Clark gets the shoulder up and Constantine is quick to stand up and deliver some stomps for her efforts. He walks over to Keaton and they begin talking as Gabi Clark pulls herself off the canvas using the ropes. Without a tag being made Keaton rushes into the ring, charges towards Gabi Clark but gets flipped over the top rope and to the floor below! Wide eyed, a fury in his eyes, Constantine looks to make up for that mistake but gets caught with a right hand. Gabi Clark then hits a clothesline, another connects when Constantine pops back up and she starts firing off palm thrusts to the face and throat of The Power Trip.

    Copeland: Sixty four palms strike!

    Cohen: What?

    Copeland: Um... I mean, strong offense by Gabi Clark. She’s coming back now.

    Constantine is getting rocked now as Gabi whips him into the corner and before he has a chance to gather himself, Gabi comes flying at him with the stringer splash. He stumbles forward right into her arms again and Gabi lifts him up connecting with a snap powerslam! Gabi Clark goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out. With that kick out Gabi goes over to her corner and tags in Callie Clark. The high flyer aims on the ring apron and springboards into the ring Springboard Knee Smash. Constantine is down again, he looks over to his corner and sees Keaton finally getting up onto the apron, his hair a wild golden mess. Constantine begins crawling over to the corner but Callie Clark cuts him off, lifts him back to a vertical base and tries to whip Constantine into the ropes.

    The bigger of the two, Constantine counters with an Irish-Whip of his own... however on the rebound Callie ducks the clothesline and is able to nail the Sling Blade! She goes for a cover. 1... 2... Keaton breaks it up! The referee isn’t happy and warns Keaton to stop jumping into the ring but the Remarkable One shakes it off, spitting on the canvas and slides back to the outside. Callie Clark is the first to her feet and kicks Constantine in the stomach, she goes for a running bulldog but Constantine lifts her up off the canvas and turns it into a back suplex. A loud thud is heard over the arena, Constantine gets to his knees and sees the young girl crawling for a tag so he grabs her leg and with an almighty thrust drags her to the opposite corner. Keaton is tagged in and he begins stalking Callie Clark who uses the ropes to get to a vertical base. She edges towards the middle of the ring as Keaton waits, begins to dance arrogantly and starts to jab, moving in and out as Callie tries to counter.

    Copeland: Keaton showing a complete lack of respect for these women.

    Cohen: He’s showing them the respect they deserve.

    The jabs only last so long as Keaton lifts Callie up and connects with a backbreaker. He doesn’t cover but instead turns to Gabi on the ring apron and dares her to come get some. She yells for him to let Callie make the tag, she is crawling to the corner and is right near Keaton’s boot. The champion laughs and places his boot on Callie’s head, pushing down on her skull, and yelling for her to make the tag. In the end Keaton steps back, lifts Callie up and throws her into the corner with Gabi! Constantine is regaining himself on the apron and is furious! Keaton tells him to calm down but he’s just given up a significant advantage by allowing the isolated Callie Clark to tag in Gabi. In comes the bigger of the two women and she immediately knocks Keaton down with a forearm. Keaton tries to throw his dancing jabs but Gabi wraps his arm up and smashes her head into his with thunderous headbutts! The lights are on but nobody seems to be home as Keaton stumbles around the ring and lands hard after Gabi hits a flapjack. She goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    On the ring apron Callie Clark looks to have recovered some and she makes the tag with Gabi. Keaton is still down and the crowd stands up as Callie Clark ascends the top rope and dives off - SPIRAL TAP! Constantine is livid on the apron and is begging for the tag as Callie Clark hooks the leg. 1... 2... Kick Out! Somehow Keaton gets the shoulder up but he’s still in trouble as another tag is made and Gabi Clark comes back into the ring. She begins climbing the top rope, although not as fast as her sister, clearing looking uncomfortable up in the high risk zone. Callie encourages her and Gabi leaps off with a splash but Keaton rolls out of the way. It took too long and Keaton now is making his way to Constantine. Callie Clark extends her hand and makes the blind tag on her sister and charges quickly towards Keaton... stopping him from making the tag.

    Copeland: The Clarks are in control right now. Keaton made a huge mistake allowing Callie to tag out when they had her isolated.

    Cohen: I cannot believe what I’m seeing. Get Constantine in this match before the unthinkable happens!

    Keaton is back on his feet as Callie ducks his wild punches. After ducking one hard right, Callie turns and hits the Pele Kick! Keaton stumbles backwards and Callie rushes forward and hits the Tornado DDT! She goes for the cover. 1... 2... Constantine pulls Callie to the outside of the ring and throws her into the steel steps! Suddenly Gabi comes charging over to Constantine who ducks in and out of the ring while Keaton stands up and cuts Gabi off with the VHS Lariat! Constantine quickly moves around the ring, lifts Callie up and rolls her under the bottom rope. He ascends the apron and gets the tag with Keaton. Constantine enters, surveys the scene with Callie down inside the ring and Gabi now holding her head outside the ring. He stomps on Callie’s hand before mounting her and punching her hard in the face - Recompense. It seems the tables have turned after Constantine got involved with the illegal pin break and now, as Gabi Clark is on the apron with her hand extended, Constantine stalks the younger sister. He moves into position for The Axis, lifts Callie up and the young girl counters with an arm drag sending Constantine to the outside of the ring. Callie looks to the apron, sees her sister and dives... she makes the tag! Gabi Clark comes into the ring and smashes Keaton who tries to illegally enter the ring, knocking him to the outside with an axe handle smash.

    Constantine is pulling him back into the ring, Gabi grabs him by the head. Before she can get him into the ring Constantine drops down and Gabi’s neck gets caught on the top rope. She clutches at her throat, struggling to breathe, and stumbles to the corner for a tag... but Constantine has grabbed Callie Clark by the leg and pulled her to the floor. Constantine throws the younger sister over the announce desk and then enters the ring, catches Gabi Clark as she is still coughing and nails Collateral Damage! Constantine places a forearm in the face of Gabi as the referee counts. 1... 2... 3!

    Harrys: Here are your winners, the WZCW Tag Team Champions... VIS IMPERIUM!

    Cohen: I told you! Never doubt the power of Vis Imperium. What a way to open the show with the greatest tag team of all time standing tall against a couple of girls. They’ve found out like all the rest will that Constantine and Mark Keaton are unstoppable. I have no doubt that at Kingdom Come they’ll stand tall and vanquish yet another foolish team who wishes to try and take the titles from them.

    Copeland: A strong start to the night for Vis Imperium and we will see their challengers in action later tonight. It’ll be interesting to see how they fare against the former championship team of Runn Reynolds Runn. I have to give the Clarks some credit however as they gave Vis Imperium a run for their money. They almost had it and Keaton’s arrogance nearly cost his team.

    Cohen: A slight mistake but Constantine will sort it all out. He’ll fix the errors that occurred tonight and they’ll be a well-oiled machine at Kingdom Come. And Still, Seabass!

    Inside the ring Constantine gets to his feet and orders the referee to raise his hand. The crowd boos as Keaton slides into the ring, holding both belts and hands one to Constantine. They stand in the middle of the ring with the referee holding their hands high in the air and the title belts shining brightly under the thousands of lights above. The Clarks are huddled on the outside of the ring, Gabi checking on her sister. Keaton smirks as the replays are shown on the big screen and slowly Vis Imperium make they make their way up the ramp.
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    In the parking lot of the arena Garth Black is walking with a bag slung over his shoulder. He has a drink bottle in his hand and takes a few sips as he approaches the door. Once inside he begins walking down the corridor until he runs into Cat Connor. Black stops, looks over Connor, sees the microphone in her hand and lets out a loud sigh.

    Black: Let’s get this over with. What do you want to know?

    Connor: Well, uh, I wanted to get your thoughts on 2016 coming to an end and what your goals are for this New Year?

    With a look of annoyance on his face Black adjusts his bag and scratches the top of his head.

    Black: I think my thoughts on 2016 have been made rather clear. I took this business by the throat and became the very best in the world. I climbed to the top of the damn mountain whilst everyone was trying to hold me down but I kicked them off and soared to heights never seen before. I broke barriers that nobody else in the history of this industry has ever done but am I reward for that?

    He pauses and Connor goes to ask her next question.

    Black: I wasn’t finished! No, I’m not rewarded. I became WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, I defeated Matt Tastic, who only won the Gold Rush tournament because I was screwed out of it, and I beat Mikey Stormrage. I beat ‘em both and yet they continued to be front and centre of the weekly shows. They were on the talk shows, they had the DVDs made for them and they got articles written about them on the website. Where was all that for me? I was the champion of this company and was barely promoted!

    Connor: You have a chance to get back into position to win the title when you face Tyrone Blades in a number one contenders match at Kingdom Come. What are your thoughts on that match?

    A small malicious laugh erupts from Back.

    Black: What a great opportunity. An opportunity I shouldn’t have to compete for. I won the title, I defended it and then I gave Mikey Stormrage a rematch. He never defended the belt but yet this company deemed it fit for him to walk right back into the title picture after losing it so quickly. Where is my rematch? It’s bullshit! I should be in the main event fighting for MY title but instead they want me to have to wrestle a match to become the number one contender. I am the number one contender, damn it! Hell, I’m the number one, two, three, four, five, six... thirty seven... sixty two... eighty eight... I am the only damn contender that matters!

    Connor: Finally, you’ve got a handicap match against two rookies. How are you going to handle being down two to one?

    An unpleasant look comes over Black’s face as he rubs his eyes. He takes a long sip of his water before throwing the bottle to the ground.

    Black: I’ve won handicap matches before against tougher competition. Tonight I’ll use these two chumps as a warning to not just Tyrone Blades but to every single person who dares deny me what I have earnt! I am the rightful number one contender. I earned that and at Kingdom Come I’ll prove once again that Garth Black is the best wrestler on the planet. I want my title back. The WZCW World Heavyweight Championship belongs to me and I don’t care who I have to go through to get it back. That includes Tyrone Blades and the Hollow Ones. Nobody is going to stop me from getting my championship back. Now, get out of my way.

    Black shoves past Cat Connor and disappears behind a corner. Connor turns and picks up the water bottle that was thrown on the ground and we transition back to ringside.
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    Copeland: Well, there you have it, folks. Garth Black is in the mood for Kingdom Come and, perhaps even more strikingly, setting some records straight.

    Cohen: Let's face it, Seabass, Garth Black has been utterly and royally screwed by WZCW Management over the last few weeks and months. He is probably the only Champion in this company's history not to get an automatic rematch at the Heavyweight Championship. No wonder his arguments get so much traction with the fans!

    Copeland: Or maybe Management are just sick to death of him bashing them on the platform that they built for him? Maybe it's his comeuppance?

    Cohen: Psh! Ridiculous either way!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall!

    Blackjack Theron makes his way out onto the stage, covered in the lights that bathe the arena as his entrance music plays to his adoring fans. With a flick of his prop sword, a few shots of fire rise up from behind him on the stage. Blackjack Theron gives a smile to the fans before nodding his head in approval and moving down the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 190 pounds. From Stephenville, Texas... The Natural 21, Blackjack Theron!!

    Copeland: It is no secret that Blackjack wants the EurAsian Champion at Kingdom Come this year, folks. He hasn't minced his words when it comes to Titus in any way. But Logan McAllister stands in front of the Natural 21 first and foremost. And given the opportunity, Logan would love to put the brakes to that train of thought.

    Cohen: Titus has already beaten Blackjack Theron at the Lethal Lottery, Seabass. No wonder he doesn't want to face him again. Titus is amongst the very best Champions we have in this company and he wants to create new legacies, not rehash the past.

    As Theron reaches the bottom of the ramp, he tosses his dice onto the edge of the ring and studying how it falls. With a smile as the dice settles, Theron runs up the steps and gets into the ring. He takes off his entrance gear before tossing a card into the audience. He strikes a pose for the fans as the lights go off one more time.


    After a few moments of the entrance music playing, Logan McAllister finally makes his way through the curtain and out into the arena. Putting his hand to his brow to look at the masses of humanity who chant his name, Logan allows a smile to cross his face before setting off down the ramp and towards his opponent.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 275 pounds. From Boston, Massachusetts... The Son of Boston, Logan McAllister!!

    Copeland: Well, it seems as though the stars have aligned for Logan McAllister at Kingdom Come, Jack. After briefly winning the Elite Openweight Championship at Lethal Lottery, Logan got a taste for gold and now he looks to reclaim it.

    Cohen: Easier said than done, Seabass. Logan has garnered quite the reputation as the underdog searching for a taste of gold. He finally had it in his grasp and he blew it, quite frankly. A stroke of genius from Noah Ryder robbed him of the Championship and now he has to try and do the impossible all over again.

    Logan continues down the ramp, slapping some hands as he passes by the fans on the aisle. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he begins bouncing up and down on the spot in preparation for his match. He eyes Theron in the ring and allows a determined look to appear on his features. After a moment, he rolls under the bottom rope and gets straight to his feet, looking straight at Blackjack Theron and sizing him up. The referee signals for the bell after his final checks and the match is underway!


    Copeland: Like we have pointed out, folks, these two men have great aspirations for Kingdom Come. And if my time in WZCW has taught me anything, it is that you cannot underestimate just how important it is to have some positive momentum on your side heading into a huge match. Neither man can really afford to lose this match.

    Cohen: Someone has to, Seabass! Here we go!

    The two men begin circling the ring until a massive cheer goes around the arena one more time. Both men spin their head towards the top of the ramp to where Noah Ryder stands with a forgetful look on his face. With the Elite Openweight Championship around his waist, Noah cuts a fine figure. The fans give a laugh as Noah begins walking down the ramp, an action that seems to bring a scowl to the face of Logan McAllister. Noah gives Logan a nod of the head as he notices him before moving around the ring towards the commentary table. He pulls out a chair and sits himself down beside the commentary team, who each seems stunned into silence.

    Copeland: Uh, I guess Noah Ryder will be joining us on commentary for this match, ladies and gentlemen...

    Ryder: What's up, guys? This ought to be a fine match, huh?

    Cohen: You've got to be kidding me, right? What the hell are you doing out here, Ryder?

    Ryder: Um... I can't actually remember. But I'm sure it'll come to me.

    In the ring, Logan has moved over to the side of the ring that is closest to the commentary position. But Blackjack Theron is in no mood to let Logan take his time with this this match. With thoughts of putting this match away quickly, Theron goes for the quick roll up. The referee reaches a quick count of 2 before Logan manages to power out. Logan immediately gets to his knees and offers a look of concern and curiosity at Theron as Theron backs off somewhat. Logan shakes his head in disbelief and then stares out towards Noah Ryder in the commentary position. Logan gets back to his feet, still shaking his head at the events that just transpired. But soon enough, both men are back in the middle of the ring and the match is about to properly start. The referee issues a command for the action to begin and both men come together with a tie up in the middle of the ring. The fans at ringside settle into their seats as Logan manages to make good use of his weight advantage, pushing Theron back into the corner of the ring. The referee comes between them and asks for a clean break, to which Logan obliges. The two men back out of the corner into the middle of the ring again as the referee looks to restart the match. But the expected tie up doesn't exactly go the way of Logan this time as Theron manages to use Logan's rushing momentum against him, landing a quick hip toss that sends Logan flying across the ring. Logan gets to his feet and rushes Theron again. But the rage in him is making him easy prey for Blackjack, who lands another hip toss to his opponent and then stares him out as their eyes meet again.

    I don't think you can underestimate just how much of an effect you are having on your Kingdom Come opponent here tonight, Noah.

    Ryder: Wait a minute! We have a match? I met that kid in the back a couple of weeks ago... I think...

    Cohen: You beat him for the Championship that is sitting on the table right in front of you, you absolute buffoon!

    Ryder: I did!?

    Logan slaps the mat in frustration as he gets back to his vertical base. Theron stands in a ready pose, waiting for Logan to make his next move. The two men begin circling the ring again until they go for one final tie-up in the middle of the ring. But Logan is not in any mood to be bullied in this match and lands a quick knee to the gut of his opponent, bending him over double and then clubbing at his back in utter frustration. Theron hits the canvas for the first time as the impact of Logan's shot makes contact with him. Theron spring back up to his knees but the Son of Boston is right on top of him again. A flurry of heavy-handed punches catch Theron on the jaw and torso, backing him up to the ropes. The former Elite Openweight Champion uses this opportunity to whip Theron across the ring, nailing him with a beautiful spinebuster as the number one contender for the EurAsian Championship returns to him. Logan immediately goes for the pin but Theron is far too fresh for that and manages to squirm out of the pin at a count of 1. During the pin, however, the eyes of Logan McAllister are fixed on the Elite Openweight Champion at ringside. Logan begins mouthing verbal attacks at Noah as he pulls Theron back to his feet. He, once again, backs Theron up to the ropes and whips him across the ring one more time. This time, it looks as though Logan is looking to nail Theron with a clothesline full of impact. But Theron just manages to duck out of the way of the move and hits the ropes once again. Upon his return, Theron launches himself towards Logan, nailing him with a stunning diving clothesline. Logan hits the canvas again but manages to have the ring sense to roll under the bottom rope and out of the ring as Theron's momentum is put a halt to.

    Copeland: Hmm! A lot can be said about Logan McAllister tonight, folks. I don't want to make any assumptions but he looks completely distracted by Noah Ryder. And you simply cannot take your eyes off of Theron for a second, he's a former World Champion, for God's sake!

    Ryder: Which one is Logan McAllister, chief?

    Cohen: You've got to be kidding me...

    Ryder: No, seriously. Both of these guys look great in the ring. I wouldn't like to be the opponent of any of these guys at Kingdom Come, that's for sure.

    Logan slaps the apron in frustration again as he moves towards the steps at ringside. Climbing them and getting onto the apron of the ring, he motions for Noah to watch what he is about to do in the ring. But Theron sees an opportunity to make Logan pay for his constant distractions and follows up. He hits Logan with a beautiful dropkick that sends Logan flying off of the apron and smashing into the security barrier at ringside. The fans around him stumble backwards as the barrier struggles to deal with the sudden impact from the 375 pounder. The referee remonstrates with Theron to keep the match inside of the ring but Theron knows that this is his opportunity to put the match away. As Logan struggles to get back to his feet as he clutches his back, Theron begins climbing the turn-buckle inside of the ring. The crowd get to their feet as Theron raises the stakes. Theron gets to the top rope as Logan reclaims his vertical base and offers his opponent a taunt before,fearlessly, launching himself off of the turn-buckle. The smashing sound of skin meeting skin reverberates around the arena as Theron crashes into Logan with a diving move that sends both of them to the floor. The crowd are on their feet as both men lie motionless on the floor and the referee checks on them.


    Ryder: WOW! What a move from that guy!

    Copeland: That guy is Blackjack Theron, Noah. And I have to agree with you, suffice it to say. Theron put his body on the line in search for the answer in the puzzle of putting this match away. He just might have found it right there, folks.

    Cohen: Devastating, Seabass. Utterly devastating impact. But Theron needs to remember that he will have a match against Titus in a couple of weeks time and he needs to actually be healthy to have the match. Risk versus reward, you know?

    The referee gets back into the ring after making sure that both men are conscious and begins his count, the chants from the crowd still ringing in his ears. After a few seconds, both men begin to stir on the floor. But it looks as though Theron is going to make it to his feet first. Theron uses the apron of the ring to help him back to his feet and manages to roll into the ring at a count of 5 and then rolls back out. Theron takes a deep breath as he looks down at Logan on the floor in front of him. Theron knows that he needs to follow up on the momentum he has created as he grabs Logan by the head. But Logan acts instinctively, pulling Theron towards the security barrier and causing his head to collide with the unforgiving perimeter. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as Logan crawls towards the ring. This time, it is the turn of Logan McAllister to begin using the apron to pull himself back to a vertical base. And he soon follows suit by rolling into the ring and breaking the count. Upon rolling back outside the ring, he grabs Theron by head, now sensing that he has the momentum and not looking to surrender it any time soon. The referee continues his count Logan pulls Theron to his feet and moves him around the ring, driving his forehead into the security barrier with impact and the following up with a short-arm clothesline. With the referee at a count of 7 now, Logan, once again, rolls into the ring and breaks the count before rolling out again.

    Cohen: It looks to me as if Logan McAllister is making an example out of Blackjack Theron solely for the purpose of giving you a lesson in what to expect at Kingdom Come, Noah.

    Ryder: Yeah, he's really putting the screws to that guy now. He's got a lot of heart and aggression, I'll give him that much. Just when you think that he's down and out, he comes right back at you. He's a determined son of a gun.

    Copeland: I haven't seen Logan like this in a long time folks. Since losing the Elite Openweight Championship on the same night he lost it, he has been like a man possessed in trying to get it back.

    Logan makes his way back over to where Theron is getting back to his feet. Logan waits for Theron to turn to him before landing a swift punch to the lower jaw of his opponent. Theron recoils as though it were a locomotive that hit him, causing him to fall onto the commentary table. Logan eyes up Ryder, sitting only feet away from him, as he continues the onslaught on his opponent. Grabbing him by the hair and lifting him up into the air before dropping him onto the table. Logan lets a smile appear on his face as Noah Ryder falls deathly silent on commentary. Ryder gets to his feet as Logan begins mouthing warnings to him. Meanwhile, Theron has managed to get himself together and manages to land a double axe handle from behind, causing Logan to collide with his Kingdom Come opponent and topple into the chair and onto the ground. The referee continues to count and has reached a count of 6 as Theron notices and stumbles towards the ring. Both Logan and Noah spring back to their feet, their hands balled into fists and waiting on the other to make the first move.

    7... 8... 9...

    As the referee reaches a count of 9, Logan snaps out of his trance and makes a rush for the ring, making it into the ring with absolutely no time to spare. He rolls over and uses his momentum to get to his feet. But he walks right into THE CRITICAL HIT!! The fans are on their feet as Theron lands his finishing move out of nowhere! He falls on top of the Son of Boston as the referee counts the fall. 1... 2... 3!

    Copeland: Blackjack Theron does it! He has picked up a win over a dangerous looking opponent here tonight. But it goes without saying that Noah Ryder's presence here at ringside played a very significant part in the outcome of that match. Regardless, Blackjack Theron moves onto Kingdom Come with a win in his pocket and tensions continue to rise between Logan McAllister and Noah Ryder.

    Cohen: And it looks as though Noah Ryder wants no part of what he knows will, invariably, be coming his way tonight. He knows, as much as he would like to forget, that he cost Logan the match right there. And, if anything, this is going to fuel the fire even more...

    Noah makes his way up the ramp, only turning to look at Logan as Logan rolls onto his side with a snarl on his face.
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    A large locker room is filled with several superstars and focuses on six competitors all around the same area. They are bickering back and forth with each other and the conversation is getting heated.

    LeBelle: You are clearly mistaken as it is I, Xander LeBelle, who shall win the Battle Royal at Kingdom Come. All of you cannot possibly hope to defeat a man as brilliant as I. You are nothing but petty imitations of a professional wrestler whilst I am the greatest mind to have ever lived! I have figured out each of your strategies before you have even thought of them yourself. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why you shall all bow to the greatest mind this world has ever seen at Kingdom Come and I will go on and challenge for either the Elite Openweight or Eurasian Championship.

    From across the way is Batti Otaku and she is drawing a picture.

    Otaku: Look! Look at this!

    Everyone turns and looks at the drawing, a mess of colours which shows Batti standing in the ring and all her competitors on the outside with ‘WINNER’ written in big letters.

    Otaku: I’m so excited for Kingdom Come. My first time ever competing, so many people, and they’ll see me win! Oh, how they’ll cheer. I hope they like me. Then I’ll challenge for a title, I love how the Eurasian Championship sparkles. It’s so beautiful. I better add it to the drawing.

    Batti looks down and begins drawing on the Eurasian Championship.

    Vee: That’s a nice picture but Batti I’m sorry to tell you it’s just a drawing. It’s not a prediction or a glimpse into the future because if it was I’d be standing tall having won the battle royal. A year ago I competed inside the King for a Day chamber so I’m prepared for this and I will not let this opportunity slip through my fingers.

    In the corner, brooding with his head down and the shadows all around him, Phoenix chuckles.

    Phoenix: Didn’t you just lose a tag team title opportunity. You’ve got some slippery fingers it seems, kid.

    Vee: Excuse me? What have you done lately?

    Phoenix: Look, I don’t care about what any of you have to say. The five of you haven’t done half of what I’ve done. It’s a disgrace I’ve been put into this match with the likes of you all. I’m a legend in this business and at Kingdom Come, when Tyrone claims the number one contendership, I’ll win this battle royal, by the next pay-per-view we will both claim gold that this company holds so dear.

    Kagura stands up and she brushes past the other competitors and heads for the door.

    Joheki: You’re all nothing but stepping stones on my way back to championship gold. I’ll throw each of you over the top rope myself if I want. That includes you, Batti. Don’t think just because we’re both, well one of us is a woman and the other is... whatever the hell you are. Same goes for you. What did you say your name was?

    Another female is sitting wearing wrestling gear. She does not respond to Kagura.

    LeBelle: I would ask that all you women please refrain from engaging with me during the match. I wish not to put my hands on a female and shall not resort to such savagery on the grandest stage of them all. No, I think not!

    As the door opens, Kagura looks back and smirks at LeBelle.

    Joheki: Afraid of getting beaten by a girl?

    LeBelle: Of course not. Nevertheless, stay on your side of the ring and I’ll stay on mine. I have a standard to maintain!

    They continue to argue as the camera fades out and the sound of six voices all talking over the top of each other grows louder and louder.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, weighing in at 210lbs, from Sydney, Australia, he is the number one contender for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship, Justin Cooper!

    The crowd cheers as Cooper makes his way onto the stage and takes a moment to soak in the applause. He bounces around a bit, hyping himself up, before he heads to the ring, slapping some hands along the way. He rolls inside and climbs the nearest turnbuckle before he yells while pointing to the sky. He jumps down before he takes a seat and awaits Flex.

    Copeland: The Lethal Lottery winner is looking as primed as ever here tonight. He looks to be handling any nerves he may have over the big showdown in New Orleans.

    Cohen: He best not look past Flex tonight though. He is a capable foe, and you better believe he will find any cracks in Cooper's game.


    And his opponent, from Paris, France, weighing in at 220lbs, Flex Mussel!

    The crowd is mostly boos for Flex, who comes out and begins to recklessly fire a t-shirt cannon into the crowd. The audience allows most of the shirts to simply fall to the ground as no one is in the mood for a free Flex shirt after it was revealed what he did to his former partner. He climbs into the ring and strips off his track suit and stares down Cooper from across the ring.

    Copeland: I still am in complete denial over the actions of Flex Mussel toward Ramparte. Why would he turn on such a close friend?

    Cohen: What have friends ever done for anyone? I for one applaud him dumping the dead weight and looking out for himself. I look forward to the new and improved Flex Mussel.

    Referee Keith Morse checks both men for foreign objects before he calls for the bell.


    At the sound of the bell, the two men advance on each other and begin to circle. Cooper is wary, not wanting to give away his gameplan, so he sticks to the outside. Flex takes the time to pose and taunt Cooper, who does his best not to let the tactics get to him. Cooper eventually moves inside, ducking under a punch from Flex and manages to get behind the European. He lifts him and takes him down with an amateur style take down. He quickly spins to a north south position and tries to lock in a choke hold of some sorts, but Flex is quick to get back to his feet while fighting the hold. Cooper tries to come back in a second time, but Flex catches his with a quick jab that halts his progress. Flex fires off a couple more quick short punches that cause Cooper to back into the ropes. From there Flex Irish whips Cooper across the ring. Cooper ducks an initial clothesline, but off the second rebound he runs into a big shoulder block from Flex. He tries to get to his feet, but Flex grabs him around the waist and switches position to get behind the number one contender. From there Flex connects with a belly to back suplex. He tries to get into a pinning position, but Cooper is too quick and rolls away to the ropes. Flex ignores the referees warnings to allow Cooper a break and grabs a handful of hair and drags him toward the center of the ring. He secures a side headlock and begins to rain down punches to the head of Cooper. Cooper musters the strength to push Flex away, but Flex is quick to stay on the attack with a quick dropkick to Cooper. He rolls over into a quick cover...One!...One is all he gets though as Cooper kicks out with ease. Back on their feet and Cooper does his best to stay on the outside and pick a spot to attack, but Flex offers up a hand for a test of strength.

    Copeland: Looks like Flex wants to see who the stronger man is.

    Cohen: Well clearly Flex is the stronger man. I think he has something else in mind here.

    Cooper looks around the arena, the crowd telling him not to accept the hand. He goes against their wishes and grabs the hand of Flex, who immediately kicks Cooper in the midsection. He takes the doubled over Cooper and sets him up for a suplex. He lifts him in the air, and shows off his impressive strength by just holding him in the air. He starts to bring Cooper down, and at the last moment transitions the suplex into a sideslam. Full Body Fitness V2 by Flex! He hooks a leg...One!...Two!...Two and a half before Cooper kicks out. Flex doesn't look too surprised, almost as if he expected a fight from the Aussie. Flex stands and again uses Cooper hair to pull him to his feet. He connects with some short jabs to soften him up, before he Irish whips him into the corner. He sets up for the Body Breaking Diet, he runs but Cooper manages to get a boot up and stop Flex in his tracks. Flex stumbles back but charges again, and again Cooper gets a boot up to stop Flex. As Flex stumbles back, Cooper hops to the second turnbuckle and leaps and connects with a flying shoulder block as the crowd starts to cheer him on. Cooper stalks Flex, who gets to his feetm only to turn around into a European Uppercut. Then a second, then a third. He backs Flex all the way to the ropes where he then Irish whips him across the ring and connects with a flapjack which he rolls into a single leg crab. Cooper leans back on the hold, and Flex appears to be in some trouble as he cralws toward the ropes.

    Cohen: Cooper, right in his element right now. He has Flex right where he wants him.

    Copeland: Flex is desperately reaching for the ropes, and.... yes, he gets it by a fingertip.

    The referee comes over to Cooper to inform him to break the hold. One, Two, Three, Four, and Cooper releases just before the five count, showing great veteran awareness to get all he could out of the hold. Cooper grabs Flex and pulls him to his feet and scoops him up and slams him down. He then measures Flex and drops an elbow, then a second, then a third. He hooks a leg after the third elbow drop...One!...Two!...Two is all the Aussie gets before Flex kicks out. Cooper calls for the finish though, and gets ready to hit Final Verse, but Flex shoves him away and wisely rolls out of the ring, the crowd booing. Flex takes a moment to walk around and gather his bearings, but Cooper is feeling the fire and rolls out of the ring after him. He runs and charges at Flex. At the last second, Flex sidesteps Cooper and sends him knee first into the steel steps. Cooper screams out in pain, and Flex begins to smile wickedly. He rolls back into the ring to break the count, before he grabs Cooper and lift him in the air, dropping him knee first into the barricade. Cooper again screams out in agony as his knee is sent into the fan restraint.

    Copeland: What a vicious unnecessary assault here by Flex.

    Cohen: Flex hasn't done a single illegal thing this entire match. I feel bad for Cooper, he has had knee issues in the past, but Flex is fighting smart.

    Flex drags the hobbled Cooper to ringside and rolls him in. He wraps Cooper's knee around the ring post and slams it into the post hard. The sound echoing throughout the arena as Cooper's screams of agony are drown out only by the gasps of the crowd. Referee Keith Morse quickly calls for the bell as soon as Flex rears the leg back for a second time.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, I have been informed by the referee that Justin Cooper is unable to continue. Therefore your winner by referee stoppage, Flex Mussel!

    The crowd is all boos as Flex taunts them. The referee checks on Cooper, which seems to anger Flex. He grabs a steel chair from under the ring and wraps Cooper's leg around the post again. He rears back and takes a Ruthian swing, only to be pulled away at the last second by Matt Tastic!

    Copeland: Thank the stars that Matt Tastic decided to come out here and stop this before it got even uglier.

    Tastic grabs the chair and chases Flex.

    ???: Now hold on just a second!

    The crowd turns their attention to the stage, where Vance Bateman is standing, looking angry.

    Bateman: Now, Flex, I'm not going to have you ruin my main event by taking out the number one contender. Since you and Mr. Tastic seem to have some issues the last couple of weeks, I'm making a match for Kingdom Come. It will be Flex Mussel versus Matt Tastic. You two can finally settle your differences.

    Tastic, who has stopped chasing Flex, smiles and nods in agreement, while Flex looks on in anger at the announcement.

    Copeland: So huge news. Flex Mussel scores an upset over Justin Cooper, only to try to end his career. Matt Tastic makes the save, and now we have Tastic vs Flex on Pay Per View.

    Cohen: Completely unfair to Flex. I demand justice!
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    Backstage, we see Noah Ryder sitting on a production truck with the Elite Openweight Championship strung over his shoulder. He takes a bit of an apple and then takes a look around his surroundings with a smile on his face. Suddenly, a volley of shouting comes from down the corridor. Noah gets to his feet as he scours the scene for the cause of the noise.

    ???: Ovah there!

    Suddenly, the irate figure of Logan McAllister comes charging around the corner. The look on his face suggests that he is no mood to share words with Noah Ryder. As he continues down the corridor, Noah tries to remonstrate with him as a friendly smile appears on his face.

    Ryder: Hey, buddy! Nice to meet you!

    Suddenly, Logan jumps at Ryder, taking him down and beginning an attack of his own. The two men jostle for position as they role around on the floor. Logan seems to get the better of the situation, however, as he manages to land a few stiff shots to the face of Ryder. Suddenly, some officials and referees make their way into the shot and begin trying to pry the two men apart. It takes a while but, eventually, they are able to get the two men separated. Logan is pulled away from Ryder as Ryder slowly gets back to his feet.

    McAllister: Your time is up, Rydah! I'm taking that Championship back once and for all! No tricks this time!

    Logan is dragged out of the picture and down the corridor as Noah picks up his Championship from the floor. As Ryder picks his head up, he allows a look curiosity to cover his features. He looks over to one of the members of security.

    Ryder: What did I ever do to that guy? Sheesh!
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    Harrys: The following contest is a two on one handicap match set for one fall!


    Preston appears on the stage and throws his arms up, claiming to be the best. He walks slowly to the ring, being very careful not to touch any of the fans. He only glares at them with disgust and he walks with his nose up in the air.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Beverly Hills, California, Preston Scott Cunningham The Third!

    Cunningham climbs onto the ring apron and shakes his head as the fans boo. He wipes his feet, enters the ring and takes a bow in the centre of the ring.

    Copeland: A new superstar making his debut here tonight. Preston Scott Cunningham has grown up wealthy and is looking to try his luck in the world of professional wrestling. If I had to give this young man some advice it would be not to expect a lot of help due to his wealth. He has had everything handed to him but in professional wrestling you’ve got to earn your spot and what better time to do it than in your very first match?

    Cohen: Hey, Seabass! It’s Preston Scott Cunningham, The Third! This guy lives the high life. He has the fast cars, the money and the women. He knows all about living the superstar lifestyle but the question is can he be an actual superstar or is he just pretending? I’m excited to see what this youngster brings to the table in this match tonight.

    Copeland: A big opportunity going against a former World Champion. Plus, with so many watching the SuperShow tonight he will have the chance to show his skills to millions all around the world. A lot of pressure on the young man to step up and deliver something here tonight. Good luck to PSC3!

    Cunningham stands inside the ring adjusting his wrestling boots with a smug look on his face. He pulls out a hundred dollar bill from his boot and wipes the sweat from his brow before throwing it to the outside. A camera man picks up the damp and scrunched note off the ground and puts it in his pocket discretely.


    Harrys: And his partner, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

    Lights go out, and a video shows of images of world atrocities in rapid succession for 8 seconds, then a spotlight shines on Vox. The natural lights come on as he begins walking. He walks out wearing his backstage attire and with a microphone in hand. Looks to the crowd to find anyone with an outstretched hand. He grabs their hand, holds them earnestly, asks for their name and says "Gregory, God bless you! Let us be the change." Eventually making way to the ring while droning on about the deforestation of the rainforests.

    Cohen: Another new man on the scene here in WZCW. Just listen to him preach. A man of knowledge and someone to watch in the future. Vox has been in the back all day educating some of the fools we have on the roster who could surely use a lesson from such a knowledgeable man.

    Copeland: Vox sure has a lot of opinions and he’s not afraid to share his opinion with the entire WZCW audience. However if he keeps talking down to the fans they will not embrace him. People don’t like being spoken to like children, Jack. Vox may turn some of them against him with this, I’m smarter than you attitude he seems to be projecting.

    Cohen: Ah, most of ‘em could use some educating. Let them turn against Vox. This man doesn’t need them. He’s forgotten more than most of them will ever know.

    "Thank you, beautiful people. God bless you!" Yells Vox, tossing his hands up in the air. He removes his jacket and sunglasses while his partner for the evening approaches to discuss strategy.


    Harrys: And their opponent, from the Last Chance Saloon, weighing in at 15 stone... Garth Black.

    Garth walks down to the ring purposefully, carrying a bottle of water. On the way down to the ring he looks into the camera and says “Another handicap match. What a way to kick off 2017... still being screwed over by this damn company.” On the way down to the ring, he takes his shirt off throws it into the audience. When he gets to the ring, he slowly climbs in, acknowledges the crowd, has a drink of the water before tossing the bottle out of the ring.

    Cohen: Another handicap match for Garth Black only proves that he’s being hard done by this company. The guy is still waiting for his title rematch. I mean he gave Stormrage a shot but now he’s on the outside looking in as the fat man is main eventing Kingdom Come. It’s clearly not fair for Garth Black.

    Copeland: Well we know that Black will face Tyrone Blades at Kingdom Come where the winner will become the number one contender for the World Championship. You would assume that the title shot would come at the next pay-per-view event. It’s major opportunity for Garth Black to defeat a Hall of Famer and get another chance to regain his lost championship.

    Cohen: He shouldn’t have to earn it! He is the former World Champion and is owed a title rematch just like Mikey Stormrage received. This makes me sick to see such favouritism and how unfair this entire situation is. Give the man his damn rematch already!

    Black sits on the turnbuckle and stares down his two opponents. The referee walks over to Black, he gets off the turnbuckle and shouts at the two young men on debut to decide which of them is starting. Cunningham tells Vox to exit the ring, Vox holds open the ropes for Cunningham to leave but neither of them wants to stand on the apron. They both want to start and Black on the opposite side of the ring is getting frustrated. They start arguing back and forth until Black rushes over and clotheslines both of them to the outside of the ring.

    *DING DING*​

    Black stomps around inside the ring and yells for one of them to get inside the ring. Vox rushes in first, leaving Preston to take a spot on the apron, and charges towards Black. The rookie gets kicked in the stomach which stops him dead in his tracks, Black grabs him and tosses Vox over with the judo throw. He lands on top of Vox and starts firing away punches to the head with the crowd trying to count them as they connect. The punches are deadly fast and Black hits around twenty in a matter of seconds before pulling Vox to his feet and slinging him into the ropes. On the rebound Black ducks down and sends the rookie high into the air with a back body drop. Black kicks Vox in the back and drives his knee into the rookie’s back. On the apron Preston extends his hand for a tag but Black cuts him off and smashes Cunningham in the face with a right hand, knocking him to the outside. As Black turns around Vox gets to his feet, ducks the right hand and grabs him around the waist. Vox grits his teeth and connects with a German suplex. He keeps his hands grasped and connects with a second. Black tries to scramble free but Vox is able to power through and nails a third with a bridge. 1... 2... Kick Out! The crowd is stunned, as is Black, when Vox rolls over and gets to his feet. He is bringing the fight to a former World Champion. Vox grabs Black by the head, hits a forearm shot and connects with a DDT. Again, Vox goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Garth Black gets the shoulder off the mat.

    Copeland: Vox showing some real skill in his first ever match. Can you believe he’s holding his own against a former World Champion?

    Cohen: Preston standing on the apron just preparing to unleash his fury. I bet when he enters the ring he’s going to bring the fire!

    Vox looks over to Preston and they exchange a few words. It appears they’re about to make a tag but Black grabs hold of Vox’s tights and yanks him away. Black explodes off the canvas and drives his knee into Preston’s stomach and once again knocks him down to the floor. Once he turns around, Vox is running towards the corner and hits a running dropkick. The shock waves knock Black into the corner and he falls onto his chest. The crowd cannot believe what this rookie is doing as Vox scrambles up the top rope, holds up his hands and leaps into the air with the double foot stomp - it connects! The referee scrambles into position and Vox hooks the leg. 1... 2... Kick Out! Somehow Black remains in this match and the impressive rookie pounds the canvas getting frustrated. He looks to the outside of the ring where Preston is pulling out another hundred dollar bill and wiping his face.

    Vox shrugs it off and pulls Black up off his feet sending him into the ropes and goes for a back body drop. Black counters, kicking Vox in the face and following it up with an STO. Pushing himself off the canvas Black staggers up, looking infuriated at what has happened so far, and runs into the corner. He takes aim and rushes forward hitting an enziguri. He hooks the leg. 1... 2... Kick Out! The kick out doesn’t seem to bother Black who stands over Vox and slaps him in the face before wrapping his arms around him and lifting Vox off the canvas and connecting with a belly to belly starting with his opponent being flat on his back and doing it in one motion. The strength is amazing to see and Black once again runs off the ropes, smacking Preston in the face with a wide forearm and knocks him down again, and then charges back at Vox with a knee to the face.

    Copeland: Did you hear the sound of the knee? That was a hard shot by Garth Black.

    Cohen: The former World Champion is taking control and may look to end this match now.

    Black stands in the middle of the ring and waits for Vox to get to his feet. He fires a punch and then another but as he goes for a third Vox returns fire with a left right hand combination. The punches get faster from Vox who ducks Black’s shot and hits a clothesline! Black is down but gets right back up only for Vox to sling him into the corner. He charges forward and hits a forearm through the air. Black stumbles forward and Vox lifts him up and nails the brainbuster! Vox goes for the cover, Preston marching up and down the ring apron counting along. 1... 2... Kick Out! Black will not go down and the rookie cannot believe it. He hit the brainbuster perfectly but Garth Black will not quit. The crowd watch on as Vox stomps the mat, demanding Black to come get some more and slowly but surely the former champion begins to stir. Preston extends his hand but Vox waves him off, grabs Black by the arm, kicks him in the gut and pulls him into position for the package piledriver. Before Vox can lift Black off the ground, the former champion pushes him towards the corner and Vox’s back hits the turnbuckle. Black steps back and quickly connects with the enziguri again. Black holds his head, he shakes it off and grabs Vox by the arm and slings him into the ropes and Preston makes the blind tag. Black doesn’t notice and lifts Vox up for the Black Out - it connects!

    Copeland: Black Out! Black hit his finisher but Vox isn’t legal.

    Cohen: He comes Preston!

    Preston lets out a savage scream and charges at Black who ducks and lifts him up off the canvas onto his shoulders. Black watches as Vox rolls to the outside, shifts back into the middle of the ring with Preston on his shoulders and connects with the Black Out again. His knee knocks Preston out cold and Black hooks the leg for the cover. 1... 2... 3! Garth Black defeats two men in one night and has made a big statement going into his match against Tyrone Blades at Kingdom Come.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match... GARTH BLACK!

    Cohen: Two men couldn’t defeat Garth Black tonight. This proves that he should be getting a rematch for the World Championship. He is still one of the best we have in this company and he is being screwed by management. How many men does he have to beat in a single night to get a title shot?

    Copeland: A big statement and a warning shot for Tyrone Blades possibly? What will happen when those two collide for a shot at the most coveted title in professional wrestling? Black has definitely set himself out from the pack tonight and is on the hunt to regain the title he lost at Lethal Lottery.

    Black doesn’t waste time gloating in the ring. He exits and begins walking up the ramp and when he reaches the top of the stage he turns back and motions that he’s coming for the World Championship. Inside the ring Preston is still out cold as Vox is on his knees outside of the ring, sweat running down his face and thinking of what may have been.
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    A muffled sound and sudden movement is met with darkness. Unable to see anything for a moment until the small handheld camera is twisted around and lifted up to his eyes. With sweat slowly dripping from his forehead, lining the bandana’s edges with wetness. Tyrone Blades sits somewhere backstage, it’s unrecognisable as the lights are flickering and unstable, where we can hear commotion going on around him.

    Blades: Well, well, well, what a day it has been so far. Kingdom Come on the horizon, an event which I know very well, and here I am once again sitting watching men and women with far less talent than I get to be front and centre. You did this, Banks. You put these idiots into the eyes of the world and now you’ve got them believing they can stand against me. My legacy stands above all and yet you’ve got guys like Mikey Stormrage and Justin Cooper running around talking about being the best. They’re not the best. I am the best, I’m the best until the day I retire but before that day happens nobody else can touch me!

    A loud bang is heard in the background as Tyrone adjusts the camera and pulls it closer to his face.

    Blades: This little game we’re playing, Banks. It’s nearly at an end because this idea of keeping me off television didn’t work. Oh yeah, I heard that you were going to do everything to stop me getting anything more than my match. Look what happened, I win... again. It’s funny because last week when I destroyed your World Champion I realised just how much power comes with that title. I’ve seen this company hold Mikey Stormrage up as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live and for what? I’ve beaten him at Kingdom Come before and last week I needed only one move. He doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Tyrone Blades but this company continues to push the lie that he could stand up against me.

    Tyrone stands up and begins walking around with the flickering lights overhead.

    Blades: Your precious World Champion fell and whether it’s him or Justin Cooper who walks out of Kingdom Come as champion it makes no difference. Both of them are your own creations. Heroes born to make those pathetic fans think that somebody cares about them. I don’t give a fuck about the fans. I don’t care if Mikey or Justin walks out as World Champion because in the end they’ll both fall before me! They’ll both plead for me to stop as I bash in their skull with my baseball bat. They’ll cry like bitches as I take back the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship and crush whatever stupid belief they had that they were on my level. I’m going to tear the main event apart just because I can. I see the power the World Championship has and once I claim it. Once I take back the World Championship...

    Tyrone reaches what looks to be a door but it’s been kicked off the hinges. The light from outside reveals the inside of the WZCW production truck. Several production workers lay knocked out cold and a few are terrified, huddled in the corner. He runs his hand alongside it and picks up the baseball bat.

    Blades: I’ll be untouchable.

    He walks down the steps, when he reaches the last few he steps onto the back of a security guard who is knocked out cold.

    Blades: Pity. They should’ve just let me inside without a fight. I only wanted to talk but you had to try and stop me, Banks. Now look what you’ve done. Look what has happened. At Kingdom Come you’re worst fear will be realised when I become the number one contender, the first step to becoming World Champion. Garth Black said earlier tonight he would go through anybody to get the title back... well his words seem rather hollow to me. He says he will go through anybody but...

    Tyrone looks back to the security guard out cold on the steps. He flicks up his bat and smirks.

    Blades: I proved I’d go through anyone. Garth, let this be a warning for you. You’ve done well to fight against the machine but now it is time for you to step aside. I have a greater need of the World Championship than your damaged pride. You lost it, right on the doorstep of greatness when you could’ve achieved something and now it’s time for me to step back into the fold. It’s time for me to do what you couldn’t. Do not make this any harder than it has to be because just like Mikey and Justin, you’re not on my level. With love, from the Hollow Ones!

    Tyrone drops the camera and walks away. The sound of the bat scrapping against the concrete ground echoing as we fade to black.
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    Ricky Runn comes out first to a cheer with Austin Reynolds second to a mixed reaction. They make their way to the ring.

    Copeland: Wow a Runn Reynolds Runn entrance. It's been how long? Do you have goosebumps?

    Cohen: I can't say I do.

    Copeland: Why's that?

    Cohen: Cut the crap. The last time Ricky Runn was in WZCW, he left and tried to get everyone in the company to leave with him.

    Copeland: Allegedly.

    Cohen: Yes. That's why WZCW has put him in this match as his return. I heard he wanted a chance with Mikey Stormrage.

    Copeland: That won't be happening for some time. That being said he is a former world champion.

    Cohen: So is Disasterpiece but he's not going to walk in calling the shots is he? I guess he'll put top effort in with his training for this match.

    Copeland: Are you implying that Ricky Runn would announce a return to the company and just phone it in without any preparation?

    Cohen: Surely he's not that stupid! He'd end up flat as a pancake!

    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a tag team match. In the ring at a combined weight of 390 lbs, they are the former WZCW Tag Team Champions, Austin Reynolds and Ricky Runn, Runn Reynolds Runnnnnn!

    The crowd cheer and Ricky Runn gets his swag on and soaks in the cheers. Then silence.

    Before their opponents make their way to the ring Abel Hunnicutt appears on the titantron.

    Hunnicutt: You made the wrong decision Austin Reynolds! At Kingdom Come we will face and you will face retribution. I know you can't wait until then, so come find me. Leave Ricky and come find me.

    The Titantron cuts off and Reynolds looks at Ricky Run and realises there are much more important things than him. He heads off to the back as the music for the Salvific Knights hits. Reynolds has disappeared now.

    Copeland: Ricky vs the Salvific Knights?

    Cohen: This will be fun!

    Harrys: And their opponents at a combined weight of 450 pounds, Anthony Mancini & Xaitlyn Serpiente... Salvific Knights!

    Lights go out. The theme starts playing as lights come back. We see Xaitlyn standing on the entrance ramp. The crowd cheers her but the cheers convert into mild boos when Anthony appears on the ramp with Gino. Xaitlyn and Anthony both start walking towards the ring. Gino follows Anthony while making some rude Italian gestures until Anthony notices it and stops him from doing so. Anthony then proceeds to pose on the turnbuckle while Xaitlyn stands still on the adjacent turnbuckle with her sight set on her opponents.

    Copeland: These two are making their way to the top of the card. They are the number one contenders and will be facing Vis Imperium at Kingdom Come. What better way to prove themselves than beating Runn Reynolds Runn?

    Cohen: I think it's just Ricky Runn!

    The Salvific Knights are in the ring, Ricky Runn realises he's by himself, as the bell rings. Xaitlyn stars. The former swagger goes for a hit to the face but she slivers out of the way. Immediately she delivers the Serpentine Stroke to Ricky Runn who collapses in a heap to the mat.

    Copeland: Not what I was expecting at all.

    Cohen: Get up man!

    Rather than going for the cover Xaitlyn goes to the corner and tags in Mancini. Mancini looks at the limp body of Ricky Runn on the mat. Gino laughs on the outside as Mancini gives him a nod. Are we about to see it for the first time in WZCW history?

    Mancini picks up Ricky Runn.

    Copeland: The Riposa in Pace! For the first time he's done it!

    Mancini covers Runn. 1...2...3

    Cohen: Wow they are on form. The Riposa in Pace will surely turn some heads in the next few matches for sure!

    Harrys: And here are your winners...Salvific Knights!

    Copeland: Great win, next stop Kingdom Come!
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    Tony and Xaitlyn come together in the middle of the ring as Tony grabs the wrist of his tag team partner. After a moment, he nods his head in approval before raising both of their arms into the air. The fans are getting behind them as a good measure of cheering goes around the arena. The two superstars soak in the ovation from the fans as they turn on the spot.

    Copeland: These two superstars have come from absolutely nowhere to put themselves in the running for the Tag Team Championships. I don't think anyone would have bet on that in a million years a couple of months ago.

    Cohen: I'm not the biggest fan of Tony Mancini or Xaitlyn Serpiente, Seabass. But I will tell you this, they have improved tremendously in the short time that they have been teaming together. But they are going to have a tough time at Kingdom Come with Vis Imperium.

    Copeland: Regardless of that, Jack, tonight they have shown that they belong in the conversation and they will be taking it one match at a time.

    After a few moments, the Tag Team Champions make their way through the curtain to a rapturous wave of booing from the assembled fans in the arena. Tony Mancini shakes his head in annoyance as the smiling faces of Mark Keaton and John Constantine stand on the stage, microphone in hand. Constantine and Keaton don't only just enjoy the horrible reaction of the fans, they encourage it; smiling all the time.

    Constantine: Look at what we have here, Mark... Our competition...

    Keaton gives a hearty laugh as Constantine cannot even hold back his derisory laugh.

    Constantine: Listen, Mr. Mancini and Ms. Serpiente, even I have to give it to you. A few months ago I would have thought that you would have been leaving the company, never to be talked about again. Your names would have been mentioned alongside the likes of Mr. Baller, Darren Bull and Ashleigh FalKon. You would have gone down in history as the mobster who didn't want to be a mobster and the creepy girl that brought a snake to the ring... And that was it!

    Constantine and Keaton laugh again.

    Keaton: I mean, it's laughable really!

    In the ring, Mancini and Serpiente look raging with Constantine and Keaton but are doing their best to control their feelings as they reach for a microphone of their own.

    Keaton: But, hey! You've managed to make the best of a bad situation. You went from obscurity to actually being in a ring with the most remarkable man in WZCW!

    Constantine: But make no mistake. Kingdom Come is absolutely no joke for Vis Imperium. At Kingdom Come, you will face the toughest test that you have ever faced in your entire career. You will come up against the very best that WZCW has-

    Mancini: Would you please shut the hell up!

    A massive cheer goes around the arena as Tony Mancini cuts Vis Imperium off in their prime.

    Constantine: How dare you cut us short?

    Mancini: Cut you short? I'll tell you now, Constantine. The only thing that is gonna be cut short is your Tag Team Championship reign. The difference between Vis Imperium and the two people in the ring is that we actually earned what we have. Yeah, we came up in the business the hard way and people probably wont give us a chance against the two of you. But I'll tell you something, Johnny boy, we weren't gifted anything like you were!

    Constantine looks furious as Tony continues, Mark Keaton trying to calm him down as much as humanly possible.

    Mancini: You might be a legend in this company, Constantine but every dog has their day. And at Kingdom Come, we are going to show you that we have what it takes to upset the odds. And when we do, you can rest assured that no one will be handing you another chance to be WZCW Tag Team Champion.

    Mancini gives Constantine a cheeky wink as he finishes.

    Mancini: We're here to stay...

    Constantine fumes as Keaton brushes off the words of the mobster. The fans cheer loudly as Tony drops the microphones and urges Vis Imperium down to the ring. Constantine begins marching towards the two in the ring but Keaton quickly gets in front of him. After a few wise words from his partner, Constantine allows a smile to appear on his face as he moves back up the ramp.

    Copeland: Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Vis Imperium will defend the Tag Team Championships against Tony Mancini and Xaitlyn Serpiente. There has been a lot of talking here tonight but at Kingdom Come, the talking will be done in the squared circle.
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    The large Hall of Fame logo is in the background with Vance Bateman and Becky Serra standing proudly in front of it.

    Bateman: An amazing night of action so far from all the superstars of WZCW. We couldn’t ask for more from the men and women who step in between those ropes to perform for you, the very best fans in the world.

    Serra: Superstars compete in the ring for championships, recognition and the admiration of the fans. They live in the hearts and souls of all those who had the privilege of watching them and remain a staple in professional wrestling long after their careers have ended.

    Both General Manager’s take a moment to pause.

    Bateman: Tonight it is our honour to introduce the third and final inductee into the WZCW Hall of Fame. It was a very difficult choice as so many men and women have proven themselves to deserve such an honour. We spent hours and hours going over the history of this company, the impact performers had on this business and what they meant to wrestling as a whole.

    Serra: In the end we both agreed that this superstar must be enshrined in the Hall of Fame for all they have done. They are a pioneer of the sport and have had a lasting impact on everyone. When we look at those left on the table for possible induction, well we had to pick “The One” who stood out.

    A slight grin comes over Serra’s face.

    Bateman: Ladies and gentlemen, the third and final inductee for this year is known other than the man who won the very first Lethal Lottery. It is the man who first held the Elite Openweight Championship, known as the Elite X Championship previously, and the man who achieved before anyone else what every superstar dreams of now... winning in the main event of Kingdom Come. WZCW is proud to welcome... Big Will into the Hall of Fame!

    The screen fades away and transitions to several clips of highlights from the career of the legendary Big Will.

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    Harrys: This tag team match is scheduled for one fall!


    Spotlights spread out the arena as Phoenix can be seen entering the arena through the crowd. He uses his bandana to shield his face as fans boo him. He hops over the barricade and slides under the bottom rope into the ring

    Harrys: Introducing first, trying to escape from the gutter, weighing 235 pounds, Phoenix!

    Copeland: It’s been a rough few weeks for Phoenix but there’s still time to turn things around.

    Cohen: Don’t disrespect this man! He is a victim of the system being used to hold back the Hollow Ones!


    The lights in the arena dim as pink lights begin to swirl, but they quickly change to gold and then to grayish white as Kagura begins to make her way onto the stage. She begins to slowly make her way down the ramp clutching her book to her chest with one arm. Ignoring the jeers of the fans she walks towards the timekeeper and hands him the book as she slides in the ring. Kagura and Phoenix share a look before awaiting their partner.

    Harrys: And his partner, from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 160 pounds, Kagura Joheki!

    Cohen: Speaking of having a rough time back Kagura has yet to get on the winning path.

    Copeland: Much like Phoenix she’ll be looking to change her luck tonight.


    The crowd begins to boo immediately as they already know the routine and refuse to be silenced for Lebelle’s pleasure. After more prolonged playing of Michael Buble the crowd figures they should get it over with and decide to quiet down. Only then does Xander Lebelle make his way onstage with a lit cigar in his mouth and a glass of wine. He slowly saunters down to the ring only stopping to dump the ash from his cigar. He eventually enters the ring and hands the referee the cigar and glass. All while trading sideways looks with Kagura as his manager knocked her out the previous week.

    Harrys: Ands their partner, making his way to the ring, from The City of Light, and weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds, he is 'The World's Greatest Mind' Xander LeBelle"

    Copeland: A bit of a precarious position of Xander as he now must team with the woman he sent his manager after on Ascension last week.

    Cohen: Xander is a professional, if Kagura knows what is good for her she’ll let bygones be bygones.


    Vee somersaults onto the stage as fans are just happy to have someone to cheer for. He begins bouncing up and down with arms high in the air and begins high fiving fans before entering the ring and doing another somersault while his opponents stare on unimpressed.

    Harrys: And their opponent, from Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    Cohen: I remember the good ole days where people didn’t flip, they just hit each other till one person couldn’t get up.

    Copeland: Well thankfully does days are long gone Jack. Because the crowd is loving Vee and one win tonight can surely put him in prime position to move up the card in the future.


    Beach balls begin to drop from the ceiling and the crowd begins to erupt as they know what’s about to happen. Batti runs onstage and begins kicking the balls into the audience with a massive look of glee. She clumsily strikes a pose before running down the ramp and slides into the ring headbanging to her music.

    Harrys: And his partner, from Neo Japan, Batti Otaku!!

    Copeland: Batti seems to be in much better spirits than she was last week.

    Cohen: Is that what this is? This women is clearly unhinged and I’m still not quite sure how she works here.


    The arena darkens and the crowd isn’t sure what’s happening as they were expecting Veejay. A single ray of spotlights shines onstage as a woman enters with all eyes focused on her. She begins to elegantly walk down the ramp and after a few second the dark arena shines bright with lights as everyone in the ring is confused by what’s happening. The woman then enters the ring and begins climbing each turnbuckle and bowing to the audience.

    Harrys: And their partner, from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    Cohen: Who is this? What is going on?!

    Copeland: I’m not sure but this Wren has seemingly taken the place of Veejay and will be competing in this match, surely a surprise for everyone involved.

    The bell rings and while everybody is still confused Wren bursts immediately out of the gate with a high impact drop kick to Phoenix wiping him out. Vee and and Batti quickly follow suit and begin hammering away on Kagura and Lebelle respectively. Vee and Lebelle begin brawling to the outside while Batti begins attacking Kagura in the corner. Kagura slips under the bottom to escape but Batti gets on the top rope with the intent of hitting a dabbing elbow drop! Out of the corner of her eye however she sees Phoenix slip in the ring and she instead clobbers him down with the dabbing elbow! Before she can get to her feet Kagura slides back in the ring and hits her with Saito Suplex. The former Elite champion then drags Batti to her corner and tries to tag in Lebelle but he refuses to tag in. Batti then tries to go for a quick roll up but Kagura immediately kicks out. Kagura then forcefully tags in Lebelle. Batti then hits a low drop kick to Lebelle’s legs knocking him off the apron. She tags in Vee who immediately sprints to the ropes and delivers a springboard headscissors to Lebelle sending him into the barricade. Phoenix attempts to get involved but Wren cuts him off on the outside with a spinning heel kick.

    Copeland: The action is fast and furious! The cohesiveness between Batti, Vee, and Wren is impeccable!

    Vee rolls Lebelle back inside the ring and attempts to go for the pin but Xander quickly kicks out. Both men get to their feet and the MMA specialist attempts a Judo throw only for Xander to block it and nail a stiff knife edge chop. He lays a few more that can be heard all throughout the arena before he goes for an STO taking Vee down. Xander proceeds to tag in Kagura just as aggressively as she did to him. Kagura tries to pay him no mind and hits a running knee drop to a downed Vee. She follows up with various elbow strikes to Vee. He does his best to block them but to no avail. She drags him to the corner and props him up. She then backs up and tries to go for a flying knee strike in the corner but Vee ducks and Kagura smashes her knee in the corner. Vee attempts to crawl to his corner but Kagura does her best to dive on top of him and get into a keylock armbar. Batti and Wren yell for him not to tap but Kagura is applying more pressure every second. Vee is doing his best to reach for the ropes but to no avail. Just as it seems like he’s about to tap he rolls over and locks her into a fujiwara armbar! Kagura is much closer to the ropes however and she quickly gets a rope break. Vee releases the hold but but runs to bounce off the ropes to deliver a delayed hesitation dropkick sending Kagura between the bottom and second rope straight to the floor! Vee attempts to regain his breath before realizing he needs to tag out so he heads towards his corner but just as he gets there both Batti and Wren are pulled down off the apron! Lebelle and Phoenix crawled under the bottom of the ring and came out on the other side!

    Cohen: Who’s got cohesive teamwork now!

    Phoenix and Lebelle respectively irish whip Wren and Batti into the barricades. Vee then delivers a springboard splash to Phoenix but as he gets up he’s met with a running boot from Xander. The self proclaimed greatest mind then chucks Vee in the ring and tosses Kagura in their as well. He then gets back on the apron yelling at her to make the cover. After she recovers from being dazed and stunned she realizes what’s happening and goes for the cover 1….2….Vee kicks out! Lebelle is irate on the apron. Not only yelling at the ref but at Kagura for not making the cover faster. Fed up and having enough she goes over and slaps him right across the face! And while they’re bickering in the corner Vee tags in Wren who slides into the ring and delivers a turnbuckle Enzuigiri hitting both Kagura and Xander. Lebelle falls off to the outside but Kagura id dazed and stumbles back to the center of the ring. Wren then follows up with a springboard stunner followed up with a Michinoku driver! She hooks the leg for the pin! But the ref won’t count!

    Copeland: What’s going on?

    Cohen: Kagura isn’t the legal man! Or woman!

    The ref informs Wren that due to the slap Lebelle is legal and just as she realizes the French genius enters the ring and nails a guillotine leg drop on Wren! He hooks the leg! 1...2….Vee breaks up the pin! He tries to do more but Lebelle knees her in the gut and throws her out of the ring. He then tries to line up Wren for The Rose’s Thorn but just as he bounces off the ropes Phoenix tags himself in! Confused and angry Xander stops him and yells for him to get outside but he refuses. Wren then tags in Batti and who gets to the top rope and nails both Xander and Phoenix with a diving top rope spear! Batti then picks up Phoenix and nails a vicious Bakka Bomb! The ref begins to count! 1...2...Kagura breaks it up! Out of the corner of her eye Kagura sees Vee attempting to intervene so she attempts a shuffle side kick but he ducks it and nails a 720 Guyver kick knocking her out of the ring! Xander gets up on the apron but Wren meets him with a reverse roundhouse kick knocking him to the floor. Batti then sizes up a dazed and bent over Phoenix and nails the Kawaii kick! She covers him! 1...2...3!

    Harrys: And here are your winners, Batti Otaku! Vee A.D.Z., and Wren!!!

    Copeland: Well it was kicks galore and through teamwork Batti, Vee, and newcomer are victorious here tonight. But they surely won't be so friendly at Kingdom Come

    Cohen: I blame Phoenix, if it wasn’t for him Lebelle would have had this victory for sure.

    Batti, Vee, and Wren celebrate in the ring while the ref checks on Phoenix.
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    We cut back into the ringside area and Eurasian Champion Titus Avison is sitting in the ring, at the top of a ladder. His Championship is over his shoulder and he has a microphone in his hand.

    Titus: Ladies and gentlemen, I sit at the top of this ladder tonight having climbed to the highest level this industry has ever seen. A level no other competitor will reach. Not Matt Tastic, who I guarantee you I will defeat tonight, and certainly not Theron. Speaking of Theron.... I have an answer to your challenge.

    Some cheers are heard in the crowd as they await the champion's response.

    Titus: I'll face you at Kingdom Come, but I have a condition. I think we should have a specific stipulation. If I defeat you again, which I will, then you can no longer challenge me for the Eurasian Championship. I call it a Theron's Last Chance match, or TLC for short.


    The crowd erupt into loud cheering at the sound of Theron's music. Blackjack and his girlfriend Tiffany walk out the on the entrance ramp. Theron holds a microphone in one hand and holds a small metallic box in his other hand.

    Theron: On the night of Burnup 136, Kirilah here met with the King Of Burnup regarding my challenge to you. She suggested a match type that is perfect for a battle of epic proportions such as ours. Tidarthian! It's funny that you would suggest your Theron's Last Chance match. There just so happens to be a certain other type of match that TLC stands for....

    Tiffany: Mr Bateman told me he would approve of the match type I suggested if you agreed to the match. Titus Avison against Blackjack Theron in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the Eurasian Championship at Kingdom Come 8!!!!

    The fans cheer for this and Titus gets down from the ladder.

    Titus: I honestly couldn't care less what the match type is because I already beat you. I'll do it again at Kingdom Come. You know what though? You're on, but my stipulation stands. If you lose, no more title shots against me because I plan on holding this title forever!

    Theron: I accept your terms, Tidarthian! I've rolled Natural 20's before. At Empire Rally it will happen again! This truly will be the biggest battle of them all.

    Titus: Oh and one more thing. Be careful what you wish for.

    Titus holds up his Eurasian Championship with a grin on his face. The fans show their support for the match.

    Copeland: Incredible! Fans often talk about dream matches. We are getting one this year at Kingdom Come. Titus VS Theron for the Eurasian Championship in a match featuring both of the TLC stipulations has officially been confirmed.

    Cohen: Titus is right though. Be careful what you wish for. No amount of "leveling up" could prepare him for a legend like Titus.

    Copeland: You never know. We could see The Legend Of Theron come to fruition at Kingdom Come. Fans, stay tuned. We'll be back in a moment with another exciting match here at the WZCW Supershow!
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    Stacey Madison is standing ready for an interview by the entrance way.

    Stacey: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm standing here with the World Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Stormrage, just moments before going out to compete against Abel Hunnicutt. Now I gotta ask you Mikey, how are you feeling right now after a crippling loss to Tyrone Blades weeks ago? How is it affecting you heading into Kingdom Come?

    Mikey comes in, title in hand looking quite intense and calmly takes the mic from Stacey.

    Mikey: I am mad. I am angry. So tonight, I gonna go out there and remind everyone that I'm the WZCW World Champion. In other words, the best wrestler in the world. Tonight it's Game Over for Abel and that's all there is. Thank you, Stacey.

    Mikey heads out ready for his match.

    Stacey: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. A pumped up and motivated Mikey Stormrage, in action next.
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Dead Horse, Alaska, weighing 267 lbs Abel Hunnicutt!!

    Abel slowly praddles down the aisle as fans boo him. He just ignores them as he enters the ring calmly, awaiting his opponent.

    Copeland: It's been a turbulent few weeks for Vis Imperium and that leadership has led to constant turmoil based on history. Winning and losing titles. Losing and gaining members. Abel has been steady through it all but he's also not had the best of luck lately.

    Cohen: Vis Imperium is going through a few transitions but I know it will pull through. I trust in the leadership of Constantine.


    And his opponent, from San Fransisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Stormrage!!

    Mikey appears on stage and marches straight to the ring as the crowd cheers him on.

    Copeland: Mikey is set to defend the title in the main event of Kingdom Come against Justin Cooper who seems to have Mark Keaton in his pocket for insurance. No doubt that weighs heavily in Mikey's mind as well as that attack from Mark Keaton and the loss to Tyrone Blades. I cannot blame him if he has a chip on his shoulder.

    Cohen: Now I don't want to call a two time Champio a "paper" Champion, far be it from me to judge, but I'd say Mikey's got a lot to prove 'cause. I'm not impressed.

    Both men are in the ring as the World title is set aside by the referee. He signals for the bell and as soon as he does, Mikey goes for Abel who is surprised and caught off guard. Both men clobber each other viciously and don't seem to let up but Abel clearly gets the worse of it. Abel backs off and Mikey goes for him but Abel manages to create the distance he needs by raking the World Champion's eye.

    Cohen: This can be a big win for Abel and Vis Im-- What?!

    Clanging noises are suddenly heard from the top of the ramp, cutting off Jack Cohen and emitting cheers from the crowd. The camera turns to show where the sound comes from and its a hooded man slamming a chair against the entrance ramp, he flips the hoodie off his head to reveal its Austin Reynolds!!

    Copeland: A demon of Vis Imperium stands at the entrance, starring daggers at Abel Hunnicutt!! Its Austin Reynolds!!

    The sounds and reaction from the crowd catch Abel and turns around as the crowd erupts. With Abel's attention set on him, Austin Reynolds stares from the stage on stage with the steel chair in hand but before he can do much of anything, Mikey turns Abel around, pokes him in the eyes and hits Game Over! He hooks the leg. 1........ 2.......... 3!!

    Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Stormrage!!

    Cohen: Call me impressed, I guess.

    Copeland: Mikey appears to have given Abel a receipt for that thumb to the eye.

    Mikey grabs his World title after getting his hand raised and just leaves, having alleviated his stress. He sees Austin Reynolds just watching in the ramp probably stunned at how fast things went down. Mikey simply waves him to march down and do his thing. Like an invite. Austin takes him up on it and marches down to the delight of the crowd and shakes Mikey's hand who then leaves. Austin enters the ring and right away waffles Abel with the steel chair in the back.

    Reynolds: You stupid stupid man! You tried to end me last week! Now you find out its impossible to finish something that already ended. You and your friends are the ones who made me a hollow man. And at Kingdom Come, I'm going to make you pay and suffer for that.

    Austin see's Abel squirming again and takes the chair, hitting him again.

    Reynolds: You loved to ramble about your hard life. Now it's gonna get a lot harder. At Kingdom Come, we're gonna fight. And I will get my revenge.

    Austin swings the chair again across Abel's back.

    Reynolds: Oh. And if you can't tell, our match is NO DISQUALIFICATION!!

    Austin slams the chair away in anger and poses to a delighted crowd.

    Copeland: Oh my God! Austin Reynolds! Abel Hunnicutt! No Disqualification!! There's no telling what Austin might do with all this pent up aggression!
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    The camera goes backstage, just outside the locker room of Matt Tastic. Cat Connor is standing by with the future Hall of Famer.

    Connor: Matt, you have a lot on your plate right now. You are just days away from a Hall of Fame induction, you have turmoil in you personal life, and are just minutes from a marquee match with Titus Avison, the WZCW EurAsian Champion. What is going through your head?

    Matt takes a moment, looking around the room before he speaks.

    Tastic: Well Cat, the match with Titus will be an honor. It isn't everyday two beacons of this company square off. They used to say Titus was WZCW. Now some people say I have taken that mantle. Regardless, I expect a hard hitting fight from a great competitor.

    Connor: How does it feel knowing you were the first inductee into the Hall of Fame this year? That has to make you feel good, right?

    Tastic: It is a nice thought. To think that even while still an active competitor that they would give me the highest honor you can receive in WZCW. I just feel lost lately Cat. Like I'm stuck in quicksand, trying to keep my head from going under. They say when you have nothing left to fight for, you start to feel unwanted. I feel like I've done all I can in this business, and maybe, just maybe, Kingdom Come will be my last rodeo.

    Connor: Do you think that...

    Tastic pushes the microphone away from his face and exits back into his locker room, ending the interview.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a triple threat!


    Fans begin to boo as the Elite champion’s theme begins to play. Noah is confused by the fans animosity towards but he decides to pay them no mind as he emerges on stage and holds his championship high in the air. He quickly makes his way down the ramp while holding his title and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He gets on the turnbuckle to bask in his greatness as fans continue to boo much to his surprise.

    Harrys: Introducing first from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 222 lbs, The Elite Openweight Champion! "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder!

    Copeland: Things have taken quite a turn for Noah Ryder recently. Upon winning the Elite championship soon thereafter Ryder viciously attacking Logan McAllistor.

    Cohen: Something must be in the air Seabass, everybody is turning a new leaf and Noah is just one of the many making all the right decisions.


    The arena dims as a single spotlight on the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor walks into with her head down away from the crowd. She begins to treat the ramp like a fashion runway as she slowly makes her way down the ramp. Her elegance is only magnified by her music and just as the chorus kicks in she raises her head high in the air. Her whole demeanor changes and the crowd notices as they begin to cheer her and she begins to soak in everything. She raises her arms high in the air and flames shoot out from the stage. Eve then gets on the apron and ascends the turnbuckle throwing one arm in the air as the crowd gets even louder.

    Harrys: Making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    Cohen: Eve Taylor is one of the most talented WZCW competitors but the fact is she chokes when it counts. And tonight will be no different.

    Copeland: Eve Taylor has recently attempted to get the attention of one Celeste Crimson, a victory tonight will surely do so.


    Tyrone’s music blares through the arena and to the surprise and hesitance of Eve and Noah he hops over the barricade and enters the ring. He raises his bat and points in the direction of both Noah and Eve. He then takes off his head a chorus of boos can be heard all throughout the arena.

    Harrys: And their opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds, Tyrone Blades!

    Copeland: Tyrone could potentially become number one contender if he can get past Garth at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: Well he will unless the system once again tries to bring down another member of the Hollow Ones.

    The bell rings and immediately a standoff is had by all three competitors. Each one is hesitant about making the first move. Only after a few more seconds of non-movement does the Elite champion slowly slide under the bottom rope leaving only Eve and Tyrone in the ring. Eve doesn’t intend to let Noah off so easily so she attempts to exit the ring through the ropes but is cut off as Tyrone delivers a running knee straight to her head! Eve is now dazed and caught in the middle rope so the former World champion delivers a guillotine leg drop! Before he can even make the cover however Noah pulls Eve out of from under the bottom rope and to the floor. This infuriates Tyrone so he exits to go after Noah but the Elite champion backs away causing Tyrone to chase him to the other side of the ring until Noah slides under the bottom rope. Tyrone follows but quickly slides back out and as Noah attempts an elbow drop that misses. Tyrone then pulls him out of the ring by his legs and begins pounding away on him on the outside. Noah is able to block a lot of the shots however and he begins trading blows back and forth with Tyrone on the outside. The crowd isn’t sure who to cheer for until Eve Taylor delivers a suicide dive taking both men out! The fans have now gained so more life in them as they begin to will Eve Taylor on. She picks up Noah and delivers a northern lights suplex on the floor! The former Elite champion then picks up Tyrone and throws back into the ring under the bottom rope. As she gets into the ring he makes it to his feet and goes for a hook kick only for Eve to dodge and nail a nasty knife edge chop that can be heard all throughout the arena. She follows it up with a forearm smash sending Tyrone reeling in retreat towards a turnbuckle. Eve begins delivering a facial treatment of stomps to Tyrone beating the life out of him until the ref forces her up to let up. Out of the corner of her eye she can see Noah slip under the ring and start sprinting towards her. She moves out the way and Noah nails a picture perfect running drop kick to Tyrone! Eve then attempts to hit the Fashion Statement on Noah but he bites her ankle! Forced to release her grasp he uses the distraction to start a punch and slap combo to Eve. Noah speeds up with every punch and slap causing Eve to move backwards toward the ropes. He Irish whips her but she can hit the corresponding ropes she’s met with another running high knee from Tyrone! Noah tries to intervene but is met with a hook kick from Tyrone who collapses on the ground!

    Copeland: Neither competitor in this match is able to gain the upperhand for very long.

    Cohen: The talent in this match is up insane, it’ll take a true stroke of luck for anything to come out on top.

    Tyrone begins shaking out the cobwebs and hooks Ryder’s leg, 1...2...kickout! He then moves towards Eve and makes the cover, 1...2...she kicks out as well! Growing evermore frustrated by the second Tyrone picks up Eve and lifts her into the air for a double underhook backbreaker but Eve slips out and tries an Northern lights suplex only for Tyrone to wiggle out and get behind her and force her into a straight jacket strangle hold. As he forces her down to the ground he quickly follows up with a stomp to the back of her head that makes a portion of the WZCW universe uncomfortable. Noah springboards off the ropes to try to hit a back elbow but Tyrone catches him in a straight jacket strangle hold. He tries to force him down to the ground but Ryder rolls through into a pinning predicament! Tyrone quickly releases the hold breaking the pin attempt and both men pop up but Noah nails a lightning quick kick to the head. Tyrone falls backwards a bit stunned but Noah then just follows up with a swinging neckbreaker and goes for the pin! 1...2….Eve breaks it up! Noah doesn’t let up as he gets ahold of Eve and motions for the headlock driver but Eve delivers a double leg takedown from the back followed by a vicious stiletto stomp! She sees Tyrone beginning to stir by using the ropes to pull himself up so she gets on the apron and hits multiple knee lifts each more vicious than the last. Tyrone falls backwards toward the center of the ring dazed. Instead of entering the ring again Eve gets on the top rope. It would seem she’s trying to hit a top rope stiletto stomp on Tyrone! The crowd is anticipating and she leaps off the top but Tyrone moves! She lands feet first on the mat but is immediately met with a slingblade from Noah! Tyrone then hits a springboard flash kick to Noah and it connects knocking him backwards but he catches himself in the ropes and pendulum swings right back up into a clothesline knocking Tyrone down!

    Cohen: And now we’re back at square one.

    Copeland: These three are all of equal talent and neither is going to let the other just waltz to victory.

    All three competitors are dazed and trying to pull themselves up using the ropes. Noah is the first to successfully make it to his feet and he begins looking toward his two opponents wondering which to go after first. He sees Eve make it to her feet next so he charges at her but she pulls down the top rope and the champ goes barreling to the outside. Tyrone then quickly swoops in and hits Mo Murda! He hooks the leg! 1..2...Thr-NO! Eve kicks out! Tyrone quickly gets in the face of the ref trying to intimidate him into saying it was three. Despite the ref’s terrified demeanor he insists it was only two. Tyrone then looks at Eve and begins motioning toward for the click clack. However, his attention quickly turns toward the ramp as Garth Black makes his way on stage.

    Copeland: This won’t end well…

    Garth simply seems to be here only to observe as he hasn’t moved from the top of the stage. Tyrone isn’t sure what to make of it but the distraction was just enough time for Eve to hit a big boot knocking Tyrone down! Before she can follow up however Noah slides back in the ring and nails a Blue Thunder bomb! He goes right into the cover 1...2...Eve just barely grabs the bottom rope breaking the pin. Noah becomes more and more irritated as he begins to realize he may need a little extra help. He goes back to the outside and grabs his championship belt. There’s no disqualification so he begins to wait for Eve to make it to her feet to knock her out for good. He winds up ready to take a swing with the gold but out of nowhere Logan McAllistor comes through the crowd and yanks the title out of Noah’s hands! Logan immediately jumps down from the apron and holds the belt high in the air! Noah is frustrated but there isn’t much time to do anything as he turns is met with the Click Clack from Tyrone! Eve then whips Tyrone around and hits the Fashion Statement! She goes for the pin! 1...2...3!

    Harrys: And here is your winner, Eve Taylor!

    Copeland: Distractions galore tonight folks, but regardless Eve Taylor has come out on top and has beaten two very game competitors tonight.

    Cohen: She got like, both Noah and Tyrone were robbed tonight.

    Garth simply shakes his head and walks to the back while Logan continues to raise the Elite title in the air and points to a downed Noah. The ref attempts to check on Tyrone but he pushes him away in anger and holds his head down as he tries to make his way through the crowd.
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    Despite the match being over, Eve Taylor remains in the ring, looking to catch her breath as she heads over to the ropes and makes a request for a microphone. When she receives one, she looks towards the entrance ramp and slowly walks into the middle of the ring.

    Taylor: Celeste Crimson!

    Eve takes a pause as the crowd give a cheer for the name drop.

    Taylor: I believe we've all waited long enough for an answer to my challenge, and I'll be damned if I have to wait any longer. I am not leaving this ring, and this show will not continue, until you have given me an answer.

    Some portions of the crowd boo at Eve holding up the show. She doesn't take any notice.

    Taylor: I know you're here, Celeste; I know you're backstage. You knew this day would come; you knew that I would one day be seeking this challenge, and you aren't the kind of person who would back down when someone challenges your integrity as a wrestler. So what are you waiting for? Why aren't you down here now, in the middle of this ring, facing me directly, in front of these people?

    Eve pauses for a moment to see if Celeste will show. She does not.

    Taylor: Are you afraid of stepping into this ring against me? Are you scared of staring face-to-face with the woman who is going to beat you, and take your mantle as the greatest female competitor on the planet? Or maybe... just maybe... you need to ask permission from your husband?

    The crowd reacts at the harsh words, as Eve forms a smirk on her face. She believes she has said enough, and pulls the microphone away from her face. She beckons Celeste to get out here, and to face her in the ring.

    Copeland: That wasn't a bright move for Eve. The last thing you want to do is anger Celeste, especially by bringing her family into it.

    Cohen: I don't know, Seabass. Celeste is ducking Eve right now, so Eve had to hit below the belt. Frankly, I like this new-found confidence of Eve.

    Eve waits for a few more moments, getting a little agitated at the lack of response. She goes to lift up the microphone to try and provoke Celeste some more, but she does not need to, as the lights dim in the arena, and the crowd roars in cheers. Suddenly an explosion of bright red flames erupts at the top of the stage. The pyro continues to burn as unfamiliar music plays…


    Eve looks perplexed when suddenly Celeste’s graphics flash onto the screen.


    Copeland: Is she here, is Celeste really here?

    Cohen: I’d recognize those flames from anywhere, Eve may have just invoked the wrath of Celeste Crimson.

    The crowd roars as the music stops and the flames die down. Nothing happens. Eve shouts at the top of the stage. She doesn’t want to play mind games. The jumbo screen jumps to life with static that quickly gives way to darkness. No one can see a thing. A soft blue glow fills the screen when suddenly a flash of light blinds everyone. The light recedes as Celeste’s face slowly transitions into view. She’s sporting a wicked Cheshire cat-like grin as her eyes span over the sea of people, seemingly deadlocked with Eve’s. She begins to speak, but something seems off…

    Celeste: Greetings Eve Taylor, I hear you’ve been infatuated with me lately.

    Copeland: It’s a prerecorded message.

    Cohen: Celeste isn’t here tonight, what’s going on here?

    Celeste: “Lately” seems like an understatement, as I hear that you’ve been wanting to challenge me for a while now. And for that I say… How dare you! Who do you think you are Eve Taylor? What gives a commoner like you the right to demand anything from someone like me? Remember your place girl.

    She snarls as Eve stands in the ring, seething. The fans give Celeste a mixed reaction, remembering her relationship with the still despised Steven Holmes.

    Celeste: I cannot be there this evening. I am away on an important business trip with my dear husband. I didn’t ask for this challenge, Eve. You did. I have no obligation to accept anything from someone like you.

    She pauses.

    Celeste: However; I understand where you are coming from. You’ve been on a hot streak lately. You’ve accomplished things that I never have. I suppose that makes you think that you're better than me. So why throw out this challenge? You’re a competitor, and I respect that. Perhaps an even better one than me.

    Another pause.

    Celeste: But; there’s only way to find out who’s really the better woman. I don’t run from competition; I never have. Nevertheless, I don’t have something to prove Eve. You do. You cannot call yourself the greatest woman in WZCW unless you defeat me. The fans will not acknowledge you as the greatest until you defeat me! So, will you put your pride on the line against me?

    Eve nods, while trumpeting her superiority over the old lioness.

    Celeste: Then turn that infatuation into fury and be ready for the fight of your life. At Kingdom Come, I will accept your challenge!

    Eve smiles and the crowd cheers. The screen darkness as the message ends.

    Copeland: Oh my god, Celeste just accepted Eve’s challenge!

    Cohen: This is history in the making! I have been wanting to see these two lock up for a while now, and it’s finally going to happen. Eve’s passion versus Celeste’s fury!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen would you please welcome back, WZCW Hall of Famer, “Showtime” Cougar!


    The crowd erupts in a massive cheer as “Showtime” Cougar steps out onto the stage dressed in a fresh black suit. He waves to the crowd and begins jogging down the ramp. Fans stick out there hands and Cougar meets them, signing some things and taking a few photographs for those quick enough and prepared. He walks up the steps, wipes his shoes and enters the ring and poses towards the camera. The fans let out another giant cheer as Cougar motions to climb the top rope, he shakes his head and walks away, the audience boos, and quickly turns around and climbs the turnbuckle to the applause of everyone.

    Copeland: What an outstanding welcome for the Hall of Famer. It’s been months since “Showtime” has been seen and these fans love him just as much as the day he left. An amazing time for him to return to WZCW with Kingdom Come VIII on the horizon. If anybody is fit to host the final showdown between the two competitors in the main event it’s David Cougar.

    Cohen: A true legend and I’m still shocked that he’s retired. It’s great to have him back for this special event and to see ‘The Show’ make its return also. I love that thing, the best talk show in history and I’m sure it’s going to get heated tonight.

    Inside the ring the canvas has been covered with red carpet, a desk has been place in the middle of the ring with a chair on both sides and one behind the desk itself. A large screen is hanging above which reads ‘The Show’ and a few pictures of Cougar and some of his famous guests. Cougar is handed a microphone and begins pacing around the ring as the crowd cheers his name. He smiles and soaks it all in before turning on his heel and looking into the hard camera.

    Cougar: What warm reception! Thank you. It’s like I never left. You know, I thought maybe you guys might have forgotten about “Showtime” Cougar.

    The crowd begin chanting his name and several of the fans have signs with “Welcome Back Showtime” written on them. Cougar laughs and nods his head.

    Cougar: I guess not. It means a lot to me to be back here again. I had a great send off a few months back but as I was sitting at home and watching every week I kept getting this itch. I kept feeling like I had to get involved somehow and when Kingdom Come season came around it just got even worse for me. I knew I had to get back into this ring and in front of all of you!

    Another cheer and Showtime motions to the set behind him.

    Cougar: T’night is not about me, as much as I’d like it to be. I’ve competed in two Kingdom Come main events so I know what both these men are thinking. I know what it is like to win, the joy and pure excitement, but I also know what it is like to lose. I felt nearly a hundred thousand eyes looking upon me as I walked up that ramp after losing to Ty Burna in the main event of Kingdom Come III, it’s a horrible feeling and one that can break a man. T’night we’re going to hear from both men and there is nobody better than me to host this bad boy!

    He edges off the desk and points to the stage and smirks.

    Cougar: Allow me to introduce the man who won Lethal Lottery, his name is Justin Cooper!


    With a loud cheer from the audience Justin Cooper emerges onto the stage. He is wearing a suit similar to the one he wore on Ascension for the contract signing. The most notable thing about Cooper is that under his pants is a clear outline of a thick metal brace for his knee. He is able to walk due to the support of the knee brace but the beads of sweat running down his face are clear indications that his injury isn’t as healed as it was before the assault by Flex Mussel.

    Cohen: The walking wounded. I told you, Seabass. Morals are only going to get you so far and if Cooper had just admitted to working with Vis Imperium maybe they would have helped him. Look, even Mark Keaton didn’t save him earlier tonight. I still think Cooper had something to do with the attack on Stormrage last week but his constant slander against Vis Imperium has clearly turned them off working with him again in the future.

    Copeland: We have to wonder how much that knee injury is going to affect Justin Cooper at Kingdom Come. He had nearly recovered completely from a previous injury but after that sickening attack by Flex Mussel during their match tonight, well I don’t know if Cooper is going to be able to last against Mikey Stormrage.

    Cohen: That knee brace he seems to be wearing is allowing him to walk at the moment. I don’t know how well it’ll allow him to wrestle. It very well may limit what moves he can do going against a determined Mikey Stormrage.

    Inside the ring Cooper shakes hands with “Showtime” Cougar and sits in the chair closest to the entrance ramp so Stormrage will have to walk right past him. Cougar isn’t pleased with the chair selection but continues.

    Cougar: Now, please welcome the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Stormrage!


    Just as Cooper got a warm reception it is the same for the champion, Mikey Stormrage. He enters looking extremely pleased and waves to the fans. His title belt is over his shoulder and Mikey waste no time and heads straight for the ring where his opponent is waiting, twirling a microphone and not even glancing at the incoming champion.

    Copeland: It’s been a great year for Mikey Stormrage as he won two World Championships and now looks to cap it off with a victory in the main event. An amazing achievement to what many believe is already a Hall of Fame career. Look out here, folks. It may be about to get physical between them two.

    Cohen: It’s on! Cooper and Stormrage have collided inside the ring.

    In fact, all three men have collided as Mikey Stormrage enters the ring and holds the title belt very close to Justin Cooper’s face. The Lethal Lottery winner didn’t take kindly to that and threw his microphone at Stormrage and the two men began to shove back and forth until Cougar jumped in between them.

    Cougar: Alright, cool it! Both of you need to settle down. You’ll ruin the new set. Take your seats. Come on now. That means you as well, Justin.

    Mikey takes his seat opposite Justin and holds the World Championship over his shoulder. Justin stares back at Mikey and lifts up the microphone he had previously thrown at the champion.

    Cooper: I’ve heard it for a week so let me see if I can get this right. Give me a second... okay, I BET YOU HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH FLEX ATTACKING MY KNEE! You knew, I bet you did and so did the shopkeeper I saw this morning when I got some orange juice after my morning run. Oh, I bet that person crossing the street with the yellow hat was in on it and everyone else too. How’d I do, Mikey? Is that paranoid enough or should I up the amount of dumbass in my voice?

    The crowd goes ‘Oh’ and Mikey breaks into a smile. His golden title glistening in the ring and he picks up a microphone with the smile still on his face.

    Stormrage: See unlike you I don’t need to cheat or bend the rules. I win on my own athletic ability. If I thought you were a decent human being I’d feel sorry for you but I don’t. We all get what we deserve. We get what we earn, karma always sorts out the good from the bad and right now, judging from that knee brace you’re wearing, I’d say karma did a number on you. How does that sound, Justin?

    Before Cooper can answer he is cut off by “Showtime” Cougar.

    Cougar: Alright gentlemen. Enough is enough. It’s time for me to take control of this ship before we go completely off course. I’ve got a few question for the both of you and seeing as this is the last time before Kingdom Come you’ll see each other in the ring, I think it would be fit for a final statement from both of you towards the other. We can do that at the end but for now I want to start with Mikey. You’re going into the match as champion, you’ve never successfully defend the belt however, so what is going through your mind as the days slowly fade on the way to Kingdom Come?

    Stormrage: I had a goal in 2016 of winning the World Championship and I completed that goal twice. I made my mother proud and although she wasn’t there to see me win in person I know she was watching on from above. My goal for 2017 is to retain this belt, to defend it time and time again against the best this company has to offer... it’s unfortunate they gave me him to start with though.

    Across the table Cooper shakes his head and twirls the microphone up to his lips.

    Cooper: Don’t worry, you’ll be happy your mum isn’t around after I humiliate you in front of over eighty thousand people at Kingdom Come. Would hate to see the look on her face when her son fails yet again.

    Stormrage: Did you just mention my mother? Who the hell do you think you are? YOU HAVE NO RIGH-

    Cooper: Oh, shut up. What are you going to do? Flip the table again and cheap shot me. Big tough guy over here. Mikey Stormrage has to use dirty tricks to get the better of Justin Cooper. You’re a bloody coward, Mikey.

    A fist slams on the table as Mikey stands up.

    Stormrage: I’m a coward? How am I a coward when you set Vis Imperium on me?

    Cooper: I didn’t do that you idiot! If you’re going to accuse me of something at least get some evidence that I had some part in it. It’s all in that head of yours and you’re a coward because last week on Ascension I came out dressed as I am tonight. I came dressed for a meeting, to sign a contract, not to fight or be attacked. You on the other hand were prepared. You were in wrestling gear. You knew what you were going to do and just used Eve Taylor’s name as an excuse to put me through a table. Then again, that’s what you do best. You use people and look how far that has got you. All alone at the top of the mountain and on Sunday, there will be nobody left to catch you when I push you over the edge and claim the World Heavyweight Championship!

    Both men are standing and their eyes are locked. Cougar stands up also and yells at both men to sit back down. He takes a microphone and looks at Justin Cooper.

    Cougar: Justin, as the challenger and someone who has never competed for the World Championship before, what is going through your mind in terms of the match? How are you finding this new level of competition?

    Cooper: Well, it’s been a welcome surprise to how I’ve managed to fit right in. I beat Garth Black a few weeks ago and last week I beat Eve Taylor. Those were two people everyone thought would be in this position. I worked hard and won Lethal Lottery, achieving a major dream of mine and putting my name alongside greats like yourself and then you’ve got Mikey who just lucked into another title opportunity.

    Stormrage: If anyone lucked into this it was you.

    Cooper: I’ve never lost to Garth Black or Eve Taylor but you have lost to both of them. If anything, you’re the least deserving of the four of us to have received this opportunity.

    Getting visibly frustrated, Cougar proceeds with his questions.

    Cougar: Something I had for both of you was how did this become so personal? You two have never competed against each other before but just sitting here now I can feel the tension. What happened?

    Stormrage: When somebody sends a pack of wolves called Vis Imperium after you it’s hard not to take that personally. When they leave you bloody in the ring, crawling towards your title it’s hard not to take that personally. It’s hard when they taunt you about beating the one you loved right to your face. It’s hard when they make comments about your mother who isn’t around anymore... that’s what makes this personal.

    A long pause is taken as Cooper eyes Mikey up and down. He chuckles as he glances over at the World Championship.

    Cooper: Did you hear those things he said, David?

    Cougar: I did. Some rather serious accusations.

    Cooper: Could you see yourself getting into a really personal feud with someone if those things happened to you?

    Cougar: Absolutely.

    Cooper: Now, I’ll admit I did mention Eve Taylor’s name last week and tonight I mentioned your mother but welcome to the big leagues kid. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen, as they say. But everything else he mentioned. All of it is complete bullshit. I didn’t do more than half of what he is accusing me of. Honest. I don’t control Vis Imperium, Constantine can’t stand me and I can only listen to him talk for so long before I pass out. This idiot thinks I’m some evil mastermind when really he’s too much of a coward to admit what this is really about.

    Once again Stormrage stands up and lifts the title belt high in the air. He then slams it down and points at Cooper.

    Stormrage: Go on, what is this about? You’ve got all the answers it seems. Tell us all what this is about.

    Cougar: Go right ahead, Justin. I think all these people would like to know as would I. What do you think this heated rivalry is about?

    Cooper: He hates me. Yes, yes he does. He hates me more than anybody else in this company but he cannot admit it.

    Stormrage: What are you talking about?

    From across the table Cooper brushes the hair out of his face and stands up so he is eye to eye with Stormrage.

    Cooper: You hate me and you know it. You hate that these people cheer me and that I’ve beaten both the people you couldn’t. I made quick work of Garth Black, he didn’t stand a chance, and I crushed your little ex-girlfriend and showed the world she doesn’t belong in the main event. I have stripped you of the title that perhaps means more to you than the one you hold right now.

    Stormrage: What title would that be?

    Cooper: The title that names you a hero. You are a coward in more ways than one. You refuse to admit you hate me because it’s not what a hero does. A hero doesn’t hate but Mikey Stormrage hates Justin Cooper. So, if you hate me, how can you be a hero? You’re not. And that scares you because for the first time in your career you truly hate someone. When my face appears you want to hit me. My voice makes your blood boil. You hate me, admit it.

    The crowd are on the edge of their seats as Cooper remains silent. Cougar edges his microphone closer and speaks, Mikey no longer holding his microphone in his hand.

    Cougar: I think it’s probably time for final comments for both of you men. Mikey, would you like to give your final words?

    For a moment it seems like Mikey hadn’t heard him but ever so slowly Mikey lifts the microphone up.

    Stormrage: You say I hate you but I don’t. I pity you. I pity a man that has to be fake to get people to like him. You’re nothing like you portray yourself to be. A false prophet come to lead these people down the drain with him but I see through you. I see it, I hear it and at Kingdom Come I’ll expose it when I beat you. You will not defeat me and take the World Championship which I worked so hard to get. You say this is a six year journey for you well I’ve been working towards this moment my entire life. You were off being a rapper when I was dreaming of being a wrestler. I never wanted anything but this and you’re not going to take it away from me!

    He holds up the championship to the applause of the crowd.

    Stormrage: Villain or hero, it makes no difference because my ‘Game Over’ stops everybody dead in their tracks. You felt it last week and at Kingdom Come you’ll feel it again, this time it’ll come with the sound of the referee counting three.

    Mikey adjust the title so it sits over his shoulder and he points to the fans.

    Stormrage: I have them with me. Sure, some will side with you but by the end of the night those who supported you will finally see the liar you truly are. The truth will come out at Kingdom Come and I cannot wait to see this façade come crumbling down. I know what I’m up against. I know Mark Keaton is going to be there, I know what kind of tricks you’ll play but I don’t care. I’m stronger than you. I’m tougher than you. I’m going to beat you. I don’t have a final word, I have two... AND STILL!

    Cougar turns to Justin and gives him a nod so that he can start his final words.

    Cooper: Mine aren’t as long as his were, dare I say. Once again you’ve focused on all the wrong parts. You’re so paranoid that the real danger is slipping by you. So focused on what is outside the ring at Kingdom Come that you don’t see what is inside the ring with you at the same event. You don’t respect me. You don’t think I can beat you and that’s funny.

    He runs his finger along the desk and steps to the side a little bit.

    Cooper: It’s funny because Ty Burna thought the same thing. Chris K.O. and Constantine thought the same thing, Abel Hunnicutt, Austin Reynolds, Garth Black, Alex Bowen, Action Saxton, The Beard, Phoenix, Mick Overlast and even your little Eve Taylor. They all thought they couldn’t possibly lose to Justin Cooper. Twenty nine competitors in Lethal Lottery thought they had no reason to fear me and look what happened to them. You see, I’m never supposed to win. I’m always that guy who you can’t possibly lose to until... it’s too late and your shoulders are on the mat for three seconds.

    He pauses.

    Cooper: You hate me now and I can’t change that. I only ask that you suppress that feeling until Kingdom Come. Right now you hate me for things I didn’t do but at Kingdom Come I’ll give you something to hate me for.

    The crowd watches as Cooper and Stormrage come face to face, forehead to forehead and erupt with noise. Cougar slowly steps out of the ring, unable to get into a physical altercation as part of his contract to return for this one night only special event.

    Cooper: You’re so worried about what is outside the ring. You fear that Mark Keaton is going to be the thing that takes the championship from you when in reality your worst fear is standing right in front of you. I’m the guy who is going to take what you hold dear away. I’m going to beat you, not Mark Keaton, not Vis Imperium, it’s going to be me.

    The cheers are wild as both men refuse to back down for what seems like an age. Slowly Cooper takes a few steps back then... HE SPITS IN MIKEY’S FACE! Rage fills the eyes of Mikey Stormrage but he doesn’t go after Cooper. The sound of footsteps behind him alert Mikey of an incoming attack and he turns throwing a wild punch which knocks Mark Keaton, holding a steel chair, off the ring apron and down to the floor. The crowd is going mental! Before Mikey can turn around he is struck with steel, this time from Justin Cooper, but it’s not a chair.

    It’s the knee brace! Cooper knees Mikey in the back, dropping him to his knees and then throws off his suit jacket. From behind Mark Keaton slides into the ring and grabs Mikey Stormrage. Cooper grabs hold of a microphone, the crowd watching in awe, and gets close to Mikey Stormrage.

    Cooper: You can hate me now!

    Mikey is lifted up by Keaton, shoved towards Cooper who catches him and nails the Final Verse. The crowd is split, the fans for Justin cheer while those supporting Stormrage are in a shocked silence. Keaton walks over to Justin and hands him the one thing he has never held. The one thing he has dreamed of for so long.

    The WZCW World Heavyweight Championship sparkles and Keaton with a smile on his face hands it to Justin Cooper. His gaze is locked on the gold and Cooper runs his ringers over the name plate, picturing what it will look like when his name is on it. With a sudden rush of adrenaline, Cooper lifts the title up in the air as he stands over the fallen body of the reigning champion, Mikey Stormrage.

    Copeland: This has got to be one of the most heated championship matches of all time. After what we just saw it’s going to be so intense at Kingdom Come. I hope that the arena is big enough to contain the animosity between these two men.

    Cohen: Justin Cooper got even after what Mikey Stormrage did to him last week. Mikey put his hands on Cooper first and tonight we saw that while Cooper claims to be a hero, he’s not going to let a sneak attack go unpunished.

    Cooper looks up at the title, brings it down in front of his face and gives it a kiss before throwing the belt onto Mikey Stormrage. Cooper and Keaton exit the ring and stand at the top of the ramp looking back at the fallen champion. David Cougar has entered the ring and is checking on Mikey Stormrage as we cut to our final commercial break.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Titus Avison comes out to the stage and looks around at the crowd who boo him very loudly. He laughs at them and lifts up his Eurasian Championship as he walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and points as the crowd continues to boo.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, Titus Avison!

    Copeland: Two of the very best in history facing each other tonight. It isn't every day you get to see an active Hall Of Famer go up against the next Hall Of Famer.

    Cohen: Upcoming induction or not, Matt Tastic will never be on the same level as Titus Avison.


    The crowd's boo'ing of Titus quickly turns into cheers as Matt Tastic's music plays. Tastic makes his way out onto the ramp to extremely loud cheers. He looks in both directions at his fans and nods his head before heading to the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, "The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

    Copeland: Could you imagine what a win tonight could mean for Matt Tastic?

    Cohen: He won't win. Just you wait and see, Seabass.

    Tastic and Titus approach each other in the center of the ring as the bell is rung to start the match. Titus laughs and shoves Tastic down onto the mat. This caught Tastic off guard. Titus grabs Tastic and applies an Armbar. Tastic pushes with all his might and is able to get himself free. He rolls over and hits a Spinning Wheel Kick on Titus. Tastic is back on his feet and sees that Titus is still trying to get back up. Tastic runs at him and hits a Leaping Back Kick. Titus is down and Tastic tries to hit a second consecutive Leaping Back Kick but Titus gets out of the way just in time. Titus quickly stands up and Tastic approaches him. Titus hits a Swinging Neckbreaker! Tastic is down. Titus covers Tastic for a pin. 1.... 2.... kickout by Tastic! Frustrated at the unsuccessful pinfall, Titus sits up and looks at Tastic, and with a grin on his face he applies another Armbar! A chant breaks out amongst the fans.


    Copeland: The fans are showing Matt Tastic their full support here tonight, Jack.

    Cohen: Who cares what they think? Titus doesn't suck and those fans all know it deep down.

    Titus still has the Armbar applied, Tastic tries to break free but is unable to. Titus holds on harder as the fans continue their chants. Another attempt to break free by Tastic, and he succeeds this time! He rolls into the corner of the ring and is still down. Titus sits up and looks over at Tastic. He gets up and goes over to the corner of the ring opposite of the one Tastic is in. Titus climbs up onto the top turnbuckle. Tastic has gotten up on his feet again and looks over to see Titus on top of the ropes. Tastic heads in that direction and is hit by a Kesagiri Chop from Titus. Both men are down. Tastic gets up first. He runs over to the ropes. Titus has sat up, he has his back to Tastic who is at the ropes behind him. Tastic hits a Leaping Back Kick! Tastic covers Titus for a pin. 1.... 2.... kickout by Titus! Tastic gets up and exits the ring. Titus is still down. Tastic walks over to the announcer's table.

    Copeland: Now what's he doing?

    Cohen: Oh, he better not be heading over here.

    Tastic stops at the announcer's table and sees an unopened soda bottle by Cohen. He grabs it, opens it, and drinks some.

    Copeland: Looks like he might be preparing to spit. It could be super effective here against Titus.

    Cohen: I knew I should have drank that soda before the last match ended. Not that it matters anymore.

    Tastic gets back into the ring, right as Titus stands up. Titus turns around to face Tastic, who spits Coca Cola in the face of the Eurasian Champion. The crowd cheer loudly in approval of this. Tastic quickly runs for the ropes behind him while Titus is trying to wipe the Coca Cola out of his face. Tastic springs off the ropes hitting a Spinning Wheel Kick on Titus. Titus gets up and tries to punch Tastic, who evades the punch. Titus tries landing another punch, but Tastic blocks it and hits his Signiature sequence, the Charge Shot! Tastic successfully hits 3 punches of his own on Titus followed by a baseball slide and then another fierce punch to Titus in the gut. Tastic covers for another attempt at a pinfall. 1.... Tastic suddenly gets back up off of Titus. He is looking over towards the entrance ramp.

    Cohen: What? Why would he get up like that? He might have actually won this match!

    Copeland: Looks like we have an uninvited guest in this match, and I think Matt Tastic saw him before he could launch a surprise attack.

    Flex Mussel has run down to the ring. He makes eye contact with Matt Tastic who stares at him angrily. The official goes over to the ropes and motions for Flex to leave the ringside area. Flex taunts Tastic who keeps glaring at him. Flex begins backing away from the ring, not taking his eyes off of Tastic. Titus stands up and sees that Tastic has his back to him, prepares to make a move the moment his opponent faces him. Tastic turns around and is hit with a low blow by Titus! The official didn't see it! He was still making sure Flex was away from the ring. Flex saw it and laughs on the ramp. Tastic leans over in pain and Titus hits his finisher move, the The Tit Drop! He covers Tastic for a pin. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: The winner of this match.... Titus Avison!

    Copeland: Wait a minute! There was a distraction! He should not have won this match!

    Cohen: Too late now. The ref didn't see it. Titus just proved why he went into the Hall Of Fame before Tastic even got announced as a Hall Of Famer.

    Flex runs back to the ring. He gets inside and looks at Titus, then at Tastic, then he makes eye contact with Titus. The two of them each look at Tastic and begin kicking him. The crowd boo them heavily. The attack continues as both men kick and punch Matt Tastic. The crowd erupt into cheers as Blackjack Theron sprints down to the ring, with a wooden cosplay version of the Master Sword from Zelda in hand, to even out the odds. He grabs Titus and shoves him into the corner of the ring. He raises his sword high then hits Titus on the head with the sword, nearly breaking it on impact. He throws the sword out of the ring and the two begin trading punches, brawling in the corner of the ring. Flex has not stopped his attack on Tastic, who is now able to get back up. Flex and Tastic are now also brawling in another corner while the battle between Titus and Theron continues.

    Copeland: Theron arrived just in time. This new aggression from him may lead to a second Eurasian Championship run. I see similar hatred from Tastic towards Flex. I cannot wait to see both of these two matchups at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: Kingdom Come will be missing two of its biggest matches if we don't put a stop to this madness. Can we get some more officials out here?

    The brawls in the ring continue as several referees and officials run out to ringside. They separate the four men as a few fans in the front row can be heard trying to start a "LET THEM FIGHT!" chant. Flex and Titus walk back up the entrance ramp as the officials all return to the back. Flex and Titus each turn back to face the ring where Tastic and Theron have begun doing poses for the fans.

    Copeland: We hope you have enjoyed all of the action tonight at the WZCW Supershow. Join us next time for a night where history will surely be made, Kingdom Come 8. It is our biggest show of the year so we hope to see you there.

    Matt Tastic and Theron high five each other in the ring and look back in the direction of their opponents who point to them from the top of the entrance ramp as we fade to black.
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    Yaz: Cooper/Flex, segments
    KJ: Stormrage/Abel
    Dave: Theron/Logan, segments
    Dynamite: 6 man tag, Triple Threat
    Prophet: Clark Sisters/Vis Imperium, Handicap Match, segments
    Dagger: Titus/Tastic, segments
    Lee: Knights/RRR

    Special shout to FalK and Ech for writing the Eve and Celeste segments the last few shows. Rep everyone and get the motion lotion ready for the spectacle that is Kingdom Come.
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