Tag Team Tournament (for WWE Network)??

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by mace87, Sep 3, 2017.

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    So last year WWE of course held the Cruiser weight Classic which IMO was excellent. Now this year we have the Mae Young Classic which so far I have enjoyed.

    Do you think that next year the WWE will present a 32 team Tag Tournament and if so are there any teams you'd like to see in it?

    I'd like to see the UK Hooligans from WAW entered and the Wolves who I thought looked on another level when they first joined TNA
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    I think the CWC, Mae Young Classic, and U.K. tournament (this one is debatable on a monetary / expense note) worked in regards to how small of a pocket they relatively are in the global landscape of pro-wrestling. While other places might have established women or cruiser weights or whatever it may be WWE and their general audience sure haven't seen guys like Kota Ibushi or Io Shirai. People who break the ceiling of not only normal to good talent in WWE, but globally. With that being said WWE has a storied history dating back decades. In that history there are plenty of tag teams and even stables over 30 years ago their general audience can recall or are frequently mentioned.

    We do have the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on annual, but I could see there being a want for a global tag team tournament picking nearly every talent involved from across the oceans and neighboring countries to the U.S. If you look back at some of the contestants in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic some were participating unsigned or kind of on a temporary deal. Just with the U.K. tournament somewhat being in a gray area success wise (Location playing a decent factor imagined) and time it takes to invest into these there would have to be something in it on a higher end value than just reach or content. I see that in the Mae Young Classic and CWC at the time it was held. As well as the U.K. talent on the note of the current talent and their abilities (some at a very young age) associated or actively signed to WWE from the U.K. in specific. I don't see it in a tag team tournament that somewhat already exists, but I'm sure people would watch if it was presented in a good manner. I see something more targeted at Asia (India, Japan, Korea, China, etc.) with all the upcoming marketing opportunities and new audiences to try to tap into.
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    While I can't suggest any tag team names off the top of my head that I genuinely think would involve themselves with such a tournament, I do think that a tag team tournament would be a very fun idea. Having annual tournaments rotating around different themes every three or four years is a great way to invite and exploit new and exciting talent from across the world, and opens up new gateways for talent to be recognised on a grand scale (via the Network) and so introduces them to probably many unknowing members of the WWE Universe. The cruiserweight tournament and women's tournament have been great successes and have / are going to open up many doors for new talent to come through. And knowing how weak the tag team scene can get in the WWE at times, I think a tournament like this could definitely work.

    Though, I do question whether there is such a demand for a tag team tournament. There had been a clamouring for years about bringing back a focussed cruiserweight scene to WWE, and women's wrestling is surely at an international peak right now, so those tournaments make sense. There are definitely tonnes of great teams out there, but are fans interested in a tag team tournament? I don't know the answer, which is why I pose the question. It's a different question to whether there will be a tournament. I personally enjoy tag team wrestling, but it is no longer what it once was in the prominent western wrestling companies. Perhaps that's the problem and actually a tournament would be worth it's while. I'd like to see a tournament like this and I think it naturally makes sense, but I question the demand when there could be different specials that WWE focus on instead.
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    I wouldn't be interested in this. They already have the Dusty Classic so why create something that would essentially be a duplicate of that in the vision behind it? There's that issue but also the fact that this would not interest me for another reason. I couldn't get into the Cruiserweight tournament and have not watched the Mae Young tournament either due to not being able to get invested in competitors who haven't been signed by WWE. We might never see them again at WWE events after the tournament. Sorry, not interested. I find watching that would be a waste of my time. Others are enjoying watching these tournaments so if you like it, awesome. Have fun watching it and I am glad you enjoy it. It doesn't appeal to me.
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    They already kinda do one every year with the dusty Rhodes Classic so i really doubt they would do more then one tag team tournament for the network unless that they take the concept of the dusty classic and expand on the idea to make it a full fledge tag team tournament like they have done before.

    But right now, i think that unless they are really desperate for new cheap programming, they won't do another tag team tournament for the network because WWE isn't into tag teams right now. in their mind, they already have one annual tag team tournament as part of NXT and that's enough for them. Maybe down the road, they might rethink this but for now, i think the dusty classic is enough for them.

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